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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Fifteen (15) Continuation

Elizabeth: Don't get in my way next time or else....
Conan: Go ahead mother.
Elizabeth: You leave me no choice.
Red: Conan run!

The Queen raised a finger and pointed it at Conan, she generated a tiny ball of energy.

Elizabeth: Before I do this son, I mean Conan. You should know that you are not a human.
Vadem: No! I am a human!
Elizabeth: You are a Vadehu! A Vadem slayer! So I can't let you live. Die!

As the tiny ball of energy struck Conan he immediately vanished and Alex started crying.

Elizabeth: There he goes! Now it's time to finish you people.
Alex: How could you do that? Conan is your son. He would always love you no matter who you turn to be.
Elizabeth: It seems the only thing humans are good at is pissing people off. You will die next.

Racer: No way!!

Racer ran to Alex's front and hardened his body to rock.

Racer: You are not going to harm my sister.
Blue: Yea, you wouldn't touch her.
Gold: (Clears throat) Well, you may have won this time but next time is going to be different.
Silver: (To Gold) Stop sounding as if we want to run away.
Gold: This is a battle we can't win at the moment.
Red: (In his mind) He's right. We can't win in this present fight.

Elizabeth: (Laughing) Your friend Gold is right, you can't win this fight. And I also wouldn't let the seven idiots leave here alive.

Elizabeth sent a shock wave to Yellow and he screamed as it touched him.

Pink: What did you do to him?
Elizabeth: Don't cry, I just temporally reduced his super speed ability. In case you are wondering why, it's because you all are going to run for you life for I am going to release the green winged Vadems!!

Red: What?

Elizabeth snapped her finger and a portal opened, three green winged Vadems appeared and released a fire laser which the seven colours dodged and it caused another huge explosion again.

Red: That was close!

Before they knew it the entire room was crawling with green winged Vadems.

Gold: I guess we have to follow my plan now. Run!
Elizabeth: Get them!!

The seven colours were given a hot chase of their lives, Silver and Green started creating ice and earth barrier but they were being destroyed by the green winged Vadems.

Racer changed to his superspeed mode and carried them to the gate as he was exhausted and didn't go further.

Angel: Seven colours?
Red: Run!!!

Jacko: What?

Before they knew it the seven colours and the others ran and then the green winged Vadems appeared.

Angel, Jacko and Bond screamed and joined the race.

Angel: Wait for us!

The citizens were suprised as they saw them running away.

Victoria: The seven colours, they are running away?

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Do the comic of this bro!
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Re: The Seven Colours
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Do the comic of this bro!

I can't draw very well.
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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Sixteen (16)

The Seven Colours Joins Forces With The Bounty Hunters

The seven colours, Racer, Alex and the three bounty hunters were given the hot chase of their lives by the green winged Vadems.

Bond: These ones are different.
Angel: Keep running and don't look back!
Jacko: Oh my, what the hell is this?
Angel: Judging by their power levels, they are five times stronger than the others.
Bond: Yea, you are right.

The three bounty hunters caught up with the seven colours as they ran.

Angel: Can't you guys fight back? You are the seven colours after all.
Silver: We have been outnumbered and outmatched, we can only use our heads here. Are you not Angel? Send the evil creatures to hell!
Angel: What? Not this time! They are too many!!
Bond: This is very bad!!
Jacko: I'm sure these ones are going to cost 50 millions per heads.
Angel: Idiot! You shouldn't be thinking about money now.
Jacko: Shut up little girl! When this is over, I'm going to deal with you.

And just then the seven colours, Alex and Racer stopped running.

Angel, Jacko and Bond also stopped after seeing the seven colours stop.

Angel: Why did you people stop?
Red: We made a vow never to run away from evil.
Silver: We will fight evil to the end.
Green: They will harm mother nature if we are being chased into the forest.
Alex: For Conan's sake, I must fight!!

Jacko: It's safer fighting with you people than the three of us fighting alone.
Angel: Yes, it's going to be fun fighting alongside with the seven colours.
Bond: Alright then, it's twelve against what?

Red: Pink.
Pink: I'm on it.

Pink looked into the direction of the green winged Vadems direction and counted them to be fiftytwo.

Pink: There are fiftytwo of the Vadems.
Jacko: 52? And what are Vadems?
Pink: That's what they are called.
Angel: That means you guys know a lot about them.
Pink: Yeap!

Red raised his hand up and made the flag of the kingdom on the air using fire.

