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The Seven Colours

The 7 colours takes place in a setting where the world was divided into five kingdoms, the 7 colours consist 7 people with no name or origin.
They were found as babies at a dumpsite and they were given names based on the colours they wore when found.

They are;
Red - Fire User
Blue - The Manipulator
Green - Tree & Earth User
Yellow - Speed & Electricity
Silver - Ice And Water
Gold - Skilled Sword User
Pink - Can See From Very Far Away & Gun User.

Blue, Silver and Pink are females while the rest are males.

The seven of them returned home to their kingdom after a mission and heared the shocking news that would forever change their lives.

Coming Soon....
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Re: The Outlaws
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Episode One (1)

The 7 Colours

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Silver, Gold and Pink known as the seven colours were on a mission, they were tracking down a villain.

The villain had run into a town, Pink had climbed the tallest building in the town so that she could see everything. They were communicating telephathically.

Pink: Target located, one 'o clock.
Yellow: I should electrify this whole area.
Pink: No, there are a lot of people there. So you just have to use your speed and I will be your eyes.
Yellow: Got ya!

The villain turned to a direction where there were no people and Yellow was notify.

Yellow almost caught him but the villain had already poured a sticky fluid on the path, and Yellow was caught in it.

Yellow: I'm stuck!
Pink: Okay, I'm going to gun down the enemy.
Silver: No need. I'm going to freeze the idiot.

Silver immediately appeared in front of the villain and he screamed.

Villain: Ahh!
Silver: You are mine! Freeze!

Silver immediately froze the villain with her ice.

Silver: Target apprehended.

Just then Red and Gold appeared at that place.

Red: I told you he was mine.
Silver: Well you have to run faster than that.
Gold: Your ice helped you get ahead of us.
Silver: Hmm, I'm so cool.

Yellow: Someone should help me before I turn this place into an energy generating centre, I'm stuck.
Silver: We better go and help yellow.

They went over to were yellow was as the villain was being taken along with them using Silver's ice.

Blue and Green caught up with them, Silver freezed the super sticky liquid and and then turned it into water and yellow was free.

Yellow: Thanks, I better go get my baby.

Yellow ran so fast and immediately reached the top of the building where Pink was and carried her to the others.

Red: Alright. We are all here. Let's get the villain back to where it belongs.
Silver: Yes, we should be going.
Pink: You guys are forgetting something. The target is going to die if he is kept in the ice.
Silver: You are right.

Silver melted the ices into cold water while Red used his fire to warm him up. And then Blue used her manipulating power to make sure he do as they say.

Blue can control living and none living things with her power, but controlling an opponent is difficult or not possible if the opponent has superior aura.

Red: Let's head home buddies.
Green: It has been 6 months huh?
Blue: I bet the place has changed a lot.

The seven colours made their journey home after handling the villain over to the authority there, unaware of what was waiting for them at home.

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Re: The Outlaws
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Episode One (1) Continuation

The 7 colours finally made it to the kingdom after 6hours ride on a magic train.

Red: We are at home finally.
Silver: I can't wait to be soaked in an ice bath.
Pink: I think you should consider taking a hot bath one of these days.
Silver: Huh? I prefer to be soaked in ice.
Blue: We are finally at the palace!

They had reached the palace and walked in, the atmosphere there wasn't as usual.

Blue: Something is not right here.
Gold: Yea, there have been a lot of changes.
Red: By this time the king should have musicians singing for him but I hear no music.
Yellow: I think we are going to find out once we get into the throne room.

The seven of them reached the king's quarter and met a shocking suprise, the king nineteen year old son (Conan) was sitting on the throne.

Red: What the?
Conan: Don't be suprised, I am now the king of this kingdom.

The seven of them immediately bowed down and raised their heads again.

Silver: My lord, we have completed all the missions given to us. Before I go further, we will like to know what happened to the king.

Just as Silver asked to know what happened to the king, Conan's mother stepped in. Her name was Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: He's dead. He died while his seven precious colours were away.

