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Code Zero
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A secret organisation of the world government named CODE is responsible for eliminating threats that would destroy the world peace.

With the help of agent David popularly known as Smoker the world had maintained its peace.

However, everything took a different turn as an evil organisation called Zero which was headed by Boss Clinton led the world into a state of chaos.
Just when they thought Clinton was the only problem an assasin named Favour started eliminating government officials.

And so things turned out for the worse and it's now up to CODE and its bestman David to return peace to the world.

Coming Soon......
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Re: Code Zero
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Episode One (1)

The World In Chaos

The once peaceful world have again been driven into chaos by the likes of Boss Clinton and a mysterious assasin Favour.

** At CODE Headquarters **

Staff were monitoring some crime cities and spots in order to curb the rising case of chaos around the world.

Mr. David was being called in by the head of the secret agency named Lucy.

The both of them engaged in a long conversation.

Lucy: I know you have done your best David.
David: Seriously, I really want to retire but it seems people like Clinton made it a hard choice for me.

Lucy: Yes. We need you to stay on the program.
David: I see.

David lighted a cigar.

Lucy: No smoking is allowed inside the office.
David: What about sex?
Lucy: (Smiles) You got me on this one.
David: I would like to rest for three days before I come back from my almost retirement.

Lucy: Sure, you can use the three days to relax.
David: I will be taking my leave then.
Lucy: Ye....

Suddenly there was an alarm, David and Lucy went over to check out what it was. They met the head of surveilance Amanda.

Amanda: There's a crisis in James Town. Boss Clinton and his men are wrecking havoc there.
Lucy: Send the nearest team to contain the situation immmediately.
Amanda: Patrick has already issued the order.
Lucy: That's good.

Patrick was the one in charge of dispatching teams in emergency situations when Lucy can't be immediately reached.

David: Clinton is really a badass.
Lucy: Yea. That's why many people call him Boss Clinton. He has taken control of over five cities in the Northern region of Apolgeria.

David: I see.
Lucy: How long would it take the nearest team to reach them?
Amanda: Ten minutes ma'am.
Lucy: All right, he's not going free this time.

** At James Town **

Boss Clinton was with three of his commanders, Rogers, Jupiter and Bruno.

A lot of his men were with him and they were shooting randomly and taking down security men.

Boss Clinton: Kill all the policemen. Kill any guard you see! Spare the civilians but kill anyone who oppose us.

Rogers: My men have burnt down the police stations and security posts in the east side of the city.
Jupiter: My men are done with the west side of the city.
Bruno: And mine is done with the south.

Boss Clinton: Very good, all that remains is for us to conquer the north part of this city and it will be mine for the taking. Hahahahaha! I will rule the world and crush the current government!

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode One (1) Continuation

As Boss Clinton men continued wrecking havoc in the city called James Town, many of the civilians ran for safety and many hid in the comfort of their homes.

The dead bodies of policemen who resisted them were lying dead over the place. Many security posts and stations were being burnt by Boss Clinton's men as they continued wrecking havoc.

Clinton was on top of a car as he was guarded by his three commanders and some men.

A young lady was brought to him by one of his men.

Man1: Boss, this girl will be good for you tonight.
Boss Clinton: (Smiles) You know me very well man. Tear her clothes let me see the wonders.

The lady slapped Boss Clinton's man and he gave her a hot slap as she screamed.

Lady: Ahh!!
Man: Shut up girl. You are going to end up in our Boss bed tonight.
Lady: Leave me alone. I'm not some sex toy.

The man tored her dress and stripped her naked in front of Boss Clinton as she felt like crying.

Clinton: Hahahaha! She will do for tonight. Tie her hands and legs just to be safe. I don't lower my guard even in front of a naked woman.

Man: Yes Boss.

The young lady was being tied in her hands and legs as she was carried into the car Clinton was on top.

Boss Clinton: Good.

Suddenly Boss Clinton and his men saw security agents coming down from ten helicopters in the northern part of the city that was yet to be conquered.

Clinton: So CODE is here. It's time we teach them a lesson. Rogers and Jupiter go and raise the morale of our men in the battle front.

Rogers: Yes.

Rogers and Jupiter raced off to the battle front to raise the men morale.

Boss Clinton brought out his AK-47 and cocked it.

