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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Fifteen (15)

To The Witches Castle

The four great teen warriors Dokubo, Boss, Moon and Nkiruka got ready
for the rescue mission and reported back to Asari.
Dokubo had with him his sword only and no other weapon. He was the
only warrior able to lift the sword because the sword bonded well with
Boss was with his three swords, which he called the triple death.
Nkiruka was with her bow and arrow, and also as well with a sword.
Moon had with her two short swords which were mainly for defend, and
also many ninja kunai.
Asari: Nice one warrior, I can see you are all prepared.
Dokubo: Yes and we are ready to leave.
Asari: I see. You will all be teleported to the Ogu' shrine.
Abdulrasaq should be waiting for you people there.
Boss: Yes sir, I'm feeling good about this.
Asari: I see. I know that the four of you are skilled swordmen and
though the witches have not yet gotten all their powers back you
all have to watch your back.
Dokubo: Thank you sir.
Asari: Okay, you can all go now. Ma'mira' ko je Ogu' shrine.
The warriors were all teleported to Ogu shrine. They looked around and
saw Abdulrasaq sitting at the gate of the shrine and they walked
toward him.
Dokubo: This is the great lord Abdulrasaq.
Moon: Wow.
Abdulrasaq: Welcome young warriors.
Dokubo: It's our pleasure sir.
Abdulrasaq: I believe Asari has told you all about what the mission is
all about already.
Dokubo: Yes sir.
Abdulrasaq: (Brings out Apha's painting) This is the boy. You all have
to be quick and accurate in this mission.
Moon: We will not fail you sir.
Abdulrasaq: Are you all ready to go?
Dokubo: Yes.
Boss: Eh, sir. What is your son doing right now?
Abdulrasaq: He is training with some of his friends in revealing the
true powers of their swords.
Boss: Hmm, I can teach him how to do that just in a short while.
Dokubo: You shouldn't even think about it.
Boss: Why?
Dokubo: He needs to learn that the way of a warrior is not an easy one.
Abdulrasaq: Dokubo is right. The way of a warrior is not an easy one,
a true warrior must learn that for his own sake.
Boss: I see, sir you and Dokubo somehow reason alike.
Abdulrasaq: Great warriors have almost the same instincts.
Dokubo: I'm honoured sir.
Abdulrasaq: You all have to go now. You all know my house right?
Dokubo: Yes.
Abdulrasaq: Alright, see you all when the mission has been completed.
All: Yes sir!
Abdulrasaq dissappeared.
Moon: Well Dokubo you know what I think?
Dokubo: What?
Moon: You will make a better warrior than Abdulrasaq.
Dokubo: Hmm, thank you Moon.
Nkiruka: Two love birds?
Dokubo: What?
Moon: We are in the middle of an assignment here.
Nkiruka: I see.
Nkiruka turned and saw that Boss was busy looking at her boobs.
Nkiruka: You idiot! We are in the middle of an assignment here.
Boss: I'm sorry, actually uum......
Dokubo: We need to stop talking and start heading to the castle.
Nkiruka: Let's look for some horses so we can admire nature as we go.
Moon: Horses? You just heared Abdulrasaq say we should be quick.
Nkiruka: Yes, I heared that part.
Boss: Well, the question is how we are going to get there by tomorrow.
Dokubo: The teleportation steps, we can use it and get there tomorrow morning.
Boss: You are right.
Dokubo: Okay. Let's go people!
They all use the teleportation steps and they kept covering large
distance over a short time.

Meanwhile, while Abdulrasaq was with the four teen warriors the six
swordsmen and their teacher took a break in their meditation.
Clinton: I saw a red dragon.
Ebuka: Really? That's cool!
Boyo: Well, I saw a horse.
Ebuka: Hahaha, a horse? So funny! So funny!
Timo: Ebuka what did you see?
Ebuka: Well I haven't seen anything.
Timo: Me too, but I wonder why you were laughing when you haven't even
seen anything yourself.
Temi: Maybe he's laughing to calm himself down.
Aisha: Sure, that would be it.
Ebuka: What about you girls? Are you people still going to keep yours a secret?
Aisha: Yes, you all have to wait till it's time.
Boyo: Damn it! I'm stuck with a horse.
Clinton: I was just thinking maybe the horse stands for something cool.
Boyo: Like?
Clinton: Speed. In battle your speed can make you invincible.
Ebuka: Yes. That's right!
Timo: Yes.
Boyo: Well, that makes sense.
Christopher: Yes, speed is necessay and important in battle.
Boyo: Thanks sir.
Clinton: Teacher, what about you?
Christopher: A dog actually.
All: A dog?
Christopher: That's maybe because I find dogs interesting.
Ebuka: I see.
Christopher: Well you and Timo should work on revealing your swords powers.
Clinton: Well who has seen my father?
Kanu: He is attending to an important issue.
Clinton: An important issue.
Nnenna: It is almost getting dark, you all should get in and eat dinner.
Ebuka: Oh yes!
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Sixteen (16)

