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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Eight (8)


Eve pulled off her clothes to go to the bathroom and Clinton was looking at her.

Eve: You never get tired huh?
Clinton: I can't get tired. Never.

Clinton went over to where she was standing naked.

Clinton: Come on, let's have some fun.
Eve: Remember, we didn't come here for fun.
Clinton: Yes, but we don't have to be serious everytime.

Clinton pushed her to the bed and started removing his shorts.

Eve: Well, I'm game. Let's lighten up the mood.
Clinton: Now you are talking.

Clinton went over and joined her naked in bed where they both kissed and had sex.

Meanwhile Pablo and his men had reached Gem city and looked around, they checked the camera footage and got a photo showing half of Eve's face.

Pablo: Run a photo match of everyone in Gem city.
Man 1: Yes sir, I'm on it.

Clinton and Eve had finished having fun after two hours, and they both laid naked in bed.

Eve: I think we forgot something.
Clinton: And what's that?
Eve: The other person or group after Don Baddo, it's possible that they are also here in Diamond city.
Clinton: Yea, you are right. We have to find out who that is.
Eve: We will be taking a walk in the city tonight.
Clinton: Yea, as couples.
Eve: I'm going to the shower.
Clinton: Me too.
Eve: So you still want some more.

Pablo and his men had run a photo match and they got the full picture of Eve.

Pablo: Bingo! Check her address and let's go to her apartment.

They checked her apartment address and zoomed off to there. They were told by a neighbour that she left with someone earlier that day. They then decided to run a search on where her photo was last spotted, and it showed Diamond city.

Pablo: Diamond city huh? Let me send her full picture to the men on ground there. They are going to get her.

Don Baddo and a group of his top ranking men were discussing about the death of Marky.

Don Baddo: Give me your reports.
Man1: All the drug cartels have responded that they know nothing about Marky's death.
Don Baddo: Ofcourse, that's what they will say. Everyone is afraid of us and so they can't claim responsibility for his death.
Man2: Yes sir, but there's one drug cartel that was rude when we sent the message.
Don Baddo: And which idiot owns the cartel?
Man2: Frosh.
Don Baddo: Frosh? That bastard! Well, I have a plan for him. He must falll.
Man2: Yes sir, so do you mind telling us this plan of yours?
Don Baddo: I will. But not now, not until the preparations have been made.
Man2: Yes sir.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Eight (8) Continuation

Night came and Eve with Clinton got ready for a night walk. They took all the gadgets they needed including guns.

Clinton: I think we are ready to go right?
Eve: Yes, I need you to promise me one thing.
Clinton: And what's that?
Eve: In case things don't go as planned and I somehow managed to get captured, run and don't come after me.
Clinton: Relax, they don't even know you. So something like that is not going to happen.
Eve: Well, I just said it so that you will remember. We will be splitting up to cover more grounds.
Clinton: I thought we are supposed to be together.
Eve: We can get in touch with each other.
Clinton: Okay, let me know if you see something bad.
Eve: You too.

Pablo was already heading to Diamond city and he had sent Eve full pictures to the men on ground.

Clinton and Eve started their patrol, they walked across many parts in the city and kept themselves updated.

Some of Don Baddo's men recognised her from the pictures and they began closing on her from many angles.

Eve noticed them and talked to Clinton silently.

Eve: I have just be spotted and I don't know how, better get back to the hotel. I'm going to crush the gadgets so that they wouldn't be able to trace you.
Clinton: Wait Eve, you promised.....

Eve stylishly removed the earpiece and crushed it and threw her phone into a waste bin as they closed in on her without them noticing.

Clinton raced down to Eve's last position as they were just one minute apart.
They were too many for Eve to handle, one of them came from behind and placed a handkerchief on her face and she passed out.

Clinton reached there and was afraid to interfere as they were up to twenty.

Clinton: (In his mind) I'm such a coward, Eve is taken away in front of me and I can't do anything. Damn me! I'm such a coward.

Clinton turned to them and saw them zooming off with Eve at full speed in their car.

He broke down and knelt down on the road.

Clinton: I'm so stupid! I couldn't be there for her. I'm sorry Eve, I'm just too scared.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Nine (9)

The Face From That Night

While conducting a  patrol in other to know more about Diamond city and searching for clues about Don Baddo, Eve was kidnapped by Pablo's men. Pablo was the head of sex trafficking in the Don Baddo cartel, and the plan wasn't to use Eve for any form of trafficking but to crush one of their enemies named Frosh.

