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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Eight (8)


The table had turned in the fight between Quick and Racer, Racer had gained the upperhand earlier due to his speed but Quick had something up in his sleeve. He had an anti speed spell which protected his body, and that reduced Racer's speed to the normal level as every human.

Quick: Kid I have faced many speed users before and I have survive all, a little fry like you don't stand a chance even if you are the student of Yellow the flash.

Quick gave him a dangerous blow and he screamed and coughed out blood.

Racer: Damn you! There's no way you could have taken down the 7 colours.
Quick: You are right. I simply waited till Drain did his job, I then killed him and captured the seven colours alive.
Racer: Drain huh? I was right all along, an idiot like you can't take down a member of the seven colours.
Quick: Well, it doesn't matter now. I'm going to get the fame, I already got 250 million diamond coins as a reward.
Racer: Damn you!

Racer dashed towards Quick but he caught him and brought out his knife.

Quick: Now that you know my secret, I'm afraid you have to die.
Now goodbye!

Quick made to stab him but his hand hanged in the air and he couldn't move.

Racer: He stopped!

Meanwhile Conan had entired the kingdom and didn't know where to start from in his search.

Conan: I don't know where to start, if I enter the palace I'm sure to be killed. I wonder why mother got to be so wicked, she loved me.

A man came over where he was.

Man: Young man you seem to be deep thoughts.

Without looking up Conan answered him.

Conan: Yea, the kingdom is crazy these days.
Man: Hahaha, the king and the 7 colours?
Conan: Kind of.
Man: You can hide from anybody, but not me Conan.

Conan was shocked that he had been discovered, so he looked up and saw that it was Forest his personal tutor. He was happy that it was him.

Conan: Master.
Forest: Hahaha! Don't worry I haven't told anyone. When the Queen sacked me as your tutor I knew something was wrong. I could sense something dark, and now I couldn't believe the news all over the kingdom because I knew they were fake.
Conan: How could you tell the news was fake, I mean it seems real.
Forest: Hmm, there's a reason your father made me your personal tutor. I just knew it was fake, I had spent enough time with the seven colours. I know what they can do and what they can't. Even your mother.
Conan: Really?
Forest: Yes, so let's go to a better place that you can tell me the whole story.
Conan: Yes Master.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Eight (8) Continuation

Quick had made to stab Racer but his hand hang in the air and he couldn't move an inch in his body. Racer too was suprise but immediately recognised the power.

Racer: It must be her.

Alex climbed down from the horse she was and went over to Racer, she gave him a slap.

Alex: What were you thinking when you took him head on by yourself?
Racer: I never asked for your help, I would have used my other power to defend myself.
Alex: You are too weak, and you don't know if the knife was a magic one.
Racer: I don't care....
Alex: You have to, you are the only one I have brother. I don't want to see you get hurt.

Tears dripped down from Alex's eyes and Racer felt remorseful.

Racer: I'm sorry sis, please don't cry.
Alex: (Wipes her tears) Okay, I wouldn't. Now let's go home.

Racer stood up and made to go home with Alex.

Racer: Are you not going to free him?
Alex: He will be back to normal in 2hours 55 mins.
Racer: He might come back to attack us.
Alex: Don't worry, time just paused for him. He will be too confused on what really happened.
Racer: Thank you sis.

** At The Underground Torture Chamber In The Palace **

The 7 colours were still being tortured by Queen Elizabeth and Snake. They screamed out as blood dripped down from their bodies.

Elizabeth: Scream! Scream you 7 fools! Hahahaha! Scream you fools.

Red: You can't break our spirits.
Silver: I never believed you could be so evil.
Elizabeth: You are all so annoying! I'm going to humilate the seven of you.
Snake: Why don't we just kill them?
Elizabeth: That wouldn't be fun. I'm going to humiliate them in front of the entire kingdom. Right now there are posters being placed all over the kingdom that the 7 colours will be shown to the public this evening.
Snake: I admire your wickedness my Queen.
Red: (In his mind) Conan is the only hope we got out of this.
Yellow: (In his mind) Racer this is one time I need your help so bad.
Blue: (In her mind) Alex, I know you will be there for us.

