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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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My schedule is tight, I will be dropping two episodes of Zik tomorrow.
Thanks for your understanding.
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Today was too tight, Zik will be updated tomorrow. I'm just getting home since 8am.
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Eighteen (18)

The Three Ways War Begins!!

Mary could see the Harbour and Melody alliance from a far distance, and she immediately alerted the others.

Zobo: It's time. We shouldn't let all of them get into the kingdom.
Bro: Yes.

Zobo and some members of his division jumped on the giant birds as Mary was holding the fort with other magic casters.

Jesicca: It looks like we have been spotted.
Richard: Yes, but don't worry. It's going to be more fun crushing them outside the kingdom.
Jesicca: Hmm.
Richard: I'm not cocky in case you think I am.

Zobo's team birds immediately flew higher than Richard's.

Richard: What the hell?

Zobo: Men, take them down.

All: Yea!!

Zobo's division immediately started jumping down as they released their animal spirits, and Richard looked at Zobo straight into the eyes.

Richard: Bastards!
Zobo: So he's their leader. Animal spirit release! Mammoth!

A giant mammoth immediately appeared appeared and everyone on Richard's team abandoned their giant birds.

Richard: Seriously? A mammoth!

The giant bird of Richard's team was immediately crush by the giant mammoth, as Richard and the others fell to the ground.

As the mammoth stepped on the ground it caused tremors as Zobo was on top of it.

Richard: Jesicca, you can go ahead to the kingdom and don't mess up. This is just the perfect opponent for me. With such destructive power, this fight is going to be entertaining.
Jesicca: Okay, I got you.

Jesicca and Kate immediately left as Richard smiled as he was going to face Zobo.

Richard: All right buddy! It's time to fight.
Zobo: Are you sure it's a good idea, facing me by yourself?
Richard: Of course.
Zobo: Engage!

Zobo fused with the mammoth but was in his human form as a result of the mixture.

Richard: Beast spirit!! A giant beast with fire immediately appeared and Zobo was suprised as the place they were started burning, but he didn't feel the heat since he merged with the mammoth.

Richard: Engage!

Fire engulfed him as he continued laughing.

Richard: That's the father of Oku, the legendary fire beast. Rumours said only Draco could defeat it.
Zobo: We just have to find out if the rumours are true.

Zobo and Richard immediately exchanged fist punch and the sand in the area was blown away by the wind.

They started pushing each other backward as a test of strength.

Richard: I'm going to show you that the rumours are true!
Zobo: We will get to know who wins!

Mary could see her sister and Kate.

Mary: I guess I have to figh my sister even if it's for show.

Sonia and her forces were now at the kingdom of Wand's gate, and just as they were about to invade it Lucy jumped up.

Lucy: Animal spirit!

A blue light shined as a giant Phoenix appeared, and everyone was taken aback, and Zik's crest glowed.

Zik: The immortal phoenix! And why is it reacting with my crest?

Sonia was quite suprised and the giant birds her division were stopped.
Sonia: Two powerful creatures in the kingdom of Wand!

Lucy: Engage!

Lucy merged with the Phoenix as she grew wings with blue burning flames, and her eyes changed to blue.

Lucy: You look suprised Sonia.
Sonia: Of course, I am!

Lucy waved her wings and it sent Sonia's team crashing, but she landed on top of the gate.

Sonia: I guess I don't have to hold back against you.
Lucy: Yes, let me see what you got!

Sonia too grew wings but they were red this time with burning red flames, and her eyes changed to red as the two girls looked at each other.

Lucy: Impressive.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Eighteen (18) Continuation

Everyone was suprised with the two girls transformation.

Kobo: Hmm. There will be no victor if they clash with each other except that the Sonia girl is more of a warrior than my darling Lucy.

Zik's crest glowed again after Sonia's transformation.

Zik: I don't get this reaction of a thing. It seems I won't be fighting after all.

Maria: Zik!
Zik: Maria what are you doing here?
Maria: Don't underestimate me brother, I will put an end to this invasion.
Zik: What?

Fred and Jumbo walked over there as they stood by Maria's side.

Zik: What are you two doing here?
Jumbo: You sis said we should come along, that she has a good plan.
Fred: And we couldn't say no.

Zik: What sort of plan?
Maria: It's a secret. Let's go boys.
Jumbo: Yes.

Maria immediately left with the two of them as they were heading in the direction of the largest garden in the kingdom.

Zik: I hope she's not going to do anything crazy. And why have Sonia and Lucy not made any move yet.

Sonia and Lucy continued looking at each other as they were waiting for who will make the first move.

And just then Sonia moved as she made to punch Lucy, but she blocked her punch.

Lucy: Your punch needs to be a long more stronger if you want to get me.
Sonia: Well, I'm here to fight Zik not you.
Lucy: I wouldn't let you go near him, he trusted you.
Sonia: Oh yea? Well, he was an idiot to trust a total stranger!
Lucy: No, he isn't!