Clinton was so helpless when he saw the men carry Eve and zoomed off with her in their car, he broke down on the road as he cried.

Pablo was almost at Diamond city when one of his men called him.

Man: Sir, we got the girl.
Pablo: Wow! That's good. I will be in the city in just a short time.
Man: Yes sir. (The Call Ended)

Pablo: We got the girl, and now Frosh will be going down. And once the mission is successful, Boss is going to give me a big reward for initiating and carrying out the task.

Clinton had rushed to the hotel and made a phone call to his father who was sleeping, his phone rang which woke him up.

Apollo: Who could be calling? (Takes his phone and saw that it was Clinton) What could he be calling me for at this time?

Apollo answered the call and Clinton told him that Eve had been kidnapped by unknown men, who he believe to be related to Don Baddo.

Apollo: What? And what were you doing?
Clinton: I'm sorry father, when I got there I was feeled with fear. I couldn't help her.
Apollo: It seems they got her photo. If nothing is heared from her tomorrow I will be coming over there. So keep doing what you can.
Clinton: Yes dad.

The call ended and Clinton lied down on the bed.

Clinton: (In his mind) Damn it! I couldn't do anything to help her. She would have atleast done something if I was the one in a situation like this. Oh God! I better get to the computer, I have to get clues on how they were able to track her. If they knew she was here that means they also know she came with somebody. Does that mean I'm in danger? Damn it! I better get to the computer and do what I know best.

Clinton went over to his system to see if he can find out something.

** In One Of Don Baddo's Hideout **

Eve was chained mid air, she had been stripped of her clothes. She was only on her pant and bra. Luckily for her she had no form of identification with her.

What they only saw was her gun, she wasn't tortured because she would be used as one of their agents and not their slave. And also Don Baddo said he was going to have a taste of what she got down there before anything else.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

Eve was being poured water and she woke up.

Eve: Where am I?
Guard1: Rise and shine sleeping beauty.

Eve saw the owl tattoo on the guard's neck and recalled what happened.

Eve: (In her mind) Damn it! I have been captured by the owls (that was the nick name of Don Baddo's gang). How did they find out that I was after them. It must be the incident at the slut house, I guess not every story ends well. I just have to wait and see what's going to happen. If I see Don Baddo I'm not going to get agitated.

Guard1: Don't you want to say anything? If not for our boss I would have pulled off your pant and enjoy what you got down there.
Eve: You are a moron, idiot!
Guard2: (To Guard1) You better be careful, she's the boss toy.
Eve: (In her mind) Are these idiots calling me toy?

Just then the door opened and Don Baddo with three of his elite guards entered the room, Eve was almost agitated but she calmed down because she hadn't fully understood what was going on.

Don Baddo walked up to her and licked her belly.

Don Baddo: What is the name?
Eve: Who are you?
Don Baddo: I guess you don't understand the situation you are in. I am the only one allowed to ask the questions, you only have to answer me.
Eve: I guess you are the boss these two fools (the two guards) were talking about?
Don Baddo: Yea, I hope none of them had their eyes on my treasure.
Eve: You mean my p.uxxy.
Don Baddo: Yea.
Eve: Just one of them.

Eve showed him the guard that said he would have pulled off her pant and penetrated her, Don Baddo brought out his gun and shot the guard dead.

Don Baddo: No one should have an eye on what's meant for me.
Eve: That's cruel.

Don Baddo: Now answer my questions. Who are you?
Eve: Sarah.
Don : So Sarah do you remember ever killing two people in a club just recently?
Eve: That wasn't really a club you know that, those two just had to mess up with me.
Don Baddo: Hmm, what about the gun you carried? What was it for?
Eve: It was for people like them that would want to sneak on a lady at night.
Don Baddo: I see. I think you are just the one who can do this job for us.
Eve: (In her mind) It seems they haven't found out.

Don Baddo brought out a picture of Frosh and Eve was very suprise and agitated but she didn't show it.

Eve: (In her mind) That's the face from that night!

