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The Four God(s)

The Universe is divided into four quadrants and the strongest God in a quadrant rules that particular quadrant, problem arised in the universe as the three God(s) wanted to expand their territories by force.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode One (1)

Trouble Brews In The Universe

** At The East Quadrant **

My Queen! My Queen!

Ekaike: What is it Emeka?
Emeka: There are some troops near the border of your quadrant, they want to invade us but they were fended off.
Ekaike: Troops? Which quadrant are they from?
Emeka: The North quadrant.
Ekaike: I see, send the special forces to take care of them.
Emeka: Yes my Queen.
Ekaike: What could this mean? Troops trying to invade my quadrant? I must table this matter at the convention of the God(s) tomorrow.

The four Gods who rule the four quadrants of the universe were given titles.

Ekaehi is the title given to the God of the North quadrant.
Ekaike is the title given to the God of the East quadrant.
Ekaekpe is the title given to the God of the West quadrant.
Ekazu is the title given to the God of the south quadrant.

For the time the universe existed with the system of using the four quadrants no invasion had been made by a quadrant to another. Of all the God(s) of the four quadrant only that of the east is a female.

** At The North Quadrant **

The king of the North quadrant was sitting on his throne as he was being fanned by his servants.
A man walked into his palace.

Egbune: My King.
Ekaehi: Yes? How was our little invasion scheme?
Egbune: They acted as expected, they sent their special forces to attack our troops. They did wipe out our entire troop sent there.
Ekaehi: I see, that will give us more reason to attack.
Egbune: So what do you say now my king?
Ekaehi: Do nothing yet, I believe she would table the matter at the meeting tomorrow. Then I shall react in my own way.
Egbune: Yes my king.

Egbune left.

Ekaehi: So she sent her special forces to attack my troops. Hmm, just my novice troop. That means their regular troop wouldn't stand a chance against my regular troop. It makes sense to attack her quadrant first, she's the weakest. Anyway tomorrow will mark a new beginning in the universe.

Unknown to the God of the north quadrant, the western and eastern God(s) were also thinking about the same thing.

The day for the meeting came.

** At The Meeting Of The Four God(s) **

Ekaehi: We are all here, so whoever have an issue should speak.
Ekaike: Explain to me why your troops attacked my kingdom!
Ekaehi: You should explain why you wiped out my troop.
Ekaike: Why wouldn't I wipe them out when they attacked my kingdom? Now tell me what's your motive?

Ekaehi: Hahahaha. I need to expand my kingdom.
Ekaike: What? What about the rules? Don't you have regards for them?
Ekaehi: I no longer have regards for them, the universe have been quiet for a very long time. It needs to be shaken.
Ekazu: He's right the universe needs to be shaken.
Ekaekpe: The weak shall fall while the strong shall rise, there's not need for four God(s) to rule the universe. Only one God should rule the universe, and that God must be the strongest.
Ekaike: What? What are you people saying? What about the supreme God which watches over the four quadrants?
Ekaehi: Hahaha! Where is the supreme God? The idea of the supreme God was just a belief.
Ekaike: Let's talk about this and not put the universe into chaos.
Ekazu: No! I hereby declare war on all of you.
Ekaehi: Me too.
Ekaekpe: The same thing goes for me.

Thunder and lightening roared and struck at above the venue of the meeting.

Ekaike: Damn it! Please you people should stop.
Ekaehi: I say why don't we start the war here already.
Ekazu: I'm ready.
Ekaekpe: I will be a pleasure to take you three down at the same time.

Ekaehi: All things in the universe turn to ashes!
Flames covered him.

Ekazu: Heavens deafeaning thunder and death lightening.

His body was filled with lightening and thunder roared above as the other God(s) closed their ears.

Ekaepke: Celestial air and the mighty winds of the heavens.

Air circled around him.

Ekaike: You people are insane!! Waters from the heavenly springs and the silent rivers.

Her entire body was surrounded by water.

Ekaehi: Now let's rambo!

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Two (2)

Chaos In The Universe

The Four Gods ruling the four quadrants of the universe had a disagreement at a meeting they held, the were all ready to fight.