The seven colours were shocked at the news and Pink started sobbing and Yellow held her hands.

Blue: (in her mind) Something is not right here. I need to find out for myself.

Blue used her power on a guard that accompanied the Queen without anyone noticing.

Silver: We are sorry for being away while he passed out. May you give us.....
Elizabeth: That's enough!! The seven colours have been disbanded. Guards throw them out of the palace.

Before the seven colours knew what was happening a teleporter sent them out of the palace immediately.

Red: What? We are outside the palace?
Gold: It's a portal user.
Silver: Something isn't right here.
Pink: Yea, I don't believe what the Queen said.
Blue: Impossible!

Silver: What?
Blue: Before we left, I used my power on one of the Queen's guard. I just read his mind.
Red: What does it says?
Blue: The king is alive!!
Gold: What? Where?
Blue: He's in the lowest dungeon, the Queen imprisoned him.
Yellow: Alright! I'm going to electrify this whole damn palace!
Silver: Wait, this whole damn thing is a coup.
Pink: We have to save the king!
Silver: Yea, let's get out of here first.

The seven colours left.

** At The Underground Dungeon **

The Queen had gone to meet the king at the dungeon.

Elizabeth: I have just disbanded your seven colours and told them you are dead, hahahaha!
King: Damn you witch!
Elizabeth: Now, no one will ever come for you. Hahahaha.

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Re: The Outlaws
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Episode Two (2)

Conan's Message

The seven colours moved to their meeting place, they scanned everywhere to see if there was a foreign material but they saw none.

Yellow: All cleared.
Silver: I will go and make some cold tea.
Red: Cold tea? You are not the only one drinking it, you know.
Pink: Yes, we can't stand cold things like you.
Silver: Alright.

They all waited as Silver made some tea and served everyone.

Red: So Blue, you said the king is alive right?
Blue: Yea, he is being held prisoner at the underground dungeon.
Yellow: I can race down there and get the king.
Red: Hmm, you can't just do that. She must have placed some protective measures.
Blue: And there will be guards.
Green: Ordinary guards should give us no problem.
Silver: The guard near the throne isn't any ordinary guard. He looks skilled.
Red: Hmm, I think we have to rescue the king tomorrow.
Blue: I wonder why the king is being kept alive.
Pink: We must rescue him tonight, we don't know what may happen tomorrow.
Red: Well, I suggest we will do this the old way.

** At The Palace **

The Queen was with a snake charmer named Snake in her room.

Snake: So my Queen, when are we to dispose of the king?
Elizabeth: At dawn, and then we will make an announcement that the king was killed by his 7 colours. They shall be declared outlaws with an A Class bounty on their heads.
Snake: You are truly wicked my Queen. What about your son Conan?
Elizabeth: Don't call that half breed my son. We shall allow him stay in the throne for a year, and then we shall dispose of him.
Snake: Good, your act of wickedness have been assured.
Elizabeth: Now! Make love to me, let us give birth to a full blood.
Snake: Sure. You will enjoy it.
Elizabeth: (Pulls off her dress) I can't wait.

Unknown to Elizabeth her son Conan had a power she didn't know about, he could hear from a very far distance.

He became afraid after hearing that his father would be killed and also he heard the 7 colours discuss the rescue of the king.

Conan: (In his mind) Please 7 colours be fast.

A guard near him felt his unease.

Guard: Is anything wrong Conan?
Conan: You are suppose to call me the king not Conan.
Guard: Hahaha! You are only a tool in our plan. Very soon you will know what's happening.

A bird was near the window and Conan took control of it and made it head to the 7 colours meeting place.

Conan: (In his mind) Please make it there bird.

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Re: The Outlaws
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

The 7 colours had prepared a plan of attack.

Yellow and Pink would be on a team, Red, Blue and Gold on a team while Green and Silver would be on a team.

