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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Eight (8)

The Truth About The Three Don God(s)

As the human spirit girl walked with the five humans she told them that they were the ones who grew those vegetation, and millions of human spirits were working at that moment. She had sneaked and ran away to the vegetation so that she can rest for a while.

Chibueze: Don't worry, we are going to take them down.
Girl: I will be happy if you people can do that but the Don God(s) are just too powerful and so are their minions.
Nneka: Don't worry. We gave you our names it's your turn now.

Girl: I'm Lily.
Nneka: Lily huh, that's a nice name.

They walked past some very tall statues.

Lily: These are the statues of the three Don God(s).
Chibueze: Let's send them crashing!!
Lily: Wait!!

Before Lily knew what happened the five humans released their powers and sent all the statues crashing.

Lily: Oh no! This is bad you have just attracted attention over here. They are going to send their best soldiers to check it out.

Uchenna: Let them come we are going to give them hell!
Uche: Yes bro.

The crashing of the giant and heavy statues caused tremors to develop and many could feel it.

The three Don God(s) were agitated as their precious statues had been brought to waste.

Aboki: Damn those humans! I'm going to tear them apart!
Cherrylo: Calm down brother, let the eight  Don guards handle the situation.
Aboki: They better be fast about it, I'm not the patient type.
Deke: Relax brother, those humans will be doing manual labour in no time.

** Back At The Five Humans **

Chibueze: Kill everyone of them! Show no mercy!
Ejikeme: Yes. We are going to liberate our people.

Lily: There's a secret path. We can avoid this fight.
Nneka: (Taps Lily's head) Don't worry kid, we are going to take them head on.

Lily: I will go and hide somewhere safe then.
Nneka: Sure, don't just go too far.

Lily entered into the vegetation and suddenly eight of the Don guards appeared.
The were humanoid dragons with wings and horns.

Chibueze: They are eight in number.
Uchena: That's five against eight.
Chibueze: I will take down three.
Nneka: I will take down two.

DG1: You all seem tough for humans and you are all pretty confident of yourself. But you wouldn't be for long, we will torture you till you die.
Chibueze: Bring it on!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Eight (8) Continuation

The five humans immediately powered up to their demi God levels and the Don guards moved back.

DG1: Are you people humans? 

Chibueze: Someone might answer you when you get to the other side. Fire dragon roar!!

Nneka: Sand hurricane!!!

Ejikeme: Lightening rampage!

Uchenna: Air tornado!

Uche: Water crush!!

The Don Guards made to run but they were too late as the human powers immediately killed them.

Chibueze fire burnt down three, Nneka's hurricane crushed two, Ejikeme lightening electrocuted one to death as Uchenna crushed one with his tornado. Meanwhile Uche created water around one and crush it with a powerful pressure.

Lily came out of her hiding.

Lily: Wow! You guys are amazing!!

And just then Oru' and Eja appeared before them.

Chibueze: You guys are here.
Eja: Yes, we just released the human spirits from their chains. They are fighting the guards now.

Lily: Wow!

Chibueze: Does that mean that are free now?

Oru': No. The Don God (s) must be eliminated first.

Chibueze: What are we waiting for?
Lily: I can take you guys there.
Nneka: That's good.

Eja: We will help the human spirits fight the guards. You guys should send the Don God(s) to hell.
Chibueze: Sure.

Eja and Oru' left to help the human spirits while Lily accompanied the others to the Don God(s) palace.

** At The Abyss Of Darkness **

Another first being named Mezu appeared before the three others.

Mezu: Why did you people keep lieing about the Don God(s) and even to yourselves?
Mazi: (Laughs) You heard us huh? The truth is that the Don God(s) are not as tough as people say. Infact they are just as weak as Chukwu and the others.
Mezu: And you had to lie to the whole universe that they were strong??
Madu: We were just trying to have fun, that's all. Those humans can take them down with no stress.

** At The Palace Of The Don God(s) **

Aboki: Did you feel their powers brothers? I thought no one would dare challenge us.
Cherrylo: Hmm, this is bad.
Deke: We must fight together.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Nine (9)

The Mysterious Oku

As the truth about the Don God(s) was being revealed at the Abyss of Darkness, the five humans headed straight to their palace.

