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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Fourteen (14) Continuation

Temi, Rita and Ebuka were still being surrounded by the samurai at the camp.

Temi was facing Leo and Chen who were the most highly skilled samurai among those in the camp, she was facing them since they were the ones who hurt Clinton.

Temi aura heightened as lightening started running across her body and the duo of Leo and Chen smiled.

Leo: It seems you got more power than your weak boyfriend that we killed so easily.
Chen: Hahaha, well it doesn't make any difference. We got speed!

Leo and Chen attacked Temi with full force but her lightening barrier couldn't let them cut through her so they moved back.

Chen: Hmm, it seems like you are going to be a tough one to handle.
Leo: We just have to attack you more harder.

Aaaahh! Leo and Chen screamed out loud as they didn't know what hit them and blood was gushing out of their chests.

Chen: What happened?
Leo: I have no idea.

They both look at Temi and saw that she was really angry and blood was dripping down from her sword.

Temi: My love wasn't serious when you fought him, now this is the price you have to pay for hurting him!

Chen: Damn you!
Leo: Dra.....

Chen and Leo fell down as they both turned into skeletons.

Temi: Return to the land of the dead where you came from!

Rita: It seems Temi is done, I guess it time we finished the others.
Ebuka: Yes, you are right!

Rita: Fire dragon technique!
Ebuka: Air pressure slashes!

Rita raised her sword up as fire transformed to dragon and started swallowing up the samurai at great speed.

Ebuka's air slashes cut the samurai into two.

All the samurai destroyed by Rita were burnt to ashes as they turned to skeleton, the ones destroyed by Ebuka turned to skeleton as their spirits left the human world.

Rita: We are done!
Temi: Yes, their spirits have been sent back to where they belong.
Ebuka: We have to head back to the kingdom, I have a feeling that something bad is happening there.

Temi: Yea, and I also have a feeling that Clinton would be coming back very soon. Let's go!

As Temi's group headed back to the kingdom the battle there was heating up, and also Dokubo and his squad were busy defending their barrier.

Apha had made it back to the human realm just as Clinton opened his eyes again since his energy was finally replenished.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Fifteen (15)

The Battle Draws To An End: Ubi Versus Chan

The battle that just heated up is about to come to an end as the seven commanders were coming back together.

Dokubo and his squad had been toying with the samurai, so they decided to take them all out at full power.

Dokubo: Let's stop playing around and test our new powers!
Moon: Yes!

Dokubo eyes turned to silver and an ice staff appeared at his hand.

Dokubo: Ice rampage!

Dokubo hit the staff on the groud and all the samurai on his side were frozen.

Boss' eyes changed to blue and he turned into a living lightening. He passed through the samurai and they all turned to skeleton as their spirit left to the other side.

Moon's eyes changed to that of a python and her dressing changed to a short skirt and bra made of leaves and her hair turned silver.
Many giant snakes appeared by her side and went after the samurai and crushing them.

Nkiruka's body was engulfed in flames and she grew fire wings and flew up.

Nkiruka: Let the fire of the immortal phoenix burn you to the other side!

Her wings started sending fire balls at the enemies and they all burned to dust.

Sea: I guess it's my turn to shine!

Sea turned to a living water and passed through the samurai as he crushed them with an enormous water pressure.

After they had all unleashed their new techniques all the samurai had been sent back to the spirit world.

Dokubo: We did it!
Moon: Yes, it's time to go back and inform the others.
Nkiruka: Let's go!!

Apha had joined the other commanders in the front gate as they battled the samurai and he told them about Clinton's condition.

Queen Chika had ordered every swordsmen to join the battle since the enemies strenght seem to be in their number.

Apha: Earth and water gorillas!!

Apha made gorillas from the elements of Earth and Water and they were doing a good job in taking out the samurai.

Boyo: That's some creativity you got there, it's now time for mine! Earth swordsmen!!

Boyo created swordsmen from the elements of earth and the poison of the samurai had no effect on them and they were hard to cut.

Boyo: That's called creativity Apha!
Apha: I guess you won this time.

Timo: You two would soon run out of magic energy because your creations.

Boyo: Don't worry, we can manage! After all back up is coming.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Fifteen (15) Continuation

At the land where no magic works, Chan the dragon God was sitting inside his castle when he saw the shadow of a snake.

Chan: Show yourself!

Ubi stepped out with two pythons around her.

Chan: It's you little girl.
Ubi: Underate me this time and you will regret it.
Chan: Hahahaha! I will be destroying you this time!

Chan poured fire from his mouth and Ubi's python circled around her and the fire touched it and quenched.

Chan: I have a feeling this is going to be a good fight! At least I will have fun destroying you!

Ubi's two giant pythons attacked him and he jumped up, they struck up and he dodged as the roof was destoyed and they all jumped to what was left of it.