Red: Team A, you two will be our eyes and legs. Team B that's my team would be majorly on attack while team C would be majorly on defence.
Silver: So are we taking the normal route?
Red: No. We will take the old route to the dungeon. There are too many blind spots in the new route.
Yellow: Alright then, my legs are itching me to run.
Red: Yes. Let's go.

Just then the bird flew through the window and made a magical writing on the table and died.

Silver: The bird wrote something and died?
Blue: It must have been controlled by an amateur manipulator.
Pink: Let me see what it reads. "Please Come And Save My Father Fast, From Conan".
Red: Conan? So he's not on the bad side.
Blue: I always knew he was a manipulator.
Red: I think we need to hurry.
Pink: Let me climb up and see if everywhere is clear.

Pink climbed up and saw thity guards guarding the entrance to the dungeon.

Pink: There are thirty guards at the entrance to the dungeon. They look just like normal guards to me.
Blue: Thirty huh? I can only control ten peole at once, if I stress myself then it should be fourteen.
Silver: I will freeze them up.
Red: Alright Yellow, let's go!
Yellow: Yes babies!

Yellow carried them all one by one to an old abandoned building near the dungeon pathway.

Pink cocked her sniper rifle and zoomed at the guards.

Pink: There are four guards on the main entrance, I think the four of them should not be wholly freezed because only one may know the true password.
Silver: Alright baby.

Silver jumped as she freezed the wall and everything in her path freeezed including the guards, Blue came after her as she skated on the ice.

The four guards at the main entrance were only immobilised. Blue went over and took control of them.

Blue: The password is moon!

Silvered whistled as the others joined them, she then freezed the four guards.

Pink stayed at the top of a building with her rifle to secure the area, while Yellow's job was transport.

They opened the underground pathway and yellow transported them all below in a flash. Then he went over to stay with Pink at the roof top.

The five others were now at the lowest dungeon.

Red: Here we are! Let's save the king!!

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Re: The Outlaws
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Episode Three (3)

Rescue The King

Five of the seven colours had infiltrated the underground dungeon while Yellow and Pink were at the top of a building monitoring the area.

Red and the others started searching the dungeons.

Red: Blue we are going to depend on you in case we run into guards, we can't afford to make some noise until the King is saved. 
Blue: You can count on me.
Silver: Freezing them would be better.
Blue: No, someone might notice you used your power.

Two guards sighted them and at that instant Blue took control of them.

Blue: Where is the king?
Guard1: He's at the last dungeon by your right.
Blue: Okay, now go. Forget that you ever saw anyone.
Guard1: Yes master.

The two guards left as they forgot they ever saw anybody.

Red: Nice work Blue! Now we know where the King is.
Silver: I can't wait to see the majesty.

Meanwhile Pink and Yellow were still at the top of a building near the site of the dungeon.

Pink: I think you should be with them flash.
Yellow: We two make the ultimate tag team. And besides if we spot an enemy they need to be informed.
Pink: My gunshot will make them know, we have to get the King out of there as fast as possible.
Yellow: You are right, let me stay here a little longer.
Pink: Alright.

The others had reached the king's dungeon.

Silver: The king is alive!

They made to blast the door open but the king told them to wait.

King: Wait!
Red: Why sire?
King: Elizabeth will notice when anyone one of you touch this door. How did you people find out that I was alive?
Blue: We can tell you once we get you out of here.
King: I'm so happy to see you all.

Just then Yellow immediately got there.

Yellow: Yes!! The king is alive.
Silver: Thank goodness you are here Yellow, once I freeze this door and melt it, grab the King and speed away to Pink.

Just as Silver held the door and froze it, Queen Elizabeth who was making out with the snake charmer noticed that the door had been breached and she stopped.

Snake: What's the matter?
Elizabeth: The king's prison have been breached.
Snake: You can send your underlings to check it out, let's continue.
Elizabeth: (Kissed him) You are right darling.

The Queen immediately sent a message telephathically to the guard guarding Conan.