Boss Clinton: CODE might want to take us down with a bomb, bring that girl up here so that they would know we are serious.
Bruno: Yes Boss.

Bruno brought out the naked girl and carried her on top of the car.

Clinton touched her tits with his left hand while his gun was in his right.

Boss Clinton: Hahahaha! I got the government cornered. Let's see if the government will sacrifice your life just to reach me.

** CODE Headquarters **

Amanda: Boss Clinton has a hostage with him.
Lucy: Give us a visual and stop calling him Boss.

Amanda showed them a visual gotten from a CCTV camera. And it showed Clinton with the naked girl.

Lucy: Damn it! He's a monster, stripping a girl naked and using her as a hostage.
David: Hahahaha! I like his style.

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Two (2)

Boss Clinton Takes Over James Town!

Boss Clinton men went after the CODE agents that were jumping down from the helicopter. Meanwhile they were being watched from CODE headquarters by agent David and Lucy the leader.

** CODE Headquarters **

Lucy: Only someone like Clinton would know that CODE is the one after them. We have to shut down all CCTV cameras in James Town so that our cover wouldn't be blown.

Amanda: I'm on it ma'am. All CCTV cameras in James Town has been shut down. We can still get visual from our satelite. It will come up in five seconds.

Lucy: That's good.

After five seconds CODE got visuals from James Town.

David: Hmm, if you ask me a sniper should be sent to gun down Boss Clinton. He's wide in the open.

Amanda: We have two snipers in the team. They are on standby because Boss Clinton is still far away from where they are.

David: That's good. We don't have to worry about Boss Clinton anymore. He messed up this time, coming out in the open with no worries.

Just as they were talking three out of the ten helicopters were blown up by Boss Clinton's men.

Lucy: Damn it! They took out three of the helicopters.
David: We just lost some men right now.

Amanda: CODE agents and Clinton's men have started exchanging fires.

David: Give us the visual.

With commander Rogers and Jupiter, Boss Clinton men became more aggressive and started firing at the CODE agents.

Rogers: Shoot down more helicopters! Shoot them all down! Let them know we are serious!

Boss Clinton's men were superior in numbers as they took on the CODE agents. Boom!! Two more helicopters went off.

Lucy: At this rate our men are going to be trapped here. Send a backup team!

David: That wouldn't be a good idea. There would be no place for them to land. Clinton's men are all scattered around James Town. Clinton just have to move in closer for the snipers to take him down. Once he's down, all his men will run.

Lucy: Hmm. Amanda tell the two snipers to take down Clinton on sight.

Amanda: Got that!

The two snipers were Michael and April, a guy and a lady. Michael was the son of the head of CODE, Lucy. They were both communicated the order.

Michael: Roger! We will be taking him down on sight.
April: Today is going to be the end of Boss Clinton.
Michael: We are both going to be promoted.
April: Yes, now let's focus. He's going to be within our range very soon.

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

Boom!! Another helicopter was blown off again forcing the remaining four to abandon the agents on ground and flying from the danger zone.

Lucy: They took down another one.
Amanda: The snipers would soon get Clinton, he's will soon be within their range in seconds.

The two snipers were ready to take down Clinton with a head and chest shot.

Michael: I got the head.
April: I got the chest.

Clinton came into their range and they fired, but just two seconds before they fired the naked lady bite Clinton and he shifted.
The head shot missed him but a bullet landed in his chest.

He immediately dropped his gun and used the lady as a shield. Without any hesistation the snipers shot at Clinton but the bullets landed on the lady's back.

Clinton: Bruno!!
Bruno: Yes Boss!

Bruno immediately shot two RPG bombs towards the two snipers and boom!!

The entire building bursted into flames with the two snipers inside.

Lucy: My son! Michael!! Tell the agents to retreat immediately.

Amanda: That's too late. Clinton's men have surrounded them.

David: I'm sorry ma'am.
Lucy: No. It's not your fault.

Lucy went into her office where she cried silently for her son Michael.

David: Damn it! Check if Clinton is alive, I'm sure a bullet hit him on the chest.

After the building was blown off, Boss Clinton threw down the naked lady who had many gunshots wounds at her back and her body was filled with blood. She had died instantly.

Clinton: Too bad! They took down a hostage just to get me. Well, she's now a waste. I have to find someone else to keep me company tonight.

