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Sexy Assassin

Sexy Assasin is about a young lady (Eve) who is on a vengeance mission.
Ten years ago her entire family was murdered by Don Baddo (a drug baron) men because her father almost exposed his secrets, and now she is ready to take down the man who took everything from her.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode One (1)


Ten years ago a very powerful drug baron (Don Baddo) murdered an entire family because his business was on the line.
That night a girl survived with the help of his father guard, Apollo and her name was Eve.

After learning about the man who slaughtered her entire family, she made out to go on a vengeance mission. Though Apollo was against the plan at first Eve determination made him to allow her, and now Eve was ready to take vengeance. She isn't alone as Apollo and his son Clinton said they will assist her.

Apollo: So you are really going to go with the plan?
Eve: Yes, I must revenge my family even if that's the last thing I will do.
Apollo: But you know Don Baddo will be really hard to take down.
Eve: Yes, if you want a bird to stop flying you remove the feathers which makes it to fly.
Clinton: Hmm, I see what you are getting out. You know it would be hard to take him down so you will be going after his close associates first, his hit men. Those who makes him fly in the underground.
Eve: Yes, and they are all partners to his crime.
Apollo: So how exactly are you going to find these people, his hit men.
Eve: I will have go to the underground to get information.
Apollo: I see that your resolve is strong, I shall assist you in anyway I can.
Clinton: Me too, I can pretty use the computer so I can help with getting information.
Eve: Thank you both.
Clinton: So when will you be leaving for Gem City?
Eve: Tomorrow.
Clinton: I will give you some gadgets, I will also give you the image and faces of his hitmen.
Apollo: And one thing, Eve. Whenever you are about to engage in a gun battle with them disguise as a man.
Eve: That's better.
Clinton: It will be better to use the face mask of their enemies. I will take care of that.

Apollo and his son Clinton agreed to help Eve in anyway they can, especial in supplying logistics.
Clinton is a tech guru who makes most of his money by hacking down the networks of some dirty businessmen, and they paid him huge sums to bring it up and not to reveal their secrets to anyone.

He had also learn how to use guns from his father, he's good at tech.
He seldom leaves the house as he orders everything online, 80% of his days are being spent in front of a computer. He also have some underground business clients who pays him to hack their opponents network and reveal their secrets to them.
Though he does all these deeds he still remains anonymous online.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode One (1) Continuation

Apollo on the other hand was a master in the use of guns, he had taught Eve many times on how to use different weapons.
He's eagle eyed and always conscious of his environment, he's also good at being a spy.

The next day came and Eve headed for Gem city. Gem city is said to be the second headquarters of the drug barons worldwide.
In the day the city is very lively and many business are done, but after 9pm a new type of business overshadows the others. And that is drug business.
There are many corners, stripper clubs and bars where this business takes place. And the barons and their men are always careful as many of them have enemies.

Eve finally arrived on Gem city after a three hours journey by train.

Eve: So this is Gem city huh? Well I'm here and Don Baddo should get ready for a showdown.

Eve couldn't board the train with the guns so Apollo used one of his underground means to get it to her. Also with it are gadgets sent by Clinton to help her.

Eve: All weapons are here. I will start my operation soon.

Eve planned going to a strippers club to start diging information from there.
She decided to wait for a day or two so that she can know her way around the city.

Clinton had already began looking for some Don Baddo's close associates and hit men in the city.
He sent Eve some of their photos so she would recognise them whenever.

Two days past and Eve was now ready to begin her operation.
It was 9pm and she called Clinton telling him she was about to begin her operation.

Clinton: You are beginning tonight huh?
Eve: Yes.
Clinton: Remember to put on the gadgets I gave you, I will be providing support for you. I will have to hack the surveillance cameras there, if that's any. I will prepare exfil routes incase there's trouble.
Eve: Okay, thanks alot.

Their call ended.

Eve: Tonight shall be the beginning of the end for Don Baddo.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Two (2)

First Target

Eve had called Clinton informing him that she would start her vengeance mission that night.
She had taken a walk around Gem city for the few days she was there, and she had learnt a little about the stripper clubs drug barons and their men visit.

It was 9pm and she dressed up, she would be going as a stripper so she wore what she was going to use in the club.
She wore her eye camera and a very tiny ear piece that couldn't be easily detected.

