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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Twenty Nine (29)

The Giant Dogs

The dwarfs and the six swordmen got excited when Clinton took down the
monument puppets with his Dragon Flame Blade, the witches had already
been made angry by that and they were on their way to meet the six
swordmen and the seventeen dwarfs.
Clinton walked over to where the rest of his comrades were, together
with the dwarfs.
Voski: Nice job Clinton.
Clinton: Thanks.
Temi: That was something sweet.
Aisha: And amazing.
Ebuka: Wha a nice sword you got.
Clinton: Yes, but I don't know how to use the powers yet. Those red
flames came out of nowhere, they just struck!
Voski: Yes, you will have to learn how to use the powers.
Clinton: I have no clue on how to learn the powers and even mastering them.
Voski: When we are done here you will meet who handed this sword over to you.
Clinton: Okay, thanks alot. You dwarfs tried, you bought us time. I
appreciate your help.
Kero: Hey, don't worry you can say that after we are done here.
Voski: Yes, Kero is right. We have to get the objective of this mission done.
Boyo: Let's go on.
Voski: The witches might be on their way, so we have to be fast and
take the evidence we need. Once we have the evidence our mission ends.
Temi: Good, we are almost there.
Voski: Yes, let's go inside the island.
Clinton: Wait, the archers should get ready. I and Boyo encountered
giant dogs when we first came here.
Ebuka: Giant dogs? Mahn this scary stuff again.
Voski: Okay, archers you heard him. We all have to move together so no
one will be left behind. Let's move in!
The dwarfs and the swordmen made their way inside the island.
The witches were already on their way to meet them, they could have
easily appeared to them but they hadn't goten their full powers yet.
Witch Bola: We will show them no mercy.
Witch Ngozi: Yes, none of them will be alive.
Witch Sandra: This is going to be fun, it has been a while. Petty
humans, we will pay them back for what they did.
Witch Catherine: Yes, especially the son of the great Abdulrasaq.
Witch Ngozi: I suggest we should deal with him personal and not with the others.
Witch Bola: We want no delay, we will deal with all of them together.
Witch Kitana: Let them have a little fun before we get there.
Witch Bola: What do you mea?.
Witch Kitana: Command your dogs to go after them, atleast that will
keep things interesting before we get there.
Witch Bola: Yes, you are right. (She waved her magic wand) I have set
them loose, atleast that will keep things interesting just like you
said Kitana.
They all laughed as they continued walking.
(Back To The Six Swordmen And The Seventeen Dwarfs)
They have already began their search but all in the same group, they
didn't want to leave anyone behind.
Ebuka: Clinton I thought you said there are giant dogs?
Clinton: Yes.
Ebuka: But we haven't seen any yet.
Temi: You should be happy, it's better we do this without any disturbance.
Boyo: Yes, but just as we continue our search the archers should be at
alert. The dogs could come from any direction.
Ebuka: Okay, got that.
Just then the island began changing, all the structures that were
crystals changed to wood. Everything just changed as it did the first
time when Apha, Boyo and Clinton had come to the island.
They all looked up to get what was going on.

Aisha: What on earth is happening?
Voski: I told you all that it was just an illusion.
Aisha: Yes.
Boyo: And it also means that the witches are nearby, the dogs could be
here any moment.
Ebuka: And I lost my sword!
They heard a noise of running animals, with the sound on the ground
the animals could be said to be huge. It was the giant dogs!
Voski: The giant dogs are already here, archers get ready! Also light
the arrows with fire.
The archers lighted their arrows with fire and waited for the dogs,
the dogs all jumped to pounce on the swordmen and the dwarfs but some
of them were brought down by the archers.
Voski: Let's fight!
Voski jumped up and stabbed one of the dogs in its eye, it bleed and ran away.
Voski: Get their eyes if you can't get their hearts!
The archers targeted the giants dogs in their eyes since they found it
hard to get their heart, Clinton thought this could be a good
opportunity to use the power of the sword.
Clinton: I think I should slaughter them.
Voski: No, we are done.
Clinton: Huh? (Clinton looked and saw that the dogs have been defeated
as the rest retreated). Oh great.
Voski: Yes we are done!
Witch Bola: Not so fast!
They all looked forward and saw the witches.
The other four swordmen got frightened.
Ebuka: Are those the witches?
Clinton: Yes.
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Thirty (30)

