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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Fifteen (15) Continuation

Apha: It appears that I don't have any sword.
Kanu: Maybe I can get you one, all you simply have to do is enhance it with your powers.
Apha: Thanks.
Timo: I bet I can beat you in a sword fight duel.
Apha: Dream on.

Aisha went over to Apha and whispered something into his ears and they both left.

Ebuka: Well, her love is back. I only have one love! And that is food.
Boyo: I figured out you would say that.
Timo: Well I guess the three of us have no lovers. Maybe it's time we fall in love.
Ebuka: I'm okay with food.
Boyo: I like the Queen, she's pretty cool.
Timo: She's not much older than we.
Boyo: I think she's a year older than us.
Timo: (Coughs) I think you have a competition here, I will also try to make her mine.
Boyo: Hahaha, don't worry I have memorised many love speeches. I know you aren't good at that.
Timo: We shall see.
Ebuka: Have you two forgot what she did to us?
Boyo: Oh, I forgot. Timo started it first.
Timo: No, you did.

Apha and Aisha were both having a heart to heart talk.

Apha: I guess this is the first time we both had time together after my return. I really miss you Aisha.
Aisha: I miss you too Apha. So how was your training over there?
Apha: It went well just like I told you all. But there's a risk if I try to control weather and the four elements of nature. I'm going to loose my eye, ear or whatever.
Aisha: Then you shouldn't use it. I don't want anything to happen to you.
Apha: Yea. I will try controlling one element at a time.
Aisha: With you by my side I fear nothing.

Clinton saw Christopher coming a little bit far.

Clinton: Christopher is coming.
Temi: I wonder what he would be doing here? I did warn them not to come after us.
Clinton: Maybe the Queen is feeling remorseful and she sent him.
Temi: Hmm, I better hope it's that.

Clinton whistled and the others came out. He whistled the way they do when they were still in tutorial.

Clinton: Christopher is coming.
Timo: Is he coming for a fight?
Clinton: I guess we will have to find out ourself.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Sixteen (16)

Dinner X The Elite Squad

The seven swordsmen came out as they saw Christopher coming to Abdulrasaq's house.

Christopher reached there and everyone looked at him.

Temi: Are you here to issue a threat from your Queen?
Christopher: No. I'm here to say sorry on behalf of the Queen.
Temi: Sorry?
Christopher: Yea, she said she deeply regrets what she did.
Temi: Huh, she should have come by herself.
Clinton: Take it easy on her Temi, she's the Queen.
Boyo: Yea, I always knew she was an angel.
Timo: My angel.
Aisha: You boys!!
Temi: I don't to hear that from the two of you again.
Clinton: Tell her we accept her apology.
Christopher: Thank you.
Temi: Clinton...
Clinton: It's nothing Temi, there's no need holding grudges.
Temi: Yea, I know.
Apha: I guess that's not all.
Christopher: She invited you people for dinner.
Ebuka: Oh my God!!
Temi: Hmm.
Clinton: So baby what do you say?
Temi: I guess we will go, but I'm not going to eat anything there.
Clinton: I will make you eat.
Temi: Hmm, try me.
Christopher: That will be all.

Christopher made to go but Ebuka stopped him.

Ebuka: Sir! Are they going to serve roasted chicken? Catfish peppersoup? Isiewu? Ohue ede ya abirima? And.....

Christopher: Yea, I think those will be added right away.
Ebuka: Yea, I will eat the soup with fufu!
Christopher: Your request shall be made know.
Ebuka: I hope palmwine will be there for digestion.
Christopher: Ebuka!! I have heard you! I will be going now.
Ebuka: Okay, just make sure you make my order known. 

Christopher zoomed off as the excited Ebuka started imagining how he would eat all the food.

Clinton: You sure do ask a lot Ebuka.
Ebuka: She can provide it, she's the Queen after all.
Clinton: Well, you are going share it with me.
Ebuka: Beg me!
Clinton: Pleasee!

Temi: Have any of you thought about the other reason the Queen called us for the dinner?
Timo: Another reason. Christopher didn't say anything about any other reason.
Temi: Use your head! She wants us to join forces with her.
Timo: Well, now that you mentioned it. That would actually be another reason.