Bruno: Boss, what about the bullet in your chest?
Boss Clinton: Don't worry, I have the new improvised bulletproof vest inside.
Bruno: That's good Boss.

It was clear that Boss Clinton wouldn't be dying from the gunshot and David was mad about it.

David: Damn it! He has conquered another another city. I will have to resume work tomorrow. There's no time to relax! I'm going to take down Boss Clinton!

Meanwhile back in James Town Boss Clinton and his men had overpowered the CODE agents and had finally taken control over every part of James Town.

Rogers: Boss, we now have total control over James Town.
Boss Clinton: Good! This is going to send a message to the world government. The ZERO Empire will rule over this planet!

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Three (3)

The New CODE Leader X The Masked Assassin

After taking over James Town in the north of Apolgeria, Boss Clinton sent the video all over the world. While they were taking over the city, they had a personal camera man to video them in case the CCTV cameras were shut down which was the case.

The video released all over the world also showed scenes of where they were engaging CODE agents and that left some questions unanswered for public viewers.

** At CODE Headquarters **

Everyone at CODE was watching the video in shock.

David: This guy is something else, it's a good thing the public don't know about CODE.
Lucy: Yes, but many questions will be asked and there will be investigations.

David: We just have to eliminate the investigators, we must keep CODE a secret.

Lucy: I'm afraid, this is going to cost me my job.
David: No. The authorities understand the situation.

Suddenly the door to the surveilance hall opened and a man in suit guarded by three other men came in.

Man: Hello Lucy Marshal.
Lucy: Hi, you are from the authorities right?

Man: Yes, I'm Samuel Parker, your replacement.
Lucy: What? So soon? Without any trial?

Samuel: Yes, you are to be imprisoned for the time being while the council decides what to do with you.
Lucy: What? But this is my first blunder.
David: Yea, she's saying the truth.
Samuel: Really? Well I forget to mention, there's a vacancy for an assistant head of  CODE. And my assistant is Amanda Plate, your own chief of surveilance.

Lucy and David with the others present were shocked and Amanda stood up.

Amanda: Don't be suprised Lucy, I have been secretly working as an undercover for the council. All the blunders you told me to erase, I sent it all to them. And also details of your sexcapades with agent David were also sent to them.

Lucy: What??
Samuel: You commited a sin against your innocent husband at home by sleeping with one of your men. Well, that's your business.

Samuel gave a signal to the men guarding him.

Samuel: Take Lucy to the torture dungeon.

Man: Yes sir.
Lucy: No!

David made to interfere but Samuel looked at him in the eyes.

Amanda: I will clear the office for you boss, it will soon be ready.
Samuel: No problem.

Everyone looked at Samuel Parker and smiled as they saw the good first impression he made. 

Samuel: Agent David! You are back to full operation.
David: Yes sir.

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Three (3) Continuation

The recent video released by Boss Clinton sparked outrage around the world, the capture of James Town was the talk of the day and his growing influence over the world.

Man1: Mahn! Boss Clinton is really something else. He's going to etch his name into the record books.
Man2: Yes, he has taken over five countries, and and he has started conquering Apolgeria from the North.

Man1: I wonder what the world government is doing. Why can't they stop just one man!
Man2: Who knows?

** Somewhere In The World **

An investigative journalist named Aaron was watching the video released with his tablet.

Aaron: Boss Clinton huh? I'm going to uncover your secret, and also these agents that are engaging them. They have no history whatever.

His boss Paul came over and sat with him.

Paul: Still watching the video huh?
Aaron: Yes, I'm re watching in just in case I missed something.
Paul: Hmm, the look in your face shows that you want to do something crazy.

Aaron: It might sound crazy, but I'm going bring Boss Clinton down.
Paul: Hahahaha! I got your back son.

** James Town **

Boss Clinton and his men were throwing a party in celebration of capturing James Town. They stripped many ladies naked and made them dance to their pleasure.

Jupiter came over and whisphered something into Clinton's ear.

Clinton: Hmm, a new head huh? I got that, we also have to change our plans.

** At The Highest Floor In A Sky Scrapper In The Night **

Some government officials were having a serious discussion about Boss Clinton.

