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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Eight (8) Continuation

In the human world blood flowed like rivers, Koma was just lieing down unconscious. There were no much noise so Amaka came out from her hiding.

Amaka: I guess the war is over, no much noise. (She saw blood flowing everywhere and she screamed out) What happened here?

She used her demi God power and saw that almost everywhere in the human world was like that. She broke down into tears.

Amaka: So this is war, the horror it leaves behind. Eme and the others are dead, I failed them. I was so stupid and the only one I cared about was myself. I'm so selfish!

Amaka started crying out loud and made to go left and her leg touched Koma's naked body.

Amaka: Who's this? She's barely hanging on to life, I better save her. Atleast I'm doing something good.

Amaka touched Koma's body and started healing her with her powers.

Amaka: This is taking too long, she must have taken an enormous amount of a blast. I hope she comes to, I have to give it my all.

** At The Unknown Location **

Everyone was happy and jubilated as they celebrated their victory.
Agwu have however changed to a snake and masked his presence.

Mamira had gone over to meet his father and Agwu was following him.

Mysterious Being: It seems you have something to say son.
Mamira: Yes, right before mother died she mentioned something about Koma's twin.
Mysterious Being: You should forget about that.
Mamira: I need to know. What if she really has a twin out that that will want to avenge her death?
Mysterious Being: Are you afraid?
Mamira: No father.
Mysterious Being: Forget about Koma's twin, since Koma is dead she's also dead.
Mamira: Okay father, I shall take my leave now.
Agwu: (In his mind) So Koma did had a twin, and why is leader so reluctant to tell his son about it? This sound interesting.

Agwu was about to take his leave when he felt the mysterious being he called leader trembling and he turned back. The mysterious being was really shaking as Agwu had felt.

Agwu: (In his mind) Why is leader trembling?
Mysterious Being: (Trembling) It's a good thing Mamira did away with Koma, together with her other half she's the absolute monster!

Agwu: (In his mind) Other half? This is just getting interesting. I'm going to get to the bottom of this issue.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Nine (9)

Amaka And Koma?

After the 2nd great war of the universe ended, the evil side had won eliminating every opposition in their way. What was left of the good side had gone into hiding.

Koma was left almost dead but a lady demi God from the human world started healing her, meanwhile at the unknown location the leader of the evil side trembled after Koma's twin was mentioned by his son Mamira.

After using her power to heal Koma, Amaka sat on a tree and looked at Koma's naked body.

Amaka: She better wakes up soon, I don't know if this place is safe.

A snake made to climb of Koma's body but Amaka threw it far away with her power, she was fixated at Koma's naked body.

Amaka: Why can't I take my eyes away from her body? She's so cool and I'm having a funny feeling in my body.

Amaka looked at Koma's body from her face down, she couldn't stop looking.

Amaka: What's wrong with? I feel like removing my clothes, I'm so excited. Damn it! I have to do it anyway. What if she wakes up?

Amaka couldn't help herself as she pulled off her clothes and climbed on Koma's body.

Amaka: Here goes nothing!

Immediately Amaka's lips touched Koma's she woke up and immediately pushed her to the ground.

Koma: Who are you? And what am I doing naked with you?
Amaka: It's nothing, I just saw you dying on the ground and you were naked. So I used my power to start healing you.
Koma: Dying?

Koma recalled all that happened.

Koma: You fool! You should have let me die!

Koma stood up and so did Amaka.

Amaka: What do you mean by that? You needed help!
Koma: Do you know who I am? Do you know the evil I have done? I regret them all now.
Amaka: I don't care about who you are or the evil you have done. It's a good thing you regretted them, that shows you are a good person.
Koma: No, I'm not! Look at the human world! It is the troop I led that caused this mess, and I killed the two God(s) and the demi God(s) that were protecting here.

Amaka mood changed as she got angry.

Amaka: You killed them!
Koma: Yes. Now you see why you shoul have left me to die.
Amaka: I'm going to kill you right away.

Amaka conjured a sword and walked toward Koma.

Koma: Yea, do it. I couldn't even protect my mother! I don't deserve to live.
Amaka: You are right, I'm going to end your life right away. For a moment there I fell in love with you. I just realised that you are evil!
Koma: Yea, I'm evil. Do as you wish and end my life quickly. I won't resist.

Amaka got to a close range with Koma.

Amaka: Now get ready to die!

