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Topic: Arrow In My Heart (Prefix: Love Story:  Read 1653 times) previous topic - next topic

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Arrow In My Heart

This is the love story of a 26 year old Alex with her boyfriend David.
It is a series of events on how Lucy, Alex best friend was sure to make Alex's relationship ends in disaster.

Watch out as the story unfolds here.
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Re: Arrow In My Heart
Reply #1
Episode One (1)

The Early Morning Suprise

Early in the morning, on the 7th day July 2023 the environment was cool in Richers city as a result of the rain last night.

Living in the G.R.A of Richers city was Alex a 26 year old graduate of Marketing. She wasn't expecting any kind of suprises that morning, so she laid on her bed with her night gown till when it was even 9a.m.

Kpoor! Kpoor! Kpoor!

There was someone knocking at the door.

At first she was relunctant to open it, her parents were not in the city and she certainly wasn't expecting any guest.

Still on her night gown she opened the door slowly (the door was a reinforced one), as she looked up to see who knocked at the door her face brightened up.

It was her David!

Alex: Ah! Baby.
David: Sweetheart!

They were already calling each other sweet names before Alex could finally open the door fully.

They hugged each other so warmly.

David returned from Malaysia last night and he kept it a secret from Alex so that he would take her by suprise.
He had just finished his Masters in Programming.

They couldn't help but keep smilling at each other.

Alex: Baby when did you return?
David: Last night.
Alex: (Smiles) Why didn't you tell me?
David: I wanted to make it a suprise visit.
Alex: Your plan worked sha, remember you earlier said you would be back in the next two months.
David: Yes, I did said so but everything changed so fast.

Alex: Alright just wait, let me go and wash my face. I will prepare a locally made food for you, Oyinbo food can't be compared to ours.
David: Yes, but I wanted to take you out to the bar at the centre of the town. We can enjoy ourselves there.
Alex: Eh, eh. My food must be the first food you will taste now that you are in Nigeria.
David: (Smiles) Okay my sweetheart.

Alex went over to the bathroom while David was in the living room checking out how fancy it was.

David: Wow! My babe is now a big girl. I must also try to impress her.
David scanned the entire living room.

Alex was taking her shower so he switched on the television and tuned to Al-Jazeera news.

Alex was done and came to livingroom.

Alex: I hope I didn't take long, now just wait like me prepare confirm Ogbono soup with Semovita for you.

David: We can both prepare the food together.
Alex: I know, just like old times huh?
David: Yes, sure.
Alex: I know. But today is my treat, we can both cook together another day.
David: You seen to be very happy more  ever.
Alex: Why wouldn't I feel that way when the number one in my world is with me.
There was a demonstration that took part during the week. There were no business activities.

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Re: Arrow In My Heart
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I'm typing the remaining part of Episode One, Please reload this page in a few minutes
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Re: Arrow In My Heart
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Episode One (1) Continuation

Alex told David how the demonstration that lasted for an entire week made all the business centres to close, except petty traders selling in kiosks.

Alex was lucky that she was living in the G.R.A, they have a super market there where you can buy food stuffs and home gadgets.

Alex have none of her friends residing in Richers city so there was nobody to spend to the lonely week with.
She had kept her relationship with her office colleagues very much official.

She watched a lot of movies during the week every day and night and that bored her, so she was very happy when David came over.


The relationship between David (28) and Alex (26) started three years ago when they both met at the NYSC camp.
They both were also posted in the same PPA (Place Of Primary Assignment).

Their love was at first sight, when they both met each other they felt like they were connected somehow.
And ofcourse, David started the conversation and the rest was history.

They both knew each others family very well. They were fondly called Romeo and Juliet by their friends.

And their NYSC David made plans to go for his Masters in Programming abroad, while Alex decided to stay over and hustle with her B.Sc.

Luckily for her she got the job of her dreams at Richers city, though she spent 3 months looking for job.

Before David left they both made a promise to wait for each other and it was reinforced by both families.

Alex was done cooking the meal (Ogbono Soup and Semovita) for the both of them.

Alex: Here it is my king.
David: (smiles) Let the king and the Queen eat together.

They both gisted as they ate the fresh meal.