Red: (To the bounty hunters) We actually were not running away.
Bond: Huh?
Red: We were simply leading the Vadems out of the capital so that we will fight them fair and square. I'm sure at least one person in the kingdom will understand.
Angel: I see, that's so nice of you people.
Silver: Get ready everyone! Here they come!

Meanwhile Queen Elizabeth was crying inside the palace.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry Conan. I had to do it, you are my son.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Sixteen (16) Continuation

The citizens of the kingdom were suprised as they saw the seven colours ran away.

Citizen1: It seems the seven colours ran away. If they can't save us then no one else can.
Citizen2: I will find a way to sneak out of the capital.
Citizen3: Me too.

Remember the man who was on the tree and jumped down after seeing the black winged Vadems? His name is Morgan.

He approached those talking about the seven colours running away.

Morgan: Relax, they have their reason for running away.
Citizen1: And what reason could that be?
Morgan: To avoid casualties from the citizens. If even they lose this time, they will come back again.
Citizen2: You are right, they were just taking them out of the capital so that we wouldn't be in the way.
Citizen: That should be it, I was almost scared.
Morgan: That's the seven colours for you.

Victoria started crying after she saw the seven colours run.

Victoria's Mum: What's the problem honey?
Victoria: I saw the seven colours run as they were being chased by another type of those monsters.
Victoria's Mum: (Laughs) Don't cry dear, I'm sure they just lured the monsters outside the capital.
Victoria: Huh?
Victoria's Mum: Yeap, remember they swore an oath to defend the kingdom and never to run away from evil.
Victoria: (Smiles) You are right mum, I believe in them.

** Back At Terry's House **

Terry, the king and Forest were both playing cards game and Forest had lost ten times in a roll.

King: Hahahaha! You lost Forest!
Terry: Ten times in a roll is quite an achievement.

The three of them laughed.

Forest: I guess I will be doing the chores. I would have been the one doing it even if I had won.
King: Yes, you are right.
Terry: We just wanted to add some fun into the game.
Forest: I figured that out.
Terry: I hope those kids are doing fine out there.
King: You don't need to worry, after all they are my kids.
Forest: Sure.

The seven colours, Alex, Racer, Angel, Bond and Jacko all got ready as the green winged Vadems approached them.

Angel: I guess it's going to be one to four and then we will share the remaining ones.
Red: These are monsters, ten may attack one.
Angel: Don't worry, I just know what to do.
Silver: Here they come!!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Seventeen (17)

Angel's Dimension Magic

The seven colours, Alex and Racer joined forces with the three bounty hunters to take down the green winged Vadems.

It was now twelve humans versus fiftytwo Vadem, Angel said she had a plan on how to make them fight four each.

Red: So what's your plan Angel?
Angel: I'm going to create a different dimension for every one and four Vadems each.
Silver: I see, that's one of your abilities.
Angel: Yes! Get ready everyone. You are all going to a fantasy world.

Just as the green winged Vadems reached them Angel raised her hand in the air.

Angel: I create thirteen dimensions with advantages over the enemies!!

And just then everyone of them dissappeared to their different dimensions and so were the remaining four Vadems taken to a different one.

Angel had the ability to create dimensions and dictates who and what would be in that dimension, it will take only someone very strong to break free from the spell. This time she created the dimensions to have advantages over the enemies.
However, Angel made a critical mistake in Red's dimension. The four Vadems that followed Red were fire users, and that means whatever is true for them is also true for Red.

** At Red's Dimension **

Red and four Vadems were sent to a realm which was made up of ice and water.

Red: What the hell is this? Is this the best she can do? I'm going to spank her if I survive this.

Just then the four Vadems surrounded Red.

Red: Hey buddies, are you guys not feeling the cold?

The Vadem bodies got engulfed in flames and then it went off.

Red: What the hell!

Red engulfed his body in flames and it also went out.

Red: I'm going to kill that girl!!! This battle is now simply about brute strength.

The green Vadems made to swallow him and he dodged, and then he started running.

Red: I need to run till I come up with something.

Red continued running as the green winged Vadems chased after him, they Vadems were not flying but they were now chasing him on foot.

Red notice it and climbed to a very tall ice tree, and then the green winged Vadems couldn't fly up.

Red: I see the rule didn't only affect their magic powers but also their natural flying ability.

Red looked up and saw something written in the sky, it read that the dimension will vanish after 15 minutes or someone wins the fight.

Red: Hmm, I can't wait for that long. I will be long dead before that or maybe, I think I have an idea.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Seventeen (17) Continuation

The Queen, Forest and the others noticed that the seven colours presence had been erased from the human dimension.

