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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode EightyEight (88)

Clinton And Principal Vanessa At The Cinema X Rose's Grand Pa Fucks A Hot Female Staff

After spending some days at the city, the time for Clinton to meet principal Vanessa came as they agreed to meet at the cinema in the city.

Clinton: A meeting with the principal huh? I wonder how long it would take before Tina starts calling for my return.

When Clinton reached the cinema, he saw the Principal waiting for him at the entrance. She was wearing a skimpy dress that barely reached her knees, and her boobs were exposed.

Clinton: Normally, I would be the early one but I had a change of mind today.

When Clinton met Principal Vanessa she was all smiles and happy, as if her life purpose have been satisfied.

Clinton: Hi.
Vanessa: Welcome Clinton.

As they were entering the cinema Clinton spanked her huge ass and she smiled.

Clinton: So you choosed the cinema instead of your home huh?
Vanessa: Yea, my kids are back for holiday and there is no way we can get pass through them.
Clinton: I see.
Principal: Yes, you shouldn't about worry things like thing. After all, it's going to be more hot fucking me in the cinema.
Clinton: Yea, it's too bad that I won't be able to record it.
Principal: As far as we enjoy ourselves, nothing matters.
Clinton: Yea, you are certainly right.

Clinton continued looking at her huge ass as he smiled.

Clinton: (In his) She's too fucking hot for her age. She never talks about her husband, maybe she's not married or more like she's divorced. I could be wrong though, maybe it's because of her hubby that we are not at her home right now.

Clinton heared a lady moaning out nearby and he told principal Vanessa to wait so that he could check it out.

Clinton opened the nearby door silently and knew that the moans were coming from a corner that. He went ahead and peeped, and behold he saw an old man fucking one of the cinema female staff like crazy as she moaned out loud.

Clinton looked closer and recognised the old man and smiled.

Clinton: (In his mind) Oh my! This is Rose's grand pa! This old man is still fucking in action, an old soldier never dies. Maybe Rose knows this is how he is. I have to immortalise the moment.

Clinton brought out his phone and recorded a 30seconds video of them fucking and he took some pictures too.

Clinton: (In his mind) All right,that's one great video added to the collection and many pictures. An old man fucking a young girl is fun to watch, they are both enjoying it like crazy.

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode EightyEight (88) Continuation

Clinton returned back to principal Vanessa and grabbed her ass as her body vibrated.

Clinton: Come on, let's go.
Vanessa: Yes.

Clinton and principal Vanessa entered the dark cinema hall as the projected video was the only source of light, and they stayed in a position that no one would see their face.

The cinema was going to play an erotic movie that day and only adults were allowed, but Clinton had falsified his age and there was no school records to go through with because he was expelled.

When the movie started with a lady begging a man to fuck her, Vanessa whispered into Clinton's ears that she couldn't wait any longer and wanted it at the moment.

Vanessa: Please let's do this now.
Clinton: Sure, if that's what you say.

Clinton eyes travelled fast to the front seats and he could recognise two people even from the faint light, and they were Rachael and Catherine.

Clinton: (In his mind) Well, the two members of AIC with the biggest huge ass are here. That's great!

Principal Vanessa pulled of Clinton's trouser and boxer as she bent down and started shaking his dick as he moan softly.

Vanessa: I'm going to shake your dick so hard and suck it so sweet.
Clinton: Sure, do want you want. I'm just going to satisfy you and make you cum like crazy.

Principal Vanessa immediately started sucking Clinton's dick as he moaned softly, and he carresed her back as his hand was inside her dress.

Clinton used his right hand as he sent a message to Rachael that he was getting his dick sucked by the principal, and the location they were.

When Rachael got the message she turned back and Clinton raised his phone up, she located them with the phone light and smiled as she showed the message to Catherine.

Catherine: Wow! Fucking in the cinema could be a great experience.
Rachael: Yea, like fucking at the beach, at a carnival or festival venue and in the car.
Catherine: Yea, I'm going to make him fuck me in the car.

Rachael: That's great, I just got my driving license so I will be the one doing the driving.
Catherine: That's great.
Rachael: I have an idea, let's go to the best spots with Clinton while he's in town.
Catherine: Yea, sure. Let's hope Rose don't beat us to it, that girl is always one step ahead.
Rachael: Yes, you are so fucking right.

