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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Hundred (100) Continuation

Raymond regained consciousness when he heard in his sleep that Angel was fighting Jacquar, and Rambo too was awake.

Raymond: Are you sure they didn't fix this match?
Shark: I don't know but it's crazy.

Fury: Nice one, let me see how this is going to be.

All the magic knights were expecting to see Angel's amazing power again, except for the Lion and Flower squad.

As Jacquar and Angel entered the stage they both looked at each other and smiled.

Jacquar: (In his mind) So they really expect me to fight my sister huh?
Angel: (In her mind) This arrangement is crazy.

Francis: Let the match begin!

The spectators hope were raised as they were expecting an ultimate showdown.
Angel and Jacquar kept starring at each other as minutes passed and then Jacquar raised his hand up.

Jacquar: I forfeit the match!!

Huh?? The spectators were suprised but the Flower squad just smiled and so did Angel.

King Pato: Even if it's for the Lion, he will never fight Angel.

Shepherd: It's the same here, even if it's for the Flower Angel will never fight her brothers.

Francis: Ladies and gentlemen! Jacquar gave up and so the winner is Angel of the Flower.

Angel winked at his brother and he smiled before they both left the stage.

Shark: That was nicely done Jacquar.
Jacquar: Yea.

Juvia: Well, Angel won.

Fury: And here I was thinking I would see Diana, I mean Angel's powers again.

Francis: All right, it's time to check the score board for the updated scores.

The updated scores are below.

The Eagle have 24pts.
The Flower have 24pts.
The Panda have 24pts.
The Elephant have 13pts.
The Snake have 11pts.
The Lion have 10pts.

The Lions were not happy with their performance but it couldn't be helped.

King Moldrick: How the mighty have fallen.
King Pato: It couldn't be helped.
It was afternoon now and everyone was expecting the next battle after a short break.

Francis: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen! It's time for our next match! Cards of the Flower versus Odin of the Snake!

Cards: This is going to be fun.

Odin: I will just crush him with my hammer.

Odin and Cards walked into the stage and the referee told them to begin the match.

Odin: Say your prayers kid!! Lightening hammer!
Cards: Cards mini library.

Lightening started running through Odin's body as his hammer appeared, and many cards surrounded Cards.

Cards: (In his mind) His speed won't be a problem at all.

Cards pinned a card of the floor before Odin moved, and he was suprised that Cards could follow his movements.

Odin circled around Cards but he just closed his eyes. After realising that speed won't help, Odin finally stopped.

Odin: Okay kid! I'm going to take you head on! Lightening arrows!

Cards: Art of cards. Barrier card activate!

Odin lightening arrows were sent back to him and he absorbed them.

And just then, Odin rushed at him with his lightening hammer but suprisingly Cards brought out a lightening hammer and the two collided.

Odin: What the!
Cards: I can use almost all magic with my cards!

The collision of the two hammers caused an explosion and they both jumped away.

The atmosphere was intense as Cards revealed that he can use almost all magic, and that placed Odin at a disadvantage.

Moldrick: This is interesting, he's an Expert.

As the two magic knights were about to go head to head again, a strange shadow was behind the unsuspecting three Saviours in the far away land they were.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And One (101)

Cards And Odin Intense Battle! X Shark Versus Red!

Odin mantained a distance from Cards, after he revealed that he can use mostly all magic.

Odin: Lightening slash!!

Odin sent some slash of lightening but it couldn't penetrate the barrier Cards was, and then he sent more arrows but it was pointless.

Odin: Stop hiding. Fight like a real man.
Cards: Okay, if you say so.

Cards removed his barrier and Odin charged at him with a lightening blade, Cards also summoned one with his cards and they both clashed.

Odin created another lightening blade in the other hand and made to strike Cards, but he (Cards) jumped up and stepped on Odin's head.

Cards jumped down and threw a card at Odin and he cut it into two. Odin got angry as lightening ran through his body and charged at Cards.

Cards threw another card and a smoke appeared in the arena but Odin immediately used his lightening to clear it away.

Odin: It's time for some serious attack.

Odin joined his two hands and made a ball of lightening which grew bigger and Cards immediately brought a card.

The lighteng ball kept growing bigger as Odin laughed.

Odin: Let me see how you will dodge this, it has the speed of lightening! Take this!

Odin threw the lightening ball at Cards as it burned but suprisingly the lightening ball appeared behind Odin, he was shocked but quickly reacted and threw it above him.

Odin: What did you just do?
Cards: You will find out later.
Odin: Let's see how you will survive this.

Odin created more balls of lightening and threw it at Cards, but before that Cards had already placed dimension cards around the stage.
And instead of the lightening ball to strike Cards, he changed their direction when they almost made contact and Odin was struck with his own attacks and smokes surrounded him as he screamed.

Cards: That should keep him down for a while.

The spectators were very happy at the intense battle going on, and the magic knights were interested as well.

Lust: Why is Cards toying with him?
Angel: You know how he is, he likes bringing out his opponent potentials.
Maker: Hmm. That's just him.

Francis: This battle is intense! Ladies and gentlemen, let's wait for the smoke to die down and see what happened to Odin.

Odin immediately started laughing as the smoke cleared out, and their was a great surge in his power as lightening was running all over his body.

Rambo: Hahaha! That's more like it! Crush the Flower boy!

Cards: Nice one. Now, this is truly how powerful you are.

Odin: Yea, I won't reached this level if I didn't fight you. Now I'm stronger and I shall crush you!

Odin moved very fast that the spectators saw nothing, and Cards stepped into the middle of the stage and brought out a card.

Cards: This will......

Aaaah!! Cards screamed as Odin punched him in the belly with his lightening hand.

Odin: How did you feel that?

Cards made to fall but he jumped away instead and smiled.

Odin: What's the smile for?
Cards: You have grown stronger but I have to end the fight now.
Odin: In your dreams.

Cards took the card he was holding and swallowed it, and immediately lightening started running through his body and everyone was suprised except the Flower squad.