Chan: Wow! Your snakes are quite agile this time.
Ubi: You have already lost!

Ubi's pythons attacked him and he grew wings and flew up.

Chan: Hahahahaha! Do you mind chasing me in the air? Hahahahaha!
Ubi: That's the limit to what you can do!

Chan: (In his mind) Something is wrong with me, I can't acess my full power. I'm getting weaker.

Ubi's python attacked him and sent him crashing down and screaming.

Ubi: (Smiles) Lily (the little snake that had bit Chan in the previous episodes) really did a good job.

Ubi jumped down in order to meet Chan so that they can finally finish the fight.

The battle at Alimadu was still heated up as the swordsmen clashed with the samurai and both sides were suffering casualties.

Boyo: Damn it! I'm almost out of magic energy!
Timo: I told ya!

Suddenly they saw lightening rampaging and taking out the samurai, the samurai were also burnt to ashes and slashed into two by air pressure.

They looked further and saw that it was Temi, Rita's and Ebuka's doing.

Boyo: Well, that's the back up! I can rest a little bit!
Timo: It seems so.

Temi: We made it in time!
Rita: Yes, there's no way we can lose!
Ebuka: Let's charge forward!

Temi, Rita and Ebuka started an assault against the samurai from behind and Boyo and the others were taking them on front, meanwhile Clinton was making his way back to the human realm and having a conversation with Chinnunu at the same time.

Queen: Good, we are almost complete and this seems too easy. We just have to see what the enemy got for us.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Sixteen (16)

The Battle Ends!!

As the battle was going on Kanu and Rain were thinking if they should join the fight.

Kanu: I think the kids are doing just fine.
Rain: Yes, I agree with you. We just have to relax and interfere only when it is necessary.
Kanu: Yea, a bottle of mmia nguor (palmwine) should do the trick.
Rain: Yes.

The fight raged on in Alimadu kingdom as the samurai army were being destroyed by six commanders and a captain.

Queen Chika: Well, it seems that we are finishing off the enemy but I have a feeling that the battle will still continue, at least a little longer.

Temi: There are only a hundred of them left, we almost get all of them. Now let's finish them off with one strike!

All: Yes!

All the commanders and captain Rita unleashed their powers and they destroyed the remaining Samurai army.

Ebuka: We did it!!!
Temi: Yea, we really did it.

Ebuka, Timo, Aisha and Boyo fell down as they had all ran out of magic energy.
Temi and Rita were not exhausted since they were magic knights and they drew their energy directly from nature.

Apha was a little bit exhausted but since he had learnt the elements of nature and how to control the weather, he could tap a little energy temporarily.

Ebuka: At least, we did a good job. Now we can rest.

Suddenly a samurai named Lee appeared in front of them with the three other samurai behind him.

Temi could tell that the four of them present were very tough.

Temi: Identify yourself!

Lee: I am Lee, and the ones behind me are Li, Wang and Mito. We are here to kill you all!

Queen Chika's facial expression changed after she sensed their power levels.

Queen Chika: (In her mind) Hmm, so these are the main fighters.

Boyo: This is too bad! We can't help because we have ran out of magic energy.

Temi: Don't worry, we will take them on.

Lee: So the tree of you that are barely standing wants to challenge the four of us?

Suddenly a powerful fire slash was heading for Lee and his men and they immediately dodged.

Clinton: It's now four against four!

Clinton walked up to Temi and the others and Temi hugged him.

Temi: It's good to have you back.
Clinton: Yes, I won't be so careless next time.

Lee: It seems someone new just joined the party.
Clinton: Yea, I hope I'm not too late.
Lee: You came just on time.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Sixteen (16) Continuation

Ubi had jumped down to meet Chan who crashed after being attacked by one of her python.

Ubi found him groaning in pain as blood rushed out from his body.

Chan: Damn you Ubi! What did you do to me?

Ubi: My little friend made sure of your defeat.
Chan: Little friend? What do you mean?
Ubi: A snake bite your hand some time ago.

Chan got agitated when he remembered the snake biting him.

Chan: Are you trying to say that it is the poison that is making me weak? Even the poison of Ali Agbra can't do this to me!
Ubi: Underestimating your enemy is not really a bright idea, my snakes have different types of poisons for different purposes.

Chan: Damn you!
Ubi: Your seal won't work so don't even think about it!
Chan: You will surely pay for this.

Ubi: The humans have been involved in the battle so far and many have lost their lives, I have to stop you now so that those alive can keep on living!

Immediately Ubi said that, four giant snakes appeared and attacked Chan. They torn his body into four pieces and his soul was sent back to the spirit world.

Ubi: You will never come back from the human world, your death shall end this war.

Clinton, Temi, Rita and Apha were going all out with Lee and his gang when Chan was killed. Because of Chan's death Lee and his gang screamed out as their body turned to skeletons, and Clinton and the others were suprised.

