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Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
I'm going to start the season two of Clinton and the seven witches in this thread.

Read the season one here[url] .
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode One (1)

The Rain Of Fire

The giant bat hovered very high in the sky, its colour would have
blended with the night if not for the moon.
It was the swordmen of Alimadu kingdom that was shouting fire, they
sighted the bat when it reached the kingdom.
Commander 1: (to the archers) Ready!! Fire!
The archers at the front gate of the kingdom fired arrows into the sky
targeting the giant black bat, but it dodged almost all the arrows.
Few that touched it had no effect.
Commander 1: But why did the arrows have no effect on it.
Archer 1: Commander, I have read about this giant bats somewhere. I
think the great Abdulrasaq and the dwarfs invented special arrows for
killing them.
Commander 1: Does that mean we stand no chance in killing the bat?
Archer 1: It seems so sir.
Commander 1: We are not going to stop! This is our kingdom and we must
defend it with our lives. Archers!!
The archers yelled so loud as the commander called them.
Commander: Fire! This is our kingdom and we must win, victory is ours
for the taking. So fire and defend the kingdom! Fire!
The archers fired at the giant black bat but it still had no effect.
Commander 1: Archers! Add fire to your arrows!
Just as the archers were about adding fire to their arrows the giant
bat shaked its wings, the wind brought down some of the archers. They
screamed as they fell.
After the wind the bat blew fire and the wind helped the fire to
spread wide. All the archers were on fire including the commander,
they all fell. Few died instantly while the rest were burnt
immediately beyond recognition.
The bat headed inside the kingdom as it blew fire around.
The kingdom was in commotion.
(At The King's Palace)
Security was beefed up at the palace, many swordmen were in different
strategic positions. All kinds of weapons used for killing aerial
beings were in the palace.
King Chibueze: (Talking to the chief swordman of the kingdom, Femi) I
hope every preparation have been made.
Femi: Yes sir! All the swordmen and archers are all in their positions.
King Chibueze: Good, any word from the front gate?
Femi: Yes, it's bad news sir.
King Chibueze: What?
Femi: They all fell in battle with the giant bat.
King Chibueze: You mean all at the front gate?
Femi: Yes sir! But many squads are now after the bat.
King Chibueze: What if the bat gets to the palace?
Femi: It wouldn't sir.
King Chibueze: I said what if?
Femi: We will take it down! All kinds of weapons used for aerial
enemies are in the palace.
King Chibueze: Good, I know I can trust you but just in case the bat
reach here I will use the underground path.
Femi: No problem sir.
There was still commotion in the kingdom, houses were burnt with both
people and livestocks inside.
There was cry all over the place, parents and children were separated
from each other.
The rain of fire was happening in the kingdom.
(Back To The Dwarfs)
The dwarfs were almost at the kingdom, they could see smokes very high
in the sky. The night was brightened by the moonlight.

Voski: It seems it has started.
Boski: Yes, I have a feeling that's it's going to be just like old times.
Doski: Yes, yes. Old memories huh.
Boski: Yea, the smokes of war.
Voski: This is not time to remember past memories, we need to hurry!
Kero: Yes, boss is right. We can talk about the old times after we are
through with the bat tonight.
Boski: Yes, let's move on.
The dwarfs fired down to the kingdom as they were almost there.
(At The Witches Place)
Witch Bola: Sisters the rain of fire have begun.
Witch Kitana: Yes it has been a while.
Witch Sandra: This will show those petty humans just a little of our
powers, just a little.
Witch Bola: Hahaha, we will be free very soon.
Witch Ngozi: The old fool Emeka didn't show up.
Witch Catherine: Maybe his old age is telling on him.
Witch Bola: Or maybe he lost all his powers in the great war.
Witch Ngozi: Really?
Witch Bola: Well, that will wait for another day. Let's watch the
kingdom of Alimadu burn!
( At The King's Palace)
The bat was burning all that was in its path and was heading for the palace.
Femi: We have a disturbing report sir.
King Chibueze: What's it?
Femi: The bat is heading for the palace.
King Chibueze: (afraid) What??
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Two (2)

The Price Of Greediness

The bat was approaching the palace so all the swordmen gave their best
shots, they wounded the bat but it was recovering very fast by itself.
Swordman 1: This is bad. We just managed to put a scratch on it but
it's healing all by itself.
Swordman 2: I believe the king must have been evacuated by now.
Swordman 1: Yes, we need to buy the king more time.
Commander: Long live the king!
Swordmen: Long live the king.
The swordmen managed to caught the bat in a big net but the bat kept
on struggling to free itself.
Commander: Men let's pull it down and burn it up!
Swordmen: Yes sir!
(At The King's Palace)
The king was still inside the palace with Femi the swordman with the
highest rank in swordmanship in the kingdom.
Femi: Sir we need to get out of here, I just told you the bat is
approaching the palace.
King Chibueze: You mean the bat passed through a thousand swordmen?
They are all useless.
Femi: They tried their best sir, remember its a witch bat that we are
talking about.
King Chibueze: A bat is a bat!
Femi: Sir as the chief swordman in the kingdom my job is to ensure you
are safe, I have to make the right decisions to do that.
King Chibueze: I am the king, I give the orders so wait. I have to
wait so the guard that kept the crystal eye will be back, I will take
it with me.
Femi: The bat will follow us as long as we have the eye.
King Chibueze: Oh mahn, I'm not going anymore.
I am the king of this kingdom. I won't run because of just one little
bat. Femi go outside and join the fight.
Femi: Okay sir (he left).
King Chibueze: Idiots, I am going nowhere with my treasure.
(The Dwarfs)
The dwarfs have just arrived inside the kingdom, they looked at the
sky and saw that the bat headed for the palace but was being pulled
down with a large net. They started removing things in their way like
furnitures and blocks.
Kero: The bat really did a great damage here. We need to move these
obstacles out of our way.
Voski: Yes. We need to do that very soon. They won't be able to
restrain the bat for a long time.
Boski: Men let's give it all we got.
(Clinton And The Five Other Swordmen)
Clinton, Boyo, Temi, Aisha, Ebuka, Timo, Kanu and Clinton's mother
were all out of the kingdom. They stood at a safe distance and watched
dense smokes rising high in the sky. While they were there Clinton had
already told them that it was the crystal ball eye, and also that the
king had be warned earlier but he refuse to listen to reason.
Ebuka: So the king is so self centred that he has to sacrifice his own
people just for a treasure huh.
Timo: Who knows what is really happening inside the kingdom now.
Aisha: I just hope our parents are safe.
Temi: Yes, I just have this fear.
Clinton: What fear?
Temi: The king might accuse us in front of everyone that we are the
cause of the attack.
Boyo: We will tell everyone the truth.
Temi: I'm afraid that they will believe the king and not us.
Clinton: Yes, unless someone great speaks for us.
Kanu: I have to take you all to somewhere more safe. Follow me.
They all followed Kanu.
(Back To The Kingdom)
The bat have successfully broke free from the net that caught it, it
breath fire on the swordmen restraining it and they all ran in search
of water.