The guard left immediately and headed to the dungeon site, and at the same time dragon like beasts surfaced from the ground near the old dungeon route.

Pink: What are these things?

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Re: The Outlaws
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Episode Three (3) Continuation

Pink fired her sniper rifle and started shooting down the monsters.

Silver had frozen the door but it was taking longer to melt.

Yellow: Pink is shooting, she must be in trouble.
Silver: Damn it! This door must have been placed with some kind of spell.
Green: Leave it to me.

Green immediately made a hole to inside the dungeon and he carried the king out and gave him to Yellow.

Yellow: Godspeed!

In a flash Yellow ran to the top building where Pink was gunning down the monsters.

Yellow: I took a look at those things, they look like dragons.
Pink: (Still gunning them down) Yea mini dragons, they keep on coming.

Meanwhile at the palace when the guard left, Conan sneaked out of the palace and hid at the front gate of the kingdom walls.

Conan: I'm sure they will succeed.

As Pink was gunning the monsters down Red and the others came out from the dungeon.

Silver: Monsters huh? I will bury them in ice.

Silver immediately freeze all the monsters and the ground beneath.

Red: Let's meet the others above.

The guard who left Conan was still approaching the site as the others gathered.

Red: Alright, we are all here.
Gold: Let's get the king out of here.

Just as that instant none of them could move.

Yellow: I can't move my body.
Red: Me too.
Blue: What is happening?
Pink: It's a magic user work.

Just then the guard appeared before them.

Guard: You think you can all escape? The mighty 7 colours all caught by me.
Red: Who the hell are you?
Guard: I work for my lady Elizabeth.
Yellow: If you think you can take down the 7 colours you must be day dreaming.
Guard: What can you all do when you can't even lift a finger? I....

The guard didn't finish speaking when he was shocked by electricity and just at the instant his power ceased Silver froze him and shattered him into pieces.

Silver: No one can stand against the seven colours!!

The seven of them ran to the kingdom's front gate where Conan caught up with them, and then the nine of them fled into the forests as Elizabeth was still making out with Snake unaware of what just happened.

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Re: The Outlaws
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Episode Four (4)

A-Class Bounty

The 7 colours had fled with the king and his son Conan to the nearby forest in the kingdom.

It took sometime before the Queen Elizabeth finished making out with Snake, the snake charmer.

Elizabeth: That was so sweet, I love the way you entered me. That excuse for a king couldn't give me such pleasure.
Snake: I said you would enjoy it.

Elizabeth suddenly noticed that the guard was gone and so was the king and his son Conan.

Elizabeth: The idiot of a king is gone!.
Snake: And so the guard is gone too.
Elizabeth: This is bad.
Snake: Don't worry, the old fool don't know a thing about our secret.
Elizabeth: You are right, I just know what to do. The 7 colours will regret ever messing with me! Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha!

The next morning the 7 colours and the king with Conan were eating a meat roasted by Red.

Red: Sire, what was the intention of the Queen for imprisoning you?
King: She's not human, said something about my ancestors killing her kind. And that she would exert vengeance on me and the kingdom.

Silver: I will freeze her cold.
Conan: She said something about me not being a full blood.
Red: We really have to find a place for you and your son to stay.
King: I just know the place, but I have a feeling she will come after the seven of you.
Conan: From what I know, she's planning something very big!
Blue: We will have to find out ourselves.
Red: Yea, you are right. But first we have to send the King to safety.

** At The Palace **

Queen Elizabeth sat on the throne and called a guard to come in.

Guard: My Queen, you seek me.
Elizabeth: Yes! I want you to write a letter to all the kingdoms and bounty hunters. Tell them that the 7 colours have kidnapped the king and his son and therefore they have been declared an enemy of the kingdom. An A class bounty of 200 million diamonds have been placed on their heads.
Guard: 200 million what?
Elizabeth: I said 200 million diamonds! They must be crushed at once, they are the enemies of this kingdom.
Guard: Yes my Queen. I shall do that at once.
Elizabeth: Use our fatest magic birds and deliver it.
Guard: That I shall do.