She boarded a taxi as and was taken to one of the strippers club, Clinton could tell her location because he modified the ear piece she was wearing.

** At Clinton's House **

Clinton's father came over to the room he was monitoring Eve.

Apollo: How's she doing?
Clinton: She's on her way to a stripper club, when she spots one of Don Baddo's men I will tip her off. I can see whatever she can see through the eye camera she's putting on.
Apollo: I see, she's a very strong girl. Please guide her safely.
Clinton: Don't worry old man, I'm just the right man for the job.
Apollo: I'm up in my room in case anything pops up.
Clinton: No problem, I will contact you if there's anything I can't handle.

Eve reached one of the strippers club, she was scanned and her clothes were taken off by some men at the searching room to make sure she wasn't carrying anything harmful.

Guard: You are cleared.
Eve: Thank you.

Eve wore her clothes and went inside the club.

It was the norm for everyone going into the stripper club to be stripped naked, the stripper club Eve entered was patronised by many drug dealers and she hope to find one of Don Baddo's men.

Meanwhile Clinton and Eve were communicating silently via the ear piece she put on in her ears.

Clinton: So they had to strip you before letting you in.
Eve: I will do anything to complete my mission, even if it means having sex with one of them.
Clinton: Okay, I get it. I'm your eyes, I have checked everywhere there's no camera inside the club but outside.
Eve: I see, that makes it more easy. They are being more cautious so that their dirty deeds wouldn't be exposed.
Clinton: Yes, go and do your thing. I will tell you when I see anything.
Eve: Okay, thanks.

Eve took a look around the club and saw guards at many corners, there were some big men who looked suspicious to Eve.

Eve: This most be the bad guys, when Clinton spots anything he will take me.

A nude girl came on stage and announced that strippers would soon be on stage, and those that applied for that night should follow her.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

Eve followed the nude lady and they all went to a dressing room. The nude lady explained everything to them.

Nude Lady: You are all going to perform till 3am when the club closes. My name is Amanda. So get ready girls and prepare, you can give the big bosses some lap dance. I'm going to select five out of the twelve of you to go undeground.

Eve: (In her mind) Underground? There must be where Don Baddo's men must be.

Amanda: So you girls are going to show me a little bit of your skill. The five best will be taken underground. So girls, show me what you got.

Eve: (In her mind) I can do this.

Eve and the other girls pulled off their dresses.

Eve was just wearing a black G String pant underneath and a net bra but with a covering that just covered her tips.

She was the most exposed and almost naked of all the girls.

Amanda: (to Eve) There's no need for you to compete, you have already passed. You are just what the big bosses need.
Eve: Thank you.

The other girls did their competition and four girls were selected.

The five of them were taken to the underground where the bosses were, before they left Eve tied her hairs and used a pin which she had poisoned to hold it in place.

Immediately they got upstairs Clinton told him to be careful that CCTV cameras were around the place.

Eve and the other girls got to the stage and started doing their thing. They danced as the big bosses cheered them up.

As Eve was dancing Clinton saw one of Don Baddo's men and alerted her.

She danced close to the man and remove her G string pant from behind and the man call on her to give him a lap dance.

As she was dancing she saw there was no opening for her to directly stab the man.

She climbed on him on the sofa and removed her bra, the man got excited as he buried his face on her boobs.

She decided to loose her hair and dropped the pin on the sofa.

The man was sucking her boobs and mistakenly sat on the pin which pricked him a little but it had done its job, he took the pin and threw it away.

Eve: (In her mind) First target taken down.
Clinton: It's a good thing the poison takes effect after 20hours.

The man continued sucking her boobs for some time, and she wore her bra back and made it to back to the stage.

I need you in my bed tonight, the man said.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Three (3)

So Close

Eve first target had being pricked by her poisonous pin, the target didn't die immediately because it takes the poison 20hours to take it's effect.

As Eve went back on stage the Don Baddo associate said she was going to be on her bed that night.

Eve went back to meet the others on stage, she twerked and removed her bra for everyone to see her boobs.
The drug barons there cheered her up and the other girls did the same, many men came for her and she gave them lap dances. She kissed them as they put money inside her pant.

