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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Eight (8)

The Strange Presence X Crossing The Waterfall

Just as morning came the Queen felt many strange presence and so did Temi.

Temi rushed immediately to the palace to report.

Temi: My Queen, I believe you sensed the presence too.
Queen Chika: Yes, they are too many and their powers are great.
Temi: I believe we should alert all the lands and tell them to get ready for war.
Queen Chika: Yes. I'm afraid this war may be our end. I can feel the powers those strange presence possess.

Temi: We shall prevail!
Queen Chika: I would like you to lead a party to find out who the enemies are.
Temi: Of course, I shall do that immediately.

Temi disappeared immediately with her speed of lightening to assemble a search party for the mission.

Queen Chika: This is going to be rough!

Kanu and Rain who were in Abdulrasaq's mansion also felt the presence of many strange beings.

Kanu: It looks like they have finally made a move.
Rain: Yea, it's a good thing I am alive to bear witness to this.
Kanu: Yea, I just hope they find the white snake as fast as they can.

Clinton and the others at the valley of Mini Nmgi woke up that morning but they felt nothing since the valley locked them from the rest of the world.

The spring water near where they slept was dark and nothing could be seen in the water. The valley got its name from the water as Mini Nmgi' meaning dark water.

Clinton: This water is really dark.
Asari: Yea, this valley got its name from the water.
Clinton: Well, that makes sense.

Timo: How are we suppose to cross this spring with no boat?
Dokubo: Let me try freezing the water.

Dokubo wanted to touch the water but a force pushed him back.

Dokubo: What the!!
Asari: Well, the water seems to be anti magic and it reacted very fast to your hand infused with ice.

Boss: Well, that's troubling.
Rita: So what happens if the spring water touches us?
Asari: We will be weaken immediately and maybe fall off from what ever we stand.

Moon: So we have to zero our powers in other to make it.
Asari: Yes.
Nkiruka: We have to get to work.

Clinton: Leave it us! I, Timo and Ebuka will build a raft that will take us through the water.

Timo: He's right! We do this type of work perfectly fine.
Dokubo: I will be helping.
Boss: Me too.
Ebuka: Don't worry! The three of us can do it just fine.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Eight (8) Continuation

In just a short time Clinton, Timo and Ebuka finished building three rafts and they were ready to sail.

The ladies sailed in one, Clinton, Ebuka and Timo sailed in one while the others sailed in the remaining one.

Asari: You guys are quite skilled in building three good rafts in just a short time.

Timo: It's nothing really, we once had a raft building and river crossing competition.
Ebuka: I came first with Timo and Clinton came last with Boyo and Apha.

Clinton: Well they didn't ask you to tell them that.
Timo: Relax, it was fun back then and Temi always beat you up everytime you fight.

Clinton: Those days huh?
Moon: That's quite an impressive history a husband and wife.

Ebuka: Yea, it was a miracle seeing them get  along back them. Actually I wonder if this water has some dark fishes.

Clinton: You are the best Ebuka! You just changed the topic to food.
Ebuka: Of course, I always explore new territories in search of food and I have quite the impressive record.

Boss felt something moving underwater and he opened his eyes since he was meditating and studying the environment.

Boss: Did you guys feel anything underwater?
Asari: There is certainly something underwater.
Ebuka: Wow! It must be a big fish.
Boss: Don't get too excited, for all we know it might be anti magic.
Ebuka: We just have to find out then.

Suddenly a very tall and large fish emerged from the water shocking everyone with its mere size.

Ebuka: This will make a good meal! Get ready to die big fish!

Ebuka struck it with his air pressure but nothing happened.

Ebuka: Oops! This fish is really anti magic!

The giant fish made to swallow them but it felt the presence of Ubi and went back into the water.

Rita: What just happened?
Ebuka: I certainly have no idea.
Asari: Get ready! We are at the waterfall!!

They all zero their powers and they passed the water fall unharmed as they made it into the cave.