The guard left and Snake walked in.

Snake: You are really going to use that amount to find them?
Elizabeth: Yes, the 7 of them shouldn't in anyway be underestimated.
Snake: I see, that's why you are going all the way.
Elizabeth: Yes, and besides 200 million diamonds is nothing compared to what we have.

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Re: The Outlaws
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Episode Four (4) Continuation

The 7 colours led the king and his son to a house in the forest almost outside the kingdom.

Red knocked at the door and to their suprise a former guard of the king (Terry) thought to be dead came out.

Red: Is this really you?
Pink: Impossible.
Terry: It' my little secret.
King: My old friend.
Terry: What brings you here my King?
Red: Let's go in.

The all went in and told Terry what had happened.

Terry: I see, that's so bad. Does it have something to do with the kingdom cleansing two centuries ago?
King: I thought as much.
Red: What happened two hundred years ago?
King: The records have been wiped out so I only know a little. Our kingdom was attacked by some kind of evil creatures and my ancestors killed them. That's the only thing I know.
Terry: Yea, me too. This seem to be a sort of vengeance plan.
Blue: I guess we have to find out soon.

As the 7 colours and the others were at the house, many copies of the letters Elizabeth asked for had been delivered within the kingdom, also to other kingdoms and the bounty hunters in them.

The bounty hunters were so happy with the reward money that most of them started searching for the seven colours at once.

A particular bounty hunter called Quick was the first to move along with his dog Q.

Quick: 200 million diamonds? No one is going to beat me to this, I'm called Quick for a reason. Q let's go and make some money.

The guard returned to the Queen and told her that all copies of the letters had been sent.

Queen: Now the 7 colours, how are you going to escape hundreds of the best bounty hunters after you?

The 7 colours made their way to find out what was really happening inside the kingdom.

"Be Careful" the king told them before they left.

They made it to the forest near the kingdom's gate and Blue used her power on someone going into the kingdom.

Blue: Now we will just have to wait and find out what's going on.
Silver: Seriously! I can't wait to deal with that Queen.
Blue: What the hell?
Red: You got something?
Blue: We have been accused of kidnapping the king and his son and the message have the sent to all the kingdoms.
Red: Only that?
Blue: No! We have a 200 million diamonds bounty on our heads!!
All: What?

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Five (5)


The 7 colours just found out that a shocking 200 million diamonds bounty was on their heads.

Red: 200 million?
Blue: Yea.
Silver: That idiot is trying to take us down.
Pink: That means only one thing now. Many bounty hunters are already on there way searching for us.
Yellow: Yes, but with my speed nobody can touch me.
Green: Unless by suprise.
Gold: We need a plan very fast.
Red: The truth is we can't get into the kingdom without knowing how things are there, the Queen would expect us to come.
Silver: Ha! And here I was almost warming up to kick her ass.
Pink: I better climb a tree to see if anyone is coming after us.
Yellow: Yes, baby.

Just as Pink was about to climb the tree they all felt energy draining out from their bodies.

Silver: Ahh! What the hell is this?

** At The Palace **

Queen Elizabeth was sitting on the throne with the snake charmer sitting by her side.

Elizabeth: The 7 fools wouldn't survive this, the best of the best will be going after them.
Snake: That was a very clever move Elizabeth, especially with the price tag.
Elizabeth: Yea, a bounty hunter like Quick should be almost catching up with them.
Snake: So after you kill them what will you do?
Elizabeth: I will turn this kingdom into a dark one and my brethrens shall reign again.
Snake: You know the other kingdoms will attack once they know that this kingdom had gone dark.
Elizabeth: Let them come. We will crush and conquer them!
Snake: Yes.

** Back To The 7 Colours **

The 7 colours could hardly move as their energy were being drain real fast.

Red: Who could be doing this?

