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Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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The Season 4 of one of my popular stories; Clinton and the seven witches is coming soon.

Read Season 1 here

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The four dark witches are finally back and have unleashed an army of ten thousand of their minions to attack Alimadu kingdom with anything in their path.

This is just the first wave as the witches are planning something big, will Clinton and his comrades be able to stop them?

Coming Soon....
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode One (1)

The Fight Begins

Clinton and his captain Rita headed out with some of his men as they seek to take down most of the army of ten thousand witches before they reach the kingdom.

Clinton: This is for world peace! Stay strong men!
All: Yes!
Rita: We are taking them down for sure.

As Clinton and his men raced out in order to confront the army of witches coming, the six other commanders were also on high alert.

Boyo: Well captain, this is the first time you are going to see witches. Don't fear them. Cut them!
Madu: Yes commander!

** At The Dragon Tribe Realm **

Dokubo and his team were ready for the war and so were every other warriors in the realm.

Dokubo: The chance of the witches sending their army here is ten percent.
Boss: Yea, I know what you mean. We will wipe their army out in seconds.
Sea: So what are you guys saying? Maybe we should cross over and go help the others.
Dokubo: Well, that sounds good enough.

Asari approached the five of them as they were talking.

Asari: (Clears throat) I think I know what you guys are thinking.
Moon: You always say that.
Asari: Well, this time I am right.
Nkiruka: Go ahead then.

Asari: You guys are thinking that the four dark witches wouldn't probably send their minions to our realm, because it's going to be suicide on their side.
Moon: Well, you are right this time.
Dokubo: So what are you saying sir?

Asari: They are going to send their minions here as a show of force.
Nkiruka: Even though they know it would be suicidal?
Asari: Yes. They are just passing a message. A message that they would be here someday themselves.
Dokubo: I get you sir, let them bring it on.
Boss: They will hardly make us sweat.
Asari: All right, see you guys later. Let me see how the others are doing.

Dokubo: You heard the man, it seems we are going to have company after all.
Boss: Let them bring it on.
Moon: I'm ready to rambo anytime.
Nkiruka: Me too, a little exercise wouldn't be a bad idea.
Sea: Well, this is going to be a chance to prove myself.

** At Abdulrasaq's House **

The dwarves and Kanu were at Abdulrasaq's house and were ready to battle at any call.

Voski: We are going to avenge our brethren who were murdered in their sleep many years ago. The witches must pay.
Doski: Yes, we are going to make them pay for what they did to our brothers.
Boski: Their army are headed for Alimadu kingdom, we should head over there too.
Kero: I can't wait!
Voski: All right men! To Alimadu kingdom!
All: Yea!!

The dwarves all charged on their horses to Alimadu kingdom.

Kanu: Hmm, let me watch for a while.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode One (1) Continuation

Clinton and his men were still outside the northern gate of the kingdom as they awaited the army of witches.

Rita: You can feel something from afar right?
Clinton: Yes, when I want to.
Rita: You know what I mean right?
Clinton: Yes.... (Hears noises) Did you hear that captain?
Rita: Yes.

And just then the army of ten thousand witches came in sight and they were all suprised.

Clinton: They are too many!
Rita: What on earth?!

Queen Chika also felt the large number of witches headed for the kingdom.

Queen Chika: This is so crazy! Christopher send a message to the south gate. One division should go and back up the northern gate. The enemies are only approaching from the north and their number is crazy.

Christopher: Yes, my Queen.

Boyo and his men also saw the witches from a far distance at the northern gate.

Boyo: This is for real!
Madu: Should we maintain our position commander?
Boyo: No, half of the men shall follow me as a backup for Clinton's division. You are to stay here with the others and take down any witch that pass through us.
Madu: Yes commander!

Boyo and half of his men went out to back up Clinton and his men.

Rita: Should we call for back up commander?
Clinton: No. A back up team should already be on its way.

Clinton turned and faced at his men.

Clinton: Men! Fear not! Let's fight the evil ones to bring peace to the world!! Shoot down them down with your arrows! Pierce their hearts with your spears and cut them down with your swords!

His men all hailed him.

Clinton: Now follow me let's fight for peace!