It was now heading straight to the palace.
The dwarfs were also heading to the palace too.
Voski: Run faster guys, let's get there as quick as we can.
( At The Palace)
Every attacked fired toward the bat failed so Femi and the swordmen ran inside.
King Chibueze: Why are you all inside? Go out and fight!
Femi: Sir the bat dodged all the weapons, we need to get you out of here.
Just as Femi said that the bat breath fire and the building shaked,
the fire was so great that they had not choice than to go back
They heard the bat groan.
Femi: What happened to the bat?
They all came out and saw that the bat have been killed by the dwarfs.
Voski: Nice job Kero.
Kero: Thanks boss.
Femi, his men and the king opened their mouths in shock.
Voski: Better attend to your king, he's bleeding. We are done here
(the dwarfs all jumped off happily saying we did it!).
Femi: Let's get the king to the hospital.
Swordman 1: It's not possible, the hospital has been destroyed.
Femi: What? Then get me any physician alive.
Swordman 1: Okay sir.
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Three (3)

After The Night

(At The Witches Place)
The witches were watching everything that was happening in the Alimadu
kingdom, they laughed and drank animal blood to their satisfaction.
They stopped watching after the giant bat was brought down by the dwarfs.
Witch Bola: It seems the dwarfs are still troublesome even after what
we did to them a long time ago.
Witch Ngozi: It's their nature to be stubborn.
Witch Haruna: Those dwarfs huh. We will get them later.
Witch Catherine: Later, later, later. When are we going to do it?
Witch Sandra: Have you forgotten that we haven't regained our powers yet?
Witch Catherine: I know, it's just that it has been a while since we
did anything.
Witch Rose: To think that the old fool Emeka didn't do anything, he
must be helpless or dead by now.
Witch Ngozi: He should be helpless but not dead. We must take him down
Witch Bola: Yes, he must go down by our hands. Someone should bring
that boy (Apha) here.
Witch Haruna went over and brought Apha's body that was still unconscious.
Witch Haruna: So what should we do with him?
Witch Bola: I think it's almost time that we make him a part of our plans.
Witch Ngozi: A part of our plans?
Witch Bola: Yes, he is not yet dead. We can make him infiltrate the
kingdom and take down his two friends.
Witch Ngozi: That sounds like a plan, but what if they find out that
he was being used? I mean everyone believes he is dead?
Witch Bola: Believe? Who cares about belief? Knowledge is greater than
believing. The people of the kingdom believes Apha is dead but don't
know that he is alive.
Witch Ngozi: I just have a little fear, you know that the six swordmen
and the dwarfs will confirm that he is dead.
Witch Bola: I know, but just a few people won't overwrite a whole kingdom.
Witch Ngozi: Well, let's put the plan to work.
Witch Bola: Alright, we will start the ritual in few hours time.
Before that we have to get the ghost herb so that the boy will be more
stronger, you know that he is already weakened.
Witch Catherine: I will get the herb, it's time we do something.
Witch Kitana: I have a question.
Witch Bola: Okay.
Witch Kitana: The ghost herb makes someone have the strenght of a
superhuman, wouldn't he try to fight us back?
Witch Bola: Well, we will brainwash him and also add some control pills.
Witch Kitana: Hmm, we just have to be careful.
Witch Bola: Just leave it to me (smiles).
( Back To Alimadu Kingdom)
Morning reached, the whole kingdom was in smokes. There were cries
everywhere, almost every family living near the front gate of the
kingdom to the palace had lost a family.
Houses far from the palace were not affected, the kingdom was in disarray.
Many half burnt and injured people were gathered together in an open
field, the medics that survived the night came over to help.
The five great hospital in the kingdom were burnt to ashes, they were
positioned near the front gate and the king's palace.
Many personnel and patients got burnt in the hospitals, only few
escape through the underground channels.
The hospital had the smell of burnt human flesh all over.
The king was being treated at the south gate of the kingdom.

The Chief medic who lived near the southern gate wasn't on duty when
the unfortunate event took place.
The king was badly injured in his stomach and also had a slight injury
on his head. He lost a lot of blood, so blood was being transfused to
The chief Medic came out of room she was treating the king.
Femi: Hello lady Bisi, how is the king?
Chief Medic: At the moment he is doing fine. He has some internal
injuries, I will have to get some of my equipment to operate on him.
Femi: Okay, be fast lady Bisi.
Chief Medic: I will, he is the king ofcourse.
Femi: Alright, thanks alot we will be waiting.
The Chief Medic left.
Femi and the General Commander sat outside of the room the king was.
Femi: I have a feeling that the people has lost confidence in the
king. A lot of them know that the king refused to let go of the
crystal eye.
GC: How fast news flies. We can't change the views of the people
concerning that, the king have to do that when he recovers.
Femi: I heard some groups are even chanting curse the king.
GC: Let's go and take care of the situation.
Femi: Okay.
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Four (4)

The Swordsmen Meets A Legend

There was commotion in the whole kingdom, words have reached to almost
every indigene that survived the night.
The king was blamed for the unfortunate event because it was a result
of his stubborness.
As there were cries in every part of the kingdom, some groups marched
chanting "Curse The King!".
They were very angry beyond what could be said with words.
Some swordmen went over to block those chanting but they ran around
after they were being stoned by the protesters.
Even little kids showed their annoyance by destroying some of the
king's statues.
Femi and the GC walked to meet some of the prostesters who were also
causing damage. On their way they engaged in a discussion.
Femi: I think this is getting out of hand, I'm not sure if we can hold
them off. Remember they chased the other squads away.
GC: I think they will reason with us because of our ranks.
Femi: Well, they can't be blamed for their actions.
GC: Are you supporting disorderliness?
Femi: No, not really. But if the people are pushed beyond their limits
they can do things you wouldn't dream they would.
GC: Whatever the matter, they should remain calm.
Femi: Well, I guess you are saying this because you are not in their position.
GC: Whatever, I stand with the king.
(Back To The Swordmen)
The swordmen, Clinton mother and Kanu were just near the great
Abdulrasaq houses, they would have goten there sooner but they stopped
somewhere to rest a little while.
Temi: Wow, who would have thought a house like this would be here.
Kanu: What would you expect from the third owner of the dragon flame blade?
Temi: Third owner? You mean the third person to own that sword Clinton uses?
Kanu: Yes. The sword is only passed down from master to student or
father to son. If tehre is no worthy heir to the sword, the sword
remains hidden till it finds a heir.
Timo: So that means who ever gave Clinton that sword lives here?
Kanu: Exactly.
Ebuka: So that's what Clinton have been hiding from us all this time.
Boyo: And that means he have been here before and he kept it a secret.
Aisha: I wonder why he didn't want to tell us.
Temi: I'm sure he has his reason.
Clinton: Sure, I do have a very good reason.
They reached the compound and the great Abdulrasaq came out, he hugged
Nnnena and Clinton.
Abdulrasaq: Welcome my beautiful wife and son.
The swordmen looked at each other when the great Abdulrasaq called
Clinton his son.
Temi: (Whispering) Boyo do you know who this man is?
Boyo: No idea.
Ebuka: Well, it's good to know Clinton's father is alive.
Temi: I thought the third owner was the great Abdulrasaq.
Abdulrasaq: (coughs) Clinton so these are your friends.
Clinton: Yes father, (pointing at them) this is Temi, Aisha, Boyo,
Timo and Ebuka.
Abdulrasaq: Good, since I know all your names I guess you all should know mine.
Temi: Yes sir.
Abdulrasaq: I am Abdulrasaq.
Boyo: Really? The one....
Abdulrasaq: Yes.
The swordmen were suprised, before them was the great Abdulrasaq.
Temi: It's a pleasure to meet you sir.
Boyo: I never expected to meet you.
Ebuka: Oh....
Abdulrasaq: It's okay, you all should come in.
All: Yes sir.

