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Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Read season one here

A revelation have been made that Ekwensu with the league of other God(s) in the heavens have waged war against Chukwu who is the ruler.
Three humans have left and it is now up to Chibueze, Nneka, Eja, Oru', Nkem and the dragon Red to fight back.
Will they be able to make it in time before Chukwu is overthroned?

Coming Soon.....
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode One (1)

A Short Trip To The Heavens And Encounter With The Lucifer!

With Uche, Uchenna and Ejikeme gone because of the fear of fighting God(s) themselves, it was now up to Chibueze, Nneka, Nkem, Eja, Oru' and the dragon Red to help heaven in case things didn't work out.

Chibueze: They left, so it's left to us now.
Ali: Yes, but I will try talking to them soon.

Red: I can feel the fight in the heavens. Chukwu's army have fallen and it's just a matter of time before he gets captured.
Chibueze: What?

Ali: I can't feel what's happening in heaven but I know the dragon is saying the truth.
Chibueze: His name is Red. If Chukwu's army have fallen, what are we waiting for then?

Ali: You have to wait for a while.
Nkem: I'm with Chibueze on this one. We should head to the heavens immediately.

Ali: What are the chances of your survival? Just a God might be able to take you all down.
Nkem: If we stay here or not the same thing will happen right?
Ali: Yes.
Oru': Well, I'm with them on still one. I can teleport everyone there.

Ali: Hmm, come back immediately you know they got you all cornered.

Oru': Sure. Are you all ready?
All: Yes.

Red roared!

Oru': Here we go.

** At The Human World **

Uche, Uchenna and Ejikeme had returned to the human world together and they appeared in the same place in the middle of a desert.

Ejikeme: What the..... So she brought us here to a desert! Damn that girl!
Uche: There's a better chance of us being alive here than when we would be fighting God(s).
Uchenna: Hahaha. Chibueze and Nneka wants to play hero.

Ejikeme: You know what? If we fight or not the outcome will remain the same.
Uchenna: What do you mean?

Ejikeme: Our world will also be attacked. The league of God(s) will want the entire universe. So us running away makes quite no difference, our world will suffer a terrible fate.

Uchenna: I get your point now, we can always beg them to spare us. They can rule over us and as long as we are alive there is no problem.

Ejikeme: For others, yes. But for the three of us it's entirely another different story. Ekwensu will come after us since we crushed his minions.

Uche: I guess so. At least we will have to live longer before the war ends.
Ejikeme: When two opponents possess great destructive powers, the war will end quickly.

Uchenna: Hmm, who cares? Let's find a way out of this desert.
Uche: Yea.
Ejikeme: Well, that should be our number one priority.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode One (1) Continuation

Oru' and the others appeared in the heavens. There was smoke everywhere and the destruction caused was very great as almost every building were crushed.

Chibueze: Wow! This place is totally messed up.
Nneka: I guess we should be expecting this. It's a battle between God(s) after all.
Eja: Nobody seems to be here.

Oru' checked the surrounding and saw bodies of Ekwensu minions lying dead on the ground.

Oru': Something doesn't seem right here. There are many bodies of Ekwensu lying dead around here.
Nkem: It's exactly like they were ambushed.

Eja: Hmm, wha ever happened it isn't good.

Suddenly some God(s) appeared before them and they were being led by Lucifer.

Nkem: We got company.

Lucifer: Hello humans. Welcome to our world. Well, you came late.
Chibueze: What?

Lucifer: The war is finally over. The heavens and the entire universe now belongs to I and the league of God(s).

Chibueze: Damn you! Where's Chukwu?
Lucifer: He has been sealed away.
Nkem: Well, the seal can be broken.

Lucifer: Not while I'm alive.
Nkem: I see, we just have to take you down.
Lucifer: Ahh! So boring. You people are too weak for my liking. I will take down you people with just my finger.

Oru': Before you start I have a question.
Lucifer: Go ahead, it would be be your last.
Oru': Where is Ekwensu? And why are the bodies of his minions the only ones lying on the ground?

Lucifer: You asked two questions at the same time. Well, I will have to answer them because it's your last.

Lucifer: The idiot was kicked into the realm of no return which I'm the master. Then we later killed his minions as they gathered together via an ambush. All this happened after the war. He had a plan to plot overthrone us some day so I had to take him down.