King: What could have happened to them?
Terry: It's either they are dead or this is the work of a dimension caster.
King: It better be a dimension caster.
Forest: I'm pretty sure it's a dimension caster. I felt the nine of the dissappear to different places. But what worries me is Conan, he didn't come back from the palace with them.
King: His mother must have kidnapped him.
Forest: His presence was erased for a long time now.
King: What?
Terry: That's really bad.
King: I know Elizabeth would never kill Conan.
Forest: Me too, then the question is what happened to Conan?

Queen Elizabeth also felt that the seven colours presence were no more.

Elizabeth: Angel was among the bounty hunters that were gunning for my brethen's head. This must be her doing. This is getting boring, I have to just kill them myself.

** Silver's Dimension **

Silver's realm was filled with ice giving her the upperhand.

Silver: This is just a piece of cake. Die Vadems!!

The Vadems were immediately frozen and shattered to pieces.

** Blue's Dimension **

Blue's realm was just so simple with flowers everywhere.

She opened her eyes and commanded the four Vadems to kill themselves which they did.

** At Alex's Dimension **

Their were many clocks at Alex's realm and it amplied her powers.

Alex: Wow!! This dimension makes me feel stronger. Now I can curse them to die.

The Vadems made to attack her and her eyes coloured red, immediately all the Vadems started aging rapidly one by one and they all turned to ashes.

Alex: So my power is really this strong? Unbelieavable, I must train harder!

** At Pink's Dimension **

Pink's realm was made of tall buildings spread out with enough space.

Pink summoned her sniper gun and loaded it with her light bullets.

Pink: This will do.

Pink target the four Vadems and blew them out as the bullets searched for them.

Pink light bullets can track evil and strike it.

** Angel's Dimension **

Angel: I rule this dimension so I curse you all to die.

Immediately Angel said that, the Vadems all died.

Angel, Blue, Silver, Pink and Alex were the first to come out of their dimensions.

Angel: We ladies are actually the coolest.
Silver: I wonder what's them too long.

Red was still on top of the tree.

Red: If I can't make flames outside, I just have to warm myself up from the inside.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Eighteen (18)
Defeat The Green Winged Vadems

All the ladies were through with their fights in their own dimensions created by Angel.

Silver: I wonder what's taking them (the guys) so long.
Alex: Could it be that they are trapped?
Angel: No, after fifteen minutes the dimensions will dissappear and they will return.

Blue: I believe you know what's going on in those dimensions.
Angel: (Smiles) Yes, but I think we should just relax.
Pink: Come on Angel, let's know what's going on.
Angel: (Looks at Pink) Okay. (In her mind) She's so beautiful, all the females in the seven colours are Angels.

Angel: Dimension mirrors!

Seven mirrors appeared showing the seven remaining others.

Angel: Here they are.

The all saw Red's dimension and were shocked.

Silver: Uhm, I think you made a big mistake there.
Angel: Yes, uhm. It's just a little error.
Pink: I hope it can be corrected before he freeze to death.

Angel: Ofcourse, but it will also favour the enemy.
Pink: Don't worry. He will be alright.
Angel: Open, I will change it to a burning forest.

Angel's eyes changed to white and Red's dimension changed from the ice and water to a burning forest.

Angel: That's it.
Pink: Nicely done.

** Red's Dimension **

Red's dimension changed into a burning forest, he and the four Vadems there got lively.

Red: It's good to go! Get ready for me Vadems! Fire fists!

Red jumped down from the tree he was and made four fire arms which strucked the four Vaddems but they didn't die because they were fire users.

Red: It seems the four of you are quite stubborn.

The four Vadems roared and blasted him with fire but he didn't move an inch.

Red: You guys just chaged me up! Fire gorillas!

Red made fire gorillas which attacked the Vadems and broke their necks before burning them to ashes.

Red: Alright! I can now get out of here.

** At Green's Dimension **

Green's dimension was a desert.

Green: There should be atleast some trees here. Mother nature is not all about sand.

Just then the four Vadems attacked him from behind but he was shielded by his sand barrier.

Green: You evil ones can never defeat me. I will bury you all under the earth. Now die evil creatures!

The ground suddenly opened and the four Vadems all fell inside screaming and then Green closed back the ground.

Green: Your fate were sealed the moment you people challenged me the son of mother nature. I guess I have to grow some trees here.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Eighteen (18) Continuation

** Racer's Dimension **

Racer's dimension was made of straight and smooth lanes made up of rocks.