Sonia: I can't waste more time with you. Only I can save Zik from his destiny!
Lucy: What are you saying?
Sonia: You don't have to know! The main ritual haven't been done!

Lucy was distracted after Sonia's statement reminded her of what king Kobo had told her the night before, and Sonia landed a blow at her as she crashed to the ground.

Sonia immediately took the opportunity as she meant to go after her but a giant monkey tail whipped her, and she almost crashed to the ground.

Alonso: How dare you punch my princess?
Sonia: I'm tire of you people being in my way! It's time for a change of approach.

Sonia flew high up in the sky as her wings kept burning.

Sonia: This is should distract those two pests.

Sonia formed balls of fire with her wings and it started raining down on kingdom of Wand.

Lucy and Alonso started disposing them, and Zik jumped on top of a roof as Sonia was above him.

Zik: Stop this Sonia, why are you trying to burn down the kingdom?
Sonia. That's none of my business! So you haven't learnt how to fly yet.
Zik: Fly?
Sonia: Of course, dragons have wings don't they?
Zik: Yea, sure. We rather not fight Sonia. Surrender and we can return back to the way we were.
Sonia: You make it sound as if you can beat me.
Zik: I wouldn't fight you, if there is no need.
Sonia: Hmm.

Meanwhile as the fight had begun at Drink and Wand, Desert was also having their own share of the war.

Captain and Lettuce were having a showdown with John was was leading the Harbour and the Melody alliance.

John's animal spirit was a giant Kangoroo and he had merged with it, and he was punching and kicking Captain and Lettuce.

John: This animal spirit is so awesome.
Captain: Wait till I get serious you moron!
Lettuce: Yea, we wouldn't hand Desert over to you.
John: Oh! We are just going to see about that. For now, I'm just having fun!

And so the three ways war have finally broken out!

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Nineteen (19)

Zobo Proves Richard Wrong!! X Lettuce And Captain Prevails!

Zobo and Richard still kept trying to push each other back, and none of them was moving an inch.

Richard: You are tough! But let's see what happens when you get burnt.

Richard fist started burning Zobo's hands and the pain was much so he moved back.

Richard: What's wrong? I won!
Zobo: No! You didn't! Your animal spirit won't last a second against Draco.

Richard: Idiot! Now it's time to squash you like a bug! Release!

Richard released his giant fire beast as their surrounding started burning.

Richard: Now, you will be roasted.
Zobo: I don't think so. Release!

Zobo released his giant Mammoth as a clash between the two  giant spirits was about to begin.

Zobo: Let's see whose animal spirit is stronger.
Richard: I accept your challenge!

Richard's fire beast charged at Zobo's Mammoth but it pushed it back as they both started their own show of strenght.

Without warning Richard punched Zobo to the ground, and his fire beast carried the mammonth and threw it away.

Zobn: You bastard!
Richard: You don't always win a battle by playing fair, sometimes you have to play dirty.
Zobo: Oh well, thanks for spicing things up.

Zobo stood up as he punched back Richard and his animal spirit stood up and charged against the fire beast.

Zobo: Thanks to you, I know just a way of beating you easily.
Richard: What are you saying?
Zobo: If I defeat you in hand combat, your animal spirit will disappear.
Ri2hard: That's not fair.
Zobo: Well, you said it yourself. Sometimes you have to play dirty.

Richard moved back as Zobo attacked him and started punching him.

Richard: Damn you!

Richard made to punch him but he carried him and threw Richard on a tree. And at the same time the mammoth pierced the fire beast with its tusks and it crashed to the ground screaming.

Zobo grabbed Richard by his neck and carried him up.

Zobo: It's game over!
Richard: Damn you!

Zobo immediately punched him as he passed out as his fire beast disappeared.

Zobo: Hmm, this is way too easy. Is this really the prophecy being fulfilled? Well done Mammoth. It's time to get back to the kingdom.

The Mammoth disappeared as Zobo headed back to the kingdom.

The kingdom of Drink was burning as there were clashes everywhere, and Jesicca, Kate and Mary were just pretending to be fighting.

Mary: I guess it's time you two go before they catch our deception.
Jesicca: I guess you are right sis.

Mary blew the two of them away in the direction of the forest, and Zobo saw them flying above him as they screamed.

Zobo: I guess things are going well at the kingdom.

Meanwhile Maria, Fred and Jumbo had reached the largest garden in the kingdom of Wand.

Jumbo: What exactly are we looking for?
Maria: Just wait, just in a sec!

They suddenly came across a giant shining egg.

Fred: Wow! What's that?
Maria: That's the egg of the creature who will stop the war.
Jumbo: How? What do you mean?
Maria: The creature inside this egg will soon hatch. It's first cry will disengage all animal spirits.

