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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Seven (7) Continuation

Temi and Boss moved back and started charging up as lightening ran through their bodies.

Boss: (In his mind) Could she be thinking what I'm thinking?

Boss closed his eyes for a split second but Temi was nowhere to be found, before he could react a kick landed at his back and it sent him crashing to the ground.

Boss: Aah!! That hurts.
Temi: You shouldn't let your guard down during battle, even for a split second.

Dokubo and the others were suprised as no one was faster than Boss except Dokubo.

Boss: You did well.

Clinton: (In his mind) This is just getting interesting.

Queen Chika: Temi should get ready for a comeback from Boss.

Boss: It's my turn now.
Temi: Let's see about that.

Boss disappeared and appeared at Temi's back, he made to kick her and she ducked and strike backward but Boss flew up.

Boss: Lightening arrows!!

Boss made lightening arrows and directed it at Temi.

Temi: (In her mind) This is just a distraction. The lightening arrows wouldn't hurt me.

Temi didn't dodge the arrows and it hit her but it had no effect.

Boss: She didn't fall for it. She's good. She's calculating every second. I must get a hit to make it a draw.

Queen Chika: This girl Temi is something else.

Dokubo: She seems to be giving Boss a tough time. How could she be as fast as Boss?

Nkiruka: Damn it Boss! You have to make it a draw.

Rain: This girl can change the tide of the war, at this rate she could match my mother.

Witch Bola: This girl is going to be dangerous.

Somewhere far away Shadow and the other seven dark sage were also watching the duel.

Shadow: Hmm, this girl is promising.
Voice 1: Maybe we should recruit her.
Shadow: It wouldn't be easy, she's in love with the son of Abdulrasaq.
Voice 2: Love huh? We can end it.
Shadow: Hmm, let's just wait till the time come.

Temi and Boss were still engaging in a hand to hand fight with their speed.

Boss: I must at least lay a blow on her. Let's be draw now and then I can proceed from there.

Boss and Temi were fighting and Temi leg slipped.

Boss: This is my chance!

Boss succeeded in landing a blow on her left hand and she moved back immediately. The crowd cheered them up.

Boss: I guess we are even now.
Temi: Yes.

Rain: (Smiles) The duel is just getting started.

Nkiruka: Nice one Boss!
Clinton: You are great Temi!

Both Boss and Temi smiled as their lovers called out to them.

Queen Chika: This is what I call a duel.

Watch Out For The Next Episode As The Duel Continues
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Eight (8)

The Unexpected End Of The Duel: Rain's Interference!

The duel between Temi and Boss continued as they both had landed a blow each making it a draw, but Temi's blow was more critcal as it sent Boss crashing to the ground while she just moved back when struck.

Rain: Very soon, they are going to show us their true powers.

Boss: This fight is mine.
Temi: We will get to see about that.
Boss: Just watch.

Boss disappeared and the cloud above turned black, nobody could see him.

Temi: (In her mind) I see, he's charging up so that the lightening would hurt me and he would land many blows. Well, I got my own trick.

Nkiruka: Hahaha! Temi is going down now. This is one of Boss' best moves.
Dokubo: Why is Temi so calm instead of searching for Boss?
Nkiruka: She don't know what to do.

Rain smiled as he was the only one who felt what Temi just did.

Rain: Attacking with a suprise too? This girl is good.

Dokubo: Hmm, what is Temi doing?
Clinton: If she's calm then she got it under control.

Suddenly there was lightening in every direction around Temi, she seemed disturbed and Boss appeared from behind and made to land a kick.

Boss: Now I got you.
Rain: No, you didn't. She's the one who got you.

Boss kicked Temi from behind but found out that what he thought to be Temi was just a mere lightening clone.

Boss: She tricked me!

Before Boss could react Temi sent him crashing to the ground again with lightening fist, this time Boss screamed out and blood came out from his mouth.

Boss: Aah!!

The crowd got wide again and Shadow smiled from he was watching.

Shadow: She will make an excellent addition here. I will get her.

Nkiruka: How could she kick him? When did she switch with her clone?