(Back At The Kingdom)
Femi and the General Commander finally caught up with one of the
groups protesting.
Femi: Hello, you all should calm down.
Man 1: Calm down? We can't calm down in this situation. Curse the
king! (The crowd also echoed him).
GC: If you say curse the king again, I will use force on you people.
Man 2: We will fight back, we don't mind if you are an officer. This
is beyond you.
GC: Shut up weaklings.
Femi: (To the GC) Calm down, we are suppose to make them remain calm
and not agitate them.
GC: I don't care.
Man 1: Well if you don't care we have no choice, we will attack.
Femi: Wait.
GC: Men, draw out your swords.
Man 1: Fight.
The protesters stoned the swordmen who took to their heels because
they were only few, the GC was wounded so Femi carried him and ran
The protesters successfully chased them away.
Man 1: Curse you officer! This kingdom belongs to the people and not
just a few persons.
( At The Witches Place )
Witch Bola: By now I think there will be commotion in the kingdom, in
a worse scenario another kingdom might attack them now.
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, they better get attacked. If they get attacked we
can send Apha to help them, he will gain their trust that he is real
by doing just that. And in the end he will carry out his original plan
to finish off his two comrades.
Witch Bola: Perfect idea sister, I just know what to do. Hahahaha.
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Five (5)

The Death Of The King

( At The Witches Palace )
The witches were all in deep meditation to know when their powers
would be fully awaken.
They mediated for a while, Witch Bola (the head witch) ordered them
all to rise and take their seats.
Witch Bola: Sisters it is almost time for our powers to be awakened.
Just a little longer.
Witch Ngozi: Very soon huh, since our powers will be back very soon
should we do away with the boy (Apha)?
Witch Bola: No, we can use him as our inside spy when we make him
conscious again.
Witch Sandra: Our spy? He is our enemy, how on earth will he agree to
be our spy? I believe he will rather die than be our spy.
Witch Bola: Hahaha, believe you say? I know that he will agree to be our spy.
Witch Ngozi: What makes you so sure that he will accept the offer?
Witch Bola: I will brainwash him and fill his head with lies that he
will see as the truth.
Witch Haruna: I know you are good at that.
Witch Kitana: I wish time could be fast forwarded so we can have our
powers right now, I'm so bored staying here without doing anything.
Witch Bola: Patience! Patience sister.
Witch Rose: Oh yea? So what will be his first mission as our spy.
Witch Bola: Hahaha, hahahaha. His first mission will be the
elimination of his two dearest friends.
Witch Catherine: Sounds nice. Why don't we leave the old fool Emeka
alone so he will be in pains as he will watch us take over the human
Witch Bola: No, we will take him down!
Witch Haruna: So tell me Catherine, do you still have feelings for the old fool?
Witch Catherine: No. I just love seeing people suffer slowly till they
die with the agony of seeing their worst nightmare when they are still
Witch Bola: I understand you Catherine but he must be killed. He is
our first target after we get back our full powers.
Witch Kitana: Yes, I will have the pleasure of giving him the finishing touch.
Witch Bola: Okay sisters, let's wait and see if another kingdom will
attack Alimadu.
Witch Ngozi: How will you know since we haven goten back our powers.
Witch Bola: The wind will tell me, and then we will decide how to use
the boy (Apha).
( At Abdulrasaq's Home )
The seven swordmen, Nnenna and Kanu had entered Abdulrasaq's living room.
The swordmen have had hurriedly finished the food brought for them.
Abdulrasaq and his wife Nnenna (Clinton's mother) ate elsewhere in the
When they both finished eating they started a discussion.
Abdulrasaq: My Queen do you think our son can win the battles ahead
and sail pass the roaring seas?
Nnenna: He is the son of the great Abdulrasaq after all and you know he will.
Abdulrasaq: I just hope that the kingdom recover soon. It will be a
disadvantage if the witches strikes first.
Nnenna: Those driven by hatred meet sad ends.
Abdulrasaq: The seven of them inside will make a great team.
Nnenna: Yes, they are all close friends after all.
Abdulrasaq: Let's go and meet them inside.
Nnenna: Yes.
(Back At The Kingdom)
Femi the strongest swordman in the kingdom and the General Commander
of the swordmen were walking back to were the king was being treated.
Femi: I hope the king gets better soon, he have to calm the people down.
G.C: The people are behaving just like wild animals.
Femi: Don't say so, you will do the same thing you are in their position.
G.C: Damn it, why are you supporting them?
Femi: I know how they feel, I was from the streets before but my
hardwork got....
G.C: I know!
Femi: And also as a ranked officer you will have bring yourself to the
people's level in other to understand them.
G.C: I will expect that from someone who was a low life before.
Femi: Hmm, I better keep my opinions to myself or intelligent people.
G.C: What?
They were almost about to confront each other when a ward of the king
rushed over panting.
Ward: The king... The king......
Femi: What happened to the king?
Ward: The Chief Medic wants to see the two of you.
Femi: Okay.
Femi and the G.C rushed down to were the king was.
The king was lying unconscious at the bed he was being treated.
Femi: What happened?
Chief Medic: He is dead.
G.C: What?
Femi: Damn it! Aah!
Chief Medic: Keep calm, all of you should stay calm so as not to cause
any commotion. Only the two of you and the ward know. We have to
inform the surving council members first.
The chief Medic said this as Femi and the G.C felt so down.
Femi: Okay, we got you.
Over at Abdulrasaq's house he stopped and looked at the sky when he
was going inside to meet the swordmen.
Abdulrasaq: Hmm.
Nnenna: Is anything wrong?
Abdulrasaq: Yes, but don't worry.
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Six (6)