A man walked out from the shadows, his name was Drain. His speciality is draining people's energy thereby rendering them helpless.

Drain: It is your one and only Drain.
Red: Drain? Oh damn!
Yellow: Stop draining our energy or we might die.
Drain: I don't care as far as I get my 200 million diamonds.
Silver: I thought we were allies.
Drain: Hahahaha! Not when it comes to money, and also you people have been accused of a crime punishable by death.
Blue: (In her mind) Damn it! If only I had a little reserve of energy.

Pink: Ahh!
Yellow: Are you alright Pink?
Pink: Yea, at the moment at least.
Yellow: Hey Drain, free the ladies. You have already drained our energy enough, we can't fight back.
Drain: Hahahaha! I can do whatever I want with the ladies after you all run out of energy.
Silver: You bastard!
Drain: Oh, Silver maybe I will start from you right now. Let everyone watch what I'm going to do to the great Ice Silver.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

** Somewhere In The Eagle Kingdom **

The Eagle kingdom is the name of the kingdom the 7 colours were raised.

A boy named Racer was sitting at the roof of their home looking up to the sky, his sister Alex came over and met him.

Alex: What's the problem little brother? I guess it's about the 7 colours.
Racer: Yea, I don't believe they did what the Queen said.
Alex: Hmm, in a way I don't believe it too. Blue is so gentle. I have always looked up to her, she's my role model.

Racer: And guess what I found out sis.
Alex: What?
Racer: The 7 colours had been away for 6months on a mission, and we stopped seeing the king two months ago. The Queen kept saying he was sick, and the 7 colours just came back yesterday night. They couldn't have been holding the king for those two months like the Queen just said.
Alex: Yea, and even if they are holding the king it will be for a good reason.
Racer: Yea, not to mention the strange faces we have been seeing near the palace for the last two months.
Alex: That means something is going on inside the palace that no one knows about.
Racer: Yes.
Alex: Please Racer, don't do anything stupid.
Racer: I wouldn't sis.

Meanwhile Conan was on his way looking for the 7 colours as he had sensed that something bad was happening to them.

Drain moved forward and he was about to touch Silver.

Red: If you touch her you are going to regret it Drain!
Drain: Regret? Hahahaha! You are such a fool. Look at the situation you are, and you are trying to sound tough.
Gold: Hahaha, you sure do talk a lot Drain.

Drain: Enough talking, I will now get down to business now.

Yellow: Pink hold on!! Damn you drain!
Drain: Shut up! Let me touch my Silver.
Silver: Idiot!!

As Drain made to touch Silver and arrow pierced his skull and he immediately fell down dead.

Red: What the hell just happened?
Silver: It must be another bounty hunter.
Yellow: Who are you? Show yourself.

Voice: You still have the energy to shout huh?

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Six (6)

End Of The 7 Colours?

After words had been sent out that the seven colours had a 200 million diamonds bounty on their heads many bounty hunters went after them, though a bounty hunter named Quick was the first to be on the move another bounty hunter named Drain covered more grounds than he did.

Drain had taken the 7 colours by suprise as he immediately started draining them of their energy, unknown to Drain someone was watching in the shadows.

Just when Drain was about to touch Silver an arrow struck his skull and he died at just that moment. Yellow yelled who that was and the person replied that he still got the power to shout.

Red: We are too low on energy. We can't use our powers.
Silver: This is bad, we are now at the mercy of whoever killed Drain.
Yellow: Show yourself.
Voice: Alright buddy.

The person who killed Drain came out from the shadows and it was the bounty hunter Quick, he was with his dog Q.

Quick: Here I am! With my partner Q!

Yellow: Holy shit!!

Quick: You all know why I am here, and there's no way you people can escape with the little fraction of energy left in your body.
Red: Hey Quick, we didn't do anything to the king and his son.
Quick: I don't care about whether you did anything to them or not, I'm just in for the money.
Yellow: Oh yea?
Quick: Yea! Do you know how much 200 million diamonds can do? It's going to make me super rich overnight. I can even stop doing a bounty job. I will just invest a quarter of the money in a good business and relax for life.
Silver: The rumours are true, you sure do talk alot.
Blue: (In her mind) Damn it! If only I had a little more energy left.