Mission Completed

After the defeat of the giant dogs, Voski and the rest moved ahead to
continue in their search for an evidence.
They made to move when the witches appeared in front of them, the
dwarfs showed no fear because they have fought with the witches
before. It could be different this time since the seven witches
standing in front of them were the strongest in the whole seven dark
kingdom of the witches.
The swordmen except Clinton and Boyo were frightened because it was
the first they had ever set their eyes on them.
The witches looked like normal humans with just their black robes,
witch hat and their magic wands. They had done an anti-aging ike
(power/jazz) even before the great war began.
Witch Bola: You all have come this far but the end is here for you all.
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, I will eat your flesh.
Aisha: Ahh, that's disgusting.
Witch Ngozi: What is disgusting? You petty human! You don't know
anything about power. The more we eat your fleshes the more we get
stronger, and live longer.
Aisha: Ahh! Your end will be one day.
Voski: Aisha, wait.
Witch Ngozi: And you dwarfs, you will all go extinct here.
Voski: I'm afraid that won't happen.
Witch Bola: Hahaha, what a dwarf. I know these two (points at Clinton
and Boyo) are looking for their friend.
He is already dead, we will eat him later or use him in our little plan.
Clinton: You all won't go away with this. We will avenge Apha!
Witch Bola: What a little human, just because you came from a great
family line doesn't mean you can defeat me. Even your father couldn't
defeat me.
Clinton was angry but Voski restrained him when he wanted to charge at
Witch Bola.
Temi: What is he talking about Clinton and his father?
Voski: Nothing, they are just deranged creatures.
Witch Bola: You call who deranged? It was you and your kind that
brought your end to yourself. Your kind wanted to join forces with the
humans but we silented you people in just one night.
Voski: You will pay for it one day, but not today.
Witch Bola: Hahaha, I can remember the looks on their (the killed
dwarfs) faces when we burnt and slaughtered them all.
Voski remembered the good times he had with his family, tears ran down
from his eyes.
He was almost crying but Kero patted him.
Kero: Boss, don't let this bring you down. We will get them one day.
Voski: Thank you, our mission is clear here.
Witch Kitana: I say we suck their blood.
Witch Bola: Maybe, I will go with you here.
Clinton whisphered to Boyo about the necklaces the white witches gave
them, he told him that it was about time they try it out.
Clinton: Suck whose blood?
Witch Kitana: Yours ofcourse.
Clinton: I think you will have a change of mind later.
Clinton signalled to Boyo to bring out his necklace from the cloth he
wore that hid it, the both of them brought it out and a great light
shined at the 7 dark witches.
The light only affected the 7 dark witches.
Witch Ngozi: What is this light?
Witch Kitana: My eyes, blood! Blood!
Witch Bola: It can't be! It must be Lucy. Let's run.
The witches ran staggering about.
Ebuka: Can't we kill them now.
Voski: No, they can't die so easily. Even if they hadn't got their
full powers yet, we might fall for one of their tricks.
Clinton: Okay, let's go and accomplish our mission.
Kero: Yes!

The seventeen dwarfs and the six swordmen walked deep into the island
looking for an evidence.
Temi: Clinton, I'm happy. We can now prove you and Boyo's innocence to the king.
Clinton: Yes, thank you Temi. I really appreciate.
Temi: It's nothing. What are friends for?
They all walked happily, all of them with smiles on their faces.
They walked across a ball of crystal, enough to be held by a hand. It
was a crystal eye.
Voski: I know this, this is enough to prove to the king.
Clinton: What's it?
Voski: Crystal eye of giant bats, that's all I know about it. Everyone
knew about the bats during the great war, even your king.
Clinton: That means our mission has come to an end here.
Voski: Yes!
Kero: Great all of you.
Voski: Let's get out of here!
They are reached the shore, Voski was the one with the crystal eye.
They entered the canoes and paddled, heading to the other side.
Clinton: We are done here.
Boyo: Yes.
Back in the island a creature opened it's eyes and only an eye showed
red light.
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Thirty One (31)