Oru': I see.
Lucifer: So are you all ready to die?

Nkem: We can't possibly fight them all.
Chibueze: We don't know except we try.
Nkem: No, we have to go back.

Lucifer: You won't be going anywhere.

Suddenly Red appeared from the sky and blasted a huge ball of fire at the God(s).

Lucifer: A dragon?

Nkem: Now!
Oru': Okay, here we go.

Suddenly Oru' and everyone teleported back to the underworld.

Eja: We made it!

Lucifer was suprised because he thought they had slayed all the dragons.

Lucifer: So a dragon is with them, this is just getting interesting.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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:D 'Are you all ready to die?'
I deh wait for next one o! ;)
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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:D 'Are you all ready to die?'
I deh wait for next one o! ;)

It will drop it tomorrow.
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Two (2)

God Mode Ascension

Chibueze and the others had returned from the heavens to the underworld after they were almost roasted by Lucifer and the league of God(s).

Ali: You are all lucky to be alive after coming face to face with the Lucifer and the league of God(s).

Nkem: Yea, it was a close call. The God(s) in the league are really powerful like Zeus, Amadioha, Sango, Ogun, Vulcan and the others.

Oru': I don't think we have a chance against them except we isolate them.

Ali: Yes, except you all ascend to God or demi God mode.
Nneka: God or demi God mode?
Ali: Yes. A mortal can become a demi God as long as he lives but going on God mode is just ten minutes of fame.

Eja: Just ten minues huh?
Ali: Yes.
Eja: A demi God can beat a God right?
Ali: Yes, that's if the demi God is really strong.

Chibueze: I'm already a demi God, so I stand a chance right?
Ali: Yes, but you need to take the water of enchancement to boost your power level.
Chibueze: Where can I get the water?
Oru': I will take care of that.

Ali: Nkem, you are also a demi God. Right?
Nkem: Yes, I will have to train more after taking the water of enchancement.

Nneka: So how exactly are you going to make us demi God(s)?
Ali: I will just release the doors of divine energy in your body.
Nneka: Doors of divine energy huh?
Ali: Yes, I'm ready when you are.

Nneka: I'm ready.

Oru', Nneka and Eja gathered together and they held hands together.

Ali: It's time. Ikike du ba eligue gilaga o'nu ya ehu! (Let the powers from the heavens descend on you all) Open!

The cloud above suddenly turned into blue and sand colours. The sand clours radiated on Nneka and Eja's body while the blue colour radiated on Oru's body.

Nneka and Eja's transformation made their hairs and eyes sand coloured, and so did Oru's transformation made her hairs and eyes blue coloured.

The three of them felt more powerful than ever.

Oru': I feel so strong.
Nkem: Me too, this is amazing.
Eja: I haven't felt anything like this before.

Chibueze: Wow! You girls look pretty cool. I wonder why I didn't transform when I grew stronger.

Ali: That was because you were already a demi God from birth. Your powers were just recently activated.

Chibueze: I see.
Ali: This is the power Ekwensu wanted from me, he wanted to create an army of demi God(s) to invade the heavens.

Nkem: What happened to him serves him right.
Ali: Yes.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

** In The Heavens **

Lucifer and the league of God(s) had finally taken over the heavens and they enslaved Chukwu's workers to rebuild it.

Zeus: Don't you think we should dispose of those people (Chibueze and the others) before they become a pain.
Lucifer: You don't have to worry, what can the five of them really do against the league of God(s)? Though, they may have potential but I can just destroy them with one finger.

Vulcan: What are you trying to say?
Lucifer: There is no fun if we don't have any opposition.
Amadioha: Yea, you are right.
Lucifer: Atleast someone here understands me.

** At The Realm Of No Return **

Ekwensu had been thrown to the realm of no return by the lucifer. He was wandering about without any sense of direction in search of an escape portal.

Ekwensu: Damn that Lucifer! He's going to regret this when I lay my hands on him. He's going to pay. I will get out of here one way or the other. I can't stay trapped here forever! I'm coming back Lucifer!

** At The Human World **

Uche, Uchenna and Ejikeme returned to the human world and met a shocking scenario. Fifty years had passed in the human world while they just spent four months in the underworld.