Racer: Just perfect. I can recharge now.

Racer touched the ground and took some energy from the rocks and hardened his body. He then used his superspeed; he took down the four Vadems befor they knew what was going on.

Racer: I am Racer!

** Yellow's Dimension **

It was raining in Yellow's dimension and there were thunder and lightening.

Yellow: I don't even have to use my speed power here. I just have to electrified everything around me.

Yellow touched the ground and distributed millions volts of electricity widespread and it electrocuted the Vadems.

Yellow: That was too easy.

** Gold's Dimension **

There were different types of swords in Gold's dimension, and he saw the legendary sword called OguOku'. It could destroyed any form of darkness; so he took it.

Gold: This is my heaven.

Gold took the legendary sword and charged at the Vadems, they turned to ashes without the sword even touching their bodies.

Gold: This is great, I have to keep this in my collection.

** Jacko's Dimension **

Jacko's dimension was made up of quick sand.

He immediately trapped the Vadems without any stress.

Jacko: That was too easy, I wish I can always come to a dimension like this everytime I fight.

** Bond's Dimension **

There were many equipped puppets in Bond's dimension since he was a puppet master.

He saw four Vadem puppets and used it to attack the other Vadems.

Bond: I must admit Angel is really good.

All of them came out from their dimensions.

Red: We all made it out.
Bond: I'm off!
Jacko: Me too, more of those things might be coming.

Bond and Jacko ran away.

Angel: As for me!! I will be staying.
Silver: You should go, you might get hurt.

Angel: No! Don't underate me.
Gold: I really need that legendary sword.
Angel: Well I can give it to you on one condition.

Gold: Anything.
Angel: Well, let me be the eight member of your group and let my colour be Angel!

Gold: Uhm.
Angel: Do you have any problem with that?
Gold: Only the King can do that.
Angel: Then talk to him.

Pink looked in the sky and saw the Queen.

Pink: Look up guys! It's the Queen.

Everyone looked up and saw the Queen in the sky.

Angel: The Queen? What is she doing here?

Queen Elizabeth: This is your end seven fools!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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I won't be updating stories for a week plus, I have an exam approaching. Thank you for your understanding.
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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Nineteen (19)

Angel Humiliates Queen Elizabeth

After the battles in Angel's dimensions Bond and Jacko ran away because of the fear of the unknown. Angel however stayed with the others and wanted to be part of their crew.

Just then the Queen appeared in the sky and everyone was suprised.

Queen Elizabeth: Get ready to die fools!
Red: If you ask me, this is bad.
Angel: I can cage her for a while in my dimension.

Elizabeth: Don't even think about it. I'm way stronger than you, I will break free in less than a second.
Silver: (In her mind) Damn it! She's right!

The Queen generated a ball of dark energy and smiled.

Elizabeth: This will finish you all at once.
Silver: We have no choice guys! Let's fight back together.
Red: I guess that's the only choice we have.
Angel: Leave her to me.
Blue: What?
Angel: I have to show you guys what I'm made of.

Elizabeth: I see, you want to die.
Silver: Let's give her a chance.
Angel: Thanks.

Elizabeth: All right then, I will just have to kill you first! Die!

The Queen threw the dark energy ball at Angel but it disappeared when it almost touched her, the energy ball struck the Queen at her back and she fell down screaming.

Elizabeth: Ahh!!!
Angel: This is going to be fun.

The others were suprised at what happened.

Alex: What did she just do?
Silver: She sent the Queen crashing! That is amazing.

Queen Elizabeth managed to stand up after the blast.

Elizabeth: How dare you?
Angel: We are just getting started.
Elizabeth: What exactly did you do?
Angel: I simply transported the energy ball to another dimension and opened it behind you just at the moment of explosion.

Elizabeth: I see. I have no choice than to finish you with a bigger ball.
Angel: Be careful, you might end up killing yourself.
Elizabeth: (In her mind) She's right. I might end up killing myself.

Red: Wow! I never thought anyone could go head to head with the Queen.
Silver: This is really amazing, she might have a chance after all.

Angel: (To Queen Elizabeth) What are you waiting for?
Elizabeth: You little brat! I can't be humiliated by someone like you.
Angel: You got big boobs you know that.
Elizabeth: You idiot! How dare you say such a thing during battle?

Angel: I just noticed it. If you want to win just let the hold them with my hands and squeeze them right here.
Elizabeth: (Coughs blood) Really?
Angel: Yes.
Elizabeth: Don't worry, you can squeeze them after you die.