And so principal Vanessa continued sucking Clinton's huge dick and he is just about to spice up the fun.

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode EightyNine (89)

Clinton Fucks The Principal At The Cinema X Her Anus And Pussy Are Fingered

Clinton moaned softly as principal Vanessa was sucking his huge dick in the cinema and he started caressing her hairs.

Clinton: Ah! You are so fucking hot Vanessa!!

Clinton held her head and made her mouth fuck her self with his huge dick as her saliva started dripping down his dick, as he enjoyed it as the Principal was giving it her best just like the pro she is.

Clinton: You are so fucking hot!

Clinton hands reached her ass and he raised up her skimpy dress as he shifted her pant and started caressing her naked ass.

Clinton: It's going to feel so good fucking this ass. Ahh! It's good to be fucking so good.

Clinton immediately started finger fucking the principal's asshole as he had raised her dress up and shifted her pant, and she moaned.

As Clinton continued finger fucking the Principal's anus she immediately stop sucking his huge dick as she started moaning out.

Vanessa: Oh my God!! This is so fucking! Keep finger fucking my ass.

Clinton immediately slapped her and pushed her face down.

Clinton: Keep sucking my dick, you whore of a principal.
Principal: Yes!

Principal Vanessa was so happy as tears dripped down from her eyes as Clinton had turned her more on by slapping her, and calling her a fucking whore.

And so Principal Vanessa continued sucking his huge dick with everything she got as she moaned softly, and he was fingering her anus at the same time.

Clinton: (In his mind) Coming to the cinema was a great idea after all. This is so much fucking fun.

When Clinton was done fingering her anus, he raised her head up and gave her his fingers to suck.

Clinton: How does it taste?
Vanessa: It's tastes so good.
Clinton: Yea, I'm sure it does.

Clinton told her to stand up and hold the chair which she did and then he bent her down a little, and immediately dipped his fingers into her pussy and started fingering it as she moaned.

Principal Vanessa couldn't help both moan out as Clinton was finger fucking her pussy very hard and fast.
It was so fucking sweet as her whole body vibrated and she wished it will continue forever, as she moaned out loud while Clinton just smiled.

Vanessa: Ahh!! Oh my God! This is so fucking good! Aaahh!! Don't stop! Don't fucking stop! Keep finger fucking my damn pussy.
Clinton: Yea, you are so fucking hot madam principal.

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode EightyNine (89) Continuation

Though the principal was moaning out so loud the people at the cinema didn't mind because many people have fucked in the past at the cinema, but the Principal's moan was more serious than the others as Clinton was the one working on her. Rachael and Catherine just smiled as they heard her moans and their eyes were fixed at the erotic movie the cinema was playing.

Principal: Ahhh!! Oh God! You are so fucking good! This feels so good! You are the fucking best!

Clinton spanked her ass after he was done fingering her pussy from behind with her pants on, and he licked his fingers and smiled.

Clinton: Your pussy is damn so fucking yummy.
Vanessa: Yea, it's for you! I need your fucking dick in my pussy!
Clinton: Of course, you are fucking going to get it.

Clinton sat down on the chair and the Principal smiled as she climbed on him and shifted her pant as she inserted his huge dick inside her vagina as she moaned out.

Vanessa: Oh God! I love your huge dick inside my pussy! It's like I'm fucking going to cum right now.
Clinton: Yea madam principal!
Vanessa: Just come me Vanessa, my love.
Clinton: Okay Vanessa, now move it!
Vanessa: Yes!

Principal Vanessa immediately started moving up and down as Clinton's huge dick started thrusting deep into her pussy. She could feel the sweet pleasure and sensation his mighty cock was giving her wet pussy, as it continued its rampage.

Vanessa: Aaah!! This is so fucking hot! I love this! I fucking love this! Ahhh!

As Vanessa was riding his huge dick so hard and fast, he raised up her dress above her boobs and he licked her nipples as she vibrated.

Principal Vanessa could fell her pussy fluids about to dripped down, as she had got both her anus and pussy fingered and now she was riding Clinton's mighty huge dick in her pussy.

Vanessa: Ah!! You are so fucking sweet! I love this! Fuck!! Fuck! This is so fucking sweet! Ahh! I'm fucking going to cum! Oh God!

Clinton grabbed her huge ass and was now fucking her so hard and fast as she was about to released her pussy fluids, and she couldn't help but moan out as people in the cinema wondered who was fucking her.