Moon: We made it!
Rita: Yea, we did!

As they made their way into the cave, Temi, Christopher and Aisha were on their way to check out the strange presence.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Nine (9)

Samurai From Old Asia X Ubi's Full Resurrection

Clinton and the others finally made their way into the cave after crossing the water fall.
The cave was dark and they were still on water.

Nkiruka: Asari, is it safe to use my fire magic here or is this place anti magic?
Asari: It should be safe.
Nkiruka: Well you can always try it first.
Asari: Sure.

Asari created fire with his hands and the entire place was lit up.

Clinton: Wow! Your fire is really bright even in this place of total darkness.
Asari: Yea, impressive huh?
Clinton: Yea.

Moon: Stop! (Points to a tunnel in the left) We should head to that tunnel, I can tell that the white snake is over there.

Dokubo: Okay! To the left everyone!

The five kids had appeared at the spring to check if they made it inside alive.

Wani: It seems they made it after all.
Webor: Yea, they are lucky.
Wetor: The monster must have been terrified of Ubi.
Wenor: Yes, you are right.
Weso: Let's leave the humans to solve their problems.

Temi, Aisha and Christopher were riding fast on their horses as the strange presence was getting more and more stronger.

Temi: This is bad, it seems as if the presence is appearing out of nowhere.

Aisha: Yea, we have to be careful while we ride.
Temi: Sure.

Suddenly two people tried jumping on them from a tree but Temi and Aisha used their lightening attack to repel them and they moved back. Temi, Aisha and Christopher stopped their horses to confront the two enemies.

The two enemies appeared to be humans and they had a dragon tattoo on their faces.

Temi: (Pointing her sword at them) Identify yourselves!
Enemy1: We are servants of the dragon God, and we are here to destroy the snake Goddess and the human race.

Christopher: The human race will always survive! No enemy can wipe us off from the face of the earth.
Temi: Nicely said Christopher.

Enemy2: Too bad, we planned on capturing you people but I guess killing you would be better.

Aisha: Bring it on!

The two dragon God servants started transforming and they grew tails, their fingers and toes ended in claws, their faces changed like that of dragon and their body became hard as rock and it changed to green.

Christopher: I will take care of them.

Enemy1: Fool! We are as hard as rock!
Christopher: Too bad for you my sword would cut through anything.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

I hope you guys remember that Christopher once trained with Clinton and his friends at Abdulrasaq's house in the season 2 of this story.

The two dragon God servants laughed when Christopher told them that his sword could cut through anything.

Enemy2: A mere human like you can't possess such sword.
Christopher: Why don't you attack and see for yourself!
Enemy1: Die human!

The two dragon God servants charged at Christopher and he sent his sword slash and cut one into two, and just when he was about to cut the other one Temi stunned it with her lightning and it passed out.

Temi: We will interrogate him at the kingdom.

Aisha had seen a camp and she alerted the others, they hid in the bush and looked into the camp.

They saw a portal opening and people wearing samurai kimono were stepping out and they all had the dragon tattoo on their cheeks.
And also all the men had bald heads.

Temi: Wait! They are wearing kimono and they have samurai swords! That means they are from old Asia.
Aisha: I thought the whole of Asia was destroyed.
Christopher: And they all have the dragon tattoo.

Temi: Let's head back to the kingdom, we will get information from the dragon God servant.

They tied up the dragon God servant and hurriedly made their way back to the kingdom to report the situation.

Meanwhile Clinton and the others had come upon a very large nest in the cave.

Timo: Wow! This nest is big!
Ebuka: Yea, what ever is in there must be super big too.
Moon: The white snake is there.

Suddenly the white snake showed its face and it was very huge that the others were frightened and wanted to go back.

Suddenly Moon started floating in the air and appeared before the white snake and Ubi possessed her.

Ubi: Come into me Agwuocha!

Immediately a bright light covered the place that the others couldn't see what was happening.

Clinton: The light is too bright.