Uchenna: This is very bad!
Uche: What are we going to do now?
Ejikeme: Damn it!!
Uchenna: We can only but adjust to the new life here.
Uche: That wouldn't be easy. We missed half a century, our family and friends must have died out or got old.
Ejikeme: This is really, really bad!

** In The Heavens **

Lucifer and some of the God(s) were in the palace when they suddenly had an explosion and sensed that five of the God(s) went missing immediately.

Lucifer: What just happened?
Zeus: I don't know!

Suddenly they saw a portal open, Chibueze and the others stepped out.

Nkem: We happened.

Lucifer and the others could feel their new powers.

Lucifer: Damn it! How dare you come to my palace and destroyed members of league of God(s)!

Oru': Don't worry, they are not yet dead. But they will be very soon.

Zeus stepped out.

Zeus: I will handle them.
Lucifer: Burn them!
Zeus: Of course!
Chibueze: Bring it on!

Watch Out For The Next Episode As The Battle Against Zeus Begins!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Three (3)

All God(s) Are Eliminated!

Chibueze and the others had stormed the heavens unexpectedly and took out some members of the league of God(s) in a suprise attack.

Before coming to the heavens they had all powered up and drank the water of enchancement boosting their powers to X100.

They pissed off Lucifer who was the leader of the league of God(s) and Zeus stepped out to deal with them.

Zeus: Before we begin the fight, I would like to know what exactly happened to the God(s) that just disappeared.
Oru': They are in my realm and their life force is being sucked away every second.
Zeus: Then I shall kill you first.
Oru': You can try, but trust me you won't make any progress.

Zeus immediately appeared behind her and stabbed her with a lightening blade, but it was just her water clone and water splashed on the ground.

Zeus: A water clone huh?
Oru': Yes, you will never know which one is me.

Suddenly many Oru's clone appeared around Zeus.

Zeus: I don't need to know which one is you. I will just destroy you and your clone together. I move with the speed of lightening.
Oru': It doesn't matter in this situation.

Zeus turned into lightening and strucked everything in his path, the Lucifer, Chibueze and the others jumped up and Oru' was nowhere to be found.

Zeus: Where are you? You should be down by now.

Oru': No. I'm around you.
Zeus: Huh?

Suddenly water that was splashed on the floor after many Oru's clones were cut them rose up and started circling around him.

Zeus: What is this?
Oru': It was wrong for you to underestimate me. I am now a demi God and my powers have been boosted up to X100. No matter how powerful you are, there is always a trick that will take you down. Your worst choice was deciding to fight me. How can you fight water??

Zeus: You fool! I'm lightening.
Oru': Yes, but I just froze under your foot and you won't be able to transform.
Zeus: Damn you!
Oru': Seriously, you may have stood a chance if you had decided to fight someone else. Against me you are nothing, I am now in God mode!

Lucifer: God mode? I see, Ali is responsible for this. That means you are now a match for we the God(s).
Oru': Zeus!

The water started circling faster around Zeus, the ice under his foot contained an energy preventing him from transforming.

Oru': I'm going to crush you!!
Zeus: No!!!

Suddenly the water turned into a water dragon and swallowed Zeus. The water pressure in it's belly crushed the God of lightening.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Three (3) Continuation

All the God(s) present were suprised after Zeus was crushed. Oru's transformed to her orginal self and pieces of Zeus bodies were scattered all over.

Lucifer: (In his mind) The lady demi God is right, no matter how powerful you are there is always a trick out there that can take you down and fortunately I'm the king of tricks.

Nkem: You did well Oru'. The only way we can win is give them a matched opponent.
Oru': Yes, if they come one after the other they are sure to lose.

Sango moved back after seeing what happened to Zeus and he was also a God of lightening. Meanwhile Ogun the iron God got pissed off.

Ogun: I will take care of them myself.
Nkem: That's the God of Iron.
Nneka: I will go then. I'm going full power.

Nneka: I will be taking you down.

Nneka hairs and eyes changed to sand colour and the others felt her powers.

Ogun: Hmm, you are also a demi God. Let me see what you got!!!

Ogun immediated created iron chains and tied it around Nneka in a flash.

