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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Seven (7)

Agent David Is Captured X The Masked Assasin Strikes Again

Agent David continued running in order to reach the next city unaware that the entire Mother's Land had been surrounded by Boss Clinton's men.
Meanwhile the innocent looking and nude female commander Maureen and her ten girl guards led the pursuit in capture of agent David.

David: Oh mahn! I never knew I would be so tight in a corner like this. I better call CODE and let them know where I am.

Boss Clinton and his three other commanders were still in the main camp as they awaited reports about agent David.

Boss Clinton: What's the situation Rogers??
Roger: We have surrounded the entire Mother's Land and he wouldn't be able to escape. And also a commander is leading the search.

Boss Clinton: Good, we will use him as an example to the world.
Rogers: Roger that.

** At CODE's Headquarters **

Agent David had already placed a call to CODE's headquarters and asked for backup, but Samuel Parker the new leader ended the call before he could finish.

Samuel: What an idiot! He went to a mission all by himself without telling anyone but he wants us to send backup.
Amanda: That's so lame, this could be the perfect way to get rid of him once and for all.

Samuel: You are right, this is the perfect opportnity to get rid of him. There's no way he would be getting out of Mother's Land. He's toast!

Agent David smashed his phone to the floor after it lost signal with CODE.

David: I guess I'm all alone then.

** At A City Near The World Government Headquarters **

The masked assasin was on top of a building where many government officials were.

Masked Man: Hmm, this is just the perfect way to kill these morons. If I use the other style, the two crazy would suspect something.

In the room there were many government officials with ladies they want to spend the night with.

Man1: We got three times the normal security. Nothing will touch us now.
Man2: Yes, the stupid masked assasin will run away after seeing this security.
Man3: Hahahahaha! Now we can enjoy ourselves.

The men continued laughing and playing cards game as the girls romanced their backs.

Man1: I won! I won! Hahahahaha!

And just then the lights went off and came back again.

Everyone in the room looked so suprised seeing the masked man as they recognised him from the photos.

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Seven (7) Continuation

Everyone in the room were shocked in their hearts as they saw him.

Masked Man: Hello o! To bring peace into this word I must get rid of the corrupt ones.
Man1: What do you want criminal!
Maskman: Just one thing, to bring peace into this world through violence.

Man2: We have guards outside and behind this door, you can't get away.
MaskedMan: How did you think I got here in the first place?

Man2: What? You couldn't have killed all the guards without us knowing.

MaskedMan: I didn't kill them, they are just sleeping.

The five world government officials brought out their guns and pointed them at him.

Man1: Let's see how you will take down the five of us.
MaskedMan: Shooting me won't help you.

Man1: Fire!

The five officials fired their guns and realised that there were no bullets inside.

Man2: I mpossible!
MaskedMan: For your information I removed your bullets.
Man3: But how?

The masked assassin immediately brought out his gun and shot the five of them dead as the ladies screamed.

MaskedMan: Don't worry ladies, I shall take my leave now.

The masked assassin opened the door and majestically walked away.

MaskedMan: I shall bring peace into this world through violence.

** At Mother's Land **

As agent David was hiding, he heard someone crying and he decided to take a look.
He saw that it was just a little girl and he went close to her.

David: Hello, why are you crying little girl?
Girl: I don't like this place, I don't like guns. I want a peaceful place, please take me with you wherever you are from.

Agent David patted her head and smiled.

David: Of course.

Ahhh!!! Agent David screamed as the girl shot him a gun in his belly and he collapsed.

Girl: What a fool! He fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book. It's time to call commander Maureen.

The girl was one of commander Maureen ten girls guard, she made a call to her. And then Maureen made a call to Boss Clinton telling him the goodnews.

Boss Clinton: Hahahahahahahaha! No one can escape from the ZERO empire!

Two events had just happened that would shake the world for a while.

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Eight (8)

Aaron Investigation Given A Boost X The Globe In Chaos

During the night of the two incident when the masked assasin killed five more world government officials and agent David was captured, Aaron and his partner Christie were given permission by the local police to investigate on the first murder case linked to the masked assassin.

Aaron and Christie finally found a clue that could help him know the identity of the masked assassin.
They both saw a neatly cut circular hole in one of the glasses, unless you look close enough you wouldn't be able to see it.

Aaron: So this is how the masked assassin escaped huh?
Christie: Yes, this glass was neatly cut through before the operation.
Aaron: He must also have used some adhesive gadgets to hold his legs to the glass.
Christie: Yea, and one way we can find his identity is by going through the camera.
Aaron: Exactly.

Based on their agreement with the local police they told them about their findings.

Officer: Wow! And my men missed that. You two are legendary genius.
Aaron: Thanks sir, we need a favour from you.

