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Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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The seven dark sages has been defeated with the help of the snake Goddess Ubi, and just then a new threat has arised in the horizon.

Nde Mmuo (people of the spirits) and the dragon God had emerged at the land where no magic works, signifying what could be the end of the human race.

Meanwhile Dokubo and his squad had gone back to search for Ubi missing white snake, while Clinton and the others had gone back to the kingdom as they prepared to train harder.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode One (1)

The Search For The White Snake X The Seven Commanders

Dokubo and his squad had stepped out of their realm as they started searching for Ubi's white snake.

It has been three days since Nde Mmuo castles had appeared at the land where no magic works, but yet the human race wasn't yet attacked.

Dokubo: It has been three days now and we haven't been attacked.
Moon: They want to know Ubi's location first before they attack.
Boss: I see, she has been supressing her presence.

Nkiruka: Brace yourselves up, we are going to be at the valley of Mini Nmgi' soon.
Sea: Valley of Mini Nmgi'?
Nkiruka: It is said that evil spirits who are still on their way to the other side wanders there.

Sea: That's just a legend.
Nkiruka: Okay, you just have to see for yourself.

Suddenly twenty bandits came out of the bush and surrounded them.

Sea: Bandits!

Bandit1: Hahaha! We rarely see people over here, now just give us everything you have and you leave here unharm.
Moon: What a load of crap, get out of our way or you will regret it.

Bandit2: Shut your mouth up brat! We have a change of mind now, you will become our prisoners.

Dokubo raised his sword up and they all turned to ice.

Boss: That was too extreme.
Dokubo: Don't worry, they will return to their normal state in three minutes. That's if someone or something don't break them.

Sea: Well, I can't wait for us to get to the valley of Mini Nmgi'.
Nkiruka: Brace yourself then, because monsters and evil spirits dwells there.
Sea: Well, we will get to see for ourselves.

The dwarves had left Abdulrasaq's house after the witches were eliminated because it was their only goal.

They were still on their way travelling to the island of Elu to make it their home since their real home had been destroyed during the massacre years ago.

Voski: Since the witches burnt down our homes, we will be taking over the island of Elu and make it ours.
Boski: Yes, crops will grow there just fine.
Doski: And also we can breed livestocks there.
Kero: I'm so happy, we are going to be living in a real big castle.

Voski: We still have a long way to travel boy, so let's keep moving.
Kero: Yes sir!!

After the dwarves had left Abdulrasaq's house Clinton's mother, Nnenna had gone bad to live in the kingdom.

Kanu and Rain were the only ones living in the mansion as they both waited for the moment Nde Mmuo will attack, because they would be fully involved in the battle.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode One (1) Continuation

Queen Chika's brothers Abiola and Ike had returned to Oduduwa kingdom after hiding during the witch attack.

Abiola was so upset that the witches were so easily defeated, he had wanted to witches to cause a lot of damage to Alimadu kingdom so that he would use the opportunity to make a come back.

Ike: So what's up with your plan about taking over the kingdom?
Abiola: The plan failed, no single witch is alive.
Ike: So your plan was based on the witches?
Abiola: Yes.
Ike: Hmm, I think we should search for survivors. They couldn't be all wiped out. Atleast one could still be alive.
Abiola: Even if one survives, how can we track her down.
Ike: Leave that part to me. I have an idea.

** At Alimadu Kingdom **

Back at Alimadu kingdom things had gone back to normal and the seven commanders would either be training or hanging out together.

Ebuka had been participating in an eating competition for the past two days and he had won all of them.

Timo: Well, you really won all the rounds.
Ebuka: Hmm, did you have any doubt in me?
Timo: No. I knew with you there, they stood no chance.
Ebuka: Hahahaha, we have to live life well.
Timo: Yea, you know what's up.

Apha and Aisha were both in a garden inside the palace and they were watering the flowers there.

Apha: Being in this garden makes me feel like I'm one with nature.
Aisha: Really? And here I thought only the dead are one with nature.
Apha: (Laughs) It's just a feeling that's all. I heard Ebuka won another food competition.
Aisha: Of course.

Clinton was lying on a roof top when Temi jumped over there.

Temi: You need to get out from the heat of the sun.
Clinton: Yea, the temperature here was cool for a while there. I hope you and the baby are doing fine.
Temi: Yea, we are all doing fine for you.