Fred: Hmm, that's nice. So when did you discover the egg?
Maria: A year ago, and I have been coming to see it since then.
Jumbo: How long are we suppose to wait?
Maria: Just a little longer.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Nineteen (19) Continuation

Lettuce and Captain were still facing John in Drink, he was hard to deal with as he always jumped around because his skills and agility had increased by merging with a giant kangoroo which was his animal spirit.

Captain: How are we suppose to deal with this guy if he keeps jumping around.
Lettuce: I guess we have to release our animal spirits then.

John: Release all you want. You can't catch me! Hahaha! It sucks to be you guys!

Captain: You just have to wait and see!
Lettuce: Let's show this idiot who's boss.
Captain: Yes.

Captain & Lettuce: Animal spirit!

Captain and Lettuce animal spirits appeared and Jumbo was suprised.

Captain's animal spirit was a giant scorpion while Lettuce's animal spirit was a giant spider.

John: What the hell! How can the two of you control them?
Captain: Who knows? What really matters now is that you are going down.

John immediately started running but he was cornered by the giant scorpion and spider.

John: I'm getting out of this one alive!

John jumped up very high but he was stung by the giant scorpion, and was pinned to the ground as he screamed.

John: Damn it!

And just then the giant spider covered him with its web.

Lettuce: That settles it.
Captain: Yes, I hope the others are doing okay.
Lettuce: I won't worry about them.

Though John had been taken down, their were still other tough casters in his team so Lettuce and Captain went over to offer so back up.

Meanwhile Prince, Rose and Sarah was leading the assault against Harbour and Melody alliance, when Captain and Lettuce were dealing with John.

Rose's animal spirit was a giant winged tigress and it was devouring the enemy casters animal spirits.

Rose: This is how to fight! Devour their animal spirits and they wouldn't be able to fight back.

Sarah: You are right, but eating the casters will also make the animal spirits disappear.

Sarah's animal spirit was a giant black winged Hawk that was eating up the enemy casters and swallowing them while it spit some out and threw them away.

Prince: A prince deserves to have a royal beast or animal, that's why I love the lion!

Prince's animal spirit was a winged lion and it was domineering against the enemy casters animal spirits.

Prince: This is fun!!

As Lettuce and Captain were heading back to the kingdom of Drink, Captain just thought of something.

Captain: This is too easy to be a war that will destroy Spell.
Lettuce: You are right, maybe there is more to the prophecy we don't know.
Captain: Yes, I think so.

As the war was going on in the kingdom of Drink and Desert, there were many showdown going on in Wand.

Sonia and Zik were still engaged in a conversation while Lucy and the others were fending the enemy casters off.

Zik: You should listen to reason Sonia, you should explain and maybe I will understand.
Sonia: Understand huh? You will never understand.
Zik: You can't tell, I just have to hear you out.

Sonia: You know what Zik, I feel so bad fighting a dragon that can't fly.
Zik: We are not going to fight!
Sonia: Yes, we will.

Sonia immediately dashed at Zik with her fist covered with red flames, he made to counter it with one hand but the punch was strong so he was sent crashing across many buildings as he screamed.

Sonia: He thought he could block my punch with one hand? He's too cocky or maybe stupid.

And just as Zik was about standing up he saw a smiling Sonia charging at him.

Zik: It seems I have no choice.

And so the war progressed as a showdown between Zik and Sonia was about to begin. Two friends fighting against each other.....

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Twenty (20)

Zik Versus Sonia X Maria's Baby Dragon!!

Sonia charged at Zik as he was about to stand up, he punched the air and caused a great rush of wind but she dodged it and kicked him to the wall.

Sonia: I got you now!

Sonia made to punch him but he went out of the way and she destroyed the wall.

Sonia: Stop running and fight!!

Zik just continued dodging her attacks as he couldn't just fight her back despite his resolve.

Zik: (In his mind) What's wrong with me? I can't fight back! Damn it!

Sonia punched Zik out of the building as he vomitted blood and screamed.

As they were fighting a man in black cloak was watching them with keen interest.

Mysterious Man: It seems his subsconsciousness is aware of who he is, and so even if he want to fight her his body wouldn't move. This is much faster than I expected but it's all for the best. And as for the girl, she will never save Zik from his destiny. Zik's fate is sealed, just like it was hundreds of years ago. Zik is Zik!

Zik kept on dodging as it was all he could do since his body couldn't fight back against Sonia, and she kept on attacking and hitting him many times as he screamed.

Sonia: What's wrong Zik? Can't you atleast defend yourself?
Zik: I'm trying!

Sonia: (In her mind) Why must this happen again?? His subconsciousness won't let him fight me. I will change your fate Zik!!

Sonia flew high in the sky and rained down balls of fire at Zik, but he didn't move an inch as everywhere around him burnt and she had a worried look on her face as smoke filled the area.

