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Stories / Re: The Rape
Last post by Clinton -
Episode Sixteen (16)

The Three Man Team

After Lisa left Mr. Bassey's house that night they were all in a mood for jubilation.

Chika: At last, we are going to get justice.
Agbo: Justice mummy! Justice!
Mr. Bassey: Tomorrow we shall see what plan she got.
Frank: Yes, I wouldn't be leaving tomorrow anymore. I will help with everything I got.
Akpan: Yes, we are going to get Justice at last.

(The Next Day At Mr. Ibrahim's Office)

Mr. Ibrahim was in a phone conversation with someone.
Mr. Ibrahim: Really?
Caller: Yes.
Mr. Ibrahim: Are you sure you told him the benefits?
Caller: Yes.
Mr. Ibrahim: Okay, you have to take someone else.
Caller: Okay, so tomorrow is the day.
Mr. Ibrahim: Yes, tomorrow is the day.

The person Mr. Ibrahim was talking to was Mr. Coker, he told Mr.
Ibrahim about Frank refusal of the offer.
Mr. Ibrahim told him to pick someone else.
The reason they choosed Frank was that they thought he would be more efficient because of his skills.

Mr. Ibrahim: Very soon, I shall be at the top.

( At Mr. Bassey's Home)

Lisa had arrived in the morning as she promised and every member of Mr. Bassey's family with Frank were all present at the living room.

Mr. Bassey told Lisa all the story so she would be well informed of every fact.

Lisa: Since you said the Mr. Ibrahim seem to have control over the
police in this state, I think you have to involve the DSS and explain everything to them.

Mr. Bassey: The DSS, that had never came accross my mind. The question is how can we catch those who sent the threat red handed.
Lisa: It's easy. Since they said that you shouldn't go to the police station, it means they have someone there that will get them informed and also another person following you.
Mr. Bassey: Yes, that's right.
Lisa: Now we have to catch the one following you.
Mr. Bassey: So what's the plan?
Lisa: You will have to go to the police station and tell them you want
to re open the case for the rape. Their inside man will probably alert
the other to start following you, while I myself will also be
following you and at the same time get to the one.

Mr. Bassey: Yes, that's a nice plan.
Lisa: First of all, you have to call the police from another state to
protect your household. With the police around they won't dare attack
your household.
Mr. Bassey: Hmm, I will do that.
Lisa: Contact the DSS and ask for the police protection soon. And then whenever you are ready you should inform me and together with the DSS we will apprehend the one following you. Through him we shall get the
Mr. Bassey: Yes, so should I tell the police from the other state everything?
Lisa: It's better to go to the police headquarters. That would be better.
Frank: What about the cocaine and marijuana business I told you about that Mr. Ibrahim will soon start?
Lisa: You will have to go to the police headquarters too. I also think it will be good for you to work as our inside spy.

Frank: What do you mean by that?
Lisa: Contact the Mr. Paul and Coker, tell them you have changed your mind. You have to do some acting even if it means doing things you haven't done before.
Frank: Hmm, I will take the shot since that's going to help.
Lisa: Good, remember Mr. Bassey the police should start protecting
your family already before we shall make the move to catch the one following you.
Mr. Bassey: Yes, I know.
Lisa: Alright, so what's the first thing to do.
Mr. Bassey: I and Frank will be heading to the headquarters now, we
don't have any time to waste.
Lisa: That's the spirit.
Frank: And while we are coming back I will go to our headquarters and
inform Mr. Paul and Coker that I'm willing to be part of their deal.
Lisa: Okay.

Mr. Bassey and Frank left immediately for Abuja which was a 4 hours journey from where they were.

Back at home Lisa was with Chika and the twins.

Agbo: Aunty Lisa how did you get to know my sister?
Lisa: We schooled together.
Agbo: Really? So which class the the both of you first lost contacts?
Lisa: That was after JSS3, I relocated to another state.
Agbo: Okay, I hope everything turns out well.
Lisa: Don't worry, everything will be fine.