Suddenly Boyo jumped up and met them.

Boyo: The two love birds are at it again.

Temi: Uhm, so what's up with you and Queen Chika?
Boyo: I'm still thinking of the perfect lines for her.
Clinton: Just tell her how you feel buddy.
Boyo: Hmm, I think I will try it tonight.

Suddenly Rita came out from nowhere.

Rita: So someone is crushing on the Queen huh?
Boyo: I guess so, when did you get here?
Rita: Just now.

Boyo: I see.

They saw the other commanders coming to meet them.

Clinton: I guess it's get together time again.
Temi: Yes.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Two (2)

The Valley Of Mini Nmgi' X The Five Kids

Dokubo and his squad had continued travelling till evening and they saw the valley of mini nmgi' just near.

Sea: Aha! We are finally going to reach the valley of Mini Nmgi'.
Nkiruka: I hope you remembered what I told you, there are spirits and monsters wandering around there.
Sea: I will just have to slay them.
Nkiruka: We will get to see about that.

Moon: Oh my! You two are behaving like a mother and her little kid.
Nkiruka: That shows that I would be a great mother, what about you?
Moon: Hmm, I would be the greatest.
Sea: You two will continue going on and on except someone stops you.

Dokubo and Boss both drew out their swords as they had entered the valley of Mini Nmgi'.

Sea: They drew out their swords.
Nkiruka: You better do same kid it's like we are entering another world.
Sea: Another world?

Sea turned back and saw that where they came from had vanished and a thick fog covered everywhere so he drew out his sword, and so did Nkiruka and Moon.
Sea: We are really in another world.

The fog was getting more thicker and they couldn't see each other.

Dokubo: (Shouting) Moon!!! Boss! Nkiruka!! Sea!!!

Dokubo called out their names and none of them answered because they couldn't hear him.

The others were also calling out to each other but none of that helped as they couldn't hear or see one another.

Moon: Just my luck! I'm here all alone, I wonder where the others could be.

Sea was very scared that he kept turning back at any little disturbance.

Sea: Big sis! Nkiruka! Boss! Dokubo! Nobody can hear me, I'm all alone.

Boss: What a situation! I never knew it would be this bad, I should have held hands with Nkiruka.

Nkiruka: I was right after all, this is the land where lost souls and monsters wander. I heard they like beautiful ladies, so I better watch out.

As the five best teen warriors from the dragon tribe were lost and were in different paths, five kids in white with golden bracelets were looking at them.

They were all male, and their names were Wani, Webo', Wetor', Wenor' and Weso'.

Wani: We got visitors after so many centuries.
Webo': Yes, it's it great? We can trap them here so that they can play with us forever.
Wetor': Yes, that's so cool.
Wenor': We are going to be playing everyday!!
Weso: I will play with the one named Sea, he's the youngest there.
Wani': All right you have him to yourself.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

The five warriors all kept wandering in the fog as they didn't know where they were going to.

Sea noticed that someone was flying above him so he cast a water gun spell but he missed. He looked again and all he could see was the fog everywhere.

Sea: That's strange! I thought I saw someone above me.

Suddenly Weso appeared before him floating on the air and he screamed out in shock.

Sea: Ahh!!!
Wenor: Don't scream. I'm just a little child.

Sea looked at him again and tried to maintain his cool.

Sea: Wow! You are just a little kid.
Wenor: I might look that way Sea, but I'm older than you.
Sea: What the?! How did you know my name?

Wenor: Your inner self told me.
Sea: I don't understand. Who are you and what are you doing here?

Weso: I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Weso of the five kid brothers.
Sea: I see. You need to find something else to do, I'm trying to track my friends.

Weso: Play with me, and I will tell you where your friends are.
Sea: Really? Can you do that?
Weso: Yes.
Sea: All right then, I will play with you.
Weso: Okay, foll me.

Sea followed weso to where he was leading him too.

Weso: (In his mind) Hahahahah! I'm going to take you to a place, far away from your friends.

They reached a door which was visible despite the thick fog.

Weso opened it and he relunctantly followed him.

Sea was scared aft he saw two human skulls at the door of the room made with sand.

Weso: Don't be scared Sea, they are just skulls.
Sea: Did you kill them?
Weso: No. So let's play together. I know what we should play first.

Weso: Let's mould things with sand, anyone with the best creativity is the winner.
Sea: Sure, I'm game.

