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Stories / Slowly Dying: Sarumi's Cancer Story
Sarumi happened to have fainted during her chemistry class that Tuesday evening and was taken to St. Nicholas Hospital nearest to her school's block.

Her parents, subject teacher and the doctor all gather in the doctor's and conversation goes thus:

Mr. Dave: Please, I demand to know what is wrong with my daughter! For fu*k sake , this is over an hour!

Doctor: Sir, my lab team are working on the tests results on your daughter's case. Until then, I can't really confirm what may have caused your girl to faint.

Mrs. Dave: *Sobering* Doctor, will she die? She looks helpless and lifeless seeing her on that bed. *sobers again*

Doctor: Ma'am , trust me when I say your daughter is going to be alright. I can't confirm anything until the results get here. *Looking to his left* Ma, you're her chemistry teacher right, can you tell us what really happened before the inccident?

Teacher: I really can't say, she started by telling me she was a kinda dizzy, I asked the question every teacher would...

Mr. Dave: Which was?

Teacher: *turns to her right with annoynce of being cut off* have you seen the school nurse! That was all I asked and she seemed not concerned. After twenty minutes of the class, I heard screams at the back only to turn and see Sarumi on the floor.

Mrs. Dave: *Bumps in* And no first aid? Telling her friend to use their books to breeze her a bit? Really!

Teacher: Ma'am, I was getting there until you intruded.

Mrs Dave: Ohh really! Now I am rude? What kind of teacher are you?

Teacher: I wouldn't take such insults from you anymore ma'am. How sure am I you didn't speak to her this way that...

Doctor: *cuts* Okay, sorry I...

Knock! Knock! Someone knocks at the door cutting the doctor's last statement.

Doctor: Yes, come in!

Lab rep: *Greets* Sir, here are the test results of Miss Sarumi, patient in ward thirteen.

Doctor: Ohh, drop them here. *points to the desk* You may go now, thanks.

The lab rep leaves the room and the room is silent once more and everyone anxious to see what the results say.

Mr. Dave breaks the silence with a question...

Mr. Dave: What did it say? *looks at the doctor reading the paper*

Doctor: *looking back at him* Please, may we discuss outside?

Mr. Dave: Sure! *nods his head*

They both stand and leave their seats walking out of the office. Sarumi's mother sobers again and is seated by the teacher.

The Doctor and Mr. Dave both converse outside with low tones:

Mr. Dave: So?

Doctor: I am not here to scare you sir...

Mr. Dave: Well, you certainly are right now!

The women both draw nearer to the door trying to hear the conversation.

Doctor: Hmm, test results show your daughter is postive.

Mr. Dave: Positive to what? For fu*k sake, cut to the chase!

Doctor: Tests results show your dauther has *even lower tone* CANCER.

Mr. Dave pulls out his pair of glasses from his face and tears drop from his eyes

Read the story well on Wattpad
Poems / Who Can Really Explain What This Poem Means?
Piano and Drums

When at break of day at a riverside
I hear the jungle drums telegraphing
the mystic rhythm, urgent, raw
like bleeding flesh, speaking of
primal youth and the beginning
I see the panther ready to pounce
the leopard snarling about to leap
and the hunters crouch with spears poised;

And my blood ripples, turns torrent,
topples the years and at once I'm
in my mother's laps a suckling;
at once I'm walking simple
paths with no innovations,
rugged, fashioned with the naked
warmth of hurrying feet and groping hearts
in green leaves and wild flowers pulsing.

Then I hear a wailing piano
solo speaking of complex ways in
tear-furrowed concerto;
of far away lands
and new horizons with
coaxing diminuendo, counterpoint,
crescendo. But lost in the labyrinth
of its complexities, it ends in the middle
of a phrase at a daggerpoint.

And I lost in the morning mist
of an age at a riverside keep
wandering in the mystic rhythm
of jungle drums and the concerto.

Really confused people, breakdown this poem in pieces! Its by Gabriel  Okara and ot is released for WAEC,JAMB,GCE students and more. So, I need it for my studies.
Starting a blog involves a lot of work and time.
The worst part of running a blog is when you know you are blogging for yourself and know that your content is reaching only you :( .

Below, I will give you 5 killer tips on how to get a wider audience to your blog and its not just SEO. ;)

1. A great niche!: I shouldn't have put this yet cause I am yet to give a detailed(any) post on it. This should be put into consideration and should be thought for a minimum of a week.
 I am damn serious!  >:(

Make sure you choose a niche you are capable of handling. One that can give comments and backlinks, one you can reply to questions.

2. Adverts: You might not even need a budget for this if you don't want to go too big. But try spending a little to get big audience.