Man 1: You are the best.
Man 2: You are going to be in my bed.
Man 3: I told her first.

It was fun filled as Eve and the other girls twerked naked in front of the drug barons.
Eve poured drinks on her boobs and the businessmen licked them.

Meanwhile as this was going on Clinton was watching via the eye camera which can rotate at many angles.

Clinton: What the? You are really into this, I hope you won't forget your mission.

Eve smiled as she heard him via the tiny ear piece in her ear.

The girls all danced and twerked naked till the 3am Amanda said they would be done.

Eve and the other girls went back to the restroom, they had their bath in a group. They were still naked as they did their make up, Eve had packed all the money in her pant into her bag.

It's not bad eating dirty money, after all I'm not the dirty person, she said.

Amanda came over with four men and paid the girls some money, then she told Eve that one of the bosses wanted to sleep with her.

Eve: There's nothing about sleeping with anyone in the form I filled.
Amanda: Yea, you are right but no one refuses the bosses. We are going to take you by force if you don't come voluntarily.

Eve calculated her odds and saw that there was no way she could escape out of the building, if she tries to run away she would probably be caught or shot in the worst case scenario. She wondered what action she should take in that situation. At the end the only way she could get out of there alive would be to comply with them.

Amanda: So what do you say?
Eve: I'm coming.
Amanda: It took you long enough, men grab her incase she wants to play smart.

The men held her hands as they took her to the room of the drug baron who asked for her.

As they were going Clinton was thinking of what he could do to help her situation.

They finally reached the room and took her inside to an already naked man, he was the drug dealer she fisrt gave a lap dance and the poison pin pricked.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Three (3) Continuation

Eve was taken to the room of the Don Baddo's associate named Marky which she had already poisoned with her pin.

Eve: (In her mind) Just great! I'm going to be bleeped by a man who is about to die. What a drag!
Marky: (Drags Eve and pushed her to the bed) You are going to satisfy me tonight, your holes and boobs are all mine.
Eve: You better use a condom.
Marky: Remember your blood was taken for test when you applied, I know you are disease free. So I can bleep your hole with no need for any protection.
Eve: Whatever, just be fast about it. I'm in a kind of hurry.
Marky: You are a good girl.

Marky lied on her body, just as he was about to penetrate her p.ussy an alarm rang. It was the alarm for infiltration.
A guard came in immediately and told Marky that he had to leave the building and get out through the underground path.

Marky: Damn it! I will be there. Let me dress up.
Guard: Yes sir.

The guard left to inform others, and Marky wore his clothes.

Marky wore his clothes without facing Eve.

Marky: (Wearing his clothes) Damn it! Who dares attack us? When I'm about to have some fun, girl you are coming with me.

Marky turned to the bed and saw that Eve was no longer there.

Marky: What? Why didn't I face her in the first place? Now my enjoyment is gone. Damn it!

Eve had sneaked away silently as he wore his clothes looking away from her.

She used the commotion to avoid being noticed as she ran over to the dressing room.

She packed the money in her bag and wore her skimpy dress as she forgot to wear her pant since she was in a hurry.

She rushed outside immeadiately and boarded a taxi.

Immediately she reached home she lied on the bed panting.

Eve: They almost got me.
Clinton: (Via her ear piece) It's good to see you came back okay.
Eve: Yea, I take it that you were responsible for the alarm?
Clinton: Yea, I couldn't let the old man have a taste of you.
Eve: Thank you Clint, I couldn't have bleeped someone as fat as him.
Clinton: Well, I got to sleep now. Tomorrow we shall know the outcome of your first mission.
Eve: Yea, thanks.

Eve removed the ear piece and ear camera and went to bed naked.

Eve: This is just the beginning.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Four (4)

First Target Is Down

Eve woke up the next morning feeling very tired, last night had been stressful but she succeeded in poisoning one of Don Baddo's men.

She brush her tooth and walked into the bathroom naked with her towel wrapped around her neck. She looked at herself in the mirror.

Eve: I'm in shape, I can't believe I let that dog (Marky) suck my boobs. Well I will do anything just to take down Don Baddo, even if it means having sex with one of them.

She switched on the shower as water ran down to her body, she remembered her early days when she ate and played with her siblings and she started crying.