The Rescue Mission Begins

On the first day of the training Clinton, Boyo, Aisha, Temi and their
teacher Christopher had taken a step in revealing the true powers of
their swords.
Ebuka and Timo had no luck in their training, it was now the second
day and they both looked forward to catching up with their comrades.
Meanwhile Dokubo and his comrades had reached the water separating the
island of Elu from the forest.
They were able to get to the island so fast by using the teleportation steps.
Dokubo: We are here, if we cross this water we will be at the island.
Moon: The island looks so beautiful.
Nkiruka: Yes, it seems these witches aren't much dirty.
Boss: Really? This could be a trick to get people come to the island.
Nkiruka: And how did you come to that conclusion?
Boss: Instinct!
Dokubo: Boss is right, it is just a trick to make people go into the
island. I can feel dark energy coming from the heart of the island.
Moon: No matter how one tries to hide evil, it would be seen
Boss: Yes! The big guy is cool.
Nkiruka: What are we waiting for?
Dokubo: (Points to two canoes tied to a tree) Since we haven't
mastered walking on water, we have to take these canoes over there.
Two to one.
Boss: Dokubo I hope you don't mind if I go with your tagmate.
Dokubo: No problem.
Nkiruka: Hmm, what a guy.
Moon: (Talks to herself) Ahah! Now I will be alone with my darling Dokubo.
Dokubo: Let's go in!
Dokubo and Moon were in one canoe while Boss and Nkiruka were on the other.
Though Dokubo and Nkiruka are tagmate this mission doesn't mandate
them to tag. And also Boss wanted to spend them with Nkiruka which he
has a crush on and also do Moon want to spend time with Dokubo who she
has a crush on.
*** At The Witches Room ***
The witches were playing games and stopped immediately the four teen
warriors entered the water.
Witch Bola: Well well, what do we have here?
Witch Ngozi: Hmm, what could they be doing here?
Witch Kitana: Maybe they are human hunters who thinks they have caught
a gold mine.
Witch Bola: Idiots! Do they look like ordinary humans?
Witch Catherine: There is really nothing special about them.
Witch Bola: I see, you all have gone senile! (Points at Dokubo) That
boy is wielding the white dragon sword, the twin to the red dragon
Witch Ngozi: What?
Witch Bola: That means they are from the cursed tribe. The question is
why didn't we sense them coming until now? And what is their mission
Witch Ngozi: I guess they want to strike the first blow.
Witch Haruna: Why would they send just a bunch of kids to strike the
first blow. It seems they are here for a very different mission.
Witch Bola: No. They must be here to strike the first blow. They might
be just kids, but they got skills.
Witch Ngozi: We should have no problem with them at least we have
little of our powers.
Witch Bola: And who knows maybe that boy (Dokubo) has mastered the sword.
Witch Ngozi: Why are you so worried out the sword?
Witch Bola: Well, since you all have gone senile I will have to tell you all.
Witch Catherine: We are sorry.
Witch Bola: It was the red and white dragon swords together with the
triple death sword that led to the death of the almighty witch "Nkem"
the mother of all witches.
Witch Kitana: I remember now, but the users of the white dragon sword
and the triple death sword paid with their lives.

Witch Ngozi: And besides this kids are in no way near to those users
in strength, skill and speed.
Witch Bola: You are right, so we are going to make sure they don't
leave here alive. And also we shall seize the swords and bend them to
our will. Hahaha, let them come!
*** The Four Best Teen Warriors ****
Dokubo: There is a possibility that we must have been spotted by the
witches already. So we need to be on our guard.
Moon: Though our mission is a rescue one, I think we should atleast
take two of the witches out of the equation.
Dokubo: That's great! You are absolutely right, but before that we
have to secure the boy first. Moon you and Nkiruka skills will make
you both the best choice to get the boy faster.
Moon: Yes, sure.
Nkiruka: It's going to be girls ultimate tag!
Boss: That's a nice one, I can't wait to use my triple death swords on
those witches.
Dokubo: And my sword too beg to crush those even ones.
Moon: I shall poison them with my venom.
Nkiruka: And they shall be burnt by the eternal fire of my phoenix.
They reached the shore of the island.
Dokubo: We are here!
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Seventeen (17)

The Fight Is About To Begin  

Dokubo and his comrades finally stepped their foot on the shore of the
island of Elu, the witches hiding place.
They were ready to infiltrate the island, storm into the witches
castle and set Apha free.
When they set their foot in the shore of the island, some seconds
later the island starting changing just the way it did when Clinton,
Boyo and Apha first visited.
Moon: Oh, oh! I think the island is changing back to it's original form.
Dokubo: The dark energy is getting stronger now.
Boss: Yea, I can feel it too.
Nkiruka: So what are we waiting for?
Dokubo: Let's go!
<< At Abdulrasaq's Home >>
The six swordsmen and their teacher Christopher were about to start
their training for the day. Abdulrasaq had returned.
Clinton: Dad, we didn't see you yesterday.
Abdulrasaq: Uhm, I was taking care of some issues. How far have you
people gone in the training?
Clinton: Fine, I saw a red dragon.
Abdulrasaq: A red dragon! What about you all?
Boyo: A horse.
Christopher: A dog.
Temi: A chetah.
Aisha: A cat.
Ebuka: Nothing here.
Timo: Nothing here too.
Abdulrasaq: Hmm, you all still have a long way to go. You all have to
concentrate and focus all your energy.
Ebuka: Is there any shortcut?
Abdulrasaq: Yes, there is but it is dangerous. It could cost your life.
Ebuka: Life huh? I don't need the shortcut anymore.
Abdulrasaq: Channel positive thoughts to your swords. Let you and your
sword relate together.
Clinton: Dad, since I saw the red dragon what's next for me?
Abdulrasaq: You must bond well with it, until you both can communicate.
Boyo: Cool. Talking with a horse huh?
Abdulrasaq: (Laughs) Just wait and see. I have to speak with Emeka,
see you all later.
Abdulrasaq and Emeka went inside.
Abdulrasaq: You heard Clinton right?
Emeka: Yes, he saw a red dragon.
Abdulrasaq: I hope it's not the great red dragon Ekwensu.
Emeka: The great red dragon Ekwensu can't be control by anyone. It can
lead to death of it's wielder when it's at full power.
Abdulrasaq: Hmm, we have to advise him not to use it at full strength.
Emeka: Yea, that would be after he had bonded with it. So the teen
warriors have gone to the witches island.
Abdulrasaq: Yes, they should be able to rescue Apha.
Emeka: Yes, after all they are the best teen warriors of your tribe.
Back at the training ground Christoper sense of hearing had improve
and he heard Apha from inside the house.
Christopher: What?
The others opened their eyes and stopped their meditation.
Clinton: What's it teacher?
Christopher: I think I heard someone saying rescue Apha. It came from
inside the house.
Kanu who was there noticed that Christopher sense of sound and smell
had increasde because he had bonded a little with his sword. And also
he knew Christopher must have overheard the great wizard and
Abdulrasaq, so he made to distract them from from talking about Apha.
Kanu: He's your student alright. During training like this sometimes
things like this happen. You will hear someone you have lost asking
for your help.
Christopher: Hmm, that's strange. I'm sure I heard it from inside the house.
Kanu: That's just the way it is.
Clinton: If it's so, why didn't I and Boyo hear it too.
Kanu: Maybe it just didn't come to you two, it generally happens by chance.
Christopher: Well, we better go back to training.
They all went back to training.