David: This is the best meal that I have eaten in ages.
Alex: I thought I sent you some Nigeria delicacies recipes on WhatsApp, don't tell me you didn't cook them.
David: Eh, sha....
Alex: I'm waiting for an answer.
David: There were other Nigerians there so I didn't want to be the only one doing local.
Alex: Haha, Bigi boy.

They both finished eating the meal.

David: Sweetheart will you come with me to the cinema tonight?
Alex: Sure. But let me show you around the city first.

Watch Out For Episode Two (2) To Know Why David Returned Earlier Than Alex Expected.  
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Re: Arrow In My Heart
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Episode Two (2)

Lucy First Evil Plan

After the meal that morning Alex went out with David to show him round the city.

David: Richers city is cool sweet heart.
Alex: I know you would say that.
David: You do live here alone?
Alex: Not really, my family lives in the same G.R.A but they are out of town now.
David: That means I can have you to myself tonight.
Alex: (Smiles) Naughty boy.

They went to different places of interest and retired home in the evening. David had told her they would be going to a bar that night.

David went back to the hotel he lodged and got ready, while Alex on the other part took her bath and picked the most sexiest dress she has.

Now to the real reason why David arrived earlier than expected.
David had earlier told Alex that he would be back in two months time.
But David received an anonymous call from a lady who said she was Alex's friend.
She said Alex always came back home at the G.R.A with young men and those young men usually leave by noon.

She said Alex and her had had a threesome with one of the guys.
The anonymous lady caller said she doesn't want Alex to ruin him with STDs as she had always unprotected sex.

David was so shocked but still trusted Alex so he decided to come back home sooner.

The anonymous caller's name was Lucy, a friend of Alex.
She is bent to destroy Alex's relation with David for a reason best known to her.

David and Alex headed to the bar at night.
There she met some of her colleagues at work and she introduced them to David. They all had fun, drinks and even engaged in argument.

Man 1: Playing it this way is better.
David: No bros, I have my own style. It always work.
Man 1: Oyigbo style abi.
David: Hahaha, no be so. Na my own style.

They laughed so hard when a comedian and clown entered the stage.

Alex: Wow. It's has been a while.
David: It brings back memory of when we were in camp right?
Alex: Yes.

David began wondering why someone would lie against Alex. What was the lady trying to gain? David asked himself.
Anyway I know my baby, I know she truely loves me.

Just then Alex received a call.

Alex: Hello? Who's on the line?
Caller: It's me Lucy.
Alex: Lucy? Oh my God I really missed you.
Lucy: Me too. I will be in Richers city tomorrow.
Alex: Really? I can't wait to see you. I will be expecting you.
Lucy: Okay, I will call you back later.
Alex: Okay.

The call ended.

Just in a few minutes a guy in his late twenties walked up to where David and Alex where and faced Alex.

Guy: Hello baby.
Alex: Excuse me.
David: Who's this guy?
Alex: I have no idea who he is.

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Re: Arrow In My Heart
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

Guy: What? Is it because he came back from overseas? All this time I have been taking care of you.
David: (Angry) Alex what's this?
Alex: I told you I have no idea.
Guy: You are so ungrateful. Last night didn't we have five sex rounds?
Alex: (Shocked and Scared) What? Please get out of here.
Guy: Don't worry Karma will catch up with you, it's because you have seen someone from overseas.
David: Alex!
Alex: (crying) I don't know who he is.
David: So the person that called me was right after all.
Alex: Baby, I'm saying the truth. I don't know this guy.
Guy: Okay. Oya pull that dress. I bought it for you, you must pull it here.

They attracted the attention of both Alex's colleagues and other people in the bar.

Guy: I say pull this dress here.
Man 1: What's the problem?
Guy: Oga o! Look at this girl, after taking care of her for two years in every way. She is with another man now.
Alex: That's no true. I don't know you.

A girl came and supported the guy.

Girl: Ole! You have been eating my brother's money. He rented house for you and your family in the G.R.A yet you want to leave him because someone just came from abroad.

Man 1: Na true?
Girl: Yes. My brother even got her pregnant but she aborted it. Ashewo!
David: Damn it.

Alex started getting moody and David left the bar in anger as Alex rushed after him as the whole bar watched.

The guy and girl were busy entertaining and answering questions from people in the bar who were eager to listen to their lies.

Alex reached David outside.

Alex: Baby they are lieing.
David: Shut up! Don't baby me!
Alex: Please don't you trust me?