Eve: That son of a bitch (Don Baddo) is going to pay for what he did. I'm going to show him no mercy.

She scrubbed herself and cleaned her body as she walked back naked into her bedroom.

Just as she walked in she saw an incoming video call from Clinton and she okayed it without wearing anything.

Clinton saw her naked and removed his eyes.

Clinton: Oh shit! You should have dressed up first before accepting the video call.
Eve: Huh? You have seen me naked many times.
Clinton: Uhm, I know. But if my old man come over and see that I'm chatting with you when you are naked, you know....
Eve: Alright then, I will just wear my pant.

Eve wore a black G String pant but didn't wear bra to cover her boobs.

Clinton: Well, that's a little better.
Eve: Alright, so whatsup?
Clinton: I just hacked one of the drug barons network, and a news there said that the drug baron you poisoned is dead.
Eve: What? But that's impossible, it's not up to 20 hours yet.
Clinton: Yea, there are three possible options. One, he was taken down by someone after him. Two, the poison had another reaction in his body that led to his quick death and three, maybe the poison doesn't really work after 20hours.
Eve: Maybe the 20hours we saw was just the maximum time.
Clinton: Yea, if you have the container there you can check it out.

Eve looked around and saw the container, it was written just twenty hours. Eve bent down to get it and her ass shown. Clinton smiled and immediately screenshot it.

Eve: It's written twenty hours. And that just leaves us to the two options.
Clinton: Yes, hmmm. It's either someone that's his enemy from another cartel took him down or the poison reacted abnormally.
Eve: I know that already. So what's your final verdict?
Clinton: The first one, he's a drug baron after all. So he's bound to have enemies.
Eve: If anyone is after Don Baddo's men, they are not going to beat me to it.
Clinton: That's my girl.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Four (4) Continuation

** At A Drug Cartel Office **

Don Baddo and some of his close associates gathered to discuss some business ideas but they decided to touch the death of Marky.

Don Baddo: I believe you all know that Marky is dead.
Man 1: Yes.
Don Baddo: It is either the police, Anti Criminal Agency (ACA) or other drug cartels.
Man 1: I don't think it's the police or ACA. We got some men there.
Man 2: So that means a drug cartel have declared war on us.
Don Baddo: Really? They choosed the wrong people to mess with. Marky death was as a result of strangling so you two are correct.
Man 3: We have to clamp down on those idiots immediately.
Don Baddo: My men are already investigating the situation. So we just have to relax and await their feedback.

After morning exercise Eve decided to take a look around her neighbourhood in order to get more familiar with it. As she was walking by, she saw a man selling drug to a teen girl.

She went over and the girl left.

Man: How much?
Eve: 5h.
Man: Cool.

The man wrapped the drugs and gave it to her. As he was about to leave Eve noticed an owl tatoo on his neck, and that tatoo was also on Marky's neck.

Eve: Hey.
Man: Yea?
Eve: Is there anywhere I can get high and hot tonight?
Man: Yea sure.

The man wrote down the address for her.

Man: I'm hoping to see you there pretty.
Eve: Yea sure.

Eve: (In her mind) This is going to be one step further to get Don Baddo.

** At Clinton's House **

Clinton smiled as he watched the picture he had earlier screenshot, unaware that his father (Apollo) was behind him.

Clinton: I just hope that Eve would be done with her mission soon, so that she can get back here and we can.....

Apollo suddenly slapped his head.

Clinton: Ah!! Father I'm sorry I swear.
Apollo: So this is what you have been doing huh?
Clinton: No, trust me Dad.

Just then Eve made another video call and Clinton okayed it.

She explained to the two of them what she found out.

Apollo: Yea, the owl tatoo is there symbol.
Eve: I will be going there tonight.
Apollo: You have to be careful Eve.
Eve: Yes sir.
Clinton: I'm going to be your eyes baby.
Eve: I trust you Clint.

Just as the call ended Clinton ran away before his father would do something else.

Apollo: Naughty boy!

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Five (5)

The Slut House

After making the video call to Clinton Eve prepared for that night. She would be going to a venue where she hoped to get clues about Don Baddo and his men.

She wore a black seen through dress which was torn by the side from waist down and a high heel shoes.
She also wore her eye camera and tiny earpiece as she prepared to go over there.