Ogun: My iron can't be broken. You shall become my dog.
Nneka: I don't need to break it.
Ogun: Huh?

Nneka suddenly turned into sand and the chains dropped down. She appeared behind Ogun and broke his neck with her rock hand.

Lucifer: Damn it! How can mere mortals beat the God(s)?
Nkem: We are demi God(s) and not mere mortals. Our powers have been increased to X100. If we all release our powers in God mode, everyone here will die.

Lucifer: Try it if you can.

Nkem: You know what to do guys.

Chibueze and the others transformed to God mode and the entire heavens began shaking. Lucifer and the other God(s) knew they were outmatched and had to run for it.

Lucifer: Damn that Ali! We need to run!!

Oru': Now!!
Chibueze and the others released their full powers in God mode and boom!!!

** In The Abyss Of Darkness **

In a forest somewhere in the universe where light never reach two beings could be heard talking.

Voice1: It's high time we attacked the heavens and every world, then the universe will be ours.
Voice2: Yes, let's meet up with the others.

Voice1: There is soon going to be a blast in the entire universe! Hahahaha!

Who are these mysterious beings?

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Four (4)

A New Enemy?

After their success in eliminating the league of God(s) Chibueze and the others returned back to the underworld, and to their suprise they saw Uche, Uchenna and Ejikeme with Ali.

Chibueze: You guys are back? But how?
Ali: I brought them here, they entered the future so I went to the rescue.
Chibueze: Enter the future?

What really happened after Uche and the two others left the underworld, was there was a little change in the time portal and it moved them to fifty years ahead.

Oru': That's a seasonal occurrence, it happens twice a year. Sometimes you could be sent to a thousand year in the future or in the past.

Nneka: You guys should have tried checking out if we were still alive fifty years in the future.

Uchenna: That didn't cross my mind.

Nkem: Ali, can we break Chukwu's seal from here?
Ali: No. The seal should be broken by now and by the way he can't come to the underworld.

Chibueze: And why is that?
Ali: It's classified.

Oru': So Chibueze, will you take me to the human world?
Chibueze: Sure, if you want to come.
Oru': Thank you darling.

Nneka: Just leave fireboy alone.
Oru': Are you jealous?
Nneka: Huh?

Ali: I'm going to the heavens with Chukwu's son, I will see you all when I'm back.

Ali disappeared.

Ejikeme: I guess we will be staying here for a while.
Nneka: You guys shouldn't have left, our powers increased and we took care of the league of God(s) no problem.

Uchenna: Hmm.

Chibueze jumped on Red's back and Oru followed him and they flew away with Red.

Chibueze: See you guys later!

Nneka: I can't believe that girl!
Uche: Don't tell me you are jealous.

Nneka: Huh? You guys still got the orb right? The one the barman gave to us.

Uchenna: I got it here with me.
Nneka: Alright, let's go and see the barman.
Ejikeme: Yea, that will be a great idea.

Eja: I'm coming too.
Nneka: Okay, join us.

Nneka, Uche, Eja, Uchenna and Ejikeme disappeared using the orb as they made their way to the barman.

Meanwhile Chibueze and Oru were screaming as Red flew very high in the sky and flew down at great speed.

Oru': Wow! This is so much fun!
Chibueze: Yes! Red is so great!

Red was flying with his belly up and they both screamed, he turned up again. They reached a spring that reached high into the sky.

Oru': Wow! This place is beautiful!
Chibueze: Red, take us there. It's really so beautiful!

Nneka and the others had reached the barman shop and he was so happy to see them, they told the barman everything that had happened.

Many people also came to the bar to see the daughter of Ali (Eja) and they were happy she was back.

Barman: Wow! You guys have saved us and took out the rebels that's so brave of you people.

Eja: The food here taste delicious and the drinks here are the best.

Nneka: You shouldn't be taking alcohol, you are still a kid.
Eja: What? I'm 329 years old.

Nneka, Uche, Uchenna and Ejikeme opened their mouth in shock.

Eja: You guys are suprised huh? Because I look like a kid, well that's the way we age here.

Nneka: Wow, I really had no idea.
Eja: Hmm, don't treat me different because you know I'm older than you.
Nneka: Sure.

Ali and Chukwu were having a serious and low tone conversation and suddenly the entire universe was convered in darkness for a second.