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Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
Last post by Clinton -
Episode Eighty (80) Continuation

The Snake kingdom entered the stage as their fans cheered them up and they were Rambo, Sheron, Odin and two others.

Francis: The Snake are on the stage, they came third in the last tournament and I'm sure you know what they can do! Let's get the Eagle kingdom on the stage.

The Eagle kingdom entered the stage as their fans cheered them up; They were Red, Silver, Yellow, Gold and Clown the Joker!

As they entered the stage some people laughed because Clown the Joker dressed just like a clown!

Francis: I don't know why but for some reasons the three magic sages are not on the team, and I'm sure they are are going to regret that. We all know everyone on the team except the clown, maybe he expects to win by making people laugh with his funny custome. Hahahaha!

The spectators laughed at the referee's comment and Clown the Joker took the magic microphone from the referee.

Clown: Listen everyone! I'm Clown the Joker! Know that name because I'm your saviour!

Everyone laughed again and the referee took the micro phone back from him.

Francis: And that's minus one point for the Eagle, at least we know the Clown's name!

Clown the Joker wanted to protest the mark deduction but Silver held him back.

Francis: It's now time for last tournament losers to enter the stage! The Elephant!

The Elephant team entered the stage as their fans hailed them but some people booed them, they were Skipper, Bond, Jacko and two of Skipper's students.

Francis: They are all on stage and there are two kids on the stage which is a wrong choice if you ask me.

Skipper: (In her mind) Wrong choice huh?

Francis: And now it's time for the host to step on the stage! The Flower!

The Flower team entered on stage as both the Flower, Eagle and the Lion kingdom hailed them. The team were Angel and her students which were Cards, Maker, Lust and Crush.

Francis: This team is the least favourite to win since they are made up of kids.

Angel: (In her mind) Least favourite huh? You will be changing that statement in the nearest future.

Francis: ...but you shouldn't underestimate Angel who took down one of the evil emperors and Cards who helped in saving the Snake kingdom.

The spectators cheered on as the thirty magic knights made up of six teams were on stage, and their introduction was complete as the tournament begins the next day.

What are the challenges? And which team will win?

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Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
Last post by Clinton -
Episode Eighty (80)

The Unknown Land X The Tournament Is About To Begin X Introducing The Teams

Conan, Alex and Racer reached an unknown place where a map given to them by the Queen led them to.

The land was filled with giant bones and smell of decay so they covered their mouth and nose.

Conan: I never knew there was a place like this.
Racer: Me too, and it's only on the map the Queen gave to us.
Alex: Hmm, I wonder where these giant bones come from.
Conan: It must be from the Recycle hole. We are going to clear out an area here and make a camp and that marks the beginning of our mission.

Meanwhile back at the Flower kingdom all the contestants had arrived  and they were all getting ready for the tournament to kick off.

The arena contained over a hundred thousand people and all kingdoms were present, and it was time for the participants introduction.

The referee Mr. Francis entered into the middle of the arena were a fighting stage was set.

Francis: Welcome everyone! This is the 11th world tournament competition, as expected it's going to hot, bloody and exciting!

Clown the joker immediately shaked after he heared bloody.

Clown: What the hell do he mean by bloody?
Red: I think he's joking.
Clown: A good clown never makes such a joke.
Red: That's because he's not a clown.

Francis: Without wasting much time let's introduce the participants!! First, let the reigning champions enter the stage! The Lions!!

The five magic knights of the Lion entered the stage as their fans cheered for them, they were Shark, Raymond, Jacquar, Bone and a guy with a mask.

Francis: All right! Ladies and gentlemen these are the favourites in winning this tournament, they won it four years ago and they are ready to do it again!!

Francis: And now it's time for the Panda to step on the stage!!

As the Panda fans cheered on their five magic knights entered the stage on black cloaaks and their faces were also covered.

Francis: I don't know about this five! But don't forget they might be from the Shadow clan in the Panda, underestimate them and you will regret it!

The Panda fans continued cheering them up and their King Moldrick smiled as he stayed with the other Kings/Queens at a good position in the arena.