Kanu: (In his mind) I better inform Lord and the great wizard. If they
find out that Apha is alive, they will certainly abandon the present
mission and their training.
He left.
Dokubo, Boss, Moon and Nkiruka were about entering inside the island
when a deadly lightening strucked.
Moon: Hmm, this is not going to be easy.
Boss: Really? As for me I'm going to make sure they die three times.
Dokubo: All of you get ready, we don't know what is going to come next.
Nkiruka: Well, I got my bow and arrow ready for anything in the sky.
Suddenly they heared Witch Bola's voice.
Witch Bola: Strangers! What do you seek in my domain?
Boss: Your death! You and your sisters.
Witch Bola: Really, then get ready for what is coming. Akpu ra kpu
teli ni, akpu ra kpu teli ni.
The ground started shaking.
Dokubo: The monument ike!
Boss: Funny, they think we are newbies.
Nkiruka: Well, they will regret that.
Monuments with four arms stronger than the ones Clinton defeated
emerged from the ground.
Witch Bola: Let me see how you kids are going to survive this.
Moon: Bring it on witch!!
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Eighteen (18)

Suprise For The Witches

As the four teen warriors stepped their foot further to get inside the
island the ground shook and monuments stronger than the ones Clinton
faced emerged from the ground.
Witch Bola: Let see how you kids will fare against these ones. (She
laughed as her laughter echoed round the island).
Dokubo: Four arms monuments huh?
Moon: Hah! They think that will scare us.
Boss: This is going to be just too easy.
Nkiruka: Let's show them!
Witch Bola: I will watch you kids try.
The four teen warriors charged at the four arms monuments.
Dokubo: Breath of death!
Boss: Sting of torture!
Moon: Vemon of the snake dragon!
Nkiruka: Fire of the immortal Phoenix!
Dokubo raised his sword up as ice covered the monuments he charged at
and they shattered to pieces.
Boss threw one of his sword up and held the other two with both hands.
The one he threw up caused lighning which struck down some of the
monuments he charged at while he used the other two to cut through the
Moon threw her ninja kunai at ten of the monuments as they turned to
wood and started aging immediately and turned to dust.
While Nkiruka shot her arrows at the sky and they came down as raining
fire as it burnt the monuments to dust.
Witch Bola: (Suprised) Impossible! These monuments couldn't have been
defeated so easily! You people are just teens!
Boss: Hey! We might be just teens but with the big guy here we are unstoppable.
Witch Bola: Big guy? Which big guy?
Boss: (Points at Dokubo) Here he is! With him here you and your
sisters will be reduced to dust!
Witch Bola: (In her mind) So that white dragon sword user is their
leader, well I expected that.
Boss: Cat got your tongue witch?
Witch Bola: Hahahaha, hahahaha. Hmm. Though I didn't expect you people
to easily destroy my mouments you all together can't still beat me.
Dokubo: Do you want to try us? I hope you know that the swords I and
my brother (Boss) wields were responsible for the downfall of your
head witch.
Witch Bola: Hahaha, you two are too weak to use the swords to their
full potential.
Boss: Try us!
Witch Bola: All right. Say goodbye to this world.
Just at that instant Dokubo gave a hand signal to Moon and Nkiruka
which only the four of them understood.
Witch Bola: Now die! Ali gba ji ma!
The ground shook and cracks developed, followed by a large crater and
deep pits.
The four teen warriors staggered to maintain their standing as they
fell covered by the thick dust.
Witch Bola: Hmm, that serves them right. I didn't even have to break a
sweat. Hahahaha.
<< At Abdulrasaq's Home >>
The swordsmen had stopped meditating and this time they relaxed after
being exhausted from their meditation.
Ebuka: Oh man! I can't understand what I saw.
Timo: Me too. It was so vague.
Ebuka: Hmm, we both have to try harder bro.
Clinton: Hey, don't sweat it guys. Just relax and give it time.
Ebuka: Hmm, thanks alot Clinton. You are cool.
Clinton: That was nothing guy.
Ebuka: It may mean nothing to you but it really mean alot to me.
Clinton: (Brought a keg of palmwine and beans balls) Hey comrades!
Let's enjoy the moment.
Christopher: Nice one Clinton, that was just what I was thinking
about. What a wonderful afternoon with palmwine!
Ebuka: Hehehe, And I also got beans balls to eat.
Temi: Hey you guys, don't forget the girls!
Clinton: Sure. We won't!