Man1: Clinton is going to be a more bigger problem than we can handle.
Man2: Yes. You are right. We can't give in to him. The world government would never lose to one man.

Suddenly the lights went off and came back, before them was a masked man in a black cloak.

Man1: Guards!
MaskMan: Don't bother, they are all sleeping. I didn't kill them, the six of you here are just my targets.

Man2: What do you want?
MaskMan: I want to end corruption in this world, but that can only be achieved by killing you all.

Man3: Damn you.
MaskMan: I shall take my leave.

The mask man cut through the window and jumped down, and he then pressed a button and boom!!

The room where the government officials were bursted in flames as their bodies got tored into pieces, and it caused a panic in the building and the surrounding area.

MaskMan: Hahahaha! I shall bring peace into this world through violence!

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Four (4)

The Masked Assassin Hits The News

Immediately after the explosion which took the lives of six world government officials, the news spread wild like a raging fire.
A surveilance camera had captured a photo of the masked assasin as he jumped down from the skycrapper.

The news caused panic in the entire planet and many attributed it to Boss Clinton's doing.
The photo of the assassin on his mask spread like wild fire.

Man1: This must be Boss Clinton.
Man2: Yes, he must be a daredevil to pull this off.
Man1: Yes, infiltrating the building with such tight security and getting away is quite a feat.

Not knowing who the masked assasin was, many news agency attributed him to being Boss Clinton himself.

This news got to Boss Clinton in James Town through Bruno.

Boss Clinton: So they think I'm the masked assasin huh?
Bruno: Yes.
Boss Clinton: Hahahahaha! Hahahaha! This is going to make the world even fear me the more. Whoever that assasin is, we are fighting for the same cause. It is the same crusade, getting rid of the corrupt world government is our goal.

Bruno: So what's the next plan?
Boss Clinton: Activate agent crocodile. Tell him to find out who the assasin is, I would love to meet him.

Bruno:  I will do that Boss.
Boss Clinton: Have you selected the female commander yet?
Bruno: Yes, but she's doing her final clearance. She's just like you want. Huge ass and boobs, and she don't even like wearing clothes.

Boss Clinton: You did a good job.

** AT CODE Headquarters **

The news about the death of the six government officials from the middle east had also reached the agency. Their new head of surveilance is a man named George.

Samuel: A masked assasin huh?
Amanda: Yes, many news agency believe him to be Boss Clinton and I don't agree with them.

Samuel: Me too, that can't be Boss Clinton. He's far away in Apolgeria, how could he reach the middle east the same day he conquered James Town?

Amanda: Well, we both know that isn't true.
Samuel: What I don't get is how the assassin disappeard.

Amanda: Well, the paper said he detonated a smoke bomb in mid air. But once the smoke cleared out he was nowhere to be found.

Samuel: We just have to wait till the council gives us an order.
Amanda: Yes.

Samuel: Hmm, so where's agent David?
Amanda: I think he went to the torture dungeon to see his beloved Lucy.

Samuel: Hmm, I'm only allowing him to stay in the agency because of the council.

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Four (4) Continuation

Amanda: You can always recommend him for sack.
Samuel: Yes.

Samuel walked over to Amanda and made her lie on his office table and he pulled off her shirt.

Amanda: You are so naughty, what if your wife finds out?
Samuel: She would never find out.

Samuel pulled off her bra revealing her boobs and he grabbed them.

Amanda: Ahh!
Samuel: You got quite the big ones.
Amanda: I know you would love it.

Samuel pulled off her skirt as they were about to have sex.

** At The Torture Dungeon **

Agent David went down to see Lucy at the underground dungeon chamber.

Lucy had been stripped off of her clothes and she was tight up in mid air with her legs wide open and a round pole just below her v.agina.

Lucy: I look so pathetic right?
David: Not really, you look beautifull when you are naked.
Lucy: It's either I get erased or I get out of here free. It depends on the council decision. I never believed Amanda would betray me.

David: It's okay. Betrayal happens at some point in life, like how you betrayed your husband's trust by having sex with me.

Lucy: What are you trying to say??
David: Nothing really, I will just try my best to make sure you don't get tortured.
Lucy: Sure, thanks.

David pressed a button on the pole.

Lucy: What are you doing?
David: Nothing bad. The pole will continue going up and down for ten minutes. That means you are going to get banged by the pole.