Conan had finished telling Forest what happened.

Forest: So that's what happened huh?
Conan: Yes.

Someone came and placed the poster the Queen talked about and the two of them went over to read it.

Conan: She wants to humilate them.
Forest: Don't worry, that will be the best time to strike.

Alex and Racer saw the poster at the gate as they were getting into the kingdom walls.

Racer: You see that sis?
Alex: Don't worry, we are going to save the seven colours.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Nine (9)

The Rescue Plan

Elizabeth got plans ready to humiliate the seven colours in public, meanwhile Conan and Forest and also with Alex and her brother Racer also prepared to save the seven colours.

Conan: You said that will be the best time to attack right?
Forest: Yes, you know what I can do.
Conan: That means you will be publicly declaring yourself an enemy of the Queen.
Forest: My loyalty is only to you and your father, the Queen have betrayed the kingdom so I have no allegiance to her.
Conan: I know two people who might want to help us.
Forest: Alex and Racer right?
Conan: Yea, I'm sure they will be willing to help us.
Forest: Let's look for them.
Conan: Yeap.

Alex and Racer had reached their home and Alex was tending to Racer's injuries.

Racer: I told you these injuries are nothing.
Alex: Really? But you scream whenever I touch them.
Racer: (Smiles) I was just pretending.
Alex: I see.

Alex: So about the posters we saw...
Racer: We are going to save them.
Alex: I was getting to that part. There is a little bit problem. There are going tn be too much people there, if there are that many I can only freeze their time for a minute.

Racer: A minute should be enough for me to untie them and atleast send them to the gate.
Alex: I just hope the Queen is not expecting any rescue attempt.

Racer: Hmm, you are right. And also the new faces at the palace, they are also magic users. Who knows how powerful they are.
Alex: The success rate of our rescue plan is still at 50/50.
Racer: We should think of something more.
Alex: It's going to be this evening. So I think we still have much time to make out a new plan.

** At The Palace **

The Queen and Snake had returned to her room after torturing the seven colours to their satisfaction.

Elizabeth: Today the seven fools are going to be humiliated right in front of everybody, there's no way they can escape from this one.
Snake: You seem to be pretty sure my Queen, are you not worried that there might be a rescue plan?
Elizabeth: Who's going to be foolish enough to try a rescue plan?
Snake: Don't they have allies that think or knows that they are innocent?
Elizabeth: I got people in the four walls of the kingdom and also in the arena. The only person I know that may try to pull something off is my stupid son Conan.
Snake: Hmm, that will be a joke.
Elizabeth: You see? Just relax, everything will go smoothly as planned.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

The seven colours were all weaken after Drain drained their energy and also the torture from Queen Elizabeth and Snake.

Gold: It seems this is the end of the seven colours.
Green: So it seems, we got no real allies. We always fight together alone.
Silver: We shouldn't give hope yet, we have been in tough situations before.
Red: Yea, but this is different. Conan is our best hope.
Pink: Hmm, if only I had a little bit energy I would have looked into the town.
Yellow: You guys are forgetting about Racer.
Blue: And Alex.
Red: Oh yes, who knows they might come to our aid.
Blue: I know they will.

Alex and Racer were still thinking about a plan in their house when they heard a knock on the door.

Racer: I will get the door.

Racer went over to check the door and he saw Forest and an unknown face since Conan was in disguise.
He led them in since he knew Forest.

Alex: Forest.
Forest: How are you two doing?
Alex: Fine. So who's the strange fellow with you?
Forest: (to Conan) You can remove the disguise now.

Conan removed the disguise on his face and head.

Alex: Conan?

Alex went over to hug him.

Alex: It's good to know you are okay.

Conan and Forest explained to the both of them everything that had happened.

Racer: She's a witch!
Alex: So that's what happened huh? We have to do something real fast.
Conan: Yes, that's why we are here after all. Together the four of us are going to device a plan to save the seven colours.
Forest: I would have gone all out but innocent citizens are going to be there.
Conan: I have the perfect plan.
Alex: Let's hear it.