Rita was very much angry.

Rita: (In her mind) At this rate even if she loses. The people will see nothing bad in it, I guess this is a failed plan then. Damn it.

Witch Bola: This is getting interesting. She's strong no doubt, but at least she's nowhere near me.

Witch Ngozi: Something has been bothering me for a while now.
Witch Bola: And what's that?
Witch Ngozi: It has been up to two decades since we last used our powers, I think we are rusty.
Witch Kitana: Yea, I don't feel as powerful as before.
Witch Haruna: Me too.
Witch Bola: Don't worry, it's just a matter of time. Let's continue watching the duel.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Eight (8) Continuation

Boss stood up and with blood dripping from his mouth.

Boss: You are good no doubt, but I think it's time we got serious.
Temi: Yes, but the spectators might get caught into it.
Boss: Then we should just bring it down a little.
Temi: Okay.

Boss and Temi started charging up and they broke the barrier protecting the crowd and they screamed.

Rain: This is going to get dangerous they will destroy everything here.

Dokubo: What are they thinking? Do they want to finish us?

Queen Chika: Are they morons??

Clinton: This doesn't look so good.

Suddenly every turned dark as lightening ran through their bodies.

Just in a flash the two of them were knocked down by Rain and the cloud turned normal.

Everyone was suprise as they didn't know who Rain was, and Dokubo immediately placed his sword on Rain's neck.

Dokubo: Identify yourself.
Rain: I'm a friend, the fight was getting dangerous so I had to stop it.

Dokubo: You are no ordinary guy.
Rain: You are right.

Witch Bola: Rain had to interfere huh?

Shadow: Ah! That idiot! He just had to spoil the fun.
The seven commanders and their captains surrounded Rain.

Rain: I'm a friend.

Dokubo noticed that Rain was blind.

Dokubo: You are quite skilled for a blind man.
Rain: What do you expect from a master of the four elements of nature and the weather.

Apha was shocked after Rain said that.

Apha: (In his mind) Could he be the one Ezra was talking about?

Rain: Clinton, the son of my old friend Abdulrasaq you are doing quite well.

Clinton: You are unbelievable! You can't see but you know who I am. And what do you mean by my father being your old friend?

Rain: Seek me out if you want to know the answer.

Rain immediately disappeared.

Queen Chika: The duel is over!

Dokubo: (In his mind) He's a master wizard and an old friend of Abdulrasaq? I will seek him out too.

Apha: (In his mind) He must be the one Ezra talked about.

Queen Chika: So he had been hiding among the crowd. I will seek him out myself.

Rain smiled as he relaxed on a tree.

Rain: He (Clinton) wouldn't be the only one seeking me out.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Nine (9)

The Search For Rain Begins: Challenges Ahead!

Temi and Boss woke up after a while and they were told what happened.

Boss: You did well Temi.
Temi: You too.

Nkiruka: Boss, how did you allow yourself to be beaten?
Boss: I'm sorry.
Temi: The match didn't end, we were interupted.

Nkiruka: Who cares? You landed two heavy blows and he just gave you a soft punch. Wait, is it is because she's a lady?

Boss: No, she caught me by suprise that's all. I underestimated her.
Dokubo: Don't underestimate your enemy next time.

Clinton: Hello guys, I will be heading out to search for Rain. Rita take care of the division.
Temi: I will be going with you.

Rita: A captain should stay by his commander's side.
Clinton: Just take care of the division, I wouldn't be gone for long.

Apha: I will be going too, I have some questions for the guy.

Dokubo: I and my squad will also seek him out.
Clinton: Let's go together then.

Dokubo and his squad, Clinton, Temi and Apha went and began their search for Rain.

** At The Witches Castle **

The witches were visibly worried.

Witch Bola: Hmm, with the powers displayed by the two of them we need a new line of action.

Witch Ngozi: What do you suggest?
Witch Bola: We need to resurrect Nkem!

Witch Ngozi: What? Are you really serious?
Witch Kitana: Think carefully, that is dangerous!
Witch Haru: Witch Nkem is evil herself, she was strong enough to chain the great dragon.