Clinton and his men raced toward the witches. He raised his sword up and it glowed red. He then sent a strike in the air. The strike turned to fire and attacked some of the witches and they fell down.
Rita: You are not going to beat me to this one commander. Heaven and earth technique!

Rita sword glowed with fire, and fire erupted from the ground and also came from the air and burnt many of the witches and the men were so happy.

Man1: Wow! The commander and the captain are great!

Clinton: Nice one there captain.

Temi and the others felt that the battle had already begun.

Temi: Well, the fight has begun.
Apha: We are going to win this one.

The Queen also felt it as the fight raged on.

Queen Chika: This is round one and we are going to win.

Clinton: Fight men! For world peace!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Two (2)

Boyo BackUp Team Arrives

Clinton and his division continued fighting the army of ten thousand witches. The number of the witches were more than they expected, so reinforcement was coming from Boyo's division. The dwarves were also on their to fight the witches.

Clinton: Keep fighting men! Destroy evil!
All: Yea!!
Rita: The situation is going to get bad, some of the witches are now going through the east and west.
Clinton: Shoot the signal!
Rita: Yes commander!

Rita fired the yellow signal up in the sky and the two commanders saw them.

Aisha: Get ready for battle!
All: Yes commander!

Timo: Prepare for battle!
All: Yea!!

The rest of the other commanders also saw the signal.

Ebuka: It seems this wasn't what we expected. Get ready for battle captain.
Chef: Yes sir!

Clinton and his division were still fighting the army of witches as reinforcement from Boyo's division were on their way.
The archers in the wall took down the witches that wanted to infiltrate the kingdom.

Rita: Heaven and earth technique!
Clinton: Fire slash technique!

Clinton and Rita with their men continued eliminating many of the witches. The fire slash and the heaven and earth technique burnt many witches.
Some of the witches came down and used their brooms to fight the swordsmen.

The swordsmen repelled some of their spells with their swords which had been blessed. Some of the swordsmen were unlucky as they were hit from the air and unaware.

Clinton: Don't stop fighting! Don't give in! Don't give in!

Clinton and his men continued their assault against the witches who had the advantage because of their numbers.

Rita: Commander!
Clinton: Yes?
Rita: Should I try the third technique?
Clinton: No, remember what happened to you last time.
Rita: Yes Commander!

Rita's energy was all drained up when she had tried the fire dragon technique during their training session.

The fight intensified and the army of witches now divided into three, one north, one east and one west.

The two commanders of the east and west and their men were all at alert. The archers took down the witches as they crashed to the ground.

Boyo and half of his men who were on their way to reinforce Clinton also faced some witches on the way. They took down all the witches that challenged them without suffering any casualty.

Boyo: Woh! We may be stronger but they got the number.

Rita: They have now split into three groups commander.
Clinton: Don't worry, commander Aisha and Timo can hold their own against them.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

** At The Witches Castle **

Witch Bola had neutralised the spell that made the island of Elu and the rest of the world run on different time. She was watching the fight with her sisters via a mirror.

Witch Bola: Well, well, look at what we have here. They are being overwhelmed by our army.
Witch Ngozi: Maybe we should send more.
Witch Bola: No. This is just the first wave, we have to double the number in the next wave. Hahaha!
Witch Kitana: Well, our army are not really overwhelming them.
Witch Haruna: Yes, their seven commanders are simply suprised at our numbers.
Witch Bola: I know that, let's keep watcing. If only the seven commanders were together, this wouldn't have been a problem.

Witch Ngozi: So their Queen made a mistake?
Witch Bola: Who knows? The Queen is a smart one.

** At The Palace Of Alimadu Kingdom **

The Queen placed magic eyes all over the kingdom and it was recording the fights. The Queen, Femi, Chime and a few royal guards were watching the fight as it raged on.

Femi: My Queen, do you have any idea why our kingdom is the only one under attack and with much brutal force?
Queen Chika: Yes. They want to send a message to us that they are not kidding. Also our kingdom is where every kingdom look up to now, they want to shake their faith in us.
Femi: I see. I hope Christopher get the backup very soon.
Queen Chika: Yes, well Boyo is already on it.