Conan explained every details of his plan to the three of them.

Forest: Provided the conditions remain the same we are to go as you planned.
Alex: Yes.

Just then the kingdom's bell rang and many people started trooping down to the arena.

Racer: It's time! I can take the three of you there much faster.
Forest: Alright.

Racer carried the three of them one at a time to the corner of a building close to the site of the arena.

When they got there the seven colours were already tied up, all of them stripped to their underwears and blood dripping down from their body.

The four of them were agitated with what they saw.

Racer: That witch!
Conan: She's going to pay for this.
Forest: This is the kind of situation I go on rampage.
Alex: Calm down guys, we have to go as planned.

Just then the Queen and seven of her guards came to the arena and the people started hailing her.

Racer: Here comes the witch!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Ten (10)

Conan's Courage

Conan, Forest, Alex and Racer had both made a plan on how they were going to rescue the seven colours when they would be shown to the public.
When they got close to the scene they were all agitated as they saw the seven colours stripped to their underwears and blood dripping down from their bodies. But Alex told them to be calm so that they will go ahead as planned.

The Queen walked into the arena with seven of her guards and the crowd hailed her.

Forest: Those guards are not talks, they are strong magic users.
Conan: Yes, but we will still go as planned.
Forest: We should also be expecting a hot chase, we can only hide in the forests of this kingdom as the other kingdoms will come after us too.
Racer: That will be no problem.

Queen Elizabeth waved the crowd to stop the cheering as she was about to speak to them.

Elizabeth: Welcome citizens, standing before you all and being tied up are the seven traitors this kingdom have.

Citizen1: They have been deceiving us. Kill them.
Citizen2: Yes kill them.
Elizabeth: Ofcourse, that's what I will do to them.......

As Queen Elizabeth was speaking to the crowd Pink used a little bit of energy she had left and looked through the kingdom and she saw Conan and the others.

Pink: (Talking silently) I see help.
Red: How many are they?
Pink: Four.
Red: Okay, rest Pink. Let's see what plans they have for our rescue.
Silver: I'm going to kick the Queen's ass so bad.

Elizabeth: ..... Our king and his son are no more because of these seven traitors. Now do anyone of you feel they are not guilty as charged?

An eight year old girl named Victoria shouted yes.

Victoria: I don't believe it. They are good people. They can't do such a thing. You are lieing.
Elizabeth: And who might be the mother of this little brat?
Citizen3: She's in her sick bed. But don't mind the little girl.
Elizabeth: (In her mind) Ofcourse I'm lieing but a little girl's opinion wouldn't change anything. Hahaha! Fools!

Girl: You are lieing my Queen! They didn't do anything bad, someone must have set them up. Please release them.

Pink: (In her mind) Victoria thank you so much.
Gold: I remember this girl.
Silver: Yea, me too.

Elizabeth: What is a little kid doing at an execution ground? Someone should send her home.

A man carried Victoria as she struggled to be left alone.

Victoria: Leave me alone.
Man: Shut up little brat.

Elizabeth: Now that the little brat is out of here we can proceed with the execution plan.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Ten (10) Continuation

The Queen was about to tell the seven guards to prepare to execute the seven colours when Conan shouted stop!

Everyone turned back as Conan walked toward the Queen removing his disguise and the people started murmuring.

Citizen1: That's the Prince! He's alive!
Citizen2: Yes!
Elizabeth: (In her mind) Stupid brat! So he used disguise to escape detection.

Forest and the others were still at the corner waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

Forest: Conan is going to keep them focused on him and then we will strike. Our success depends on you two, Alex and Racer.

Alex: We are going to do this.

Conan walked up to where the Queen was and turned to the crowd.

Conan: I am well and alive people of the Eagle kingdom, the seven good people tied up is innocent. My mother is the evil one here!
Elizabeth: Shut up Conan! They must have done something to you. It must be Blue! She's manipulating you.
Conan: You are wrong, there's no way she can do that in the shape she is in.