Ekaehi: Now let's rambo! Only the strong shall rule the entire universe.
Ekazu: You all asked for it! Lightening attack!!

The God of the south quadrant struck the others with lightening and they blocked it with their defense attacks.

Ekaehi: It's my turn now! Flames from hell!

Immeiately he casted that spell the God of the south and west both gave him a distance, while the God of the eastern quadrant covered herself with her water barrier.

Very hot flames sourrounded Ekaehi, they were so bright and lethal.

Ekazu: This technique! It's the one he used in finishing his last opponent.
Ekaekpe: Exactly let's take him down at once.
Ekaehi: Don't think about it! Raging fire!

Ekazu and Ekaekpe dodged the attack and sent a combo of air and light which struck down Ekaehi.

Ekazu: Let's finish him off.

Ekazu and Ekaekpe conbined a very powerful combo of air and lightening.

Ekaekpe: He may be strong but this will do the job.

As Ekazu and Ekaekpe were striking their combo Ekaehi made a very strong fire barrier.

Ekazu: That won't stop us!

The combo attack struck Ekaehi and was very deadly, if not for his fire barrier he would have been dead gone. He sustained first degree injuries and blood came out from his mouth.

Ekaehi: Damn you two! M'mira!

Ekaehi disappeared by to his palace in the north quadrant.

Egbune: My lord what happened to you?
Ekaehi: I need help.

Suddenly a mask being came and stabbed Ekaehi in the chest with a lightening blade.

Ahh!! Ekaehi screamed as he shattered into pieces.
Egbune: No! What did you just do?
MaskBeing: I killed him, the universe don't need pathetic people like him. What the universe needs is a brand new age of chaos!
Egbune: Damn you! You won't leave here alive.

Egbune drew out his sword and made to attack the mask being but the mask being immediately cut him into half.

MaskBeing: So pathetic, one Eka is down. Remaining the three others, they should kill themselves real fast.
The mask being set the palace in fire before flying off with his dark wings.

** At The Meeting Venue Of The God(s) **

Ekazu and Ekaekpe had taken down Ekaehi but the finishing touch was given to by the masked being.

Ekazu: Now let's take down Ekaike before we two engage in a duel.
Ekaekpe: Yes, a duel will be more fun.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

Ekaehi have been killed but the remaining rulers of the universe didn't know.
The ruler of the south and west quadrant were preparing to take down the ruler of the eastern Quadrant.

Ekaike: What are you two trying to do? Are you trying to send the universe into chaos?
Ekaekpe: Yes, the universe should only be ruled by the strongest being. You can see what we did to the Eka of the northern quadrant.
Ekaike: Damn it! I will fight you people one on one and not in a two against one battle.
Ekazu: It will be just a waste of time. Now get ready to die!

Ekazu and Ekaekpe did their air and lightening combo against Ekaike who stood no chance against such combination.

Ekaike: Even if I die there are still some good people left in the universe, they will come after your kind.

Ekazu & Ekaekpe: Die!

The two of them struck Ekaike with their air and lightening combination which shattered her strongest defense and struck her down as she turned into water and evaporated to nothingness.

Ekazu: She thought we didn't know she wasn't made the ruler of the eastern quadrant because of her strenght.
Ekaekpe: So what do you say? Should we rambo now or later?
Ekazu: Let's have a little warm up session.

Ekazu and Ekaekpe surrounded themselves with their elements as they attacked each other but both their powers got neutralised by each attacks.

Ekazu: I think we should meet in the battlefield where our troops will fight.
Ekaekpe: That's fine by me brother.
Ekazu: No body has the slightest idea that the two of us are blood brothers.
Ekaekpe: Yes, our plan was very perfect.
Ekazu: See you later.
Ekapke: Take care little bro.

The God of the south and west quadrant disappeared.

** At The Eastern Quadrant **

Emeka was in the palace when water flowed from under the door.

Emeka: Water? It must be my Queen, but why would should use her water form and get into the palace?

The water started transforming into Ekaike.

Emeka: My Queen, what happened to you?
Ekaike: The meeting turned to a battle ground, I had to make a powerful water clone so the God(s) would think it was me. That took a lot out of me.
Emeka: Please rest my Queen, you can tell me later. I will reinforce all security posts.