Alex: Something tells me Angel is a pervert.
Blue: You are so right.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Nineteen (19) Continuation

Forest and the others now felt the presence of the seven colours and the others.

Forest: I can feel their presence except Conan's.
Terry: I wonder what happened to him.
King: Yea, the Queen couldn't have killed him.
Forest: The question now is, what really happened to him?
King: The seven colours will tell us when they return.
Forest: Yea, they will.

Morgan had taken three bottles of alcohol inside a closed bar where people gathered to discuss about the Vadems.

Morgan: (Yawns) I guess it's time I see how the others are doing.

Angel, the Queen and the others were still outside the gate as the battle was still going on.

Angel: So what do you say Queen Elizabeth? Just let me have my tongue on them, and you will walk away.
Elizabeth: Idiot! Let me see how you are going to dodge this.

Elizabeth generated more dark energy balls but this time they were many and smaller.

Elizabeth: They may look small but they are lethal.
Angel: You just won't listen.

Elizabeth: Die!!

Elizabeth attacked Angel with those many balls and she sent them to another dimension and opened it at the Queen's back.

Elizabeth immediately jumped away just as the balls were about to strike her from behind, and they made for Angel.

Angel: She dodged them.

Angel immediately opened another dimension just as the balls were about to strike her.

Elizabeth: I have an idea, I will just fight you using my hands and legs.
Angel: Well, that might work.
Elizabeth: Ahh!! Stop mocking me!!

Queen Elizabeth rushed at Angel and gave her a kick. Unfortunately for her Angel opened a dimension of fire and it burnt her leg as she screamed and moved back.

Silver: Get her Angel!
Blue: Teach her a lesson!

Elizabeth: (To Angel) You are so going to die.
Angel: No, you are the one going to die! Death fist!

Immediately a dark aura covered Angel's fist.

Red: The aura of death itself. Anything she strikes will age a million time faster.
Pink: This could be why all those she face in battle are MIA.
Red: Exactly.

Elizabeth: Are you really going to strike me?
Angel: Yes! Get ready to die!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Twenty (20)

The Three Strongest Vadems Appears

Angel and the Queen's duel seem to come to an end as she was now using death fist.

Angel: Get ready to die, Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen started laughing and everyone wondered what it was all about.

Angel: Why are you laughing?
Elizabeth: Even if you kill me, nothing ends.
Angel: What do you mean?
Elizabeth: I hate to break it to you people, but there are three more Vadems out there that are stronger than me.

The others were shocked as they had earlier thought that she was the leader.

Elizabeth: I can see it in your eyes! Fear! You don't know what's going to come next.

Angel: Well, I just have to kill you and wait for them.

Just then a portal opened in the air and three Vadems appeared, one male and two females. Suprisingly to them the male had a wing that glowed with fire, the seven colours and the others shivered as they felt their powers.

Elizabeth: They are not suppose to appear now. 
Red: Do you guys feel that power? It's unreal!
Silver: Yes.
Angel: Well this is bad.

The male's name is Priest, while the two females were Clara and Cecilia.

Elizabeth: What are you people doing here? It is not yet time.
Priest: Shut up! I can't wait any longer.

Priest suddenly pointed his finger at Queen Elizabeth and created a very concentrated small dark energy ball.

Pink: Why did she point it at the Queen?
Yellow: I have no idea.

Elizabeth: (To Priest) Why do you point that at me?
Priest: Why? It's very simple, I have no need for weaklings. I have destroyed the other weak Vadems.
Elizabeth: What? But why?
Priest: Why? It's because they were weak. There are only four of our race left, you, me, Clara and Cecilia.

Angel: This one is more heartless.
Alex: You are damn right.
Green: The situation is going to get messy.
Gold: That's for sure.
Silver: Everyone should be ready to attack.
Pink: Got ya.

Elizabeth: (To Priest) You are a monster!
Clara: Shut up Elizabeth! Remember, you slept with a human and gave birth to an abomination.
Elizabeth: My son Conan is not an abomination!

Cecilia: Of course, he is. You gave birth to a Vadem slayer. That's a first class crime. You are going to pay for it with your life.

Elizabeth could no longer move as Cecilia had cast a spell on her.

Elizabeth: What did you do to me?
Cecilia: I just restrained you, you have to receive your punishment without causing us any trouble.
Elizabeth: Damn you coward!
Priest: Get ready to die!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Twenty (20) Continuation

As Bond and Jacko were running away they also felt the power of the three Vadems as they arrived.