Queen Elizabeth couldn't take it any longer and so she gave a signal to Snake who was among the guards to knock him unconcious.

Just as Snake was about to hit Conan Alex used her power to pause the time of everyone there except the seven colours and Conan.

Racer used his speed power and untied the seven colours very fast and carried them near the forest, and just as Alex time freeze was about to wear off he carried Conan, Forest and the weaken Alex.

Conan: We made it out, we have to take the seven of them to safety.
Racer: Yea, and we have to do it fast.

Alex time freeze wore off and everyone wondered where the seven colours and Conan were.

Elizabeth: Damn that brat!! He had other people in his plan! (To the seven guards) Go after them! Now!!

The seven guards all raced after the seven colours and the others.

Racer: So where are we going to move them to?
Conan: There's an old house somewhere in the outskirt of the forest.
Racer: I have to move a little slow so that you can catch up with me.

Conan: Alright I will show you there.
Racer: Damn it! The guards are already here.

Forest: Don't worry. I will hold them, just go and find the house.
Racer: Yes sir!

Racer and Conan went ahead to the house and Forest made some trees grow and hid the seven colours and Alex.

A showdown is about to begin as Forest takes on the seven guards of the Queen.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Eleven (11)

The Seven Colours Are Taken To Safety

Conan and the others had successfully rescued the seven colours and they were being hidden by Forest's trees.
The seven guards of the Queen gave them a hot chase as Conan and Racer went in search of Terry's house and Forest said he could hold his own ground against them.

Forest: Here they come.

The seven guards reached where Forest was and surrounded him.

Snake: Now you have no where to run to.
Forest: I don't need to run. I can take down the seven of you no problem.
Snake: You sound so confident for someone who have been outnumbered.
Forest: Really? Why don't we get started.
Snake: It seems you want a quick death.

The seven guards made to attack Forest but he caused tree branches to grow from the ground and strangle the seven guards.
Snake immediately changed to seven snakes just as the other guards were strangled to death. After that he returned to his human form.

Snake: You seem to be a tough fellow.
Forest: I can also say that about you.
Snake: The Queen told me nothing about you.
Forest: Seems she forget all about me. Don't you think?
Snake: Yea, it doesn't matter right now you are going down.

Forest: (In his mind) I can kill him now, but it's no fun. I guess I have to play with him a little.
Snake: (In his mind) He's no ordinary guy, my best chance is to poison him.

Forest: Before we start fighting I must warn you, don't divide into the seven snakes. I know they represent seven parts of your body.
Snake: I don't know how you knew, but thanks for the warning.
Forest: So let's begin then.
Snake: Yes.

Racer and Conan were both still in search for Terry's house near the outskirt of the kingdom.

Conan: We should be there any moment from now.
Racer: I see a house up ahead.
Conan: Yea, that's it. You can drop me here and go get the others.
Racer: Alright.

Forest and Snake started their battle as Snake kept dodging Forest's branch attacks.

Snake: It's time for you to die!
Forest: What??

Snake's right hand turned to a snake and bite Forest on the neck.

Snake: That should do it, you are going to die now.
Forest: Badnews, I'm not affected by poison. My magic is nature and you know what that means.
Snake: Are you.....

Snake didn't finish speaking and Forest caused branches from the ground to immediately strangle him to death.

Forest: There he goes, is this all the Queen got? Maybe I should invade the palace right away.

Racer came over and saw the dead bodies of the seven guards and was kind of suprised.

Racer: You finished them so fast.
Forest: Ofcourse, they were not that strong.
Racer: That's so cool. I have found the house.
Forest: I just remembered. So let's see who's faster. I or your speed.
Racer: Alright.

Forest released the trees and before Racer could carry the first of the seven colours he had already reached Terry's house.

Racer brought them all including Alex as Terry and Forest started treating them immediately, and Conan had told the king and Terry everything that had happened.

Queen Elizabeth waited till evening and her seven guards were confirmed dead by a search party.