Moldrick: This tournament is ours for the taking.
Noah: You can't just conclude, anything can happen here.
Moldrick: Just wait till the tournament tomorrow where their faces will be revealed.
Noah: Hmm.

Francis: And it's now time for the Snake to enter the stage!

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Sex Stories / Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
Last post by Clinton -
Episode SixtySix (66) Continuation

Juliet stayed in the doggy position and raised her ass up as Clinton made to fuck her anus, and Miriam spread Juliet's anus wide open for Clinton to penetrate.

Miriam: Fuck her damn asshole!
Clinton: Of course.
Juliet: Yea, fuck my damn asshole.

Clinton's huge dick penetrated Juliet's tight anus as she moaned out loud.

Juliet: Aaah!! Your dick is so fucking huge! I can feel it in my tight asshole.
Clinton: It's going to be more fun Juliet! Your asshole is mine.
Miriam: All right, start digging!

Clinton immediately started fucking Juliet's anus as they both moaned out and would be reaching orgasm very soon. As Clinton continued fucking Juliet's tight anus with his huge dick, her anus vibrated as it bounced and Miriam was at the other end where she was playing with Juliet's boobs and nipples.

Juliet: Ahh!! Oh my God! This is so fucking good! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass! Oh God! Oh God!! This is so fucking great! Ahh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!! I'm fucking going to cum.

Clinton: Yea, cum Juliet! Cum! Get ready for something warm inside your asshole! Aaahh!! Oh my God!! You are so fucking sweet! I love your ass! Aaah!!! Oh my God!!

Aahhh!! Ahhh!!! Ahh!! Juliet continued moaning out loud as Clinton kept pounding her anus very hard as she was about to cum, and she was also fingering Miriam's pussy from behind as Miriam stayed in the doggy position in front of her.

Miriam: Aah! Oh yea! Keep fingering my fucking pussy! I'm fucking going to cum! Don't stop! Stop! I'm fucking going to cum! Aah!

Clinton: Aaaah!! Get ready, I can't hold it anymore!
Juliet: Me too!
Miriam: Over here too.

Aaaahh!! Ahh! Oh God! Aaaahh!! The trio moaned as the all reached orgasm at the same time. Clinton released his semen deep into Juliet's anus as Juliet and Miriam's pussy fluids dripped down to the bed.

Clinton: Aaahh!! That was so hot!
Juliet: Yes, it was fucking great.
Miriam: Our first threesome is just going great just like I anticipated.

Aaaahh!! Juliet moaned out as Clinton pulled out his huge dick from her anus, and some of his semen started oozing out.

Miriam immediately grabbed Clinton's dick and started shaking it as they both smiled and laughed while Juliet lied down on the bed as she was savouring the pleasure of the orgasm she just had.

Miriam: It's time for me to get my pussy fucked.
Clinton: Yes.

Miriam continued shaking Clinton's get to get it more harder for her pussy and asshole.

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Sex Stories / Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
Last post by Clinton -
Episode SixtySix (66)

The Threesome Continues X Moans And Cums X Cum In Juliet's Anus

Aaah!! Ahh!! Aaaahh!! Oh my God! This is so fucking good! Aaaah!! Fuck!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh my God! This is so fucking good! Aaaaahh!!  Juliet continued moaning as she was riding Clinton's huge dick in her tight pussy and Miriam was also squeezing her huge boobs at the same time.

Juliet: Aaahh! Fuck! Fuck! This is so fucking sweet! Aaahh! Oh my God!! I love this. I love dick in my pussy!

Miriam: How do you fucking feel?
Juliet: I feel so good! Keep squeezing my boobs! Aaaah!! Aaahh!! Ahh!

Aaaahh!! Juliet moaned out very loud as Miriam pinched her nipples and held it very tight.

Juliet: You are so fucking good!

Juliet and Miriam started kissing as she rode Clinton's huge dick and he was still moaning out loud.