Suddenly the bright light vanished and standing before them was Ubi the snake Goddess and Moon, both in seperate bodies.

Ubi: Thank you for your help everyone!
Moon: We did it guys!
Clinton: Yes, we did it!!
Ebuka: Great! We finally have a chance.

As Ubi had finally resurrected, the dragon God Chan felt her presence and he smiled.

Chan: I found you at last, Ubi!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Ten (10)

The Stage Is Set

Clinton the others came out of the valley of Mini Nmgi' with Ubi and the five kids bid them farewell.

Immediately they stepped out of the valley they felt many strange and powerful presence just like Temi and the others did.

Clinton: Do anyone feel that?
Rita: Yes, and they are many in number.

Ubi: It is them, Nde Mmuo!

Everyone was shocked as they didn't expect the people of the spirits to be that many.

Clinton: Wow! They are strong and that many? This is not going to be an easy one.

Asari: You have to harness the power of the great dragon!!
Clinton: I will try my best!

Ubi: You should all go back to your kingdoms, prepare for the war. The dragon God himself wouldn't attack yet.

Ubi immediately disappeared.

Clinton: I guess we should be going then.

Dokubo opened a portal to the dragon tribe realm and his squad entered.

Timo: I guess it's full power then.
Clinton: Yes, let's see which one can boost one's speed more. Is it fire, air or earth?

Rita: We just have to find out commander.

Timo and Ebuka flew up with amazing speed with air pressure. Clinton and Rita used fire in their legs to propel up while Boyo used the earth to propel him forward in the ground.

Timo: This is awesome! Hahaha!

Rita was way ahead of them as she kept propelling herself forward non stop with fire on her feet.

Rita: I guess this proves that fire is the winner.
Timo: No problem, you will soon be running out of energy and we will overtake you.
Rita: That wouldn't be happening.

Clinton: Temi's lightening is more faster.
Rita: I heard that commander!

Temi and the others had returned back to the kingdom and security was immediately beefed up.

The dragon God servant that was caught was taken to the lowest dungeon and was tied all over with the heaviest and strongest chains as they didn't want to give him any chance to escape.

Dragon God Servant: Damn humans! They will pay for this! Lord Chan will wipe them off the surface of the earth!!

Temi and the others have told the Queen everything that they saw in their investigation.

Queen Chika: So the people of old Asia are Nde Mmuo?!
Temi: We can't say for sure, but they are humans right? Why would they want to destroy their kind?

Queen Chika: That's a question I don't have an answer to but maybe the creature you brought hostage can tell us.

Temi: Yes.
Queen Chika: I will be sending a message to all the lands, the seven commanders should get ready for war!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Ten (10) Continuation

** At The Land Where No Magic Works **

Lord Chan the dragon God was in his throne in a large castle in the land where no magic work, and Lee his warrior was with him.

Chan: What's the situation Lee?
Lee: Our forces are near Alimadu kingdom, the only kingdom which will be a resistance to our mission.
Chan: I see. Do not attack yet! Just be a little bit patient.
Lee: Yes my lord.

Immediately Lee left the castle a snake appeared before Chan.

Chan: A snake? Are you from Ubi?
Snake: Yes, I am.
Chan: What's the message? Is she ready to challenge me or do she want to surrender?

Snake: Don't get too cocky! She said you should leave the humans alone.
Chan: What will she do?

Chan immediately grabbed the snake and laughed.

Chan: I will kill you and this would be a declaration of war.

The snaked immediately bite Chan and disappeared as he screamed in pains.

Chan: Ahh! Damn that snake, I hope I haven't been poisoned. Well, I can always heal myself. Damn that Ubi! I will deal with her.

Meanwhile back at Alimadu kingdom, Clinton and the others had retured back and they were briefed of the strange presence and the order to get ready for war.

Clinton: Well, old Asia? This sounds interesting, this is the perfect opportunity to check out our swords skills with those samurai.