The Danger

The swordmen and the dwarfs were victorious in their mission, but
something seems to have happened.
A giant creature with just one eye showing a red light was awaken.
The six swordmen have been traveling toward the kingdom for a week,
they will soon be there any time sooner.
The dwarfs went to their separate path.
( At The White Witches Place)
Lucy: I sense evil.
Rosy: Me too sister.
Emily: Don't you think it has something to do with the crystal eye
Voski said they got.
Lucy: A giant bat eye, the evil one.
Rachael: Are you saying the bat must have be awaken.
Lucy: I think so.
Emily: That means trouble.
Lucy: Yes, trouble for Alimadu kingdom.
Emily: Only Alimadu kingdom?
Lucy: Yes, they only attack the people who takes something from them.
Unless their black witch mistress order them to attack others.
Emily: That means we have to tell the kingdom of Alimadu to take
precautions in case of any attack.
Lucy: Yes, the dwarfs will also go as a reinforcement.
Emily: The boy Clinton needs to master his powers soon.
Lucy: Yes, I will relate that to Emeka.
The six swordmen was almost at the gate of their kingdom, when the
dwarfs left Voski gave the crystal eye to Clinton.
Timo: Wo hu! We are almost home.
Temi: It has been a while.
Ebuka: Yes, I'm going to tell stories of how I fought monsters and beasts.
Timo: Hahaha, your sword broke. You couldn't strike a blow at the
monument puppets.
Ebuka: I can always get another sword.
Aisha: I forgot to buy flower when we passed the flower town.
Temi: Maybe next time.
Aisha: Yes.
Clinton: Temi, Aisha, Ebuka and Timo, I and Boyo really appreciate the
help you people offered us. It's nice to have you guys as comrades.
Boyo: Yes, really nice. We appreciate.
Ebuka: Come on, what are comrades for?
Temi: As long as you have us, we will always be there for you.
Clinton: Hmm, I got an idea.
Boyo: Let it out comrade.
Clinton: We should tell the king that the that the six of us wants to
work together as a separate squad.
Boyo: That's a great idea.
Ebuka: Sure.
Temi: That's great.
Aisha: Fine by me.
Timo: Me too.
Clinton: Okay, let's do it.
They passed through the gate, a lot of people saw them and started
jubilating. The palace was going to be filled with people that day,
people will be there to see if the boys were innocent or not.
(At Abdulrasaq's House)
Abdulrasaq in the front of his house staring at the beauty of nature.
Abdulrasaq: My son will be greater than me, he will conquer in every
battle. His name shall be written with the flames of the mighty Agbra
Just as he said that a guard of his came to see him.
Guard: Sir, you have a visitor.
Abdulrasaq: Who's it?
Guard: Kanu.
Abdulrasaq: That means the six swordmen are back, tell him that I will
be with him in a moment.
Guard: Yes sir.
Abdulrasaq smiled to the heavens and said "Clinton it is your time".
Abdulrasaq proceeded to meet Kanu in his living room. Kanu smiled as
he saw the great Abdulrasaq.
Kanu: Sir!
Abdulrasaq: Kanu, I know your visit means goodnews.
Kanu: Yes sir. They are back.
Abdulrasaq: You have to get Clinton here after they are done with the king.
Kanu: Yes sir.
The great wizard Emeka appeared.