Eja and Oru on the other hand were helping the human spirits in fighting the guards as they cheered them up.

Eja: Sand huricane!
Oru': Water dragon!

Eja sand hurricane swept away and crushed many of the guards, and so did Oru water dragon wash and crushed many of the guards with very strong water pressure.

The human spirits kept cheering them as they led the assault against the guards.

The guard commander and his men charged back and strike down some of the human spirits, but unfortunately for the guards the human spirits rised up as they can not die.

Guard Commander: Damn it! Half of my men have been brought down.  I need to get in touch with the Don God(s).

Just as the guard commander turned back he saw a water dragon made by Oru'.

Ahh!! Ah!! He screamed as he was being crushed by the water pressure inside the dragon's belly.

** At The Don God(s) Palace **

A guard had come and reported that two other people were leading an assault against the guards.

Aboki: Hmm, it seems our truth got leaked.
Cherrylo: Yes, somehow.
Deke: (Laughs) You two shouldn't worry, we will just run away.

Aboki: Yes, that is a brilliant idea.

Chibueze and the others could see the palace of the Don God(s) where they were and Lily pointed over to it.

Lily: That is it!
Chibueze: Good, we are getting closer.

Suddenly a heavy explosion rocked the palace and everyone looked over there.

Chibueze: What just happened?

The remaining guards also looked over that way and wondered what the fate of their masters were.

Suddenly the human spirits started flying up.

Spirit1: We are free!
Spirit2: Yes, we are free at last. Thank you (Eja and Oru') buddies. You saved us!
Spirits: Thank you!

Eja: It seems Chibueze and the others have done it already.
Oru': Hmm, maybe. But I'm sure I didn't sense them release their powers.
Eja: Let's go over and meet them.

Lily also began to fly up.

Lily: I'm free at last!!
Nneka: How? We haven't done anything.
Lily: I don't know how but you guys brought us goodluck! I hope to see you people another time in a better place.

The human spirits all flew up as they vanished from the realm of the Don God(s).

Nneka: (Smiles) They are finally free at last.
Uche: Yes, I'm so happy.
Chibueze: What just happened?

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

** Moments Ago **

The three Don Gods(s) opened a portal and were about to escape but someone mysterious appeared and closed the portal.

Aboki: Who the hell are you?
Chrerrylo: I hope you know who you are dealing with!
Deke: We are going to crush you.

Mysterious Man: My name is Oku. I know I'm dealing with weaklings and you three at the ones getting crushed.

The three Don God(s) were shocked at the mention of his name.

Oku was one of the commanders of a group called the Anti God(s) Crusaders.

Aboki: What are you doing here? I'm sure you know we are weak.
Cherrylo: Yes, we are really no threat.
Deke: We are going to doing anything you want. Please.....

Oku: Are you really gning to do anything I want?
Deke: Yes, anything you want. Just mention it.

Oku: I want the three of you to die!!

Oku winked and suddenly there was a big explosion eliminating the three Don God(s), and bringing down the mighty palace.

Oku: You God(s) are scum.

Oru and Eja caught up with the others.

Eja: Wow! You guys really did it.
Nneka: No, we did nothing. We don't know what happened.

Oru': That means someone got them. But why and who?

Suddenly Oku appeared before them.

Oku: I got them!!

Uchenna: Who are you? Identify yourself!
Oku: And if I don't?
Uchenna: We will take you down.

Oku: Go ahead.
Chibueze: You know what to do!

They all powered up to their demi God God mode, they all strucked Oku at the same time and he absorbed all their attacks as the others were suprised.

Oku brought out seven white kunai.

Oku: I have the right number of kunai to take the seven of you down.
They made to escaped but Oku stabbed them and they all had a blackout.

Oku: I hope to see you guys in the great war!

** At The Abyss Of Darkness **

The three first beings that appeared to the humans were having a good time together.

Mazi: The anti God(s) crusade has made their move. They just destroyed ten realms owned by ten different God(s).
Madu: They are waiting for us to react!
Mini: The great war will soon begin. We will give them hell!!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Ten (10)

The Great War Brews At The Corner!