Queen Chika smiled as she saw the samurai turn to skeletons.

Queen Chika: The battle has been won!! Peace has come at last.

The seven commanders were suprised at what happened but they were still happy that the battle was over.

Clinton: Hmm, the battle is finally over!
Temi: Yes, we can live happily now.

Rita: Our swordsmen suffered casualties, we have to give them a proper burial.
Clinton: They fought bravely to the end.

Kanu and Rain got two barrels of palmwine and started drinking after knowing that the battle was over.

Graves were being dugged to bury the dead and the people rejoiced about victory, the entire Dragon tribe were in a meeting in order to make an important decision.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Seventeen (17)

The AfterMath Of War X Let The Day That We Have To Use Our Full Powers Never Come X The End!!

The war was over and the human race had no threat that would end their  existence.

A week after the war ended the two bodies of Ike and Abiola were found as they had decomposed, and the witch that was responsible for their death was chained in the lowest level of Alimadu kingdom dungeon where she was tortured till the day she died.

It was now the time for Clinton to fulfill the promise he made to Chinnumu, the dragon of all dragons and also the king of the air

He went to the outskirt of the kingdom with Temi and Boyo. There he released all his powers and his flames burnt more than that in hell, and finally the chain that kept Chinnunu tied up was broken and the dragon appeared before them.

Temi and Boyo were so suprise at the size of the dragon Chinnunu, he was as big as the kingdom of Alimadu.

Temi: That's the definition of huge.
Boyo: You are right.

Chinnunu: (To Clinton) Thank you very much for keeping to your promise.
Clinton: I'm the one to thank you, you gave me power to protect the ones I love.
Chinnunu: I hope we will meet again.
Clinton: Sure, we will meet again.

Chinnunu flew up and the wind caused by just raising his wing up was enough to push Clinton and the others back.

Temi: That's some friend you got there darling.
Clinton: Yea sweetheart.

Clinton, Temi and Boyo returned to the kingdom and met the others and Dokubo's squad as they were having some good time.

Rita: Welcome back commander.
Clinton: Yea.

Moon went to Temi and touched her belly.

Moon: So when is the baby coming?
Temi: In four months time.
Moon: That's good. I'm going to be there when you give birth, I'm sure it's going to be an amazing sight.
Temi: Yes, it will be.

Apha: We have been able to defeat every enemy without using our full powers.
Clinton: Let the day we have to use our full powers never come. Peace is beautiful.

The Dragon tribe had come to a decision to remove the barrier that hides them so that they can live together with the rest on the humans, and that's exactly what they did. And for the past months things had beeng good, well except for the beasts in their forest trying to go on rampage but they had always stopped them.

Queen Chika was very happy that there was no threat facing them anymore.

Queen Chika: Peace has finally returned to the world.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Seventeen (17) Continuation

The dwarves had finally transformed the island of Elu to their taste and had many it their permanent home.

Voski: We can live in peace at last.
Kero: Yes boss!

Ubi had gone back to the world of the God(s) after knowing that there was no more threat in the human world.

Kanu and Rain had come into the kingdom to live after covering Abdulrasaq's house with a barrier that made time to stand still, so that it would just remain the way it is for the future generations to come.

Boyo had started dating Queen Chika, it was quite tough at the beginning but he managed to pull it off.

Three months later Clinton and Temi were set to wed, they both went to the grave site of Abdulrasaq to pay their final respect to him.

Clinton: Hello father, today is the happiest day in my life. I'm getting married to the woman I love. Please love after us wherever you are. Thank you!

Clinton and Temi's wedding was attended by almost everybody in the kingdom, and it was a nation wide celebration as everybody in the kingdom celebrated in the streets. And also on the same day, Clinton was named second in command of the kingdom's army after the Queen.

The couple went home after that night as the celebration continued.
A month later Temi went into labour and gave birth to twins. A boy and a girl.

The boy was named Abdulrasaq after Clinton's father and the girl was named Star.

Five years later the couple had started growing a family of two kids with another one coming, they really had no worries as the time was peaceful and there were no visible threat.

Clinton: It seems my dream is finally coming true sweetheart.
Temi: Yes darling.

Star: What's your dream dad?
Clinton: A world where peace exists.
Star: Wow! That's so good!
Abdulrasaq Jnr.: Hmm, I love the time we live in. Our parents fought for peace and we are enjoying as a result of their struggle.
Star: Yes, we should also fight for peace.
Abdulrasaq: Yes.

Temi: Let's start moving darling, you don't want to be late for Boyo's wedding.
Clinton: Yea. Let's go!

The family held hands together with the kids in the middle as they moved to attend Boyo and Queen Chika's wedding.

Clinton: (In his mind) This is world I dream of, a world of peace! Let the day we have to use our full powers never come.

And so the story of Clinton and the seven witches have finally come to an end as peace has returned to the human world.

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