Maker: He's fighting lightening with lightening.
Angel: Yes, we all saw this coming.

The spectators were still suprised as the referee was so excited.

Francis: Ladies and Gentlemen! This is an amazing transformation! Cards is now using lightening!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And One (101) Continuation

Odin was still quite suprised because of what seems to be Cards' new ability.

Odin: What the! Do you use lightening too?
Cards: No. I only use cards, and when I swallow any card I gain the ability.
Odin: What? That's impossible!
Cards: No, it is possible. I am a cards Expert and I evolved with my ability. And that means game over for you.

Everyone was suprised at his explanation as this was the first time this have ever happened.

Shepherd: That's my boy.
Moldrick: Wow! The Flower got talent.
Elizabeth: Yea, they do.
Pato: I must say that I'm impressed.
Noah: Hahaha! This is a great fight.
Cobra: (Smiles) Now we just have to see who would win.

Odin laughed and smiled as he immediately liked Cards.

Odin: I like you kid! Let the strongest person win.
Cards: Yes.

Angel: This is it, the collision of two lightening users!

Yellow: This is going to be fun!

Odin and Cards charged at each other as their fists collided and a huge shock was created and it caused an explosion, they both moved back as the winds made their hairs to flow.

Odin: Let's finish this with one move!
Cards: Sure.

Francis: Ladies and gentlemen! It seems something big is going to go down here!!

Odin and Cards immediately created huge balls of lightening each as their power surged, and their hairs became spiky.

Odin: Let do this!
Cards: (Smiles) Yes!!

Odin and Cards rushed at each other and their huge lightening balls collided as they pushed it against another.

Odin was moving out of the stage and he used two hands but Cards was just using a hand.

Odin: You are quite strong kid.
Cards: Yes, and I'm happy you grew stronger.

Cards then used a finger and Odin was blown out of the stage with the two lightening balls, and Yellow kicked it out of the arena in order to to prevent a gigantic explosion.

Immediately Odin crashed to the ground, the giant fused lightening balls exploded in the sky and the spectators went wild because of the wonderful battle.

Francis: And the winner is Cards of the Flower!

Odin smiled after the announcement as Cards left the stage.

Odin & Cobra: He deserves the victory!

Lust: You are too playful Cards.
Cards: I guess so.

Silver: Now, let's see how the next match is going to be.

Francis: Ladies and Gentlemen! The next fight is going to be the best you have ever seen. It's Shark of the Lion versus Red of the Eagle! This is wonderful!

The crowd went super wild as this was going to be a big rematch for the duo.
During the last tournament, Shark and Red fought but Shark merciless dealt with Red. And so the tension was high as this fight is going to be huge and Red would want to prove himself.

Silver: This is going to be huge!

Angel: Oh my! My brother versus Red. I hope they don't tear this place apart.

Shark: Hahaha! This is great! I'm going to tear him apart this time!

Red: I'm glad I got this opportunity!

Shark and Red entered the stage as they both released their aura immediately, and everyone could feel their urge to fight.

Shark: I hope you are up for more beating?
Red: No, it will be different this time.

Red flames immediately engulfed Red's body and dark flames engulfed Shark's body as they both looked at each other smiling.

Silver & Angel: This is it!!

Francis: Let the match begin!!

And just then Red and Shark rushed at each other.........

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Two (102)

Shark Versus Red: The Arena Shakes!! X Code Red: The Three Saviours Are Down!!

Shark and Red immediately rushed at each other with their bodies covered in flames, and when their fists collided there was a great rush of wind in the arena as almost everyone clothes were carried up.

Shark: I must say, you have improved! But I'm still going to win!
Red: Keep dreaming!! Fire balls!

Red unleashed many big balls of fire at Shark but he dodged all of them and moved forward and punched Red at the face, and just when Red was about to fall he kicked Shark and they both moved back.

They charged at each other again as they exchanged and dodged blows and kicks, and the spectators were happy.

The Eagle and Flower squad stayed together as they watched the fight.

Silver: Hmm, let's see what Red learnt from Love.
Angel: Shark have been training ever since he lost to Black Mist.
Clown: We just have to see who's better.

Shark and Red were still at it as they were kicking and punching themselves on equal terms.

Shark created a ball of his dark flames and so did Red create a ball of red flames, when the both collided the mixture led to a violent explosion on the stage as the referee ran out.

The duo aura increased as they looked at each other and their urge to fight increased.

Shark: It's time that you feel the power of my dark flames!
Red: Bring it on!

Shark punched red with his dark flames and Red's flames disrappeared as he screamed, and almost everyone was  suprised.

Red: What happened to me?
Shark: My flames just ate yours!

Red knelt down and groaned in pain as his flames were gone, and Shark looked down on him and smiled.

Shark: It's just like last time when you knelt down before me!
Red: Damn you!

Shark kicked the helpless Red as he groaned in pains.

Shark: You won't be able to make flames for a while! Take your finishing blow!

Shark held Red in his neck and carried him up as his black flames were concentrated in his hand and he was about to give the finishing blow.

Raymond: It's game over!

Aaahh!! Red screamed as Shark punched him with his dark flames and the shock spread all over his entire body.
Shark dropped him as only his fingers could move.

Shark: It's just like last time. You had no chance of winning from the beginning!

Angel: And he gets cocky again.

Shark walked over to meet the referee and suddenly the temperature in the arena rose up as there was too much heat, and Red flames appeared again.

The spectators went wild again as he stood with his flames engulfing his body, and Shark turned back and was suprised that Red could stand up so soon after the attack and his flames were back.

Shark: Impossible!
Red: Hmm. You are going down, an Expert like me won't go down so easily.

Shark: Well, you suprised me. I will have to beat you again!

Shark attacked Red again and his dark flames ate Red's flames, but they returned instantly.

Red: Strike me all you want! It won't stop my flames from coming back!
Shark: I just have to keep trying!