They all sat together as they drank palmwine (mmia' ngwuor) and ate beans balls.
<< Inside Abdulrasaq's Living Room >>
Kanu was with Lord Abdulrasaq and Emeka in the living room, and he had
told them both about Christopher new found power so that they wouldn't
be busted of their secret about Apha.
Abdulrasaq: Hmm, I think great one we should put on the anti sound ike
whenever we are talking about Apha.
Emeka: Yes, you are right. We have to keep it a secret till the young
lad is back.
Abdulrasaq: Sure, well it's good someone power has started developing.
Emeka: Sure!
As they were talking Christopher didn't overhear them as he was too
relaxed as he enjoyed himself.
<< Back At The Island Of Elu >>
The ground were broken apart with deep holes and cracks.
Witch Bola: Hahaha, those weaklings they were not even worth my time.
I gave them too much credit.
The thick dust started dying out.
Witch Bola: I think I have to call my sisters now, they need to see
her their Queen dealt with these weaklings.
Just as she turned her back she heard noises behind her.
She turned back and saw Dokubo and Boss standing before her.
Witch Bola: What! How did you survive?
Dokubo: You will pay for this.
Boss: You will pay for what you did to my friends.
Witch Bola: Hahahaha, hahahaha. Atleast I did away with two. Now it is the time for you two to meet your end!!
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Nineteen (19)

The Real Plan

After the dust settled down Moon and Nkiruka were nowhere to be found and Boss vowed to deal with witch Bola.

Witch Bola: Very well huh? Now what are you two without the girls? Just two little brats.
Boss: (Smiles) Very soon you will know that we are not just little brats.
Witch Bola: Just in case you don't know, I am the Queen of the last remaining witches. The most powerful of them all.
Dokubo: You think we care about that? If you are that powerful why are we still standing?
Witch Bola: You both just got lucky, I shall use the paralysis spell on you both.

Dokubo and Boss smiled.

Witch Bola: Why the smiles on your pathetic faces?
Boss: Your bluff don't scare us, you can't use that spell except you are at full power.
Dokubo: And even if you manage to use it now you are not at full power it won't even last for a second.

Witch Bola was speechless, she opened her mouth wide as Boss and Dokubo had exposed her bluff.

Witch Bola: (In her mind) This is bad, right now I'm totally outmatched. I used the little power regained to summon the four arms monuments and caused the earth to break. Damn it! I'm really out of power.
Boss: Cat got your tongue huh?

Meanwhile the other witches were watching them.

Witch Ngozi: Hmm, I think it's time we help out our Queen.
Witch Haruna: She should have known better than to go out there by herself. It's going to take half a day to regenerate the strength she lost.
Witch Kitana: Well, let's help her out.

( Back to the two boys and witch Bola)

Witch Bola couldn't say anything because one false move could be her end.

Dokubo: It seems you are waiting for back up huh?
Boss: Sure, she is waiting for back up.
Dokubo: She's all open now, let's finish her off.

Just after Dokubo said that, the other witches approached.

Witch Ngozi: Finish who off?
Boss: (to Dokubo) Well she brought back up now, should we go all out?
Dokubo: No, not yet. Our real plan is still in process.

Witch Bola: What are you two talking all about? Just a moment ago you two were saying you were going to finish me off.

Dokubo: If you are the Queen of all witches as you claim, why don't you fight us yourself?
Boss: Yes, you felt all high and mighty when casting the monument puppets spell.

Witch Ngozi: We serve our Queen, it is also in our place to help her out in little matters like yours.
Boss: Are you people going to fight in group or one on one.
Witch Ngozi: What a silly question for you to ask. We are all coming at once to deal with you insignificant rats.

Dokubo gave a sign to Boss.

Witch Bola: Now you both will join your two female friends.
Here we come!!

The witches began casting their spell.

Scroll Down To Finish The Episode
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode 19 Continuation

Dokubo haven given a sign to Boyo knew what to do exactly.

The witches finished casting their spell.

Witch Ngozi: Now, you two sha perish.

The spell was cast.

Dokubo & Boyo: Now!

The spell the six witches cast in unison was a lava spell.

Lava poured on the two swordsmen. The witches laughed and thought that the two of them were goners.

Witch Bola: And that is end of those two little brats. I believe their swords couldn't be destroyed by that spell....

Just as she was the speaking the lava disappeared and the two swordsmen were unharmed because they used a barrier spell.

Witch Bola: A barrier spell?
Witch Ngozi: That was our maximum strength.
Dokubo: Maximum huh? We know your powers are not yet fully restored. So what's next now?
Witch Bola: Damn you both! I still got a trick!

Moon and Nkiruka joined Dokubo and Boyo with Apha's unconscious body to the witches surprise.

Witch Bola: What? They can't be alive.
Nkiruka: (tongue out) Really? We are standing right in front of you.
Witch Ngozi: Damn it! We were tricked to come out.
Moon: Exactly and you all fell for it. We escaped your earth spell when the dust was still on.
Witch Bola: I see that was your real plan?
Dokubo: That's just part of it.
Boss: Exactly, the next phase of the plan....
Nkiruka: Is to Eliminate.....
Moon: You all.....

Witch Ngozi: My queen save us.
Witch Bola: Of course I will.

She started casting a spell.

Moon: (Throws her ninja kunai ) Venom of the snake dragon!

The kunai killed Witch Sandra, Catherine and Rose. Only Witch Kitana, Haruna, Ngozi and Bola could a dark shield Bola created protect.

Moon: Oops! Only three down. I thought she got nothing on her.
Dokubo: She isn't their Queen for nothing. We can't wait for that shield to wear off. We got the boy, let's move.

Dokubo and his comarades made to enter the canoes when witch Bola called them out.

Witch Bola: You brats shall pay very soon.
Dokubo: We will be waiting.

The four of them paddled their canoes out of the island as Witch Bola kept screaming.
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Twenty (20)


Dokubo and his comrades were successful in their rescue mission of Apha.
Since time flows faster in the island of Elu, Dokubo and his comrade came out of the island on the fourth day since the G.C went for Alimadu heirs.