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

The universe was about to be engulfed in total darkness as the forces of evil had won.
After hearing about Koma's twin Agwu said he will investigate the matter to know why their leader trembled and said their combination will be an absolute monster.

Agwu: So leader said if Koma and her other half joins together they will be the absolute monster. Hmm, I wonder where her other half could be. Leader said there was no need to know about it because Koma is dead, but that wouldn't stop me. I must find out more. Hahaha!

Amaka had approached to cut down Koma with her conjured sword.

Amaka: Now get ready to die!

Koma closed her eyes expecting Amaka to cut her down, but after waiting for a while she didn't.
She opened her eyes and saw Amaka crying.

Koma: Why didn't you do it?
Amaka: I can't. I can't just do it.
Koma: You have to drop your act of kindness and deal with me now.
Amaka: I wouldn't! I can feel your heart beats, I can hear the depth of your soul. You really loved your mother.
Koma: (Crying) Yes.
Amaka: Why do you want to waste your life? You can redeem yourself! Continue living.
Koma: How can I? After all the evil I have done.
Amaka: If you think you are the cause of all that happened, then repay with your life by fighting the evil you caused.

Koma remembered when her mother in her dying breathe told her to redeem herself.

Koma: You know my mother told me that too.
Amaka: There's also another reason why I wouldn't kill you.
Koma: And what's that?
Amaka: I fell in love with you!
Koma: What?
Amaka: Yea.

Amaka pushed Koma to the ground.

Koma: What are you trying to do?
Amaka: We are going to make........
Koma: Huh? Ah! Ah! Ah!! Stop that naughty girl! Ah! This feels so great. Ahh! You are so naughty.
Amaka: Do it to me too.
Koma: Alright.

** At The Unknown Location **

The mysterious being had selected twenty more God(s) to help him in the mission to resurrect Ekwensu. Mamira was part of the team.

Mysterious Being: Agwu you will hold the fort here, while we go and resurrect our king.

Agwu: Ofcourse, it will be my pleasure.

Agwu saw the team off as they went into the realm of the dark spirits.

Agwu: (In his mind) Now I can find out the reason why he trembled! Watch out leader!

Hahaha! Agwu laughed as he flew away in search of clues concerning Koma's other half.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Ten (10)

The Search For The Twin X The Mysterious Being Intent

After Amaka and Koma had fun they both lied on the ground naked.

Amaka: I just want to be with you.
Koma: Hmm, I have to redeem myself like you said.
Amaka: So where are you going to start? Just know that I will always be by your side.
Koma: Thank you, I will start by looking for my twin. Before my mother died she told me to find...
Amaka: So do you have any clue where your twin could be? Whether it's a boy or a girl?
Koma: Well, I have no clue at all.
Amaka: We can start by looking at the palace in the eastern quadrant.
Koma: We will have to avoid being seen by the others.
Amaka: I can make a camouflage, our body is going to be in tune with the surrounding. And also we have to mask our presence.
Koma: Yea, so let's get to it.

Amaka kissed her and she responded.

Amaka: Let's go and find your twin!!

Agwu had left a snake clone on auto pilot in order to deceive the others in the camp that he was around.

Agwu: Now, I can finally begin my search. If I'm looking for clues, the first place should be the eastern quadrant. I'm sure I will get some clues there.

The mysterious being and his team had reached the gate to the realm of the dark spirits.

Mysterious Being: Brethrens! We are are almost there. We are just one step closer to ressurecting our great leader. Now I shall open the gate to hell!

They all cheered him up.

Mamira: (In his mind) What's the need ressurecting him when we have won? And If I remember very well you can't really ressurect someone from inside but outside. I guess father is up to something, I better watch my back. He may not spare me even if I'm his son, or maybe I'm here to help in his plan. Whatever, I need to stay sharp.

Mysterious Being: (In his mind) Who cares ressurecting a sleeping devil? I'm going to awaken my true self and rule the entire universe! I have enough to sacrifice.

Suddenly the door to hell opened in front of them.

Mysterious Being: Finally brethrens! Let's go in!!

They all followed the mysterious being as they walked into hell which was terrifying even to the evil God(s) themselves.

There was total darkness all over the place, they all walked closely to each other in order not to get lost.

Mamira: (In his mind) This is it. I have to be careful, anything can happen right now.
Mysterious Being: (In his mind) Fools! They didn't even bother to ask why here is in total darkness. Just perfect for my plan.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Ten (10) Continuation

As Agwu was headed to the eastern quadrant of the universe something crossed his mind.