Elizabeth: So my seven guards are gone huh? I have no choice then, I have to release my people. We shall start this fight together!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Twelve (12)

The Vadems

Queen Elizabeth entered her room and opened her wardrobe, before her was a portal leading to the world of the Vadems.

The Vadems are a hybrid group made up of both vampire and demon powers. The first Vadem came to life after a Vampire had sexual intercourse with a Demon.

Elizabeth: Come forth my brethrens! Let's take back what's ours by force!!

As she said so a humanoid creature with red eyes, a little bit long ear and black wing stepped out. The creature could also bring out long teeth to bite or suck blood and it also had a tail.

Elizabeth: You are the first to step out, so you name shall be V.
V: Thank you my Queen.
Elizabeth: Now fly all over the kingdom and show them a display of our powers! Hahaha!
V: Yes my Queen.

V broke the roof and flew outside, after V 99 more Vadems came out from the portal and together the 100 Vadems flew around the Eagle kingdom as a sign of power.

The people of the kingdom were afraid after sighting the Vadems in the sky.

Victoria: What are these things?
Victoria's Mum: Honey close the window it is not safe.
Victoria: They look evil mummy and you are sick. I wouldn't let them touch you.
Victoria's Mum: (Hugging Victoria) I know you wouldn't Honey.

A man in his early thirties was drinking on top of a tree when he sighted them.

Man: Oh no! These are the Vadems! How did they get here? I thought they were gone. I better get out of here.

Elizabeth: Hahaha! Very soon the world will know that we Vadems are the strongest! We shall not only conquer this kingdom but the other four! Hahaha. I will have to make sure this news gets to every kingdom very soon.

The sighting of the Vadems in the kingdom caused panic as the citizens all ran indoor as many felt their evil power.

After the recovering of the seven colours Blue sent a bird to the kingdom and it reported the sighting of the Vadems.
They were all shocked confused on what they were until Terry and the king told them they were called Vadems and explained how they came to be.

Silver: The Vadems? What are they doing at our kingdom? Does the Queen have any connection with them.
King: She's probably a Vadem who can turn into a human. My ancestors sent them to the grave centuries ago. I wonder how they are able to come back to life.
Forest: The Queen must have been doing some resurrection ritual from the beginning.
Conan: Since the Queen is my mother does that mean I'm a Vadem too?

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Twelve (12) Continuation

Everyone was quiet after Conan asked the question if he was a Vadem since his mother was one.

Conan: Why are you all silent?

Forest: (In his mind) If we tell him the truth I don't know how he will react.
Silver: (In her mind) Of all questions this is what he could ask.
King: (In his mind) You shouldn't have asked such a question.
Alex: (In her mind) Conan, what are you getting at?

Conan: Hello oo.
King: Oh son, sorry for the delay. To be frank with you, I think you should drop the question.
Conan: No, I won't. I want to know if I'm one of those evil creatures.
Alex: Conan.
King: My son you are not evil. To say to truth you are half human and half Vadem.
Conan: What? Does that means I will be like them?
Alex: No! You are who you are Conan! You are a good person and will never be like those evil creatures.
Conan: Alex....
Forest: Alex is right Conan, you will never be like those creatures!
Red: Yes, you are a good person and will forever be.

And just as the Queen wanted the news about the sighting of the Vadems reached the other kingdoms in no time.
The other kingdoms didn't know what they were and so they called them beasts from the underworld.
Rumours also started spreading that Queen Elizabeth was their creator and wanted to take control of all the kingdoms.
This led to the other kings in fixing a date of meeting.

Red: We can't just sit here and do nothing! We have to fight! The Eagle kingdoms is ours. We must liberate the people from the hands of darkness.
Silver: Ofcourse, we the seven colours shall defend the kingdom!
Conan: I will be coming.
Racer: Me too.
Alex: You can count me in.
Forest: Someone have to look after the king, I will be there when you need me.
Red: Alright! We shall begin the operation tonight.

Many bounty hunters were going after the Vadems as the four other kings had placed a ten million diamonds bounty on each head.