As Clinton's dick continued devouring her pussy in the woman on top position, her ass vibrated as her boobs dangled and she just reached the point of no return as she would be releasing her pussy fluids at any moment.

Vanessa: Oh my God! This is so fucking good! This is life! You are the best Clinton!

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode Ninety (90)

Clinton Fucks Principal Vanessa Pussy And Anus So Hard X Multiple Orgasms

Principal Vanessa continued moaning out loud as she would be cumming at any moment, and Clinton grabbed her huge ass as he was fucking her pussy so hard and fast in the woman on top position as they sat on the chair.

Vanessa: Oh my God! Keep fucking me Clinton! Don't stop! I'm fucking going to cum! This is just too sweet! I can't hold it anymore! You are the best! Aaah!!

Clinton smiled as he continued giving the principal the best fuck of her life as she moaned out and called his name.
She could feel the sweet sensation of his huge dick devouring her pussy inside and the pleasure was just too much for her to handle.

Vanessa: Aaah!! I'm fucking going to cum! Don't stop! Don't stop! Keep fucking my pussy! I'm fucking going to cum!
Clinton: Oh Vanessa! You are so fucking sweet! I'm not fucking going to stop.

Tears began dripping down from Principal Vanessa's eyes as her pussy fluids were about to drip down.

Vanessa: I'm fucking going to cum! I can't hold it any more! Ahh!!
Clinton: Let it out!

Aaaah!! Principal Vanessa moaned out as she reached orgasm and her pussy fluids dripped down as she started crying while Clinton was still fucking her pussy.

Vanessa: Oh my God! This is so fucking good! I love this!
Clinton: You are so fucking good!

Almost everyone in the cinema turned back to see who was fucking who, but the light was just so dim in where they were and Catherine and Rachael just laughed.

Clinton stopped fucking her pussy and spanked her naked ass.

Clinton: You want so more huh?
Vanessa: Yea, I need you to fuck me more! I love you so much.
Clinton: Good, bring that fucking ass of yours!
Vanessa: Yes.

Principal Vanessa turned behind him and bent down as he grabbed her huge ass and kissed it.

Clinton: This is going to be so fucking great.

Clinton rubbed his huge dick on her ass as she vibrated, and he smiled as he teased her by bringing his dick near her anus and she gasped everytime as she wanted it inside her anus.

Clinton: (In his mind) Well, this is more like it. She's so super dick hungry. Let me just play with her for a while.

Vanessa: (In her mind) Please insert your huge dick inside my asshole.

Principal Vanessa vibrated and moaned as Clinton grabbed her boobs and started squeezing it as he pinched her nipples.

Vanessa: God! This is so fucking good!
Clinton: Yea, so what do you want right now?

Principal Vanessa smiled as she could feel his huge dick on her ass. 
Vanessa: I want your huge dick inside my asshole.
Clinton: Good, as you wish.

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode Ninety (90) Continuation

Principal Vanessa smiled as Clinton spread her ass wide open as he made to insert his huge dick into her anus.

Clinton: Here it comes.
Vanessa: Yea, bring it on. I can take it.

Aaahh!! Principal Vanessa moaned and screamed as Clinton huge dick penetrated her tight and tiny anus.

Vanessa: Ahh!! Oh my God this is so sweet. It feels so good.
Clinton: You are so fucking tight here. Don't your husband like to explore?
Vanessa: He fucking don't care, you are best Clinton. I love you.

Clinton spanked her ass as she moaned out and smiled.

Clinton: It's time to start shaking that ass.
Vanessa: Yes.

Principal Vanessa started moving up and down slowly as Clinton's huge dick was just too sweet and big for her tight anus, and she don't know a way to contain the absolute sensation and pleasure.

Vanessa: (In her mind) Oh my God! His dick is just too sweet in my asshole. If I move too fast I'm going to scream. It's just too sweet.

As she was moving slowly and still deep in her thoughts, Clinton spanked her ass.

Clinton: What's up Vanessa? Can't handle my dick?
Vanessa: You are just too sweet!
Clinton: I guess I have no choice then.

Clinton immediately grabbed her and started fucking her anus very hard and fast as she moaned and screamed out immediately.

Vanessa: Aaah!! Oh my God! Oh my God! This is so sweet! Aahh! Ah! Don't stop! Don't stop! This is so sweet! I love this! This is so fucking sweet! Don't stop! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! My fluids are fucking going to drip down.