Red flames got hotter and he punched Shark in the face who screamed, but held his ground and he didn't fall.

Shark: (In his mind) Damn it! He got the advantage since this is a tournament!

Angel: Hmm. My big brother can't use the real power of his dark flames, it will kill Red which is against the tournament rules.
Silver: Huh?

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Two (102) Continuation

Shark looked at Red as he thought of a way of beating him, and using the real power of the dark flames wasn't advisable.

Shark: (In his mind) I just have to power up and maybe my dark flames will work, defeating a fire Expert won't be so easy.

Red: Let's see you take this heat!!

The arena got hotter and Juvia and Angel threw their clothes away and the stage was covered with red flames.

Crush: Put your clothes back on mum!
Angel: I can't take the heat.

Silver stood up and made ice surround the arena as the temperature cool down and Crush forced Angel to wear her clothes as Rita also forced Juvia to wear hers.

Though the arena was cool, inside the stage was still hot as red flames surrounded it and Shark and Red still continued the fighting.

The hotness had no effect on Shark as his dark flames were more powerful. They both exchanged equal blows with no one wanting to fall.

Their faces were filled with bruises and both of them wanted to prove a point.

Francis: Ladies and Gentlemen! The fight is getting more intense, and they both seems to be on equal term as none of them wants to lose.

Shark: I won't lose to a loser like you!
Red: Same here!

They both powered up as the fight continued with both of them not wanting to lose.

Yellow: I have been wondering, the stage don't have a scratch even though there have beeen some major fights.

Maker: I made the arena after estimating every participant power level, except for Angel.
Yellow: I see!
Angel: This fight will be a draw.

Shark: Dark flames giant globe!!
Red: Red flames giant globe!!

They both made giant fire balls and threw at each other, the dark flames ate Red flames and bounced to Red but he dodged it.

Shark: It time to end this!
Red: Yes!

Shark and Red punched each other in the face with their flames, both of them were about to fall but they held their ground.

Shark & Red: I'm going to win this!

Elizabeth: This fight won't have a winner.

And just when Shark and Red were about to fight again, three people fell on the stage and their flames disappeared.

It was the three saviours! They were all unconscious except Alex who was seriously wounded and the seven colours were shocked.

Elizabeth: What the hell happened to them!!

Blue immediately came out from hiding after she saw Alex in a bad state, and the seven colours and Angel rushed over.

Blue: (Crying) Alex!
Alex: Blue! You all have to run! Take care of Conan and Racer!
Blue: Who did this?
Alex: A golden ape, he said he is Godson.

Alex immediately collapsed, and Victoria jumped over and started healing the trio as she cried.

Victoria: You are going to be okay guys.

The six rulers, the Panda squad and Fury were shocked when Alex mentioned the golden ape Godson.

Fury: What is Godson doing here!!

Rita: This is bad.
Juvia: Yea, everyone is going to get wiped out.

Elizabeth: We need to end this tournament immediately!!
Pato: Yes, you are right.
Moldrick: If Godson is here, then we are doomed!

As the spectators were still confused, Francis received a message telephatically from the tournament organisers.

Francis: Ladies and Gentlemen! The tournament is over! An emergency situation have just developed, code Red!!

The spectators immediately started moving out after hearing code red and Queen Elizabeth jumped down to the stage.

Silver: Whoever did this to them is going to pay!
Blue: Yes! I will crush him!

Fury immediately jumped down there.

Fury: None of you can beat Godson.
Red: What the hell do you mean?
Fury: In this world, Godson is God!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Three (103)

Godson! X Black Zone! X Maker's True Identity!!

Clown the Joker was still in shock as he saw Conan lying unconscious with bruises all over his body.

Clown: (In his mind) Conan! Who did this to you? I won't forgive that ape.

And just then everyone turned over to Fury when he said that Godson was God in their world.

Angel: God? What do you mean?
Fury: He's from a place called the Black Zone. The Black Zone is like another world in this world.
Angel: Huh?

Elizabeth: I will explain.

Thirty years ago there was a large region in the world of the seven colours where you can't freely use magic, but if anyone could use magic freely there then the person must be extremely powerful.
Though the region had existed since the beginning of time, it was only thirty years ago that people who could use magic freely on a large scale appeared.
They were considered dangerous and so the other region of the world decided to sign a peace treaty with them, but it was rejected.
Godson who was one of the King Beasts of the region decided to go on a rampage and five thousand magic knights from the five great kingdoms lost their lives, and that's the reason that there are less magic knights present in the five kingdoms.

The five great kingdoms were in shock and their only option was to call on the spirits of dead magic sages.
Bone's grand father from the Lion kingdom used his ability to summon ten magic sages from the land of the spirits, but they were still not match for Godson who overpowered them so easily.

And so the only choice left for them was to seal off the region from the rest of the world, and so with the last of his energy Bone's grand father summoned 90 magic sages and the region was sealed away.
And since then the five great kingdoms have been sending magic knights to conquer the Black Zone.

Elizabeth: That's just the story of the Black Zone as it relates to Godson, there are many more things.

Angel: Damn! How are we supposed to beat someone like that?

Elizabeth: Five years ago, Alex and Racer's parents lost their lives in the Black Zone and they were fighting Godson.

Silver: What? We never knew that.

Juvia: We have also been to the Black Zone but we haven't passed the first town there.
Rita: That zone is dangerous. We were chased back to this world a month ago.

Clown: I don't care!! He must pay for doing this to Conan.
Red: Yes.

Fury: How are you supposed to beat someone who defeated ten magic sages with no problem, and it took ninety to cage him. I have fought with him ten times, I lost four times and six times were draws.

Moldrick: Then you should help us. We can't beat this monster.
Fury: No, this is just the perfect way to see how strong the current Flower squad is.

Angel: Why are you interested in us?
Fury: You will get to know soon. I will just be watching from the shadows.

Fury immediately disappeared as the others were wondering what to do next.