David waved down a taxi and pushed Alex away.

Alex: (crying) Baby please don't go!

The Taxi zoomed off as Alex cried and walked home hopelessly as she didn't even think of boarding a taxi.

Watch Out For The Next Episode To Know What Happens After
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Re: Arrow In My Heart
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Episode Three (3)

Heavy Heart  

Alex walked down home that night with a heavy heart, she cried so much that her eyes turn red.

She opened her WhatsApp and Facebook and noticed that she had been blocked by David.

She then wondered who the unknown guy was and why he lied so seriously, what could have been his intention?
Was it David's plan so that he could finally leave her?
No, she said. David can't do that. He's not that type of man.
But what's wrong? Who was that guy? Why do he really want David to get mad at her? She asked herself all these questions.

And then the embarrassment she got at the bar, as common she would be the talk of the town. Worst still is her colleagues at work, they will discuss that drama all day.

She kept on thinking until she fell asleep.

She woked up early in the morning and board a Keke to the hotel David was staying. To her shock she saw David kissing Lucy right in front of the hotel.
She was shocked and started crying. Just as she was about to cross the road a car almost ran over her, and then she woke up. It was just a dream! :-) 

Alex: Oh my.... It was just a dream. Yes, just a dream.

She thought about the dream, why was Lucy and David both together in her dream. Ofcourse she didn't remember David and Lucy having any form of relationship, she took her phone and searched for David's timeline on facebook.
David latest update was "Hoes aint loyal".
She burst into tears after reading that, she had waited for David all these years refusing the advance of men.

The time was 3am so she dozed off and woke up by 6am.

She hurriedly had her bath and rushed over to the hotel David lodged. She was going to tell him to reason with her.
David had told her his room number and had told the receptionist to let her in anytime.

She reached David's room and hesistated for a while and then she opened the room to a shock. David was bleeping her best friend Lucy.

They both stopped as she looked at them her mouth opened in shock.
Lucy looked away while David gave Alex a stern look.

David: Will you get out of here?
Alex: (Full of tears) Baby.
Alex fell on the floor and fainted.
Lucy: Mtcheew, don't mind her jare.
David: Ha, she thinks I wouldn't enjoy myself? After waiting for two years? She dey craze.  Let me call the guards jare.

David called the guards in the hotel and they carried Alex to the nearest hospital.

Lucy: Baby, come let's continue our thing jhoor.

David went back and they continued from where they stopped.

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Re: Arrow In My Heart
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Continuation Of Episode Three (3)

Alex came to in the hospital and she was all alone. As she remembered what happened tears flowed freely from her eyes.

Alex: So Lucy was behind yesterday night drama? But for what reason? And what did she have to gain?

( Yesterday After The Night Drama )

David boarded the Taxi and drove straight to the hotel. He slammed his door.

David: Damn it! So she has be cheating on me all this while but I have been controlling myself. Damn!

Just then a call came to his phone and it was Lucy the anonymous caller.

David: Hello.
Lucy: I hope you remember me.
David: Yea. I do. I want to thank you very much.
Lucy: It's nothing. I'm in the front of the hotel you lodged. Can I come in?
David: Sure.

Lucy went inside and David was shocked. Lucy was his ex, he left her for Alex when he went for his NYSC training.

David: Lucy.
Lucy: David.
David: I'm so sorry for leaving you.
Lucy: You left me and meet a whore.
David: I didn't know she was that bad.
Lucy: Really? Now you have seen for yourself.

Lucy knew David would be vulnerable and so she wore a very revealing attire.

Lucy: Now you can show me how much you miss me.
David: What do you mean?
Lucy: (Kissed him) Don't you know?
David: Hey this doesn't mean we are back.
Lucy: Actually, that's not what I'm after. I just want you to enjoy what you didn't for two years.
David: You mean?
Lucy: Yes! Sex.
David: But.....

David didn't say anything as he was too emotionally vulnerable.

She pushed him to the bed and pulled his clothes and they started making out.

It was due to the making out that David experienced the sweet sensation of flesh to flesh sex again.
And that made him agitated when Alex opened the room.

Earlier on the same day Lucy called the unknown guy and girl to disgrace Alex.
Lucy had been tracking David's movement since he returned, when David took Alex to the bar that night she knew it was the best time to strike and her paid actors were waiting for the order.