Witch Bola: I don't care what the consequences maybe. We must win! We must win!

Witch Ngozi: You have a plan then, you know she could kill us.
Witch Bola: We will cross that bridge. I will be going with Haruna to our hometown, you and Kitana will attack Alimadu kingdom.

Witch Bola: Understood.

Rain was ontop of the tallest tree in the forest and he felt the others coming after him.

Rain: Well, if they can survive the challenges on the way, then they can see me.

Clinton and his group were walking in the forest in search of Rain, Apha had told them the reason why he seeked Rain.

Clinton: I see. You want to see another of your kind, a master.

Apha: Yes, I want to meet my fellow master.

Dokubo: You are not yet a master kid.
Apha: What? What do you mean?
Dokubo: Until you cast all the spell at the same time and live to tell about it, then you are free to call yourself a master.

Apha: Hmm, I see. I will do it someday and I will live to tell about it.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

On the other side Queen Chika and Femi with a few soldier were also seeking Rain.

Femi: This forest seems too quiet today.
Queen Chika: Yes, he has knocked out every animals here to sleep.
Femi: Hmm, he wants to concentrate huh?

Queen Chika: Duck!!

Everyone ducked and arrows flew past them.

Queen Chika: All of you need to go back. There are serious traps ahead. You won't stand a chance.

Femi: Our duty is to protect you.
Queen Chika: It's an order!

Femi: Yes my Queen.

Queen Chika raced off and left the others behind.

Queen Chika: He's making it hard and dangerous for him to be found.

** Back To Clinton And The Others **

Dokubo: I just felt something.
Temi: Me too.
Apha: So what exactly is the plan to find him?

Boss: Hmm, we just have to use our instinct. He has erased his foot steps and also he has erased his presence. We have to search for any high level of power.

Suddenly trees standing moving.

Moon: Should I kill those trees?
Apha: No. Mother nature won't be happy with you.
Moon: Those trees are puppets, someone is controlling them.

Dokubo: Get ready for any attack.
Clinton: Yes.

Suddenly humanoid earth creatures appeared from the ground and surround them all.

Dokubo: We are being surrounded huh?
Moon: Let me see if poison will work.

Moon: Venom of the snake dragon!!

Moon threw many of her ninja kunai at the creatures but the poison didn't affect them.

Moon: Hmm, they are products of nature and they have the ability to reject poison.

Boss: A little lightening will do the trick.

Boss struck them with lightening but their burnt parts immediately changed to new.

Boss: They have good regenerative abilities.
Temi: Then we just have to keep firing till they can't take it anymore.

Suddenly Clinton was grabbed by a monkey like earth creature, he screamed as the creature jumped to the tree carrying him.

Clinton: Ahh!!!
Temi: Clinton!!

As Queen Chika was racing she was also surrounded by the same kind of creatures.

Queen Chika: So this is how he wants to play.

Rain: (Smiles) I'm just getting started.

Watch Out For The Next Episode As The Search For Rain Continues!!
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Ten (10)

The Search For Rain Continues! Clinton Is Trapped!

As the search for Rain began Dokubo's group and Clinton's were surrounded by humanoid earth creature. On the other side Queen Chika was also surrounded as she left her men behind.
Without any sign Clinton was captured by a monkey like creature made from the earth.

Temi: Clinton has been captured!!

The monkey like sand creature held Clinton by his tail and made a run for it, Temi wanted to go after them but the humanoid creatures surrounding them got reinforcement.

Temi: Damn it! I don't know where it is taking Clinton to.

Dokubo: We can worry about that later. Now we have to focus on what is in front of us.
Temi: Yea.

The humanoid sand creatures all conjoured swords.

Dokubo: Draw your swords, he wants to test our sword skills huh.
Temi: Yea, and with the way I see things they would be going all out.
Boss: Well, that's perfect!!

The humanoid sand creatures attacked them and a sword fight began, they cut through the creatures but it got healed up instantly.

Apha: These things wouldn't just die.
Temi: They are puppets made from the earth itself. They will not stop coming until the user stop or you render the puppets useless.

