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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode TwentySeven (27) Continuation

** At The Land Where No Magic Works **

Two voices could be heard speaking in one of the castles.

Voice1: Humans will soon be coming here.
Voice2: How foolish of them. Ubi prevented their annihilation the other time, but now she's not around.
Voice: Yes! And nothing will be holding us back from crushing them. Hahaha!

King Udo gathered his travelling party and they left for the land where no magic works. Anelka refused to go with them, so he was locked up in the lowest part of the dungeon and forced to draw a map for them.

The king and his travelling party finally reached were Anelka and the others had camped after two years since their journey began.

Before them was the land where no magic works and it was higher than the land they stood.

Udo: Wow! We are going to be rich! Our kingdom is going to be super rich!!

Suddenly someone showed him three statues.

Udo: Hmm, that must be Chike and the others statues. Watch out men for any snake. Nothing will stop us!

There was a secret group of men and women following them secretly.

Man: We will kill them all in their sleep.
Woman: Yes, and the location of this place will only be known to us.

Udo: We are not going to camp here tonight! We are going to camp on the golden sand! Let's move it!

King Udo and his made their way up to the land where no magic works and those secretly following them had to change their plan. 

Woman: Hmm. It seems we just have to wait for them to steal the sand for us. We can kill them in their sleep later when they start going home.
Man: You are right.

King Udo and his men made it to the land and started dancing as they threw the sand made of gold up and down.

They cooked a great feast and started celebrating.

Udo: We didn't encounter any snake like Anelka's team. Hmm the snake must be afraid of my company. Drink up men! We are super rich!

And suddenly a cold wind blew and the ground started shaking.

Udo: Huh?

Voice1: It's time to put an end to the human race!
Voice2: Yes.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode TwentyEight (28)

Get Ready To Fight The New Threat!

The ground in the land where no magic works shaked and king Udo and his men wondered what was going on.

Udo: What's the meaning of this?

The king's men started pannicking.

Man1: What's going on here?
Man2: What's causing this? I thought no magic works here.

Udo: Calm down men, the land is acknowledging our presence. We shall have all the sand here for ourselves!

Suddenly the king's head went off and blood violently gushed out from his neck.

The people screamed in panic, and suddenly the saw two cloaks with nobody wearing them. And then they heard a voice.

Voice: This is the end of your journey humans and the beginning of the end of your race.

Man1: Run!!

The people screamed as they were being killed one by one by a force they couldn't see.

The group following them wondered what was going on.

Man1: What's going on?
Woman2: Let's go and check it out.

The group of twenty stepped and looked at the land where no magic works, they opened their mouth in shock of what they saw.

They saw of blood of blood covering the sand.

Man1: What happened here?
Woman2: They have all been slaughtered. Let's get out of here.
Woman1: Let's get out of here.

They all made to run but they were all killed in an instant.

Voice1: Hahahaha! Let's go and finish the human race!
Voice2: Yes!

The two invisible beings continued their rampage and killed about three quarter of the human population.

Ubi and her snakes returned from their long trip in ali agbra, she immediately knew what was going on and confronted the two spirits.

She ordered them to go back and they returned with Nde Mmuo who sent them and also the dragon God.

Ubi: You have killed enough, leave the humans alone!!
Dragon God: Shut up little girl! Your end is here!

All the whole Nde Mmuo and the dragon God attacked Ubi, they were too many and they immediately overpowered Ubi and the two giant snakes she was with.

In other to finish her off, the dragon God took out the white snake inside her and she started vanishing.

Ubi: I have no choice!

Ubi cried out loud and the castles in the land where no magic works started sinking.

Ubi: Even if I vanish from this world, I will return one day. Now go back to where you are from!

Nde Mmuo and the dragon God started screaming and they started vanishing.

Ubi: I shall come back when a human just like me appears in this world.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode TwentyEight (28) Continuation

In a desperate attempt the dragon God placed a seal on Ubi's body.

Dragon God: Your coming back will bring us back.
Ubi: And I will be ready for you.

And then the snake Goddess went into slumber till the day Moon was born.

The tragedy caused by Nde Mmuo was erased from history and only Anelka knew about it, because a snake of Ubi bite his hand and transferred all that had happened.

Anelka passed down the history to his first son and so did his first son passed it down to his first son. Anelka began the bloodline which made the dragon tribe.

Clinton and the others listened to the story as Kanu and Rain told them.

Moon: So they came back because the snake Goddess awakened in me.
Rain: Yes. We have to get ready for what is coming. This could be the end of the entire human race.

Moon: I know what I must do. I will help her find the white snake. I will make her complete again.
Dokubo: I'm coming with you.
Boss: Me too.
Nkiruka: I'm always with you sweetie!
Sea: Big sis I'm with you!

Rain: Good! You have to do that.

Dokubo: Thank you for everything. We will continue to grow stronger till we get stronger to beat Nde Mmuo.
Nkiruka: And we will also find the white snake.

Kanu: We are counting on you people.

Dokubo and his team disappeared.

Queen Chika: At least we have to go back to the kingdom and celebrate our victory today, after that we can prepare for the battle tomorrow.

Temi: Yes.

Rain: Clinton you have to tap into all the powers of the great dragon!
Clinton: I will try my best! I will grow stronger!!

Rain: See ya!

Rain and Kanu disappeared.

Queen Chika: All right! Let's head back to the kingdom.

Temi: Yes.

Clinton held Temi hand as everyone smiled as they headed back to the kingdom.

As Dokubo and his team prepares to seek for Ubi's white snake and Clinton and his friends headed back to the kingdom, a threat was waiting for them in the land where no magic works.

The dragon God stayed on top a castle in the land and he laughed.

Dragon God: Hahahahaha! We are back Ubi, to crush you and the entire human race!!

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