Clinton: Aaaahh!! You are so fucking good Juliet! Aaah! Ride my fucking dick! Aaah!! Get your ass down here Miriam.
Miriam: (Smiles) Of course, just as you wish.

Miriam climbed on Clinton's face and place her pussy right in front of him.

Miriam: This is what you want right? Eat it! It's all yours.
Clinton: Yes, it's certainly all mine. I'm going to eat your pussy just fine.

Clinton immediately started to licking and tongue fucking Miriam's wet vagina as she moaned and Juliet was still riding his dick at the same time.

Miriam: Aaah!! Ah! Oh my God! Oh my God! Eat my fucking pussy! Aaahh! Don't fucking stop! Keep tongue fucking my pussy! Lick it! Oh my God!

And so the trio were enjoying themselves as they were being pleasure; Clinton and Juliet were enjoying as his huge dick was inside her pussy while Miriam was getting her pussy pleasured by Clinton's tongue and he moaned softly as he did so.

Juliet: Ahh!! Ahh!! Ahh!! Ahh!! Oh my God! This feels so fucking good! Aaahh!! Fuck!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Miriam: Aaaahh!! Oh my God! This is so good!! Keep eating my pussy! Aaaah! This is so fucking fun! Aaaah! I love this ahh!! Aaahh!! Ah!! Aaah!!

As Clinton was busy tongue fucking and licking Miriam's pussy, he dipped his fingers into her anus and started fingering her there as she moaned out.

Miriam: Aaahh!! Oh my God! This feels so great! You are such a bad boy! I love you! Aaah!! Oh my God! Ahh!! Aaaahhh!!

The duo of Juliet and Miriam continued moaning as Clinton was satisfying their pussies at the same time, and Juliet was riding Clinton's dick giving him the absolute pleasure as he moaned softly while eating Miriam's pussy.

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Sex Stories / Re: 30+ Sex And Guns
Last post by Clinton -
Episode ThirtyEight (38) Continuation

Ah! Aaah!! Oh my God! Aaaah!! This is so fucking sweet! Aaahh!! Keep finger fucking my pussy! I'm going to cum!! Aaaah!! Ahh! Oh my God! Don't stop! You are so fucking good! Aaaahh!! Mrs. Sarah continued moaning as Clinton kept fingering her pussy with her pant on and her boobs were being squeezed at the same time.

Sarah: Ahh!! You are so fucking good! My husband never did this to me. Aaahh!!! Aaahh!!
Clinton: You are in luck! I'm going to make you scream out.
Sarah: Yea, I'm almost there. Keep fingering my pussy! I'm going to cum! Aaahh!!

Clinton fingered her pussy much deeper and faster as her pussy got more wetter and she would cum at any moment.

Sarah: Ahhh!! Aaaahh!! Ahh! Oh my God! Ahh!! Oh my God! I'm fucking going to cum!! Aaah! Fuck it!

Ahhhh!! Mrs. Sarah moaned out as she reached orgasm as her pussy fluid dripped down and her pant was soiled and so was Clinton's hand wet.

Sarah: Ahh!! Oh my God! That was so fucking great! Aaahh!!

Clinton gave her his fingers to lick which she did and smiled.

Sarah: It tastes just fine.

Clinton pulled off her pant as he revealed her tight, wet, shaved and yummy pussy.

Sarah: I need your dick in my pussy.

Mrs. Sarah knelt down on the bed and pulled off Clinton's boxer, revealing his huge and erect dick which she immediately grabbed and started shaking it very fast as he moaned.

Clinton: Aaahh!! That's it bitch! Ahh!! You are my fucking sex toy. Aaah!!
Sarah: Yea, I'm your fucking sex toy. I'm a fucking slut and a whore. I need your dick in my pussy.
Clinton: Of course.

Mrs. Sarah used her two hands as she shaked Clinton's huge dick and he made her lie down on the bed and spread her legs wide open revealing her pussy. He started teasing her as he brushed his dick against her pussy and she kept on moaning.

Sarah: Aaah!! Oh my God!! Please put it in! Aaaah! It feels so fucking good! Ahh!! Aaaah!! Ahh!
Clinton: Of course, you are going to get it inside very soon.