Dokubo: (Still in the canoe) It seems we stayed too long on the island.
Boss: Yes, time flows faster there.
Moon: Abdulrasaq's boy and his friends would be leaving tomorrow I think.
Boss: Yes, I wish he would see us return with his comrade. He will praise us.
Nkiruka: Hmm, what a plan we had out there. We really took the witches by suprise.
Boss: Yea, that shows they don't think much.
Moon: It's kind of insulting for that witch Bola to think she brought us down already.
Dokubo: Yes. However, the next time we will meet with them would be more brutal. They will be more stronger and so we have to train harder.
Boss: Yes, for sure. I hope Abdulrasaq's son and his friends would be ready because we are going to need every help we can get.
Dokubo: Yes. At last! We are on dry land.


Meanwhile on the fourth day since the G.C started the journey with the twenty swordsmen they finally reached the kingdom of Oduduwa.

He explained the situation in the presence of only king Amosun and the three heirs of Alimadu kingdom.

Amosun: I send my condolence to the people of your kingdom. The king should be replaced immediately.
G.C: (to the three heirs) Will you all follow me to the kingdom tomorrow?
Abiola: No way! I'm not going back to the kingdom in ruins.
Ike: Me too. No way!
G.C: But my majesties the kingdom needs you all.
Abiola: (walks out) I have got better things to do.
Ike: (walks out) Me too.
G.C: Please your Majesties.....
Chika: I will follow you to the kingdom.
G.C: Wow! Thank you very much.
Amosun: You have my blessings Chika. The kingdom only needs one heir on the throne.
Chika: Thank you my lord. So commander let's begin the preparation to leave tomorrow, I cannot abandon the kingdom in time of it's need because of my old man's mistake.
G.C: Yes my Majesty. Thank you king Amosun.
King Amosun: It's nothing.

The twenty swordsmen cheered as the G.C stepped out with Chika and told them that she had agree to return to the kingdom.

Meanwhile Abiola and Ike who were a little bit far from the place heared the jubilation.

Abiola: So Daddy's girl agreed to go huh?
Ike: Yea. She thinks it's easy ruling a kingdom.
Abiola: Especially the one in ruins.
Ike: (laughs) well brother, let's go and enjoy ourselves.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Continuation Of Episode Twenty (20)

(Back At The Island)

The witches were exhausted after the fight which have led to the death of their three sisters, Sandra, Catherine and Rose.

Witch Bola: Damn those kids! They will pay!
Witch Ngozi: Yes they will pay.
Witch Bola: Just in a few days and we will be at full power. Then the whole of humanity shall fill our wrath! Just you wait humans!

(At The White Witches Place)

Lucy: Sisters. Did you all feel that?
Emily: Yes we did.
Lucy: It's good news. Atleast three are out of the equation.
Rosy: Yes! We are already at the offensive while the war haven't started!

The dwarves camping in the forest felt it too.

Voski: Well done boys.
Boski: This good news, we got to celebrate.
Kero: Three less witches to worry about.

Abdulrasaq and the great wizard Emeka felt it too and jumped in the presence of Clinton and his friends that they wondered what could cause them to do that.

Abdulrasaq: It's nothing much important now kids.
Clinton: Hmm, I just felt a hope and also the fading away of some evil.
Abdulrasaq: Don't stress yourself too hard son.


Meanwhile Dokubo and his comrades have reached the shore and were heading to the forest with Boss carrying Apha.

Boss: So we are going to walk on foot back to Abdulrasaq?
Nkiruka: We can use the teleportation steps ofcourse.
Boss: I got someone on my shoulder, I will be slowing you guys down if we use the steps.
Moon: I thought the white witches said four horses will be waiting for us.
Dokubo: (points to the four horses ahead) Here they are.
Boss: Oh great.
Dokubo: Don't forget to give the boy (Apha) the healing portion.
Boss: Thanks for reminding me.

Boss gave it to him before they climbed the horse.

Moon: Off we go!
All: Yea!

(At Abdulrasaq's House)

Christopher: Clinton you said you had two feelings, can you shed more light on it?
Clinton: Yes, it was like Apha is coming back to us. And also I had a feeling that some witches are gone.
Boyo: Apha?
Christopher: Apha huh? I thought I heard someone inside the house say rescue Apha.
Clinton: Really?
Christopher: Yes. But Kanu told me it was because of the training. I no longer think so now because you have the power to sense things from afar and I can hear things coming from afar.
Temi: Does that means that's a possibility that Apha is still alive?
Christopher: Maybe.
Timo: Why don't we ask your father Clinton?
Christopher: No. If it's true that Apha is alive and a rescue mission is underway, they must have a good reason for not letting us know. We just have to wait.
Clinton: Yes, but who could be doing the rescue?
Christopher: I think we will find out very soon.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Twenty One (21)


And so the fifth day came. The General Commander of Alimadu kingdom and the twenty swordsmen together with the heir to the throne, Chika headed back to the kingdom.
As they they were heading home a sinister plan was underway.
Pharoah and his men would be laying an ambust against them on the sixth day at Ali shrine.
Hope also was on the way as the six swordsmen and their teacher are hoping to go for the rescue.

*** Back In The Kingdom ***

In Elder Okoro's house he was seen drinking with his son.

Elder Okoro: Tomorrow is the day son.
Chima: Yes, the throne of this kingdom will be mine.
Elder Okoro: That's more like it. The three heirs to the throne don't know what's coming after them.
Chima: Yes. I will name myself the Chief swordsman and kick away that idiot.
Elder Okoro: Yes son, that idiot Femi suspects nothing.

They both laughed and made a toast to the hopeful success of their plan to grab the throne of the kingdom.

*** In Abdulrasaq's Home ***

The swordsmen and their teacher have been able to master a bit of their powers.

But something unsual happen on the evening of the fourth day. Earlier on the third day they tried their best till they summoned the creatures who powers they and their swords harness.
But at the end of the fourth day they couldn't summon the creatures rather their swords got new powers.

Clinton's sword produces flame, Christopher sword could cut down any tree at a slice together with his sense of smell, Boyo's sword could stretch up to two metres, Ebuka's and Timo sword both have the same power (air pressure), Aisha's and Temi swords could bend like snakes and move very fast up to a metre.