** At An Unknown Location **

The mask being flew into an unknown location and a mysterious being was waiting for it in the shadows.

Mysterious Being: How did it go?
Mask Being: Perfectly, the Eka of the north is dead.
Mysterious Being: Weldone, in just a little time the universe will be under my control.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Three (3)

The Eka(s) In Danger

The palace of the dead ruler of the northern quadrant burst into flames as the mask being had set in on fire after killing Ekaehi and Egbune.

The citizens of the northern quadrant were suprised on why the palace was on fire, the element Ekaehi uses was fire but the citizens knew that the fire bringing down the palace was different.

Citizen 1: The palace is really going down in flames, this isn't the work of Ekaehi. I can hear people screaming inside there.
Citizen 2: Could this be a retaliation from Ekaike?
Citizen 1: I doubt that. Something else caused this fire. Some one needs to check it out.

A God of water (Mini) came over.

Mini: I shall stop the rampaging fire in the palace then we shall know whether Ekaehi was the cause or not.

Sudden the God of death (Owu') appeared in the sky, he was wearing a black robe and a blood red cloak with his two swords.

The citizens of the northern quadrants looked up in the sky and wondered what the God of Death was doing there.

Mini: What could he be doing here?

Owu is the God of death who guides the soul of slain God(s) and people into their respective afterlife.
He rarely comes out after he was injured by the Devil (Ekwensu) during the universe first great war, so his appearance begged for answers.

He opened his eyes and was telephathically connected to everyone on the northern quadrant.

Owu: I have guided the soul of your king to the afterlife (he disappeared).

The citizen couldn't believe their ears, Owu had always been a God of few words.

Mini: Impossible! Ekaehi dead?

Many dormant God(s) were awaken after Owu announcement.

Agwu: Hehehe, so I have been awaken at last. This means the universe is at the edge of plunging into chaos. I have to find whoever is responsible for the impending chaos and team up with him. Hahahahahaha! Hahaha! War!! War!!

Agwu (the Serpent God) flew away with it's wings in search of whoever that wanted to start another great war in the universe.

The people of the northern quadrant all were at alert as they heard their ruler was gone, and they also sensed the ressurection of dormant God(s).

Mini: The universe is about to be plunged into another chaos.

The dormant God(s) who were ressurecting were made dormant along with their leader (Ekwensu) after they were defeated in the first great war of the universe. It was after the war that the universe was then divided into four quadrants.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Three (3) Continuation

In just a short time news about the death of the north Eka reached the entire quadrants of the universe.

The Eka of the south (Ekazu) appeared in the palace of the Eka of the west (Ekaekpe).

Ekaekpe: I believe you heard it too.
Ekazu: Yes, that means one thing. We are not alone in the battle for the universe. The ones responsible for Ekaehi's murder must be the survivors of the war.
Ekaehi: Not just ordinary survivors, I believe they have a link with Ekwensu. That's the only explanation for the resurrection of the dormant God(s).
Ekazu: Yes, it seems they are after the Eka(s).
Ekaekpe: Yea, we have to be at alert. The God of death didn't mention about Ekaike passing out to the after life.
Ekazu: That means she somehow managed to survive our attack.
Ekaekpe: Yes.....

Sudendly they heard a loud blast outside the palace.

Ekazu: What was that?
Ekaekpe: Let's check it out.

The two Eka appeared outside and saw the slain bodies of the guards in charge of the palace. In the midst of them a lady God was standing with her two swords stained with blood.

Ekaekpe: Identify yourself!

** At An Unknown Location **

At the location where the person responsible for Ekaehi death, many God(s), demi God(s) were gathered. Agwu had found it's way into the gathering as the location attracted evil beings.

Mysterious Being: Welcome brothers and sisters. It is time we shall send the universe into another choas, we shall chase this goal while preparing for the resurrection of our leader Ekwensu. While many of you slept the universe was divided into four parts and ruled by four kings.
Agwu: Let's dispose of those kings!
Mysterious Being: One of them have been disposed of, Koma is on her way to finish the others.
Agwu: Koma? That monster! She will take care of those fools real fast.
Mysterious Being: Now, I shall make the details of our plans known.

