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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Fourteen (14)

The Captured Swordsmen

The fight was too much for the search party and Clinton and Boyo, so
Timo shouted to the men that ambushed the two boys that they had
Man1: What did you say?
Timo: I said we surrender.
Man1: Will you all agree to be be our slaves and have your lives spared?
Timo: (looks at others and they were afraid) Yes! We are ready to be
your slaves, (kneels down) just spare I and my comrades lives please.
Man1: Very well, we will take you people to our mining site where you
all will work everyday.
Boyo: Never! I will rather die than to be your slave.
Man2: Then you will die here, right now.
Clinton: Wait, don't listen to him. He is just angry, he hadn't lost a
first before.
Boyo: (to Clinton) Are you not a real swordman? A real swordman never
backs down and I will never back down.
Clinton: I understand you comrade but we have to stay alive, that's
our priority now. Remember the promise we made when we came out of
that island, it can only be fulfilled if we stay alive.
Boyo: (feeling sad) Thanks.
Man1: So well, what do you say?
Clinton: He have backed down.
Man1: Very well, let's tie you kids up first.
The men tied the swordmen with chains on their legs and on their
hands, Boyo was so angry with himself. He remembered when he promised
himself that he wouldn't lose any match, well he can't win a match if
The men were done with tying the boys.
Man1: Alright we will march to the mine, if anyone of you tries
anything funny you have to kiss yourself goodbye.
Temi: How soon are we going to be freed?
Man1: Freed? Did I hear you say freed? You all will work in the mine
till you die!
Ebuka: Oh lord.
Temi: Please we will give you all our money, we got many of them.
Man1: Keep your money to yourself, we have got many of it.
Timo: Oh God, is this how it's going to be?
Man1: Yes, it's going to take us two days to get to the mine. We will
camp in the forest at sunset.
Temi: Oh great! I wish I never came here.
Clinton: We never needed your help.
Temi: Huh? Does it look like I came for you?
Clinton: Whatever! We never needed your help, we were doing fine
before you people interfered.
Temi: Hmm, see who's talking. You couldn't even defeat a girl like me.
Clinton: Shut up! I don't want to hear about that again.
Temi: And what will you do kid?
Boyo: You two should stop it, it wouldn't help us right now.
Clinton: Right, just tell her to keep her mouth shut.
Timo: She wouldn't, I know her very well.
Boyo: Just calm down everyone, we just have to focus and then maybe we
can come up with something.
Sunset reached and the men ordered them to stop at an open spot, they
unlocked their chains and ordered them to build the camp. Some of the
men surrounded the place just in case anyone tries to escape, the
swordmen were made to set the fire and cook. They were made to taste
the food first before the other men ate it.
Night came and the swordmen gathered around a fire but were under
watch by the men, the expressions on many of their faces were like
that of someone who was faced with death.
Timo: Where's Apha?
Boyo: It's another story, we will talk about it later.
Temi: Do you mean he is...?
Clinton: He said we will talk about it later.
Temi: Clinton why do you behave this way towards me?

Clinton: It's because you are annoying!
Temi: Okay, I agree. Maybe we can settle our differences here.
Clinton: That will only be possible when pigs starts to fly.
Temi: We are both comrades and must be united.
Boyo: Temi you can't settle your differences here, maybe in another
place another time.
Temi: Alright then, another time.
The swordmen retired to sleep after much talks around the fire,
Clinton had a nightmare. He dreamt where he was tied at a tree and
Apha with the seven witches stabbed him, he woke up shouting. It was
morning now and the other swordmen woke up at the sound of his voice,
the other men turned toward his direction. Clinton was shaking
Temi: What's wrong?
Ebuka: It must be a nightmare, let him rest.
Clinton unknownly hugged Temi as he was looking for who to hold on to,
Temi smiled. When Clinton noticed it he didn't want to behave rude so
he thanked her. They all prepared and got ready to start moving.
Man1: We will take a shortcut and get to the mine this evening,
remember don't try anything funny.
The swordmen walked along with sad expressions on their faces.
Timo: We are doomed!
Ebuka: Oh mahn, we are as good as dead.
Temi: We don't even have an escape plan yet.
Clinton was still thinking about his hug with Temi, he felt warm with her.
They walked for sometime and an arrow from nowhere struck one of the
men and he died instantly.
Man1: Who's there?
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Fifteen (15)

The Dwarves Saves The Day

As the arrow from nowhere struck one of the men who held the swordmen
captive he died instantly, their leader asked who was there.
Man1: I ask again, who is there?
There was no response too but another arrow struck one of them also
and he died instantly.
Man1: It seems we have been ambushed by a rival mining site owners.
Man2: Then why are they playing hide and seek with us? They should
face us man to man.
Man3: We should have brought the shields.
Man1: Shut up! We didn't know we would run into this kind of trouble.
An arrow made for the leader of the men (Man1) but he managed to
slightly dodge it and it struck his right arm.
He screamed in pain. Two of his men came over to cover him and two
arrows struck them down.
Man1: Who are you people? Show yourselves! If you people are men
enough then show yourself.
He got no response.
Man4: Sir the arrows are coming from different directions, what are we
going to do now?
Man1: We have been ambushed. Now all of you should face to all
directions, the archers should also get ready to fire at my command.
(to the swordmen) Now you people should lie on the ground, you should
be safe because we need you people to work day and night at our mining
Timo: Yes sir!
The swordmen all lied down and closed their ears.
Clinton: I think we should escape now, it's our chance. We need to
take the risk or we might end up in the mine.
Timo: What? Do you want us dead? They will kill us if we try to run.
Boyo: This is an ambush and it is somehow impossible for this men to
win since they don't know which direction their enemy is coming from.
Temi: Yes, that's true. We just have to lie down here and see the way it goes.
Clinton: Boyo are you thinking what I'm thinking ?
Boyo: No what's it?
Clinton: Maybe it could be the necklaces that are working for us.
Boyo: Yes sure, it could be it.
Temi: What necklace?
Boyo: Some white witches gave I and Clinton two necklaces.
Timo: White what? I'm dead.
Temi: Hmm, I had thought witches are no more in this world.
Clinton: Let's keep calm and focus, the fight is yet about to start.
Temi: Oh yea.
Clinton: We should get ready to make use of our swords kept there
(points to their swords on the ground), we might be caught inside the
fight so we have to get ready to defend ourselves.
Boyo: Sure, that's a good idea.
Just as the leader of the men was about to shout fire to his archers
an arrow struck his neck and blood gushed out from his nose and mouth,
some of his men surrounded him and saw that they could do nothing to
help the situation.
Clinton: Oh yes their leader is down! This is to the rival advantage
because the men will be disorganized and wouldn't know who to receive
order from, they will just behave anyhow or they might even run away.
Temi: Well what if they run away? The other rival group could hold us
hostage too, I remember them saying they could be rival mine owners.
Timo: Then the situation would get messier.
Ebuka: Oh we are really doomed!
Boyo: I suggest we will fight back.
Clinton: Right!
Temi: Right!
Ebuka: Are you all crazy? We are going to die.
Clinton: Maybe or maybe not.