Quick: It's time for me to make more cool cash, I can deal with Racer later.

The citizens of the Eagle kingdom lived in fear after the Queen told them everything.

Citizen1: So she's not a human?
Citizen2: We are doomed! The little girl was right! The seven colours are innocent.
Citizen3: Seven colours where are you?

Victoria: Mum sleep well tonight, I'm going to watch over you.
Victoria's Mum: You are really an angel Honey.
Victoria: The seven colours will be here. I know they will!

The Queen sat on the throne in her Vadem form, she was very beautiful with huge boobs and silver wings.

Elizabeth: Now the world is ours for the taking....

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Thirteen (13)

The Seven Colours Strikes

The seven colours, Conan, Racer and Alex had made up their mind to save the kingdom.

They reached the kingdom's front gate in the night and hid in the forest near it.

Pink climbed a tree and looked into the kingdom and saw everything that was happening.

Red: So what did you see?
Pink: There are about a hundred of those things in the kingdom. Every household have locked their doors.
Silver: We can simply freeze them all!
Gold: Yea, I can cut them into pieces real quick!
Alex: We forgot to ask the king about the strength of the Vadems.
Blue: I got that covered. Vadems are divided into four depending on the colour of their wings. Black, Green, Gold and Silver.
The ones with the silver wings are the strongest.

Pink: The question is why are there only black winged Vadems in the kingdom?
Alex: I guess it's simple. This is just a show off.
Silver: You are right, we can simply deal with this ones.

Green: Do you girls mind explaining everything bit by bit?
Pink: We just did.

Conan: We have to act fast, the people of the kingdom are depending on us.
Red: Yes, so do you have any sharp plan?
Conan: Yes. Since the Vadems in the kingdom are the black winged ones, it means my mother thinks there's no need to call the others. We can use that against her by quickly killing the black winged ones and heading to the palace. There we can surround her.
Silver: You got a point, and the Vadems are just in the capital.
Racer: Yea, I'm tired of waiting!
Red: Alright then, let's head to the capital!

** Back At Terry's House **

Terry: Do you think they will be okay by themselves?
King: They are the seven colours after all. Though it depends on which winged type.
Forest: Don't worry, I'm sure they will be just fine.
King: Let's play some card games. The loser will do all the chores.

Forest: (In his mind) He's referring to me. He knows very well that I'm not good at card games. I have no choice though, I have to try my luck.

** At The Palace Of The Eagle Kingdom **

The entire palace was empty as the Queen had throwned all the guards and staff out. She sat on the throne drinking what seems to be blood. She was so proud and smiled as her brethren soared high on the sky of the capital.

Elizabeth: Well well, let me see what the seven idiots are going to do. They should have found out about the four categories but they have no idea that I'm silver winged.

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Episode Thirteen (13) Continuation

The kings of the other four kingdoms which are the Snake, Panda, Elephant and Lion kingdoms convened in a meeting using magic mirrors.

Panda: This is not going to end well if we allow Queen Elizabeth to do as she please.
Elephant: We are not going to allow her. We are going to crush her.
Lion: Yes, after all a big bounty have been placed on the heads of each creature.
Snake: What about the head of the Queen?
Lion: That will be going too far, for now let's focus on those creatures.
Panda: Yes.

As the four kings were having their meeting many bounty hunters were heading to the Eagle kingdom, and also the seven colours reached the front gate of the kingdom that led to the capital.

Red: Here we are! We have to do this for our kingdom!
Silver: Let's get going already!

The seven colours, Conan, Alex and Racer stormed into the capital and unleashed a suprise attack at the Vadems inside the capital.

Red: It's time to roll! Fire dragons!

Red made fire dragons with his fire and the dragons attacked the Vadems.

Silver: Die you dark creatures!!

Silver immediately froze many of them and shattered them to pieces.

Blue: Now kill yourselves!!

Blue manipulated some of the Vadems to kill themselves.

Pink: Die! Die! Die!

Pink summoned her hand guns and started taking down the Vadems.

Green: Let mother nature eat your souls!