Suddnly they felt a very intimidating force coming at them direction and they were all shocked.

Angel: This power!
Rita: Let's run!
Hercules: Yes!

Clown: I will face that monster.
Angel: Cards! Come with me, we have to relocate everyone in the kingdom to another dimension.
Cards: Yes!

Angel and Cards immediately left to help the citizens and the other magic knights were waiting for the inevitable.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Three (103) Continuation

And just then the two remaining masked warriors of the Panda kingdom removed their masks, and it was the twin water brothers, Roland and Bernard.

Roland: If we run, he will find us. We just have to wait for our death.
Bernard: There's no stopping him.

Blue: The seven colours will fight him.
Silver: Yes.
Clown: I'm going to fight too. 

And just then the secret squad of the Eagle appeared.

SS1: My Queen you should come with us.
Elizabeth: No, I can't leave my son here.

The Queen was immediately knocked out by the secret squad and they left, there duty was to protect the Queen and the kingdom with any means necessary.

The other rulers immediately left also when their secret squad arrived as it was now up to the magic knights.

Skipper: This is bad! The force coming is too much!

And just then Godson descended on the arena and the entire Flower kingdom was destroyed.

The other magic knights were only saved by their timely reaction as Silver, Green, Red, Shark, Roland and Bernard used their elements barriers but they were shattered after the shock.

And standing before them was Godson, the golden ape. He's an ape who can stand on two legs and his hairs were golden, he could also talk and he was just as tall as Hercules.

The magic knights were shocked to their soul as a real monster was standing before them.

Godson: So you weaklings survived.

Rambo: Yes my lord, please have mercy on us!
Godson: Mercy? I haven't heard that word before.
Rambo: I mean pity us for we are thy servant.

Godson saw the three saviours and tried to blow them but Silver froze his hand and Yellow carried Racer as Red carried Conan and Blue carried Alex.

The ice shattered in Godson's hand and he yawned, the others were paralysed as they couldn't move.

Godson: Nothing can stop me!

Shark: We got to run guys!

Godson striked the ground and the arena collapsed alongside the magic knights, he was so fast that he dragged them out and just used a finger to crashed them to the ground again.

The magic knights were all injured and they all collapsed as they couldn't move an inch except Green who was moving his fingers, and Victoria was flying in the sky.

Godson yawned again as he was bored.

Godson: This world is so boring! You people are not worth killing, but I need to kill the fly above me.

Just as Godson was about to go after Victoria who was above him, Maker opened his eyes as a dark dragon tattoo appeared on his left hand.

Maker moved with an incredible speed and punched away Godson with his left hand, but the dragon disappeared immediately and he was about to fall but Victoria caught him.

Fury smiled as he had found what he was looking for, Maker was a member of an evil clan called the Dark clan.

Fury: So he is from the Dark clan! I will have to kill him soon.

Maker: I'm glad I made it in time.
Victoria: Yea, thanks.

And just then Angel and Cards returned and were shocked to see everyone down.

Maker: Big sis! We need to leave now!
Angel: Yea, I can't believe he destroyed the entire kingdom just with his presence.

Angel opened a portal leading to the Eagle kingdom as she wanted to transport all the magic knights but Green stood up panting.

Green: Take them out of here, I will face that monster myself with nature by my side.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Four (104)

Green Challenges Godson: Death Calls?? X A Disaster?? X Clara's Love

Angel was suprised as Green said that he would take on Godson, who just destroyed an entire kingdom without stress.

Angel: You have seen what he can do? I just can't leave you here by yourself.
Green: Yea, I have seen what he's capable of.
Angel: Why do you still intend to stay?

Angel noticed that Green's injuries were healing and he had stopped panting.

Green: If we all run, he will still come after us. So someone have to talk some sense into him, I don't plan on winning, he's just too strong. I have nature by my side and I can't afford to make Clara cry.

Angel: Okay, come back in one piece.
Green: Sure.

Cards: I got everyone down to the other side.
Angel: Good, we have to leave now.

As Angel and the others wanted to leave, Fury charged to kill Maker but Green held his fist.

Green: I can take care of things here Angel, I will be back soon.
Angel: Okay.

Angel and the others left as Green still held Fury's fist.

Fury: You have some nerve Green, you know I can crush you right now.
Green: I don't care.
Fury: Hmm, I wonder how you will fare against Godson. You will be dead in one second.
Green: You just have to stay and watch.

Fury disappeared into the shadows again as he felt Godson presence and Green stood firm boldly.

When Godson appeared before him he was blown away by his presence, but some trees sprout out from the ground and held him.

Godson: So you are the only one left? I just have to be done with you and go after them.
Green: I wouldn't go down so easily. Earthquake!

The ground suddenly opened and made to close in and squash Godson who had fallen in, but Godson held both sides so tight as he was making his way out.

Godson: Nice trick.

Green: He's strong! Quick sand!

Godson jumped up from the cracks but he landed on the quicksand as he struggled to avoid being swallowed up.

Green: No matter how strong one might be, there are little powers than can bring them down but some people are just monsters.

Godson came out from the quicksand with just his raw power and he made to punch Green, but many trees sprung up from the ground and shielded him but they were immediately destroyed as Green jumped up.

Aaah!! Green screamed as he received a punch from Godson which created a large crater as he fell, but he stood up immediately as his wounds began healing and Godson was suprised.

Fury: (In his mind) Green is doing a good job even though Godson haven't gotten serious.

Godson: At least, you are quite interesting.
Green: Yea, I think so.

As Godson charged at Green some very tall green trees held his legs and hands as he struggled to move.

Godson: What are these?
Green: Don't bother to struggle! The more you fight it, the tighter it gets. Heaven and Earth formation!

Green's aura suddenly increased as he surpassed sage mode and he was getting energy from nature.

Fury: (In his mind) Nice technique, but he's still far away from mastering it.

Green: Feel the wrath of nature!

Godson screamed as he was being crush by some forces above and below and the pain was great as he bled a little.