Officer: So what's it?
Aaron: We need acess to the camera footage, that would help us in our investigation.
Officer: Sure, also make sure to relate your findings to us.
Aaron: No problem.

As they were both being taken to the camera room they received a news notification in their phones, it was about the recent murder of five government officials.

Aaron: After we are done here, we would be checking things out over there.
Christie: Sure.

The news about the recent murder of the five world government assassin had also shook the whole world, and many people linked it to the masked assassin.

Man1: If government officials can be killed this easy, then we are not safe.
Man2: Yes, I wonder what they are waiting for. The masked assasin is just one man.

Just then two black cars drove down to where the two men were talking, many guys and ladies stepped down from the car and immediately started firing guns in the air.

Guy1: Fvck you people! Fvck the world government! Everyone of them deserves to die. All hail the masked assassin!

Immediately the police arrived on the scene but they were sent running back after two RPG shots were fired at them.

Lady1: Fvck the police! They got nothing on us!
Guy2: All hail Boss Clinton and the masked assassin!
All: All hail them!!

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Eight (8) Continuation

The morale of many criminal elements had been raised after Boss Clinton started conquering cities and countries, and now the killings of the world government officials by the masked assassin has even heightened their morale more.

After the night's incident all the underworld lords and their men started coming out of hiding and causing chaos in most part of the world.

The local police and other security agencies were engaging them, but they soon realised that the underworld lords had sophisticated weapons and ammunition.

It was like the entire world was on fire that night as many peole ran to the safety of their homes as the local and international security forces were engaging the criminal elements.

Reports of the global uproar also frightened those living in the part of the globe where the uproar didn't reach, but it would just be a matter of time for that to happen as Boss Clinton had forseen these events.

All hands were all on deck in CODE as they sent their agents to take down those responsible for the uproar.

Samuel: The situation is getting out of hand and we might be force to come out in the open.
Amanda: Hmm, we will just have to try our best.
Samuel: We can take care of this uproar if we tell our best men to change their priority.
Amanda: I doubt the authorities would accept that, the masked assassin is their number one priority.
Samuel: I almost forgot how greedy they can be, they mostly care just about themselves.
Amanda: Mind what you say, you never know who is their mole here.
Samuel: Yea, you are right. I have to be super careful.
Amanda: Yes, we will quench this uproar very soon.
Samuel: Yea, come on. Let's go to my office and have some fun.
Amanda: Hmm, you are energetic as always.
Samuel: Yes, it's going to help us relieve the stress.
Amanda: Yes, this time will be more better.
Samuel: Yes, trust me.

As the entire globe was in an uproar the worst is yet about to come as Boss Clinton has something up his sleeve that may permanently break the peace the entire planet has.

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Nine (9)

The Masked Assassin Ally

The globe boils more hotter as many criminal elements were coming out of their hiding while Boss Clinton and Maureen were busy torturing agent David.

Agent David was still in pains from the gunshot wound and the bullet was still inside him as he was being tortured.
He screamed out loud with every lash of whips they gave him and he was also electrocuted.

David: Ahh!! Ah!!! Ah!!
Boss Clinton: Hahahaha! What a fool you are, I can't believe you are the so called best agent of CODE!

Maureen: And you fell for an obvious trick, what an agent you are.

Agent David was speaking faintly as he had been greatly beaten as blood was all over his body.

David: Please remove the bullet from my stomach. I can't keep this up much longer.
Boss Clinton: Hahahahaha! Beg! Beg! Don't worry, I don't plan on killing you yet. There's a little something I want you to do. Hahahaha!

Maureen: (To David) The entire globe is on fire now after the recent murder of five more world government officials, you are going to help us make the fire more lethal.
Boss Clinton: You said it all Maureen, he will help us to make the fire more lethal. By his will or by force, which ever way doesn't matter.

Maureen: Can I start removing the bullet in his belly now?
Boss Clinton: Yes. He wouldn't be any use to us if he's dead.
Maureen: (To David) Trust me, I'm going to make this process very painful. Hahahaha.

** CODE Headquarters **

As there were uproars in almost all part of the globe, CODE has sent its men by the order of the government to help the local and international security agencies.

Samuel: What's the current situation Amanda?
Amanda: Not that good. Our men are now on ground but it seems somehow that the criminals know about CODE.

Samuel: They were either told by Boss Clinton or they have a mole in the agency which I don't think is the case.

Amanda: Yes, there's no way they can have a mole in this organisation. Only the government council select those fit to work here and screen out those with questionable backgrounds.

Samuel: Well, you are right. Let's see how this will go.

Suddenly Patrick rushed in panting.