** At An Unknown Location **

A large hall was lighted up inside a castle floating in space.
There were many people seated and they all wore black cloaks.
Oku was also among them, the leader of the group named Ndu sat on a higher level with two guards by his side.

Ndu: I need a briefing about our latest operation.

Oku stood up and brought out a book.

Oku: I have destroyed ten realms owned by ten different God(s).

Ndu: That's good. The first, second, third and fourth beings are bound to retaliate. I want an update about the weapon that will bring an end to them.

Oku: The weapon is in its final phase my lord.
Ndu: Good, very soon the universe would be free from all God(s). We will send them to the afterlife!

Everyone in the hall cheered Ndu up.

Ndu: All right then, let's proceed to the next plan!
Oku: Yes my lord.

** Back At The Underworld **

Chibueze and the others opened their eyes and found out that they were at the underworld.

Chibueze: What happened? I thought we were goners.
Nneka: We are back to the underworld!

Oru': That's suprising. I'm sure we were stabbed.
Eja: Yes.

They all stood up and saw Red who had grown to a very tall and large adult dragon.

Chibueze: What happened Red?

Red: You were stabbed with the knife of the clear path by a crusader and you all passed out, that was just a side effect.

Chibueze: Knife of the clear path and a crusader? I don't know about that, I don't understand.

Red: Ali said she would explain it to you people herself. I will be back.

Red flew away.

Oru': The crusaders huh? I have heard something about them before. They are said to be sworn enemies of the first, second, third and fourth beings.

Uchenna: That's crazy, you are getting me more confused.
Uche: Yes, I don't understand anything.
Ejikeme: And why are we still alive with no wounds on our bodies after we have been stabbed?

Oru': Observe!
Ejikeme: Observe what?
Oru': Can't you feel any change in your body?

Ejikeme: No, wait.... I think I'm feeling something.
Chibueze: Yes, it's power running all over my body! I'm stronger than before.

Eja: Me too.
Oru': It seems the knife of clear path made us more stronger but the reason why we were stabbed with it is still unkwown.

Chibueze: Hmm, we will get to know once Ali comes back.
Eja: Yes, we will.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Ten (10) Continuation

** At The Abyss Of Darkness **

The first four beings of the universe had gathered at the abyss of darkness. They were many in number, with a total force of twentytwo thousand.

Their leader who was Eluwa stood on top of a tree.

Eluwa: Brethren! The crusaders have provoked us once again. Ten realms owned by second and third beings God(s) have been destroyed by just one of them.

Mazi: Give us the orders! We will give them hell!

Eluwa: I forgot to mention this, the God(s) who owned those dimensions were also killed by the same person.

The entired crowd were suprised.

Mazi: Impossible! That can't be real! It's impossible!

Eluwa: Unfortunately that's what happened.

Madu: Hmm, things will get a little bit rough soon.

Eluwa: We can no longer underestimate those crusaders? We must act fast and now! Prepare to attack the crusaders!!

The crowd cheered him up and everyone started getting ready for battle as he commanded.

Eluwa: (In his mind) Damn it! I really underestimated them.

Ali had returned to meet the others, they asked her who the crusaders were.

Ali: The crusaders huh? The are the eternal enemies of the God(s).

Chibueze: But why??

Ali: There are five places where the God(s) currently lives. The abyss of darkness, Nature's garden, the land of rain, Happiness domain and the land of light where Chukwu lives. All these realms belonged to the crusaders but their ancestors were chased out by the God(s) who took it by force.

Chibueze: That's bad. The first beings are among those who chased their ancestors out right?

Ali: Yes, the first beings now occupies the abyss of darkness.
Chibueze: How do they intend to beat them? What power can beat the first beings?

Ali: The power which you all possess now, the power of the clear path!

** Somewhere In The Universe **

An army of the first, second, third and fourth being were spotted by the crusaders spies and they made a call to their Headquarters.

Spy: An army of the enemy have been spotted.
Oku: Okay, I will tell leader.