Weso: (In his mind) Yes keep playing, the more ynu keep playing the more you get attached to me. Hahaha! I' going to make you my eternal playmate.

Dokubo and the others also saw a different door each in their path and they opened it.

Before Dokubo was Wani. Webor was with Boss. Wetor was with Moon and Wenor was with Nkiruka.

The four of them in their different paths wondered who was kids were.

Dokubo: What's a kid doing all the way here?
Wani: The question is what is a human like you doing here?

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Three (3)

The Five Doors

Sea had entered Weso' room which was made up of sand, and when they were about starting their competition Weso told him to wait.

Weso: Let me show you where this is.

The room immediately started changing and Sea realised that they were at a beach.

Sea: How did we get to this place?
Weso: This is my world, the door you entered is the door that leads to my world.

Sea: Hmm, I hope I would be getting out of here.
Weso: Don't worry, let's just keep playing.
Sea: Okay, I'm going to beat you.
Weso: (In his mind) Yes! He fell for it! He's going to be here forever and ever. I just hope he doesn't commit suicide like the one before him.

Dokubo had come face to face with Wani who asked him what a human like him was doing there.

Dokubo: You got some guts kid!
Wani: You might want to come in if you want to see your friends.
Dokubo: Are they in there.
Wani: Yes, Moon has been so worry sick about you...

Without waiting to hear more Dokubo raced into the room and Wani smiled.

Wani: (Smiles) What a fool! You are going to be my playmate forever.

Boss met with Webo who was pretending to be crying.

Boss: Hello kid! Why are you crying?
Webo: Come and help me please, I'm so lonely. Please come in.

Boss walked inside out of curiousity and Webo smiled.

Webo: I got a playmate!!

Moon saw Wetor with the door opened and he was smiling.

Moon: Who's this kid and why is he smiling like that?
Wetor: Come in! Dokubo has been waiting for you!
Moon: Wow! That's so great!!

Moon kicked her horse and raced inside and Wetor smiled and laughed.

Wetor: I'm no longer going to be lonely!

However, Wenor was having a hard time trying to convince Nkiruka to enter through his door.

Nkiruka: You could be one of the wandering spirits so I won't fall for this obvious trap!

Wenor: Ahh! You are so stubborn!!
Nkiruka: Shut up kid! I will find another way to get out of here.

Wenor: Hmm, I'm a spirit all right!
Nkiruka: Good. So you confess to being an evil spirt!
Wenor: No, I'm actually a good spirit! I lead people pass the way of the wandering spirits.

Nkiruka: Hahahaha! A good spirit desperately trying to lure me into an obvious trap.

Wenor: All right, I will just tell Boss, Moon, Dokubo and Sea that their friend was too stubborn. She ran away and disappeared.
Nkiruka: Are you saying they passed through here?
Wenor: Yes.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Three (3) Continuation

As everyone of the five warriors entered the doors they were all locked away from the rest of the world.

Sea was happily doing the moulding competition with Weso not knowing that he was slowly getting attached to the place.

Meanwhile Wani room turned into a desert and there was a strong wind blowing.

Dokubo: Where are we? Wani: My world! We are going to be friends forever.

Dokubo immediately grabbed him.

Dokubo: Listen kid, I only came here because you said Moon and the others were here.
Wani: Sorry for that, I lied.
Dokubo: Damn you brat!

Dokubo left him and started walking away.

Wani: Where do you think you are going to?
Dokubo: I'm getting the hell out of here.
Wani: All right, you might as well keep wandering till enternity.

Boss entered Webo room out of curiousity and it turned into a grassland.

Boss: A grassland huh?

Boss turned back and he didn't see the door he came through.

Webo: Don't worry, you have no need of going back.
Boss: What? Why?
Webo: We are going to be friends forever!!
Boss: This is a trap! I thought you were crying!
Webo: No, I was just faking it.

Moon had entered Wetor room and it turned into a forest with giant animals and plants.

Moon: Huh? Did I just get shorter or what?
Wetor: No, you are not short. This is how this world is.
Moon: What do you mean this world?
Wetor: This is my world and you will be with me here forever.

Moon immediately grabbed Wetor and gave him a scary look.

Moon: Get me out of here before I use drastic measures.

Nkiruka had entered Wenor room and the place turned to a spring with rocks and flowers all around.