Clinton: You have dressed to kill again.
Eve: Yea, I'm going for a hunt ofcourse.
Clinton: So do you have any idea how that place looks like? Or what goes down there?
Eve: Actually I have no idea. I know for sure it would be a place where people get high.
Clinton: Alright, I hope you don't actually get raped this time.
Eve: Who cares? I will enjoy every single hit down there.
Clinton: Uhm, well. I will be looking out for you.
Eve: I know you will.

Eve stepped out around 10pm and boarded a taxi to the location, the driver smiled as he read the location on the piece of paper.

Driver: So you want to get high huh?
Eve: Yea, I enjoy having fun.
Driver: You know this is no ordinary place.
Eve: I don't give a fvck.
Driver: Alright then.

Clinton was still monitoring her location when his father Apollo came in.

Apollo: Tell Eve to abort the mission.
Clinton: Why?
Apollo: That's the slut house, girls are raped there, kidnapped and trafficked for sex.
Clinton: Oh damn! She just got there.

Eve had just alighted from the car when Apollo came in, so Clinton had to put her immediately on the line.

Clinton: Eve! You have to abort the mission.
Eve: Why?
Clinton: My Dad just said that is the sluts house were girls are raped and trafficked for sex.
Eve: Well that means it's the perfect place for me to get information.
Clinton: Don't you get it? Don't....

Clinton didn't finish speaking when Eve removed the earpiece and eye camera and crushed them.

Clinton: Damn it! She crushed the gadgets, how am I supposed to get in touch with her now?
Apollo: Bullshit! I should have found about this earlier.

Eve entered the club as she was stripped again by guards at the entrance room.

Guard: Wow! You are going to be valuable in this business.
Eve: Which business? I just came here to have fun.
Guard: Take your dress and go inside, you will understand soon.

Eve picked up her panties and dress on the floor, she wore them and went inside the club. What she saw was unreal, there were many young girls lying naked on the sofa as some men took turns in having a taste of them.

Eve: Holy shit!

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

On the other side were also naked ladies taking hard drugs and drinking alcohol.

Eve: Where is the fun in this shit?

Eve took her lipstick and rubbed on her lips. Then the man she bought drugs from came in.

Man: Hey baby you came.
Eve: Yes.
Man: So do you like the place?
Eve: It's not exactly what I imagined it to be.

Two men came behind her.

Man: I'm sorry girl, this is no ordinary place.

Just then the two men grabbed her.

Eve: What's the meaning of this?
Man: You are going to cost a lot of money, you are so fresh and yummy. Men take her to the initiation room and have some fun.
Eve: Damn it! Leave me alone!

The two men held their grip tight on her.

Eve: (In her mind) I should have listened to Clinton, I may not be able to pull this off.

The two men carried her to a room, one of them pinned her to the bed while the other pulled off her pant and tored her dress.

Eve: Please we can talk about this.

The man that pulled off her pant pulled off his short.

Man1: You are going to enjoy this.
Eve: No! Listen to me, I have STDs.
Man1: I don't care.
Man2: What are you waiting for? Bleep her hole!
Man1: Alright baby, I'm going to show you no mercy.
Eve: Please!!

The man kissed her lips and licked what she rubbed on her lips.

As the man was about to penetrate her he started shaking.

Eve: (In her mind) That suits him.

Man2: Bro what's wrong?

The second man left Eve hands and she immediately wrapped her legs around his neck and snapped it, he fell down dead.

Eve: One more to go.

She went over to the one shaking on the floor.

Eve: Tell me what I need to know and I will give you the antidote. Where can I find Don Baddo?
Man1: The, the Diamond city.
Eve: Good! Now tell me another way to get out of the building.
Man1: The back door, the code is cocaine owl.

Eve immediately snapped his neck after that.

She searched the room for clothes but she saw none, so she wore her pant and the man's shirt. She took her bag and headed to the back door.

They unlocked it after saying the code, it opened to a room where some men where. She walked through then and passed the door to outside, immediately she passed she ran as fast as her legs could carry her.

Man1: Do anyone know that girl?
Man2: Who cares? She must have joined the gang if she knows about that door.

Eve continued running till she got to the highway and boarded a taxi.

Eve: That was close!