Oku told their leader about the report and he smiled.

Ndu: Let the battle begin!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Eleven (11)

The Great War Begins And Ends

Chibueze and the others were suprised when Ali told them that Oku had given them the power of the clear path.

Uchenna: Why did you think he gave us the power?
Ali: The ancestors of the human world were also among the crusaders. Unlike the other crusaders they were cursed to age very fast and die. That's why you humans lives very much less than us.

Ejikeme: You mean he saw us as his allies.
Ali: Yes.
Ejikeme: What about Eja and Oru'? Why did he give them the same power when they are not humans.

Ali: He saw them as your friends which they are.
Nneka: Hmm, that makes sense.

Ali: So will you fight the war to reclaim your land from the God(s)?
Uchenna: Hmm, we really have to think about this. Jumping right into a war is not really a good idea.

Chibueze: There's nothing to think about, we have to fight to take back what belongs to us.
Ejikeme: I'm with you on this one buddy, I can't wait to test my new powers.
Uche: Brother, I agree with them on this one.
Nneka: Majority wins.
Uchenna: (Smiles) I can't leave my sis alone out there.

Eja: I will be coming too.
Oru': You can also count me in.

Ali: I will open the portal once you are ready.
Chibueze: We are all ready!

** At The Floating Castle **

As the Crusaders and the first four beings began their clash, Ndu and Oku with some other crusaders were still in the flying castle.

Ndu: Hmm, do you think the humans you gave the powers and their friends would come?

Oku: Yes, they will certainly come. The revelation said that their coming will be a sign of our victory.

Ndu: Good, once they come let me know. We are going to end this war in just one shot. We may not need the weapon again once the humans come.

Oku: Yea, there will be no need for the weapon. Once the humans arrive, we will end this war with just one strike.

Ndu: And finally, what belonged to us before will be ours again.

** At The War Front **

The war has finally began as both sides clashed and were equally matched in power.

Madu: Damn it! When did the crusaders become this strong? They are taking down the second, third and fourth beings like it's nothing.

Mezu: They must have been preparing for this and we thought they ran into hiding.

Mini: We screwed up! Half of our forces are down.

Mazi: We shouldn't give in! Let's keep fighting.

Eluwa: Yes, don't give in! We got this.

As the battle raged on the first four beings were unaware of a plan laid out by the crusaders to wipe them off at the same time.

As the battle was going on Chibueze and the others jumped in and their instinct told them who their enemies were.

Immediately the seven of them released their element powers it wiped out a quarter of the remaining four being forces. This got the attention of everyone.

Mini: It is those humans!
Madu: How did they get this strong?
Eluwa: This is bad! We are suppose to be the strongest!

Crusader1: Yes, they are finally here.
Crusader2: Someone should call Oku.

Someone made a call to Oku and he related the message to Ndu.

Ndu: Finally, the creator of the clear path was the ancestor of the humans! If a human wields that power all enemies will bow! Let's go Oku!

Ndu and Oku immediately appeared before the five humans and took control of their mind.

Ndu: We are going to blow those beings away! Let's strike them at full power!

Ndu and Oku manipulated the five humans to release their full powers and the first four beings began retreating.

Eluwa: Retreat!!
Ndu: There's nowhere to run to! Fire!!!


There was a heavy blast and light and the first four beings screamed as they were pulverised.

The crusaders all cheered up and Chibueze with the others opened their eyes.

Chibueze: We won!
Nneka: Yes!!

Ndu: Let's throw a feast!

Chibueze: Feast?

Suddenly Chibueze coughed blood and Red roared in the underworld.

Oru': We will come to your feast later.
Nneka: Let's get fireboy back immedetely.

Ali and Nkem looked worried in the underworld.

Ali: It has started.
Nkem: Yes, poor boy. I just hope he survives.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Twelve (12)

The Shared Life X Truth Revealed X Friends Say Goodbye

Chibueze was immediately taken back to the underworld after he vomitted blood, and Ali started treating him as the others gathered around.

Chibueze: The pain inside me is too much, I can't take it any longer. I'm going to die soon.