Godson: I remember this technique. It was... Aahh!!

Green raised his two fingers up and a piercing pillar made to penetrate Godson body but it was too strong.

Godson: This one is not boring. I have to acknowledge him and get serious a little bit.

And just then Godson broke free from the green trees, and destroyed the piercing pillar.

Godson: You did well kid, but I was just using 10percent of my power. Prepare to die!!
Green: I will not die here, I won't make Clara and the others cry. I will give you everything I have got!!
Godson: I hope you can match your words with action.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Four (104) Continuation

As Green and Godson's fight was going on, Angel and the others have reached the Eagle kingdom and an emergency treatment of the injured magic knights began.

And as for the citizens of the Flower kingdom and the guests from other kingdoms, Angel and Cards teleported them to another dimension just as the kingdom was destroyed.

After getting back to the Eagle, Angel went back to the dimension and sent everyone back to their kingdoms but the Flower were sent to the Eagle.

Queen Elizabeth was so worried about Conan, but the secret squad kept her in a safe place underground.

And just in case you are wondering where king Patrick is, he is with Terry at his house inside the forest.

Elizabeth: One of you should go and fetch my darling husband, he must be drinking with his legendary old friend.

SS1: I shall do that my Queen.

Clara was super worried as she didn't see Green anywhere.

Clara: Where's Green?
Angel: He's still at the Flower kingdom, but he will be back.
Clara: What? You know he's facing a monster, please take me there. I need to help him.

Angel: Clara, he said he's not going to make you cry so he will be back.
Clara: Green, please come back.

Cecilia was by Gold's since as he was still unconscious and Victoria with a team of healers were healing everyone.

Angel looked at them and it was a suprise that such skilled magic knights were all wiped out at the same time, but she wondered by Crush and Lust were unconcious but they had no injuries.

Angel: This is a disaster!

The security in the entire Eagle kingdom was tripled as they were ready for a counter attack.

Angel being suspicious that Crush and Lust were pretending went ahead to squeeze their boobs, and they both woke up and jumped on her as they fell on the ground.

Crush: Mum!
Lust: Big sis!
Angel: I'm glad you girls are okay, but please don't pretend next time.
Crush: Sure, I hope everyone in our squad is okay.
Angel: Yea, except Sniper. She's in a terrible situation.

Angel and the others went ahead to see Sniper who seems to be in the border between the world of the living and the dead.

Crush: This is bad.
Cards: Yea, they have tried to heal her but she didn't respond.
Lust: I will use my power on her, I hope it will help. I will command her to open her eyes.

Lust touched Sniper and told her to open her eyes but instead she got a smile.

Lust: A smile is good! She's going to be just fine.
Crush: I wish I could help too.
Angel: Don't worry darling, she will be fine. She just smiled.

Morgan was pouring alcohol into the unconscious Forest's mouth and Victoria told him to stop.

Victoria: He's still unconscious!
Morgan: Don't worry, I know Forest well enough. He can come back from the dead because of alcohol.
Victoria: Just wait till he's okay.
Morgan: Okay.

Morgan: (In his mind) I wonder how long Green would be able to hold that monster off, I could have made them all escape at the same time If I were there.

And just then the door to the large hall opened and everyone was tensed as they looked back, it was Green!!

Clara: Green!!

Clara immediately rushed at Green as they both hugged each other.

Clara: I'm so happy that you are okay.
Green: Yea, I wouldn't do anything to make you cry.
Clara: Thank you.

Angel and the others were suprised that there were no scratch on Green's body.

Angel: (In her mind) Could he have defeated Godson?

And just then Green looked over to them and smiled.

Green: Hey guys, I'm back!!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Five (105)

Preparation For The Black Zone?? X The Seven Colours Get Serious!!

When Green returned the others were suprised that he had no scratch on him, so Morgan went closer to inspect.

Morgan: Wow! So you defeated that beast?
Green: No, he was too strong. I just talked some sense into him.

Morgan: Wow! How exactly?
Green: I promised a good fight when I would get to the Black Zone.
Morgan: Seriously? You want to go there?

Green: If I know my buddies, they will all agree with me.
Angel: Yea, let's go there!

And just then king Patrick and the Queen entered the room and he was shocked to see his children all down.

Patrick: This is bad! We are going to take the fight to the Black Zone, nobody hurts my children and get away with it.
Green: I'm with you dad!

Elizabeth: I knew that would be your reaction, I'm going to call a meeting with all the rulers! Like my darling husband said, nobody hurts our kids and get away with it.
Green: I'm with you all the way mum!

Angel: Hmm, both husband and wife are a perfect match for each other.

Patrick had resigned as the king and have given all the responsibilities to his wife, Queen Elizabeth.

After Queen Elizabeth left, the magic knights became showing signs of movement as Victoria's healing was excellent.

Clara: Are you guys going to be gone for long?
Green: Yea, but wait for me. I promise to make it back alive.
Clara: Yea, you will.

Alex was the first person to regain consciousness and the first she said was "Conan".

Alex: I'm alive!

Victoria immediately hugged her as they both smiled.

Victoria: Of course, you are alive. I can't let you die.
Alex: You are great, Victoria.
Victoria: Thanks.

Alex looked around and saw that everyone was down but they were beginning to regain consciousness except Sniper.

Alex: I hope everyone is going to get better.

Angel: It has been a while Alex.
Alex: Yea.
Angel: That's only one way to know if you are alive.
Alex: Huh?

Before Alex knew what was happening, Angel teleported behind her back and started quizzing her boobs as she moaned.

Angel: You see? You are very much alive.
Alex: Yea.
Victoria: Pervert!

And just then the other magic knights all stood up and sat on their beds as they had all recovered except Sniper, and Angel hugged her three brothers.

Angel: I'm so happy that you guys are all right.

And just then Morgan cleared his throat and explained to everyone what happened.

Shark: So we are in the Eagle huh? Damn that ape!

Rambo: That was a fearsome encounter.