Agwu: Hmm, why is leader going to hell? The master can only be ressurected from the outside at mountain Owu. Unless he's up to something, it's a good thing I wasn't part of the team.

Meanwhile Amaka and Koma had dressed up as they got ready to start their journey to the palace of the eastern quadrant, they were both wearing skimpy and revealing battle dresses.

Koma: Remind me why we are wearing these again.
Amaka: We are ladies, that's why. And it makes us look sexy.
Koma: Really? Next time I will find a dress just like my old one.
Amaka: Come on, this is better. I like it.
Koma: I think it's going to distract you during battle. We should leave our sexual feelings aside during a battle.
Amaka: I will keep that in mind.
Koma: Let's go at full speed!
Amaka: Yes!!

Koma and Amaka speed off to the palace of the late eastern Eka unaware that Agwu was also on his way there.

** Inside Hell **

The Gods kept walking a straight path as the mysterious being led them. Mamira was at a hight alert because he had a feeling his father would do someting crazy.

Suddenly something glued them all at the floor, Mamira jumped up just as he was almost glued. Then suddenly lights appear.

God1: We are stucked! Damn it!

The Gods continued murmuring and then the mysterious being appeared in front of them.

Mysterious Being: Fear not brethrens, you are just going to be used as sacrifice.

God1: Sacrifice for what?
Mysterious Being: To restore my powers!

The mysterious being removed the mask on his face and they all recognised him.

God2: You traitor!
God3: It's him!
Mysterious Being: Die!!

A blue flame burned all the Gods glued to the floor and the mysterious being started undergoing transformation to his normal self.

Mamira: (In his mind) So this is what it's all about, getting back his real body.

Koma and Amaka were moving at full speed.

Koma: I sense something very evil. That must be him.
Amaka: Who?
Koma: My father! I will deal with him after this.

Agwu also sensed the new evil presence.

Agwu: What? He has gotten his powers back, things are going to get a little messy.

The mysterious being had finished transforming to his normal body and had all his powers back.

Mamira: Father!
Mysterious Being: Follow me son, let's complete the final mission.
Mamira: What's it father?
Mysterious Being: To do away with Ekwensu forever.
Mamira: What?
Mysterious Being: Yes.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Eleven (11)

The Dragon In Crystal

The mysterious being had deceived his men that they were going to resurrect their lord and master Ekwensu, but he ended up using them as sacrifice to get his powers back. Meanwhile Agwu, Koma and Amaka were heading to the palace of the eastern quadrant to find clues about Koma other half, the duo of Koma and Amaka had no idea that Agwu was headed there and Agwu too didn't know they were headed there.

After getting his powers back the mysterious being told his son Mamira they they were both going to do away with their master Ekwensu.

Mamira: How are we going to do away with him? He's too powerful even now that you got your powers back.
Mysterious Being: Don't worry, he's bonded in chains and his powers are being drained away every second. Today we both shall be sending him to oblivion, consider it an honour to be part of this great plan of mine.

Mamira: I can't still believe that you tried to kill me with the others.
Mysterious Being: Hahaha! I didn't try to kill you, I have faith in you son. I knew you wouldn't fall for something like this.
Mamira: Let's go then, I hope you got plans on how we are going to send him to oblivion, if that's even possible.
Mysterious Being: Follow me, let's go! I shall rule the universe with you by my side.

The mysterious being and his son Mamira went deeper into the heart of hell.

Agwu was the first to reach the palace of the eastern quadrant.

Agwu: Here I am, where should I start? This entire palace is in ruins. Mamira is really wicked, killing his own mother like it wasn't any big deal. That's why he's his father right hand man. I better start searching.

Koma and Amaka were very close to palace when they spotted Agwu and stopped.

Amaka: There's someone there.
Koma: Yea, I know him. He's Agwu the serpent God.
Amaka: The serpent God? This is bad.
Koma: You don't have to worry, I can kill him in an instant if he tries to do anything foolish.
Amaka: Are you really that strong?
Koma: Yea.
Amaka: Let's go ahead then, but the question is what is he doing here?
Koma: We can just ask him ourselves.
Amaka: Yes.

Koma moved so fast and went behind Agwu placing her sword on his neck.

Koma: If you move, you die!

Agwu was shocked at the voice he heard, it was the voice of Koma who everyone had thought was dead.

Agwu: (In his mind) Is this really Koma or am I just hearing things?