Oru': (To Ali) Come on, there should be something you can do to help him. I know there must be something.
Ali: I'm afraid there's nothing I can do, maybe I guess it's time he learnt the truth.

Chibueze: Truth? The truth about what?
Nkem: About who you really are.
Ali: I hope you are ready to hear this.

Chibueze: Sure, I want to really know who I am. I have been seeking the answer since I was a kid, and the one who was taking care of me mysteriously disappeared.

Ali: You are the good side of Ekwensu.

The others were suprised at the revelation.

Nneka: Really?
Oru': I don't care about who he is, I love him.

Chibueze: Something had been pushing me to go deeper into the gates of hell. Now I know what.

Ali: And Nkem here is the woman who took care of you.

Chibueze jumped up immediately and looked at Nkem who was sobbing.

Chibueze: Mother!
Nkem: Yea, it's me chiboy.

Chibueze rushed and hugged her and they both started sobbing as the others watched.

Nneka remembered when Chibueze said Nkem looked like someone he knew when they first met her in the underworld.

Chibueze: Mother! I miss you so much.
Nkem: I miss you too my boy.

Chibueze and Nkem hugged for a while.

Chibueze: I can die happy now.
Nkem: I'm so sorry!
Oru': I'm not going to let you die.

Chibueze: Oru' I'm sorry. I promised I would take you to the human world with me but I can no longer do that.
Oru': I just want to be with you!

Oru immediately started crying.

Oru': (To Ali) There should be something you can do. There should be.

Ali: I'm afraid, there's nothing I can do.

Oru': Then, I have no choice. I will share my life with him.

Everyone was shocked with what Oru' proposed to do.

Nneka: (In her mind) I guess I never loved him as much as she do.

Ali: You realise what you are saying? An average underworld citizen lives up to 10,000yrs, and you have only lived 900. You will be cutting your life into two.

Oru': I don't care, as long as I stay with him. Even if it's just for a short while.

Chibueze looked at Oru' and remembered how she smiled when he said they would be together.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Twelve (12) Continuation

Ali: You know the catch right?? The boy wouldn't be able to visit the human world till he die.

Oru': Yes. I want him to live, the underworld is just like the human world. There is fun here.

Chibueze was so happy and was crying at the same time.

Chibueze: Thank you so much. I promise to make you happy as long as we are together.
Oru': I know.

Ali: So do it. You two will have to kiss and she will put a round orb from her stomach and you will swallow it.

Chibueze and Oru' kissed in front of every as they blushed and the ritual was completed. After that Oru felt half of her life force gone and Chibueze felt back to life again and he hugged Oru'.

Chibueze: Thank you so much. I love you.
Oru': I love you to too.

Every one laughed and smiled.

Uchenna: It's time we started leaving.
Nneka: Yes.

Eja: I'm going to miss you guys.
Oru': Me too.

Nkem smiled.

Chibueze: I will also miss you guys.

They all started sobbing.

Nneka: I hope our paths will cross again someday. This isn't goodbye.

Ali opened the portal for the four remaining humans and they entered it all looking happy and sad.

Nneka appeared right in front of her mother's house.

Nneka: Hmm, it has been a while mother.

The two siblings Uche and Uchenna both appeared in the streets of the their town.

Uche: I guess it's time we get back to business.
Uchenna: Yes! Let's go and see mom and dad.

Ejikeme also appeared in a street in his town and he smiled.

Ejikeme: It's time to go back to the street, I'm sure my experience is going to help me.

Hello buddy! Ejikeme held someone call him and he turned back and smiled as it was his friend Ebuka.

** Back At The Underworld **

Chibueze and Oru' were so happy.

Eja: I guess it's time for the newly wed to have fun.
Chibueze: Sure.
Oru': I just know the place to go to.

Suddenly Red appeared and the three of them climbed on his back and they flew away.

Chibueze: Go Red!

Ali: Those three are going to have fun together.
Nkem: Sure.

As the story of the five humans ends they were not told that Chibueze fell sick because Ekwensu died after Lucifer was destroyed and so was his realm. And also, the reason why Chukwu couldn't go to the underworld still remains a mystery!

The End!

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