Alex and Blue hugged themselves so tight, as Red and Clown was with Conan and Yellow was with Racer.

Blue: I'm so happy that you are all right Alex.
Alex: Me too, I'm so happy to see you.

Meanwhile Pink was crying as she stayed beside Sniper who was still unconscious.

Angel: You don't need to worry about her she will be just fine.

Yellow and the others were a bit suprised to see Pink cry because she had always been the strong one.

Silver: I guess they must have created a very strong bond during the short time they have been together.

Pink: Yea, we did. She took the blow for me. She pushed me away and took a lethal strike meant for me.

Victoria: I see, that's why she's too unconscious.

Green touched her and was shocked.

Green: She took a hundred times more damage than anyone.

Angel: What the!!

Victoria: I'm going to give it my all!
Forest: I'm going to help too.
Green: Me too.
Lust: I'm helping also.

Maker immediately made a red stone and place inside Sniper's mouth, as the others jointly healed her and Lust was using her secret ability.

Pink: I hope she will be okay.
Angel: She will be, after all it's Sniper that we are talking about.
Pink: (Smiles) Yea.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Five (105) Continuation

After a while Queen Elizabeth came to the room and told everyone about the decision the six rulers reached. Volunteers were needed to go to the Black Zone to restore order before the six kingdoms would be destroyed.

After Queen Elizabeth left, the magic knights were left with the choice to make.

Silver: The seven colours are going.
Angel: The Flower squad will be going.
Conan: The three saviours will be going with Clown the Joker.

Shark: Hmm, I and my brothers will be going.

Rambo: I don't think the Snake would be going.

Hercules: I want to live a normal life but the rest of the Panda will be going.

Skipper: I will be going for the Elephant.

Angel: It's settled then, it's now time for preparation!

Angel teleported the others back to their kingdoms but the Flower squad stayed in the Eagle.

Blue: I guess this is the perfect time to drop my disguise as a teacher.
Silver: Huh? Do you really mean it?
Blue: Sure.

Gold: I also have to get serious and learn more techniques.

Red: Now this is interest, Blue and Gold finally wants to get serious after Green just fought a monster.

Silver: I'm so happy! I can spar with Blue again, I bet Pink is going to get serious when Sniper is conscious.

Red: I can spar with Gold again too.
Yellow: Yea, we are going to be the same as always.

Blue was one of the former top three of the seven colours (Gold, Green and her) but sometimes back she decided to teach and leave fighting, so she only does analysis during battle.

She could have fought during the Emperor saga but she knew someone was gathering data, and she wanted to keep her skills a secret.

Gold on the other hand is an excellent swordsman and he haven't been motivated to fight because he had surpassed all swordsmen, and he hoped to see skilled swordsmen in the Black Zone.

Pink is a wonderful sniper but there haven't been occassions lately where she could use her abilities to the fullest.

And thanks to the training with their parents, the seven colours had grown strong with Green surpassing sage mode.

If you want to know how strong Blue can get, you have to take a look at Fury who is an Expert manipulator like her.

Sniper finally opened her her eyes and "Pink" was the first word she said.

Pink immediately held her hands as the others came over.

Pink: I'm here.
Sniper: I'm glad that you are okay.
Pink: Yea, I'm glad that you are fine now.
Angel: That's only one way to know if she's fine.

Angel squeezed her boobs as she moaned and smiled.

Sniper: Aww!! Big Sis!
Angel: All right, she's fine.
Victoria: Pervert!

Sniper took her spectacles and put in on as she jumped down from the bed.

Sniper: All right, it's time for your lesson four eyes (Pink).
Pink: Yea.

Blue: Pink, I will need you for the duel when your back.

Pink: Sure.
Sniper: Change of plan, I want to see the fight first.
Pink: No problem.

Queen Elizabeth was shocked when Forest told her that Blue, Gold, Green and Pink would be getting serious.

Elizabeth: Wow! I never thought those four would be serious especially Blue. This is great.
Forest: Blue must have changed her mind after seeing how Alex who badly hurt.
Elizabeth: Yea, you are right. She's like her mother.
Forest: There's a match about to go on now, between Blue against Pink and Silver.
Elizabeth: I wouldn't miss it.

And so the Flower and Eagle squad gathered at an arena as a match between Blue against Silver and Pink was about to get started, and the Queen was on her way.

Meanwhile Fury was watching from the top of a roof.

Fury: Let me see how far she has learnt from training with me, manipulators are always supreme. One day I shall surpass father and rule the Black Zone!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Six (106)

Blue Versus Silver And Pink

** At The Seven World **

Seven and the seven Queens were in a round table meeting in the seven world after receiving a message from Fury.

Seven: So they are finally going to the Black Zone.
Elena: Yes, it will be a great test especially for my weakling daughter Silver.

Love: You all know my Robin have improved.
Earth: We saw how Nature fought against Godson, so he's better.
April: Juvia is yet to get serious, so don't count her out.
Helen: And so is my Rose.

Sparkle: Bolt is a bit dull but he will improve.
Sophia: I just can't wait to see Ares in battle.

Seven: It's true that our chidren are dull because they live in a peaceful place which will soon be crushed. The Black Zone is where they can sharpen their skills.

Elena: So darling, when are we going back?
Seven: When the time is right.
Love: Let's watch the match.
Seven: Fury!

Fury who was in the Eagle kingdom used his manipulation ability to the extreme, as he made his father and the seven Queens see the upcoming match through his eyes.

Blue, Silver and Pink reached the arena as both the Flower and Eagle squad were there, and the Queen just arrived and also some passerbys.

Angel: Many people are going to get hit at this rate.
Maker: I will take care of it.

Maker immediately created a transparent barrier that a bullet wouldn't be able to pass, or any attack.

Maker: I think this will hold them.

Esther was also among those who came to watch the match, I hope you remember who she is?
She's the muscular lady who beat the hell out of Red at the market, when he wanted to get a sword for Gold.