Abdulrasaq: Well, we weren't expecting this development. But I believe it's for the best. We now know why you people couldn't summon again.
Timo: Really.
Emeka: The witches powers originates from world of Elu, the home of those creatures. And so do your powers orignate from there. So that have been a stretch since the witches are recuperating very fast.
Abdulrasaq: Yes, and so your creatures will appear at a later time.
Timo: That's good to know.
Abdulrasaq: Clinton you have flame power, Chris your blade is sharp enough to destroy a battle armour. Boyo you can enlogate your sword and take your enemies by suprise. Timo and Ebuka you possess the air pressure powers of the twin birds of Elu. Aisha and Temi your two creatures are related that's why your blades are snakelike and can extend. You can take your enemies suprise since the blade can bend in any direction with a will on it's own to defend their weilder.
Temi: That sounds cool enough.
Abdulrasaq: And now! To the present issue!

They all became silent after Abdulrasaq said they were going to attend to the present issue.

Abdulrasaq: Tomorrow you all will be heading to save the kingdom from the evil plan of Elder Okoro. You all must protect the heirs of the kingdom.
All: Yes sir.
Abdulrasaq: You all should rest today for the battle is tomorrow.
Clinton: Rest? We have to train harder.
Abdulrasaq: The body needs rest and the greatest swordsmen alive in the world knows that.
Christopher: Yes, your father is right.
Abdulrasaq: I shall leave you children now, enjoy yourselves and tomorrow you shall be teleported to the Ali shrine.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Continuation Of Episode Twenty One (21)

Abdulrasaq left.

Clinton: So what are we going to play now
Christopher: Well, I will just relax and listen to the animals in the forest.
Clinton: Oh yes, I have a good idea.
Temi: And what's that? Clinton: Let's spar.
Christopher: Well you know my weapon, Timo and Ebuka's are dangerous for sparring.
Boyo: Yes? We are never going to know whose weapon is superior.
Timo: Hahaha, why don't the superior weapon users go against the weak ones.
Ebuka: Yes, that would be fun.
Temi: And what do you mean?
Timo: I and Ebuka with teacher against the four of you.
Temi: Clinton what do you say?
Clinton: I'm game.
Temi: Okay it's settled.
Kanu: So you people want to have fun huh?
Why don't you spread out to the surrounding bush and try to find the enemy team.
Christopher: There's brilliant.

They all spread to the nearby bush and began the search for enemy team.

The first people to come in contact were Christopher Vs Aisha and Temi.

Christopher: So it's the two of you ladies.
Aisha: Yes, are you going to hurt a girl?
Christopher: I will if I must.
Temi: Too bad.

Aisha and Temi released their swords and it grabbed their teacher's legs. Christopher cut through it and the swords regenerated.

Christopher: Damn it! So your swords can regenerate.
Aisha&Temi: Oh yes.
They both pulled their swords as it grabbed Christopher's leg and he fell.

Temi: We won sir!
Christopher: Damn it, you people caught me by suprise.

The next two to meet were Boyo and Ebuka.

Ebuka: So we meet Boyo.
Boyo: Yes, Ebuka.
Ebuka: You have never lost a fight in the tutorial before but this time it is going to be different.
Boyo: Well, let me see what you can do.

Ebuka strucked his swords as it sent air pressure to Boyo.
Boyo knowing that's what Ebuka would do dodged it.

Boyo: Now extend!

Boyo made his sword to extend to Ebuka's neck.

Ebuka: I give up.
Boyo: Yes I win. Time to go for the next target.

Clinton and Timo had begun fighting already as they both kept dodging each others attacks.

Timo: I may not be better than Boyo but I can still beat you.
Clinton: Bring it on.

Clinton unleashed his flames as the bush near them burnt while Timo struck air pressure which cut down most of the trees there.
Timo: Well, it seems this fight is not going to end.
Temi: No. It has.

Timo looked back and immediately he was surrounded by Aisha, Temi and Boyo.

Timo: What the?
Temi: We took down your men.
Timo: I give up.
Boyo: Good. So Clinton Timo gave you a tough time.
Clinton: Yes he's strong.
Boyo: You are good too.

They all returned back to the house after quenching the burning fire.

Kanu: Well done everyone. That was awesome.
Christopher: Yes it was.
Clinton: We can now have our rest.
Boyo: Yes.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Twenty Two (22)

Confession Time

Dokubo and his team were on their way to Abdulrasaq's house, but since they were going on horses they still had a long way to go.
Boss have been giving Apha the healing medication and he had made signs that he would soon be awake.

Boss was thinking in his mind if he should make his feelings known to Nkiruka in the presence of the others.

Dokubo: We still have a long way to go!
Moon: I will look for a short cut on the map.
Nkiruka: Even if we use a shortcut, they would have already saved the heirs to the throne before we get there.
Dokubo: With what I heard, the three heirs really don't like their kingdom.
Nkiruka: Yes, and they are expected to rule the kingdom they don't like.
Moon: Well, they better buckle up.
Dokubo: I waiting for a chance to spar with their chief swordsman. But I know he isn't as strong as Abdulrasaq.
Moon: Can he even stand against your blade? That would be a no.
Nkiruka: Atleast, he will last a few seconds.

Moon noticed Boss was unusually silent.

Moon: Boss why are you so silent?
Boss: It's nothing really.
Dokubo: Come on say it out, your big guy is here.
Nkiruka: Yes, why are we a team?

Boss: Well, do you guys want to hear it?
Dokubo: Sure.
Boss: I want to tell Nkiruka something, I don't if I should say it here.
Nkiruka: What? You can tell us all.
Boss: I love her, I don't know....
Nkiruka: (Blushing) Why do you have to say something like that here?
Moon: (Laughs) Nkirukaaa, come on say something.
Nkiruka: (Blushing) Hmm, well I will give him a chance.
Boss: Thank you very much Nki, you are the best.
Nkiruka: Remember I'm just giving you a chance.
Boss: Yes. I won't miss that chance.