The battle still raged on as both sides clashed. Clinton and Rita were doing well against the witches but their men were having a little difficulty as the witches number were overwhelming. And just then Boyo's backup team arrived.

Boyo: We are here!
Clinton: We got back up!
Rita: That's great!

Boyo: Quicksand!

Boyo made a quicksand and it swallowed some of the witches foot soldiers.

Clinton: That was nicely done.
Boyo: Yes. Let's go ahead!
Clinton: You heard him men! Let's fight for peace!

The swordsmen morale were heightened because of their back up and the battle against the witches intensified.

Christopher had reached the southern gate via a short cut and he informed Temi that the north gate needed back up and she immediately headed out with her men.

Temi: Let's ride to the battle field!
All: Yea!!
Temi: (In her mind) Don't worry Clinton, I will soon be there.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Three (3)

The Two Magic Knights

The battle against the witches intensified as they split into three groups with two heading to the east and west.

The swordsmen morale were raised as they received their back up from Boyo's division.
Aisha and Timo who were commanders of the eastern and western walls respectively were also at alert as the witches went in their direction.

Temi on the other hand was on her way also to back up the northern gate after Christopher told her they needed help.

Clinton: Fight men!
All: Yea!!
Boyo: Bro, let's show them what two commanders can do.
Clinton: Yes, of course.

Boyo and Clinton jumped up from their horses.

Clinton: Fire dragon technique!!
Boyo: Sand tsunami!

Boyo sand tsunami immediately buried about three hundred of the witches, and Clinton fire dragon technique took down a little higher than that.

Boyo sand tsunami spell had caused sand to rise up and bring down some of the flying witches and brought them down with their foot soldiers. While Clinton fire dragon turned into a fire snake dragon and badly burnt the witches.

They swordsmen were all suprised and cheered them up. Unknown to the swordsmen those spells drained half of their magic energy since they were not masters yet.

Swordsman1: The two commanders are great!
Swordsman2: Yes, they are awesome. With the two of them here this battle is definitely ours.

Boyo: That show off sure did something to us.
Clinton: Yes. You are right.

Rita was the only one who knew that Boyo and Clinton had become weaker after they did that.

Rita: You can count on me commander. I got your back.
Clinton: Thank you.

Rita: Heaven and Earth technique! Devil's mode!

The area became hot and a stream of lava poured on the witches from the sky and also it erupted from the ground below and melted them. Boyo, Clinton and the rest of the swordsmen were suprised.

Swordsman3: Division one captain is so cool.
Swordsman4: Their commander have been training her.

Clinton: How did you do that?
Rita: It's my own version of heaven and earth technique.
Clinton: Wow! You are so cool.

The dark witches picked an interest on Rita as they watched the fight.

Witch Bola: That girl could become a danger to us.
Witch Ngozi: Yes. The son of Abdulrasaq must her trained her to be a magic knight.
Witch Bola: Exactly, I never thought one would exist in this age.
Witch Kitana: So what do you say?
Witch Bola: She shouldn't be underestimated, we must see her as we see the seven commanders.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Three (3) Continuation

Queen Chika and a few others were watching the fight also and she also picked an interest in Rita.

Queen Chika: Hmm, this girl huh. She's going to keep getting stronger and then she will become a target.
Femi: What do you mean by her becoming a target?

Queen Chika: Witch Bola and her three sisters are also watching this fight. They are analysing our fighting power, and also they are checking if there is anyone who is close or are strong as the seven commanders.
From now on, she's a target.
Femi: With those powers she can take care of herself.
Queen Chika: Yea, after all she's a magic knight.

Femi: What is a magic knight?
Queen Chika: Magic knights are ordinary humans which can use their aura to manipulate things around them and cast spells. What makes them so dangerous more than witches and wizards is that their powers doesn't depend on their magic energy because they don't have it.

Femi: If they don't have magic energy, how then do they cast their spell?
Queen Chika: They use nature's energy which is unlimited.

The two commanders on the western and eastern walls and their swordsmen were all ready for battle as the witches made for them.

Aisha: Archers fire!!!

The archers took down some of the witches.

Aisha: Fight them men! Don't let them get past you.
All: Yes commander!
Aisha: Lightning machine gun!!!