Esther: Blue is fighting? This is interesting.

Red started trembling when he saw her as he could still remember the pains he felt.

Blue: Are you girls ready?
Pink & Silver: Yea.

Blue manipulated the arena surrounding to enchance her abilities.

Blue: This is the power of manipulation. Let's begin!

Fury: Show them Blue! That we manipulators are supreme!

Pink pointed her gun at Blue as Silver released her ice but she was nowhere to be found, before they could turn back Blue kicked the two of them almost at the same time.

Pink fired her guns at Blue but Blue changed her bullets to rubber bullets and kicked her away.

Pink: What the!!

Silver: Ice spikes!

Many ice spikes came out from the ground and made for Blue but they were immediately turned into water, and she bent down as Pink wanted to kick her from behind and she moved back to a safer distance.

Fury: Yes! This is the power of manipulation.

Pink and Silver were worried as all their attacks were made useless, and Angel was so happy.

Angel: (In her mind) The power of manipulation!
Elizabeth: This is the Blue I know!

Pink: Well, you are always better Blue.
Silver: Your ability is badass!
Blue: We can make this a hand to hand if you want.

Silver: No! I will beat you with ice!
Pink: And I will take you down with my guns!!
Blue: All right! This will be fun!

The surrounding became very cold as ice wings grew at Silver's back and her eyes changed to silver colour, and her dressing changed to a silver bra and a silver short skirt. That's Ice Silver!

Silver: You won't be melting my ice so fast.

Pink summoned her dark guns and adjusted her glasses as she smiled.

Blue: I see, you girls are now getting serious!

Elizabeth: This will be fun!

Angel: Maker, increase the strenght of the barrier.
Maker: Yes.

Blue, Pink and Silver got ready to engage again as their bodies were covered with their aura.

Esther: Show them Blue! I really miss you from way back.

Sniper: Go Pink!
Alex: Go Blue!
Clown: Go Silver!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Six (106) Continuation

Silver and Pink charged at Blue as they all released their powers.
The bullets from Pink's dark guns were infused with dark aura and so Blue had to dodge it instead so that she would be able to dodge Silver's attack on time.

Blue moved so fast that Pink's bullets collided with with Silver's ice.

Blue punched the air and it sent shock waves to Pink and Silver who dodged it, and the duo initiated an above and below attack on her but Blue kicked them away as they crashed at the barrier.

Pink: (In her mind) She's faster than us, and with manipulation she can counter almost all attacks. I have to use my new technique.

Silver: (In her mind) She could have easily controlled us but she doesn't fight that way, I have to give it my all.

Pink: It's time to mark her aura!

Pink shot her gun in the opposite direction but Blue was suprised that the bullets were after her.

Blue: What is this!!

Sniper: Yes, go Pink!!

Blue tried all her best to dodge but the bullets followed her around, and her only option was to run one way in other to counter Silver.

Silver: You won't escape this. Ice flower blosom!

Silver attacked Blue with ice in form of sun flowers at every direction and Pink also shot at every direction.

Blue was corner at every side and there was practically no way of avoiding thier attack.

Silver & Pink: You can't escape from this one!

Blue charged up as her ice colours got darker and a blue aura surrounded her body and she repelled all their attacks back to them.

Silver & Pink: Damn it!

Silver and Pink immediately neutralised thier attacks and Blue dashed at them.

As Blue punched Silver her right hand froze and she moved back immediately but bullet from Pink pierced through her left leg, and she stood down as the blood dripped down.

Silver: You are finished!
Pink: Shock bullets!

Blue managed to dodge their individual cordinated attacks. But her frozen hand and her injured leg slowed her down.

Angel: Blue is pretty amazing!
Lust: Yes. I can see the resolve in her soul.

Clown: Silver and Pink would have taken down anyone already.

Esther: Show them what you got Blue!

Blue screamed as Pink's shock bullets rained on her and she was down, and Silver froze her immediately.

Red: Blue is holding back, she's not using her ability to the fullest.
Clown: What do you mean?
Red: She could have manipulated Pink and Silver to be fighting nothing..

Silver: She made it too easy.
Pink: Yea, but her speed is still crazy.

Fury: Show them what you got!

Suddenly the ice cracked and Blue stood up as she was enveloped by her aura.

Blue: I guess it's time to end this!

Silver: You are as tough as ever!

Blue punched the air as her power rose up and she destroyed one side of the barrier shocking Maker.

Maker: Huh? Well, she's an Expert and I didn't take a power rise into consideration.

Silver covered Pink and her with an ice barrier but it was blown away.

And just when the two of them were in mid air, Blue kicked them out of the arena as they crashed on the spectators.

The barrier was disabled as Blue had won the match.

Esther: Nice one.
Green: That's the Blue I know.

Elizabeth: Blue has always been the strongest.

As Blue came out of the arena Victoria immediately healed her wound.

Pink: That was nice Blue!
Silver: You didn't remove your glasses.
Blue: Yea, there was no need.

Red: Next time it will I against Gold.
Yellow: He will cut you into two before you know it.

Angel: Blue is a nice fighter.

Fury: Well done, the Black Zone awaits you all.

As the seven colours celebrate the come back of Blue, their parents smiled as they were awaiting their journey to the Black Zone.

The journey to the Black Zone is nigh......

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Seven (107)

The Black Zone!!

The day to enter the Black Zone have finally arrived, and before that Maker had restored the Flower kingdom when he used his power of creation to the extreme.

Each kingdoms brought their volunteers as the mission to stop the invading forces of the Black Zone.

The Eagle kingdom brought the seven colours, the three saviours and Clown the Joker.

The Flower kingdom brought Angel, Cards, Maker, Crush, Lust, Sniper and Maze.

The Panda brought Rita the Cheetah, Juvia, the twin water brothers Roland and Bernard.

The Lion brought Shark, Raymond and Jacquar.

The Elephant squad only brought Skipper as Alonso and Chelsea said they will make it there later.

