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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Twenty Four (24) Continuation

The seventh day came and Chika and the others reached the kingdom, Chime gave a sign to the people on the gate and they blew trumpets and others were drumming.

The counclil and Femi had be forced to reveal the truth about the king by the people, they were so sad but happy when Femi told them the heirs will be coming back.

The drummers continued drumming. Chika waved at the people as she rode past them.
The kingdom was being rebuilt and Chika was suprised on her fast they were.

Chika: The rebuilding sure is pretty fast.
Chime: Yes. Our people are hardworking.
Clinton: Wow, this guys rocks!

The Elders Council were waiting for them.
Elder Okoro was there but his mind wasn't at peace. He haven't heared from Pharoah but he assumed it was because Pharoah hadn't returned to the kingdom yet.

His heart skipped when Chika entered into the Council hall accompanied by Chime, Femi and some soldiers.

Elder Matthew: Where are the others?
Chika: It is only I who agreed to come.
Elder Matthew: Oh my Queen.
Chika: Before we continue that's something I will like to say.
Elder Matthew: Go ahead my Queen.

Elder Okoro's heart was beating so fast.

Chika: An enemy of this kingdom is within your midst.
Elder Adam: An enemy of this kingdom?
Chika: (Points to Elder Okoro) Soldiers seize him.

Some soldiers went over and grabbed Elder Okoro.

Elder Matthew: What exactly is his crime?
Chime: He sent some assasins after us and the Queen. (Pharoah was dragged in) This man here is the leader of the assasins.
Elder Matthew: What? Okoro should be executed, he is no longer an Elder.
Chime: That shall be done.
Okoro: Oh no!
Chika: We shall pass his sentence at the coronation.
Chime: Yes my Queen.
Elder Matthew: Well my Queen, the coronation can't wait. The people of the kingdom are all ready for today.
Chika: Alright then, let's begin.

Chika was led to the centre of the kingdom as Clinton and his friends with many soldiers followed her. A drum was beaten and the people of the kingdom flooded to the centre.

Elder Matthew explained to them all that Chika was the only one who returned, and he also told them the crime Okoro committed.
Execute him, they all chanted.

Elder Matthew: ..... By the power vested on me I hereby crown Chika Alimadu the Queen and ruler of this kingdom.

The crowd cheered as the crown was place on her head, Okoro's son ran away so that he wouldn't face the same  punishment as his father.

Queen Chika thanked the people of the kingdom and also explained to them how Clinton and his friends saved her.

Queen: (To Clinton) So what do you want as a reward?
Clinton: Nothing my Queen, I just want to ask for a favour.
Queen Chika: Go on.
Clinton: I want you to make I and my friends officially a squad.
Queen Chika: It shall be done.
Chime: Yes, you all should come over the day after tomorrow.
Clinton: Thank you my Queen.
Queen: As for the traitor (Okoro) he shall be executed immediately by the execution squad together with his ally (Pharoah).

Okoro and Pharoah were dragged away by soldiers, the Queen was cheered on as she returned to the rebuilt palace.

Clinton: Well, it's time we go back to my father's house.
Christopher: I will be staying at the kingdom, tell Jumbo to meet me here.
Clinton: Alright.

Clinton and his friends rode back to Abdulrasaq's house with speed.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Twenty Five (25)

The Beginning Of The End

Clinton and his friends reached Abdulrasaq's home very happy. Abdulrasaq and the rest were already waiting for them as Nnenna prepared a feast.

Timo: Hurray! Hurray! We did it!
Ebuka: Yes! We did it!
Temi: Hurray!
Aisha: We saved the kingdom!
Boyo: The kingdom will bounce back soon.
Clinton: Well, the worst is yet to come.
Temi: (Touching his cheek) Please be optimistic this time.
Clinton: Whatever you say darling.
Temi: (Blushing) You called me?
Clinton: Come on, lighten up.
Temi: Okay Love.
Timo: And the two love birds have started.
Boyo: Well it's good to see the two of them get along.
Aisha: I think they will have a rematch as lovers.
Ebuka: Yes, and there's going to be plenty of food for the rematch.
Clinton: We are home!

They all alighted from their horses.

Clinton and Temi held hands together as they met Abdulrasaq and the others.

Abdulrasaq: Well done boys.
All: Thank you sir.
Ebuka: I can smell something nice.
Nnenna: That's a feast waiting for you people.
Ebuka: Great!
Kanu: So where's Christopher?
Clinton: He's staying back at the kingdom.
Kanu: Oh, I see. His dog just left few minutes ago.
Boyo: Well, it must have sensed it's master location.
Kanu: Yes.
Emeka: Well, what are you kids waiting for? Let's dig in the food.

They all started eating the food brought by Nnenna.

*** Back At The Kingdom ***

Christopher have told the Queen everything that he heard about the witches in Abdulrasaq's place and how he and the others trained to gain their powers.