Everyone in the cinema turned back again and all they could see was the image of a woman who was shaking so hard as she moaned and screamed, and a teen fucking her so hard and fast. The light wasn't enough for their faces to be shown.

Woman1: Wow! I wish I could get fucked that way.
Woman2: Yea, me too.
Woman3: We can wait till he's done, and we can invite him for a foursome.
Woman1: Yes.

Man1: Mahn! I haven't made a woman this crazy before. That dude must be more than a pro.
Man2: Yea. You are fucking right.

Catherine: I guess he's giving the principal the real deal.
Rachael: Yes.

Principal Vanessa immediately had multiple orgasms as Clinton fucked her so hard, and all she could do was scream, moan and cry as her pussy fluids dripped down.

Clinton: How do you see this?
Vanessa: This is heaven and your are God! Aaahh!!

And so Principal Vanessa and Clinton's sexcapade at the cinema continues as he fucks her tight anus so hard with his huge dick, and she keeps having multiple orgasms.

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode NinetyOne (91)

Clinton And Principal Vanessa Sexcapade At The Cinema Ends

Principal Vanessa couldn't help it as she cried, screamed and moaned out as Clinton was fucking her tight anus in the woman on top position with his huge dick.

The pleasure was just too much for principal Vanessa as she immediately began having multiple orgasms, as her pussy fluids splashed on Clinton's body, the chair and the ground.

Clinton was also so happy as he was having an amazing enjoyment of his life, as his huge dick was devouring principal Vanessa tight anus.

Clinton: You are so fucking good!

Clinton held her more tight as he fucked her anus very hard and she cried, screamed and moaned out loud.

Vanessa: Aaahh!! Oh my God! Oh my God! This is just too sweet! Oh God! You are the best Clinton! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

The audience at the cinema were still suprised on who could be fucking the moaning woman.

Aaaahh!! Principal Vanessa moaned out again as she had reached her 10th orgasm since Clinton started fucking her tiny anus with his huge dick.

Principal Vanessa couldn't help it as she was out of this world and was it pleasure land haven drown in the ocean of sexual pleasure and Clinton seems not to be stopping.

He continued fucking her tiny anus so hard with his huge dick as he was about to reach an explosive orgasm.
What an amazing situation! Both him and Principal Vanessa were both feeling the absolute pleasure, and it seems that their sexcapade at the cinema would be the best ever.

Vanessa: (In her mind) This is so fucking sweet! I can't believe this! This is just too sweet!! I haven't felt like this before. Clinton is the best ever, how I wish he was never expelled.

Clinton continued fucking the principal as she was still crying, moaning and screaming out!

Clinton: You are so fucking sweet! Your husband is missing alot, you should fucking tell him to explore. You are so fucking hot!

Aaahh!! Principal Vanessa immediately screamed out as she had another orgasm again and Clinton grabbed her boobs as he was still fucking her anus very hard and fast as he would soon cum!

Clinton: Ahh!! You are so fucking sweet! I love your fucking ass! I'm fucking going to cum in your fucking anus.

Vanessa: Yes, oh my God! Cum! Cum! I need your fucking cum in my asshole! I need your fucking milk! Give it to me! Pour it inside my fucking asshole!
Clinton: Aaah!! You are so hot! It's fucking rushing out!!

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode NinetyOne (91) Continuation

Aaahh!! Clinton and Principal Vanessa moaned out as they both reached orgasm at the same time as that was her 13th; her pussy fluids dripped down just as Clinton released his semen into her anus.

Clinton: Aaahh!! Oh my God! That was so fucking hot!! You are so sweet!
Vanessa: You are the best Clinton! You are so fucking good! You are the best Clinton!

Clinton hugged her so tight and squeezed her boobs, and they just realised that the 2hrs plus movie was over and people had started leaving.

Clinton: I guess our time is up here.
Vanessa: It seems so, but this is the best fuck ever. I will never forget it.
Clinton: Yea, you whore of a principal.

Vanessa: (Laughs) I'm just jealous of your new female principal at the Heaven Girls Academy.
Clinton: Yea, you should be.

Catherine and Rachael walked up to them as they were about leaving.

Catherine: It seems you two are having fun!
Clinton: Yes.
Rachael: Madam principal, it seems you were sent out of this world.
Vanessa: Yes, madam president.