Nkiruka: Where the hell am I? And where are my friends?
Wenor: You are at my world and I lied about your friends, they are not here.

Nkiruka: You tricked me kid! And did you say your name is Wenor?
Wenor: Yes!!

Nkiruka: Oh my! How did I fall for this!! You are one of the five aku' of this valley.
Wenor: Yes, you are right. You seem to know more about us, that means you know you wouldn't be getting out of here.

As the five best teen warriors were trapped by the five aku' of the valley of Mini Nmgi' an eagle from the dragon tribe was on its way to deliver a message to Clinton.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Four (4)

Clinton Race To Help

Clinton was resting on top of a tree after an early morning training in the barracks, a messenger eagle from the Dragon Tribe dropped a letter on his body and flew off.

Clinton opened the later and read it. He was told that Dokubo and his squad presence disappeared at the valley of Mini Nmgi, he was also asked to go alone as it would be dangerous if a group went there.

Clinton: The valley of Mini Nmgi' huh? It must be the five aku', mum told me a story about that place. I better go now before I get company.

Clinton powered up to full power and zoomed off at an amazing speed so that he would get to the valley in time.

The other commanders felt his power up and how it was moving far away.

Temi was helping his mother with cooking when she felt it.

Temi: (In her mind) What could have made him powered up? And he's moving away so fast.

Boyo who was trying to enter the palace in order to try and confess his love to the Queen also felt it.

Boyo: Why full power? Is he under attack?? I got to meet Temi right away.

Queen Chika felt it too but she didn't care because no enemy presence was sensed.

Queen Chika: He must be testing his speed.

Clinton was still at full speed as he was covering many grounds.

Clinton: I hope they don't follow me.

Meanwhile back at the world of Wetor, Moon still grabbed the kid and told him to get her out of there.

Moon: Hey kid! Now show me the way back.
Wetor: Play with me and maybe I might change my mind.

Moon: You are finished!

Moon made to slap Wetor but he appeared above her.

Moon: How did you do that?
Wetor: (tongue out) I wouldn't tell you!
Moon: You got some guts kid.

Suddenly Ubi spoke to Moon.

Ubi: The child is an aku'. He wouldn't be opened except by a Goddess or a God and also a human from the outside.

Moon: That's great! So you can open the door?
Ubi: Yes, but not now. I want to go sight seeing in this world. Do you mind if I possess you?

Moon: No.
Ubi: Thanks alot!

Ubi possessed Moon and she transformed just as she did at the fight against the dark sages, the transformation frightened Wetor who moved back.

Wetor: What the! A Goddess in here? And she's Ubi. I'm so sorry Ubi, please forgive me!

Ubi: You don't have to worry, I'm just going to do some sight seeing.
Wetor: Thank you.
Ubi: See you later.
Wetor: Yea.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Four (4) Continuation

Boyo went to Clinton's house and saw Temi walking out.

Boyo: Do you have any idea where your love went to?
Temi: No, but I'm sure it wasn't an enemy attack.
Boyo: Maybe we should wait for him.
Temi: No, let's go to the place he powered up. We might find some clues there.

They were about to leave and they met Ebuka and Timo.

Ebuka: Temi! What's Clinton up to?
Timo: He scared us with his power up!

Temi: It's not my fault that the two of you got scared by a mere power up!

Ebuka: It was scary, we thought we were under attack.
Timo: And we almost got our men ready for battle.

Boyo: Follow us, we are still searching for clues.
Timo: You mean his wife don't know?

Temi: (Smiles) We are not yet married, but we would soon be.

Rita: Yes, very soon.

Temi: Stop sneaking on me Rita!
Rita: I was just worried about my boss.

Temi: You better stay tight in the barracks, who's go to take care of the men when the commander and captain are not around?

Rita: I have a vice captain.
Temi: Really?
Rita: Yes.
Temi: Follow us then.
Rita: Thank you Temi.

Ebuka: I have a feeling this is going to be one adventure.
Timo: Yea.
Temi: You two are like twins!
Ebuka: Of course, we are twins from different mothers.

Rita: Is that even possible?
Temi: Just leave them alone if you don't want to hear more impossible things.
Rita: Right!

As Clinton was racing very fast he was stopped by Asari.

Clinton: You are here?
Asari: Yes, we would be going together. I hope no one is tagging along.
Clinton: No one saw me leaving.
Asari: Good, the place gets more dangerous at night.