Aisha made lightening machine gun and it took down the witches flying.

Aisha: Captain, ride out with some men and take down their foot soldiers.
Oscar: Yes commander!

Oscar rode out with some men as they clashed with the witches foot soldiers.

Timo on the other hand took down the witches with his air magic and his men hailed him.

Sky: That's so awesome captain. So awesome.
Timo: You all have nothing to fear with me here.

** At The Dragon Tribe Realm **

Nkiruka: That girl Temi is a not a witch.
Boss: Yes, I noticed that too.
Moon: Well, she's a tough one.
Sea: What is she then?
Dokubo: She's a magic knight. A strong one!

The dwarves were on their way as they had almost reached the battle field.

Voski: We are almost there brothers!!

Temi also was almost at the northern gate. She was racing very fast with her men on their horses.

Temi: I'm going to end this battle!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Four (4)

A Truth From TwentyOne Years Ago! Rain's Identity And  Temi Roars!

The battle heightened as the witches attacked the eastern and western walls guarded by Aisha and Timo respectively, but the two commanders were up to the task as they went head to head with the witches.

As the war raged on the people of Alimadu kingdom all stayed in their houses without any fear as they had faith in their seven commanders. Many people from neighbouring kingdoms and towns seek protection in Alimadu kingdom.

Rain had appeared at the side of the world where he could use magic, he appeared on a tree and observed the way the battle was going on.

Rain: Everything is going fine, they should be able to handle this. It's time I paid mother a visit.

He disappeared.

Clinton and Boyo were holding their ground against the witches in the northern gate, the archers on the wall took down the witches that wanted to pass.

Aisha was holding her own against the witches as she activated her lightening machine gun which brought down some of the witches.

Aisha: Lightening sword attack!!

Aisha slashed her sword in the air and many slashes of lightening took down the witches.

Timo on the other hand used his air magic to bring down the witches and also made them to collide with one another.

Timo: Fight men! This battle is ours!

As Clinton and Boyo were fighting in the north, they noticed that the witches were falling from behind.

Rita: The witches are falling from behind.
Clinton: Yes, I noticed that.
Boyo: What could be responsible?

Suddenly they saw Voski jumped up and was throwing ninja kunai at the witches.

Voski: Die you evil creatures!! Die!!

Clinton & Boyo: Voski!
Clinton: The dwarves are here!
Rita: What? The dwarves you told me about?
Clinton: Yes.
Rita: That's great.

Voski and his brethren continued their assault against the witches from behind, the witches burnt as they were stabbed by the dwarves ninja kunai and swords.

Voski: Ahh!! We are taking them down! All of them!!

** At The Witches Castle **

As the witches were watching the battle, Rain appeared in front of them with lightening and they fell down from their chairs.

Witch Bola: Who dare do that?
Rain: I.

The four dark witches got up very angry but they all looked a little bit confused and suprised after they saw Rain's face. They rubbed their eyes to make sure they were seeing clearly.

Witch Bola: Is that really you?
Rain: Yes, mother.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Four (4) Continuation

Rain was the son of the darkwitch Bola and the late great wizard Emeka. He had been thought to be dead during the war twenty one years ago, but he was standing before them in his old body.

Witch Bola: I thought you were.....
Rain: Dead?
Witch Bola: Yes.
Rain: Well, I almost died. But as a master of the four elements of nature and the weather itself I managed to survive and preserve my body from aging.

Witch Bola: What about you eyesight?
Rain: It's still gone. You should be asking me why I am here.
Witch Bola: Yea, I wanted to ask that.

Rain: Stop this war!
Witch Bola: Stop being like your father!!
Rain: Have you forgotten what happened during the war twenty one years ago? The casualties were too much. We used magic to cover that, many people who are thought to be alive today are just illusions. We created those illusions using magic so that their loved ones wouldn't feel lonely. Do you want that to happen again!

Witch Bola: I don't care about how many casualties this war will cause, my kind must rule this world. Remember, you also have my blood.

Rain: Of course, I do. But that wouldn't make me wicked and heartless as you are!
Witch Bola: Shut up!
Rain: I see, talking sense to you wouldn't work.
Witch Bola: Since it didn't work, what will you try next?
Rain: Nothing, we shall meet in the battle field.