Just in a moment many arrows struck the men with their fallen leader
also, the rest of them ran away and also many arrows followed them and
some got killed while the lucky one's escaped.
The boys and the search party were still lieing down in suprise, they
didn't know what to do next.
Clinton: I think the worst is over.
Timo: What about the rival team?
Clinton: I think maybe we can talk to them.
Voski: Hey all of you stand up!
The swordmen stood up in fear with their eyes closed.
Voski: Open your eyes.
They opened their eyes , Clinton and Boyo saw Voski and happily called
his name, the others were shaking because they thought that dwarfs
were no more. They also saw dwarfs as relatives to witches.
Voski: (to Clinton and Boyo) Why are your friends shaking?
Clinton: Oh they see dwarfs as relatives to the witches and they
believed the story that your kind was no more.
Voski: Oh, I see. Well the white witches ordered I and my men to save
you guys. They said someone among you guys is special.
Clinton: Wow, thanks to you and them.
Boyo: So where are the rest of your people?
Voski called out the remaining dwarfs and when the search party saw
them they all fainted.
Voski: (to Clinton & Boyo) Your friends are funny!
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Sixteen (16)

Off To The Kingdom

Voski poured water on the swordmen that fainted and they woke up, they
looked at the dwarfs in fear.
Temi: Clinton who are this people?
Clinton: Our friends.
Temi: Your friends? Oh my...
Voski: (to Temi) We are also your friends now.
Temi: Oh, are you people really real?
Timo: We could be under a spell, ahh.
Ebuka: But there's no witch yet.
Timo: Shut it up, they are relatives to the witches.
Voski: That is a lie!
Clinton: Don't mind them, they behave this way sometimes.
Voski: Okay then, maybe they need a little rest.
Clinton: Sure.
Boyo and Clinton tried to explain who the dwarfs were to the swordmen,
few were still in fear while the others seem to understand what the
two boys were saying.
Temi: Okay, I got you two.
Boyo: Good, so may we see the dwarfs now?
Timo: No, I mean let's wait for sometime. Well, let's just wait a little.
Ebuka: Yea, we are exhausted you know. Maybe we can sleep for a while.
Temi: Sleep? We have to make it to the kingdom very fast.
Ebuka: Yea, but the body needs rest.
Boyo: You see, Temi is right. I and Clinton have be away for a very
long time, and also the people of the kingdom are worried concerning
our whereabout.
Clinton: Sure, you are right Boyo but the body needs rest.
Ebuka: (yawns) Oh yea, someone got my back here.
Timo: Where's Apha?
Boyo: (tears) He's dead.
Temi: What?
The entire search party became sad, they all shed tears except few hard ones.
Timo: How did it happen and where is his body?
Clinton: When we are close to the gate of the kingdom I will explain everything.
Temi: (sad) Okay.
The dwarfs came over and offered them food and water, they ate it all
in no time. The food tasted so great, they were smiling and eating it.
Temi: This food tastes great.
Voski: You can say that again, we dwarfs are the best when it comes to
food and cooking.
Temi: Really?
Voski: Our food also builds up the body energy very fast and effciently.
Timo: Wow, that's why I'm feeling stronger now.
Ebuka: Oh great! I love this food.
Temi: What else do you love if not food?
Ebuka: Funny huh?
Voski and the other dwarfs came over, the search party were no longer
Voski: I hope you people are done?
Ebuka: Yes sure.
Voski: That's good. (to Clinton and Boyo) your horses are safe with us.
Clinton: Oh yea, thanks alot.
Voski: It's nothing really. I and my men will be going back.
Temi: Wait, so the rumours about your extinction was a lie?
Voski: Yes, we are just a few left.
Temi: Hmm, can you tell me how you people survived?
Voski: Okay, if that's what you want.
Voski told them all he told Boyo and Clinton.
Temi: Oh, we are so sorry.
Voski: Thanks, I think it is time I and my people move out.
Timo: Okay bye.
The swordmen watched as the dwarfs dissappeared into the bush.
Temi: Who will believe us when we say we saw dwarfs?
Boyo: That was the same question I and Clinton asked ourselves, it's a
good thing that you people are our witness.
Temi: Yea, there could be more things in existence that we believe are gone.
Timo: You are right.
The swordmen moved on and rode on their horses for three days before
getting close to their kingdom, they had met many new people as were
returning back.

When they got close to the gate of the kingdom Timo stopped and
reminded Boyo and Clinton what they said, Clinton told them everything
with tears running down through his cheeks. The swordmen were all in a
sad mood.
Ebuka: That's so bad, the problem is that the people of the kingdom
wouldn't believe your story, they will ask for proof.
Clinton: If proof is the only thing they want then I will give it to them.
Boyo: Me too.
Temi: How?
Clinton: We will head back to the island and bring back a proof.
Temi: But's that's too dangerous.
Clinton: It doesn't matter now.
The boys rode into the kingdom as people were rejoicing for their
return, when Clinton and Boyo saw Apha's parents they melted deep
inside of them.
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Seventeen (17)

Where Is Apha?

Clinton and Boyo hearts melted deep down when they saw Apha's parents
in the crowd that welcomed them home, it could be seen that their eyes
were searching for Apha.
Clinton: (to Boyo) We are home at last.
Boyo: Yes, but with a great loss.
Clinton: Apha right?
Boyo: Yes, his parents are right now searching for him among us.
Clinton: It seems the worst is yet to happen.
Temi: You guys should remain calm, atleast the king will believe your
story. They know you two can't lie.
Clinton: Huh? They believe that witches no longer exists.
Temi: (smiles because of Clinton) And dwarfs too but we saw the
dwarfs, maybe that will make him believe you two.
Clinton: Maybe let's just hope so.
A messenger arrived in front of the boys, he told that they should go
straight to king Chibueze palace. He said they will dine with the king
in his feast table.
Ebuka: Oh yea! We are going to eat with the king, we are so lucky and
special. Hahaha, yummy yummy yummy (smiles).
Clinton: Funny one, let's ride faster so we will be there early.
The swordmen rode faster as Apha's parents called their names but they
didn't hear.
(In Abdulrasaq's Home)
A guard walked into Abdulrasaq as he was relaxing in the sitting room.
Guard: Sir, there's a message from Kanu.
(Kanu is Abdulrasaq number one soldier).
Abdulrasaq: What's the message?
Guard: Your son is back in town and they are going to have a feast
with the king.
Abdulrasaq: Okay. Tell Kanu to bring him here after the feast.
Guard: Okay sir.
(Back To The Kindgom)
The boys rode into the palace.
Ebuka: Wow! This place is cool.
Temi: Yea.
Timo: I think I will serve in this palace.
Temi: Clinton what do you think?
Clinton: Nothing really.
Temi: I'm sorry, I know it must be Apha.
Boyo: Yea, we failed him.
Temi: Come on, I know you both tried your best there.
Clinton: It doesn't matter now, what has happened has happened. I am
ready to take any consequences if there is any.
Boyo: Me too.
They all climbed down from their horses and one of the guards led to
to the king's feast hall.
King Chibueze was in his early forties.
The food was still hot, the swordmen smiled as they perceived the
aroma except Clinton and Boyo.
King Chibueze: Now eat before we talk.
The swordmen started eating the food fast but Clinton and Boyo only
ate a little.
(At The Palace Gate)
Apha's parents approached the guards at the palace gate.
Apha's Father: Our son is missing among the swordmen, his name is Apha
and he earlier left with Clinton and Boyo.
Guard: Are you sure about this?
Apha's Father: Yes.
Guard: Okay, I will send your message to the king.
Apha's Father: Thank you.
(At The Feast Hall)
Everyone was done eating.
King Chibueze: I am very happy to welcome you all back home, I know
that you must have fought with thieves and bandits in the forest.
Tomorrow you all will the given the crest of courage, when other
swordmen from other kingdom see you they will always respect you.
Temi: That's great, I can't wait to have it.
Ebuka: Me too.
King Chibueze: Very well then, you people should tell me about your adventure.
They were about to start when a guard came into the feast hall and
whispered Apha's parents message to the king.