Rambo changed his mind as he, Odin and Sheron went for the Snake kingdom as their two other mysterious fighters stayed behind.

On the D day, they all arrived at the Eagle kingdom where they were brief about some few things.

And after that they were teleported to the strange land where the three saviours where attacked by Godson.

A secret squad member of the Eagle opened the portal leading to the Black Zone , and the six rulers bid them farewell.

Elizabeth: You should be at full power when you enter the portal, you are 100 times weaker in the Black Zone.

Everyone was suprised except the Panda squad about what the Queen said.

Clown: Can I get any weaker?

Elizabeth: That's how the Black Zone works, you can hardly use magic there except you are very powerful and the gravity there is a 100 times stronger than ours.

Rambo: What? Does that mean we are going to get crushed by just entering there?

Elizabeth: Yes, that's why I said you should be at full power. The Black Zone is divided into many parts. It is in the heart that the gravity is hundred times stronger, some parts are just 10 times stronger. So with your full power, you can manage it.

Rambo: Wow! I'm seriously having a change of mind.
Elizabeth: You don't have to worry, the border kingdom there have the same gravity as we do. You can stay there till you get accustomed to the gravity by training.

Rambo: That's cool.

Elizabeth: Walk straight when you enter the portal, if you moved at any other direction you will find yourself elsewhere and may get crushed.

Angel: We are ready to go!!

Elizabeth: Okay, the portal will close in ten minutes time. See you all next time.

Queen Elizabeth and the other rulers immediately left as the magic knights were about to take a step to restore peace, but it won't be easy because trouble awaits them.

Red: All right! We are doing this!!

Angel: Yes, this will be fun!

Jacquar: We can go anywhere, I can tweak the gravity as a manipulator.

Blue: That's good idea, but I won't use the easy way out!

Clown: I'm a Clown and I have many tricks!! My true power lies in my tricks, so I will survive the Black Zone.
Conan: Yea, we will.

Angel: Let's go!! The portal is about to close.

The magic knights powered up to their full strength except some like the Flower squad.

They walked straight into the portal and found themselves falling down on top of a large tree, as they screamed and held the branches for support.

They looked forward and saw a kingdom and they were all excited.

Angel: That must be the border kingdom!! Let's go!
Alex: Yes!!

As they made their way to the kingdom, the dark dragon tattoo appeared on Maker's left hand and disappeared.

Maker: What is this?

As they were leaving, a girl that looks exactly like Angel was also on the tree wearing black cloak, and her eyes were on Angel.

Girl: Why did you come to share my suffering??

The girl immediately disappeared after saying those words and Angel looked back.

Angel: I felt something like I'm two. Well, maybe it an effect of passing through that portal. Mine would have been better.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Seven (107) Continuation

The magic knights entered the border kingdom and it very busy and lively, not like they expected of an evil place. And then a young boy stopped them.

Boy: Hey strangers! My name is Guild! You must be from the Free Zone.
Angel: Free Zone?
Guild: Yes, that's what we call your region. I can give you guys some information, follow me.

They followed Guild to a shop where an old man was.

Guild: This is my grandpa and his name is Table.

Clown and Conan immediately started laughing.

Alex: Conan!
Conan: Oops! I'm sorry!

Guild: All right, it's 100 diamonds for the information.

Skipper: That's too much!
Sheron: Do you know what that money can buy?

Guild: If you don't want the information, forget it.
Angel: We want it!

Angel brought out 100 diamonds and gave to him.

Diamonds is the name of the currency used in the Black and Free Zone, it made by neatly cutting the rare diamonds into paper using magic by experts. And the quality and purity of the diamonds determine their values.

Guild: All right. The Black Zone have thirteen kingdoms apart from this one. Five of the kingdoms are ruled by king Beasts, the rest eight are ruled by humans. All the rulers want to one day conquer the Free Zone and destroy the seal except one, and that's the kingdom ruled by lady Margaret.
Lady Margaret kingdom is the maiden kingdom, only female live there.

Red: (In his mind) Wow! I will like to visit that kingdom.

Guild: One kingdom in the heart of the Black Zone is the strongest and can wipe out the other kingdoms. Rumours say someone called Seven rules there with seven ladies known as the seven Queens. They are the strongest of all magic knights. They can wipe out the entire Black Zone when they are together, in order to avoid that the kingdom was divided into seven parts.

The seven colours looked each other as they realised that it was their parents Guild was talking about.

Guild: ...there is also another kingdom not among the thirteen kingdoms. It's so mysterious because foreigners are not allowed and they are evil. The only thing we know about them is that they all have dark dragon tattoos on their left hands.

Maker was shocked at that revelation as he remembered the dragon tattoo that appeared at his left hand.

Maker: (In his mind) Who am I? Am I evil?

Guild: There are some groups that lay claims to territories, like gangs, I hope you know what I mean. And one last thing, be careful. This place is not as peaceful as it looks.

Angel: Thanks for the information!
Guild: Good, come again next time.

Table: Wait! The magic power here is measured in daknits and not maknits. 100maknits is equal to 1daknits. That means you are all 100 times weaker here.

Rambo: We know that.

** At The Maiden Kingdom **

A samurai lady appeared in a hot spring where a young lady was having her bath.

Lady: (To the lady in the spring) Lady Margaret!
Margaret: Yes, what's it Diva?
Diva: I found lady Diana!

Margaret: What? Where?
Diva: At the boder kingdom. I saw her with some people from the Free Zone, it looks like she have forgotten about us.
Margaret: No! She couldn't have! Those people must have done something to her.
Diva: What are your orders my lady?
Margaret: Bring her here by any means and kill anyone who resists!
Diva: Yes, my lady.

Diva disappeared as lady Margaret was filled with joy.

Margaret: Yes, at last we shall be reunited my love. I won't let us part ways anymore.

And so the journey have just began as the magic knights from the Free Zone will soon feel the horrors of the Black Zone, and their happiness is going to be short lived.

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