Just then Kanu walked it.

Kanu: Ofcourse, you people will join her and become the elite squad of Alimadu kingdom.

Ebuka: Elite squad? That means more money for the best meals right?
Kanu: Yes!
Timo: Elite? That's so great!
Kanu: So what are you kids saying?

Everyone say they were game but Clinton had another reason.

Clinton: I just want to bring please to the world, I don't care about being called elite.
I want to be called my name!!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Sixteen (16) Continuation

The seven swordsmen visited the palace that night for the dinner with Queen Chika.

Everything Ebuka wanted was served to him and everyone else.

Ebuka: Wow! The Queen is so great! I love this food!! Wow! So delicious!
Queen Chika: I'm glad you like it.

Everyone was eating except Temi.

Queen Chika: You should eat your food before it gets cold.
Temi: No thanks. Someone has to be standing in case you have altered this food.
Queen Chika: Do you mind if I taste it then?
Temi: There's a possibility that you must have taken an antidote.
Queen Chika: Ahh! I'm really sorry about what happened before. Please forgive me.
Temi: Well, it seems you are not good at pretending.
Clinton: (to Queen Chika) I will take care of her for you.

Clinton took a meat and gave it to Temi.

Clinton: Eat baby. It tastes nice.
Temi: Well, I will give it a try.

Temi ate the meat and the other food before her.

Temi: These are so delicious!
Clinton: I told you.
Queen Chika: Well, I cooked them myself.
Temi: What???
Queen Chika: I was just joking.

Temi laughed.

Queen Chika: It's good seeing you laugh.
Temi: Well you can actually be a good person after all.
Queen Chika: Yea, I just let the Queen stuff get into my head.
Temi: That's no problem since you have realised your mistake.

Everyone in the dinner hall laughed and ate to their fill.

Ebuka: Ah! This is awesome.

Queen Chika: I don't mean to interrupt, but there was also another reason why I invited you people to this dinner.

Temi: We know and we have accepted.
Queen Chika: Wow! I'm so grateful that you all have accepted to be the elite squad of this kingdom.

Temi: No, you can drop the elite.
Queen Chika: Huh?
Boyo: Yea, we don't want the name.
Queen Chika: That's a no for me. As the Queen of Alimadu kingdom I hereby make the seven of you the elite squad of the kingdom. The decision is final.

Clinton: Huh?
Apha: I guess we can just bear the name and continue to be who we are.
Aisha: Yea.

Queen Chika: Thank you all for understanding. The other kings will soon be arriving and the world leaders meeting is tomorrow. Christopher will show you all to your rooms.

Clinton: We are all going to sleep in one room.
Boyo: Yea.
Queen Chika: Okay. As you wish......

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Seventeen (17)

The World Leaders Meets

Clinton and his friends had retired to their rooms after the dinner with Queen Chika, and they had been named the elite squad of the kingdom.

Clinton: People are going to expect a lot more from us as the elite squad.
Temi: And we just have to live up to their expectations by getting rid of those ugly witches.
Ebuka: This really means everything to me, I can eat the type of meal we just ate every day.
Timo: Ebuka we know you are serious but atleast try to show it.
Ebuka: Which other way can I show it except by eating till I get tired?

Every of them laughed except Boyo, Apha and Aisha who were fast asleep.

Timo: We haven't seen our parents in a while.
Ebuka: After the meeting we should be seeing them.
Clinton: Well, I better get to sleep. Today is going to be a big day.
Temi: Yes, I better get to bed too.
Ebuka: I'm going to dream about food.
Timo: And I'm going to dream about the Queen. She's so beautiful!

Morning came and security was beefed up in the entire kingdom, there were posters all over the kingdom stating the meeting that day and also making the seven swordsmen known as elite squad of the kingdom.

Many people were suprised the see the seven of them named the elite squad, their parents were happy and at the same time afraid for them.