Green used his earth magic and crushed them to pieces.

Gold: You evil creatures shall be slained by my sword! Flame blade!

Gold summoned a flame blade and jumped up as he cut the Vadems to pieces.

Yellow: It's my turn now. One million volts of electricity!!

Yellow sent electricity and many of the Vadems were electrocuted.

Racer: Let's do this sis!
Alex: Yes!

Alex froze the time of some of the Vadems and Racer hardened his body to rock as he brought down some Vadems in a flash.

Conan: I'm not so good in combat, I should leave this one to them.

As there were sounds of fighting and fire in the sky the people in the capital opened their windows.

Victoria: The seven colours are here!!
Citizen1: They are here to save us!
Citizen2: Yes, we are safe at last.
Victoria: I knew they would come.

The people hailed and cheered them up, the Queen smiled as she was aware of everything that was happening.

Conan: The people, they trust us!
Red: Yes!!
Silver: We are done here! Let's go and teach that Queen a lesson.

The seven colours, Conan, Alex and Racer rushed to the palace as the citizens cheered them up.

Queen Elizabeth: Fools! They are rushing to their own death!

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Episode Fourteen (14)

A Suprise For The Seven Colours

The seven colours have launched a suprise attack at the black winged Vadems and they took them all down easily as the citizens of the capital hailed them.

Victoria: They are here! The seven colours!
Citizen1: Yes they are here!
Citizen2: We are safe! We are safe!
Citizen3: Go get them seven colours!!

With the people at heart the seven colours, Conan, Alex and Racer headed to the palace to end the Queen's evil rule.

As they were taking down the Vadems many bounty hunters who were about to enter the kingdom saw them.

Quick: Damn it! They beat us to it! I should have been there earlier! I am Quick!

Bounty Hunter1: I guess we came this far just to watch a show.
Bounty Hunter2: I will stay put here for a while, there may be a new development.

A bounty hunter named Bond approached Quick, he and Drain were partners.

Bond: Hello Quick, I heard you killed Drain.
Quick: Yes, you heard it right. I gave him a fatal blow at the head.
Bond: Well, that's too bad because I'm going to blow off your head.
Quick: Huh?

Before Quick could react Bond placed a gun on his fore head and blew him off as his dog barked and the others turned back.

Bond: Anyone who mess up with my partner answers to me.

Bounty Hunter1: It's Bond!
Bounty Hunter2: Yes, it's him. The devil's hand.

Someone in the midst of bounty hunters laughed.

Voice: Who cares if Bond is here?

Bond turned back and looked at who it was. It was Jacko one of his mates in training, they both trained under the same master.

The others bounty hunters became afraid as Jacko had almost the same reputation as Bond.

Bond: So it's you Jacko.
Jacko: Bond! I know you are shivering now you know I'm here.
Bond: Shivering? You must be joking. I have always been ahead of you during training and even now.
Jacko: Then tell me why these idiots (the other bounty hunters) are afraid of me.

"Who are you calling idiot you idiot!", a voice in the midst of the bounty hunters asked.

Jacko: Who dares call me an idiot?

A young girl named Angel came out, she is an excellent bounty hunter and she is known throughout the entire five kingdoms of the world just like Bond and Jacko.

Jacko: So it's you little brat, maybe a demonstration of my power will reset your head.
Angel: Huh? Alright!

The other bounty hunters ran away as they were certain that something bad will happen if the two clash.

Jacko: Hmm, I will save my energy for something better.
Angel: Like running away?
Jacko: What?

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Episode Fourteen (14) Continuation

The seven colours entered the palace and stopped at the door leading into the throne room.

Pink: I'm sure she's there.
Silver: Let's make this quick.
Red: Yes.

Elizabeth: Come in seven colours, I have been expecting you so don't keep me waiting any longer.

Silver: Let's surround her!!
All: Yes!!

All of them rushed into the throne room and surronded the Queen.

Silver: Give up Queen Elizabeth, we got you surrounded.
Elizabeth: As if it really matters.
Silver: What?