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Ten (10)

Ten Years Ago

As Eve was captured by Don Baddo's men, he came in and told her that he had a job for her. When Don Baddo showed her a picture of Frosh it made her remember what happened in a night ten years ago.

Eve: (In her mind) That's the face from that night! There's no mistake.

Ten years ago in January 2nd, Eve and her family were still celebrating the new year. Five of Don Baddo men came and took her father and Apollo to a corner where they were talking. In a minute what turned out to be silent conversation turned to a quarrel, and suddenly they heard gunshots.
Apollo ran out bleeding telling Eve and her mother to run, but he seems to be too late as Frosh stepped out and made to shoot them. But Eve mother jumped on Frosh and shouted at Apollo to protect Eve.

Eve's Mother: Please protect my daughter!
Eve: Mother!
Apollo: I will Madam!

Apollo who was bleeding from a gunshot wound ran away with Eve via an underground path in the house to the outside, Eve cried as she heard more gunshots and her mother scream.
Frosh thought the both of them were still in the house so he and the other men burnt the house to the ground.

After that night Eve was sick for two weeks and the only people around her that  period was Apollo and his son Clinton.
Apollo did survive the gunshot since he was trained for that type of situation, after healing Eve ask Apollo to tell her what happened.

After hesistating at first he told her everything that happened.

"He's going to pay with his life", Eve said.

From that day Eve asked Apollo to train her which he did, Clinton watched them train when he was not on the computers.

Ten years after Eve finally got ready to take down Don Baddo, before her was the picture of the man (Frosh) who led the operation.

Eve: Who's that?
Don Baddo: He's my enemy, but once a friend. I want you to take him down. In case you don't know, I'm Don Baddo.
Eve: (Pretending) Wow, it's a pleasure to meet you. You are quite popular.
Don Baddo: Yea, it's a kill mission. Are you in?
Eve: If you can pay well.
Don Baddo: Two hundred million. I'm ready to pay that much for that idiot to go down.
Eve: Hmm, you must be desperate. I will take the job since the pay is good.
Don Baddo: Good. I'm going to f.uck you first. You have a hot body.
Eve: What? Why don't you wait for the mission to be done?
Don Baddo: I need you in my bed, guards bring her to my room.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Ten (10) Continuation

The guards made to unchain Eve but she resisted.

Eve: It's better I start planning how to take down Frosh, then we can f.uck after the mission is completed.
Don Baddo: Hmm, it seems you are not an easy woman. I like that. I will agree to your terms, but I'm going to have a view right now.
Eve: Go on.

Don Baddo told the guards to look away as he stripped Eve of her pant and viewed her fresh meaty p.ussy. He dipped his fingers inside.

Eve: Ahh!
Don Baddo: This looks like a fine deal to me, I can wait. After all I will enjoy it when celebrating the death of my enemy.
Eve: Trust me, it's going to be your best ever.
Don Baddo: Ah!! The thought of it is making me go crazy.

Don Baddo made to wear her pant up.

Eve: Don't worry, I prefer being naked.
Don Baddo: Alright.

Eve was unchained and she removed her bra and threw it at a guard, they all got erection as they saw her naked butt, boobs and p.ussy.

The guards were fixated on her but turned away whenever Don Baddo looked back.

Eve: (In her mind) This is so perfect, I'm going to kill two birds with a stone. Don Baddo and Frosh, you two will be going down very soon.

Don Baddo told two of his elite guards to take her to the restroom, she went over with them. Her eyes were focused on a card they were both carrying, they had it two each. The guards eyes were on her, and one could see their visible hard on.

Eve: (In her mind) I need to get a hold of one of these cards.

Eve walked close to the two of them.

Eve: Don't you two want to have fun?
Guard 1: The boss....

Eve walked over and placed their hands in her boobs and p.ussy.

Eve: Don't you two love this?

The guards bowed to pressure as the starting sucking Eve's boobs.

Eve: Ahh! Ah! Ah! Ah!! That's it boys. Ahh!! Ah! Ah!!

Eve hugged them and put her hand in one of their pocket, she took a card there and threw it to a corner.

Eve: (In her mind) Done, now how to get rid of these two idiots.

Eve: I hope you two got condoms if you want to f.uck me.

Guard1: Yea.
Eve: (In her mind) What the hell?

Just then they heard steps approaching them and they stopped.
One of them dipped his hand into his pocket but couldn't find one of his cards.