** At Ekaekpe Palace **

Ekaekpe and Ekazu went outside the palace to find what was responsible for a blast.

They found a blue haired lady God.

Ekaekpe: I dentify yourself!
Koma: I am your death!

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Four (4)

Two Ekas Down

The rulers of the southern and western quadrant of the universe heard a blast outside the palace and they rushed out to see what the cause was.
On getting outside they saw the dead bodies of the guards who were stationed at the palace, standing before them was a blue hair lady God with her swords dripping in blood.
They asked her who she was and she replied by saying she was their death.

Ekaekpe: Our death? You are in my domain and there is no way you can threathen me and get away.
Koma: I don't threathen anyone, I always say the truth.
Ekazu: Brother let's dispose of her immediately.
Ekaekpe: Yes.
Koma: It is pointless, you will just be delaying the inevitable.
Ekaekpe: Shut up!

Ekazu sent his lightening attack at Koma and so did Ekaekpe send his air attack, and they mixed at they struck Koma and a thick smoke rose in the air. Just when the strike almost reached her, she jumped to the air.

Ekaekpe: Did we get her?
Ekazu: Above us!

They both dodged and climbed on the roof as Koma attacked them from above.

Ekaekpe: She almost got us, we are the Ekas! We are supposed to be fast.
Ekazu: She isn't a demi God like I first thought, she's really a God.

Koma sent a strike with her sword from below and the two Eka dodged it as the roof was destroyed.

Ekaekpe: Even if she's a God we are supposed to be faster.
Ekazu: She covered her face, we can't even see her eyes. Let's do a combo attack!

Koma appeared behind them in the air and stabbed Ekaekpe in the chest.

Koma: Return to the dust!!

As Koma stabbed Ekaekpe in the chest he screamed as blood came out from his mouth, and then he turned to dust. Ekazu dissappeared to a distance.

Ekazu: No brother!! Wait! He turned to dust with just a chest stab? That must be Koma! She can make anything her sword touches to dust. I thought.....

Just then Koma appeared before him.

Koma: So you know who I am, you have committed a sin for knowing. Therefore you must be punished.
Ekazu: I am an Eka! And I wouldn't be intimidated by someone like you! Never!! Ultimate lightening attack!!

The sky turned dark and it started raining heavily as thunder and lightening struck in the air.

Ekazu: Let me see how you will survive this!! Ultimate attack!!

Koma used her hands to close her ear as a defeaning thunder roared and a very very strong lightening struck her.

Ekazu: Yes!! I did it! I did it! There is no way anybody could survive that attack.

Those living near the palace and far wondered what could have caused the mighty thunder and lightening as those near the palace died, because the defeaning thunder destroyed their ear drums.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Four (4) Continuation

Ekazu was happy that he had disposed of Koma and he waited for the smoke to fade off.

To his shock Koma was standing unharmed but her clothes burned as she was stripped down to the short cloth she wore inside and her pant.

Ekazu: (Shocked) Impossible!!! This must be an illusion!
Koma: You almost stripped me naked.
Ekazu: That's not what I'm talking about, how could you survive that?
Koma: What is the meaning of my name?
Ekazu: The meaning of your name? It means clear out, wipe out.
Koma: It also means erase! You must have forgotten that I have the power to erase any attack once it's about to touch my body or cloth?
Ekazu: (Trembling) I only heared rumours about it, that power is unreal!!
Koma: Now prepare to die!

Ekazu made to dissappear but Koma sliced through his body before he knew it, thereby cutting him into halves which turned to dust.

Koma: Two down remaining just one to go. I need to change clothes, but who cares? It doesn't matter if I'm almost naked. It's time to see mother.

Koma dissappeared.

** In The Human World **

The human world lies in the eastern quadrant of the universe, a few of them were demi gods.

Elendu: It seems the universe is going to be plunged into chaos soon.
Ebere: How can you tell?
Elendu: I can see it in the sky.
Eme: Whatever, if the universe is plunged into chaos we shall save the human world. After all we are the three "E Brothers!"

