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Topic: Latest Update On Encafe Forums!! 14th Feb. 2018 (Prefix: Announcement:  Read 146 times) previous topic - next topic

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Latest Update On Encafe Forums!! 14th Feb. 2018
Good day fans, how are you guys doing? I hope fine.

Recently you must have noticed that I don't update stories regularly, that's because this new year have brought with it many things to keep me busy.

I actually installed this forum out of boredom because I was idle, and I decided to practise writing stories here instead of making it a general forum.

It finally paid out as I have written/still writing some good stories that I want to publish as novels in the future, and I have loyal readers.

I'm very grateful for you guys staying with me up to this time.

I'm writing this piece to inform you all that stories updates won't be coming steady like before.
From this point it's I and my academics and the forum is a hobby, and I will be updating the stories when I'm less busy.

The new male teacher will be on break till I finish one of the sex stories I'm currently writing.

Just keep checking the forum for your favourite stories updates!!

Below are my contact details;
Phone numbers:

MTN - 08069090109 
AIRTEL - 09025687774.


Thanks fans!!
Please stay with me!!

CEO EnCafe Forums!!
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