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The Tide Changes

It has been a while here, I had to drop a poem today.

It's a good day today
Everything was so fine yesterday
We expect a better tomorrow
We want everything to always be the same.

Alas, this is life
Things changes after the dawn
Things changes after the twilight
We can never tell what will happen tomorrow
We can never see tomorrow

We make tomorrow
Tomorrow don't make us
You are the head today
You might be the tail tomorrow

Tide changes, o yes
Will you adapt or fall out?
The tide changes just like evolution
The strongest survives
And the weak falls

What is bad today may be good tomorrow
What is good today may be bad tomorrow
Things can never remain the same
There's always a room for change.

When the tide changes
Will you fall out
Or will you stand?
The tide will always change.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: The Tide Changes
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Does this mean...You believe in God now? Nice poem bro!
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