Chibueze: What just happened?
Oru': I'm sensing something very bad.

Eja was also worried after what just happened.

Eja: This looks bad.

Chukwu and Ali expressed fear in their faces.

Chukwu: It is them.
Ali: Yea, let's hope it's just a show of strength and nothing more.

Mysterious Voice: We are coming back!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Five (5)

The First Beings?

Everyone returned to the ninth gate of hell to talk about the one second of total darkness that just took place in the entire universe.

Nneka: What did you guys think that was?
Oru': What ever it is, it isn't good.
Ejikeme: Huh? I really need to get out of here.
Uchenna: Me too.

Chibueze: What's wrong with you guys? When we first came here you were all energetic.

Uchenna: The mission is complete now, Chukwu has seen his son. There's no need for us to hang around.

Chibueze: Let's find out the cause for the total darkness.

Ejikeme: That is none of our concerns, we won't interfere with what we don't know.

Chibueze: Come on guys.

Uche: They told you already, we don't even know each other till we got to the heavens.

Chibueze: Hmm.

Ejikeme: We have one last thing to show you people.

Nkem: (In her mind) Idiots, they think I don't know huh.

Chibueze: All right, show us.

Uche: (Smiles) I hope you guys are ready.
Uchenna: Let's show them!
EJikeme: Yes!!!

Suddenly the three of them powered up to their demi God(s) forms and the others were suprised except Nkem and Oru'.

Chibueze: Wow! When did you guys learn how to do that?
Ejikeme: (Smiles) Ali taught us, we also took the water of enchancement.
Nneka: That means you guys are back then.

Ejikeme: Sure.

Chibueze ran and hugged them.

Chibueze: It's good to have you guys back. Really good, I'm so happy.

Ejikeme: We are sorry for all the trouble we caused.
Chibueze: It's nothing, now we can fight whatever that comes together.
Uche: Yes.

Nneka: We have to wait for Ali to come back, I'm sure she would know something about this.

Nkem: Hmm, I have read somewhere about something like this. It said that the first beings will bring total darkness when they return.

Chibueze: First beings? Who created them?
Eja: What a question, even the God(s) don't know how the universe came to be. We just started existing.

Chibueze: Hmm, something that the God(s) themselves don't know huh.
Oru': You don't really have to think about it.

Chibueze: When the God(s) die where do they go?
Nkem: They go to the realm of dead God(s), there they are just like ordinary mortals with no powers.

Chibueze: Hmm, what about us humans? Where do we go after death?
Oru': You got to relax darling. You will get to know very soon.
Chibueze: Hmm, I would really want to know now.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

Nkem and Oru' sat together as they talked about Chibueze's questions.

Oru': I don't want him to feel bad when he learns what happens to humans after they die.
Nkem: The world is not always the way we see it. You love him, don't you?
Oru': Yes.
Nkem: Them you will have to calm him down when he learns the truth.
Oru': Hmm. Talking about the truth, why don't you tell him the truth about you.

Nkem: (Laughs) That one can wait, I don't want him to turn to a cry baby.
Oru': I see.

Chibueze: (To Eja) Is there anything we can do to have fun till your mother comes back?
Eja: What about an arm wrestling contest.
Chibueze: Hmm. That would be fun.

Chibueze ran and told everyone about the arm wrestling contest.

Nkem took down Uche, Uchenna, Ejikeme, Nneka and Chibueze.

It was remaining Eja and Oru' and Eja was proving a little hard to win.

Eja: I'm going to win this.
Nkem: I'm just easy on you, you can't win. You know I'm stronger.
Eja: We will see about that.

Eja powered up to her demi God form and she won Nkem.

Eja: I won! I won!
Nkem: Damn it! You took me by suprise. I never thought you would power up.
Eja: Their was no rule against powering up.

It was now Oru' versus Eja.

Oru': Let's see how you are going to do against me when I power up.
Eja: I know you are stronger, but that won't stop me from trying.

Both Oru' and Eja powered up to their demi God forms and Eja was proving stubborn.

Oru: I know a way to win without force.
Eja: Hmm, let's see.

Oru smile and made water to dripped into Eja's underwear and she screamed and then Oru won.