Alex still laid on the hospital bed looking at the slowly moving ceiling fan.

Alex: Please my David, come back to me.

Watch Out For The Next Episode To See What Transpired Next
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Re: Arrow In My Heart
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Episode Four (4)


Alex stayed in the hospital till Monday when her parents returned to Richers city.
She told them everything thing that happened.

Alex Mum: Hmm, so that your friend Lucy is that evil.
Alex: I was suprised Mum, I just want my David back.
Alex Dad: We will talk to his parents.

Alex was discharged and went back home to the G.R.A after she had called the office.

David reflected on what happened and he regretted his actions.

David: Damn it, I have done wrong. Lucy planned all this, that unknown guy must have been bought by Lucy. Why did I fall to this temptation? And Alex caught me bleeping her, would she forgive me? I hope so.

Meanwhile back in Alex's office her colleagues were all talking about the drama.

Bisi: Chai! So Alex is this bad.
Cynthia: Don't mind her and she will be forming for us here.
John: I was even suprised too, let her come to the office na. Another man have been shinning her congo and she always refuses my advance.
Princess: The whole thing looks like a set up to me.
Mark: Exactly, I studied the situation very well. And I overheard the unknown man saying that their work have been done.
Bisi: Study keh, study koh. Our Alex is a bad girl.

They continued their discussion.

The next day David's and Alex's parents met in the presence of Alex and David.
They discussed alot and the matter was finally settled.

David begged Alex for forgiveness and she was willing to forgive him.

Alex's Mum: So Alex, you must stay away from that devil called Lucy.
David's Mum: You too David.

David and Alex made up and that night they bleeped the hell out of each other.

Two months later David was at a car park and suddenly someone shouted Ole! Ole! Ole! Suddenly some boys pounced on David and beat the hell out of him.
He was almost burnt but for the quick intervention of the park owner.

P.O: What's the matter?
Boy 1: He's a thief.
P.O: A thief? What did he steal?
Boy 1: This car (points to David's car).
P.O: Idiot! It is his car.
Boy 1: Eh? We didn't know.
P.O: Where is the person that shouted Ole?

They all looked around and he was nowhere to be found.

P.O: You see? You people could have killed an innocent man.
Boy 2: We are sorry, next time we will be really sure.
P.O: Don't just stand there help me and take him to the hospital .

The boys helped the park owner as they carried David to the nearest hospital. He was convered with blood and was still conscious when they reached the hospital.
As he lied helplessly he was thinking about Alex.

Alex was called and she rushed straight to the hospital.
She was told everything that happen by the men who carried David to the hospital.

Alex: This is Lucy again. What's her problem? She should get away from our life.

Meanwhile somewhere else the man that shouted Ole called Lucy on the phone and told her that the plan didn't go as planned.

Lucy: Okay. I will lie low for now but they should be ready, something big is coming.

Watch Out For The Next Episode
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Re: Arrow In My Heart
Reply #9
A little typos, nice plot, little suspense (only at the end, there is much suspense).

I await the nxt episode (dah is if you havent typed it now)
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Re: Arrow In My Heart
Reply #10
@Ewap the next episode will be posted tomorrow.
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Re: Arrow In My Heart
Reply #11
okay, awaiting then...but add more suspense
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Re: Arrow In My Heart
Reply #12
Episode Five (5)


Alex stayed in the hospital as David was still admitted. David was still in a very bad shape. When his parents heard what happened they would have sent the police after Lucy but they had no evidence to proof she was really involved.
Alex had started going to work after she was reconciled with David.

She didn't pay much attention to the office gossip.
News had already spread about the truth of the matter.

Mark: (to Bisi) I told you, it was just a set up and you were here running your mouth like a wild tap.
Bisi: Abegi jhoor. Who cares? Is it my relationship?

David had already landed a job in a computer firm as their chief programmer.
He had bought a car after his first month salary.

In two weeks time David fully recovered and he was discharged. After that he had a talk with Alex.

David: Baby.
Alex: Yes?
David: Lucy is a dangerous woman, I don't know what she will do next. She almost had me killed last time.
Alex: Well, you don't have to worry. We just have to watch our back.
David: Yes, I'm just afraid she might do something awful to you.
Alex: You don't have to worry too much I will always watch my back.
David: Hmm, I love you.
Alex: I love you too.