Temi and the others reached the tree Clinton was and they saw the letter and read it.

Temi: This is dangerous.
Rita: That's why he didn't tell you, he wants you and the baby to be safe.

Boyo: Please stay behind Temi, the four of us can handle this. You know the valley have an effect on an unborn child.

Temi: Yea, but.....

Rita: Don't worry! Your love will be back safe and sound.

Temi: Hmm, thank you.

Boyo: All right, that's settled.

Temi transferred some lightening to their bodies.

Temi: This should boost your speed and make you catch up to him. It wouldn't last for long though.

Boyo: Thanks, it's enough.

Dokubo and the others were still trapped in the five doors not knowing that help was on the way.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Five (5)

Fight With The Aku X The Shadow Monsters

As Clinton and Asari kept heading to the valley at full speed, Boyo, Timo, Ebuka and Rita were behind them but not yet within a visible distance.

Timo: Are you sure we can catch up with them?
Boyo: We just have to keep moving very fast with the lightening Temi gave us and hope for the best.
Ebuka: We can use our powers to move fast even if the lightening is used up.
Boyo: Yea, but Temi's lightening is more faster so we have to cover all the distance we can with it.
Timo: I got you.

Meanwhile Dokubo kept walking in the desert and he couldn't find a way out but instead he found his way back to Wani.

Dokubo: Why did I come back here?
Wani: I have absolute control over this world so I can make you come out from anywhere.
Dokubo: So you brought me back here?
Wani: Yes, I was feeling lonely so I needed someone by my side.
Dokubo: Do you take me for a kid??
Wani: Of course, I'm way older than you despite my look.

Dokubo drew out his sword and smiled.

Dokubo: Let's settle this like warriors.
Wani: Okay, but I don't have any need for a sword.
Dokubo: Hmm, that's not a problem after all you are an Aku'. Get ready!

Dokubo striked Wani with his sword but he blocked it using just one finger shocking Dokubo.

Dokubo: Just a finger?
Wani: Yes, I just need one finger to fight you. If you lose you will stop trying to get out of here and play with me.

Dokubo: Damn you!

Dokubo moved back and released his ice spell and froze everything around him and Wani.

Dokubo: I got him!
Wani: No, you didn't!

Dokubo looked up and saw Wani there.

Wani: I will have to finish this.

Wani appeared before Dokubo and striked him with one finger.

Ahhh!! Dokubo screamed as he passed out with just one touch of Wani's finger.

Wani: Wow! He's weak!

Boss on the other hand was already knocked out by Webor.

Webor: He wasn't a challenge after all.

Sea was still playing with Weso and he was getting much attach to the place.

Weso: (In his mind) Yes, keep playing and you wouldn't want to leave here forever.

However, Nkiruka was playing it safe as she was playing with Wenor.

Nkiruka: (In her mind) Hmm, I just have to buy more time and find a way out of here.

Moon who was possessed by Ubi was doing a sight seeing in Wetor's world and Wetor was tagging along as they walked.

Wetor: (In his mind) She isn't scary after all.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

Evening came as Clinton and Asari arrived at the valley of Mini Nmgi.

Asari: It's evening already and the shadow monsters would soon appear.
Clinton: Yea, and we have almost used all our energy. We need to relax and regain them.

Asari: Yea, you are right.

Suddenly night came without any warning.

Clinton: It wasn't this dark just a second ago.
Asari: I forgot to tell you, night falls here without any warning.
Clinton: I see, that means we wouldn't have the opportunity of recuperating our energy.

Asari: Draw!

Clinton and Asari drew out their swords as they were surronded by ape like creatures with swords.

Clinton: Hmm, we need to finish them off as quickly as we can.
Asari: That's easily said than done. Don't underestimate them.
Clinton: I got you.

They both attacked the monsters but the monsters were just too strong and they were many.

Clinton: I have completely ran out of energy.
Asari: Same here, I can  just manage one spell.

Rita: Fire slash technique!

Rita sent fire slashes at the monsters and they all went into hiding.

Clinton: I know that technique, it's Rita's.

Rita lighted a torch and Clinton could see her and the others, she was the only one standing as the others were panting as they had also ran out of energy.

Clinton: Rita! You guys came.
Rita: Yes, we were given a specific order by your wife to bring you back home safe.
Clinton: (Smiles) I see.