Oru': I won, I told you I would win.
Eja: Hmm, that was a trick.
Oru': There was no rule against tricks, was there?

Oru': All right, I have to challenge the others.

Just then Ali appeared looking worried.

Eja: Is anything wrong mother?
Ali: Yes, I'm afraid we even have a bigger problem here.

Nkem: A bigger problem huh?
Ali: Yes, it's about the first beings.
Nkem: What the.... This is bad.
Ali: Listen to me everyone.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Six (6)

An Enemy That Can't Be Defeated

Ali returned from the heavens looking worried and Chibueze and the others went to meet her and she told them to listen to what she was about to say. She told them that the reason for the total darkness was a result of the first beings power.

Ali: They are back again, and there is nothing we can do.
Chibueze: What's the big deal about those guys?

Ali: They can't be defeated no matter how hard one tries. They have with them the power of the beginning.
Chibueze: And what's that?

Ali: Space and time. They are the only ones with the powers to send someone to oblivion, they can erase anything they want to.

Chibueze: What? That's bad.
Nneka: The enemy can't be beaten then.

Ali: Yes, let's just hope they are coming for sight seeing.
Nkem: Hmm, this is too bad.

Ali: Yes, there is really nothing we can do.
Chibueze: Even with our God mode?
Ali: Yes.
Chibueze: What about Chukwu? Can't he do anything?

Ali: He's just as powerless as you people in this situation.

Oru': We are officially screwed up.

Uchenna: Just when we just got powered up. It's better I die and go to the next life than to be erased entirely.
Ejikeme: Yea, you are right.

Chibueze: We just have to stay here and wait to be erased?
Ali: No, we just have to stay here and hope for the best.
Eja: Nobody is going to touch you mother.
Ali: You are a sweet child Eja.

Nneka: So where do you think would be their first stop.
Ali: Here, the underworld.
Nneka: And why here?

Ali: There have been more disturbance here than ever.
Nneka: Hmm.

And just then there was a great rush of wind and another second of total darkness.

Right in front of them were three mysterious people with dark wings.

Ali: It's them.

Voice1: I am Madu.
Voice2: I am Mazi.
Voice3: And I am Mini.

Madu: You all have been causing some disturbance, I feel like I should erase you people.

Chibueze powered up immediately.

Chibueze: I'm not going down without a fight!

Ali: Chibueze stop!

Chibueze ascended to his God mode and striked a punch with full power at Mazi but it had no effect on him.

Mazi: Do you call that a punch?
Chibueze: Red!!

Chibueze called on Red and they both did fusion just like in season one and their powers increased.

Mazi: Quite impressive for a mortal.

ChiRed: Roar!!!

Chired blasted the three beings with fire but it had no effect on them.

Mazi touched him and their fusion disappeared.

Chibueze: Damn it! Just with one touch and I'm going down! This is such a disgrace.

Madu: Now that we have be pissed off we have every right to erase every one of you.

Ali: Please, you have to think about this.
Madu: A lowly ruler of the underworld telling us to think?
Mazi: That's funny.
Mini: That kid has been the only one to have ever challenged us, he got guts and he's from the human world.

Mazi: (To Chibueze) Do you know where humans go when they die?
Chibueze: No.
Mazi: Their spirits are used for manual labour by the three Don God(s).

Chibueze and the other humans were shocked.

Mazi: You are all shocked and angry at the same time because you just knew the truth. And you want to save them.

Chibueze: Who are three Don God(s)? And where are they?

Mazi opened a portal.

Mazi: Enter there through that portal. If you survive we wouldn't erase you. Bye!

The three beings disappeared and immediately the five humans made for the portal.

Ali: Wait!

Chibueze: We can't wait! We are going to liberate all human spirits.

The portal got smaller.

Nneka: The portal is about to disappear. Let's go!

Voom!! The five humans vanished with the portal.

Ali: Those kids! Only terror lies ahead!

Watch Out For The Next Episode As The Five Humans Enter The Realm Of The Don God(s)
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Seven (7)

The Realm Of The Don God(s) X The Little Girl

When the enraged five humans arrived at the realm of the three Don God(s) they saw what they were not expecting, there was a tall and neat vegetation with many fruits.