Lucy: Thank you. I appreciate.

Agent David left as the pole kept thrusting inside Lucy's v.agina as she moaned out loud.

Meanwhile the world government had called an emergency meeting in their HQ. Those who couldn't make it to the venue at the short time notice, attended via their systems.

The leader of the world government council is Charles, and his vice is Freedom.

Charles: CODE has assured us that the masked assassin was not Boss Clinton but someone else.

Member1: Hmm, that's one more idiot on the lose. I'm sure Boss Clinton is his source of motivation.
Member2: The most suprising part is how he got pass the tight security.

Freedom: He must be well skilled and the fact that he spared the security men lives means that he is only after government officials. No one knows what he would do next.

Member3: We need to stop this madness immediately.
Charles: An order will be issued to CODE. The two most wanted criminals in the world are Boss Clinton and the masked assassin!

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Five (5)

The Planned Bounty

The news of the masked assasin and the world government making him one of the world most wanted criminal was the talk of the world even after a week.

CODE had got orders from the world government to concentrate half of its men in finding the masked assassin.

** CODE Headquarters **

All hands were on deck as the search for the masked assassin was the main priority and Boss Clinton was the second.

Agent David had been sent out to the field to also find the masked assassin.

Samuel: We haven't even been able to get a single clue about the masked assassin despite our best men being out there.
Amanda: It looks like the masked assassin had made himself invinsible, and the fact that he hasn't attacked again poses a question.

Samuel: Yes, maybe he wants to space out his killings.
Amanda: That may be true. It's a good thing the government officials have doubled their security details.

Samuel: Yes. Very soon. The masked assassin will soon be in our hands, let's code name him/her Favour.
Amanda: Sure, that would be great.

Samuel: Another big problem is Clinton, he has almost conquered the whole of Apolgeria.
Amanda: Yes, we will surely get him someday.

Meanwhile as CODE was busy looking for the masked assasin code named Favour, Boss Clinton had activated one of his sleeping agents named Crocodile and he was given the same mission.

Crocodile had been searching for a week and he got few clues from the site where the six government officials were killed.

Crocodile: Very soon, I will get you masked assassin.

The investigative journalist named Aaron was analysing every security issues related to Boss Clinton and the mysterious assassin.

His partner Christie brought him a cup of coffee in his personal office.

Aaron: Thanks for the tea.
Christie: No probs, so what's your latest dig?

Aaron: Actually nothing yet. I'm still trying to find out why the world government haven't gone against Clinton with full power.
Christie: It's probably because of the civilians in the capture zones.

Aaron: That seems to be the case but I don't think so, I'm sure there is something else.
Christie: I have that same feeling, but sitting here in the office and talking about it wouldn't help.
Aaron: So what do you say?
Christie: For starters, let's fly out of this country.

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

** At Charles House **

Charles is the leader of the world government council and he was with Freedom his vice, and also Pablo and Henry.

Pablo was a major drug dealer which Boss Clinton overthroned and he was a friend to the world government, and Henry was a major sex dealer and as well a friend to the world government.

Pablo: So Charles, when is the government going to get serious in taking down Boss Clinton.

Charles: Relax, we just have to make sure that he doesn't have what he claims to have. Once our men doing the search sends a positive report, we will take down Boss Clinton without fail.

Pablo: So how long do you think the search would last?
Charles: No specific time yet, but it wouldn't be that long.
Pablo: Good.

Freedom: So what about you Henry?
Henry: My side is good. My business is booming, very soon this world will turn into Sodom.

They all laughed.

Charles: Sodom huh? So you visit EnCafe Forums?
Henry: Yes of course. The stories there are the best.
Charles: You are right, some rumours says that Boss Clinton is the writer of the stories there.
Pablo: Yes.

Charles: All right gentlemen, Pablo you problem will be solved very soon. Boss Clinton will be captured.

Pablo: I have an idea, why don't the government place a bounty on his head. That way lords of the underworld will go after him.

Charles: That's a good idea. Ten billion would be a good reward.
Freedom: Hahaha, let's make it hundred billion. Many hungry underworld lords will go after him.

Pablo: In that way you can capture the underworld lords and Clinton at the same time, just tell them the money would be paid in cash and bingo!

Henry: Not only that though, the underworld lords will kill each other just to take down Boss Clinton.