Adverts on forums, social media, search engines (google, bing, etc.) are the best and require little or no capital. This should be the second thing on your mind once you have set up a complete blog with a reasonable amount of posts. :)

3. SEO: This is great, but not easy. To get traffic from SEO, you must have a long span in the game as there are no shortcuts.

You only see result when you write quality contents and avoid fake traffic like bot traffic or link exchange.

4. Guest Posting: We get the picture here. The more you let guest post on your site, the more post to your blog and traffic, no much stress.

5. Connect With Others: This is quite simple as all you have to do is meet up with a blogger and ask for exchange of adverts. Some might disagree, especially the popular ones, but just keep trying ;)

Kindly Sign up ;D to contribute to this thread. Thanks!
Yesterday, August 2nd, 2017 marked a total of 20 years since Nigerians lost the great musical icon, Fela Kuti.

There are so many artistes out there that could be of a good replacement to this great icon, but we decided to go with one. This one man has made a name for himself from and at a very young age. He also has performed at somany events, Nigeria and Abroad. Quite most of the features of "A Fela".

This one man is... Wizkid, wrong!!! We are talking of a man none other than 'Spaceship' himself, Burna Boy ! Yeah, you all would be thinking of Starboy Wizzy, but we saw more potential in Burna Boy.

Let's See:

1. Brings Out The Energy: You might have gone to his concerts or seen it on tv, but trust me, you feel his energy both on tv and in real life. This is really what fans liked about the Legendary Fela.

2. A Stripper: Now,this is rude but true. Tell me you have watched a Fela video without him at a point pulling off his shirt with hardly a singlet under. Even if there was, he would still pull it off.

I think, just think Burna is also good at this. You see most of his concerts with him going shirtless (not always) and he loves it! Hardly a time would you see others pull that off for a long time without shutting the lights. Sure we are getting somewhere.

3. Grabs So Much Crowd: There is always this good followership during this man's performance. Never seen Burna Boy's performance as boring, even others confirm. Although this is common with the popular ones, this is because we are comparing them. Same goes with know the rest. #lol

4. Get High : Sorry if this is rude, but I had no choice. You two are good at this. I won't throw more light on this point as I see it rude enough.

So, I drop my pen. Was I wrong by choosing Burna Boy? Give me another person.

Excuses have power but many people think it's a part of life. Excuses have denied people of so many things they should have achieved. Sometimes if we fail to achieve something , we begin to blame people, or there is no money.

Excuses have made people live a mediocre life, have
a negative mentality and make us believe that our big dreams are impossible to achieve.

It was very hard to believe that almost 30% of the population of Nigeria were poor and 60% average. This can be narrowed down to the excuses that have stopped them from moving forward. If you are reading this article and you discovered you are among the victims of excuses, then be well assured that you will end up blaming others for your failure in life.

However, I scrutinized the lives of poor people and discovered many excuses that have made them remain poor or live an average life. However, in this article, I will marshal out 4 excuses poor people give.

ALSO READ: These 8 Things Will Make You Poor


"I came from a poor background". That's one of the stupid excuses I hate to hear. Many poor people blame their parents for being poor. Some that are spiritually unintelligent will blame witchcrafts that operate in their father's house. But the truth is no human being is behind your poverty.

You may be born into a poor family but that shouldn't make you become poor. Many rich men like Dangote, Bill Gates and others didn't allow their poor background to stop them from moving forward. If these rich men can make it, you too can make it if only you will forget about your poor background and strive to achieve your dreams.


Unable to complete your education can never stop you from becoming successful but the only thing that will hinder you is when you stop learning. People like Dangote and Bill Gates didn't finish their education but they never stopped learning. Dropping out of school shouldn't be the end of your world. Those who dropped out and became successful are really people who learned something in school.

The only way you can achieve all your dreams is to keep learning every day. That's one of the keys to a successful life.


Some poor people will tell you they couldn't start up a business because there was no money.

But who said money is a prerequisite for starting up a business?
Actually, money is not the most important factor for starting a business in this 21st century. Many businesses today can be started from the comfort of your home without spending a dime. Money is just the secondary need, but the primary and most important is your passion, commitment and your ability to embrace new business ideas.


"But, must you be connected to the richest man on earth for you to be successful?" Absolutely not.

There are so many successful and self-made billionaires and billionaire who rose from rags to riches. They struggled to make their own money without being connected to rich people.

If you are out there still waiting to meet rich people to start making money, then you are wasting your time. Start now to think of what you can do to make money. There are many businesses you can start today, choose the best you can do.