Elendu, Ebere and Eme are brothers who survived the first great war of the universe, they were demi gods and they had lived for many centuries.

** At The Palace Of The Ekaike **

Koma suddenly appeared in front of Ekaike who sat on her throne with Emeka beside her.

Emeka: (Draws out his sword) Identify yourself!
Ekaike: Wait! Don't get her angry.
Koma: Hello mother, it has been a while.
Ekaike: Yes Koma, so you came to kill me like you did to the others.
Koma: No. I just want you to know that you are in danger. Another assasin will come for you.
Ekaike: Your father or your brother?
Koma: Maybe.
Ekaike: You used to be a wonderful girl until your father corrupted you and your brother.
Koma: He didn't corrupt us! He showed up the real world.
Ekaike: Tell me the truth, is your father responsible for the impending chaos?
Koma: You just have to find out by yourself, bye!

Koma dissappeared.

Ekaike: I pray she sees the light one day, and I hope it wouldn't be too late.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Five (5)

Era Of Chaos

Koma returned to the location where the other Gods gathered, her brother Mamira was the masked being who killed Ekaehi.

She was walking into her chamber when Mamira came over.

Mamira: Koma you are back.
Koma: Yea, what do you want?
Mamira: Nothing really. So you couldn't bring yourself to kill her.
Koma: Why will I kill her when the only reason I joined you and father was to keep her safe.
Mamira: Well I thought you have become evil.
Koma: Never mention about killing mother again!
Mamira: Oh, if I do what will happen?
Koma: I will send you to oblivion.
Mamira: Let me see if you can really do that! Wouldn't.....

Just as Mamira was about to anger Koma the mysterious being who was their father stepped in.

Mysterious Being: Mamira don't anger your sister.
Mamira: But father, she couldn't kill mother.
Mysterious Being: I see, well it doesn't matter as long as she's on our side.
Mimira: What will we tell the others if they ask why the eastern Eka is still alive?
Mysterious Being: Leave that to me. Koma go to your chambers and meet us when it's time for gathering.

Koma left to her chambers while Mamira and his father walked away.

Mamira: So when are we going to kill mother?
Mysterious Being: Once we have started another age of Chaos.
Mamira: Hahahaha. I can't imagine the look on Koma's face after I slay mother.
Mysterious Being: You are truely my son.

As they were walking the serpent God (Agwu) in form of a snake masked his presence as it crawled on the war.

Agwu: Hmm, so Koma is only doing this for her mother. It doesn't matter, as long as she's with us we are unstopabble. I will have to find out the power of our leader (the mysterious being).

The whole of the universe was shocked as all the Ekas had been wiped out except that from the east.

Letters flew around summoning all Gods and Demi Gods for an emergency meeting.

** In The Human Word **

Elendu: It's just like I said. The universe is about to be plunged into chaos.
Ebere: Hmm, after five milleniums another war is about to be waged.
Elendu: We are going to protect the human world.
Eme: Can we? Who knows the number of God(s) or their strength that would be sent to invade us.
Elendu: You are right, the human world have one Demi God apart from the three of us.
Eme: Hahahaha! That girl! She's too playful.

Somewhere in the human world a girl sneezed.

Girl: Is someone calling me? I hope it's not about that summon because I'm going nowhere. I love my freedom.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

Days passed and Gods with Demi Gods from both sides of Chaos and Peace gathered at different places.

** At The Universe God(s) Arena ** 

Many God(s) and Demi Gods all gathered at an arena. The only surviving Eka (Ekaike) was incharge.

Ekaehi: I want you all to know that the peace in which we have will soon be scattered by the people of darkness. I want to believe that all of you are ready for battle. The fate of the universe rest in hands.

Ekaehi talked with them and their morale were heighten.

Also at the unknown location the evil God(s) and Demi God(s) also gathered.

Mysterious Being: Brothers and sisters it is time we take the universe back from those who despise our master? We must rise up and conquer it.

God of the evil sound stood up to ask a question.

OluOjo': What about ressurecting our master Ekwensu?
Mysterious Being: We need to prepare the universe for him.
Agwu: He will be very angry if we have all the fun alone.
Mysterious Being: I guess you are right. We shall carry out both operations at the same time.
Agwu: Better.