Abdulrasaq: Emeka.
Emeka: My friend. There's a disturbing news.
Kanu: What?
Emeka: I and the white witches sensed evil, our suspicion will soon be
a reality.
Abdulrasaq: What's it?
Emeka: The giant bat whose crystal eye the swordmen collected will
attack the kingdom anytime soon.
Abdulrasaq: That's bad.
Emeka: Yes, we can only prevent that from happening if we send the
crystal to the waters.
Abdulrasaq: Then someone need to tell the king about the situation.
Kanu: I fear that the king will not let go of the crystal eye if he
gets it, I know him very well.
Emeka: That's bad, you just have to give it a try. The dwarfs are
already on their way as back up.
Abdulrasaq: Kanu you have to tell the king about this.
Kanu: Yes sir. (He left).
The great wizard also disappeared when Kanu left.
Abdulrasaq: I think this is just the beginning. The war will soon begin!
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Thirty Two (32)


(At The Dark Witches Place)
Witch Bola: Those stupid humans, they have brought doom to themselves.
We will watch from here and see how the miserable kingdom of Alimadu
will burn to ashes.
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, they were really stupid to take the crystal eye
of the giant evil bat.
Witch Bola: Hehehe, that is goodnews for us. After the giant bat is
done with Alimadu kingdom, we will give the kingdom the finishing
touch when we regain our powers.
Witch Kitana: Don't you think Emeka might interfere with this.
Witch Bola: That old fool, we will see how it goes.
Witch Kitana: Alright then I can't wait.
Witch Bola: Patience sisters.
The witches laughed as they waited for the expected destruction of
Alimadu kingdom.
It was already evening and a giant bat was on it way to the kingdom of Alimadu.
(Back At Alimadu Kingdom)
The king had first treated the six swordmen with a feast, that was the
perfect way to welcome such great swordmen.
King Chibueze: Now swordmen after you are done with your food, we will
head to the large opening at the front of the palace. There shall you
show the evidence to I and everyone.
Clinton: Yes sir.
After a while the six swordmen and the king accompanied by some guards
went over to the large opening in front of the palace, they stood on a
higher ground to be seen by all.
There were light torches all over the place, many people of the
kingdom were there.
King Chibueze: My people, today is the day these two here (pointing
at Clinton and Boyo) prove their innocence. Those who accompanied them
shall also tell their tale. Now Clinton where is the evidence?
Clinton: (Brings out the crystal eye which have suddenly turned red
shining over the place) Here it is.
The people of the kingdom were suprised as the intensity of the red
light from the crystal was great.
King Chibueze: Is that what I think it is?
Clinton: Yes my king.
King Chibueze: My people you have seen it for yourselves, we need to
brace up against any attack from the witches. However this is just the
first evidence, one of those who went with them should confirm.
Ebuka: It is true, witches still really exists. My sword broke when I
was fighting one of their puppets, we also travelled with the dwarfs.
One of the witches told us that Apha is dead.
King Chibueze: The dwarfs? So interesting. My people, haven gone this
far just to prove their innocence, I hereby pass my judgement. They
are innocent.
The six swordmen jubilated just at that moment the king declared the
two innocent, the people also cheered them up.
King Chibueze: Clinton give the evidence to one of my guard it will be
a part of our kingdom treasury.
Clinton gave the crystal eye to a guard who went inside the palace.
King Chibueze: Good, (turning to the six swordmen) do you people have
any favour to ask for?
Clinton: Yes.
King Chibueze: Say it.
Clinton: The six of us have agreed to be part of a separate squad together.
King Chibueze: It is done. Now you all can go and rest, come back
tommorow for the accreditation.
Clinton: Thank you sir.
The six swordmen left happily together, the people cheered them up.

Temi: We did it at last.
Clinton: Yes, you guys are wonderful.
Ebuka: It was quite an adventure, I feel more stronger now. I can take
on more dangerous enemies now.
Temi: Better get a new sword sooner.
Ebuka: Yes, I can't wait to tell those kids about the adventure.
Timo: I guess I will just stay on my own, reminiscing about the whole adventure.
Temi: I going to get a hot bath.
Aisha: Me too.
Boyo: I'm going to sleep like a baby.
Clinton: Oka, let's move on!
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Thirty Three (33)