Patrick: Two teams have been wiped out by the spiders.

Samuel: What? The spiders are back?
Patrick: Yes. Send more men! We have to win this one.
Patrick: I got that sir.
Samuel: It seems things are getting quite interesting.

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

The Spiders are members of the second division of the ZERO Empire, Boss Clinton had ordered them to step into the game as the uproar began.

They were well skilled and prepared for the occassion as they took on many police armored cars and vans.

Meamwhile a serious meeting was being by members of the world government council led by Charles.

Member1: The current situation is getting out of hand, we must do something to stop it.
Freedom: Yea, unfortunately CODE was not made for missions like this. CODE was created to silently eliminate threats in the name of world peace.

Member2: What about the military? They can stop this in no time.

Charles: The military is currently supressing the rebels, but a few redeployment will not hurt.
Member 2: Yea, it will be okay. We must stop all these criminal elements in the name of world peace.

Charles: All right, it's time for the vote.

The council made a vote and everyone voted in support of the military involvement in stopping the current uproar.

As this was going on, Boss Clinton secret agent Crocodile had chased the masked assassin into a corner after tracking him.

MaskMan: Hmm, are you one of the government dogs?
Crocodile: No. I work for Boss Clinton.
Masked Man: Boss Clinton huh? What does an agent of Boss Clinton wants with me?

Crocodile: The Boss has given you an invitation. He has been wanting to see you every since you began your rampage. He says you two are alike and fighting for the same cause.

MaskedMan: I see.
Crocodile: Here it is, I will be waiting for you to come.

Crocodile gave him an invitation letter from the Boss himself and he started leaving.

MaskedMan: It seems I got an ally.

Meanwhile Maureen was done treating agent David after removing the bullet in his belly.

The cameras and all preparations were ready as Boss Clinton got ready to shut the whole world down with just one video.

Meanwhile Aaron and his partner Christie were done checking through the camera records, and they were now analysing the situation and screening out those not suspected.

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Ten (10)

CODE Is Exposed! X The Planet At Risk!

As the entire globe was in uproar Boss Clinton was busy making a video about CODE with the badly beaten agent David in it.

He was done with the video when he received a call from Crocodile, telling him about the meeting with the masked assassin and that the invitation was accepted. And also he was coming to Mother's Land to meet up with them.

Boss Clinton: All right, the masked assassin has received my invitation and accepted it. It's now time for me to release this video and shake the entire world! Hahahahaha!

Commander Rogers and Maureen walked into his room as he had told them to come back and receive their orders.

Rogers: We are here Boss.
Boss Clinton: Good, so have our scientist sucessfully hacked all the channels?
Rogers: Yes, and he's awaiting your orders!

Boss Clinton: Good, tell him to publish the video immediately. Let the planet burn and feel a terror it hasn't felt before.

Rogers: Yes sir, I will do that immediately.

Rogers left and Boss Clinton locked the door to his room.

Clinton: All right Maureen, pull off your clothes and join me on the bed.
Maureen: Yes Boss.
Clinton: I need to have some fun.

Maureen pulled off her clothes and so did Boss Clinton as she joined him in bed naked and they hugged each other.

Clinton: Be a good girl Maureen, you are my right hand woman. And you are also going to be the Queen of the Zero Empire which I shall creat.
Maureen: Yes Boss, I will do whatever you want me to do.

Meanwhile Aaron and his partner Christie had shortlisted five people to be the suspected masked assassin after going through the camera footage.
They were also bothered about the current uproar in the globe, it wasn't affecting the town they were because there was three times security after the masked assassin appearance.

Aaron: We are almost close to solving this one.
Christie: Yes, I think we will come to our final decision once we get to the site of the recent killings and interview those ladies.

Aaron: Yea, we both make a great team.
Christie: Yes, this time our discovery will make us well known than before.

Aaron: Why don't we get married?
Christie: I have a boyfriend.
Aaron: That wouldn't stop me from trying.

The duo made their way to the airport as the masked assassin had stopped following them since he had made his way to Apolgeria on Boss Clinton's invitation.

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Ten (10) Continuation

The military quickly responded after the world government council told them to deploy soldiers to help fight the criminal elements causing the uproar.

The military together with the CODE agents, police and other security agencies engaged the criminal elements till the next day.

People were still hiding in their homes even after a new dawn as the uproar just wouldn't stop. It also escalated as ordinary street thugs joined the fight and and reinforced the Spiders and the other criminal elements.

Man1: Fvck the government! All hail Boss Clinton! All hail the masked assasin!
Man2: All hail them! They are our heroes!!

And then suddenly the fight was brought to a halt as an emergency broadcast came up on every channels, both on the large display T.V on the streets and the small ones in aeroplanes.