Eve was naked so he thought he dropped it somewhere.

Eve: (In her mind) Great, he thinks he dropped it somewhere.

Eve excused herself to use the bathroom, there she masturbated as she had already been turned on.

Eve: Everything is now going in my way.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Eleven (11)

The End Begins

Clinton was worried about Eve, he checked the whole of the internet to see if something was related but nothing was.

Clinton: Damn it! Eve! I'm so sorry.

His phone rang, he checked it and it was a message from Eve.

Clinton: Eve!

Clinton read the message and it says "I will be back soon".

Clinton: She's okay. But how? I just have to wait, I have to call father.

Clinton immediately called Apollo and told him what happened.

Apollo: Good, there will be no need for me to come after all. When she comes back put me on a video call.
Clinton: Yes father.
Apollo: Calm down son, it seems something interesting is about to happen.
Clinton: Alright, I'm going to wait.

After Eve had entered the bathroom and pleasured herself with her fingers she went back to the dressing room naked as the two guards waited for her.

Guard1: Can we do it now?
Eve: No. I just had my bath and I should be meeting the boss to tell me the details of my mission.
Guard2: Come on, we have started already.

Eve wanted to talk and just then Pablo walked in and the two guards behaved themselves.

Pablo: Here you are.
Eve: And who might you be?
Pablo: The genius who saw your talent and found you.
Eve: I see.

Pablo walked up to her.

Pablo: You are so sweet, look at your boobs and p.ussy. I feel like digging in, but the boss is going to taste you first.
Eve: If only you will have the chance.
Pablo: Just watch and see.

Pablo called the two guards outside the room to tell them something, Eve immediately wore a pant and a skimpy dress. She picked the card at the corner and hid it inside her pant.

Eve: Fools, they don't know what's up. I'm going to take down Baddo and Frosh at most two days. And then finally, my family will be avenged.

Pablo walked in and told her to follow him to the Don Baddo's office.

They both went and Don Baddo gave her a flash which all the details of the operation were.

Don Baddo: They are all in there darling. Everything you will need, and then you get your cash.
Eve: You are missing something.
Don Baddo: Oh yes, and then I'm going to f.uck you.
Eve: That's what I wanted to hear, better drink bottles of energy drinks or else you might give up in action.
Don Baddo: Hmm, so you are that bad. That makes it more interesting. I can't wait.
Eve: Don't worry, the mission is going to get done tonight. And then you can rock me anyhow you want.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Eleven (11) Continuation

As Eve left the building with some guards she wasn't blindfolded, so she studied the surrounding very well.

She was dropped off where she was kidnapped, and then she took her phone from the dustbin which haven't been packed yet. She then boarded a taxi and messaged Clinton that she would be coming back soon.

Eve: Hmm. Very soon, everything is going more better than I planned.

** At The Hotel **

Clinton heared a knock on the door and he rushed to open after checking the keyhole and saw it was Eve.

They hugged each other very tight.

Clinton: I missed you!
Eve: I missed you too.

After hugging for a while Eve gave Clinton the card and flash drive to disable any tracking device on it.

Clinton found some tracking bugs and changed it to another location.

Clinton: I have manipulated the bugs and changed our current location, if we take them offline they are going to suspect something.
Eve: Hmm, you are right. Let's check all the contents on the card first.
Clinton: Yeap, I'm on it.

Clinton opened the card and every plans and location of the Don Baddo hideouts, how they changed their locations and all the details of their operation were there. Eve and Clinton were both suprised and happy with what they found.

Clinton: We just hit the jackpot! How did you get this?
Eve: It's simple. I just took it.
Clinton: We can send this to ACA.
Eve: I believe they have moles there.
Clinton: Don't worry, I just know who to get in touch with.
Eve: Alright! Let's check the details of my mission. I'm going to take down Frosh and Don Baddo within 12hours.

Clinton and Eve went over to the details of the mission and then she explained everything to him.

Later on they made the video call where they explained everything to Apollo, after every advice he wished her success.

Night came and Eve dressed up in a revealing dress and her lethal weapons were just in her purse.

Clinton: Goodluck baby, I will be covering you.
Eve: Thanks.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Twelve (12)

Kill Frosh

The end has begun as Eve was almost getting her revenge, everything had been set and planned.
Her first target was Frosh, Frosh was the one who led the attack against her family when he was still in Don Baddo's gang. And now it was his turn to die.