The Danger Approaches

( At The Dwarf's Location )
The dwarfs have received words from the four white witches to get to
the kingdom of Alimadu as fast as they could, they are to provide back
up if the giant evil bat shows up.
The dwarfs were with horses this time.
Voski: I hope we make it there in time.
Boski: Yes, sure. We will make it.
Kero: (to Voski) Boss.
Voski: Yes.
Kero: Last time during the great war I didn't get to fight the bat,
but you did. So you must know a lot more about it.
Voski: The giant evil bats spits fire, I hope this one is not the white one.
Kero: A white giant bat?
Voski: Yes, it was created by the 7 dark witches during the great war.
We couldn't defeat it but the great wizard Emeka came to our aid, but
we don't know for sure whether it is really dead.
Kero: Oh wow, but Clinton has the Dragon Flame Blade. Maybe that will
help us if it's the white giant bat.
Voski: Yes, I hope so.
As Voski finish talking a giant shadow covered them in that night,
they looked up and it was the giant evil bat. This one was black.
Kero: (Amazed) Is that the....
Voski: Yes. And it's heading straight to the kingdom, we must hurry.
Kero: Yes, boss!
They kicked their horses as they rode faster, the giant evil bat had
already outrun them.
(At The King's Palace)
The king was in his palace, he was very happy because he got the
crystal eye. He wanted it in his own personal treasury but lied in
front of the people that it will be part of the kingdom's treasury.
King Chibueze: Guard, put that crystal ball eye in my personal treasury.
Guard: Sir....
King Chibueze: You heard me right.
Guard: Okay sir (He left).
King Chibueze: Now it belongs to me, what a treasure!
Another guard walked in and that brought the king out of the
imagination he was having when he instructed the other guard to keep
the crystal eye for him.
Guard: Sir you have a visitor.
King Chibueze: At this time? Who's he?
Guard: He said he is Kanu.
King Chibueze: Kanu? Let him in, it has been a while.
The guard left and brought in Kanu.
King Chibueze: Oh Kanu, it has been a very long time.
Kanu: Yes sir.
King Chibueze: So what brought you here today?
Kanu: Are you not happy to see an old friend?
King Chibueze: Not, it's just that....
Kanu: It's alright. It's about the crystal eye.
King Chibueze: What about it?
Kanu: Sir, you need to throw it to the waters or the kingdom will be
attacked by the giant bat who owns that eye.
King Chibueze: Hahaha, I thought you have no fear in you. One giant
bat wouldn't scare the whole kingdom of Alimadu.
Kanu: Imagine the harm it will do when it reaches the kingdom.
King Chibueze: Enough! You can go now.
Kanu: Okay sir (he left).
After Kanu left the king called one of his guard.
King Chibueze: Tell the commanders to keep watch in the sky and shoot
down any giant creature there.
Guard: Yes sir (he left).
King Chibueze: My treasure won't go anywhere (laughs).
Meanwhile Kanu went over to Clinton's house to tell him about the
incoming danger.
He knocked at the door and it was Clinton who opened it.
Clinton: Kanu it's you.
Kanu: Yes, you and your mother need to get out of here immediately.
Clinton: Why?

Kanu: A giant bat is going to attack the kingdom very soon.
Clinton: What?
Kanu: Yes, that crystal eye belongs to it.
Clinton: We need to tell the king.
Kanu: I have done that already, but he refused listening.
Clinton: This is bad, please can you wait? I have to tell my friends.
Kanu: Alright, be fast. Let your mother get things ready while you come back.
Clinton ran to look for the five other swordmen, fortunately for him
they too were on their way to meet him because their teacher sent for
He met them just a little distance from his home.
Clinton: Guys, we need to get out of here now!
Temi: Why?
Clinton: A giant bat is going to attack the kingdom, the crystal eye
belongs to the bat.
Boyo: Who told you that?
Clinton: A friend! Hurry let's leave.
Ebuka: Where are we going to run to?
Clinton: Just follow me.
Boyo: Our parents can take care of themselves.
Timo: Yes.
The five of the followed Clinton to his house, his mum and Kanu were
already ready.
They ran to the secret path, when they had almost goten out. They
heard fire! Fire! They looked up and saw a giant bat far in the sky at
the kingdom's gate.
Ebuka: Holy!
Kanu: Run!
They all followed Kanu.
Meanwhile the witches were watching the kingdom because the bat was there.
Witch Ngozi: Yes! Burn them all!
Witch Bola: Let the fire rain from hell!!

I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.