Boss turned over to Moon.

Boss: Moon why don't you tell Dokubo how you feel about him?
Dokubo&Moon: Huh?
Moon: Hmm, well, Dokubo the truth is that I'm in love with you.
Dokubo: What? Is this some confession time?
Boss: (Smiles) So big guy what do you have to say?
Dokubo: (Blushing) The thing is I don't really know about this love thing.
Moon: I can teach you darling.
Dokubo: (Blushing) Yes, I guess I will learn.
Nkiruka: That settles it!
Moon: Oh so long! I have been waiting to tell my darling all this while.
Dokubo: (Smile) Yes bae.
Nkiruka: Did I just hear Dokubo say bae?

They all laughed!

Dokubo: Well as warriors we shouldn't let this get in the way of our mission.
Moon: Sure it wouldn't darling.
Boss: Nkiruka can I call you bae?
Nkiruka: Sure, I can just call you Boss. It's a cool name.
Boss: (Smiles) Sure.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Continuation Of Episode Twenty Two (22)

Clinton and his comrades rested after the sparring session was over.

Timo: I think those assasins will be easy to beat with our new powers.
Ebuka: Yes, I sure think so.
Christopher: It seems I, Ebuka and Timo's swords were simply meant for destruction.
Timo: I know what you mean.
Ebuka: I don't care it's cool.

Kanu: If you are worried about what your sword will destroy, you can learn how to use borderline.
Ebuka: Borderline? What does it do?
Kanu: It draws a line betwen what you cut and what you won't.
Let me say for example Clinton is held hostage by an enemy, with the use of the borderline you can cut through the enemy and Clinton can be safe. And you can also use it to limit or control the amount of damage you want your sword to cause.
Christopher: Wow! That's sounds great. So how can we do it?
Kanu: It's all about concentration, be one with your sword both your soul and your sword must connect.
Christopher: I'm going to give it a try in the nearby bush.
Ebuka: Me too.
Timo: I will be coming, we have to master this before tomorrow.
Kanu: Goodluck!

The trio ran over to the nearby bush to put into practice what Kanu just told them.

Clinton: There they go. They better learn it because I wouldn't want to be cut into two in our next sparring session.
Boyo: Yes, for sure. I only managed to dodge Ebuka's air pressure attack because I could read his move.
Clinton: Lucky you. If not for my flames which blocked the air pressure and deflected them, Timo would have cut me into pieces.
Temi: Teacher didn't give I and Aisha any problem. We took him down with ease.
Aisha: Yeap.

Clinton: I just hope the kingdom is recovering.
Boyo: Me too.

*** Back To Dokubo And His Team ***

It was almost evening and Apha woke up.

Apha: Where am I?
Boss: Big guy, the boy is awake.

They all stopped their horses.

Apha: Where am I?
Dokubo: You are safe.
Apha: Do I know you people? And where are my friends?
Dokubo: Your friends are okay. We were sent on a mission to rescue you.
Apha: Thank goodness they are safe. So did the kingdom send you people?
Dokubo: No, Clinton's father did.
Apha: His....
Boss: Don't stress yourself buddy, we will explain everything to you tomorrow.
Apha: Okay.
Nkiruka: We really need to find somewhere to camp tonight.
Moon: Well, we have a great spot here.
Dokubo: Yes, we are going to camp here. Bae you will cast the anti-evil spell around the camp.
Moon: I will darling. The boy will need a lot of food.
Boyo: I will take care of that.

They set the camp, ate and slept off.

The next day is going to be the showdown between Clinton's squad and the assasins hired by Elder Okoro.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Twenty Three (23)

Protect The Queen

The 6th day arrived as Clinton and his squad were fully prepared to defend the heirs to the throne.

Meanwhile Pharoah and his assasins were almost at the Ali shrine lying in wait for the heirs to pass so they can murder them.

Pharoah: The old man said we should only kill the heirs and leave the soldiers alone. But that wouldn't be fun. We will kill both the heirs and the soldiers. That's why I brought twenty more men, that's no way they can withstand us.

Assasin 1: Yes.
Pharoah: Victory is ours!

Meanwhile back at Abdulrasaq's home Clinton and his squad were gathered together.

Abdulrasaq: Today you all are going to protect the Queen.
Clinton: The Queen? I thought it was the three heirs that are returning.
Abdulrasaq: Only one of the heirs agreed to come back, the girl Chika. She should be 20years by now.
Temi: Wow, so young. She's going to make a beautiful Queen.
Abdulrasaq: Kanu discovered that the assasins have more men now as they aspire to kill both the Queen and the soldiers accompanying her.
Christopher: With the help of the soldiers we can overwhelm them.
Abdulrasaq: Yes. And one thing, show no mercy!
Boyo: You mean?
Abdulrasaq: Yes, kill those assasins because they are the enemies of the kingdom you all swore to protect!
Christopher: Yes sir!
Clinton: Hmm, kill huh? Well, we are proudly swordsmen of Alimadu kingdom. We swore to protect the kingdom from any form of threat! We swore to kill any threat to the kingdom, so they are a threat to the kingdom therefore we shall show them no mercy!
Boyo: Yes, we with keep our oath to the kingdom. We shall slay the enemies.
Abdulrasaq: Good, now I shall teleport you all to a location near Ali shrine. Are you all ready?
All: Yes sir!
Abdulrasaq: Ma'mira ni, ma'mira ni.

The seven swordsmen were all teleported to a location near Ali shrine.

Christopher: Now, let's look for a good spot.

*** Back To Dokubo And His Squad ***

That morning Boss told Apha everything that happened as he was held captive by the witches.