Quick: Yea, I enjoy talking my targets to anguish and death. I say it is time I tie you people up and send you to the Queen, and then the reward is all going to be mine.

Green: (In his mind) If only I have mastered the technique of taking energy from nature, if only I was serious about it. I was too relaxed.
Gold: You could have waited for Drain to finish us but you choosed to keep us alive.
Quick: I made it that way so that I can gain more popularity. Everybody is going to know me as the one man who took down the 7 colours alive.
Silver: Damn you!

The 7 colours began falling as they almost ran out of energy and could barely move.

Quick: There they go, I'm sure the Queen is going to add something on top because of how fast I am. What a fortune these seven cost.

Quick tied them up in three horses and headed to the Eagle Kingdom to claim his prize.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Six (6) Continuation

Conan ran as fast as he could and got to the place where the 7 colours were captured.

Conan: Damn it! I was too late!

He took control of a snake in a tree branch and read everything in it's mind, the snake fell down and died immediately Conan stopped controlling it.

Conan: So that's what happen here, I hope I can catch up with them. I really have to work on my manipulative power or I might continue killing anything I manipulate.

Conan started walking as he had ran very fast and was almost out of air.

Conan: Slow and steady wins the race.

Quick had reached the Eagle kingdom with the 7 colours tied at the back of the horses, and he headed for the palace. Many people came out to see him.

Man1: He got them! The traitors.
Man2: Quick is really good. He caught the seven of them all by himself, and alive!
Woman1: He is so cool.
Quick: (In his mind) Look at them. All thinking high and mighty about me. It's just a matter of time before my name reach the other kingdoms.

Alex who was on her way from a  store saw Quick and the 7 colours tied on the horses. She dropped what she bought and ran as fast as she could to meet Racer.

Alex: (In his mind) If I tell Racer he might try to do something stupid, but Blue have been captured too. I have to tell him anyway.

Alex ran as fast as she could to meet Racer.

Meanwhile Quick had entered the palace and threw the 7 colours on the floor.

Quick: Here they are, all of them alive.
Elizabeth: Well done Quick! I had a feeling you would be the one to get the job done.
Quick: Now the money.
Elizabeth: Alright. (Brings out a magic diamond card which is used to save diamonds) Here it is.
Quick: I need to confirm it first.
Elizabeth: Okay.

Quick released the card and the whole place was fille with diamond coins.

Quick: Oh my God! I bet this is more than 200 million diamond coins!!
Elizabeth: Yes. It's 250
million diamond coins.

Quick immediately transfered them to the diamond magic card.

Quick: I will be going now.
Elizabeth: Sure.

Quick immediately started heading home with his dog Q.

Quick: And this is how I became rich.

Elizabeth: Hahahaha!! Snake take the seven idiots to our special torture chamber.

Alex saw Racer after running for a while.

Alex: Racer! Racer! The seven....
Racer: What's it? What happened to the 7 colours?
Alex: They have been captured by the bounty hunter Quick!
Racer: What!! I'm going after him!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Seven (7)

Racer's Rage!!

The 7 colours had been captured by a bounty hunter named Quick after they had been weaken by another bounty hunter named Drain, which Quick killed.

Quick had taken them to the palace and Alex who was close to Blue ran to tell Racer who was close to Yellow what happened. After telling Racer that Quick captured the 7 colours he made to go after Quick but Alex told him to wait.