Sonia: That won't be enough to take him down.

Lucy could see Sonia in the sky but Zik was nowhere to be found.

Lucy: Zik!!

Lucy was almost hit by an enemy caster as she had lost concentration for a while, but she put the caster back in his place.

Alonso: My princess!! You shouldn't be distracted, I'm sure he can handle himself.
Lucy: Yea, sure. I know he can.

Mysterious Man: The prophecy shall come to pass very soon my boy.

As Zik and Sonia clashed was going on, the showdown at Desert and Drink was still intense despite the Harbour and Melody alliance losing their leaders.

Meanwhile the shining large egg found by Maria had started cracking as it would soon hatch.

Maria: It's just like I predicted, the little baby is going to hatch very soon and the war will finally end. And then everyone can return back to their normal lives.

Jumbo: Wow! The war is finally going to be over in an instant.
Fred: Yes, that was nicely thought out Maria.
Maria: Yes!

Sonia looked down as the smoke cleared and Zik was looking at her as he got no scratch.

Sonia: What the!!
Zik: It seems you were not targeting me after all.

Sonia: (In her mind) Am I subsconsciously not trying to hurt him? This is happening too fast.

Mysterious Man: The little fight they call a war with soon end.

Zik: What's the matter Sonia? I thought you wanted to kill me.
Sonia: I'm trying to save you moron!!
Zik: Save me from what?
Sonia: Maybe you will understand, after I land a punch in your face.
Zik: Come on. Go ahead.
Sonia: Take this.

Sonia immediately charged at Zik with fire in her hand and just then, the egg hatched and the creature had its first cry and all animal/beast spirits disengaged apart from Zik's and that marked the end of the war!!

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Twenty (20) Continuation

As Sonia's beast spirit disengaged she fell on Zik's arms.

Sonia: What just happened?
Zik: I have no idea.

Zik and Sonia looked at each other in the eyes, and tears dripped down from hers.

Sonia: I'm sorry Zik, I was just trying to protect you.
Zik: Protect me?

Sonia immediately punched him in the belly as he screamed.

Zik: Ahh!! What was that for?
Sonia: I will get you next time Zik, it is not yet over.

Sonia immediately left as he tried to stop her but he wasn't able to.

Mysterious Man: Well, this little fight was fun. This is just the beginning, Zik!

And just then there was a heavy rush of wind, and Zik could see the black cloak of the mysterious man as he left.

Zik: Who was that?

And so the enemy casters in the three kingdoms immediately started running away, as their animal/beast spirits were gone and they were in another man's territory.

Mary: What just happened?
Zobo: The first cry of a royal creature. A royal egg just hatched. But where?

Lettuce: This is strange, I have read about this phenomenon before but I can't remember when or where.
Captain: Hmm, what really matters right now is that the war is over.
Lettuce: I guess so.

Prince: Well, well, where did my royal beast go?
Sarah: This is a rare and strange occurence.
Rose: I agree with you.

The casters fighting in Wand were also suprised at what just happened.

Lucy: My Phoenix!!
Alonso: My monkey!!

Christina: Wow! I never got to fight after all.

Diana: Did you see that my lord?
King Kobo: Yes. The first cry of a royal beast. And it seems to come from our kingdom.
Melford: Yes sir, I shall look into it.

Zik remembered Maria saying she was going to stop the invasion.

Zik: Wow! She pulled it off after all. Well, that's my kid sister.

Maria, Jumbo and Fred could no longer hear the sounds of battle going on.

Maria: We did it!!!
Jumbo: Yes, you are genius Maria!
Fred: You ended the war all by yourself.
Maria: No, the little cutie did all the work.

They looked at the little creature in front of them and it was a  little white female dragon and they were all shocked.

Trio: A baby dragon!!

The baby dragon moved towards Maria's direction and she carried her.

Jumbo: She likes you!!!
Fred: You have a baby!!
Maria: Yes, I got my own sweet baby dragon. She's so beautiful!! Now I can become a Caster!

Sonia returned to the forest of Wand and Ferdinand was waiting for her there.

Ferdinand: Welcome my lady.
Sonia: Thank you. Things didn't go as planned. I love him, I don't want history to repeat again.
Ferdinand: I'm sure he will come around my lady. You two will be together , then you can both change fate.
Sonia: I will keep trying till I get there.

The mysterious man suddenly stopped his giant eagle as he sensed another dragon apart from Draco.

Mysterious: No. It can't be possible. Draco's wave must be overflowing, that's all there is to it. The prophecy will come to pass!!

Mary and other Wand casters started returning back to Wand, and so was Captain and the others in Desert.

Zik: I can sense something! I have a feeling that we are not out of trouble yet. Why was Sonia crying?