He disappeared.

Witch Bola: Damn that brat!!
Witch Ngozi: It seems your son is against us this time again.
Witch Bola: Don't worry, I will take care of him in the battle field.

** At The North Gate **

Temi and her back up team had arrived and she rode to meet Clinton, Boyo and Rita.

Clinton: Hello bae, you are here.
Temi: Yes, just leave this fight to me.
Rita: Huh?

Temi jumped up from her horse with lightening running around her body.

Temi: Lightening rain!

Suddenly the cloud turn dark.

Temi: Clinton! All of you should fall back!

Clinton: You heard her! Every one should fall back!

The swordsmen all fell back and so did the dwarves as Voski heared her and warned the others.

Temi was in the air and both the dark witches and Queen Chika watched closely at what she was about to do.

Temi: Let it rain!

Immediately there was a defeaning thunder and then lightening which descended from the dark clouds and struck down every witch in the north gate with an amazing power.

Both Queen Chika and the dark witches stood up from their chairs as they were amazed by her powers.

Just in seconds the entire north gate was filled with dead and burnt witches, the witches attacking the east and western gates all ran away after they saw what happened.

Witch Bola: That girl is our number one target!

Queen Chika: Incredible! She took them all down just with one strike.

Temi walked out from the smoke and approached Clinton and the others.

Clinton: That was incredible!

She smiled and jumped on her horse.

Temi: The war is ours to win!!

Yea!! All the swordsmen hailed her.

Queen Chika: The war is ours to win!!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Five (5)

Rain And The Mysterious Shadow

All the swordsmen at the northern gate cheered Temi after she ended the battle with just one strike, and the others witches retreated.
The other commanders also felt the power of that lightening rain.

Boyo: Without a doubt, Temi is the strongest.

** At The Witches Castle **

The witches had watched the battle as it unfolded.

Witch Bola: That girl will continue getting stronger. I can feel it, her power is unsual and so strong.
Witch Ngozi: It's a good thing we made her our number one target.
Witch Kitana: I wonder, how could she really do that? It took us years to be capable of doing that.
Witch Haruna: That shouldn't be a problem, we should just take her down.
Witch Bola: Her face looks familiar, I killed someone that looked like her twenty one years ago.

Witch Ngozi: Could she be one of the illusions that Rain was talking about?
Witch Bola: Hmm, an illusion capable of doing this? I don't think so.
Witch Kitana: So we are still in the dark about her.
Witch Bola: Yes, at least for now.

Back at the kingdom the swordsmen started celebrating their victory.

Temi and Clinton sat in the same place at the northern gate chatting and laughing.

Clinton: You did really well babe.
Temi: Thanks, I had to end it quickly.
Clinton: I guess so.

Temi wrapped her hands around his neck and looked into his eyes.

Temi: What's holding you back from using your powers?
Clinton: Hmm, so you noticed huh.
Temi: Yea, I did.
Clinton: It's a long story though. Let's take a walk, let me tell you everything.
Temi: Okay.

Rita walked up to them as they were about to leave.

Rita: Commander, the men want to hear your speech since the battle ended.
Clinton: Tell them I'm taking a walk.
Rita: (Looks at Temi) A walk huh?
Clinton: Yeap, after all you are my captain. Take care of the men.

Rita looked as both of them walked away holding hands.

Rita: She wouldn't let me have a special moment with him, I'm going to disgrace her someday. In the presence of everyone. I'm going to get stronger and make her become trash in front of everyone.

Someone was in the shadows and the person saw them walk away.

Mysterious Person: So the girl Temi is among the survivors, she should have vanished after that attack she made but something is still making her to exist. She's becoming real, whatever that is, she is lucky. Anyway, I have to report to headquarters.

As the mysterious person was about to disappear a hand tapped him.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

Rain was the one who tapped the mysterious person (Shadow) on his shoulder.

Rain: What are you doing here Shadow?
Shadow: Just checking out what is mine.
Rain: You should stay away from her.
Shadow: Why should I? She belongs to me.
Rain: Idiot! Can't you see she's living her life?
Shadow: Who gave her life?
Rain: Just know this, stay away from her or else you will answer to me.
Shadow: If you say so. I have to go to headquarters. There is a greater threat than the witches and the people of this world don't know. That boy Clinton was saying there would be world peace after this war but he knows nothing. Chaos will reign and this world will burn to ashes and we shall create.....