Chibueze: Is this really the place? Here doesn't seen like a place for manual labour.
Nneka: You are right, this could just be a part of their realm. We have to head forward.

Uchenna: Yea, how can they be using human spirits as slaves? I'm going to destroy those Don God(s) and all their minions.
Ejikeme: I just feel the same way.
Uche: Me too.

Nneka: So the question is now which way should we go to? I hope Eja wouldn't feel bad that I didn't say goodbye.
Chibueze: I'm sure she would understand, and so would Red and Oru'.

Uchenna looked around and saw a human spirit girl lying on the ground.

Uchenna: (Points to the direction) Hey guys there's someone over here.

They all rushed to the spot and saw a human girl lying unconscious.

Nneka: She must be a human spirit.
Uche: Yes, we have to make her regain consciousness.
Nneka: Yes.

** At The Underworld **

Ali and the others expressed worry as the five human had stormed the realm of the Don God(s).

Nkem: How powerful are those Don God(s)?
Ali: I can't measure their strenght really but they are stronger than Chukwu and the others.
Nkem: Hmm, well they may stand a chance.

Ali: The Don God(s) also have minions. So even if the humans somehow managed to equal them in power, numbers would be against them.

Oru': I have to go and save my love.
Eja: I need to be with Nneka

Ali: Hmm, the minions are powerful. You have to think about this before you make your decision.

Eja: I don't need to think about it I have to get ready. I'm going to prepare for my journey there.
Oru': Me too.

Eja and Oru' both left as they ahead to make their preparation.

Ali: (To Nkem) Wouldn't you be going with them?
Nkem: No, I'm sure they can handle themselves.
Ali: Hmm, when will you tell the boy (Chibueze) the truth about you?

Nkem: (Laughs) That can wait, I don't want to turn him to a cry baby. But I wonder, how would he feel if he learns the truth about himself.

Ali: Hmm, you are right. I hope he has the strenght to take it to the heart without breaking down.
Nkem: He has friends now, so even if he can't take the news himself they would be there to support him.
Ali: Yes, you are right. Friends are treasures.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
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Episode Seven (7) Continuation

** Somewhere In The Realm Of The Don God(s) **

There were millions of humans doing construction jobs, farming and many other heavy labour jobs. There were many guards around them with whips and they struck the humans at intervals.

They were being forced to wrk morning and night, to make things worst they can't die because they are already dead. So they kept on enduring the pains for thousands of years.

The part that Chibueze and the others arrived was a part where humans had done manual labours before and grew those trees.

** At The Abyss Of Darkness **

The three first beings were at the abyss of darkness where light never reaches and they were laughing.

Madu: I wonder how those humans would fare against the Don God(s) and their minions.
Mazi: The humans are promising, so I say it is a 50/50 chance.
Mini: The humans will even fight harder since their very existence depends on this fight.
Madu: Exactly.

** At The Realm Of The Don God(s) **

The little girl that was seen gained consciousness after being taken care of and she suprised seeing the other humans.

Girl: Who are you people? You are not spirits.
Nneka: Yes, but we are humans.
Girl: Thanks for helping me, so what are humans who are not dead doing here?
Chibueze: We came to liberate the human spirits.

Girl: (Laughs) You must be kidding right? Even with our numbers we don't stand a chance.

Nneka: So did they really force you guys to do manual labour?

Girl: Yes, I died at the age of 12 6000yrs ago and since then I have been working all day and night.

Chibueze and the others got really angry after what the girl say.

Chibueze: 6000yrs? That's too much!!
Nneka: It's pure wickedness!

Girl: The problem is that we can't die again, we have to endure the pains since the day we die.

Nneka and Uche immediately started crying.

Girl: Why are you two crying?
Nneka: (Sobbing) It's too painful to imagine, 6000years for a girl.
Uche: (Sobbing) Those bastards are going to pay.

** In A Room At The Don God(s) Palace **

A palace worker who was not a human came rushing in to the throne room where the three Don God(s) Aboki, Cherrylo and Deke were.

Worker: My lords we have a problem. Some humans who are not dead just entered our realm.

Aboki: Capture them and put them to work.

Worker: Yes my lord.

Cherrylo: Humans who are not dead entering our realm? How did that happen?
Deke: We will get to know once we capture and torture them.

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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