The three other ladies that wanted to ask Clinton out left as they saw him surrounded by two huge ass girls.

Principal Vanessa screamed as she stood up and Clinton's huge dick went out of he tight anus, and she almost fell but Clinton grabbed her.

Rachael: Wow! You really overdid it Clinton.
Clinton: Yea, I gave her what she wanted.
Vanessa: I would have fainted if we had continued just a minute longer.
Clinton: I see, it wouldn't be good since your kids are expecting you back at home.
Vanessa: Yea, you are the best Clinton.

Clinton, Rachael and Catherine walked home together after the principal boarded a taxi.

When she reached home she took a shower immediately and put her clothes in the laundry, so that her husband won't suspect anything and then she dozed off fast asleep.

Vanessa: Tonight is the best night ever!!

Jesicca, Precious and Rose laughed after Clinton showed them the video and photos of Rose's grandpa fucking a hot female cinema staff.

Rose: That's how grandpa is, he always like reading hentai manga like you too.
Clinton: I see, your grandpa must be a very strong old man.

Rose: Yea, he is. So how was your night with the principal?
Clinton: It was fun, she could barely move when we were done.
Rose: I see, you are sleeping in my room tonight. Well, it's morning already but the sun is not yet out. Let's go.
Clinton: Sure.

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode NinetyTwo (92)

The Watch Pussy Crew Is Awesome!! X Holiday Is Over!!

Clinton had spent a lot of time with the Watch Pussy Crew and the holiday wouldn't last forever.
He had fun with them as they all visited amazing places in the town, burst sex scences, and they even went on more missions.

And also during his stay he had a one on one sex with Flower which her pussy usually gives him a divine feeling, but no matter how many times he fucked Rose he still wanted more of her amazing boobs.

Clinton sneaked behind Rose who seems not to be a happy, he hugged her from behind as she smiled.

Clinton: What's wrong? You don't have your cheerful smile any more, is something the matter?
Rose: Yea, I just can't believe that you would be leaving soon.
Clinton: Even I, I wish I could stay more longer both you don't have to worry. I will be visiting on holidays, and some weekends.
Rose: Sure.

Clinton immediately dipped his hands inside her shirt and brought out her huge boobs as she moaned.

Rose: Aaahh!! You have grown so fond of my boobs.
Clinton: Yes.

Clinton continued squeezing her boobs and tickling her nipples till she reached orgasm and her pussy fluids dripped down under a minute, since her perfect boobs is her weakness.

Rose: You are so fucking hot!
Clinton: Yea.
Rose: I know what we should do today, let's go the manga store again. I'm going to buy your favourite manga and read them.
Clinton: Sure. That would be great!

Clinton and Rose left that day to the manga shop and then to the cinema, he fucked her just like he fucked Vanessa but Rose's moans, cries and screams were all refined.

The Watch Pussy Crew is now seven in number with Clinton as the captain and Jesicca as the vice captain but she takes on the position of the captain when he's not around.

The rest of the members were Eric, Tom, Jerry, Precious and Rose.
And just in case you don't know, Tom and Jerry are actually brothers but they live separately after their parents divorced. And the mother took custody of Tom as the father took custody of Jerry.

Precious really had no worries as Juliet was her step sister and the Watch Pussy Crew is a part of her family, the crew makes her feel more alive and loved.
Before joining the crew, Jesicca was the only one she hangs out with because they are the best friends in the whole world.

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode NinetyTwo (92) Continuation

Eric had always been a computer enthuasiast since he was a kid and he had a brother who's studying about information and technology in college.
He also have an older sister who just graduated from high school like Rachael and the others, she always kept an eye on him but his always sneaked away.
Clinton, Eric, Tom and Jerry had been together for a very long time. The first crew they made was " The Grab Girls Crew" but they dumped it later and made the growing Watch Pussy Crew.

Jesicca and Rose were perfectly good sisters and they always fixed each other short comings, they have an older sister and brother who are both in college.

As for Clinton, he have an older brother and sister and also a younger brother and sister.
His perversion came naturally and he had always peeped at girls when he was just little, and he grabs his elder sister's boobs when she bath him when he was just little.
And also he always sneaked into his grand father's library to read his hentai manga (porn comics).