Ebuka: War is no fun time Clinton.
Clinton: I know, but we shouldn't always be serious every time right?
Ebuka: Yes! You are definitely right! I have to train more even if it's just for a night.
Timo: I'm coming with you brother.

Clinton: Rita, get the men ready for war!
Rita: Yes, commander.

Temi: I and the Queen will be torturing the creature we just caught.
Clinton: Be back soon so that we can spar tonight.
Temi: Sure, a few shocks should do the trick.

Kanu and Rain who were in Abdulrasaq's house had also taken up their swords since they would be fighting samurai.

Rain: I never thought I would be using my sword again.
Kanu: Me too, but I really wonder how people from old Asia became Nde Mmuo.

Rain: I have a feeling that we will soon find out, let's get ready for war.
Kanu: Yes.

The stage has been set and the battle that would decide the fate of the human race will soon begin.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Eleven (11)

The Samurai Attack!! X Clinton's Death??

Ahh! Ahh!! Ahh! The dragon God servant was screaming in the lowest dungeon as Temi was stunning him with her lightening. His body was quite burnt with blood all over his body.

Queen Chika: He's quite a tough one.
Temi: Yes, and that's because I'm just going easy on him.
Queen Chika: Make him scream more.

Ahhh! Ahh! Aaaaaahhh!!! The dragon God servant screamed out as Temi doubled the power of her lightening.

Temi: So will you talk now?

I will be calling the Dragon God Servant DGS for short.

DGS: Damn you humans!! You are all going to die!
Temi: Really? Maybe you want few more stuns of that power.
DGS: Wait!! I will talk!

Temi: All right, start by telling us about how the people of Old Asia are in league with the dragon God.
DGS: All right.

The dragon God servant proceeded to telling them about how the samurai became Nde Mmuo.

He explained that the entire Nde Mmuo were unconsciously wiped out by Ubi and made never to come to the human realm.
When the people of old Asia were wiped out and wanted a way to take revenge on the rest of the humans for leaving them to their fate (if you read this story from season one you will understand), so the dragon God offered them a chance that one day they would ascend to the human realm and take vengeance.
So after that the samurai of old Asia joined the dragon God and waited for the day Ubi would be awaken and they would ascend to the human realm to take vengeance on both witches and humans.

Temi and the Queen were a bit suprised but they knew the story of how the humans left old Asia to its fate as the witches burned it down.

Temi: I see. So it's vengeance.
DGS: Yes, and that's not all.
Queen Chika: Go ahead and tell us more.

DGS: I hope you know that the destruction of old Asia was also as a result of the two founders of the Dragon tribe?
Temi: Yes.

DGS: Good, after they are done here the entire dragon tribe will be annihilated.

Temi: What?!
DGS: And we know that someone named Clinton from the Dragon tribe lives in this kingdom. He's the primary target! His fate has been sealed! He will die tonight!

Temi and Queen Chika were shocked to their spines, and Temi left there in search of Clinton.

Temi: I'm off to find Clinton.
Queen Chika: Yea, be fast about it!

DGS: She's going to be too late, he should be dead already.
Queen Chika: Shut up!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Eleven (11) Continuation

While Temi and the Queen were busy torturing the dragon Gnd servant, Clinton was on top of the northern wall of the kingdom.

Clinton: Hmm, so there's going to be another war huh? I wish people would give peace a chance.

Suddenly he felt a strange presence near the wall and he jumped down. He heard footsteps heading to the forest and he ran after them and saw two samurai.

Samurai1: Thank you for coming to us. I am Leo.
Samurai2: And I am Chen.

Clinton: Hi, i'm Clinton. So what's up?

The two samurai Leo and Chen immediately drew out their swords.

Leo: You are from the Dragon tribe right?
Clinton: Yes.
Leo: I'm afraid that you are destined to die by our hands.

They both surrounded Clinton front and back and he drew out his sword too.

Clinton: What do you guys.....

Leo and Chen attacked him with an impressive speed, he managed to dodge them but he had cuts in his thigh and cheeks.

