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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode TwentyThree (23) Continuation

Clinton and the others had visited the Queen at the palace as she told them to.

Queen Chika: Today the seven of you shall be given the name commander.
Boyo: What? Does that mean we can have our own divisions?
Queen Chika: Yes.
Boyo: I can't believe this, this is my childhood dream come true.
Apha: Calm down buddy.

Queen Chika: You all will be given the lists of your men and also we have selected captains that will be your second in command.

Ebuka: Being a commander means I have control over the food.
Queen Chika: Yes..
Clinton: So where are our captains?
Queen Chika: They are being briefed by Femi, their names are in a list that will be given to you. Clinton you are the commander of division 1, Boyo 2, Temi 3, Apha 4, Aisha 5, Timo 6 and Ebuka 7.

They were given a list by Christopher, it included the names of their men and captains.

Clinton looked at his list and saw that Rita was his captain.

Clinton: Just great!

Queen Chika: All the swordsmen have been notified of their divisions. They are all waiting for you people at the heroes ground.

Boyo: Can we go now? I just can't wait! This is so sweet!!
Queen Chika: Yes, you can go now.

Boyo was the first to move out.

As they made their way to the heroes ground they glanced through their lists. The lists were also posted around the kingdom.

Temi: So Clinton I saw a look on your face when you checked your list.
Clinton: Yea, guess what. My captain is Rita!

Temi: What??
Timo: Hahahaha! I knew it! I just knew it!
Aisha: That spoilt brat must have influenced her posting through her uncle Femi.
Temi: You are right!
Boyo: It's perfect! Atleast she can always train with Clinton.
Temi: You idiot!

Clinton: Calm down Temi. You shouldn't get so angry.
Temi: I know she's after you Clinton, she will do anything to be with you. And she's going to be spending more time with you.
Clinton: Don't worry, we are preparing for a war.
Temi: Well, I trust you darling.

Boyo immediately ran ahead of them.

Boyo: See you guys at the heroes ground!!

Clinton: Atlast, his dream have finally come true.

Watch Out For The Next Episode
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode TwentyFour (24)

Preparation For War X The Witches Are Back!

Clinton and the others had reached the heroes ground and talked with their divisions.
Ebuka's captain happened to be a young chef with the name Chef.

Ebuka: The Queen really knows the right captain for my team.
Chef: Thank you sir.
Ebuka: You know what I mean right?
Chef: Yes, don't worry commander. I'm going to make meals specially for you.
Ebuka: Very good. Now I shall tell you all about my encounter with the dark witches.

Ebuka started telling them about his encounter with the witches, as he was doing so the others were also doing the same thing.

Temi: When you stand in front of evil you have to fight it, don't run away!!

Temi and the others also told them about their experiences in the B Class monster forest except Apha who didn't go with them.
Apha told his men about his adventures at the realm of white magic.

Orientation sessions were closed and the divisions went back to their barracks, Clinton and Boyo's divisions were posted in the north. Temi and Apha's divisions camped in the south, Aisha was East and Timo west while Ebuka's men camped in the centre of the kingdom.

Rita: We happen to be together again.
Clinton: Yes, we have to spend more time together. We can even train in the barrack.
Rita: Yes, it's so good to be your captain.
Clinton: I can say the same thing too.

Below is the list of Commanders and their captains.

1. Clinton - Rita (F).
2. Boyo - Madu (M)
3. Temi - Joshua (M)
4. Apha - Angel (F)
5. Aisha - Oscar (M)
6. Timo - Sky (F)
7. Ebuka - Chef (M).

Temi: When the war starts you are to stay put by my side.
Joshua: Yes commander.

Boyo: I hope you have the heart of a warrior captain.
Madu: Yes, I will fight by your side without fear.
Boyo: That's what I want to hear.

Apha: We must protect the kingdom and its people with our lives, I hope you understand that.
Angel: Yes I do commander.

Aisha: We are the life force of the kingdom in the impending war, we shall not fail. Fight with everything you all have.
Oscar: We wouldn't fail commander.

Timo: I hope you are ready for what's next captain, the kingdom's safety is in our hands.
Sky: Yes commander, I and the men will fight with all we got.

Ebuka: This war is going to be tough but we shall prevail, never let anyone go to battle with an empty stomach.
Chef: Yes captain! You can count on us!

Clinton: We are going to bring peace to the world.
Rita: And I will always be there with you.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode TwentyFour (24) Continuation

Clinton continued training Rita in their barrack and she mastered three techniques in a short time. The techniques were

* The heaven and earth technique which cause fire to erupt from the ground and also descend from above at the same time.

* The Fire Slash technique which cause very hot intense fire to slash someone like a sword.

* The Fire Dragon technique which will burn everything in it's path depending on the user's strength.

Clinton: You mastered them real quick.
Rita: Yes, I'm always going to be with you as you bring peace to the world.
Clinton: Thank you very much.

Several days passed and everyone got ready for the war, and finally the light barrier preventing the witches from attacking dissappeared.

Witch Bola: Finally sisters! It's time we take over this world.
Witch Ngozi: Yes! This is great. We have waited for so long.
Witch Haruna: It was just two days.
Witch Ngozi: Yes, but it was two weeks for those idiots!
Witch Kitana: Alright then, may we begin?
Witch Bola: Yes! Let's send the first wave of our army!!

Queen Chika had alerted the other kingdoms using magic birds.

Abiola: I guess it's time we go into hiding.
Ike: Yes!

King1: So their elite squad are still alive huh? That idiot must have ran away my money.

Rain had successfully arrived at the part of the world where he could use magic.

Rain: I arrived just in time.

The dwarves and Kanu were also ready for battle.

Voski: It's finally time to avenge our brethrens.

Dokubo and his team were also ready for the war.

Dokubo: Alright buddies. This is going to be a piece of cake.
Moon: Yes.
Boss: Let them bring it on.
Nkiruka: We are going to kick their asses.
Sea: Yes!

The seven commanders and their men were all in their positions as they were ready for battle. The witches had just released an army of ten thousand heading for the kingdom of Alimadu.

Clinton: We are going to be the advance team, we have to take down as many as we can before they reach the kingdom.
Rita: You heard him! Let's go!

Clinton and his men raced out of the gate in order to cut short the number of witches that will enter the kingdom.

Temi and the others stayed in their positions ready to strike.

Queen Chika: This is it!

Witch Bola: This is just the beginning.

Watch Out For The Season Four (4) Next Week As Hell Breaks Loose!!!
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Season 4 will be delayed.
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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I won't be updating stories for a week plus, I have an exam approaching. Thank you for your understanding.
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