The Quest For A New King

After the death of the king was made known to Femi and the G.C the
Kingdom Council members who survived the night were related to.
They immediately called a council meeting with the Chief Medic, Femi,
the G.C and the ward present in attendance.
The meeting was presided by the most high ranking council member alive, Matthew.
Matthew: I have called this meeting now because the situation is an
emergency. With no king to rule our kingdom can be an easy prey to the
neighbouring kingdoms as we haven't only lost our king but thousands
of our swordmen.
We must take an immediate stand. Any good suggestion might be considered.
Akpan: (He is a member of the council) I suggest the council should be
in charge until we select a new king.
Femi: Yes, Lord Akpan is right. The council should be in charge while
we shall send for the three children of the kings, Abiola, Chika and
Matthew: Good, I believe they are in the kingdom of Oduduwa.
Femi: Yes, they seem to like the kingdom so much but we shall try our
best to bring them home.
Matthew: Now, select some swordmen and seek the three heirs of the
throne. Be careful on how you relate the news to them.
G.C: My lord, shall I carry out this task? I want to because I like
the deceased king, he is like a father to me so I think it is my
responsibility to guide his children.
Mathew: Hmm, I hereby appoint you to lead the party and bring the
three heirs of the kingdom home.
G.C: Yes my lord.
Matthew: Femi we place the kingdom military in your hands now.
Femi: Yes my lord.
Matthew: Finally, for the time being this is just between everyone in
this room.
The meeting closed.
(At Abdulrasaq's Home)
After Abdulrasaq had felt that the king was dead and was about going
in to meet the swordmen Kanu called.
Kanu: Sir, did you sense the bad news?
Abdulrasaq: Yes I did.
Kanu: Hmm, we are running out of time.
Nnenna: Is it someone of great importance?
Abdulrasaq: Yes, Let's go inside and meet the children, we don't want
to spoil their mood.
Nnenna: Yes.
Abdulrasaq: Kanu, go to the kingdom and see how things are going.
Kanu: Yes sir.
(At Emeka's House)
The great wizard had sensed the king's death.
Emeka: So the king is dead, even if the heirs comes back it will take
a while before they will do anything to get the kingdom ready for any
I must do what I have to do, I will be heading to Abdulrasaq's place tomorrow.
(At Abdulrasaq's Home)
Abdulrasaq and Nnenna joined the six swordmen.
Nnenna: I hope you all enjoyed your food?
Temi: Sure, it was delicious.
Nnenna: That's good to hear.
Abdulrasaq: (Coughs) You all have to eat well so that you can fight
what is ahead.
Timo: Fight what is ahead?
Abdulrasaq: Yes, you all have to become stronger in other to stand a
chance against the witches force.
Timo: Become stronger? That sounds nice but the witches are so powerful.
Abdulrasaq: I know, but if you train harder you will get stronger and powerful.
Temi: The kingdom is in disarray, where are we going to train?
Abdulrasaq: I can train you all here.
Temi: Really?
Abdulrasaq: Yes, we can start tomorrow.
Ebuka: Hahaha, I will get stronger and become the strongest swordman
in the whole kingdom and hold the same position as Femi.
Timo: That will only happen if you stop eating too much.

Ebuka: Hah, see who's talking.
Clinton: By the way dad, I had a sensation that someone great just died.
Abdulrasaq: (Suprised) Really?
Clinton: Yea.
Abdulrasaq: Kanu will check it out.
Ebuka: Someone great? It must be the king.
Aisha: Idiot, keep your mouth shut.
Abdulrasaq: Enjoy yourselves (he left).
(At Witches Palace)
The witches also sensed that the king had died since they got little
of their powers back.
Witch Bola: Sisters did you all sense it?
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, yes. At least one kingdom is out of the way.
Witch Kitana: What a pity, we should have dealt with him ourselves.
Witch Catherine: Hahahahahahahahaha, very good. Very good. Atleast we
won't have to waste our time on that weakling.
Witch Bola: Ngozi, Kitana, Sandra, Catherine, Rose and Haruna in one
week time in the human world we will regain our full powers and give
the first strike.
Witch Kitana: Yes, enjoyment on the way.
Witch Catherine: I can't wait any longer, let the day come sooner.
Witch Ngozi: What if they have a new king before then?
Witch Bola: We will crush the new king!! So sisters, let's get ready
for war as we will awaken our lost sisters. Hahahaha.
They all laughed.
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Episode Seven (7)

The Evil Plan

The General Commander of Alimadu kingdom swordmen selected twenty
among the the surviving swordmen as they headed for the kingdom of
Oduduwa to bring the three heirs of the kingdom's throne back.
The all said their oath to protect the kingdom as they left for their journey.
Christopher (the six swordmen mentor) was walking in one of the
gardens in the kingdom when he heard some noises. He quietly went
nearer to where the noise was coming from.
He saw Okoro (one of the surviving council member) as he was talking
to a group of 7 men Christopher had never seen before.
Elder Okoro: The General Commander has left for the kingdom of Oduduwa
with just twenty swordmen. We should be expecting them back in 7 days.
You have to ambush them on the 6th day, by then they must have reached
the Ali shrine. Just target the three heirs and move out.
Pharoah: (Pharoah was the head of the 7 assasins) The job will be done
sir and your son Chima will have the throne of the kingdom, and from
there you can rule the kingdom in your own way.
Okoro: That is assuring, I will be expecting the goodnews, prepare
yourselves for the day. The death of those three is the beginning of
my kingdom.
Pharoah: We will be on our way now.
Okoro: Okay.
Elder Okoro and the assasins left as Christopher opened his mouth in shock.
He couldn't believe that elder Okoro could ever have that evil intent
as he was the gentleman among everyone in the council (so he
There was no one he would say this to that will believe him.
Christopher: I will have to do this myself.
Christopher went off searching for where he could see the six swordmen
so they could team up and bring down the evil plan.
Elder Okoro knew that if the three heirs were gone the council would
have no choice than to recommend his son.
( At Elder Okoro's Home )
Elder Okoro lived at the southern part of the kingdom and so he wasn't
in anyway affected by what happened that dreadful night.
Elder Okoro: Chima.
Chima: (Came out to meet his father) I'm here father.
Elder Okoro: All the plans about you being the next king has been set,
in 6 days time we shall be victorious.
Chima: That's my father, but you know. You will be the one ruling the
kingdom through me.
Elder Okoro: Yes, I know but without you the plan will never be successful.
Chima: 6 days from today you say, I shall wait here as the news of
victory sweeten my ears.
Elder Okoro: That's my son.
( The 2nd Day Of The Travel )
Christopher had searched everywhere in the kingdom for the six
swordmen but they were not in the kingdom, he decided to take a piece
of Ebuka's cloth and gave it to his dog Jumbo in order to sniff out
where the swordmen could be.
( In The Kingdom Of Oduduwa)
Abiola, Ike and Chika were both enjoying themselves in a beach in the
capital of the kingdom.
Abiola was 27, Ike 23 and Chika 19. The three of them loved the
kingdom of Oduduwa more than theirs. They had been in the kingdom for
the past four years and were treated by the king of the kingdom Amosun
as royal guests.
Chika: We heard what happened to our kingdom few days ago, do you
think our old man is okay?
Abiola: Don't worry about the old man, he must be relaxing under a tree just now.

Ike: Or maybe having a massage from hot girls.
Chika: Hmm, I just wish he is okay.
Abiola: If you are so worried about him why don't you go over to the
kingdom. And from what I heared he brought the destruction of the
kingdom because of his own greed.
Ike: I never knew our old man was that bad, he sacrificed his kingdom
just for the sake of a single treasure. So bad.
Abiola: And beside, who wants to go to a kingdom in ruins?
Ike: No one.
Chika: You two should just shut up. I wonder why the kingdom of
Oduduwa didn't send relieve materials to our kingdom.
Abiola: It's simple, no kingdom wants to anger the witches. Also, our
old man behaviour of sacrificing his kingdom just because of a single
treasure is a disgrace to the other kings.
Chika: I see, let's hope for the best. I will be going over there next
month, by that time things would have gotten back to normal.
Abiola: Okay, greet the old man for us when you go because I wouldn't
be there to bid you farewell when you would be leaving.
Chika: Who needs your farewell? The kingdom must have changed by now.
Ike: Keep dreaming, I know it is just the same old kingdom.
Christopher continued his search as his dog Jumbo led him to the forest.
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Episode Eight (8)