Asari: Well, I guess it's a good thing you guys came.

Boyo: (Panting) We are out of energy.
Timo: (Panting) Water! We need water!
Ebuka: And food!

Asari: I guess we all have to rest for a while.

The five Aku knew that people were in the valley but didn't come out because of a certain condition.

Wani: They won't be able to find us here, so there is no need to worry.

Meanwhile the two brothers of Queen Chika, Ike and Abiola were standing before a cave that night at the outskirt of Oduduwa kingdom.

Ike: At last, we have found one inside this cave.
Abiola: (Smiles) Hahahaha! My destiny lies inside this cave. Just you wait sister, I will take back what's mine!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Six (6)

The Unfortunate Death Of The Heirs X The Door Won't Open

Ike and Abiola the two elder brothers of Queen Chika were standing before a cave in the night. The two had been looking for a surviving witch so that they can make a deal with her to take back Alimadu kingdom from Chika.

I hope you guys remembered that in the season 2 of this story, the two of them refused being the king of Alimadu kingdom so Chika had to step in and take the position.

However, after seeing the privileges she enjoys and the forces she command, her two brothers decided to take the kingdom from her by seeking help from a witch.

Ike had stolen a witch tracker from Amosun's palace in Oduduwa kingdom and they had used it to find out that a witch was alive in the cave right in front of them.

Abiola: Let's go in brother! Our destiny lies inside that cave!
Ike: Hmm, what if the witch is aggressive.
Abiola: We will cross the bridge when we get there.
Ike: All right brother, I'm with you.

They both walked into the dark cave after lighting their torches.

They walked into the heart of the dark and cold cave and they saw a witch groaning in pains with blood all over her body.

Witch: Humans! Humans! I want to eat! Hahahaha!

The two brothers became afraid after they heard the witch say she wanted to eat humans but they summoned courage and stayed.

Abiola: Hello Witch, we came here with a deal. It will benefit the three of us.
Witch: Liars! Witches don't make deals with humans! We only kill humans!!

Suddenly the two brothers lights were off and they screamed in the dead of the night as they got devoured by the witch.
Queen Chika woke up from her sleep after she felt that something had gone blank in her life and she had an evil ominous feeling.

Queen Chika: Hmm, what could this mean? It feels like something is gone from my life.

The Queen stepped out of her room and went to the palace's garden. She looked up and saw the images of her two brothers soaked in blood and her heart skipped for a second.

Queen Chika: What's this? I hope nothing have happened to the two of them. The same thing happened to me when father died, I hope it's different this time, I really hope so.

She looked up into the full moon and smiled.

Queen Chika: I shouldn't harbour negative thoughts in my mind, they should be okay. After all they are in Oduduwa kingdom, the kingdom they admired since we were kids.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Six (6) Continuation

Clinton and the others waited till midnight for them to recover their energy, except for Rita who was a magic knight and rarely runs out of magic energy.

Asari: All right, it's time for us to go in. Everyone must be ready by now.

Ebuka: Yes, I ate a whole wild pig after all.
Rita: I'm always ready, just like my boss.
Asari: Okay, I think it's time we move in then.

Asari touched all of them and casted a spell.

Asari: This spell will make us not to go on seperate ways when the thick fog appears.

Timo: What about the shadow monsters?
Asari: Don't worry about them, they are scared of bright light that's why they ran away when Rita attack.

Ebuka: That makes sense, so are they edible?
Asari: I guess you just have to find out yourself.
Ebuka: Yea, when next they attack I would be roasting one.

Rita: Hmm, here comes the fog.

The fog appeared and a spell made to move them to different paths but Asari's earlier spell nullified it, though they couldn't see each other for the time being because of the fog's thickness.

They called out their names to confirm that they were together and it was positive.

They finally came in front of a door and stopped.

Asari: This is one of the doors, it can only be opened from the outside. And only a strong power can.

Clinton: If we destroy the door what will happen to the realm?
Asari: The realm will suck everything in this world inside it. And when it's over it's carrying capacity the two worlds will explode.

Clinton: Wow! We can't go full power then.
Asari: Actually, if we just destroy the handle no harm would be done.

Rita: Let me give it a try.
Asari: Okay, you are the first.

Rita: Fire slash!

Rita sent very hot and lethal fire slashes at the door handle but there was no scratch on it.