Rain: Shut up! Your ideology is nonsense.
Shadow: Too bad, you wouldn't live long enough to see it come to pass.
Rain: What?
Shadow: Don't play dumb with me, we both know you just have a month, four days, three hours, thirty nine minues, 3 seconds to live.

Rain: So you know huh?
Shadow: Yes. If I don't know, who will?
Rain: Atleast the war would be over before then.
Shadow: That doesn't concern us. We are the seven dark sage.
Rain: A pretty match for the seven commanders huh?

Shadow: Enough of your insult, how dare you compare them with us?
Rain: Did I strike a nerve?
Shadow: Goodbye moron!

Shadow disappered.

Rain: This is bad, I hope they are ready before this crusade will start. I have to relax and maybe find a way to live longer and see that day.

Clinton had told Temi what was holding him back from using his powers that much, it was related to Chinnunu's possession of him. His power regulation was unstable.

Temi: I see, so that's all huh?
Clinton: Yes.
Temi: Why don't we hang out tonight. I can help you. We are going to be very busy soon.
Clinton: Let's head do your barrack, I will get to see Apha on my way back.
Temi: Sure.

** At The Dragon Tribe Realm **

The warriors of the Dragon tribe were expecting the witches to attack but no attack came.

Dokubo: It seems they wouldn't come after all.
Moon: Their quick defeat must have affected them.
Dokubo: Yes.
Boss: I will like to have a duel with Temi.
Nkiruka: Why don't we pay them a visit?
Dokubo: Sure.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Six (6)

Celebration! The First Wave Is Over!

The news about the end of the first wave attack against Alimadu kingdom spread all over the world as Queen Chika sent them the magic eye recordings.

Temi's prowess was widely discussed by everyone.
The other kingdoms were relieve that someone powerful like that was on their side.

King1: It's a good thing I didn't kill them after all. Now I can sleep very well.

Ike sneaked out of their hideout in the night and took the recording to Abiola.

Abiola: Hmm, it seems the seven commanders are just not talk after all.
Ike: Yes. Don't you think they will be in your way of taking the throne?
Abiola: Don't worry. I have my plan. Nothing will stop me from taking what belongs to me.

The seven commanders and their captains were called by the Queen two days after the first wave. She congratulated them and told them to be at  alert as the witches would appear anytime soon.

Apha: I really wish I had some action.
Ebuka: Me too, I ate to my full.
Queen Chika: Their second attack will be more stronger, so you two might get some action.

Rita: I will end the next wave myself.
Queen Chika: I'm looking forward to that. Clinton why were you so relunctant during the battle?

Clinton: I had a little problem but Temi fixed it on the night of the attack.
Timo: Did you just say night buddy?
Clinton: Yeap.
Timo: I'm curious, how did she fix it?
Temi: Timo can really be a moron sometimes.

Timo: What exactly did you fix?
Temi: I will not say a word.

Queen Chika: I want you people to select who you can work best with. The second attack wouldn't be a child's play.

Rita: They will be sending more than the number right?
Queen Chika: That wouldn't be all.
Temi: One of the dark witches will probably be with them.
Queen Chika: Exactly.

Apha: I have always been with Aisha.
Timo: I and Ebuka have been pals before we were given birth to.
Boyo: I will be going with Clinton and his love Temi.

Rita got angry after hearing Boyo say that.

Rita: This is a war and not a love issue.
Boyo: Don't worry. You will see what the power of love can do.
Clinton: Sure. Live in action.

Temi smiled.

Queen Chika: All right then, I will leave the plan of attack to you people.
Temi: We got that. We are going to give them hell.
Clinton: That's the spirit.
Timo: I will surely find out what Temi fixed in you.
Temi: Moron!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Six (6) Continuation

As the seven commanders and their captains stepped out of the palace, Dokubo and his team appeared with lightening and the seven commanders immediately drew out their swords.

Dokubo: It's us guys.
Clinton: Oops! We thought you guys may be the.....
Boss: I'm here for something very serious.