The members of the Watch Pussy Crew are amazing people, and they are bonded by friendship.
They do more things apart from fuck, they only fuck when they are free of their daily routine.
Their main objective is to view more boobs and ass and squeeze them, and also the girls have similar objective but with the addition of dicks.

Well, this is a sex story so I tend to write more about their sex lives and forgo the other part. I hope this will clearify you all, the Watch Pussy Crew is the best group of people you will ever meet and they always stand up for one another.

Holidays don't last forever and Clinton had to bid farewell to his crew members and team AIC alonside Juliet and Miriam after a huge farewell party.

Rose: We will see you soon captain!!
Eric: Keep practising or I will keep beating you in ICT!
Precious: We will always keep in touch.
Rachael: We shall visit!
Miriam: We will be seeing you soon buddy.
And another additional information, Miriam and Rose are in love.

Clinton and his crew shed tears as he boarded a taxi, and he laughed a little bit when Rachael said team AIC would be visiting soon because he imagined Melford's reaction.

Clinton: Melford is going to get really blown away!!

As he left the city, he began reminiscing the pleasant moments he had with them and he felt sad.

Clinton: Nothing lasts forever huh? The present becomes the past when a second has passed. I'm really going to miss you guys. I hope Heavens Girls Academy would be this fun. Well, what I should be worried about right now should be about mum and dad reaction that I deceived them pretending to be sick.

Rose and the others went inside as they wiped out their tears.

Rose: Expect us very soon, captain!

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode NinetyThree (93)

Back At Home! X Clinton's Crazy Family!!

Clinton returned home to the loving arms of his younger siblings, Thomas and Clara.

Clara: Welcome back bro, I hope your holiday was fun.
Clinton: Yea, it was exactly fun!!
Thomas: Well brother, I think you got quite a problem.
Clinton: Huh? What do you mean?
Thomas: Big brother Melford! He's inside with the whole family, you know how serious he can be.

Clinton: Yea, but I'm sure Diana (his elder) will cover for me.
Clara: Dad is inside too.
Clinton: Don't worry, mum and grand pa got my back!

Clinton enter the living as his entire family was there and his grandpa, Jonah hailed him.

Jonah: Clinton! The brave soldier! He who dares to invade the safest of all places!
Clinton:That's me grandpa! I will always be a brave Soldier!

Clinton sat on a sofa with his elder sister and mother (Christina) because he knew they would defend him from his elder brother and father (Matthew).

Thomas: (In his mind) I hope this ends well.

Matthew: Clin.....

His father couldn't finish calling his name when his mother gave him an eye.

Christina: So my darling son, how was your holiday? I hope it was fun!
Clinton: Yea, it was more than fun. The moments I spent with my friends are great and precious to me.
Christina: That's wonderful, I would love to see them someday.
Clinton: Sure, you will.

Melford: Why did you pretend to be sick and deceive us?
Diana: Leave the little boy alone, everyone don't have to be a priest like you.
Melford: What?
Jonah: She's right! One day you may even have to drop your priesthood.
Melford: (Doing the sign of the cross) That will never happen.

Clara and Thomas kept quiet as they watched things play out as Clinton was defended by mother, elder sister and grandpa.

Clara: (In her mind) Everything is going well for now, I hope grandpa doesn't say anything out of the ordinary.

Diana: (Puts her hand on Clinton's arm) Are your female friends as hot as me?
Clinton: Well, they are hot. But, my sister is always the best.
Diana: Good, go only after hot girls.
Melford: Diana!

Jonah: So Clinton, how many panties have you seen during the holiday?
Clinton: Too many to count!

Matthew & Melford: What??!!

Clara: Grandpa!

Melford: (Doing the sign of the cross) Oh Lord!

Jonah: That's my boy! You are a brave soldier! You invaded the deep sea with your one and only strong arsenal!
Clinton: I love you grandpa! You are the best!

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode NinetyThree (93) Continuation

Matthew and Melford tried their best to talk but they always met resistance from Christina, Diana and Jonah till they got tired and gave up.

Matthew: Like mother like son.
Christina: What? You were just like Clinton at his age.
Matthew: Huh?

Everyone except Melforld laughed as Clinton's dad tried defending himself but his wife kept countering him till he gave up.

Diana: Well, my darling brother must be hungry. I got your best food Clinton.
Clinton: Thanks sis! You are the best.