And so the war finally ended as a whole new adventure was waiting for Zik and his friends, as the remaining part of the Prophecy still remains unknown.

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode TwentyOne (21)

Zik: The Female Hot Spring X Celebration

What is this!! Zik shouted in suprise as he saw Maria with a baby dragon.

Maria: She's my own baby dragon, and her name is Ice.

Zik and Captain were still suprised, they didn't believe Fred and Jumbo who had first told them the news.

Captain: How is this even possible?
Zik: I'm quite suprised. It has been three days since the war was over and you have been hiding a dragon here?

Maria removed what she tied on her left arm, and her crest was revealed.

Maria: I'm now a Caster. (Smiles) Isn't that great big brother?
Zik: Sure, it is but it's still young to fight.

And just then Ice froze Zik's feet and he was suprised with Captain as Maria laughed.

Maria: Hmm, I can take down any caster in my way.
Zik: Yea, sure.

Maria: Please don't tell anyone else about this.
Zik: Sure. We won't tell anyone.
Maria: Good. That naked king can't just claim what belongs to me.

Zik and Captain left to the palace where they were going to have a hot spring bath with the other male casters, and Captain went ahead of him.

Alonso: Where's Zik?
Captain: He will be here in no time.
Eden: He better be, he haven't told us about his fight with Sonia.

Zik could see everyone and out of excitement he jumped into the hot spring and splashed water on them.

Zik: I'm here guys!

Zik turned around and screamed as he was in the wrong hot spring. All the girls were all looking at him as he was trying to come up with an explanation.

Zik: (In his mind) Seriously? How did I get there? I was following the direction given to me by Captain, could he have done this?

Diana: Zik! What are you doing in the ladies hot spring?
Zik: Uhm, I thought this was the one.

Zik was blown out of the world as he saw miss Diana huge boobs as she went toward him, and all eyes was on him.

Zik: (In his mind) Captain! You are going to pay for this!

Miss Diana reached where he was and he couldn't take his eyes away from her huge tits.

Diana: Explain yourself!!
Zik: It's a mistake, I was just following directions.
Diana: Liar!!

Lucy: I'm sure he's saying the truth.
Christina: Don't back him up sister.
Mary: I'm sure he came for me after what we did the other night at the camping trip.

What!! Everyone was suprised at what Mary said.

Zik: (In his mind) Seriously? I need to get out of here real fast.

Lucy: That's unbelievable.
Christina: I told you sis.

Diana: Zik!! You are the only boy here and we can do whatever we want with you.

Suddenly the hot spring got too hot and all the girls including miss Diana went out naked, and Zik saw what sent him to the other dimension.

All: Pervert!!

Zik successfully escaped from the girls who chased after him and he reached the male hotspring and Captain was laughing.

Captain: How was the experience?
Zik: It was heaven!!
Captain: You had no problem with them?
Zik: Yea. (Smiles) I have seen more than enough.
Captain: You don't mean it! I have to give it a try.

Zik noticed that the other boys were looking at him.

Zik: What's the problem?

Alonso: You got an underwear on your leg.

Zik looked down and remembered how it got to his leg.

Zik: That's a long story, but it belongs to Lucy.

Alonso: Impossible!!
Eden: What do you mean by it belongs to Lucy? You pervert!!

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode TwentyOne (21) Continuation

Zik was washing his face in the restroom when Captain walked up to him.

Captain: Hey Zik.
Zik: Captain.

Captain: The girls are just next door.
Zik: And?
Captain: We should go and peep!
Zik: Wow! That's a great idea. I want to see more.
Captain: Good.

Immediately they got to the girls restroom, Zik opened the door and kicked Captain inside before locking the door from outside.

Before he knew what was happening, he started hearing sound of broken bones.

** Later In The Evening **

Zik, Fred and Jumbo visited Captain in the Casters clinic. He was covered with bandage all over and he looked like a mummy.

Fred: Captain! You shouldn't have entered the room.
Captain: I was trying to see some boobs. But Zik....
Zik: Don't worry, you won't die. It's just broken bones.
Captain: Just huh? Wait till I get out of this bed!!

Captain made to stand up but one of his bones broke and he screamed as he passed out.

Zik: Rest in peace, Captain.

King Kobo was with the Council of Casters in a serious meeting about how the war ended.

Melford: The royal creature that happened to cry was an ice dragon.

Kobo: What? In this kingdom?
Diana: Where is it?
Gaius: Tell me you have it with you.

Melford: I couldn't, someone already signed a contract with her.

King Kobo: Who!!
Melford: Zik's kid sister, Maria.
Diana: That stubborn little brat!
Kobo: Oh! I remember her. I must be her friend, we have to make sure the other kids don't pick on her or she's going to turn them into ice statues.
Melford: You are right my lord, Wand now have three super powers!!

Back in the kingdom of Drink, the casualties of the first invasion were buried and then a nationwide celebration began to celebrate the victory of the second invasion and also the end of the war.