Clinton: That is some amazing speed you guys got there.

Leo: You were lucky! You will be dead the next time we strike.
Clinton: I wouldn't go down that easy.

Clinton released his sword and it turned to a burning flame sword!

Leo: That wouldn't help!

Before Clinton could say anything the two samurai tripled their speed and slashed him in the chest and at the back.

Ahh!! Clinton screamed out as blood gushed out from his chest and back.

Leo: Our swords have been soaked with poison from Ali Agbra, so you will be dead in ten minutes time.

Leo and Chen dissapeared and as a last resort Clinton released some flames into the air before he collapsed and the other commanders saw it including Temi who was just coming out of the dungeon.

Temi: He's in trouble!!

All the commanders immediately made their way to the site of the fire, Temi was the first to arrive and she cried as she tried waking Clinton up.

Temi: Clinton!! Clinton!!
Apha: I will give him some emergency healing.

Apha started healing him but noticed the situation was worse than he thought.

Apha: This is bad! He didn't just collapse from the sword wounds. He's poisoned and that poison is not of this realm!

Temi: (Sobbing) What?! There must be a way! Please! There must be a way!

Apha: There's just one way! We must make an emergency journey to the realm of white magic!
Boyo: I'm in! I wouldn't let my bro die!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Twelve (12)

Clinton Meets Witch Ezra X A Counter Attack Against The Samurai???

Clinton had collapsed after two highly skilled samurai attacked him and he was injured with their poisonous swords.
The other commanders had gathered around him and the only solution was to take him to the realm of white magic, Boyo and the others had said they would accompany him.

Apha: With the way things are, I think only I should go with him. The kingdom might be attacked.

Apha opened a portal to the realm of white magic and carried Clinton.

Apha: I need to go alone, the kingdom needs you all to be safe.

Boyo: Hmm, you better hurry.
Temi: Please take care of him.
Apha: Sure.

Apha entered the portal and made his way into the realm of white magic.

Temi: Those bastards! They will pay for this!
Boyo: We should be going back now.
Temi: Yea.

As they made their way back to the kingdom, Temi told them everything that the dragon God servant told them.

Boyo: Wow! So that's why they attacked Clinton.
Temi: Yes.

Timo: Things are really going to get bad.
Ebuka: Yea, it seems so.

Boyo: We need to warn Dokubo and the others.
Temi: I know but getting to their realm is quite a problem.
Aisha: We just have to find away.
Temi: Yea, I have to report this incident to the Queen. Boyo go and tell Rita what happened to her commander.
Boyo: Yes.
Temi: And also, I will seek the Queen's permission to launch a counterattack. You should all be ready for war just in case it goes well.

Boyo: Sure.

** At The Realm Of White Magic **

Apha and Clinton had reached the realm of white magic, and the great white witch Ezra had already began her healing.

Ezra: It's a good thing you came when you did, he would be dead already if you had waited longer.
Apha: Thank you.

Ezra: You must be wondering why your spell didn't work on him.
Apha: Yea, the moment I felt the poison, I knew there was nothing I could do.

Ezra: Hmm, it's because the poison they used is from Ali Agbra. I hope you know what it means.

Aqga: Yea, those assassins really want him dead.
Ezra: Yes.

Apha: So when would he be okay? I mean standing up.
Ezra: Soon enough, no poison can affect my healing. I'm the white witch Eza and no poison can beat me.
Aph: Thank you.
Ezra: No problem kiddo, you two would be needed for the battle ahead.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Twelve (12) Continuation

Rita was agitated when she heard the news about what happened to Clinton.

Rita: Damn it! Those idiots need to pay for doing that to him. We need to attack them, a suprise attack would be good.

Boyo: About that huh? Temi had already gone to meet the Queen about it.
Rita: That's great! I hope the Queen accepts the request so that we would burn down their camps.

Boyo: Well, all swordsmen should be at alert.
Rita: My men are ready to fight anytime!
Boyo: Good!