Rain: You are right Temi.

They heard Rain's voice and looked everywhere around them but they didn't see him.

Temi: Show yourself.
Rain: Show myself? This is a search, you have to find me yourself. That's if you survive the hurdles ahead. Bye!

Apha: What did he mean by hurdles ahead?
Dokubo: There are other challenges.
Temi: We can't waste much time here. I have to find Clinton.
Moon: He should be fine, he's strong.
Nkiruka: Let's focus in what lies before us.

Clinton was screaming as the monkey like sand creature carried him jumping from tree to tree.

Clinton: Put me down monkey! I'm going to deal with you! Drop me monkey!

The tail grip on Clinton was very tight and he couldn't draw his sword.

Clinton: Hmm, it's so tight! I'm going to deal with you monkey just watch! You are going to regret this.
Suddenly the creature dropped him, he was about falling into a dark pit, he threw fire inside and saw there were spikes down there.

Clinton: Spikes! Do he want to kill me?

Clinton spread his legs wide and hanged in the middle of the pit, there was light above, darkness and spikes below.

Clinton: I need to get out of here, Temi could be getting worried.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Ten (10) Continuation

Queen Chika had began her fight with the creatures which surrounded her, and she found out that cutting them was useless. The monkey like creature with Clinton passed her as she was engaging the humanoid creatures.

Queen Chika: I'm sure it was Clinton who just passed but I wonder what that creature was, maybe one of these things. Anyway, I got my own share of problem here.

Queen Chika: Hmm, this things came from nature and only nature can cancel nature. They are also puppets! I have to stop them from moving.

Queen Chika: Mini!

Rain fell on the humanoid sand creatures and they were too heavy to move and then they melted down.

Queen: I did it!

Rain: That's quite impressive Queen Chika.

Queen Chika: Where are you?
Rain: You have to find me, let me see how you will pass the next challenge. Bye!

Queen Chika: Another challenge, bring it on.

Temi and the others were still engaging the ones that surrounding them.

Dokubo: This is becoming a pain! Damn it! We keep cutting them and they keep healing.

Sea: Temi said one way we can beat them is by making them unusable for the puppet master.
Temi: Yes, I did said so.

Sea: If we pour it water it shouldn't be able to move, I'm a water user.
Temi: Nice one, that should work!
Dokubo: I could have freeze them but I thought he was testing our sword skills, these things are just too weak.
Sea: I'm doing it!
Dokubo: Go ahead!

Sea pointed his hand at the creatures and water splashed on them causing them to scatter and become too hard to move.

Temi: That does it!

Rain: Congrats! You are doing well but I cannot say the same about your friend Clinton.

Temi: Where did you take him to?
Rain: You should be thinking about the next hurdle ahead. Bye!

Temi: I will be back guys, I'm going after Clinton.

Temi ran off.

Moon: She's so sweet!

Clinton was still in the pit and he heared hissing sound, he used his fire and saw snakes crawling towards him.

Clinton: Snakes??

He drew his sword but it fell down to the bottom of the pit which was a nest of snakes.

Clinton: Oh man, this is bad!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Eleven (11)

The Search For Rain Continues: Clinton Is Saved.

As the search for Rain continued Dokubo's group and Queen Chika had overcomed their first challenges, but the story was different for Clinton who was trapped in a pit.
The pit was filled with spikes and snakes and his sword had dropped to the nest of snakes at the bottom of the pit, meanwhile Temi had left the others in search of him.

The snakes were crawling towards Clinton as he was thinking of a way to get out of there.

Clinton: Oh my, these snakes are sure to be poisonous. Rain overdid it!

Temi was racing very fast and found it hard locating Clinton's presence since a spell cast around the pit prevented her sensing it.

Temi: Where could he be? Rain must have done something preventing me from sensing him.

Dokubo's squad and Apha had moved forward in search of Rain.

Dokubo: Be on your guards men. The attack could come from anywhere.