The search for the next king had already began and most of people had nominated Zobo.

Meanwhile Zobo and his friends were drinking some fresh palmwine in a local gathering place.

Bro: You are going to be the king bro.
Zobo: I don't want to be the king. I won't be able to fight, I will just seat in one place giving orders.
Mark: I think you will make a good king bro. You abandoned your post just to help the kingdom.
Zobo: I woudn't have done it without you guys.

Bro: You have no say in the matter brother. It's your destiny!
Zobo: Destiny huh?
Mark: Yes.

Also in the kingdom of Desert, celebration was on going for the end of the war as their were many gatherings everywhere.

Prince: Things are finally getting back to normal.
Sarah: Yes, and its all thanks to our alliance with Wand.

Melody was still filled withe dangerous beasts and animals while Harbour was in disarray as there were riots everywhere.

Meanwhile Sonia was still in Wand forest and she couldn't sleep as she was having some nightmares.

Ferdinand: You should try and sleep my lady.
Sarah: I can't, I'm having those dreams again.
Ferdinand: Hmm.

Sonia climbed on top of a tree and looked at the kingdom of Wand as it was full of life.

Sonia: My dear Zik, I will do anything to protect you.  This is just the twilight, very soon it will all make sense to you. My love!

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode TwentyTwo (22)

King Kobo And Maria X Please Bring Back Sonia!! X Zik's True Descendant??

King Kobo was in front of Zik's house in the morning and he was on full clothing this time, because of an experience he had there.

He had first went there a while back, but he was brutally beaten by Maria who saw him naked

King Kobo was fanning himself as he inhaled the early morning fresh air, and he smiled as he looked into the sky.

Kobo: What a wonderful day. I'm going to become Zik's sister my friend. This will work out just fine.

King Kobo knocked on the door and Maria opened it and she was that he was wearing full clothing.

Maria: Wow! It seems I really did beat some sense into you, naked king.
King: Oh, yea. You surely did my Maria.

Maria: I'm not your Maria!!
Kobo: Oh, I'm quite sorry if I was rude.
Maria: I don't need it! If you are looking for Zik, he's not in the house.
Kobo: I'm not here for Zik.

Maria: Huh? (In her mind) Have the council found out about Ice? Get lost naked king!
Kobo: You don't need to be rude. I'm just here so that we can become friends.

Maria: I said get lost!

Maria immediately closed the door and went to her room where Ice was.

Maria: Nobody is going to take you away from me.

King Kobo wrote down something on a short note and he smiled.

Kobo: I'm sure this will work out very well.

In the afternon Maria was returning from an errand for her mother and King Kobo immediately approached her with some snacks and cold water.

Kobo: Hello Maria, you must be tired in a hot day like this. I'm sure you will need some snacks and cool water.
Maria: Sure.

They both stayed under a shade, and Maria consumed the snacks that he bought for the both of them and made to go.

Maria: Thanks for the snacks. Maybe you should do this often.
Kobo: Yes, so will you be my friend?
Maria: No way! You are just a sweet citizen who helped a poor girl by buying her some snacks. Bye!

Maria immediately left as king Kobo called her back but she paid no attention.

Kobo: What a girl! She ate who I bought for the both of us and wouldn't even listen to what I said. I'm screwed.

King Kobo was deep in his thoughts on how to get closer to Maria, so that a check can be put to how she uses her power. And just then Christina walked up to him, and brought him back to the real world.

Christina: What's the matter father? You seems to be thinking much today. It's unlike you.
Kobo: I have a big problem.
Christina: You can always talk to me.

Kobo: How do one win a lady's heart? I mean how do one get close to a lady?
Christina: That's such a dumb question coming from you.
Kobo: You are a lady, you should tell me Christina.

Christina: Just do what you did to get close to mum.
Kobo: Yes! That's it!!
Christina: So who's this later you want to get close to? Is it miss Diana?

Kobo: No. It's Zik's kid sister, Maria!!
Christina: What!! I don't believe you father!! How could you think of doing such a thing! I'm going to tell Lucy, about this and miss Diana too.

King Kobo was quite suprised as Christina had misintepreted him.

Kobo: Christie! It's not what you think!!
Christina: Don't deny it! I'm going to tell Lucy.

Christina immediately left the place as King Kobo took of glass of palmwine.

Kobo: Hmm, it couldn't be helped. It was my choice of words. Now, I just know the right thing to do. What a nice tip from Christie!

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode TwentyTwo (22) Continuation

Zik and Maria returned home in the night and was suprised to see the king with their mother in the dining table.

Maria: Mum! What is he doing here?
Zik: The king himself is here!
Maria: It's no big deal!
Mother: Come on you two, let's have dinner with the king.
Zik: That's awesome.
Maria: Hmm, I will be eating in my room.
Mother: Be a good girl Maria, and listen to your mother.
Maria: But...
Zik: Maria, you should listen to mum.