Apha: They accused my friends of killing me? What nonsense! Clinton and Boyo would never do that. If the King wasn't dead I would have given him a piece of my mind.
Dokubo: You must be a brave one.
Apha: Yea. But I disappointed my friends. I should have listened when they told me not to eat those stuff. Who knows what pain I have caused them.
Moon: Don't say such things, they wouldn't see it that way because they are your friends. The bond you all share is strong, you are their friend and comrade. They will be so happy to see you.
Apha: Thank you.
Dokubo: Right now they should be off trying to protect the heirs of the throne.
Boss: Yes, they will succeed.
Nkiruka: Yes. They are swordsmen of Alimadu after all.
Apha: (Smiles) Thank you all.
Moon: I just found a shortcut, that's a route that most bandits take.
Dokubo: We shall take that route.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Twenty Three (23) Continuation

Pharoah and his men were lying in wait and so were Clinton and his squad.

Christopher: We have to wait till those assasins challenge the G.C and his team.

The G.C and his team finally reached the Ali shrine.

The G.C looked around suspecting that something was off.

G.C: Men stop!

All the men halted.

Chika: Why are we stopping?
G.C: It seems we have been surrounded. Men protect the Queen!

Just then Pharoah and his men surrounded them.

Pharoah: Where are the others heirs of the throne?
G.C: Identify yourself.
Pharoah: I'm the man who will slay you all.

Christopher gave the swordsmen sign and they all came out.

Christopher: Not when we are here.
Clinton: Yes. We shall protect the Queen.
G.C: Chris what's happening?
Christopher: These assasins were hired by Elder Okoro to kill the heirs so that his son can ascend to the throne.
G.C: What a wicked man.
Pharoah: So you know our little secret huh? That's no problem. We will just kill you all.

Timo brought out his sword and struck air pressure as one of Pharoah's men hand dropped down.

Man: Ah! My hand!
Pharoah: What did you just do?
Timo: We are not ordinary swordsmen, so prepare to die.
Christopher: Soldiers protect the Queen.

The two sides engage in a battle.

Boyo brough out his sword and struck down three of the men as the sword extended and struck those behind the first man.

Clinton unleashed his fire on many of them as they struggled to put off the fire he gave them the finishing touch.

Timo and Ebuka stayed back to back as they merciless cut through the men.

And so did Aisha and Temi stayed back to back as they fought and took the men down.

Christopher watched them before he decided to fight Pharoah. He broke Pharoah's sword and was about to kill him but the G.C told him to stop.

G.C: We need him alive, he must confess.

Christopher then knocked him out with his elbow.

The remaining men started running away.
Boyo: They running!
Clinton: Yes. Long live the Queen!
All: Long live the Queen!

The G.C, his men and Chika were suprised at the powers displayed by Clinton and his squad.

Chika: Oh my, are you people wizards?
G.C: How did you people get such powers?
Christopher: We will talk about that later sir.
Chika: Okay, tie up their leader (Pharoah), we are heading to the kingdom.
G.C: That Okoro! I will deal with him.
Christopher: We shall stay with you for the rest of the journey, we shall arrive the kingdom tomorrow at noon.
G.C: Thank you.

Meanwhile back at Dokubo's team Apha smiled.
Apha: They did it!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Twenty Four (24)

All Hail The Queen!

The seven swordsmen got victory against Pharoah and his men.
It was now the next day after the fight and Christopher told the G.C and the Queen how they got their powers.

G.C: So the great Abdulrasaq is still alive.
Chika: Hmm, that's good to hear. You all saved my life and that of the soldiers.
Christopher: It is nothing my Queen, after all we pledged our loyalty to the kingdom.
Clinton: Yes. We just did what we were ought to do.
Chika: (Smiles) I'm greatful.

Temi and Aisha were so much suprised at the beauty of Chika and so were the other swordsmen.

It's time to reveal the name of the General Commander (G.C) of Alimadu kingdom.. His name is Chime.

Chika: Chime the Elder Okoro must be apprehended at once when we get to the kingdom.
Chime: Yes my Queen.

*** At Abdulrasaq's Home ***

Abdulrasaq, Emeka and Kanu were playing cards game and Jumbo was with them.

Abdulrasaq: Well, they did save the Queen.
Emeka: Yes, those assasins never really had a chance.
Kanu: Yes, we were just worried that they might be so reckless.
Abdulrasaq: And as for Dokubo and his team they should reach here tomorrow's morning.
Emeka: Well, I think it will be tomorrow or next that the witches will fully regain their powers.
Abdulrasaq: Yes. I have a feeling that we both will be their first target.
Emeka: Yes. And they will be more mad since they lost three of their sisters.
Abdulrasaq: It serves them right. Kanu should in case anything happen to I and Emeka you must stand tall.
Kanu: I will sir.

*** Dokubo's Team ***

Apha was now very lively, somehow he felt that Clinton and his squad completed the mission.

Moon: We should be arriving at Abdulrasaq house tomorrow afternoon.
Dokubo: Oh yes, that's good. We made the right direction by taking this shortcut.
Boss: Yes.
Nkiruka: Hmm.
Boss: What's the matter bae?
Nkiruka: Very soon the witches will regain their full powers.
Boss: Yes. But we wil stop them.
Dokubo: Yes, we will.
Moon: After all we took down three already.
Apha: You guys are cool.

Nkiruka: Well, what I'm really worried about is the defenceless innocent people they will kill.
Moon: (Smiles) I see. You are as kindhearted as ever my dear Nkiruka.
Apha: Yea, she got a kind heart. I just can't wait to see Clinton and Boyo again.
Boyo: You will see them very soon kid.
Apha: (Smiles) Yes.

Meanwhile Clinton told Chika and Chime about the witches and how the they plan to wreak havoc on humanity.

We have to get ready for them, mankind shall prevail, said Chika.

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