Pink saw her silver wings which were almost hidden by the throne.

Pink: She's silver winged!
Silver: What? Let's kill her now.
Pink: Yes!
Conan: No!!

Everyone looked at Conan.

Conan: Please don't kill her, she's my mother and I still love her. Please...
Silver: What?? You saw what she did to your father.
Conan: I know.

Elizabeth: (Laughing) My enemies seems to be confused. Conan why don't you come to your mama. You will have a bright future with me.
Conan: No! I want you to change to the kind and loving mother you used to be.

Conan walked to her as the others watched and he bowed before her.

Conan: Please mama. Return to who you used to be, the loving and caring mother I know!
Elizabeth: Hahaha,  I was just pretending! All those things were fake.
Conan: No, they were real. Father told me how happy you were the day I was born. Please mum.

Queen Elizabeth knew that all Conan was saying were the truth but her heart as a Vadem wouldn't accept it.

Elizabeth: You just pissed me up!!

Queen Elizabeth made to stand up!

Silver: Now!!

Everyone attacked her with their powers but Blue was unable to manipulate her and so was Alex unable to freeze her time.

The combination of their attacks didn't cause a blast as they expected rather Queen Elizabeth sucked them into her body.

Silver: This is impossible!
Green: Let's retreat!

Elizabeth: Idiots! I will show you the true power of a silver winged Vadem!

Elizabeth spread her wing and made to attack but Conan stood in her way.

Elizabeth: Step aside Conan!
Conan: No, I won't!
Elizabeth: Then, I will just kill you with the others.
Conan: Go ahead mother!
Elizabeth: You idiot!

Elizabeth elongated her tail and grabbed Conan, then he threw him out of the way.

Elizabeth: Die seven colours!

Elizabeth created a ball of dark energy and directed it at the seven colours, and then boom!!

It caused a mighty explosion that shaked the palace and the capital, it also made Angel and Jacko to stop their impending fight.

Angel: What was that?

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Episode Fifteen (15)

The Green Winged Vadems

The seven colours had stormed the palace and attacked the Queen but their attacks were all useless against her.
Queen Elizabeth threw Conan to a corner as she generated a dark energy that she directed at the seven colours.
The explosion was huge that it shaked the capital, and that made Angel and Jacko suspend their impending fight.

The smoke cleared and the seven colours were standing alright meanwhile the Queen was visibly angry.

Red: What happened? How did we survive that?

Elizabeth: Damn you Conan!
Conan: (Breathing heavily) I told you mother, you have pass through me first before you can touch them.
Elizabeth: Alright then, I know what to do.

Angel, Jacko and Bond looked toward the kingdom.

Angel: What was that?
Jacko: Whatever it was, it was big.
Bond: And it came from the palace. The Queen must be having a tough battle with the seven colours.
Angel: Yes. I'm going to wait here till the battle ends. Then I'm going to fight the winner.
Jacko: I have an idea.
Bond: Say it out.
Jacko: Why don't we just carry the heads of those creatures and say we killed them, then the huge bounty on their heads is going to be ours.
Angel: You moron, the people at the capital saw the seven colours in action. They are key witnesses and that can tarnish our reputation.
Jacko: You better learn how to control your mouth kid.
Bond: She's right, you know.
Jacko: Ahhh! You too.

The citizens at the capital were terrified after the huge explosion that shaked the ground.

Citizen1: That was huge, what do you think that is?
Citizen2: Well, I know it's something bad. The seven colours must be fighting the Queen.
Citizen1: I wonder who caused the explosion.

Victoria was still looking outside from the mirror as she expected to see the seven colours come out victorious. Her mother was waken up from sleep by the shock of the explosion.

Victoria's Mum: Victoria I think you should close the window. You might catch cold..
Victoria: Just a little longer mama, I want to see the seven colours as the come out victorious.
Victoria's Mum: Okay darling, just a little longer.

The real reason why the seven colours were not affected by the Queen's dark energy blast was that Conan was in the way, so the Queen changed the direction and it hit the walls of the throne room which were almost unbreakable.

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