King Chibueze: What? Clinton and Boyo stand up!
The two boys stood up.
King Chibueze: Where is Apha?
Clinton: He is dead.
King Chibueze: Who killed him and where is his body?
Clinton: Some witches did and his body is with them.
King Chibueze: You expect me to believe you after you mentioned witches?
Temi: They could be right sir.
King Chibueze: Shut up! Guards!
The guards came and the king ordered them to throw the two boys inside
the dungeon till he had made his decision, the boys were chained and
dragged out of the hall.
The rest of the swordmen were sad, the king reminded them to come the
next day for their crest of courage and he walked away.
( In Abdulrasaq Home)
Guard: Sir, there's a disturbing update from Kanu.
Abdulrasaq: A disturbing one?
Guard: Yes, your son and his cousin have been thrown to the dungeon
because their friend is missing.
Abdulrasaq: What? Tell Kanu to find a way to talk sense into the
stupid king brain.
Guard: Yes sir!
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Epirode Eighteen (18)

The King's Decision

(In The Dungeon)
Clinton and Boyo were thrown into the dungeon made for murderers, they
were the only ones in their dungeon.
Clinton: So this is it.
Boyo: Maybe, but he didn't even give us a fair hearing.
Clinton: Maybe he was just too angry to think straight, anyone would suspect us.
Boyo: And the addition of witches made the matter worse.
Clinton: Yes, but I expected him to atleast make us to show a proof.
Boyo: Yes, let's just wait till the next day. He could change his mind
and grant us fair hearing.
Clinton: Let's hope so, if they also don't take what we say about the
witches serious the worse might happen.
Boyo: Like an invasion?
Clinton: Yes, maybe.
A guard came over and told them that the others would receive the
crest of courage from the king the next day, he laughed at the boys
and said that the dungeon is where they are suppose to be. They didn't
reply him but felt sad deep down.
Clinton: (to Boyo) A crest of courage?
Boyo: Yes, those with it are highly respected anywhere they go.
Clinton: So the king gave them that because he thought they fought
battles and saved us. Huh?
Boyo: Yeap, I think so.
Clinton: That's no right, the crest is meant for the two of us.
Boyo: Yes, but there's nothing we can do about it.
Clinton: Damn it!
Boyo: Oh yea!
( In The King's Palace)
A council to the king Ndu, who was a very close friend to Kanu seeked
audience with the king, Kanu had already briefed Ndu about what
Abdulrasaq told him. He was granted audience by the king.
Ndu: Good evening my king.
King Chibueze: Evening my friend. I thought you would be resting for a week.
Ndu: Yes, but a very important issue brought me here.
King Chibueze: And what could that be?
Ndu: It's about the boys you threw in the dungeon.
King Chibueze: What about them? They deserves to be there, they are
the only suspects. Also they are talking about witches that don't
Ndu: Yes my king, I know but you should atleast give them the chance
to prove their innocence.
King Chibueze: So what do you say I do?
Ndu: Call them out in the presence of their fellow swordmen and tell
them to prove their innocence or face death.
King Chibueze: Well since you say so, I will do as you say.
Ndu: Thank you.
(In Abdulraraq's Home)
The guard walks into the sitting room to meet Abdulrasaq.
Guard: The king has been convinced by Ndu.
Abdulrasaq: I know they will try to proof their innocence by going to
the island. Kanu will bring them here before then.
Guard: Okay sir.
(In The Island Of Elu)
The witches gathered again.
Witch Bola: By now those two little kids would be on their way here.
Witch Haruna: No way, they can't. They wouldn't dare, they are kids
and wouldn't have the courage to step into this island again.
Witch Bola: Didn't you hear them say they will be back?
Witch Haruna: Those were just bragging, they wouldn't dare.
Witch Bola: They are kids right? That is the reason why they will be
back, what do kids know?
Witch Ngozi: You are right, and we will be waiting ready to devour them.
Witch Bola: The time their friends will be useful to us will soon arrive.
They all laughed and it echoed in the entire island.
Meanwhile Clinton and Boyo were brought out the next day in the
presence of the other swordsmen.

King Chibueze: How will the two of you prove your innocence?
Clinton: We will go back to the island to bring a prove.
King Chibueze: This might be an escape plan for the two of you.
Boyo: No sir, we give you our word.
King Chibueze: Very well then, if the two of you don't come back
within a month time you will all be declared wanted in the whole
Now you all will be freed and given a chance to meet your parents
before departure.
They untied the two of them and they went with sad faces to meet their parents.
When Clinton got home he met his mother moody, after she advised him
Clinton made to go. A man stepped in front of the house and Clinton
asked who he was.
Kanu: I am Kanu, your father sent me to bring you.
Clinton: (suprised) My father?
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Nineteen (19)

Father And Son

When Kanu told Clinton that he father sent for him, he was suprised
and didn't believe him because he didn't know anytime about him since
birth. His mother had always told him that his father was a great man,
he thought he was long gone.
Clinton: (to Kanu) I don't believe you.
Kanu: I know it's hard to believe but it's the truth.
Clinton: No, I don't even know you.
Kanu: I am you father's best man, come on it's urgent.
Clinton: Go and feed someone else that lie, I have an important place to go.
Kanu: I know, you can ask your mother about me.
Clinton: Mum!
His mother came out and was suprised to see Kanu.
Clinton: Mum, do you know this man?
Kanu: Nnenna it's me.
Clinton: Answer me mum.
Nnenna: Yes, I know him.
Clinton: How and where did you know him?
Nnenna: He is your father best friend.
Clinton: (suprised) Who is my fathe?.
Nnenna: Follow him.
Clinton: Okay mum, tell Boyo I will be back soon.
Nnnena: Okay my son.
Clinton: (to Kanu) I hope the journey is not long, I have somewhere to go.
Kanu: Yes, we will take a shortcut.
The two of them walked through a secret path and came out of a wide
place with up to fifteen houses.
Kanu: (pointing to the houses) There it is.
(Outside The King Palace)
The king was giving the swordmen the crest of courage in the open
place in his palace.
The swordmen were so happy because it was a very great feat that
others would envy them for, they all jubilated, ate, drank and danced
with the king and his swordmen. When they were done the king had
something to say.
King Chibueze: I am so proud of all of you, you have shown courage and
strength. I hope you people won't dissappoint me like your fellow two
swordmen. Enjoy! This is your day.
Temi and Timo raised up their hands to speak and the king allowed Temi
to speak first.
Temi: Sir, I think you shouldn't say that they dissapointed you till
they come back. They must have tried their best to save their friend.
King Chibueze: Are you supporting them?
Temi: Not that sir, I was just saying my mind.
King Chibueze: Okay. Timo what do you have to say?
Timo: I think we should go with them.
King Chibueze: Haha, anyone of you can go with them. But know that it
is the same fate that awaits them that also awaits you if they don't
come back with proof.
Temi: We know sir.
King Chibueze: Very well then, how many of you will go?
After the king asked the question only four people agreed to go, and
they were Temi, Timo, Ebuka and Aisha.
They were happy, atleast they were helping their friends.
( In Clinton's Home)
Boyo came over and knocked at the door, then Clinton's mother came out.
Boyo: Good morning Aunty, I'm here for Clinton.
Clinton's Mum: Oh, you can wait for him a little. He went on an errand for me.
Boyo: Okay, I will.
( In Abdulrasaq's Home)
The guard went inside the sitting room and informed Abdulrasaq that
Clinton and Kanu had arrive, he told him to bring them in.
Clinton and Kanu walked in.
Abdulrasaq: My son.
Clinton: Father?
Abdulrasaq: Yes.
They both hugged each other.
Clinton: Why did you leave me alone all this time?
Abdulrasaq: It is something I myself don't understand.