Alex: Wait!
Racer: What!
Alex: You need to know the details.
Racer: Speak, I will listen.
Alex: He have taken them to the palace, Quick should already be on his way out of the kingdom.
Racer: What? Why didn't you tell me soon?
Alex: I ran as fast as I could.
Racer: No problem, I will have to teach Quick a lesson for disrepecting Yellow and the 7 colours. After that, I will invade that palace.
Alex: Racer you know that's not a wise decision.
Racer: Don't you want to see Blue? You and I have been sensing a dark aura from the palace yesterday, do you know what that is?
Alex: I guess you are right, but Quick is a pro bounty hunter. You wouldn't stand a chance.
Racer: Don't worry about me, I can handle this by myself.

Before Alex could say a word Racer left in a flash and went after Quick, his power is speed just like Yellow.

Alex: He might have speed but Quick is a pro hunter, he must have fought enemies with speed before. I better do something to help him out.

Conan who was in a disguise was about entering the kingdom when Racer passed near him almost removing his disguise.

Conan: Who was that? That must be Racer! But where could he be going to? Wait... It can't be! He must be going after Quick. Well I better get into the kingdom, Racer can always run away when it gets dangerous.

** At An Underground Torture Room In The Palace **

The seven colours were all being hanged mid air in chains, they were all stripped to their underwears. The Queen and Snake had began torturing them with whips and fire as they screamed out.

Red: Ahh!! Ah!!

The seven of them were being tortured as they had wounds all over their bodies.

Elizabeth: Now what can the seven of you do?
Red: We did nothing wrong, we only saved the king.
Elizabeth: Really? I am the Queen and I know what's best for the King.
Silver: You don't know a damn thing! Locking the King up and trying to use his son is not best for the two of them.
Elizabeth: His son? Is he not my son?
Silver: If you really see him as your son why do you call him just an ordinary half blood?

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode Seven (7) Continuation

The Queen and Snake were shocked at what Silver said, the Queen had only said that to Snake and few of her own guards. And she was suprised on how Silver knew.

Elizabeth: How did you know that?
Silver: I'm not going to tell you anything!
Elizabeth: Alright then, I will just have to keep torturing you people. I have to reset your brains! Beg me to show mercy! Beg me! 

The Queen and Snake continued torturing them as they screamed out loud.

Quick was almost entering the forest when he noticed that something was heading for him at full speed and he dodged. It was Racer!

Racer: You dodged that. You must be good.
Quick: Do you know who you are dealing with? And beside who the hell are you kid?
Racer: I'm Racer!
Quick: I haven't heard that name, that means you are a no body and not worth my time.
Racer: You have to pass through me if you want to get to the forest.
Quick: Is that so?

Quick dog made to attack Racer and he immediately kicked Q very far away which angered Quick.

Quick: Damn you! How dare you kicked Q like that?
Racer: Good. Now you are angry.
Quick: You are going to regret this kid.
Racer: You made be angry by what you did to Yellow and his friends.
Quick: Hmm, Yellow the flash and Racer the bolt. Now I remember you. You a student of Yellow of the seven colours.
Racer: Yes.
Quick: Well that makes sense, I thought you were just a hot head kid hungry for a fight.
Racer: Now get ready!
Quick: Bring it on Racer!!

Alex was riding on a horse as she headed to catch up with Racer and Quick.

Alex: Very soon they will start fighting. I have to hurry!

Racer and Quick were both battle ready.

Racer moved so fast and gave Quick multiple blows and he fell to the ground.

Quick: You are a fast one Racer, but that wouldn't send me down.
Yellow: I was just getting started!!
Quick: Alright! Bring it on.

Racer moved very fast again and gave Quick many blows which only few of them were critical.

As the fight was going on Conan had entered the kingdom in a disguise.

Conan: I have to start from somewhere.

Meanwhile Racer and Quick fight rages on as Quick took many blows.

Racer: Now get ready!!

Racer moved to give him a very critical blow on his face but Quick caught his hand and he was shocked.

Racer: What? How could you catch me? I'm faster!
Quick: I am a pro bounty hunter and I have come across your kind, my body is protected with a spell that reduces speed!
Racer: What?
Quick: The game has changed in my favour. Now get ready, it's now my turn!

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