The Great Wizard Appears

Christopher continued his search with his dog Jumbo on the 2nd day
since the G.C and the twenty swordmen left for the kingdom of Oduduwa.
He had to find Clinton and the others so they could help stop the evil
plan of Elder Okoro and his son Chima.
( At Abdulrasaq's Home )
The six swordmen were all ready for the day training as being promised
by the great Abdulrasaq.
Ebuka: I'm going to get stronger and be great as Clinton's father and
the chief swordman.
Timo: Come on Ebuka, you have to stop dreaming. It's daytime already.
Ebuka: You are calling that just a dream? Just you watch I will prove
myself to everyone in the entire kingdom.
Timo: (Laughs) Yes, you will prove to them in an eating contest.
Ebuka: Huh, don't worry. Just you wait.
Clinton: I believe in Ebuka, with hardwork he can make his dream
become a reality. As a friend you should also give him support so he
will be able to achieve that.
Timo: Yea, I know. I was just joking you know.
Boyo: That's good to hear.
Temi: I myself also want to be the strongest woman in the entire kingdom.
Aisha: You go yourself a challenger which is me.
Clinton: Hmm, titles and achievements. I just want the world to be at peace.
Boyo: Me too. That's no need for me to get worried over mere titles.
Temi: Well, the two of you are kind of alike.
Clinton: You can say so, Temi.
The great Abdulrasaq came out with Nnenna and Kanu.
Kanu had come back from the kingdom and had briefed Abdulrasaq about
everything he observed.
Abdulrasaq: Good morning swordmen.
All: Morning sir.
Abdulrasaq: I can see that you all are ready for training.
Ebuka: Yes, sure we are ready.
Abdulrasaq: The first thing you all have to do is to draw out your
true sword powers.
Ebuka: True sword powers?
Abdulrasaq: Yes. Only few people over many centuries have been able to
do that. Sometime the powers just come to you.
Boyo: Can you please explain, sir?
Abdulrasaq: Yes, for example my son true sword powers are that of a dragon!
Ebuka: Wow! I wonder what mine will be.
Timo: Maybe a tortise.
Everyone laughed as Timo said that.
Abdulrasaq: You all have to sit down like the monks of ancient Asia
and meditate, think only about your sword. Meditate and send all your
thoughts to your sword. Let me show you.
Mr. Abdulrasaq sat like a monk and meditated for a while and then a
dragon appeared and the others were amazed.
Ebuka: This is really amazing.
Timo: Mine should better be something great and wonderful.
Abdulrasaq stood up and made the dragon to disappear.
Abdulrasaq: Now you all will have to do the same thing and your real
powers will appear, though you wouldn't be able to master them
immediately. It will take you all time and steady meditation.
Boyo: Hmm, that's good. Atleast now we will stand a chance against
those evil witches.
Abdulrasaq: Yes, that's right.
Immediately there was lightening in the sky and the great wizard Emeka
The swordmen were all afraid.
Abdulrasaq: Welcome my dear friend.
Emeka: Thank you, it seems you all are in the middle of a talk.
Abdulrasaq: Actually, I wanted them to meditate and draw out their true powers.

Emeka: I see, maybe I can help out but it's going to take a while for
them to fully master their true powers.
Ebuka: Who's this guy?
Abdulrasaq: Oh, he is Emeka the great wizard. He is the major key
player to our victory at the war twenty one years ago.
Ebuka: Wow, it's nice to meet you sir.
Emeka: Just what I wanted, we have to get ready and strike the first
offensive blow against the witches.
Ebuka: Yes.
Meanwhile back at the kingdom of Alimadu the chief swordman Femi was
doing a good work, he was bringing the people back to order.
Femi: Very soon the kingdom will be great again.
Elder Okoro met Femi.
Okoro: Hello Chief.
Femi: My lord.
Okoro: You are doing a very nice job, the people of the kingdom have
started rebuilding their homes. You are worthy to be a king, don't you
think so.
Femi: Maybe in the next world, because right here in this world my
duty is to serve the kingdom and it's people.
Okoro: Well, very soon a new breeze will blow in this kingdom.
Femi: What do you mean sir?
Okoro: Don't worry, you will find out soon.
Elder Okoro left and Femi wondered what he meant by a new breeze will
blow the kingdom.
Meanwhile Christopher and his dog Jumbo came across Abdulrasaq's house
in the forest and his dog ran toward there.
Christopher: This must be it.
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Episode Nine (9)

The Shocking News

Christopher and his dog Jumbo found Abdulrasaq's house in the middle
of the forest so he guessed that Clinton and the others were there.
Christopher: Hmm, who could have built this here? Have my students
been keeping this secret from me all this time? Well I have to go
inside and find out
Meanwhile the great wizard Emeka and Abdulrasaq was about to start
training the swordsmen.
Temi: I have a question sir Abdulrasaq.
Abdulrasaq: Okay, ask your question.
Temi: The dragon flame blade belonged to you before and you have now
passed it down to Clinton. How are you still able to summon a dragon?
Abdulrasaq: The dragon flame blade only chooses those who their true
powers are that of a dragon. So naturally my true powers were that of
a dragon before the blade choosed. Only if someone who has the power
of a dragon and a strong will to control it, then will he be choosen
by the dragon flame blade to wield it.
Temi: I understand now. Thank you sir.
Abdulrasaq: Okay.
Ebuka: I can't just wait to see what my true powers are.
Abdulrasaq: That's why you need to train.
Ebuka: Yes, I got that sir.
Emeka: Someone is here.
Abdulrasaq: I see.
Clinton: Who's it?
Abdulrasaq: Your teacher.
They all turned back and saw Christopher.
Christopher was suprised at the new faces he saw. He said to himself
"they must be the owner of this mansion".
Christopher: Hi.
Clinton: Hello sir.
Abdulrasaq: Welcome young man.
Christopher: Thank you sir. I just....
Abdulrasaq: I know, you were looking for your students. May I ask what
could have made you look for your students all the way down here?
Christopher: There's a badnews.
Abdulrasaq: Hmm, can we hear it?
Christopher: Firstly I don't know if I can say it with a few strange
faces with me. What I mean is that....
Abdulrasaq: You don't know whether the strange faces here are for the
good or bad.
Christopher: Exactly sir.
Clinton: You don't have to worry sir. He's my father.
Christopher: Your father? Your father is alive?
Clinton: Yes.
Abdulrasaq: Why don't our guest relax for a while before he delivers
his message. Nnenna give him something to chill with.
Nnenna: Yes my king.
Nnenna went inside the house to bring a drink for Christopher while
the rest of the swordsmen waited with their teacher.
(The G.C And The Twenty Swordsmen)
It was the second day since the G.C and the twenty swordsmen left for
the kingdom of Oduduwa. They have passed a few towns and little
villages, they had also fought with some bandits on their way without
suffering any casualty.
G.C: Men I have something to say. In every kingdom not everyone is
satisfied with how a king rules, they will always wait for any little
opportunity to take actions that will make the kingdom suffer.
Swordsman1: We know that sir, but we don't get what you are trying to say.
G.C: All I'm trying to say is that there may be some forces in this
kingdom who don't want us to succeed in our mission.
Swordsman1: Who do you think is capable of that?
G.C: I don't know, but we all must be at alert. We shall succeed in
this mission. I believe that they we attack when we are coming back
with the three heirs to the throne. So swordsmen of Alimadu kingdom we
shall stand together and eliminate every enemy of our kingdom.
All: Yes sir!