In another two weeks there have been no move from Lucy.

Alex: It seems we have finally gotten rid of the devil on our tail.
David: Yes, she seems to be out of ideas.
Alex: That's good for us.

Six months passed since the bar drama and David finally proposed to Alex, they would be getting married in a month time as preparations were underway.

David: Very soon we shall become one.
Alex: Well, we are already one but we just have to make it official.

David and Alex went shopping for their wedding, they choosed Italy as their honeymoon vacation spot.

It was now remaining just a week to the wedding and anticipation were high.
David and Alex were chatting in their living room (David had bought a house already) when a call came from a private number on David's phone.

David answered the call.

David: Hello, who is this?
Lucy: I hope you remember my voice.
David: Lucy? You are a devil.

David then put the phone on loud speaker so that Alex would hear.

Lucy: (Laughs) Seriously? Well you should know that your marriage plan with Alex will not work.
David: There's nothing in this world that can stop our wedding from holding.
Lucy: Remember how you bleeped me after that night drama? I'm pregnant!
David: What?
Lucy: Yes, you didn't use condom.
David: What? Where's the proof?
Lucy: I will send the proof.
David: Oh my God.
Lucy: And not only that. I am HIV positive, which means you are too and so is Alex.
Alex: Oh my God.
Lucy: (Laughs) I told you, the marriage won't work. I'm pregnant with your baby. Check your email now I have sent both results.

Alex broke down in tears as David tearfully opened his email on his laptop.

He saw the result of Lucy being 8 months pregnant and her HIV positive result.

David immediately broke down in tears.

Alex: (crying) I can't believe this is happening.
David: (crying) Baby I'm sorry.

Alex rushed inside her room and David went after her as she slammed the door.

She jumped on the bed and started  crying while David sat on the floor sheding tears.

David: This is all my fault!

Watch Out For The Next Episode
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Re: Arrow In My Heart
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Episode Six (6)  

Lies Exposed

David and Alex were so heartbroken when they heard the most terrible news.

David sat on the floor near the door of Alex's room.

David: This is all my fault. I should have controlled myself.

He made to call his parents and tell them but he was too weak to do that.

Just then Alex stepped ou of the room and David stood up.

David: I'm sorry baby.
Alex: I know. How many months have it been since that drama at the bar?
David: Seven months.
Alex: That means.....
David: The pregnancy result is not for me as it was written 8 months.
Alex: Exactly.  And there is also a possibility that the HIV result was doctored. Let's go and check ourselves.
David: I really love you baby.

David and Alex drove down to a hospital in order to run the test.

Meanwhile Lucy just realised that she made a blunder.

Lucy: Damn it, I made a mistake. The bar drama was seven months ago and in my doctored result I wrote eight months. I just hope they don't figure it out.
Ofcourse they will be too heart broken to analyse the result. But that Alex is too intelligent. Anyway, I will watch how things goes.

David and Alex reached the hospital and asked for a HIV test.

The medlab technician took their blood smaple as he went inside to analyse it.

After some time he came out the results.

Tech: Congratulations you two, you are both HIV negative.

David and Alex hugged each other and jumped up with joy.

David: Thank ynu very much Doctor.

David and Alex drove back home with joy as they played music aloud.

They finally reached home.

David: Let's put Lucy to shame.

David called Lucy and exposed her lies.

David: Ntoor,we will soon be getting married.

He dropped the phone.

Lucy: Damn it, I have just one choice left now. I have to end their lives on the wedding day.

The wedding day came as both friends and family, colleagues at work came for the great day.

David knew Lucy might try to ruin the wedding so he gave security guards her picture.
As she made to enter the wedding venue she was intercepted at the gate and found with a pistol. The policemen took her to the station.

After the wedding David and Alex were told about Lucy's arrest, she confessed that she wanted to kill them after much interrogation.

The police said they would send her to court where she would be charged.

The next day Alex and David left for their honeymoon at Italy.

David: I'm so happy we made it.
Alex: Yes, me too.
David: We should relocate to Finland, it wouldn't be hard getting a job there with our expertise.
Alex: Yes. And we will also be free from the devil.

They both hugged each other and smiled.

Alex: We are finally together.

The End

This is the first love story I have written, how do you rate it?
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Arrow In My Heart
Reply #14
I wil gv u %80 u tried more effort