And also dinner began and they started eating and Maria got her eyes on the king.

Mother: My darling, the king has something to say to you.
Maria: He better be quick about it.

Kobo: (Clears his throat) I know you have signed a contract with a royal creature, I know your tendency to cause...
Maria: I know. My mum and brother already talked to me about it.
Kobo: Really?
Maria: Yes, and I gave them my word! So you just wasted your time coming here.

King Kobo laughed as he smiled.

Kobo: (In his mind) Wow! I'm so glad they talked some sense into her.

Maria: Why are you laughing?
Kobo: I'm so happy that's all. So let's be friends.
Maria: Sure, whatever!
Kobo: Okay, let's have a toast to our new friendship!

While they were dining, Christina, Lucy and miss Diana were heading over to Zik's house.

Lucy: I still don't believe your story sis, I'm sure he meant it the other way.
Christina: You just have to see for yourself.
Diana: I don't believe this. This behaviour of the king is not acceptable!

And just then they entered into Zik's house, and opened their dining room. They saw Zik's family and the king laughing so happily, as they enjoyed their meal.

Lucy: I said it, father wouldn't something like that.
Christina: I must have misintepreted him then.
Diana: Yea. I have always believed in the king, and he wouldn't do something like that when I'm by his side.
Lucy: Huh?

Kobo: Welcome ladies, come and join the feast.
Mother: That's food for everyone.
Lucy: Sure!

Zik went to his room after the dinner with the king and everyone had left, and then Maria walked into his room.

Zik: You should learn how to knock.
Maria: I don't need to knock when entering my big brother's room, after all your girlfriend left you.
Zik: Hmm.

Maria: Do you mind if I sleep in your room tonight?
Zik: You got your own room Maria, but I don't mind.
Maria: Thanks.

Ice flew over to Zik and bite him as he screamed.

Zik: Ice!!

Maria: Zik.
Zik: Yea.
Maria: Do you spend a lot of time with father?
Zik: No. He was always busy and would rarely come home. I protested many times back then but mum said it was all right.
Maria: That means our father was a jerk! I will punch him in the face when I have the chance. I wish Sonia was here.

Zik: Huh?
Maria: (Sobbing) I really miss her Zik, please bring her back! I know somewhere inside me that she isn't evil like everyone thinks.

Zik stood up and consoled her as he wiped her tears.

Zik: I know too, Maria. I want to see her again too. I long for her. I know she's not telling us something. But I promise to bring her back.

Maria: Thank you so much brother.

Meanwhile there was a group of Casters in the forest of Wand and they were all with wood torches.

Man1: So this is Wand!!
Man2: Yes, my lord!
Man1: Let's set it on fire! I'm the true descendant of Zik and Draco is my inheritance! Hahahahaha!!

And so a new turn is about to take place as a group of mysterious Casters were approaching the gate of Wand, and one of them claims to be Zik's descendant. What does this mean?

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode TwentyThree (23)

The Allosaurus Invasion!!

As Maria was sleeping in Zik's room, she heard some noises in kingdom and woke up as Ice flew on top her body.

Maria: You heard that too?
Ice: Yes.
Maria: Let's check it out. We wouldn't disturb my brother.

Ice flew on Maria's shoulder and they went outside the house, and she climbed on top of a tree. And she couldn't believe what she saw.

Maria: Impossible! Those animal spirits are dinosaurs!! They are the Allosaurus!! What are they doing in the kingdom? I have to tell Zik.

Miss Diana immediately rushed into king Kobo's room as he was fast asleep, and an alarm went on in the kingdom telling all magic Casters to get ready to battle.

Kobo: What's the matter my Diana?
Diana: There are ten giant Allosaurus dinosaurs terrorising the kingdom.
Kobo: What!! Impossible! Do you know the Caster responsible? And the kingdom?
Diana: No my lord, we know nothing yet.
Kobo: All magic Casters should fight them immediately.
Diana: We have already alerted them.
Kobo: Good!

Many magic casters immediately started moving out to the northern part of the kingdom to take down the ten Allosaurus and its Caters.

Captain: I thought the dinosaurs were all legend.
Mary: So did we think that dragons were.
Lucy: Well, they are real now.
Christina: What about your boyfriend Lucy? We could use his help!!

Eden: I am here! And you could use my help.
Lucy: Thanks for coming Eden.
Eden: Yea, anything for you my lady.
Christina: I was talking about Zik.
Eden: Princess we need to focus on the mission.
Lucy: Eden is right.

Maria tried waking Zik up but every attempts failed, she even fell him on the bed but yet Zik was still deep asleep.

Maria: Oh brother! (Kicking him) Not at this time! We have a crisis on our hand.