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Six (6)

After The Night

The man who sold drug earlier to Eve went over to the room to check if the two men were through with her.

Man: We have a new girl, she's going to make us a lot of money.

The man opened the door and saw the two men lying on the ground.

Man: What happened here?

He rushed and saw that the men were dead.

Man: They are dead! And where's that girl? She must be responsible, I need to find her before she escapes.

The man headed to the back door in search of Eve, she had already ran away and boarded a taxi home.

Eve: That was too close.

Eve lied down at the back of the car as the taxi took her home.

The man ran to the back door and saw that it was opened, he then proceeded to the next room.

Man: Did a girl pass here?
Man1: A lady you mean.
Man: Yes.
Man1: A young lady passed her just a while ago. I haven't seen her here before, is she your girl?
Man: Damn it! She just killed two of our men.
Man2: Damn it!! We thought since she passed this door she was one of us.

Eve had reached home and apologised to Clinton and Apollo in the morning, after that she explained to them everything that had happened.

Clinton: I told you! You should have listened to me.
Eve: I said I'm sorry.
Clinton: You could have been molested just like that.....
Apollo: She said she's sorry.
Clinton: Okay, promise me you won't do that again.
Eve: I told you earlier that I'm prepared to do anything.
Clinton: I'm talking about smashing the earpiece and eye camera, do you know how worried I was?
Eve: I promise. I wouldn't do that again.
Clinton: Good. That's just what I want to hear.
Apollo: So what's your next step now?
Eve: I will be heading to Diamond city.
Apollo: I believe you know that Diamond city is the drug world.
Eve: Yea, I searched about it once I got back.
Apollo: Even the police and ACA (Anti Criminal Agency) are having difficulties there. Diamond city is swarmed by Don Baddo's men and also other drug barons. It will be hard if you choose to carry out your operation from there.
Clinton: So she shouldn't go right?
Apollo: I'm not yet done speaking so keep your mouth shut!
Clinton: Okay.
Apollo: You should know that since you killed those two men they may be after you, what I don't know is if they have your picture.
Eve: So I should think of the worst possible scenario, that they have my picture. So I should tread with caution.
Apollo: Exactly.
Clinton: So what's it going to be?
Eve: I will be heading to Diamond city this afternoon.

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Re: Sexy Assassin
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Episode Six (6) Continuation

The news about the death of the two men reached the sex trafficking headquarters of Don Baddo's men in Diamond city, a photo of Eve was sent but it wasn't clear as only a little part of her face showed.

Their head was Pablo, he was in charge of everything about sex trafficking.

Pablo: So they were killed by a lady.
Man: Yes.
Pablo: Did you run an autopsy on them?
Man: No, we immediately disposed as usual.
Pablo: Is there anything peculiar about the lady?
Man: Not really, she just said she wanted to get high. Judging from her dressing she was expecting here to be a stripper club.
Pablo: I see, so she happens just to be a girl probably trained in martial arts. It doesn't really mean her mission was to kill anyone, she was expecting to have fun. You people decided to ruin it for her so she defended herself.
Man: So what should we do?
Pablo: Stop looking for her, it will be a waste of resource. She just happened to be one of those tough girl who doesn't tolerate nonsense. That will be all.
Man: Okay sir.

The call ended.

Pablo: Hmm, a lady taking down those two? That must be a tough lady, I will search for her. And when I do find her, she's going to be working for us. She will be the perfect tool for taking down some of our enemies who really loves ladies more than their lives. I have to inform the boss himself, he's going to give me a medal for this. I'm such a genius! Hahaha!

Eve told Clinton and Apollo that she would be heading to Diamond city that afternoon, Clinton protested but after much reason Clinton accepted it but under the condition that he would be going with her.

Clinton: I will start preparing, I will probably reach Gem city tonight.
Eve: That means the journey to diamond city will be tomorrow.
Clinton: Yea, I'm going to bring all the gadgets we are going to need. And then we both will crush them down.
Eve: Thanks Clint.

As the video call ended Clinton began immediate preparations. He was done with everything in a short time.

Apollo: How are you going to carry everything you packed?
Clinton: You know, the normal way.
Apollo: I see. Well, be careful son and take care of Eve.
Clinton: I will Dad, you can count on me.