Charles: That's such a good idea. Boss Clinton don't know what's coming for him. Hahahahaha! 

The underworld lords are leaders of groups who deal in black markets and does their things secretly. Boss Clinton was a member until he decided to man up.

Aaron and his partner Christie travelled out of the country as they vowed to find the mystery behind the masked assassin and to take down Boss Clinton.

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Re: Code Zero
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nice story

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Re: Code Zero
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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Six (6)

Agent David's Assault

After a week without getting any clue about the masked assassin, agent David infiltrated into Apolgeria unseen.

David: All right Boss Clinton, I'm taking you down myself.

David headed to Mother's town where Clinton used as his headquarters, as he got there he saw that the security was really tight and it won't be easy for him to infiltrate there.

David: Wow! This is just the perfect security. If I stay in the open I will get seen and there's no place to hide here.

He then saw a door opened and an almost naked girl stepped out, he looked up and saw the post there. It was a brothel.

David: This will make a good hiding place.

David approached the girl and she grabbed his belt.

Girl: Do you want regular or VIP?
David: Regular.
Girl: Follow me.

David followed the girl as she was taking him to a room.
He had choosed regular because he knew Boss Clinton's men would be the ones in the VIP.

He was led into a room where a 17 year old girl was lying naked.

Girl: Now you have to make your payment via ATM or cash.
David: I prefer ATM.

A POS machine was brought and the payment was made.

Girl: Enjoy yourself, don't underestimate her because she's little.
David: I got that.

Meanwhile Aaron and his partner Christie had arrived at the new country and had already began their investigation. Their first stop was the site of the assasination of the six world government officials.
They asked around and seeked for more details about the night's incident. Everything was just as the newspaper said, the masked man jumped off, threw a smoke bomb and disappeared into thin air.

Aaron: Hmm, everything makes sense now. You know what I mean Christie?
Christie: Yes, the masked man never disappeared or jumped down. Instead he used the smoke bomb in the night to cover himself sneaking back into the skyscrapper.
Aaron: Yes, and no one inside the building paid attention because they were still in panic over the explosion.

Christie: Exactly, coming to this country and digging into the matter ourselves is better.
Aaron: Yes, that's all thanks to your suggestion. Everything is getting clearer now.
Christie: Yes, we are going to expose both the masked assassin and Boss Clinton.
Aaron: Let's have a cup of coffee.

Meanwhile the masked assassin was watching them both at a corner.

Masked Man: This two could be a problem.

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Re: Code Zero
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Episode Six (6) Continuation

David was done with the young girl in the sex brothel and he stepped out in the night to carry out the operation.

David: All right Boss Clinton, I'm coming for you.

Agent David saw that Boss Clinton's men were on a patrol, two of them approached him.

Man1: Who are you? I haven't seen you here before.
David: I just came in today that's why.
Man2: Okay, so where's your pass?
David: My pass?
Man1: The green paper all your details are written.
David: Oh! That? I forgot it.

Man2: You are coming with us then.
David: No.
Man1: Raise your hands up.

Agent David immediately brought out his gun and struck one on the head, thereby knocking him off immediately. He grabbed the other and broke his neck. After that he dragged their bodies away into a corner not knowing that the lady who had introduced him to the brothel had seen all that happened.

David: All right, I'm cleared now. It's time to take down Boss Clinton, a night operation is just the best.

The lady who saw him placed a call immediately and drew the attention of the other guards.

After some minutes, while he was getting closer to Boss Clinton main camp, an alarm immediately started ringing and the search lights were all switched on.

Immediately he started hearing heavy footsteps that were running.
David: Damn it! I have been discovered but how? Everywhere was clear.

David immediately started running away and hiding because he would be done for if he's seen.

David: I just need to get out of this town and I will be okay. What a drag!

Boss Clinton and the commanders were immediately notified, the commanders were now four in number after a perverted, bursty and innocent looking lady called Maureen joined them.

Boss Clinton: It must be a CODE agent. Don't let him escape.
Maureen: Don't worry Boss, I and my girls will catch him.
Boss Clinton: Good.

The nude commander Maureen immediately stepped out with her ten female guards to catch agent David.

Unaware that the entire city had been surrounded, agent David continued running and hiding just to reach the next city.

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