Mrs. Sarah couldn't take the teasing anymore and so she grabbed his dick and made to insert it into her pussy.

Clinton: You are so impatient. You slut!
Sarah: Yea, please start fucking my pussy.
Clinton: Of course, as you wish.

Clinton immediately penetrated her tight pussy with his huge dick which forced it way through and she moaned out.

Sarah: Aaahh!! This feels so good! Come on! Give it to me!
Clinton: It's my pleasure.

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Sex Stories / Re: 30+ Sex And Guns
Last post by Clinton -
Episode ThirtyEight (38)

Clinton On The Bed With The Governor's Wife X He Finger Fucks Her Pussy X She Cums

Clinton got to the guest room and checked his phone as he would soon be getting messages from Mrs. Sarah, the governor's wife.

Clinton: Oh yea, I'm going to fuck the governor's wife in her husband's bed, that's going to be fun.

Suddenly he received a message from Mrs. Sarah, giving him the instructions of how to get to the main building and inside their bedroom.

Clinton stepped out of the guest room and entered a toilet in the main building, he lifted up a calendar in the room and saw two buttons. He pushed the green button and a door automatically opened to  a hallway.

Clinton: Wow, I'm not suprised though. Lobby State is well known for it's high tech.

Clinton went through many secret passage ways and finally found himself in the bathroom  near the room of Mrs. Sarah husband's room when she was waiting for him.

Clinton: Here I am at last, the next door is the room of her husband where we are going to fuck.

Clinton opened the door and before him was a very large bedroom with a large bed in the middle, he looked further and saw Mrs. Sarah on the bed so he walk toward her.

Sarah: I'm glad you made it.
Clinton: Yea.

Mrs. Sarah hugged Clinton and they both fell to the bed together.

Sarah: Now bring out that dick let's fuck in my husband's bed, it's going to be fun.
Clinton: Of course.

Clinton kissed her as they both licked their tongues and she pulled off his shirt and started carressing his back.

Sarah: I really love you.

Clinton pulled off his trouser leaving his boxer, and then he pulled off Mrs. Sarah's dress and he removed her bra and placed his fingers inside her pant as she moaned.

Sarah: Ahh!! Aaaah!! Yea!

Mrs. Sarah pushed his hands way deeper inside her pant as they both smiled.

Sarah: Finger my fucking pussy! I shaved it just for you.
Clinton: That was well thought out.

Clinton immediately started fingering Mrs. Sarah tight and shaved pussy with her pant on and she kept on moaning.

Sarah: Aaah!! Ahhh!! Oh my God! Yea! Finger! Aaahh!! Yea, keep finger fucking my pussy!! Aaahh!! Oh my God!! Aaaahh! You are so fucking good! Ahhh!!

As Clinton was fingering her pussy very hard and fast, he used his left hand and grabbed her boobs and also started squeezing it as she moaned out loud in absolute pleasure.

Clinton: This is fucking going to be fun, fucking the governor's wife in her husband's bedroom. I'm excited! Hahaha!

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Stories / Re: The Rape
Last post by Clinton -
Episode Fifteen (15) Continuation

Lisa dropped her phone and smiled, she had gotten the address of Mr. Bassey's home.

It was 3pm now and it was just a 3hours journey to get to the town where Mr. Bassey and his family lived.

Lisa: I must go over there tonight even if I get there in the dark.
It's worth it, let me start getting ready.

Lisa got ready for the journey and moved.

( The 18th hour at Mr. Bassey's home)

Mr. Bassey and his family with Frank had finished dinner and were both having a conversation.

Agbo: Daddy I wish Frank could stay a little longer.
Mr. Bassey: Frank is a very busy man so he don't have all the time.
Maybe next time when he is very free he will visit for three days.
Frank: Yes, sure.
Agbo: Promise?
Frank: Yes, it's a promise.
Chika: Remember to fulfill your promise o.
Frank: I will ma'am.

They heard a knock on the door.