Suddenly a bell rang which meant that all swordsmen should report to their stations and get ready to attack the enemy.

Boyo: It seems the Queen accepted it.
Rita: Yea.

They saw some lightening in the sky which showed that Temi wanted them to gather, and the rest of the commanders and Rita reached at her position.

Temi: I think three people should go to this mission just in case the kingdom is attacked whie we are gone.

Boyo: Okay boss lady, who do you pick?
Temi: I, Rita and Ebuka should be able to launch a suprise attack on them.

Boyo: You are right, Rita will burn them to ashes. You will stun them to death and Ebuka will blow them away.

Temi: Exactly, that's the plan.
Ebuka: I never knew you trusted me this much Temi.
Temi: Hmm, why wouldn't I?
Ebuka: Thanks! I'm not going to disappoint you.

Temi, Rita and Ebuka rode out in their horses as they made to plan start a  suprise attack on the enemies camp, they used horses so that their presence would be easily felt unlike when they would use their powers to propel forward.

Temi: (In her mind) Be allright Clinton, I'm going to burn down their camp.

As Temi, Rita and Ebuka headed out, the people of the Dragon tribe felt some power trying to crush through their barrier and everyone of them took a weapon and prepared for battle.

Sea: Who could be trying to break our barrier?
Dokubo: Just one person can't possess such strenght.

Moon: Hmm, who could be trying to attack us and how did they find the barrier? We should be invisible from the rest of the human realm.
Nkiruka: Who or whatever that is doing this is not human.
Boss: Exactly, this is going to be a war.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Thirteen (13)

The Dragon Tribe Attacks! X The Samurai Camps Burnt X The Kingdom Is Under Attack

The Dragon tribe were still feeling the forces that were trying to break their barrier and they were all ready for battle.

Dokubo: If this continues they might break through the barrier.
Boss: You are right, but we are ready for whatever force that is.
Moon: It's going to be a problem, if they break the barrier we would be visible to the rest of the human realm.
Nkiruka: And also the rampaging beasts we have here will torment the other races.

Dokubo: We just have to wait for Asari, we will attack when given the order comes.
Sea: Here he comes!

Suddenly Asari appeared before them, he told them about the samurai from old Asia and also that they had the dragon God tattoo.

Dokubo: It seems we now know why they are attacking.
Moon: They are blaming us for what happened ages ago.
Asari: Yes, the five of you should set out immediately and confront the enemies. That's to collect more information about them.

Dokubo: We got that. It's time to move out!

Dokubo and his squad moved out immediately to confront the Samurai outside their barrier.

Meanwhile Temi, Rita and Ebuka had made it near the camp of the samurai and they hid their presence so that they can't be felt by them.

Temi: Here we are, we are going to set them into a state of confusion.
Ebuka: I would be the first to strike.
Rita: Followed by me.
Temi: And I will give the finishing touch.

Ebuka immediately sent a strong wind that pulled down the samurai tents and send many things flying, while the samurai were still wandering where that rush of wind came from Rita released her heaven and earth technique burning them and the wind made the fire stronger.

Many escaped and Temi gave them a finishing touch leaving the strongest ones alive.

Leo and Chen who sent Clinton to the gate of death were among those alive.

Leo: Hmm, these are not natural phenomena.
Chen: Yes, you are right. Those responsible must be nearby.
Leo: Yes, but we can't sense them.
Chen: Let's do it the old fashion way. Let make them appear!

Chen drew out his sword and sent slashes that would cut through anything within 100 metres, Temi and the others had no choice but to dodge and in that way they revealed their presence to the samurai who immediately surrounded them without any delay.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Thirteen (13) Continuation

Temi, Rita and Ebuka stayed together as many samurai surrounded them.

Ebuka: It seems our plan didn't really go as we planned.
Temi: Yes, and there's nothing we can do about it now but fight.
Rita: That's something Clinton would say.