Apha: Hmm, why are we moving forward?
Dokubo: What do you mean?
Apha: Rain could be anywhere, there's a chance we might have walked pass where he's hiding.

Rain: Apha is right, I could be anywhere. You might keep moving forward and won't be able to find me.

They looked around but couldn't locate where the voice was coming from.

Dokubo: Well, you are right Apha. We are going to split into three groups, Temi had already gone to the south in search of Clinton. We will be going North, east and west.

Dokubo and Moon headed north, Boss and Nkiruka headed west, and then Apha and Sea headed east.

Queen Chika was still racing with her horse and was ready for what the next challenge would be.

Queen Chika: What is he waiting for? Is he playing mind games with us?

Just then Temi appeared before Queen Chika and she was shocked.

Temi: My Queen, what are you doing here?
Queen Chika: Hunting for Rain just like you people, I got many questions for him.

Temi: I see.
Queen Chika: So where are the others?
Temi: I left them. I'm looking for Clinton, a monkey like creature grabbed him.

Queen Chika: Clinton huh? Oh yes, I remember now. I saw the creature with Clinton jumping from one tree to the other.

Temi: Good, so do you know which direction it took him to?
Queen Chika: Yea, just keep going down.

Temi: Okay, thanks.

Temi raced off immediately in the direction.

Queen Chika: Hmm, love is so sweet.

Temi: I'm almost there Clinton, just a little longer.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Eleven (11) Continuation

Clinton was still trapped inside the pit. A snake made to bite his leg but he grabbed it with his hand and threw it back immediately because he was scared of snakes.

Clinton: I never thought I would ever hold a snake in my hands. Well this is a desperate situation.

A three headed snake appeared and was making it's way up, he screamed out as he saw it.

Clinton: Ahh!! This is very bad. This is not good for my health, anything but snakes. Oh my, a snake with three heads?

When Clinton screamed Temi heard him.

Temi: That must be him. I'm coming sweetheart!!

The other groups kept on walking expecting the challenges Rain talked about to pop out anytime soon.

Dokubo: I'm getting tired of this already, where are the challenges?
Moon: Stay calm darling, I'm sure it would be here very soon.

Boss: We have been walking for a while, maybe I should just burn this whole forest and he will show up.
Nkiruka: I can help with that.

Apha and Sea on the other hand met Queen Chika. She told them she saw Temi and the three of them walked together. They also talked about the challenges they had faced.

Queen Chika: So our challenges were all the same. I wonder what will come next.
Apha: It will certainly be more challenging than the former.
Sea: I hope so.

Clinton screamed again and Temi reached where he was.

Temi: Clinton!
Clinton: Temi! I'm in here!

Temi looked into the pit and took her hands down.

Temi: Grab my hands!
Clinton: Sure!

Just as the three head snakes was about to reach him he grabbed Temi's hand and was pulled out.
He fell on Temi's body.

Clinton: Thank you babe.
Temi: You must have seen a snake down there.

Clinton: Sure.

Both of them made to kiss but a cage surrounded them together with the pit.

Temi: What the.....
Clinton: Is this a challenge?
Temi: Sure.

Rain: What do I have here? Two lovers, so romantic.

Temi: What is going on?
Rain: Just relax and see.

A cage also covered all the others group and they were all suprised and expecting the next challenge.

Dokubo: The cage should be to restrict our movement.
Moon: Exactly.

Boss: It was about time.
Nkiruka: Yea.

Queen Chika: Stay sharp boys!
Apha: Yes.
Sea: (Smiles) I'm looking forward to it.

Rain: Your second challenge is about to begin.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Bro, have you tried putting your stories on wattpad or Okada books?
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Bro, have you tried putting your stories on wattpad or Okada books?

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Twelve (12)

The Search For Rain Continues: Second Challenge Activated

After Clinton was saved from the pit by Temi  a cage surrounded them and the pit, and so did cage also surround the other groups.

Clinton: Why did he have to do this near the pit?
Temi: This must have been his plan all along. This cage is going to restrict our movement and the pit even makes it harder to move around. Whatever is crawling out of there need to be taken care of.

The other groups were also expecting their new challenge.