Eve walked into a club house which was heavily guarded by Frosh men, there she was also stripped off her dress and pant as they searched her. They also searched her purse but didn't see anything worth suspecting.

Guard1: Wear your dress alone and forget your pant.
Eve: Why?
Guard1: You are not going to use it, the boss is going to f.uck you right away.
Eve: I see, no problem then.

Eve walked into the club room and saw so many ladies dancing naked, a guard came over and led her to where Frosh and two of his top men were sitting.

The naked lady sitting on Frosh's lap was sent away as Eve was brought there.

Frosh: You are exactly the type of girl I want, I'm going to f.uck you right away.
Eve: You are no fun. Why don't I give you a lap dance first to get your cock real hard.
Frosh: Hehehe, alright baby. But dance naked.
Eve: As you wish.

Eve pulled off her dress and threw it away.

Eve: (In her mind) There's no way I'm going to let him get into my p.ussy. He murdered my entire family, the only thing he deserves is death.

Eve started giving him a lap dance and he opened his mouth wide on how good she was.

Eve continued giving him a lap dance and then climbed on top of him and his cock got real hard.

Eve: You can bring out your cock.
Frosh: Now you are talking.

Frosh brought out his d.ick and wanted to immediately penetrated Eve's v.agina.

Eve: Not so fast baby, let's have a f.ucking kiss.
Frosh: Yea, you are right.

Eve and Frosh had a heart to heart kiss and in the process Frosh swallowed the poison she rubbed on her lips.

Eve: Alright baby, you can now fuck my pussy.
Frosh: I was just waiting to hear that.

Just as Frosh made to insert his cock into her p.ussy, he vomitted and some of the vomit touched Eve.

Frosh: Ahh! Damn it! I need to use the toilet immediately.
Guard: Yes sir.

A guard took Frosh away to the toilet and Eve saw that it was her best chance of escaping so she decided to sneak out.

Eve: (To a guard) I need to go and cleanup, the boss won't like me to be dirty if he comes back.
Guard: Yea, go ahead.
Eve: Thank you.

Eve took her purse and dress, and another lady's dress to clean the vomit.

Eve: Mission one completed.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Twelve (12) Continuation

Eve got to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and wore her dress and then she spoke to Clinton using the tiny ear piece.

Eve: The mission is successful, now I need an exfil route.
Clinton: Yo are in that bathroom right?
Eve: Yes.
Clinton: Remove those big boxes blocking the wall, there's an electronic door there. Use it and get out of there quickly, I have hacked it.
Eve: Okay.

Eve locked the bathroom door and then removed the boxes, the electronic door opened for her just as Clinton said it would.

Eve: I'm out of there, I have to begin the phase 2 now. Remember our plan.
Clinton: Sure.

Eve ran very far away and boarded a taxi to where she was first kidnapped by Don Baddo's men, they had agreed they would be waiting for her there.

Back at the club house Frosh was vomitting and then he collapsed and his heart stopped.

A doctor was called in and he pronounced him death on sight, the guard that led Frosh to the toilet stormed into the clubroom and asked the other guard about the whereabout of Eve.

Guard1: Damn it! Boss is dead!
Guard2: What?

People nearby heard him and started pannicking.

Guard2: Damn it! Let's look for her in the bathroom.

The two guards ran to the bathroom but were late as Eve was long gone. They also saw the boxes scattered.

Guard1: How did she know about the door?
Guard2: Damn it! She's an assasin!
Guard1: If boss dies then we become nothing. Damn it!

Eve had reached the place where she agreed to meet Don Baddo men, when she reached there Pablo and some men were already waiting for her.

She immediately entered the car Pablo was.

Pablo: Job well done.
Eve: How did you know?
Pablo: We got a girl there but she doesn't even know you or about the mission, a guard announced his death loudly without knowing.
Eve: Hmm, why didn't you people let the girl do the mission.
Pablo: She's just our gossip girl. She has no special training.
Eve: I see.
Pablo: You are going to tell us how you pulled it off once we get back.
Eve: Okay.

After some minutes of driving they arrived at their hideout and Don Baddo hugged Eve immediately she got down from the car.