Chen: Clinton? You mean the one we killed?
Temi: Tell me something, are you among those who attacked Clinton?
Chen: Yes, I and my partner Leo.
Leo: He was no match for the two of us.

Temi: (Agitated) I see. Rita and Ebuka leave these two to me! I will show them that they made the worst decision ever in attacking my love.

Ebuka: Sure.
Rita: Show those two who's boss! We can handle these ones.

Chen: So he had a girlfriend, so bad you will be joining him soon.
Temi: Yes, but you two will pay the ultimate price for hurting him.

Leo: Show us what you got girl!

Dokubo and his squad had made it out of their realm and confronted the samurai attacking their barrier.

An amazing sword fight began as his squad and the samurai clashed.

Dokubo managed to freeze some of them by cutting through them since his power was ice.

Boss stunned and burnt many of them with his lightening slashes.

Moon threw her ninja kunai at many of them causing them to age rapidly and turning to dust.

Nkiruka used her sword and burnt many to ashes because her fire never dies out until it destroys the target.

Sea on the other hand was cutting through them with his water pressure slashes.

Though they had taken down many, more were still coming.

Dokubo: They never end.
Moon: I'm a poison expert and I know their swords were soaked in poison, so don't let them cut you. Protect yourselves with your elements.
Nkiruka: Sure.

Meanwhile back at Alimadu kingdom the war bell was rang because many samurai were approaching the kingdom via the front gate and with speed.

Because of that the remaining commanders were stationed to the front gate while their captains were stationed inside to get the people to safety.

Boyo, Aisha and Timo were at the front gate and they were waiting for Queen Chika's orders to attack.

Boyo: So they finally came.
Aisha: I hope the others are okay.
Timo: Of course! They are all strong!

And just then the bell rang again meaning it was time to attack.

Boyo: Let's do this guys!
Aisha & Timo: Yes!

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Episode Fourteen (14)

The Fight Heats Up! X Temi Defeats Leo And Chen!

Three serious battle fronts has been opened as Temi and her group were facing Leo and the other samurai, while Dokubo and his squad were fighting the samurai who came to destroy their barrier. Alimadu kingdom was also under attack and the three remaining commanders had been stationed to the front gate to stop the threat.

Clinton opened his eyes in the realm of white magic after Ezra treatment had taken its full effect.

Clinton: Where am I?
Apha: You are awake! I mean you are in the realm of white magic where you were healed by Ezra.

Clinton immediately recalled everything that had happened and he could feel that battles were being fought and his love Temi was surrounded by enemies so he made to move but he was weak.

Ezra: You need to calm down Clinton, it will take a few more minutes to replinish your energy.

Clinton: Temi is in danger, the kingdom and also my tribe are in danger.

Ezra: Hmm, three most important groups of people you cherish are in danger. Well you can't save anyone of them if you are still weak.

Apha: She's right Clinton, you need to rest. Temi is strong enough to take care of herself, your tribe got the best warriors like Dokubo and his squad. I'm more worried about the kingdom now since there are many people there.

Ezra: Go then, go and protect the kingdom.
Apha: What about Clinton?
Ezra: Don't worry, I will send him to the human realm once he has replenished his energy.

Apha: Thanks. Clinton, you would be seeing me very soon.
Clinton: Right! Go and keep the kingdom safe.

Apha opened a portal as he made his way back to the human realm.

Meanwhile Boyo and the other commanders had already began unleashing their powers against the army of samurai, but to their suprise the samurai were more highly skilled than they imagined.

Queen Chika was watching them through a magic mirror in the palace.

Queen Chika: The samurai have evolved to be part human and part spirit, all that matters here is skill. Both sides have an equal chance of winning, our swordsmen are also highly trained. But, the samurai seem to have more speed. That's something our swordsmen can't handle, so we have to crush them with our full force.

As the Queen was busy analysing the battle, Boyo, Timo and Aisha were kicking butts as they were taking the samurai down with their elements but it seem the samurai numbers may overwhelm them.

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