Jacko: Did you feel that power?
Bond: Yea, it's a good thing we got out of there in time.
Jacko: Yes. I wonder how the others are doing.
Bond: You don't have to worry about them now.

Forest and the others also felt the powers of the two silver winged female Vadems and one fire winged male Vadem.

Forest: Did you guys feel that?
Terry: Yes, we did.
King: The seven colours may need back up.
Forest: They can take care of themselves, I have to stay here and protect you.

Queen Elizabeth was still being restrained by Cecilia's spell as Priest pointed the little dark energy ball at her.

Priest: Die Elizabeth!
Elizabeth: No!

Priest immediately shot the dark energy ball in her chest and she screamed and fell down as it passed through her.

Priest: That should take care of her.
Cecilia: Yes.
Clara: We should now kill the humans.

The seven colours and the others were at full alert and were ready to defend themselves.
And just then a dying Queen Elizabeth threw a card at Silver.

Elizabeth: Take the card and run. Conan is still alive and he's inside there.

Immediately the Queen finished talking she fell down unconscious and Silver immediately picked up the card.

Alex: Conan! He's still alive.
Silver: Yes. We have to protect this card with our lives.
Racer: Yes.

Priest: That's so bad because you all are going to die. And then we will kill the Vadem slayer by slowly torturing him.

Red: Bring it on! We are not afraid!
Cecilia: Okay then.

The three Vadems sudenly fell down.

Silver: What happened?
Voice: I happened.

Morgan walked out from the shadows.

Gold: Morgan! You are here.
Morgan: Yes, all of you should get out of here now.
Gold: But....
Morgan: I know, I have a plan.

Red: Thank you very much.

The seven colours and the others ran away as fast as they could, and just in a short time the three Vadems stood up.

Morgan: Oh! You guys are back.
Priest: Damn you human.
Cecilia: Did you really think you can defeat us?
Clara: You must be out of your mind.

Morgan: (Smiles) I never intended to fight the three of you. You are too strong for me.
Priest: Then get ready to die.
Morgan: Hmm, it's not yet time for me to die.

Immediately a hole appeared on the ground and Morgan and Queen Elizabeth disappeared.

Cecilia: He ran away.
Clara: Together with the Queen.
Priest: Don't worry. Let's cause terror in the Eagle kingdom!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode TwentyOne (21)

Conan Is Back!

The seven colours successfully escaped very fast from Priest and the others, thanks to Yellow and Racer's speed.

Priest and the two other Vadems entered the Eagle's kingdom and found out that nobody was in the capital.

Priest: What the? Where did everyone go to?
Clara: This is strange, could it be that the other guy (Morgan) took them away using those holes.
Priest: Whatever, they will be back. Let's go and see how the palace look like.
Cecilia: Yes.

** At Terry's House **

Everything was being told to Forest and the others.

King: So my son is alive? I know Elizabeth couldn't harm him.
Forest: So the idiot Morgan saved the day huh?
Silver: Yes.

Morgan was a mate in training with Forest twelve years ago, he dropped out to pursue his interest in history instead of magic. But he practised the little magic he learnt.
It was during one of his research that he learnt about the Vadems and their connection to the kingdom.

Forest: I guess he's doing better now.
Silver: So how are we going to release Conan now?
Forest: Give.....

Suddenly a hole opened in the ground and Morgan came out carrying the Queen.

Forest: Morgan! What are you doing here with the Queen?
Morgan: Relax Forest boy, tend to the Queen first then I will explain why I'm here.

Silver: No. We can't give any aid to the Queen. She will kill us straight when she gains consciousness.
King: It's okay Silver. I will tend to her.

The King began tending to the unconscious Elizabeth with his healing magic.

Forest: Alright Morgan, now tell us why you are here?

Morgan: The entire capital was empty so I came here.
Forest: Empty? What do you mean by empty?
Morgan: Just tell me where in empty that you don't understand.

Angel: Keep it down guys.
Morgan: (Looks at Angel) What a beautiful angel! The heavens have remembered me just like grandma said.

Angel: (Clears throat) I'm responsible for the capital being empty.

Forest & Morgan: What?
Why would you do that? And what happened to the people?
Angel: Every one in the capital is safe. I simply transported the capital to another dimension. And, I also created an exact replica of the capital and placed it where the real capital was supposed to be.

Silver: That is awesome. You really have amazing abilitiess.

Angel: Thank you.
Morgan: You are really smart unlike someone (Forest) who studied magic for ten years.
Forest: Are you asking for a fight buddy?
Morgan: I will pass.

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