Suddenly Boss Clinton appeared in the video as people all over the world including CODE and the World Government Council watched.

Boss Clinton: Hello citizens of planet Earth, your saviour is here today to expose a secret kept hidden by the world government. It's about an evil organisation called CODE and the evil the government have used it for.

Agent David was shown on the video all tied up and beaten much to the suprise of the world government council, CODE was only suprise that he wasn't yet dead.

Boss Clinton: I just captured one of their agents recently, now I'm going to fully expose them. Just sit back and watch.

Everyone in the world was eager to see what would happen, the government tried to shut down the channels but Boss Clinton scientist and technician had taken over them.

The masked assassin was watching the broadcast through his smartphone, so was Aaron and Christie watching it through the television in the plane.

The broadcast immediately began, showing the videos of how people were killed and deleted from the world by CODE agents under the direct order of the world government council.

It also showed documents on the orders given to CODE to eliminate opposition leaders all over the world, and how others were framed for it.

Clinton smiled as he was having fun with Maureen and the video was released, because very soon the whole world would turn upside down.

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Eleven (11)

The Whole World In Choas

Everyone eyes were fixed at the video Clinton had released, they were all suprised at the secrets that were being revealed.

From the assassination of major opposition leaders and framing people for a crime they didn't commit.

CODE and the world government council were suprised and shocked at the same time as their secrets were all being made known in the open.

** At CODE Headquarters **

The entire staff in CODE were troubled as this signified the end of their careers, or worse they would be erased from existence by the government.

Samuel: I guess this is the end for us.
Amanda: We better get out of here before they push the button.

Before they knew what was happening, everyone had immediately started running.

Samuel: I guess they know the trouble we are in.
Amanda: Yes, I have to get Lucy from the torture chamber. I can't let her die down here.
Samuel: All right, but hurry.
Amanda: Thanks, we are all making it out of here alive.

** At The World Government Council Headquarters **

All the world government officials had gathered in an emergency meeting.

Member1: How did this happen? This isn't supposed to be happening.
Member2: Yes, I wonder how Boss Clinton got access to those records and files.

Charles: Calm down everyone, we are going to solve this problem just like we have solved others.

Member3: Nonsense! Some of the soldiers won't follow our orders after watching the video.

Charles: Hmm, so what's the decision. I mean do you guys have any plan or somethimg like that?
Member1: I have a brilliant idea. Let's just blow up CODE and half of what Clinton is saying would be total nonsense.

Charles: Just what I was thinking.

Charles brought out a button and pressed it, and then boom!!! The entire CODE underground headquarters had bursted in flames.

Charles: That settles it.
Member1: Yes, we will just watch Boss Clinton make a fool out of himself.

Just then one of their men rushed in panting.

Man: Sir! Sir! The entire CODE staff have evacuated the facility 2 hours ago.

All: What!!!
Charles: Why didn't you tell me then!
Man: I was passing some security checks for the past 2hours.

Charles: Get out of my sight!

The man ran away immediately and everyone in the meeting started making angry faces.

Member1: And there goes our big plan.
Charles: This is total bullshit!!

Everyone was shocked at the magnitude of the secrets that were revealed. The law abiding citizens in the globe stepped out to protest, and at the same time the criminal elements and the security agencies were exchanging fires.

Two divisions appeared in the military as one side was loyal to the current world government and the other were trying to correct the mistake the current government had made.

The hot globe had began boiling even more hotter after the video was released.
Security forces fought against each other and also the criminal elements were wrecking their own havoc.

The entire planet was in flames and many institutions were forced to shut down including airports and train stations.

Aaron and Christie acknowledged that there would be no need for more investigation as it would be pointless.

Aaron: I believe we have come to the end of the road.
Christie: Yea, the whole world is fighting. We better find a place to hide till everything is over.
Aaron: Yes.

Agent David was shot dead by Maureen and agent Crocodile had returned to their main base.

The masked assassin named Favour was having a drink with Boss Clinton as they were celebrating the birth of a new era.

Boss Clinton: Hello my friend, we shall both bear witness to this great new era that is upon us.
Favour: Yes, and it would be for the best. It shall be free from corruption.
Boss Clinton: Yes, and our names shall be forever written in the history books as those who gave birth to this great era.

There were explosions, cries, anger, blood lust and fear all over the war as a new war began as different factions tries to take over the world.

Where this fight would lead the planet into, nobody knows and so the beginning of a new era has started.

The End!!
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Re: Code Zero
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I have missed 😥😥 :'(  :'(
Nice story,  you should write more of this often Join The Tech Train
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Re: Code Zero
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Thanks boss @Ewap.
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