Maria tried her best and even sprinkled some water on his body but the dude was just far asleep.

Maria: Okay! I'm going to do this myself!! Ice! Let's go!
Ice: Yes!

Meanwhile the citizens of Wand in the northern part of the kingdom that were closer to the gate started running away as the Allosaurus destroyed their homes.

In the middle of the chaos were three magic Casters, Luke, Joshua and Jellof. And Jellof was the one who called himself the descendant of Zik.

Jellof: Hahahaha! I will destroy this kingdom and deal with the imposter, and Draco will finally be mine. No animal and beast spirit here can destroy ten of my Allosaurus.
Luke: Yes, you are right.
Joshua: I'm sure that it was a fluke that they won the war.

Alonso: Animal spirit! Giant monkey!!

Alonso immediately summoned his giant monkey but Jellof and the others just smiled.

Jellof: Allosaurus! Take care of that monkey!!

One of the ten Allosaurus charged at the giant monkey and pushed it down, and made to bit its neck but the giant monkey held it mouth as they both went into a struggle.

Jellof: Your pathetic monkey can't do anything against one of my Allosaurus!
Alonso: We just have to see about that.

The giant monkey kept struggling with the Allosaurus but it was overpowered, and it was bitten in the neck and the giant monkey disappeared as Jellof laughed.

Alonso: King!! Damn you intruder!
Jellof: At the end you lost.
Alonso: Who are you?
Jellof: I'm Jellof! The true descendant of Zik.
Alonso: What??
Jellof: Allosaurus!!

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode TwentyThree (23) Continuation

As an Allosaurus was about to take down Alonso it was stung by Captain's scorpion, and it moved back but didn't fall.

Jellof: A scorpion?? From who?

Captain, Lucy, Mary, Christina and Eden immediately showed up as they released their animal spirit, and Lucy, Mary and Christina engaged with theirs.

Captain: We are here Alonso.
Alonso: Yea, you are righ on time. They took down King.
Captain: Who's King?
Alonso: My monkey!!
Captain: Oh, I see.

Jellof: Well, well, well. What an interesting entrance but it was all for nothing! You are all going down!! For I am Jellof! The true descendant of Zik!!

Captain: This guy must be high on something.
Alonso: Yea, he took too much palmwine.

Eden: Let's send this idiot back to where he belongs! Gorilla!!

Eden's animal spirit was a giant Gorrilla and it charged at Jelloff but the last Allosaurus with them went after it!

Captain: They are now wide open! Let's take them down!!

Luke: Not so fast!! Animal spirit! Archaeopteryx!!

An Archaeopteryx dinasaur immediately appeared and engaged with Luke as Captain and the others were suprised.

Captain: Well, they really do exist.

Lucy: I can handle it!

Suddenly Luke breathe fire from its mouth and the others got suprised as they didn't know an Archaeopteryx could do that.

Lucy: This is new!!

Jellof: You people know nothing about the Dino kingdom, and because of that you will fall. Luke, deal with them.

King Kobo and the Caster council members were busy in an emergency meeting.

Kobo: The lost kingdom of Dino huh?
Diana: Yes, that's all the clue I could get.
Kobo: Hmm, I just remembered the kingdom.
Prospero: Is it real my lord?
Kobo: Of course, it is. Though it has been two centuries since anyone from the kingdom have been spotted.

Prospero: That long?
Gaius: Maybe the kingdom is probably lost.
Melford: Yea, maybe they were killed in a natural disaster and the ones left are causing this commotion.
Serena: Yea, maybe you guys are right.

Kobo: Hmm, we just have to capture the idiots and find out. I read in a book that Zik's ancestor was from Dino.
Diana: Really? Maybe this could be related to the attack.
Prospero: I certainly think so.
Kobo: We just have to wait for the idiots to get captured.

Meanwhile Luke's fusion with the Archaeopteryx had made him grew wings and he had the ability to fly and use fire, so it became of problem for Captain and the others as it was raining down fire and Lucy and Mary were being knocked around while Christina hide her.

Christina: (In her mind) Seriously? Why did I come here in the first place when my power is of no use when it comes to fighting.

Jellof: Hahaha! Feel the power of the Dino kingdom.

And just then Zik opened his eyes as an Allosaurus was about running through his home, with great speed he ran out and gave it an uppercut and it went flying high into the sky.

Zik: Is that what I think it is? I must still be dreaming or something weird is going on here and I know nothing about it.

Meanwhile Maria and Ice had reached the frontline after freezing six Allosaurus, and they were now close to Captain and the others.

Maria: It's time to show these armateur Casters what true power is. Are you ready Ice?
Ice: Yes.
Maria: Okay, engage!!

And so Maria have almost brought the Allosaurus invasion to an end after freezing six of them, and she was now charging to help Captain and the others while Zik was still confused on what was going on.

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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