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The Outlaws Have Been Renamed To The Seven Colours
I wish to inform you all that the story "The Outlaws" have been changed to "The Seven Colours".

 The 7 colours takes place in a setting where the world was divided into five kingdoms, the 7 colours consist 7 people with no name or origin.
They were found as babies at a dumpsite and they were given names based on the colours they wore when found.
They are;
Red - Fire User
Blue - The Manipulator
Green - Tree & Earth User
Yellow - Speed & Electricity
Silver - Ice And Water
Gold - Skilled Sword User
Pink - Can See From Very Far Away & Gun User.
Blue, Silver and Pink are females while the rest are males.
The seven of them returned home to their kingdom after a mission and heared the shocking news that would forever change their lives.

Here is the link
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