After the mysterious being was done speaking Koma stepped forward.

Koma: I want you all to know this, no one should touch Ekaike. She's mine alone to slay.
Agwu: (In his mind) Hmm, she really loves her mother.

After the meeting ended Koma went over to meet her father.

Koma: Father, what will become of mother once Ekwensu have been ressurected?
Mysterious Being: I will plead for her life to be spared.
Koma: Good!!

** At The Human World **

The three Demi God(s) of the human world appeared to the female Demi God (Amaka).

Eme: How are you doing?
Amaka: Forget it! I know why you people are here. I wouldn't do any training.
Elendu: You have to, the war will soon start.
Eme: Yes Amaka, you have to come with us.
Amaka: No, I wouldn't! I will live my life the way I want to.
Ebere: Amaka....

Amaka dissapeared.

Ebere: Damn that girl, she takes nothing serious.
Elendu: Let her be, she has the right to live how she wants.
Eme: Yea, let's just hope she comes back to her senses.

** At The Unknown Location **

Mamira: Father you called me.
Mysterious Being: Once the war starts leave the troop and deal with your mother.
Mamira: It shall be done.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Six (6)

A New Age Of Chaos

Both opposing side led by the mysterious being and Ekaike were both battle ready.
Two Gods had gone to the human world to assist the three demi Gods there.

** At The Unknown Location **

All the evil God(s) and demi God(s) had gathered as they prepare to war against the other side.

Mysterious Being: My brothers and sisters! Today is the day we bring a new age of chaos in the universe. Those who look down upon us shall fear us. I shall pick ten of you that will prepare the resurrection of Ekwensu together with me. The rest of you will be under the command of Koma and Mamira. Are you all ready brethrens?

All: Yes!!

Koma: Half of you should come with me! We will be passing through the human world to reach the Ekaike domain. Come men!!

Koma and half of the God(s) went out as they will wiped out the opposition on their and get to Ekaike domain.

Mamira: (In his mind) I know what Koma is doing! She's trying to make us think she would kill mother but she will take her to  safety. I have to get there before she does.

Mamira looked by his side and saw that his father was looking at him.

Mysterious Being: For the time being Mamira has a special task to carry out, Agwu will lead the rest of you to battle.

Agwu: I gladly accept.

Mamira immediately disappeared as he made his way into Ekaike domain.

Agwu: (in his mind) Hmm, I think this have to do with their mother. It seems Mamira is on his way to kill her, if he do that Koma is likely to change sides and attack us. And that is not good, well let me see how this will work out.

Agwu looked at the rest of the God(s) and told them to follow as he headed off to battle. He dropped a little snake without anyone noticing, the snake would send a message to Koma.

Agwu: I hope she sees the snake in time.

Mamira was already on his way and would reach Ekaike domain in no time, meanwhile Koma was still busy crushing all the opposing Gods who stood in their way.

Koma and her men had reached the human world after crushing other worlds in a short time.

The three demi Gods and two Gods sent to help them noticed Koma and her force were coming. Meanwhile Amaka had already hidden herself as she didn't want the noise of the battle to disturb her.

Koma and her troop landed and they were immediately confronted by the demi Gods and the others.

Eme: This is your end!
Koma: Just the five of you? Men I will take care of them myself! Go and wreck havoc!

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Six (6) Continuation

The rest of Koma forces left to cause chaos in the human world while she faced the three demi Gods and two Gods that were defending the human world.

Eme: Let's get rid of her fast and go and deal with the others.
Ebere: Yes.
Koma: None of you will leave here alive.
Elendu: Try us! Air super strike!

Elendu sent a very strong air strike that could cut through a moutain at Koma, but she dodged it just when it was about to hit her.

Koma: (In her mind) I have to know what powers they have or else I will mess things up when trying to erase or absorb them. I could kill them right now but I need to kill some time before I meet mother.

Meanwhile Mamira was almost at the palace of the eastern quadrant, he used his special teleportation skills to move fast. He would have gotten to the Ekaike palace in a minute but since the war began she had placed barriers.