Diana stood up as Jonah and Clinton looked at her huge ass and Melford did the sign of the cross again.

Jonah: Hehehe, I'm going to eat too!
Diana: Tell your daughter (Christina) to feed you!
Christina: Don't be rude to your grandpa!
Clinton: She didn't mean that.

And just then they heared the bell ring, and without care they told the person to come in.

Clinton opened the door to the livingroom and Tina immediately hugged him as they both fell on the ground laughing.

Tina: Clinton! You are back!
Clinton: Yea, I'm so glad to see you Tina!
Tina: Me too!

Clinton and Tina kissed as Melford became restless and left the living room.

Christina: Well, well, so you are my son's girlfriend.
Tina: Yes.

Tina greeted his parents and grandpa and they all scanned her whole body immediately.

Jonah: (In his mind) Clinton is really a brave soldier.
Matthew: (In his mind) My son have good taste like me.
Christina: (In her mind) Great! He's going to marry someone just like me but I'm more adventurous than her.

Tina sat with Christina and Clinton as his mother asked questions about the two of them, and Diana joined the conversation as she brought his meal with that of grandpa Jonah.

Diana: So you are my brother's angel.
Tina: Yes.
Clinton: She's my one and only love.
Christina: Good. You two need sometime alone then.

Clinton and Tina left for his room as the others talked about how the both of them were a perfect match.

Clara: Everything turned out well.
Thomas: Yes, I'm glad.

Jonah: I forgot something, I have a couple of new porn comics for Clinton.

Clara & Thomas: I need them!!
Jonah: Okay, it's in my personal library.
Diana: I need to read them too.
Christina: Me too.
Matthew: I think I will need one too.
Christina: Darling!

Clara and Thomas went to the library to get the porn comics as Clinton and Tina were alone in his room.

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode NinetyFour (94)

Two Lovers X The Love Confession

As Clara and Thomas went ahead to get the porn comics at grandpa Jonah's library, Clinton and Tina were both loved up in his room.

Tina was on top of his body as he grabbed her ass and her huge and fresh boobs were staring at him to grab them.

Tina: You need to apologise Clinton, you spent all the holiday over there. You should have atleast made a week to stay with me.

Clinton: I'm sorry, I guess I over did it. Having my crew around made me forget what day it was, but you are so special to me Tina. Even with my shortcomings, you....

Tina immediately stopped him from speaking by placing a finger on his lips.

Tina: You don't need to say much, I will do anything for you.
Clinton: Thank you, we still have three days left before school resumes.
Tina: Yea. I just wish you choosed my school, it could have been more fun.

Clinton: I guess so but I have this feeling that it might be boring there. You know what i mean.
Tiny: Yea, I understand. You are an explorer of the unknown who deals with boobs, ass and the vagina.
Clinton: Lol, you kind of got it.

Tina: Hmm, I have been thinking about something. When will you stop having this your adventures, I mean you got me now so there shouldn't be any need.

Clinton: The day shall reveal itself, you are the best Tina! I'm just having fun, and you can choose to if you want.
Tina: Don't say such things! I'm going to wait till you stop your adventures, after all you got no real attachment when doing it.

Clinton: Yea, you are right! Like I said, it's just for fun. I only have real attachment with you, the Watch Pussy Crew are my fellow soldiers in arms! We have a sacred duty to accomplish together.
Tina: (Laughs) You are so funny! I would love to meet your pervert crew someday.
Clinton: Yea, you surely will.

Tina: Promise that you will always come back to me, and it will be the two of us together in the end.
Clinton: Yea! It will just be the two of us Tina! I love you so much!
Tina: I love you so much too, Clinton.

While they were talking, Clinton's family except Melford were eavdropping.

Diana: Wow! My kid brother got a loyal girl!
Matthew: She's just like his mum!
Christina: I'm happy for my son, and I'm glad you recalled how loyal I was while you had your adventures!
Clara: I'm so happy for him.
Thomas: Hmm, that's some nice words they said.
Jonah: That's my grandson for you! He's a great soldier!!
Christina: (Smiles) All right, it's time to give them some privacy. Let's go!!

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode NinetyFour (94) Continuation

After confessing their love for one another, Tina and Clinton kissed for a while as they both licked their tongues.

Tina: You should take the shower, you just came back from a journey.
Clinton: Yea, you are right.
Tina: I'm coming with you, I'm going to scrub your body so hard.
Clinton: I'm going to scrub yours too.
Tina: Okay!