Clinton: Why now?
Abdulrasaq: I want you to know that you are the son of the great
Abdulrasaq, and also you are the only hope of the human kingdoms. Only
with your help will the witches be defeated.
Clinton: What do you mean?
Abdulrasaq: I don't want to delay you from your journey, the necklace
which you wear will bring back you and your friends back safely.
Clinton: Father, how did you know about the necklace?
Abdulrasaq: When you come back there will be many things I will have
to tell you, (brought out a sword) take this sword. It is called the
lightening sword, only you can weild it.
Clinton: I don't understand.
Abdulrasaq: You were born a wizard! Ask no more questions, your friend
would be waiting for you.
Clinton: I will be back alive father.
Clinton ran out so he won't keep Boyo waiting, he met Boyo at the
front of his house.
Clinton informed his Mum that he was on his way and she wished them goodluck.
They rode to the gate with their horses and the others who volunteered
to help them caught up with them.
Clinton: What are you guys doing here?
Timo: Just helping you two, don't worry the king knows about it.
Boyo: That means.....
Timo: Don't worry, let's hit the road!
Clinton: Alright my comrades!
They all rode out of the kingdom.
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Twenty (20)

The Troubled Village

The two boys with the four others who volunteered to help them rode
off from the kingdom heading to the island, the four others knew the
consequences of their actions. They will receive what ever punishment
the two will receive, but they have to do for their friendship and
Temi did that especially for Clinton.
Their parents had tried to stop them from going but they didn't heed
to their warning, each of them was determined to do what they believe
in. To save their comrades, it will make their friendship more
stronger and they also see it as a way of helping their kingdom.
The swordmen had many codes in which they carry in their hearts all
their lives, one was to never let your fellow comrade fall (die) in
battle. Ofcourse that was one of the toughest codes, but it also had
it's exception.
According to the king Clinton and Boyo couldn't provide any detail of
the death of Apha and also witches don't exists, therefore the two
boys were the ones to be held responsible for him.
The swordmen are the pride of every kingdom so laws are made to
protect them, and also in return protecting the kingdom.
The six swordmen were determined in their mission.
They were all racing fastly with their horses and Clinton ordered them
to slow down.
Aisha: Why are we slowing down?
Clinton: I just thought maybe you people should know a few things
about the island we are heading to.
Temi: Sure.
Clinton: A day inside that island is a week over here.
Ebuka: What?
Clinton: Yes, so we will be very fast and quiet.
Temi: Oh great, so what proof are we actually going to bring back?
Clinton: We may fortunately run into our dwarf friends, and they might
help us out.
Boyo: Yes, and also don't touch or eat anything attractive in the
island. That was what lead to Apha's downfall.
Timo: Oh I see, he must have been trying to prove how brave he was.
Well that warning should go directly to Ebuka, he loves food more than
his mother.
Ebuka: Hey, don't say that you idiot.
Timo: Hmm? What can you really do? Huh?
Boyo: You two should stop it, we have something important to attend to.
Ebuka: Alright, but warn him never to insult my mum again.
Timo: Heard!
Temi: Okay guys, let's hit the road!
They all rode off with speed as they continued the journey.
( In The Wizard Emeka's Home )
Abdulrasaq paid the great wizard Emeka a visit.
Emeka: Welcome my friend.
Abdulrasaq: Thank you. I believe by now you must known the boys and
few of their friends are on their way to the island of Elu.
Emeka: Yes, I know.
Abdulrasaq: I know the white witches necklaces will keep them safe,
but what about adding an extra support like you following them
Emeka: No, you don't really have to worry. I was about to communicate
with the white witches to send the dwarfs as support.
Abdulrasaq: Oh yea, that's good. The dwarfs can hadle the witches pretty well.
Emeka: Yes.
Abdulrasaq: Well I gave my son the lightening sword, I will be
counting on you to teach him more when he gets back.
Emeka: That is no problem.
Abdulrasaq: Alright then, I will take my leave now.
Abdulrasaq left the place, and Emeka spoke to the white witches to
direct the dwarfs to wait for Clinton and his comrades at the
mysterious forest.

(Back To The Swordmen)

The swordmen got to a village and saw the people there crying.
Clinton: Let's go and check what's wrong.
They climbed down from their horses and asked the people in the
village but no one replied them.
Temi: Nobody wants to speak.
After Temi spoke a woman in her early thirties said she will speak.
Gold: My name is Gold, the villagers are afraid to speak because of
the lord of the forest. He is the head of a bad gang, he terrorises
many villages. We need help but are afraid to speak, they will be here
tomorrow morning.
Clinton: Alright then, we will help.
Boyo: Yes!
Gold: Really?
Clinton: Sure.
Timo: What about the mission?
Clinton: It's almost evening, so we can camp here. We have 29days left.
Temi: No problem.
Gold took them to a quarter meant for vistors, and she provided water
for their horses.
Gold also gave them food.
Clinton: (to Gold) This food is delicious.
Gold: (smiles) Thanks, I will be back later.
Clinton: Okay.
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Twenty One (21)

The Jealous Temi

The six swordmen were done eating the delicious meal prepared for them
by Gold, they smiled as they ate the food.
Temi: This food is delicious.
Aisha: Yea, we could eat more tomorrow.
Clinton: Talking about tomorrow, remember that we have to face the so
call lord of the forest.
Boyo: Yes, we can do it.
Clinton: Hmm, we don't even know how many men he got.
Timo: Yes, but strength is what that matters.
Ebuka: (laughs) Timo you said the same thing when we faced those
bandits. Hahaha.
Timo: Well, that was an exception.
Ebuka: Heared!
Temi: We need to have a plan then.
Clinton: Yes, Gold said she would be back. When she's back I can have
a little time with her outside.
Timo: Yea, talking about Gold she's so beautiful.
Ebuka: Sure, I will hug her before we leave this town.
Temi: Hmm, can we just talk about the plan?
Boyo: Clinton said he would have a word with Gold when she's back.
They heared a knock on the door, they asked who it was and Gold
answered that it was her.
Gold: You people are done.
Clinton: Yes, thanks for the food. It was delicious.
Temi: Your local delicacies must be great.
Gold: Yes, thanks to my mother. She thought me well.
Timo and Ebuka smiled at her and she smiled back. She packed the
plates and made to go out, Clinton asked if she could have a word with
her outside. She agreed but had to drop the plates first before
returning back, Clinton had to wait a little for her outside.
She came back smiling at Clinton. They walked along as they talked.
Gold: So you want to have a word with me.
Clinton: Yes, it's about the lord of the forest, who is he really?
Gold: He's a huge guy, who controls a hundred of bandits.
Clinton: A hundred? Do he come with all of them?
Gold: No, just like twenty, thirty. The rest waits in the forest.
Clinton: Okay, so that means we are going to fight with twenty, thirty
bandits and then go find the rest in the forest.
Gold: Yes, this village has no swordman. We can be easily attacked by bandits.
Clinton: Okay, we will take care of the situation.
Gold: Thank you very much.
Clinton: It's nothing. Show me where you stay and so whenever
something arise.....
Gold: (points) I stay over there.
Clinton: Good, let me be on my way back.
Gold: Wait, do you care for a warm bath?
Clinton: Sure.
Gold: (winks) Follow me.
Clinton followed her.
(Back To The Other Swordmen)
Boyo: What's taking him so long?
Timo: Maybe he's down with her, that lady is charming.
Temi: (feeling jealous) That can't be, maybe he have a lot of questions to ask.
Ebuka: Go check on him.
Temi stepped out to look for Clinton.
Meanwhile now Clinton and Gold were together in a warm bathtub outside.
Clinton: This's nice.
Gold: Thank you, the lord of the forest will be here just when the sun
will start to rise.
Clinton: That means we have to get ready before then.
Gold: Yes, (she moves towards Clinton) do you want to try something?
Clinton: Like what?
Gold: (she kissed Clinton) This.
Clinton was suprised as in shock with his mouth open, Gold kissed him
again. She hugged him and he did the same, they kissed as they were
both sexually excited.