Mamira: I can't wait to see the look on Koma's face when she knows that I have done away with mother. Hahahaha!

Meanwhile in the entire universe there were many battles as both rival forces clashed.

Koma was still fighting the others in the human world.

Koma: This is getting boring, is that all the five of you got? I'm going to sleep at this rate.

God1: Damn her! She absorbed all our attacks!
God2: And the mask covering her nose down wouldn't let us see her real face.
Eme: Let's give her all we got!

The five of them combined their full powers and strucked Koma who moaned as she absorbed them instead of erasing.

Eme: Who is this lady God? She's incredible!
Ebere: Show yourself, remove that mask and reveal your face.
Koma: Are you all prepared for the consequences of seeing my full face?
Eme: What consequences?
Koma: Immediate death!
Ebere: Bring it on!
Koma: You asked for it! I shall honour that as your final request.

Koma removed her mask and revealed her full face and the others trembled as they saw it.

Eme: It's her!
Ebere: Impossible!
Koma: Goodbye!
God1: Wait!

In a flash Koma slashed the five of them and they turned into dust.

Koma: That does it!

Meanwhile Mamira had just infiltrated Ekaike palace and killed all her guards including Emeka.

Mamira: Hello mother, I'm here.
Ekaike: So you are not bothered a bit that you want to kill your own mother?
Mamira: I don't care, now prepare for your death.

Koma sat on a tree and Agwu snake appeared and disintegrated into worlds, "Mamira has gone after the eastern Eka".

Koma was really shocked and angry after reading it.

Koma: That bastard!!

Koma hurriedly rushed to the Ekaike palace as a showdown between son and mother was about to begin.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Seven (7)

Son Vs Mother

Mamira had infiltrated his mother's palace in an attempt to kill her as agreed with his father, Koma got words about the plan from one of Agwu's snakes. Will she be there in time to save her mother?

Mamira: So mother, are you ready to die?
Ekaike: You speak about death as if it is nothing.
Mamira: Ofcourse, it's nothing. People die everyday don't they?
Ekaike: Hmm, I shouldn't have let your father corrupt you to this extent.

Mamira: Enought talk mother, let's fight.
Ekaike: You may be stronger but I wouldn't go down easily.
Mamira: We shall see about that, and before I forget. Do you know why Koma joined I and father?
Ekaike: Your father must have brainwashed her.
Mamira: Wrong. She came to us freely, out of her own will.
Ekaike: What?
Mamira: I'm not yet done. Dad promised to spare your life if she joined us.
Ekaike: So everything she has been doing....
Mamira: Was for you. Well now that you know that, get ready to die!!
Ekaike: Damn you! So you both threathned her.
Mamira: If you will not attack I will.

Mamira dashed as he made to strike his mother.

Meanwhile Koma was heading very fast to Ekaike palace. She would have just appeared there like she did last time, but the barriers being placed by Ekaike prevented her.

Meanwhile in the entire universe war rages on as both opposing forces clashed.

Agwu showed no mercy and destroyed everything in his path, he was unstoppable and his troop had the upperhand in the battle.

Agwu: I hope Koma gets the message fast.

Mamira dashed to Ekaike and slashed through her.

Mamira: That was quick, I wonder how Koma face will look like. She's going to be crying like a little baby.

Just then a water tiger attacked him and struck him at the wall and he groaned in pains.

Mamira: Ahh! But I killed her.

Ekaike came out from the water tiger.

Ekaike: Have you forgotten about my abilities son?
Mamira: I hope you didn't forget mine too.

Mamira made to strike her with his lightening blade but she dodged and jumped to the wall. He went after her and made to strike her many times but she kept dodging his strikes.

Mamira: (In his mind) I'm supposed to be stronger. What's happening? I have more battle experience than she.
Ekaike: Wondering why you haven't landed a strike on me yet?
Mamira: Don't mock me! I'm going to destroy you and this thing you call palace. Just watch me!

Mamira made a little ball of lightening.

Mamira: With this you and your palace will cease to exist.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Seven (7) Continuation

Koma was heading to the Ekaike palace at full speed.