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Eleven (11) Continuation

Agwu made to turn back to look at her face.

Koma: I said if you move I will kill you.
Agwu: Okay, I will not move. Is that really you Koma?
Koma: Yes, now tell me what you are doing here.
Agwu: I saw your father tremble when Mamira told him about your other half. I decided to come here in search of clues.
Koma: So you know about my twin?
Agwu: Yes, but your father called it your other half.
Koma: My other half huh?

Amaka came over and met Koma.

Amaka: Why don't you kill him already?
Agwu: No! No! There's no need to kill me. Remember I was the one who informed you of Mamira intent to kill your mother.
Koma: I remember. I will let you go this time so I won't owe you anything.
Agwu: Thank you.

Koma removed her sword from his neck.

Koma: Now fly away and spread the news that I am alive. I will take down my father and bring peace to this universe which I have caused suffering.
Agwu: Yes, I will spread the news.

Agwu flew away as fast as he could.

Amaka: I'm really suprise that someone as strong as Agwu is afraid of you.
Koma: Hmm, only a few people know my name because I kill before someone even have the chance of asking for my name.
Amaka: You are really strong.
Koma: This place is in a mess. Let me see where we are going to start from.
Amaka: We should try and check if there is any underground path in the palace.
Koma: Yes, you are right.

Agwu flew away in terror, and wondered what Mamira will do next once he hears that Koma was still alive.

Agwu: How did Koma survive? Mamira must have been sure she was death, if not he wouldn't have told us so. And she was with a girl, could that girl be a God? I don't know, I have to tell the others fast.

Mamira and his father continued walking into the heart of hell and then his father told him to stop.

Mysterious Being: We are here. Light the fire!

Mamira lighted the place and before them was a very gigantic dragon covered in crystal.

Mamira: He's so humungous.
Mysterious Being: Yes, so are you ready for this?
Mamira: Yes father.
Mysterious Being: Then let's do it!

Meanwhile back in the wrecked palace of the eastern quadrant Amaka found an underground passage way and called Koma.

Amaka: I found an underground passage!
Koma: I see, so let's go down there.
Amaka: Yes.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Twelve (12)

The Silver Haired Girl In Ice X The End!

Koma and Amaka both went down the underground passageway, they jumped right to the bottom. Koma caught Amaka as she was almost about to crash.

Amaka: Thanks. I didn't know it was this deep.
Koma: Yea me too, but I'm used to these stuffs.

Just then lights went up in blue orbs.

Koma: The lights are up. It must be automatic.
Amaka: There's a barrier field here.
Koma: Yes, I noticed it. It must be to prevent others from entering here.
Amaka: That means anyone else would have been sensed flying back, I'm able to stay because I'm with you.
Koma: Yea, let's go and see what's ahead.

Mamira and his father were still in hell as they were about to carry out their plan of sending Ekwensu their master to oblivion.

Mysterious Being: Son, touch the crystal and say the spell of no abode and I shall say the spell of death.
Mamira: Understood, now I know what you are trying to do. He's going to oblivion, I'm sure about this.
Mysterious Being: Now you see why you shouldn't doubt my capabilities.
Mamira: Yes father, I'm sorry for doubting you before.
Mysterious Being: No problem, let's focus at the task at hand.
Mamira: Yes father.

Mamira and his father touched the crystal and said the spell of no abode and death respectively.

Koma and Amaka kept walking and they saw a door with the name Koma written on it.

Koma: This must be it.

Koma and Amaka made to open the door but it didn't even move.

Koma: What sort of door is this? It wouldn't move an inch.
Amaka: Then we have to cut through it.
Koma: I don't think that's a good idea, we could be damaging something.
Amaka: Yea, you are right. We just have to find a way.
Koma: Yea.

Amaka: Uhm. Maybe we can have fun while thinking.
Koma: Right here?
Amaka: Yea.

Before Koma knew it Amaka had pulled off her clothes.

Koma: Oh my.... I guess I have no choice then. Let's do it.
Amaka: Yea!!

Koma pulled off her clothes too as she and Amaka licked their tongues as they both engage in a hot lesbian sex.

Meanwhile Agwu had returned to the hideout but Mamira and his father were not yet back, he told the others about his encounter with Koma.

The other God(s) and demi God(s) were suprised as they thought she had died at the hands of Mamira.
They all knew the strength of Koma and how dangerous it would be if she isn't on their side.