Temi was now looking for Clinton and she heared moans, she went over
to the direction and saw that it was Clinton and Gold making out
inside the warm bathtub.
She was shocked herself and little tears rushed from her eyes, but she
wiped them off and said she would have earlier told Clinton her
She went to the others with a sad face. Boyo asked what it was and she
said nothing.
Timo: It's just like I said!
Ebuka: Clinton is one lucky guy!
Boyo: (remembers time with the witches) Sure!
(Back To Clinton and Gold)
They both were done, they were now having a drink brought by Gold.
Gold: You are such a nice guy.
Clinton: Thanks.
Gold: After this fight maybe you might have a girlfriend after, and I
may be married then.
Clinton: Maybe, I don't really have a girl in mind.
Gold: Don't worry, you will have soon.
Clinton: I have to go now.
Gold: Okay.
They both climbed out of the bathtub and dressed up.
Clinton got back to the others, the boys hailed him while the two
girls kept quiet.
Clinton: (to Temi & Aisha) What's the matter?
Temi: (smiles) Nothing dear.
Timo: Dear?
Clinton: I have a plan!
Boyo: What's the plan?
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Twenty Two (22)

The Plan

After Clinton came back from his meeting with Gold, the boys hailed
him while the two girls kept quiet.
He calmed down and said he had a plan on how they were going to stop
the lord of the forest, Boyo asked what the plan was and Clinton
Clinton: The lord of the forest have up to a hundred men....
Timo: Hundred?
Ebuka: Oh shit!
Temi: (to Aisha) The guys are afraid.
Timo: We were just joking you know....
Ebuka: Who was joking? I meant it! How can the six of us fight them?
Boyo: Clinton said he has a plan, let's hear him.
Clinton: Gold said that the lord of the forest comes with twenty,
thirty men and the rest stays in the forest.
Three of us will use the archer and hide when they come, the rest
three will meet the bandits one on one.
To the archers, when I raise my two fingers up then I mean fire.
Boyo: So who's going to be the archers?
Clinton: The girls and Ebuka.
Ebuka: Wonderful.
Timo: Damn!
Temi: I want to fight one on one.
Timo: Good, let's switch places.
Clinton: Temi you might get hurt.
Temi: (smiles) Since when did you start caring about me?
Clinton: Never mind, you can switch places if you want.
Temi: (winks) Okay.
Timo: Great!
Aisha: (to Timo) I didn't know you were such a weak guy.
Timo: Watch your tongue, you little....
Temi: Timo stop that.
Timo: Ladies! How on earth were you people created?
Ebuka: I ask myself that too.
Clinton: And another thing.
Temi: What?
Clinton: The villagers have to hide, that will distract the bandits.
They will search for the villagers in groups and leave few to handle
I, Boyo and Temi. Then it will be easier for the archers to take them
down without the other groups knowing.
Temi: Brilliant! So how are we going to do that?
Clinton: I will meet Gold and ask her if the village have a hiding place.
Timo: Again? Be fast this time.
Clinton: No problem.
Temi: Can I come with you.
Clinton: If you wish to, I can't stop you.
Temi: Thank you.
Clinton and Temi walked out of the place, they were walking along
without talking to each other until Temi broke the silence.
Temi: It's cold tonight.
Clinton: Yes.
Temi: What took you so long the other time?
Clinton: (scratches his head) Nothing really, the discussion just took
much longer that expected.
Temi: Okay?
Clinton: (points to a direction) She lives over there.
They both walked towards Gold's door and knocked twice.
Gold: Who's there?
Clinton: It's me Clinton.
Gold: Oh, are you back for a second round?
Temi looked at Clinton and he smiled.
Clinton: Round? It's something very important.
Gold: Okay, I'm coming.
Gold came out and saw Clinton and Temi.
Gold: Oh you came with your girlfriend.
Clinton: Comrade.
Gold: Is that your code name of girlfriend? (laughs) Well you two
looks good together.
Temi: (smiles) Thanks.
Clinton: We came here for something important.
Gold: Okay, go on.
Clinton: Do you people have a safe hiding place? We want to fight the
bandits without involving the villagers.
Gold: Yes, but it will be hard to convince them.
Clinton: Just tell them something that will work, please be fast before sunrise.
Gold: I will try my best.
Clinton: Thank you.
Clinton and Temi walked back to where the others were.
Temi: Can you just hug me for a moment? I want to feel warm.
Clinton: Okay.

Clinton hugged her as a moment ran to seconds and then a minute.
They both couldn't leave each other till a minute.
Temi: Thank you.
Clinton: You don't have to keep thanking me for everything.
Temi: You see me as a rival that's why, can we settle our differences here?
Clinton: Yea.
Temi: With a kiss.
Temi didn't wait for Clinton to say anything and she hugged him, they
kissed for a while until a rabbit fell a cup down.
Temi: Oh, it was just a rabbit.
Clinton: Yes, let's shake hands. A kiss was your way and a handshake is mine.
She smiled as he said that and they shaked hands and headed back to the others.
(In Abdulrasaq's Home)
Kanu woke Abdulrasaq from sleep.
Abdulrasaq: Kanu what's the latest?
Kanu: The boys stopped at a little troubled village.
Abdulrasaq: I believe they can handle the situation.
Kanu: I hope so sir.
Abdulrasaq: That will be all for now.
Kanu: Okay sir.
( Back To The Swordmen)
Clinton had briefed them of his discussion with Gold.
Timo: She better be quick.
After Temi said that they heared a knock on the door.
Clinton: Who's there?
Gold: It's I Gold.
Clinton: Come in.
Gold entered in smiled.
Clinton: So how was it?
Gold touched her hair and smiled.
Clinton: Come on, tell us.
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Episode Twenty Three (23)

Lord Of The Forest

Gold came and Clinton asked how the plan went with the rest of the
villagers, she scratched her hair and he asked her to go ahead.
Gold: It went pretty well.
Clinton: Nice one, me and my comrades will now prepare.
Gold: Good, well I told the people that the gods sent a warning to me
in the dream.
Clinton: And they believed you?
Gold: Why not, my grand mother was the head of the village shrine.
Clinton: Okay, thank you very much.
Gold: I should be the one to thank you people, I mean I and the villagers.
Clinton: Don't worry, it's nothing really.
Gold: Thank you, I will be on my way now.
Clinton: Alright.
Gold left.
Clinton: Alright comrades, it's time we get ready.
Boyo: Here we go!
The swordmen got their weapons ready, they checked if everything was intact.
Timo: All cleared!
Clinton: Good we also have to get ready for any unexpected attack.
Timo: Like?
Clinton: I was just thinking, maybe the lord of the forest has a spy
among the villagers. So we have to get ready, the number of bandits
might be higher this time.
Temi: You are right.
Clinton: Well, let's go and ask Gold to tell us the strategic
positions in the village.
They were about to open the door when Gold rushed in.
Clinton: What's it?
Gold: Someone is missing among the villagers. A twentyfive years old
man, he's nowhere to be found.
Clinton: He could be a spy for the lord of the forest.
Gold: I was thinking so too.
Clinton: That means the lord of the birds might come with more men,
and that means they will be too much for us.
Ebuka: I suggest the villagers run for now, maybe we will hold some
off and come back later.
Clinton: No, we have to find a way.
Boyo: We stick to the plan, we depend on the archers. They have to be
very fast, we will try our best.
Aisha: We will try our best.
Timo: Yea, yea.
Gold: Let me show you guys the place to launch your attacks. They will
hardly see you people there.
Clinton: Okay.
They followed Gold just as the sun was about to rise, she took the
archers to the higher part of the village.
The others waited in the main village.
The sun rose as Clinton, Boyo and Temi waited for the lord of the
forest to come with his men.
Gold came over.
Gold: Some villagers wants to join the fight.
Clinton: What? Tell them they can't.
Gold: I'm afraid I can't they said they can't sit back and watch
strangers save them.
Clinton: If that is the case, then that will be a suprise for the lord
of the forest.
Gold: (points to the road) Here they come.
Clinton: Okay, we got to do this, we got to do this.
The lord of the forest forest came with just twenty men and the boys
wondered why in their mind, the lord of the forest came together with
the village spy Jake, the lord of the forest was Usman.
Gold: Jake so you betrayed us.
Jake: Shut up Gold, we will crush you. You should thank your stars
that the rest of the men were killed in their last fight, so we will
take it easy.
Usman: You idiot! Must you voice everything out?
Clinton: (to Usman) Leave the villagers or pay the price!
Usman: You die not us. Men kill them.
Before Usman men charged Clinton quickly gave signal to the archers,
they shot down eleven men remaining nine for Usman.
Usman: What happened?
Temi: We warned you earlier before.