Bottom Line

Poor people are people who simply don't take actions when they conceive a dream. They are people who have allowed procrastination and laziness to ruin their lives. And when they fail to achieve something , they start giving excuses.

The only way to escape this tragedy is to do what successful people do. Write your dreams, create a plan of action, and kick off your plan . Be committed and connect with people with like minds that will help you achieve your dreams.

A 25-year-old man has been stabbed to death by a
friend over 30Ghs.The incident occurred at Aboabo
Mempeasem within the Asokore Mampong municipality,

An eye witness said the deceased called Amos Ekow
believed to be the son of the Assembly man of the area
owed Kwadwo Afriyie.
Kwadwo first threatened to kill him if he doesn't pay him
the money. He then stabbed him twice in the chest with
a scissors.The corpse has since been deposited at the

A housekeeper and driver of Oyindamola Odegbami, wife of former Nigerian footballer, Segun Odegbami were on Wednesday, arraigned before an Ikeja Magistrates' Court for allegedly stealing N150 million worth of jewellery.

The accused Patrick,25 and Mohammed Abdulazeez, 26, who were arraigned alongside Esther Pam, 28, a friend of the housekeeper are facing a two-count charge of conspiracy and stealing. They all denied the charges.

According to the prosecutor, Inspector Peter Nwangwu, the trio committed the offences on Dec. 10, 2016 at the complainant's residence in Ikoyi, Lagos.

"The complainant (Mrs Oyindamola Odegbami) on Dec. 10, 2016, discovered that sets of jewellery as well as some personal effects were missing from her bedroom. The missing personal effects are; a set of Roberto Coin Gold set valued at $15,000 (N7.5 million), a set of Van Clef Diamond and Gold Butterfly jewellery valued at $50,000 (N25 million) A dangling gold jewellery set valued at $50,000 (N25 million), a set of black and white diamonds valued at $75,000 (N37.5 million), a plain gold set valued at $15,000 (N7.5 million).

"A big set of gold and diamond encrusted pendant valued at $50,000 (N25 million) as well as other valuable personal and household items such as an iPad, three Blackberry mobile phones, six Ankara fabrics etc," he said.
According to the prosecutor, the complainant after noticing that the items were missing, realised that Patrick, her housekeeper, who has yet to return from a holiday that ended over two weeks ago was responsible for the theft.

"The complainant reported to the authorities and Patrick was apprehended at the home of her boyfriend, one Cpl. Mathias Hussein, a mobile policeman of Mopol 43, Lion Building, Obalende, Lagos.

"Police investigations also revealed that Abdulazeez, the complainant's driver and Pam, Patrick's friend also domestic staff at a nearby house, had aided Patrick in stealing the items in suitcases. On interrogation by the police, Patrick admitted stealing Mrs Odegbami's household items and personal effects, but denied taking the jewellery.

"The property she admitted stealing were recovered from the Mobile Police Barracks residence of her boyfriend, Cpl. Hussein at Obalende, Lagos," Nwangwu told the court.
The offences contravened Sections 278 (1), (2) and 409 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011.

In her ruling, the Magistrate, Mrs Y.O. Aje-Afunwa granted each of the accused N2 million bail with two sureties each in like sum.

Aje-Afunwa said the sureties must be homeowners who must provide evidence of two years tax payment to the Lagos State Government.

She adjourned the case until Oct. 17 for trial.

Boss Clinton,

no vex, buh it like I want something scary.

Do you have any horror story for us? What do you think guys?
1. Adult Stories-Makes you feel sexual and makes sex and everything sexual look as though you were feeling it for real.

2. Novellas-Short and sweet. Not boring, takes a day to finish. Although its often used for moral purposes.

3. Drama-Makes you feel like an actor. It brings reality to your reading and If read while sitting all the way, it becomes boring. Read a drama today and become an actor tomorrow.

4. Novels-Ahh, no pictures (hardly). Very long, takes eternity to finish (if lazy like me). This type of story is mean for serious minded readers. You can sleep while reading a novel.

5. I am tired! I have forgotten most of these things. Add yours below!
The younger sister of Falz, Fola Falana is about get
married to her heartthrob, sharing photos of her ring
on her social media account.

The happily engaged Fola took to her instagram page to
share the lovely photos from the engagement.
Fola flaunted her engagement ring, a sparkling jewelry with gleaming green stone.

The 'Soft Work' crooner celebrated his sister's engagement on his Snapchat. He wrote

'Congrats kids! Love you both! Yayy!!! My baby is
engaged!!!#Saf2017? #Fam2017?'

Falz and Fola are children of Human rights activist and
popular Nigerian Lawyer, Femii Falana(SAN).

We wish Fola and her heartthrob her wonderful and blissful