Queen Chika: What is he up to now?
Apha: I feel a little bit dizzy.
Sea: Me too.
Queen Chika: It must be a spell.
Apha: Yes.

Moon touched the cage which trapped her and Dokubo but it pushed her backward.

Moon: This is no ordinary cage.
Dokubo: I wonder what big challenge would be popping up in this little space.
Moon: We just have to wait and find out.

Boss struck the cage that surrounded him and Nkiruka but the lightening struck him back.

Boss: This cage is repelling my powers.
Nkiruka: If we go full power we might end up hurting ourselves.

Rain: (To everyone) You all will be going underground to fight. The last team to finish will go deeper underground again and try to make their way back to the top. As for the two lovers Temi and Clinton they have to defeat what is before them before they can proceed to the underground.

Ahhh!! The groups started screaming as holes opened beneath them and they fell inside except Temi and Clinton who were told to defeat what was before them.

Temi: You said there are snakes down there right?
Clinton: Yes, one got three heads!
Temi: I will just obliterate everything inside the pit.

Clinton: No. My sword is down there.
Temi: It's the dragon blade after all, it should be okay.
Clinton: All right, do it.

Temi struck the pit with lightening but the power was just five percent of her powers and it only killed the kid snakes.

Temi: What just happened? I couldn't use most of my powers.
Clinton: It must be the cage. Let me try.

Clinton cast his fire into the pit but it was very weak.

Temi: You were right. It must be the cage.
Clinton: We are screwed! I'm sure there are bigger snakes than the one I saw.

Temi: Don't worry, I got my sword with me.
Clinton: Just perfect, I knew I can always count on you to save the day.

And just then a snake which was just a little smaller than the pit brought its head up.

Clinton: Temi!
Temi: You are a cry baby, it's big but I'm going to cut it.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Twelve (12) Continuation

The other groups fell underground as Temi and Clinton were still trapped ouside and a giant snake was about crawling out.

** Team Dokubo **

Dokubo and Moon both fell underground together and everywhere was dark.

Moon: It's dark in here. We need light.
Dokubo: If only the others were here.
Moon: We can still use the light spell though it wouldn't be that bright.
Dokubo: It's all we got, we have to use it.

Dokubo and Moon both cast the light spell and it illuminated places around them.

Dokubo: We should be trying to make our way up right?
Moon: Yes, but before that we have to finish our challenge here.

And just then the opening to the underground closed.

Dokubo: He's not giving us a chance to run for it.
Moon: Yes, let's do this together and show our hurdles what the power of love can do.
Dokubo: Yes sweetheart.

** Boss' Group **

As Boss and Nkiruka both fell down to the underground the opening closed.

Boss: He intends on keeping us here till we are done.
Nkiruka: Yes, it's a good thing I'm a fire user. Let me illuminate this place.

Nkiruka illuminated the whole place with fire.

Boss: Good, just what we need.
Nkiruka: Let's start moving, we don't want to be the last group.
Boss: Sure, let's move.

** Chika's Group **

Queen Chika, Apha and Sea fell down. Queen Chika stood on her feet while Apha and Sea crashed.

Queen Chika: You guys just had to crash huh?
Apha: Aah! That was a long fall.
Sea: It's so painful.

Just then the path to the underground close and everywhere became dark.

Apha: Let me try my fire magic for the first time.
Queen Chika: No, you don't have to try it for the first time here. You have to do it in an open space. Let me do it.

Queen Chika illuminated everywhere with light.

Apha: Wow! We can see almost everything now.
Sea: Yes, we are going to win this.
Queen Chika: All right, let's go! We are going to be the first group to get out of here.
Apha: Sure, I wonder how Clinton and Temi are doing.
Queen Chika: They will be fine.

The three groups that made their way down began moving forward as the second challenge had been activated while Temi and Clinton were about facing a giant snake.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Thirteen (13)

The Two Lovers On The Second Underground Level

After the other groups fell to the underground they kept walking, hoping for when their next challenge would show up, and as for Temi and Clinton a giant snake was rising out from the pit.