Usman and his men made to run but the villagers and the three of the
swordmen chased and caught up with them, the villagers with all the
weapons they carried killed Usman men but said they had a special
treatment for Usman and the spy Jake.
The three swordmen were quite sad that they didn't do anything.
Temi: We did nothing.
Clinton: Oh yea.
The three other archers caught up with them.
Ebuka: We did it.
Clinton: Yes you guys did it.
Timo: Now I can brag about this back home.
Clinton: Don't rejoice yet, we are yet to see the worse.
Gold came over, she smiled and hugged Clinton.
Gold: Thank you all, the villagers want to host you all to a feast.
Clinton: No, thank you. We have a long journey ahead of us.
Gold: Well, you people can take food items. The best local delicacies.
Ebuka: Yes.
Gold: Alright, I will go and get them.
Clinton: Wait what's the special treatment for the lord of the forest
and the spy?
Gold: Slow burning.
Clinton: Ahh!
Gold came back with some foodstuffs and gave them, she requested to
hug them and she did.
She waved them goodbye as they left.
Clinton: Brace up comrades! The journey is just getting started!
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Twenty Four

The Flower Town

The six swordmen were finished with their work at the troubled
village, they headed out to continue their journey.
On the fourth day they reached a village were beautiful flowers were grown.
Temi: Hey guys, let's stop here for a while. I love the flowers here.
Aisha: Me too, the men here must be so romantic.
Timo: Girls! We don't have much time. We should continue with our journey.
Ebuka: I suggest we stay too, maybe we can have a taste of their delicacy.
Timo: Ebuka!
Temi: (moves near Clinton and looked into his eyes) So what do you say?
Clinton: Well, we can relax a little here. Just like Ebuka said, let's
try this town's food delicacy.
Boyo: I go with Ebuka too.
Timo: Oh yea.
They all stopped at the town, the boys went to a restaurant while the
girls went over to the flower shop.
The boys were served the food still hot.
Waiter: Enjoy yourselves, this was prepared by the best chef around here.
Ebuka: Really? Let's see how it tastes then, (tastes it) Oh yea this is wow.
Waiter: I told you, enjoy your food (walks out).
The others tasted the food and said wow.
Ebuka: Hehehe, you see? My idea was perfect, what a wonderful food.
Clinton: Sure.
Timo: So where are the girls?
Boyo: I think they went over to a flower shop.
Timo: Well they are missing.
(To The Girls In The Flower Shop)
The girls were amazed by the different kinds of flowers they found in the shop.
Temi: This is beautiful.
Aisha: So natural.
Seller: Yes, nobody have ever came here without being amazed.
Temi: Ofcourse, they should be. I will like to get one.
Aisha: I will get one when we are returning back from the journey.
Seller: Okay girls.
Temi bought a red flower and she left the shop with Aisha.
Aisha: (to Temi) Who did you buy the flower for?
Temi: (smiles) Clinton.
Aisha: Clinton? I thought you two.....
Temi: Yes, yes. We settled our difference at the other town, remember
when I told him that I wanted to go along with him to look for Gold?
Aisha: Yes, I remember.
Temi: (smiles) That was when it all happened and we both had our first kiss.
Aisha: You did what? You are such a charming angel.
Temi: Well, let's go and meet them.
They both went towards the restuarant.
(The Restaurant )
The girls had not yet arrived.
Timo: What could be holding those two now?
Clinton: Maybe they are looking for the perfect flower.
Boyo: I think they just want to see them, who could they be buying the
flowers for while we are on a journey.
Timo: Huh? So you don't know?
Boyo: Know what?
Timo: Temi is in love with Clinton (shines teeth).
Boyo: Oh yea? They were rivals right?
Clinton: Don't listen to Timo, it seems he has nothing to say.
Timo: Well, we will see about that.
Just after Timo was done talking Temi and Aisha got in.
Ebuka: What took you two so long, order for food fast let's get moving.
Temi: We will just buy bread, we are not that hungry like you guys.
Timo: Really? So what are you going to do with the flower in your hand?
Temi: Oh! (To Clinton) I bought this for you.
Clinton: (shy) Ah, thank you Temi. I like it.
Temi: I knew, you will like it.
Timo: I said it! Boyo I said it.
Temi: Stay quiet Timo.
They were talking when a man barged into the restaurant with his
clothes torned, all eyes were on him.

Man: Evil! Evil!! Evil!!!
Waiter: What evil?
The man kept quiet for a while, the people in the restaurant became afraid.
The six swordmen were already thinking that it could be related to the witches.
Waiter: Talk! What evil?
Man: Two evil wild pigs gave me a hot chase.
Waiter: You idiot! You scared the customers. Get out!! (The man left)
This won't happen again.
The six swordmen calmed down.
Clinton: I was almost arriving at a conclusion.
Boyo: Me too.
Clinton: I think we are done here, let's move out.
Temi: Sure.
The boys paid for the food and the girls bought what they needed, they
got to their horses and rode out.
Clinton: We are almost there.
Temi: We are ready!
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Twenty Five (25)