Koma: Please mother, stay strong!

Mamira have generated a little ball of lightening and told Ekaike that it would make her and the palace cease to exist.

Ekaike: You think something like that can destroy me?
Mamira: Can't you feel it? The huge energy in this little ball of lightening, it will spread once it hits you. And then the entire palace will crumble.
Ekaike: That's if it touches me.
Mamira: Really?

Mamira suddenly appeared in front of Ekaike and pinned her to the wall by holding her neck.

Mamira: Have you forgotten I move as fast as lightening?
Ekaike: (Tears dripped down from her eyes) So you are really going to kill me son?
Mamira: Yes!! Good bye mother.

Just as Mamira struck her with the lightening ball Koma appeared.

Koma: No!!!
Mamira: You are too late.

Koma hugged her mother as the lightening ball exploded.

Mamira: What a happy ending, both daughter and mother died in each other arms.

After the explosion, Mamira waited for the smoke to die down, he saw Koma trying to wake up Ekaike.

Koma: Mother please wake up! Mother! Mother!!
Mamira: So she survived, very impressive.

Ekaike opened her eyes.

Koma: Mother please stay alive. Please mother.
Ekaike: Koma it's good to see you again.
Koma: Please don't say a word.
Mamira: Let me watch this drama.
Ekaike: Don't be too hard on yourself Koma, Mamira told me everything.
Koma: I should have been here, I'm a failure mother. I couldn't protect you. I have done many wrongs.
Ekaike: You can redeem yourself, stop your father. But first find your twin.....

Ekaike couldn't finish what she was saying and she gave up ghost, Koma cried out.

Mamira: I have to go now.

Mamira made to go but Koma told him to stop. She was naked because of the huge explosion.

Mamira: You are naked, I'm a male God remember?
Koma: I'm stopping you here and now.
Mamira: We both know that's a lie, you can barely move.

Koma charged at Mamira but she was too weak and he held by the neck and threw her up.

Mamira: Die!!

Mamira blast her with a powerful lightening and it blew her away.

Mamira: It's time to go, there's no way she will survive that.

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Re: The Four God(s)
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Episode Eight (8)

Evil Wins

The entire universe had plunged into choas and both opposing sides were fighting as hard as they could, but the forces of good seems to be losing as they were brought down one by one while others ran away.

The men Koma left had gone ahead to cause mayhem without her, the universe was now in a new age of darkness as the forces of good were taken down one by one. Few of them escaped and went into hiding.

Mamira met up with Koma's troop and they followed him as they destroyed everything in their path.
Mamira had just killed his mother who was the Eka of the eastern quadrant of the universe, as he had left Koma for the death after blowing her away with a very strong attack.

Dead bodies littered in so many places and there were so many pools of blood.

After the deadly blast Koma's body landed naked in the human world unconscious, only a thin thread was holding her between life and death.

The war ended in three days and the victorious side led by the mysterious being returned back to their camp jubilating.

The mysterious being came out to address them. Before that Agwu had searched the place for Koma.

Agwu: (In his mind) She's no where to be found but Mamira is here, that only means one thing. Koma is dead!
It better be that way because if she's alive, hell is going to break loose.

The mysterious being came over and started addressing them.

Mysterious Being: Welcome brothers and sisters, you have all done well. Today marks the beginning of our new era, the era of darkness (they cheered him up)! The resurrection of our lord Ekwensu seems to be a little more hard, but now that we have won the war we can all focus on that objective. Go the the entire universe! It's all yours!

The crowd cheered the mysterious being again.

Mysterious Being: Mamira has something to say.

Mamira stepped forward.

Mamira: I have nothing much to say than Koma is dead.

The entire crowd was silent as they wondered what or who could have killed her.

Mamira: In case you are all wondering what happened to her, I killed her myself. She wasn't really with us, she had been protecting the eastern Eka all this while. So I did away with her when she tried interrupting my fight with Ekaike.

The crowd were dead silent again.

Agwu: Are you sure she's really dead?
Mamira: Yes. I did blast her away naked. She stood no chance against me.
Agwu: (In his mind) She stood no chance against him? That's impossible unless she took an attack meant for her mother.

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