Don Baddo: You did a good job Sarah, now let's go to my room.
Eve: Sure.
Frosh: I think she should tell us how she took him down.
Don Baddo: That can wait.

Don Baddo and Eve walked to his room.

Eve: (In her mind) Phase 2 is underway.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Thirteen (13)

End Of Don Baddo

Eve had successfully killed Frosh the man who led the operation that wiped out her family, and her next target was Don Baddo the man who sent Frosh on the mission.

After coming back from the mission of killing Frosh, Pablo took her to Don Baddo.

Don Baddo and Eve went to his room and he locked it as he was expecting the hot sex Eve promised him.

As they went into the room Eve told him to wait and she took an injection in front of him and rubbed her lipstick.

Don Baddo: What's the injection for?
Eve: I don't behave really well after taking much alcohol.
Don Baddo: Who cares?

Don Baddo got naked and tore Eve dress and hugged her as the two of them fell on the bed.
The both kissed each other as Don Baddo licked all the poison in her lips.

Don Baddo: Now I'm going to f.uck your p.ussy.
Eve: No, you are going to die.
Don Baddo: What?

Don Baddo couldn't move again and could barely speak.

Eve: You have a minute to stay alive. I know you can hear me. I will tell you who I am. I am Eve Robinson, the daughter of Major Robinson.

Don Baddo was visibly shocked after hearing that.

Eve: In a minute this entire building will be swarming with policemen. Your entire cartel is going down today.

Clinton talked to Eve via the earpiece.

Clinton: The police are here now, you have to go.
Eve: Okay.

Eve and Clinton had already hijacked the entire building plan and they knew there was an underground path hidden in Don Baddo's room.

Eve opened the underground passageway and went inside as she made her way out of the building.

Pablo and the rest of Don Baddo were exchanging fire with the police, the police fire was superior and they started falling back.

Pablo: Damn it! Our cartel can't be falling like this. Damn it! And where's boss?

Pablo rushed to Don Baddo's door and knocked but no response. The door was a reinforce one so he couldn't break through it.

Pablo: We need to surrender or we are going to die.

The police continued closing in on them as their men fell. It was all over the news that the police were finally closing in on Don Baddo's cartel.

Many of the drug barons were afraid that the police would soon close in on them too as Don Baddo was a major pillar in the underground world of the drug cartels.
Him going down only means that the security forces will have more morale and leads to come after them.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Thirteen (13) Continuation

Eve made it out of the building and made it to Clinton who was waiting for her outside.
They both hugged each other as Eve was naked, Clinton gave her a dress which she wore and they drove off.

Before they left they set fire in the underground path. Clinton had anonymously sent the details of all their underground exits to the police except the one Eve used.

The Don Baddo cartel members who used the their exits were either shot on sight or they surrendered.

Immediately they reached home Clinton and Eve had a hot sex session as they bleeped the hell out of each other.

Clinton: So now that you are done baby what will you do next?
Eve: I will be going for a profession in ACA (Anti Criminal Agency).
Clinton: Wow! That's nice, they could really use someone like you.
Eve: Yea, I'm going to take down criminals to make sure I save some people from experiencing what I went through as a child.
Clinton: That's pretty, we are going to be together baby, no matter what.

The next day Clinton and Eve made a trip to Shepherd city where Apollo lived with Clinton.

The news headlines was all about the fall of Don Baddo and how he was found dead in his bed, the cause of his death was revealed to be poisoning.

Many people said one of his men poisoned him. Others said that he took his own life when he knew the police would overpower him.
The fall of Don Baddo was a sign that the rest of the drug cartels all over the planet will continue to fall one by one.

Apollo, Clinton and Eve all celebrated the fall of Don Baddo.

Apollo: You have finally avenged your family. And it's a good thing you are going to ACA.
Eve: Yeap, I'm going to take down criminals.
Clinton: I have deleted every trace of our involvement with Don Baddo.
Apollo: I and my son will always be behind you in whatever you are going to do.
Eve: Thanks I love you guys.
Clinton: You should love me more, you know my Dad is an old guy.

They all laughed it off.

A year later Eve was done with her training at ACA, due to her unique talent of deception she was being sent to top missions which were always successful.

She had finally reached her goals in life, taking down Don Baddo and joining ACA.


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