No Need For A Plan

The six swordmen had left the flower town after the little fun they
had there, Clinton and Temi were becoming closer. The six of them saw
themselves as a squad forever, Clinton seems to be their leader as
many of the instructions they took came from him.
As they made their journey, Ebuka made them laugh various times and
they called him the squad comedian. They were all like one family and
they thought and wished for in their hearts as the continued the
journey to proof the innocence of Clinton and Boyo.
A new oath have they taken, it seems the six of them were all held by
a bond. A bond of friendship and loyalty!
Timo noticed Clinton sword was different from theirs, Clinton's sword
handle had a dragon engraved in it while the others had lions on
Timo: Clinton.
Clinton: Yeap!
Timo: Your sword is a bit or let me say very much different from ours.
Clinton: I figured out you guys will soon know, well it's a gift from someone.
Timo: Someone? Who could that be?
Clinton: Someone special, you all will get to know very soon.
Temi and others also noticed the sword.
Ebuka: A dragon? What a sword!
Temi: I remember seeing this kind of sword in a book, the book was
about the legendary swordmasters and the rare swords they had in their
Ebuka: Hmm, you read alot don't you?
Temi: Yeap!
Boyo: So which legendary swordmaster possesed this sword?
Temi: The great Aldulrasaq!
Aisha: Wow! I remember the name, the lightening sword, the great
Abdulrasaq used in in killing the witches.
Temi: Yes, you are right.
Timo: If that's so, how did get to Clinton?
Clinton: Well, you guys will get to know later.
Boyo: Huh? What are you hiding?
Clinton: Nothing, I'm just fortunate that's all.
Boyo: Well, since you said we will know later then we will wait.
Clinton: Alright then!
Aisha: How far are we yet?
Boyo: In a day or two we will be there.
Aisha: So what are we going to do to have fun till then.
Clinton: Let's just move ahead, who knows? We might find something
interesting to do.
Aisha: Okay.
The six of them journey till another two days and they got to the
boundary of the forest they saw the wolves.
Clinton: Here we are! Brace up comrades we are here.
Temi: Oh yea, what now?
Clinton: We have to approach with caution, there are giant wolves here.
Ebuka: I think this is a bad idea.
Timo: Clinton! Do you have a plan?
Clinton: We fight!
Ebuka: Are you out of your mind.
Timo: We need a plan!
Voski: No need for a plan.
The six of them turned around to see who said that there was no need
for a plan, they saw it was Voski and the other dwarfs were behind
Clinton: Oh it's you Voski.
Voski: Yes!
Clinton: Why did you say we have no need for a plan?
Voski: I and my men have already taken care of the giant wolves.
Temi: Aww, what bravery!
Timo: Bravo! Bravo!
Voski: Alright! Let's get to work!
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Twenty Six (26)

Rolling To The Island

Voski told the six swordmen that they should get ready for work, to
enter the island and bring back any evidence that will convince the
Clinton: Yea, we should get to work. I just got this feeling, what if
the witches have regained their full powers? We will be as good as
Voski: Don't worry, you got the dwarfs with you. The goodnews is that
the witches haven't regained all their powers yet, atleast that's what
the great wizard Emeka told us.
Clinton: You met the great wizard?
Voski: Yes, he is an old friend. Now the real deal is to get inside
the island as quietly as we can.
Boyo: The witches might be watching us right now since we are in the forest.
Timo: Boyo? You said what?
Ebuka: Too bad, we weren't taught how to fight witches. Voski can
you... please teach us?
Voski: Just fight them the way you do, but be careful.
Timo: (fearfully) I suggest we take a day break to prepare.
Temi: Timo that's no time. You and Ebuka seem to be afraid.
Ebuka: Afraid? Who is afraid? I was just joking, but I know Timo wasn't.
Voski: Enough already, we have to move in now.
Clinton: We also have to watch out for traps, the witches are aware of
our presence now.
Timo: Oh God! I thought the witches are powerless now.
Voski: I bet they have a few tricks up in their sleeves.
Ebuka: Okay, okay. Let's hear the plan.
Voski: There is only one plan.
Timo: (Smiles) That's Voski! We are all listening.
Voski: Are you all ready?
All: Yes!
Voski: Well the plan is.... We rush in there and deal with those wicked witches!
All (except Timo & Ebuka): Understood!
Timo: Is that a plan?
Temi: Haha Timo, don't worry. You have us.
Timo: It's not like am afraid....
Temi: Lieing again?
Voski: Run to the shore!
The six swordmen and the seventeen dwarfs charged into the forest
racing toward the shore of the water surrounding the island.
( At The Witches Room)
The witches were already watching the boys via their mirror.
Witch Bola: Fools! They are all going to die today!
Witche Ngozi: Yes, they will. Mankind think they can win the war again.
Witch Bola: After having my full powers back, I shall resurrect our
sisters! We will pay back mankind for all they did to us, curse them!
Witch Haruna: Let's set traps for those petty humans and dwarfs.
Witch Bola: No, I still have a little trick left.
Witch Haruna: Then use it, let them be afraid! We will burn them!
Witch Bola: I will use the puppet ike (power/jazz) on them.
Witch Catherine: Hahaha, that's good sister. Let's see how they will
overpower the puppets.
Witch Bola: Well, let's not underestimate them yet. It is always a
mistake to underestimate your enemies, the dwarfs are also among them.
Witch Ngozi: Well well, let the show begin.
Witch Bola: Yes! Let me awaken the momument puppets by the gate.
Akpurapku te li ni, akpurapu te li ni, akpurapku te li ni! (Thirty
monuments rose up from the earth armed with swords, they were the size
of an average human. The monument puppets stood as if they were still
monuments so that the six swordmen and the dwarfs won't notice them
from afar).
Witch Bola: It has been done, let's see how skilled they are.
Witch Ngozi: Yes! But just like I expect, they wouldn't be able to
defeat the monument puppets.

Witch Haruna: Those monuments are as hard as the rocks, we will watch
them perish!
They all laughed wickedly as their eyes were all focused on the six
swordmen and the seventeen dwarfs.
( Back To The Six Swordmen And The Seventeen Dwarfs)
They all had raced down to the shore, the dwarfs were ready as they
were when they helped the great Abdulrasaq to win the war. The six
swordmen were ready deep in their hearts, Ebuka and Timo vowed to
fight too. The two said they wouldn't seat back and watch the others
get the glory of the battle.
The island had changed back to the way it was when Apha, Boyo and
Clinton had first entered.
Clinton: Boyo, the island changed back.
Boyo: Yes, it looks like they want to lure people into the island.
Clinton: Yes, exactly.
Temi: (looking toward the island) This island is beautiful.
Aisha: Yes, it doesn't look evil.
Clinton: Things are not the way you see them, it's like an illusion.
And please Ebuka don't eat anything you see at the island.
Ebuka: Okay, I will try my best.
Aisha: Don't even think about food once we are inside.
Ebuka: Am I the only one who eats here?
Everyone laughed when Ebuka asked the question.
Voski: You are a funny guy Efuka.
Ebuka: It's Ebuka.
Voski: Okay! We got five canoes with us, we stay five each. The last
three stay in one.
Others stayed in fives while Clinton, Boyo and Temi stayed in one.
Voski: Let's roll!
All: Yes!
They all rolled toward the island.
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Twenty Seven