Chika: I will get the door.
Mr. Bassey: I wonder who it is.

Chika went over and opened the door.

Chika: Hello, who are you?
Lisa: I'm Detective Lisa, and an old friend of Rose.
Chika: Detective and and old friend of Rose, you are welcome. Come inside.

Chika led Lisa into the living room, everyone saw her and wondered
what a beautiful angel she was. And also who she was and what she was doing there.

Chika: Hello everyone, this is Detective Lisa. She said she's an old
friend of Rose.
Lisa: Hi.

They all greeted her.

Mr. Bassey: Detective Lisa you say, where are you from?
Lisa: I'm from Oyo but based in the U.S.
Mr. Bassey: Wow, that's nice. So to what do we owe the visit to?
Lisa: Actually, I'm here to make sure that justice is served
concerning my friend's death.

Everyone looked at each other.

Mr. Bassey: But....
Lisa: I know sir, your family must be under a threat but I will make
sure everything works out.
Mr. Bassey: How, how did you know?
Lisa: I have been through many cases before, so yours is easy to figure out.
Chika: You are very welcomed, let me go and get a room ready for you.
Lisa: No, don't mind. I have booked a hotel room already, I just
wanted to make sure that this was the right place.
Frank: We appreciate.
Lisa: It's okay, I will be on my way to the hotel now. I will be here 7am
tomorrow's morning.
Agbo: Thank you aunty.
Lisa: Okay.

Lisa left and everyone in the room were so excited.

Chisa: She is truly an angel from the heavens.....

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Stories / Re: The Rape
Last post by Clinton -
Episode Fifteen (15)

An Angel From The Heavens

It was 9am the next day, that's two days remaining for Mr. Ibrahim to carry out his plan.
Frank and his partner from NAFDAC had finished inspecting Mr. Bassey's company and everything was okay.
After they were done, the two officials had a talk with Mr. Bassey.
Frank stayed back as his partner travelled back to headquarters to give their report. Frank had taken a week leave.
He went back to Mr. Bassey's office and told him everything that Mr.
Paul and Coker said.

Mr. Bassey: So it's Mr. Ibrahim new plan huh?
Frank: I'm not certain if it is the same Mr. Ibrahim we know.
Mr. Bassey: It must be him, he sent an email to me last night that in
three days time that's the day after tomorrow that he has a new plan that will make his company overshadow mine.
Frank: In three days time you say, we can involve the police and they will be caught red handed.

Mr. Bassey: No, we shouldn't involve the police. Let him have his way.
Frank: But sir why?
Mr. Bassey: Remember I and my family still lives under a threat on our lives.
Frank: Hmm, I remember. It's very bad, I wish I could do something but
the two officials have higher ranks than me.
Mr. Bassey: I understand, but in the end the good always win the evil.
Frank: Yes.
Mr. Bassey: Since you are on a week leave why don't you stay with us tonight rather than in a hotel, the twins will be happy to have you around.
Frank: Hmm, I will accept the offer.
Mr. Bassey: Good, you can go there now. The twins are at home.
Frank: Okay sir.

Frank left and took a taxi down to Mr. Bassey's home. He met the twins at home and they were very happy to see him.

Akpan: Uncle Frank welcome.
Frank: How are you two doing?
Akpan: We are doing fine sir.
Agbo: Uncle Frank you paid us a visit.
Frank: Yes, I will be staying here for the night.
Agbo: Wow, we can play PS together. I hope you are good at it.
Frank: Sure.
Akpan: Agbo let's go and get a room ready for him then we can play PS together later.
Agbo: Yes.

Akpan and Agbo left to prepare a room for Frank to stay.
Frank: They are really nice, oh Rose I wish you were still with us.

( At The Hotel Lisa Stayed )

Lisa was in a phone conversation with someone.

Lisa: Thank you very much, I really appreciate.
Caller: It's nothing Lisa, next time.
Lisa: Okay.

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Sex Stories / Re: 18+ The New Male Teacher Season Two
Last post by Clinton -