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Episode Seven (7)

Off To Diamond City

Eve waited for Clinton who arrived that night at Gem city.

Eve: You are here.
Clinton: Yes.
Eve: So where are the gadgets?
Clinton: I have sent them to Diamond city already.
Eve: And how did you do that?
Clinton: You know I got some few connection.
Eve: So you have been dealing with dirty businessmen.
Clinton: Sort of, so why don't we talk about ourselves.

Clinton pushed Eve to the bed and climbed on her.

Clinton: You know what I mean.
Eve: Oops! We need to think of our strategy first in getting to Diamond city without arousing suspicion. And then you can do whatever you want.
Clinton: I knew you would say that, now let's begin the planning.

Clinton and Eve started planning on how they would get to Diamond city without suspicion. Since Diamond city is ruled by many drug barons, they tend to keep an eye on new people entering the city.

Pablo had reported to Don Baddo's office to tell him about what happened at the slut house.

Don Baddo: So you mean a lady took the two of them down?
Pablo: Yes boss, she has probably learnt martial arts and excels at it.
Don Baddo: Are you quite sure the lady wasn't really there to kill anybody?
Pablo: Yes sir! She even had a condom in her bag. They two of our men decided to ruin her fun so she took care of them.
Don Baddo: Hmm. Like you said earlier, a lady like that can help us take down some of our enemies.
Pablo: Yes sir. Her photo is not really clear but I will send some men to Gem city to track her down.
Don Baddo: Very well then, your request have been accepted. Do as you please, but first bring her here so that I can taste her myself.
Pablo: No problem Boss. Don Baddo: You may take your leave now.
Pablo: Yes!

Pablo walked out of Don Baddo office.

Don Baddo: This is just good. With a lady like that we can take down Frosh. That bastard! After everything I have done for him he left and established his own cartel. Damn that ungrateful bastard, women are perfectly his weakness.

Clinton and Eve had came up with a plan to enter Diamond city without being suspected to be threats.

Clinton: We are going to go like farming couples.
Eve: I see, is that the best you can come up with?
Clinton: Sure, atleast for now.
Eve: That wouldn't work, sooner or later your love for cars and gadgets will resurface. And how will you explain to people how a couple of poor farmers suddenly became rich overnight?
Clinton: Uhm, you are right. So how do you think we should proceed?
Eve: We are going to enter Diamond city in style.

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Episode Seven (7) Continuation

Somewhere in Diamond city Frosh who was a member of Don Baddo's drug cartel was having fun with some ladies in the club.
Frosh had left the Don Baddo's drug cartel to form his own three year ago, since then he had grown so strong in the drug world because of his experience in working with Don Baddo. As he was partying his personal guard Conan came over and tapped him by the shoulder.

Frosh: You are back Conan.
Conan: Yes sir.
Frosh: So how was it?
Conan: Just as planned, very soon we will be number one in the drug world.
Frosh: And Don Baddo can kiss his ass goodbye.
Conan: Yes.
Frosh: Alright, arrange some huge boobs ladies for me. And then we can talk business later.
Conan: I will do that right away sir.

Conan left as Frosh continued partying.

Frosh: Very soon I'm going to be number one. Then I can look at Don Baddo from above and match his bald head. Hahahaha! I can't wait for it to happen! Hahaha! Hello girls! I'm coming.

Frosh went over to meet the girls that were dancing naked in the party.

Clinton and Eve arrived Diamond city in style the next day. They came in with an exotic car and dressed like fashion freaks.

When they stopped in front of the hotel they had booked online everyone turned and looked at how cool they were.

The both of them walked into the hotel like the boss they were and did all the necessary protocols before they entered their room.

Clinton: This room is bigger than I saw it onlne.
Eve: This is a boss room.
Clinton: And it suits the both of us.
Eve: Ofcourse it does.
Clinton: Alright! Let's have a nice bath together and get to work later.
Eve: If I may ask, where are the gadgets?

Clinton opened a small room inside the room where all the gadgets and guns were kept.

Clinton: Here they are beauty!
Eve: Wow! How did it get here before us?
Clinton: Hmm. I'm going to tell you once we begin planning on our next steps.
Eve: Alright then.

As Clinton and Eve arrived at Diamond city, Pablo and his men had gone to Gem city with the hope of finding her.

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