The Monument Puppets Awaken

( At Abdulrasaq's Home)
Abdulrasaq was training with some of his men when one of his guard came over.
Guard: Sir! The great wizard is here.
Abdulrasaq: He is here?
Guard: Yes sir. At the livingroom.
Abdulrasaq: Okay, tell him I will be there in a moment.
Guard: Yes sir.
The guard left as Abdulrasaq asked one of his men to bring him water
so he could wash his face, the guard did so.
He washed his face and went over to the living room where the great
wizard Emeka was waiting.
Abdulrasaq: My good friend, I didn't expect you visiting today.
Emeka: Yes, but I had to come.
Abdulrasaq: So what's the matter?
Emeka: It seems the witches have got a little of their powers back.
Abdulrasaq: Does that mean the swordmen are in danger?
Emeka: No, not really. The dwarfs are with them.
Abdulrasaq: Yes, that's a relieve. This could also be his (Clinton)
moment of knowing the power of the lightening sword.
Emeka: Yes, it is. Let's hope he is strong enough to wield the power.
Abdulrasaq: He is my son after all.
Emeka: Yes, he is. After they return you must personally train him.
After you are done, I will do my part by teaching him how to use the
powers I gave to him at birth.
Abdulrasaq: I will train him as best as I can.
Emeka: Very well then, I will take my leave. Let's be expecting them
before the time expires.
See you later!
The great wizard dissappeared!
(The Six Swordmen And The Seventeen Dwarfs)
Clinton: We will soon be at the island.
Boyo: Yes, we just have to give it our best.
Temi: You two shouldn't worry too much, you got the strongest woman in
the kingdom with you.
Boyo: Oh yea.
Meanwhile Ebuka, Aisha,Timo and two other dwarfs were also being
impatient to get to the island.
Ebuka: Are we not there yet?
Timo: Ebuka don't get too exicted, we don't know what's there. There
could be traps, so we don't have to be exicted. We need to approach
with caution.
Ebuka: Yes, you are right.
Aisha: Hmm, why the sudden change of you guys? It really got me suprised.
Timo: Lady! I and Ebuka have always been serious.
Aisha: Huh, well we shall see how serious you both are when we get to
the island.
Ebuka: Oh yes.
(At The Witches Room)
Witch Bola: They are almost here.
Witch Catherine: I can't wait to see them being butchered into pieces.
Witch Haruna: Hahaha, we will burn their remains.
Witch Kitana: Well well, let it begin.
Witch Sandra: Hahaha, I wish we could just suck their blood.
Witch Rose: No, those dwarfs blood tastes bad. And the humans there
are yet too little for us.
Witch Bola: Yes, let it begin!!!
The six swordmen and the dwarfs reached the shore of the island.
Voski: We are here!
Temi: What a beautiful place!
Voski: No, it's just an illusion.
Aisha: Who knows how many people they have trapped using this illusion.
Ebuka: Who knows?
Voski: Now remember our main objective, get the evidences that will
prove to the king that witches exists.
Clinton: Right!
Voski: (To the six swordmen) Don't worry, you have the dwarfs with you.
Clinton: Thanks.
Voski: Remember, be fast! A day here is a week in where you come from.
Ebuka: Do you mean if I stay a day here, I have missed a week food?
Aisha: Oh boy!
Voski: (laughs) Yes. Are you all ready?
All: Yes!!
Voski: Let's charge to the gate. Charge!!
All: Charge!!

Just as they had almost got to the gate the monument puppets gained
consciousness, they woke up and their weight shook the ground.
Timo: What are these things?
Ebuka: Oh mummy!!
Voski: It seems the witches have regained a little bit of their powers.
Boski: This is trouble.
Voski: We can only fight!
Clinton: Yes, we have to fight.
Ebuka: I will give the first blow. (Ebuka ran toward one of the
monument puppets).
Clinton: Ebuka wait!
Ebuka struck one of the momument puppets with his sword and it broke.
He opened his mouth in suprise.
Ebuka: (fearfully) This is bad. (He ran back to the others).
Timo: (in shock) Clinton did you saw that?
The monument puppets charged at them and they ran to some trees on the
left side of the island shore.
Voski: This is a job for the dwarfs, you all should keep calm.
The dwarfs had monstrous strength that they don't really use their
sword all the time to fight in combat.
When their kingdom was still in existence they were feared even by the
witches, this prompted the witches to use the suprise attack on their
Voski: Brothers and sisters are you all ready?
The Dwarfs: Yes!
Voski: Charge!!
The dwarfs all charged toward the monument puppets.
Ebuka: Do you think they can beat those things?
Timo: Let's hope they can.
Temi: I must confess, I wasn't expecting something like this.
Aisha: Me too.
Boyo: I also.
Clinton: Let's see what the dwarfs got!
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season One
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Episode Twenty Eight (28)

The Dragon Flame Blade

The dwarfs charged at the monument puppets.
Voski: We are seventeen and they are thirty, one to two. The remaining
two should provide backup for us.
They charged at the monument puppets, Voski struck a blow in heart of
one of the puppets and it made a crack. Blood dripped from his hand as
the other dwarfs dodged the blows of the puppets and were looking for
a chance to strike the puppets.
Voski: Men be careful, these momument puppets are stronger than
anything we have fought before.
Boski: Understood.
Boski got his chance and struck one of the puppets on the neck, he
jumped up and kicked another on the chest.
He looked up to check if his blow and kick did any good, only the one
he struck at the neck got a little crack while the other had no single
Boski: Oh man, Voski they are different.
Voski: Yes, just like I figured out.
Doski: I'm yet to strike a blow, these things are tough.
Voski: We have to do our best, hit them with greater intensity.
Greater strength and focus. Let's give it our best.
Boski & Doski: Yes!!
Voski: ( to the other dwarfs) Brother and sisters let's fight with
greater strength!!
All Dwarfs: Yes!!
(At The Witches Room)
Witch Bola: The dwarfs are trying their best.
Witch Sandra: They can try, but their best wouldn't help them now.
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, don't you think we should go over there and watch
instead of seeing them through the mirror?
Witch Bola: No, not yet. Let them get a little more tired before we go.
Witch Rose: Oh, it has been a very long time. Who knows where our old
friend Emeka could be right now?
Witch Haruna: That old fool, he must be somewhere now regreting his
meaningless life.
Witch Ngozi: We will deal with him.
Witch Bola: Yes, we just have to wait a little longer.
Witch Sandra: Let's watch those idiots fight.
(Back To The Fighting Scene)
The dwarfs goten exhausted.
Voski: (panting) We have just been able to take down two, if we try
for a while and we can't break them we will have no option than to
Boski: This is bad! Let's give it our best shot. Let see if we can burn them.
A dwarf named Kero jumped up very high and poured the puppets fuel,
Voski lighted the fire.
The intensity of the fire was very great, it covered the eyes of the
puppets. The puppets staggered around, they hit themselves on the wall
of the gate and some of them fell on the ground trying to put off the
fire with the sand. They were all red.
Voski: Nice work Kero!
Kero: Thanks boss!
(Back At The Six Swordmen)
Timo: It looks like they did it!
Ebuka: Hurray! Bravo Voski!
Boyo: What a relieve!
Just then the fire burning the monument puppets quenched, only seven
had died from the fire. The seven plus the two that were earlier
brought down made it twenty one monument puppets remaining.
Kero: (To Voski) Boss! This is bad.
Ebuka: This is bad!
Boski: What do we do now?
Doski: We are all exhausted.
Voski: Let's meet with the swordmen for an escape plan, fast before
they fully recover.
Doski: Okay, come on.
The dwarfs raced down to meet the six swordmen.
They reached there panting, they were all exhausted.

Voski: We have to retreat now before those monuments get strong again.
Clinton: Retreat? We have to do something.
Voski: That's nothing we can do, we have to retreat now.
Temi: Oh, so bad. We got here and we failed.
Voski: We didn't fail, the situation just got out of hand.
Ebuka: What are we waiting for then.
Clinton: Wait, I think it's time I try this sword.
(Clinton brought out the lightening sword).
Voski: The lightening sword? Also known as the Dragon flame blade.
Have you mastered the powers yet?
Clinton: No, take it and use it.
Voski: You are the chosen one, only you can use it. Try your best. I
bet it will cut through them.
Clinton: I will give it my best.
Clinton raised the sword up and it shined with the sun, he charged
toward the monuments.
The witches were suprised to see the sword.
Witch Bola: The Dragon Flame Blade?
Witch Ngozi: He is really the son of the great Abdulrasaq!
Clinton cut through a monument puppet and he was very happy that he
did that with just one strike.
The other swordmen were suprised but Voski smiled and said " he is
really the son of the great Abdulrasaq.
Temi: What?
Voski: Nothing.
Clinton charged toward the rest and suddenly the sword turned to red
flames and it consumed the whole monument puppets without Clinton
controlling it.
Voski: He did it!
Temi: Yes, he did it!
The witches were visibly angry.
Witch Bola: No! Let's go and stop them!
Witch Ngozi: Yes!!
The swordmen and the dwarfs jumped up and jubilated as Clinton smiled.
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