Mamira: Bi li o we eki di. E di ye biri ya uwa. Bili.
Mysterious Being: Wu ma bai bai! Wu ma bai bai!

Mamira and his father kept chanting the spells of no abode and of death.

As they were chanting it there master who was trappped inside the crystal was being erased little by little.

Koma and Amaka was done with their lesbian s.ex session and were wearing their clothes.

Koma: That was fun, so did you think of anything?
Amaka: I think we don't need to push, you have to transfer a little bit of your power.
Koma: Just what I came to conclude.

Koma touched the door and sent a little bit of her power and the door opened.

They both walked into the room and saw a silver haired lady covered in ice, she was so beautiful and was the exact copy of Koma.

Koma: She looks just like me.
Amaka: Yes, but she's somehow evil.
Koma: I'm evil too.
Amaka: Hmm, I mean she's naturally evil.
Koma: Hmm. I will free her though.

Koma placed her hands on the ice and it vanished.

Immediately the other Koma opened her eyes dark aura filled the room and Koma and Amaka became afraid.

The aura reached both hell and the hideout.

Agwu: This power it's so evil!

Mamira: Father what's happening?
Mysterious Being: Damn it! Focus on our spells now.

Koma and Amaka fell down as the other Koma walked toward them.

Koma: This power! It's pure evil!

The end has begun!

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Thirteen (13)

The Twilight Of The God(s)

Amaka and Koma had successfully found Koma's other half who was silver haired, despite Amaka's warning about the nature of the other half Koma released her.

As soon as she was released a dark aura and pure evil filled the room and spread to the entire universe.

Mamira and his father the mysterious being also felt the pure evil power in hell, and the two of them hastened their spells.

The other Koma stepped forward and looked at Koma and Amaka who fell to the ground in fear.

Koma X: (To Koma) Hello sister, you can call me Koma X. Why are you so afraid?

Koma was out of words and couldn't say anything.

Koma X: Cat got your tongue? I am the twilight of the God(s). My mission is to end the existence of the God(s), I shall start with the one you call father. After then I will come back to meet you and your little friend.

Koma X disappeared after that and Koma was still shaking as she lied on the floor.

Agwu and the other Gods felt the dark aura and were all afraid.

Agwu: This is bad! Could this be Koma's other half? It could be possible. That may be why leader was trembling.

Before Agwu knew what was happening the rest of the God(s) and demi God(s) had ran out of the hideout in search of a better hiding place.
Koma X power was even stronger than Ekwensu himself.

Agwu: So everyone has ran away, I don't really blame them. This power is so..... I don't even know which word to use. Even our leader and our master stand no chance against this. Wait!... She's heading to hell! That only means one thing! She's going after leader! I have to find a hiding place too! This is so damn!

Agwu flew in search of a hiding place as Koma X made her way into hell and Mamira and her father felt it.

Mysterious Being: She's here! Koma's other half!
Mamira: So that was her? Damn it! I killed Koma!
Mysterious Being: She somehow managed to stay alive! Damn it!

Before they both could say Jack Robinson Koma X appeared before them. The two of them stopped their incantation as they shaken by the pure evil power of Koma X.

Mysterious Being: What do you want?
Koma X: To end the era of the God(s). And I'm starting from the two of you.
Mamira: Wait! I didn't do anything wrong!
Koma X: You killed mother.

Koma X pointed a finger at them and the both of them screamed as they turned into ashes.

Koma X: All dead God(s) and demi God(s) shall be forever bound in their afterlife when they die.

Koma X touched the crystal and freed the dragon, after being freed the great dragon Ekwensu returned to it's normal form as a God.

Ekwensu: Who are you?
Koma X: The twilight of the God(s).
Ekwensu: Twilight of the God(s)? Why did you save me then?
Koma X: It's because you are already dead, and also you created me.
Ekwensu: I remember now. Good, carry out the task I have given you. The era of the God(s) should come to an end. Let ordinary mortals rule the world while we watch over them. So go and carry out your orders, you are no longer under my control.

Koma X: Yes my lord!

Koma X went of hell free and was ready to carry out her orders.

Ekwensu: It's time the madness of the God(s) stopped, we have been too blinded by our powers. We shall forever remain in the afterlife realm. None will visit the physical realm any more.

** At The Eastern Palace **

Amaka was trying to stop Koma from crying.