Their morale was raised as the G.C and the twenty swordmen were ever
ready to defend the kingdom whenever.
(At Abdulrasaq's Home)
Christopher had relaxed for quite a little time.
Abdulrasaq: Well the you can tell us the badnews now, we are ready to hear it.
Christopher: The three heirs of the throne lives are in danger.
Clinton: What?
Christopher: Some assasins will be targeting them when they will be
coming back with the G.C and his team on the 6th day of their journey
at the Ali shrine.
Abdulrasaq: Hmm, that's bad. Do you know who's behind this?
Christopher: It's Elder Okoro.
Abdulrasaq: That old fellow.
Kanu: That explains the strange faces I saw I at his home.
Ebuka: We have to do something.
Abdulrasaq: So Christopher, you want to join forces with your students?
Christopher: Yes.
Abdulrasaq: Since this is the 2nd day of their journey why don't we
all train together today, the 3rd and the 4th day.
Christopher: Yes sir... I appreciate....
Abdulrasaq: Well as you are now involved in the training I have to
introduce myself. I am Abdulrasaq........
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Episode Ten (10)

Christopher And His Hero

Meanwhile in Alimadu kingdom even though Femi have managed to calm the
people down and discouraged them from protesting, they were still
suspicious of why the king hadn't spoken since the night's incident.
Person 1: I wonder why the king hadn't said anything since that night.
Person 2: It must be because he haven't recovered yet from the shock.
Person 3: Maybe he was also affected that night.
Person 1: Hmm, maybe. He should have atleast spoken by now.
Person 2: Are you saying something bad must have happened.
Person 1: Yes, even the chief swordsman of the kingdom haven't said
anything concerning the king.
Person 2: Hmm.
Person 3: Well we should all hope for the best, our kingdom needs a
king in this bad moment.
Person 1: Yes, it's best for us to wait.
(At Abdulrasaq's Home )
Christopher was suprised when he heared that the person standing
before him was the great Abdulrasaq, he have read about him alot and
the big role he played in ending the great war against the witches. He
didn't even thought that the great Abdulrasaq was still alive.
Christopher have always hoped to be like the great Abdulrasaq.
And here was he standing before his hero.
Abdulrasaq: Is anything the problem?
Christopher: Are you really the great Abdulrasaq?
Ebuka: Yes, he is.
Christopher: I'm very glad to meet you sir, I have read many books
about you and I never thought there would be a day the both of us
would cross paths.
Temi: Sir you must be a fan.
Abdulrasaq: You never dreamt we would cross paths, huh? Well here you
are and fate has brought us together.
Christopher: Yes sir.
Kanu: I am Kanu, his right hand man.
Christopher: Nice to meet you.
Emeka: And I am Emeka the great wizard.
Christopher: You too? Fate has shined it's bright light in my life.
Boyo: Sir, you are acting like a teen.
Christopher: Really? This is how one feels when he meets his heroes.
Boyo: Hmm, I got that.
Abdulrasaq: Well Chris the first step of this training is drawing out
the true powers of your sword.
Christopher: The true power of my sword?
Abdulrasaq: Actually it is your true power but you have a bond with
your sword, every swordsman have a bond with their swords. That's why
the law of the swordsmen said that a sword is irreplaceable, if any
swordsman misplace his sword he shall be stripped of his position and
will never be a swordsman until he finds his sword again.
Christopher: Okay, I get it now. Just like partners.
Abdulrasaq: Good, I will tell you all about the history of the swords
we all carry, how they were made. That will be later, for now let's
concentrate on this training so that the three heirs of the throne can
be saved.
Ebuka: If we save them our names shall be written as heroes! Bring it on!
Abdulrasaq: Okay, here we go!
( At The Witches Palace )
The witches were playing cards games.
Witch Ngozi: I always win.
Witch Haruna: You were just lucky those times.
Witch Ngozi: Lucky or not, I won the game.
Witch Bola: You all seem to be in a good mood today.
Witch Catherine: Yes, that's because very soon we will be free from this place.
Witch Bola: Well, I was expecting that.
Witch Ngozi: So have you sensed anything new.
Witch Bola: Not really, it seems someone high in the ranks has an evil
intention in the kingdom of Alimadu.
Witch Ngozi: Hmm, who ever that is this must be his perfect time.
Witch Bola: Yes. Hmm.
Witch Ngozi: Is anything the problem?
Witch Bola: No. I'm just thinking maybe that cursed tribe will come
out of the dark this time.
Witch Ngozi: Oh! You mean the cursed tribe that were the heroes of the
war in the dark?
Witch Bola: Yes, how shameful it is for Adulrasaq to even take the
glory of the cursed tribe.
Witch Kitana: Well, they helped Abdulrasaq because he is one of them.
Witch Bola: Yes, Abdulrasaq has alot to tell his son.
Witch Kitana: Hmm, many people lives in this world with many secrets
they don't want anyone to know.
Witch Bola: Yes, what baffles me is that even the king of Alimadu
kingdom then and the one after him didn't know where Abdulrasaq origin
Witch Catherine: It's seems somethings are better not told.
Witch Bola: His son Clinton is also from the cursed tribe but has
never been to his real home, I wonder how the poor child will feel
when he learns the truth.
Witch Ngozi: Hahahahahaha.
Witch Bola: For now let's see how things will go at the kingdom.
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Episode Eleven (11)

The Best Four

Christopher joined the rest of the swordsmen in the training to awaken
their true powers.
Ebuka: As our teacher sir, I think your powers will be greater than ours.
Christopher: Hmm, well sure. You need to know something, a teacher
wishes for his student to be greater. For now I think mine will be
Clinton: Hmm.
Christopher: Is there anything Clinton?
Clinton: Hmm, not really. I was just thinking, since you are so good
with dogs your powers might be that of a dog.
Christopher: (Laughs) And what powers do you think a dog has?
Clinton: Well, I think stamina, tracking down enemies with their scent
and tearing down enemies with no mercy.
Christopher: Other animals can do that you know.
Ebuka: I think maybe Clinton is missing something.
Christopher: And what do you think he is missing?
Ebuka: I don't know how this will sound.
Christopher: Come on, just say it.
Ebuka: Well, the thing is that dogs eat faeces....
Christopher: Do you mean your teacher will be eating faeces too?
Ebuka: No, not really.
Boyo: We better get started with the training.
Clinton: Yes.
Emeka: Alright, let's begin.
(The Cursed Tribe Kingdom)
The kingdom is beautiful with all the glory of nature but there was a
barrier which separated them from the rest of the world kingdoms. In
the next episode I will talk about the Cursed Tribe.
The four best teen warriors of the Cursed Tribe, Boss, Moon, Dokubo
and Nkiruka were at the top of a mountain in the kingdom. Boss and
Dokubo are males while Moon and Nkiruka are females.
Boss: Dokubo.
Dokubo: Yea.
Boss: What do you think about Lord Abdulrasaq's son?
Dokubo: Nothing really, he's still weak.
Nkiruka: You two are at it again talking about how weak someone is.
Boss: It's none of your business big boobs!
Nkiruka: What does my boobs have to do with this?
Boss: Just keep your mouth shut when I'm talking to the big guy.
Dokubo: Boss, you like playing with this girls.
Nkiruka: He's a man ofcourse, he needs to admire gorgeous women with
great assets like me.
Dokubo: I don't care about that, I only care about my duty as a warrior.
Moon: Nkirukaa...
Nkiruka: What's moon?
Moon: It has just been three days since you and Dokubo were tagged
together, it seems you two are not really getting along.
Nkiruka: Do you blame me?
Boss: You talk too much and Dokubo is just a cool guy.
Moon: Boss, you might be my tag mate but you don't have to interfere
when two hot girls are talking.
Boss: Nkiruka interfered when two big girls were talking, and did you
just say hot (looks at Moon's boobs which were just average compared
to Nkiruka's)?
Moon: Yes, and why are you looking at my boobs?
Nkiruka: Hmm, he's just a naughty boy.
Boss: And you two are spoilt brats.
Dokubo: You are all disturbing the peace of nature with your boobs
talk. Real warriors thinks about how to overcome their next challenge
and remember the war will soon start.
Nkiruka: I know that, I don't need you to lecture me.
Boss: All the big guy is saying is that your boobs wouldn't help us win the war.
Nkiruka: Idiot!
Dokubo: I'm out of here, I must train so that Lord Abdulrasaq's son
wouldn't be greater than me. My name shall be written as the saviour
of mankind, and generations unborn will hold my name holy. (He left).