Rita and the captains were confused as they haven't seen Dokubo and his crew before.

Clinton: And what might that be?
Boss: I came for Temi.
Clinton: Really? And why?
Boss: I'm challenging her to a duel.
Temi: Challenge accepted.

Clinton: That was too fast.
Temi: I bet he wants to know who's stronger now since we both use lightening.
Clinton: I see.

Temi: (Looking at Sea) So you people have someone new in your squad.
Moon: Yes, his name is Sea.

Sea: My name is Sea. I'm pleased to meet the great seven commanders.
Ebuka: Hahahaha! You are such a good boy.
Apha: I suggest we all have a drink before the duel starts.

Boss: That will be great.
Nkiruka: Temi, you stand no chance against my Boss.
Temi: We will just have to see about that.

Rita: Commander, who are they?
Clinton: The Dragon tribe people I told you about.
Rita: Oh.

The seven commanders and Dokubo's squad went together to have a drink.

Rita: There's no way Temi can beat someone from the Dragon tribe. This is my opportunity, I will spread the news about the duel and everyone will see her being defeated like the little baby she is. Hahaha, just wait and see Temi. It's going to be me laughing.

** At The Witches Castle **

Witch Bola: We need to change our plan of attack. Haruna you will be leading the army of fifty thousand to Alimadu kingdom.

Witch Haruna: Fifty thousand? That's too much. Just give me hundred and we will take care of them.

Witch Bola: No, we must crush Alimadu kingdom. We must turn it to dust.
Witch Haruna: I understand.
Witch Ngozi: Make sure you don't get defeated.

Witch Haruna: I'm not a weakling like you.
Witch Ngozi: Are you challenging me?
Witch Haruna: Yes.
Witch Ngozi: All right then, let's go outside.

Witch Bola: Stop it! You two should stop behaving like kids.
Witch Haruna & Ngozi: Yes my Queen.

Rain got the information that Temi would be having a duel with Boss as Rita was telling everyone she met.

Rain: Temi and Boss? This is going to be interesting.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Seven (7)

The Duel: Boss Versus Temi

The arena was filled with people in no time, Clinton and the others were suprised on how the people knew there was going to be a duel match. Even Queen Chika, Femi and Chime came to watch.

Temi was facing Boss face to face.

Boss: I don't know how, but it seems almost everyone knows about our duel.
Temi: Yes. And let's not disappoint them.
Boss: Alright.

The major reason why the Queen and many much people came was because they wanted to see how Temi would fare against someone from the dragon tribe.
Rain was watching too but since nobody knew him it wasn't a problem.

The commanders, their captains and Dokubo's squad all stayed in the same place. The space was wide enough and Queen Chika had created a barrier so that no damage would be caused to the spectators.

Clinton: They will be going all out.
Dokubo: Yes, especially since almost everyone is here.
Nkiruka: Temi has no chance against my Boss.
Clinton: We will just have to see about that.

The bell rang signifying the beginning of the duel. The witches were also watching because Rain told them about the duel.

Witch Bola: It is so good of Rain to tell me about this duel, now I can measure the girl's true strength.

Immediately the bell rang Temi and Boss vanished as they were both moving with the speed of lightening and the ordinary eyes couldn't follow their movement.

The crowd were shocked and then suddenly there was boom!!

Temi and Boss' fists had collided and lightening was running through their bodies, the crowd hailed them.

Rita: (In her mind) Unbelieavable! So Temi is this strong??

Witch Bola: This is bad. She can wipe out our fifty thousand soldiers herself.

Queen Chika: With Temi this strong, we should have no problem with the witches.

Rain: Well, this is getting interesting.

Clinton: Temi is so so strong.

Dokubo: Impressive, she's catching up with Boss.
Nkiruka: This is a wonder girl, but the match have just started.

Boss and Temi looked at each other in the eyes as their fists collided.

Boss: Not bad, you are catching on really quick.
Temi: A student is suppose to grow stronger than the master.
Boss: I guess you are right, what if the teacher is also a student?
Temi: They will both go head to head to surpass each other.
Boss: You got it just right.

Boss and Temi moved back from each other and everyone wondered what they would do next.

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