Queen Chika: So the witches are bound to strike us when they recover?
Christopher: Yes my Queen.
Queen Chika: Then we shall get ready for them and leave the big ones for your friends to handle.
Femi: How do you mean my Queen?
Queen Chika: In my years at the kingdom of Oduduwa I have learnt some anti-witches spells written by the Dwarves that have now gone to extinction.
Femi: Wow my Queen! That's so good!
Chime: So how do we commence preparation?
Queen Chika: Tomorrow all the swordsmen shall come together and I shall bless their swords and shield. They will be able to cut down witches and shield their spells. But it also depends on how strong the witches are.
Femi: I shall spread the word my Queen.
Queen Chika: I shall lead mankind to victory!

*** Back at Dokubo and his Team ***

Dokubo: I just figured out a way to get to Abdulrasaq's home immediately.
Moon: How darling?
Dokubo: The same spell Asari use to transport us to Abdulrasaq.
Boss: That will drain our energy.
Nkiruka: What if we use the healing spell together with it?
Boss: Sure, that will work.
Dokubo: But we are going to have a crash landing.
Apha: Let's give it a shot. I can't wait to see my friends.
Dokubo: Boss and I will cast the spell while Moon and Nkiruka will cast the healing spell.
Boss: Let's do it.

They casted the spell in unison.

Dokubo & Boss: Ma'mira ni, ma'mira ni.
Moon & Nkiruka: We ta we, ehu ishike. We ta we, ehu ishike.

*** At Abdulrasaq's Home ***

Dokubo and the others suddenly appeared in front of Clinton and the others when they were eating.

Clinton and the others stopped eating and looked at Dokubo's team to know who they are.

Abdulrasaq: They are back!
Dokubo: Our mission was successful sir.

Just then Apha came from Dokubo back, Clinton and the rest were suprise and happy to see him. They all rushed to hug him as Clinton, Boyo and Apha started crying.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode 25 Continuation

Clinton and Boyo hugged Apha as the three of them cried.

Clinton: I really missed you.
Boyo: We are so happy to see you.
Apha: (Smiles) I'm happy to see you guys too and also Timo and the others.

Temi: We are glad to have you back.

Abdulrasaq: (Coughs) Welcome back young man.
Apha: Clinton's father?
Abdulrasaq: Yes.
Apha: Thanks alot sir, they told me so much about you.

Clinton and the others noticed Dokubo's team.

Clinton: Are you the ones that rescued our friend?
Boss: Yes, ofcourse we are.
Temi: Where are they from?
Moon: I think it's time we leave if we are done.
Dokubo: Yes.
Abdulrasaq: Wait, I have to tell them atleast who you people are.
Dokubo: Yes my lord.

Abdulrasaq: (to the others) These are the strongest teen warriors from my tribe.
Boyo: Wow!
Abdulrasaq: Yes, and they took down three of the witches.
Temi: What the?
Clinton: Seriously?
Timo: They must be super strong.

Dokubo: It was nothing. It is when they will get their full powers back that their true powers will be shown.
Moon: And you people should get ready.
Nkiruka: The journey of eliminating the witches is too far.
Boss: It has just begun.

Dokubo: Can we take our leave now sir?
Timo: Wait, let's spar.
Boss: Our weapons are too dangerous for sparring, your air pressure isn't even strong enough.
Timo: What? How did you know I use air pressure?

Dokubo: We shall leave now my lord.
Abdulrasaq: Yes you may, and thanks for the good work.

Dokubo and his team did the same spell and vanished.

Abdulrasaq: Hmm, so they found another means to teleport.

Timo: Sir, what do they mean that their weapons are too dangerous for sparring?
Abdulrasaq: Their powers are very powerful that it is only used for battle. Their leader Dokubo wields the twin brother of Clinton's sword. Right now Clinton don't stand a chance against his powers.
Timo: Wow.

Apha: And they are really friendly, the four of them are like a family.
Ebuka: Well they don't look like that to me, they look bossy.
Abdulrasaq: That's the power of intimidation that every great warriors.....

Just as Abdulrasaq was speaking a cold wind blew.

Emeka: It can't be!
Abdulrasaq: This isn't good!
Clinton: What's it father?
Abdulrasaq: The witches they have gotten their powers fully back.

Clinton: That is bad.
Apha: Don't worry if we fight together nothing can stop us.

*** At The Dragon Tribe ***

Dokubo and the others felt it too.

Dokubo: It has begun.
Moon: Yes, the beginning of the end.

*** At Alimadu Palace ***

Queen Chika felt it too.

Queen Chika: Femi! We have no time left. Gather the soldiers let me bless their weapons.
Femi: Yes my Queen.

*** At The White Witches Realm ***

Lucy: Sisters it has begun!
Emily: Yes, the beginning of the end.
Lucy: We must act now!

*** The Dwarves ***

Voski: So it is time! The beginning of the end.
Boski: We shall fight along side humans.
Kero: Yes, to avenge our race.

*** On A Tree With A Mysterious Man Sitting On It ***

Mysterious Man: So it has finally begun. The beginning of the end. I wouldn't let you down father.

*** At The Island Of Elu ***

The witches were at the shore of the island.

Witch Bola: Finally, we shall spread terror.
Witch Kitana: Hahaha, Abdulrasaq get ready.
Witch Haruna: That old man Emeka should get ready too.
Witch Ngozi: And those humans who killed our sisters.
Witch Bola: Mankind shall be exterminated. For this is the beginning of the end!


Season 3 Will Begin Next Week
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