Moon: Nkiruka, how are you going to get along with him?
Nkiruka: I will try my best.
Boss: Well, I can't stay here and listen to you ladies talk nonsense.
I have to train with the big guy (He ran).
Moon: Who needs a pervert around her?
Nkiruka: He's a pervert? What a boy?
Moon: Yes, since we all graduated as the best teen warriors and lived
together for the past three days Boss have been watching you when you
have your bath.
Nkiruka: What? And you didn't tell me? You are a lady too.
Moon: Yes, I'm a lady but we made a deal.
Nkiruka: Damn you! So what's the crazy deal?
Moon: He promised to tell Dokubo how I feel about him.
Nkiruka: What? So you have feelings for that guy who care about
nothing but the way of a warrior.
Moon: You are so blind, Boss has something for you. He wished you were
both tagged together.
Nkiruka: I'm out of here!
Moon: Hmm, you will both get used to each other.
Nkiruka: Never! (She left).
Moon: What a girl, I wish my Dokubo will take a look at me when I have my bath.
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Twelve (12)

The Cursed Tribe

I hope you guys remembered when I said the next episode of this season
is going to be about the Cursed Tribe.
I'm fulfilling my promise fans, I'm also sorry for the long delay.
The history of the cursed tribe dates back to five centuries ago.
When witches, dwarfs and humans lived together in harmony.
During the time of peace there was a rule, the rule was broken and
that was what lead to the existence of the cursed tribe.
The rule was that no human was to marry a witch, it was a rule made by
the witches and wizards and also agreed by every other kings in other
Ancient Asia was still in existence during those time of peace and
harmony. The law was respected untill five centuries ago.
A human warrior named Adamu fell in love with a witch called Risikat.
Their love affair was kept a secret until three months later when
Risikat became pregnant.
The witches were angered when the news got to them, they held a
meeting which all the kings attended.
Meanwhile, while the meeting was being held Adamu and Risikat fled to
Ancient Asia.
They fled to a monastry owned by a monk named Izu, the monk knew what
happened and vowed to save them. Asia had no king five centuries ago.
At the meeting held by the witches and the world kings it was agreed
that Adamu and Risikat should both be eliminated.
Witches, dwarfs and humans went over to Ancient Asia and demanded they
bring Adamu out for them but Izu said he would protect them with his
own life.
People all over Ancient Asia also agreed with Izu saying that Adamu
and Risikat lives shouldn't be taken because it was love that bonded
them together.
All the world forces invaded Asia and almost wiped every living being in it.
Risikat saw that there was no way they could prevail, so she used her
magic to create a barrier near the kingdom of Alimadu and Oduduwa.
She escaped with Adamu and some of the monks into the land she created
the barrier.
The witches tried their best to find the barrier but they couldn't,
because it was as if no barrier ever existed. In fact it was the way
Risikat made the barrier to be using almost all her powers.
After the witches failed attempts to find the barrier they returned
back to their separate kingdoms.
The witches kingdom were 7, the great 7 kingdom of the witches shared
by them and the few wizards!
Back into the land separated from the rest of the world Risikat gave
birth to triplets, a boy and two girls.
Many years passed by and the children grew powerful with the power of
the great dragon Ekwensu deep inside of them.
Adamu's son married his two sisters so that they can grow and fill the land.
It wasn't until the dragon sword went missing and appeared at the
Cursed Tribe did the witches called an emergency meeting, the sword
was the greatest of all swords.
The witches panicked at the meeting, their fears were confirmed. The
head witch knew that the sword was inside the barrier because it
couldn't be found anywhere.
Head Witch: Damn that Adamu and Risikat! Their descendants shall be
called the Curse Tribe! A human caused this, so therefore from today we are enemies with the humans.

From that day the witches became enemies with the human race.
Deep within the witch kingdom were a minority group called the white
witches, they were witches which don't practise dark arts. They fled
the 7 kingdoms of the witches after the Head witch declared humans
their enemies.
Centuries passed and the cursed tribe grew so large and they were now
grouped family by family, their history was passed down from
generation to generation.
Meanwhile humans and witches had problems leading to little fights but
the fight escalated 25 years ago, the dwarfs were almost in extinction
with just 17 of them alive because the witches massacred them all.
The cursed tribe had already sent someone "Abdulrasaq" to help the
humans win the war. Abdulrasaq with the dragon flame blade and also
with the help of his new found friend the great wizard Emeka ended the
great war!
Abdulrasaq decided to live permanently with the rest of the world, but
he made his whearabouts unknown five years after the war.
This is just the brief history of the Cursed Tribe.
Expect the next episode as the story continues.
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Thirteen

Training Begins

The training to reveal the true powers of their swords by the
swordsmen began. The six swordsmen were being joined by their teach
Christopher who came along side his dog Jumbo.
Abdulrasaq: Meditate and channel all your concentration to the swords.
Emeka: If you feel like you are getting weak you should stop.
The swordsmen all channeled their concentration to their swords as
they meditated.
It was still the second day since the G.C and the other twenty
swordsmen left for the kingdom of Oduduwa. Clinton and his friends
just have three days to prepare in order to stop the evil plan against
the heirs of the throne from happening.
Back home rebuilding of houses and other infrastructures caused by the
deadly night attack was going on.
Femi: Well well well, in just a matter of time the kingdom will be
back to the way it was.
Though the residents were suspicious about the absence of the king
they were still optimistic that all was well with him, because
normally when something bad happens the king always addresses them.
<< At The Witches Place >>
The witches were also playing card games just as they were doing before.
Witch Bola: Don't you all have anything better to do?
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, right now there's nothing better. Untill we get
our powers back.
Witch Bola: Hmm.
Witch Haruna: Is anything the matter your highness?
Witch Bola: Nothing really, I was just thinking about what will be the
use of the boy (Apha) after we get our powers back?
Witch Haruna: I thought we have already talked about it?
Witch Bola: Yes, but there is a problem. The great wizard Emeka could
be with the others and he will immediately sense that the boy is under
our control.
Witch Haruna: Hmm, you are right! Damn that old fool!
Witch Bola: Any suggestions my sisters?
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, hahahaha. Why don't we make the boy our first
feast after getting back our powers.
Witch Bola: Bravo! Good idea!
Witch Catherine: I bet the boy will be so yummy.
Witch Bola: So my sisters, enjoy yourselves.
The witches continued with their cards game as the head witch Bola
smiled as she sat on her chair.
<< At The Dwarves Location >>
The dwarves camped in the forest close to the realm of the white
witches. They returned there after dealing with the giant evil bat.
Voski: We really need to get ready for the war that will start very soon.
Boski: Yes, this time we are going to show the witches that they can't
kill our kind and get away with it.
Doski: Yes, this time it's for our people!
Voski: Good. You should know only seven of us will take part in the
war, you all know why.
Doski: Yes, we do.
Kero: Please boss Voski let me be part of those who will be part of the war.
Voski: Ofcourse you shall be among us.
Kero: Thank you very much sir.
Voski: It's all my pleasure.
Boski: The kingdom must be getting rebuilt by now.
Voski: Yes, but the people doesn't know that their king is gone for good.
Boski: Yea. And what about that Abdulrasaq's boy? What could he be
doing right now?
Voski: I think he would be training probably, you know Abdulrasaq knew
he had to get his boy ready.
Boski: Yea. Sure.