Clinton and Tina pulled off their clothes as they made for the bathroom which was just near his bedroom.

Clinton took a look at Tina while she was naked and no one was just as perfect as she was.
Her huge perfect boobs, ass and body was the best he had ever laid his eyes on.

Tina: What's up? You seems to be hungry for my body!
Clinton: No. I'm hungry for you, it has been a while. I'm just admiring how wonderful you are, even a Goddess can't rival you.
Tina: You are so funny, but since it's coming from you my love, it's the truth.
Clinton: Of course, it is. You are my angel! My Goddess!

They both went to the bathroom which was just inside his room, and they both kissed and hugged each other before going down to business.

Tina scrubbed his body so hard as she grabbed his huge, erect dick and started shaking it as he moaned.

Tina: Your dick keeps growing bigger all the time.
Clinton: Aaah!! It's fucking growing for you, I will satisfy you in everyway I can.
Tina: Yea, that's good to hear again.
Clinton: Yea, shake my fucking dick! Yea, don't stop! Aaah!!

Clinton continued moaning as Tina continued shaking his dick very hard and fast as she carressed his body.

Tina stopped after a while as Clinton scrubbed her body and then he dipped his fingers into her trimmed vagina as she moaned out.

Tina: Aaahh!! Oh my God! You are so fucking good!
Clinton: Yea, I'm going to finger fuck your pussy so hard!
Tina: Yea! Aaahh!! Oh my God! This is so fucking good! Keep finger fucking my pussy!
Clinton: How do you feel Tina?
Tina: I feel so good, keep finger fucking my pussy! Aaahh!!
Clinton: Yea, I'm going to make you feel so good!

After having their bath and drying their bodies the two of them fell on the bed, with Tina on top his body as they kissed and carressed one another as they licked their tongues.
Clinton huge and erect dick was brushing against Tina's trimmed pussy who couldn't wait to have it inside.

Clinton: You are just so good Tina.
Tina: Yea, I'm going to give you a hot welcome treat.
Clinton: Bring it on!!
Tina: You asked for it!!

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Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode NinetyFive (95)

Tina Gives Clinton A Hot Welcome Treat!!!

Tina and Clinton started kissing as they were both naked on the bed and she had promised him a hot welcome treat.
He grabbed her ass as they both kissed and licked their tongues as he carressed it.

Tina: Do you want something different right now? Something we haven't done before?
Clinton: Sure, I have some great ideas.
Tina: Good, this is going to be fun! I'm fucking going to twerk for you!
Clinton: Wow! Bring it on! Things just got exciting.
Tina: Get the cameras rolling.
Clinton: Yes!

Clinton sat down on a chair as Tina wore her G string pant that looked that it would tear at any moment, because of her huge ass. And also she wore a tight cloth which she raised above her huge and perfect boobs, and the mere sight of her nipples could make you go crazy and grab them.

Clinton: Oh my! You are really the best ever! I love you Tina!
Tina: I love you too Clinton! Now sit back and watch me.

Tina immediately started the show as the naked Clinton sat on a chair in the room with his dick strong and erect, watching her as she do her thing.

Clinton: That's it Tina! I'm going to enjoy this real good!

Tina immediately started squeezing her ass and she looked back as Clinton was all smiles and excited.

Tina: You can't wait for me to get real naked huh?
Clinton: You are the best!

Tina bent down and shifted her G string pant as she revealed her vagina and anus, and she dipped her fingers into both and laughed as she licked her fingers.

Clinton was so damn excited at what he saw and it was as if he should immediately grabbed her huge ass and fuck the hell out of her.

Clinton: You are the greatest!

Tina raised down her pant and carried it up again as she teased Clinton.
She then started twerking hard and fast as her huge ass kept on bouncing and vibrating, and Clinton's mouth was wide open as this was the best way of seducing anyone.

Tina is extra hot with her hot, huge, fresh and perfect boobs and ass.

Clinton: Oh God! This is so great!

Tina's huge ass reached near Clinton's huge dick as she twerked, and he wanted to penetrate her immediately but she moved a little further and laughed as she smiled.

Tina: Don't worry Clinton, you are going to have it very soon. After all, my body is all yours my love.
Clinton: Oh Tina! You are just so sweet! You are my Angel and Goddess!!

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