Rita: Seriously?! There's no visible scratch on the damn handle.
Asari: That shows how strong it is.

Clinton: I will give it a try then.

Clinton held the handle and started burning it, after a minute there was still no scratch.

Clinton: Well, this seems impossible.

It was Wani's door they were trying to open and he just smiled and laughed.

Wani: It seems they haven't realised that the door has an anti magic spell.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Seven (7)

The Doors Opened

Clinton tried burning the door handle again but it was futile.

Clinton: This is strange, it should atleast have a scrath.

Asari touched the door and felt it.

Asari: It has an anti magic spell, opening the door is going to give us a hard time.

Timo: (Clears throat) Leave this to me and Ebuka, we can open the door.
Asari: Are you really sure?
Timo: Yes. We were thieves when we were kids. We opened many type of doors and safe to steal.

Asari: Wow! That's some touching story you guys got. So how did you change?

Ebuka: It's all thanks to Temi, she caught us one day and beat the hell out of us. And then she gave us some scary warnings.
Timo: After that she dragged us to the tutor hall everyday till we learnt how to behave.

Rita: Wow! So she changed your evil ways.
Timo: We were just kids that's all.

Asari: All right, enough talks. The door is all yours to play with.

Timo and Ebuka brought out their tools and immediately began working on the keyhole.

They were able to replicate the exact type of key that would open the door just in one hour.

The key had a lion shape which just fit fine with the keyhole.

Ebuka: We are done!

Asari: Wow! I haven't seen this type of key before.
Timo: If we open the door, what's next?

Asari: I will have to call out his name and he will appear over here.
Clinton: Okay.

Asari opened the door and called out Dokubo's name and he appeared out to them suprising Wani.

Wani: Well, it seems they have some thieves in their midst. I lose!

Dokubo appeared unconscious and they wondered what could have happened to him.

Clinton: I guess he picked a fight with one of the aku.

Asari: Sure, let's free the others.

They got all the doors and opened them with the help of Ebuka and Timo.

Weso had almost gotten Sea attached to his world and so he was angry when he was summoned out.

Weso: Damn it! I almost got him!!

Dokubo and Boss were summoned as they were all passed out and only the three others were okay.

Nkiruka: They must have picked up a fight with the aku.
Moon: Yes! My Dokubo was fighting to rescue me.

Sea: Wow! For a moment there, I thought I would never come out.
Clinton: Well, you guys did came out. What is done is done.

Moon: So Clinton, how's your wife Temi?
Clinton: She's doing just fine.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
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Episode Seven (7) Continuation

The five kids appeared before them smiling.

Nkiruka: They are back again.

Wani: You guys won, so we are not doing anything harmful.

Moon: What's your mission here then?
Wani: We know you are looking for Ubi's white snake. We can show you the way.

Moon: Wow! You guys are nice after all.

Wani: Follow us.

Clinton and Asari carried Boss and Dokubo as they followed the five kids who were leading them to the place where they could see Ubi's white snake.

They walked for a while and they came before a very large spring and from the moon light one could tell that the water was very dark.

Webor: The valley got it's name from the water. There's a cave when you pass through the water fall. You will find the white snake there.

Nkiruka: Hmm, thanks guys.

Wetor: And don't go now!
Wenor: Wait till the sun appears.
Weso: Or else you will be swallowed by the dark water.

Clinton: Thanks for the warning.
Wani: It's the least we could do.

The five aku left them went back to the thick fog.

Wani: We forgot to them tell about the monster who devours what ever that enters the water.
Webor: That's not our problem, it's theirs.
Wetor: Yes, if they are lucky they will survive.
Wenor: We have to hunt for new humans.
Weso: It might take a whole century.

Dokubo and Boss came to and everything was explained to them.

Dokubo: That kid was damn strong!
Boss: Yea, I was taken down with just one touch.

Asari: We better set a camp and sleep till sunrise.

They set up a camp where they relaxed and waited for daylight.

Meanwhile Queen Chika was having a chat with Temi as they both couldn't sleep that night.

Also an army of Nde Mmuo' were being assembled by the Dragon God in the land where no magic works.
The army's job would be to locate Ubi, whose presence the dragon God couldn't sense again.

Dragon God: Just wait for me Ubi! Very soon I shall destroy you with my own hands.

A clash of powers that would decide the fate of the human race would soon begin.

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