<< Back At Abdulrasaq's Home >>
The swordsmen were training and they all felt weak and stopped except
their teacher Christopher.
Clinton: Our teacher is really a strong one.
Ebuka: Yes, just look at the way he is concentrating.
Boyo: Well, he's our teacher after all.
Timo: Sure he is.
Temi: Did any one of you see anything while meditating?
The boys: No we didn't.
Aisha: I did.
Temi: Good, I also saw something.
Clinton: So what did you two see?
Temi: Secret! You boys just better concentrate better.
Clinton: So it's a secret huh?
Timo: And girls vs boys?
Boyo: Don't worry ours we be super cool.
Ebuka: I bet they saw something not edible, hahaha.
Aisha: What a guy, we are not talking about food here.
Ebuka: We will keep ours secret too.
Christopher was disturbed with their noise that he couldn't meditate further.
Christopher: You idiots! I can no longer concentrate because of your
nonsense talks!
Temi: Oh oh, I think we just did something bad.
Timo: Well it was all your fault.
Temi: What?
The great wizard had signalled Abdulrasaq that they both should go
inside, Abdul knew it has to be something serious.
Abdulrasaq: My friend, it must be something serious that you didn't
want to say in front of the kids.
Emeka: Yes, it's something serious.
Abdulrasaq: All right, let's talk.
Emeka: Clinton's friend Apha is still alive!
Abdulrasaq: What? Are you sure.
Emeka: Yes, but............
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Two
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Episode Fourteen (14)

A Mission To Save Apha

The great wizard Emeka had told Abdulrasaq that Apha was still alive
in the witches domain.
Abdulrasaq was suprised and at the same time happy.
Emeka: If he is not saved soon enough we will lose him forever.
Abdulrasaq: Soon enough? That's kind of to fast.
Emeka: Telling Clinton and the others wouldn't be a good idea.
Abdulrasaq: Sure it wouldn't be a good idea.
Emeka: So what are we going to do? We are certainly running out of time.
Abdulrasaq: I think I will ask my people for help.
Emeka: Really? That's good.
Abdulrasaq: I will be meeting with them somewhere else so that the
kids here wouldn't ask any questions.
Emeka: Yes, that's good.
Abdulrasaq brought his messenger pigeon and cast a spell on it, the
pigeon dissappeared immediately to Abdulrasaq's tribe with his
Before I forget, the name of the cursed tribe was the Dragon tribe.
The six swordsmen and their teacher were still talking outside.
Timo: You girls are keeping secrets from us.
Temi: What about that? You simple have to concentrate and you will get
to see what we saw.
Ebuka: I don't care anymore though, we men are stronger, very soon we
will get to see even more than you all saw.
Aisha: Keep dreaming, this is just a proof that we ladies are stronger.
Boyo: Well, it's just a matter of time.
Clinton: I was just thinking. This argument is getting us nowhere.
We have to resume training.
Christopher: Exactly! Your damn argument won't get you guys anywhere.
You all better shut up and get back to training.
Temi: Yea, I going with you on this one teacher.
Aisha: Yea, sure.
The six swordsmen all went back to their training.
<< In The White Witches Home >>
The white witches were outside playing with some of the fairies.
Lucy: Sisters, what do you think about the coming war?
Emily: The war huh? Bola and her group will be defeated once and for all.
Rosy: And the afterlife dimension will open so that they could be
where they ought to be.
Rachael: Oku' mmou (hellfire)!
Lucy: Yes, I hope Abdulrasaq's son got what it takes.
Rachael: Sure, the dwarves also have to get ready.
Lucy: You know, they are always ready.
Emily: (Smiles) Yes, they always are.
<< At The Dragon Tribe >>
The pigeon Abdulrasaq sent had delivered the message to the tribe's
chief warrior, Asari.
A messenger was sent to call the four best teen warriors, Dokubo,
Boss, Moon and Nkiruka.
Boss: Dokubo why do you think Asari is looking for us? That guy hardly
talks to us for the past three months.
Dokubo: He had always be busy, that's why.
Boss: Okay, so can you guess why we are being called now?
Dokubo: No idea.
Boss: I see, maybe he wants to congratulate us for the missions we
have completed.
Nkiruka: Oh! Boss will you stop!
Boss: Any problem big boobs?
Nkiruka: I appreciate you liking my boobs, but can you stop asking
nonsense questions till we get there?
Boss: Okay, if you say so.
Just then they got to where Asari said they should meet him.
Moon: We are here!
Dokubo: Yes.
Boss: And where is the old guy!
A man in his late thirties came out.
Asari: Who are you calling old? I look just like I was in my twenties.
Boss: Really?
Asari: Yes.
Nkiruka: Boss, you better stop asking any stupid questions.
Boss: Okay.
Moon: (Talks in her mind) Very soon the both of them (Boss and
Nkiruka) will definitely get along. I just hope my Dokubo feel the
same way I do.

Asari: (Coughs) You all must be wondering why you are being called here.
Boss: Sure.
Asari: Can you keep your mouth shut for a while?
Boss: I'm sorry.
Asari: This may come as a suprise to you all, but lord Abdulrasaq
needs your help in a task.
Dokubo: It will be an honour for me.
Boss: Hahaha, lord Abdulrasaq himself? It is so great.
Nkiruka: I think it's going to be an interesting task.
Moon: I think it would rather be a tough one.
Asari: Okay. It is a rescue mission in the witches castle.
Dokubo: Rescue mission? Who are we going to rescue?
Asari: A friend of his son.
Boss: Hmm, why can't his son and his friends do it?
Dokubo: It's simple, they are not yet strong enough.
Asari: Yes, they are not yet strong enough. The witches powers have
returned to them a little. So the four of you are the best for this.
Dokubo: Bring it on!
Boss: If the big guy (Dokubo) is okay with it, I'm too.
Nkiruka: I'm ready too.
Moon: Same here.
Asari: Alright, get ready for battle. You will be called back very soon.
Boss: No problem!
The four of them left.
Nkiruka: Why is it that none of us got scared when we heard the witches castle.
Boss: It's simple. The witches are still in a bad shape.
Moon: I guess that's it.
Dokubo: No. It's because we have been preparing for a day like this
for a very long time!!

I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.