Clinton: The snake is huge, can you really cut it?
Temi: Yes, I have something in mind.
Clinton: Okay.

Suddenly the giant snake brought out it's full head and hissed, Clinton screamed and Temi was getting ready to cut it.

Clinton: Ahh!! Ahh!! This is too big!!

The snake looked at Clinton and he started shifting back.

Clinton: Don't like me snake. Don't like me.
Temi: Hey snake! Look over here!

Immediately the snake looked at Temi it had a blackout as she chopped its head off by running lightening through her blessed sword.

** Dokubo's Group **

As Dokubo and Moon were walking their light suddenly went off.

Dokubo: Be on your guard, I can feel the enemy is approaching.
Moon: Yes.

Moon made another light again but it went off.

Dokubo: Make the light and throw it in front of us.
Moon: Okay.

Moon threw the light in front of them and they saw a giant spider just right in fron of them.

Dokubo: Ice wall!

Dokubo created an ice wall before and behind them.

Dokubo: That thing is huge!
Moon: Yes! I'm a snake remember?
Dokubo: Yes.
Moon: I will just have to kill poison with poison.

Dokubo released his ice and Moon threw her ninja kunai at the spider and it crashed to the ground dead.

And just then they both found their ways above ground.

Dokubo: We are back up!!

They saw a writing on tree near them and it said that they should meet Rain in the tallest tree in the forest.

Moon: It's seems like we are the first to make it out. Let's go!

** Queen Chika's Team **

Queen Chika's light started blinking but it didn't go off since it was very strong.

Chika: Stay alert boys, we are going to be attacked soon.

Apha: Yes.

A very huge python was crawlilng toward them as Apha and Sea screamed out.

Queen Chika: This is too easy.
Apha: Yea, for you.

Queen Chika looked into the snake's eye and it fell down.

Queen Chika: That does it.

Suddenly they found themselves outside and also saw the writing made by Rain.

Queen Chika: Allright, now I'm going to catch him.
Apha: What did you do to the snake back there?
Queen Chika: Nothing really. I just made it sleep.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Thirteen (13 ) Continuation

** Boss' Group **

Boss and Nkiruka kept on walking but Nkiruka fire didn't blink or quench since she used pure fire magic. But they noticed a movement ahead of them.

Nkiruka: Something is coming.
Boss: Yes.

Suddenly a three headed lion appeared in front of them.

Nkiruka: Is this really the second challenge? This is a joke.

Nkiruka and Boss struck the beast with a combo of fire and lightening and it burnt.

Just then they found themselves outside and also saw Rain's writing.

Nkiruka: I wonder why he made it so easy.
Boss: Me too. But we will get to know once we catch up with him.
Nkiruka: Yes.

As the others were finishing their challenges Clinton and Temi fell into the underground and they fell deeper again.

Temi fell on Clinton's body and he was the one feeling all the pains.

Temi: I'm sorry if you are hurt.
Clinton: Nah, it was nothing.
Temi: So we fell two times, that means that the others have finished their challenge.

Clinton: Yea, but since we two are together we got nothing to fear.
Temi: Yes.

** At The Witches Castle **

Witch Bola had said that she would be going with witch Haruna to their hometown to the resurrect the most wicked witch that ever lived. Meanwhile Ngozi and Kitana would lead an assault against Alimadu kingdom.

Witch Bola: We will have to forget about other kingdoms for now and focus only on Alimadu kingdom..

Witch Ngozi: Yes, that was just what I was thinking.

Witch Bola: I will be leaving with Haruna now, Ngozi, you and Kitana should give Alimadu kingdom hell.

Witch Ngozi: We will my Queen.

Witch Bola and Haruna left as Witch Ngozi and Kitana prepared to take down Alimadu kingdom.

Witch Ngozi: we will reduce the kingdom to dust.
Witch Kitana: Yes, we will show them no mercy!

Clinton and Temi stood up and held hands as they were ready to face the challenges ahead.

Clinton: Together, nothing can stop us!
Temi: Yes. We are going to finish this and catch up with the others.

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