Amaka: Please don't cry. You are hurting me.
Koma: She wants to kill you too.
Amaka: I will be glad to die together with you by your side.
Koma: No, I wouldn't let her harm you.
Amaka: She's too strong.
Koma: I know a way to stop her.
Amaka: Really? Which way?
Koma: By ending my life.
Amaka: What???

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Fourteen (14)

The Last Of The God(s)

Koma X had gotten ready to carry out the orders given to her to eliminate every God and demi God in the universe.
The only way to stop her was for Koma to kill herself which she revealed to Amaka.

Amaka: What do you mean by killing yourself? I can't take it.
Koma: But, I don't want you to die. She's going to come after you after she's done with the others.
Amaka: I know, I just don't want to see you die. I love you!
Koma: Amaka....

They both hugged each other and started crying so hard.

Koma X flew high into the sky and wings appeared at her back.

Koma X: I must complete my mission now. Wings of death.

Koma X started sending the aura of death to every God and demi God in the universe, it reached everyone except Koma and Amaka who she said she will deal with later.

All the God(s) and demi God(s) the death aura touched screamed as they disintegrated into pieces.

Agwu: What's this? I'm going to vanish!!! Ahh!!!

The death aura reached them all and they died.

Koma X: I think it's time I meet my other half and then kill the demi God she's with.

Koma and Amaka felt the dark aura and also the death of all God(s) and demi God(s) as well as Koma X approaching them.

Koma: Did you feel that?
Amaka: Yea, I'm not going to let her touch you.
Koma: You don't understand, she's too powerful.
Amaka: There will be a way out of this. I promise.

Just then Koma X appeared in front of them.

Koma X: It's time for me to kill her.
Koma: Don't you dare think about it!
Koma X: What are you going to do? You are too weak!! After I kill her then I will kill you myself.
Amaka: No!! I will not let you do that!!
Koma X: Maybe you should learn how I came to existence. I hope you remember the apple you ate the Devils island? That's what brought me into existence.

Koma remembered the time she ate the apple at the Devils island, and she fell asleep after eating it.

Koma X: I was given the command to eliminate all the God(s) and demi God(s) but I was quickly sealed away in ice by mother. That ice was meant to take away my evil nature but it was futile, I became more evil everytime and she cried whenever she saw me.

Koma: Mother told me to find you just before she died.
Koma X: Hahahaha! She thought you would be able to change me.
Koma: You can become good again.
Koma X: Never! Evil is my nature and I shall now kill this girl (Amaka).
Koma: I wouldn't let you!
Koma X: Try stopping me!!

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Fourteen (14) Continuation

Just as Koma X rushed and was about to kill Amaka, Koma took her sword and stabbed herself in the chest to prevent Amaka from being killed.

Koma X stopped after Koma stabbed herself in the chest.

Koma X: What did you just do?
Koma: I told you, I wouldn't let you touch her.
Koma X: Hahaha!! I have already completed my mission.
Koma: What??

Koma looked around but she didn't see Amaka, a hand touched her and she turned back. And behold it was Amaka with blood gushing out from her mouth. She had embraced Koma whe she made to stab herself and got herself intentionally stabbed in the process.

Koma: Ahh!!!
Amaka: I told you I love you. I will go wherever you go!
Koma: Why did you have to do that?
Amaka: We are finally going to be together for eternity.
Koma X: Yes, let's all die!!

** Somewhere In The Universe **

Voice1: My lord show mercy to those three.
Voice2: What happened to the God(s) and demi God(s) were as a result of their actions and inactions.
Voice1: But these three....
Voice2: I know, they shall not die now. However they will be the last of the God(s) sharing the physical world with ordinary mortals.
Voice1: Thank you my lord.

Koma and the two other waited to die but death didn't come.

Koma: Why are we not yet dead?
Koma X: The supreme one has shown us mercy.

Koma removed the sword from her chest and Amaka hugged her.

Amaka: We can now be together forever.
Koma: Yes.
Koma X: And I will be staying with you two.
Amaka and Koma: What??
Koma X: Do you two have any problem with that?
Koma: Not...
Koma X: Don't worry. I wouldn't try killing her anymore. I have a change of heart now.
Amaka: Well, if you say so.
Koma: Yes.

The three of them settled their differences as the last of the God(s).

For many milleniums they kept their watchful eyes on ordinary mortals.

Koma X: One day we might want to go to the afterlife ourselves.
Amaka: We will be together right?
Koma: Yes.
Koma X: We are the last of the God(s)......


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