Man1: These kids, they are the elite squad?
Man2: Yea, I heared they are pretty good at magic. It was Temi who destroyed the dungeon and sent that guard to the hospital.
Man1: Wow! She's really a monster.
Man3: I heared the others are pretty good too.
Man4: I just hope they won't be posted to protect other kingdoms.
Man1: We will protest that, we need all the help we can to save our kingdom from those witches.
Man5: Yes. If everything is true then we really stand a chance now.

Their parents also saw the posters.

Apha's Mum: Apha is among them, that means everything is alright.
Apha's  Dad: You see? I told you there was no need to worry.

Temi's Dad: My angel is now an elite swordsman. I better tell her mother right away.

Ebuka's Mum: My little honey have grown up. I just hope he doesn't finish the food meant for his team (laughs). I'm so happy.

Timo's Dad: Timo finally took my steps.
Timo's Mum: He's so great.

Aisha's Dad: Wonderful! Her mother is so going to be happy.

Boyo's Dad: Our son made it!
Boyo's Mum: Yes, it's no suprise though. He has always been the best.

Clinton's mum was still mourning Abdulrasaq's death, Clinton had tried consoling her before he left for the dinner.

"Mum, I'm going to make you proud. I promised!" Clinton said to her before he left for the dinner.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Seventeen (17) Continuation

All the kings of the 13 world kindoms were all seated for the meeting, only Queen Chika was the female among them and also the youngest.

Many other important personalities were present at the meeting including Abiola and Ike who were the brothers of Queen Chika.

King1: My kingdom is getting prepared already for the fight against the witches.
Queen Chika: Not all swords can kill the witches. You attack magic with magic.
King2: So what do you mean?
Queen Chika: You have to bless your swords. Only light can destroy darknesss.
Amosun: So what do you suggest us to do?
Queen Chika: Since I can't travel to the twelve kingdoms in such a short time I have an alternative way. I believe you all have the agbra trees in your kingdoms.
All: Yes.
Queen Chika: Gather your forces and their swords there, and say the verses of Simeon the great dwarf sage.
Amosun: What page exactly in the verses?
Queen Chika: Page 15 to 16.
King7: So you mean if we do this we can beat the witches?
Queen Chika: Yes if cut cut through them. But that's only for their army. The major ones wouldn't go down by a sword.
King7: What?? What then can stop them?
Queen Chika: Magic?
King2: What? We don't know magic!
Amosun: What preparations have your kingdom made then?
Queen Chika: (Smiles) You can all come in now.

Clinton and his comrades were brought into the hall by Femi.

Queen Chika: These are the elite squad of my kingdom. They are all strong magic users. They are the defenders of our kingdom. 

King1: Wow! Why don't one of them come to my kingdom?
King7: Or my kingdom?
Amosun: Or maybe they can be coming to patrol.

Queen Chika: I'm afraid the people of my kingdom will protest if I allow such a thing.

King1: (In his mind) I can buy them with a large amount of money.
Abiola: (In his mind) Look at her feeling all high and mighty.

Queen Chika: Be rest assured that they will take care of almost all the witch forces. Only a little fraction will your kingdom face.

Amosun: Is that an assurance?
Queen Chika: Yes, we will be relaying information to all kingdoms so that you will know what you would be facing.

The seven swordsmen all introduced themselves and left as the meeting continued.

Clinton: I think it's time you guys meet your parents, it has been a while.

Apha: Yea, you are right. 
Clinton:  I will be at the Northern shrine.

The others went to see their parents as Clinton headed to the northern shrine.

Clinton: I guess it's time I tame this power.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Eighteen (18)

Time To Tame The Power

Clinton comrades had gone to meet their parents after their introduction as the elite squad of the kingdom.
Clinton went over to the northern shrine of the kingdom to do what Kanu told him to do concerning being possessed by Ekwensu the great red dragon.

** The Previous Day **

Kanu had called Clinton over while the others were chatting.

Kanu: I called you here concerning your possession by Ekwensu.
Clinton: I figured that would be it.
Kanu: You have to tame the dragon.
Clinton: Tame Ekwensu?
Kanu: Yes, it's simply a matter of the mind and not about power.
Clinton: I guess that's simple enough.
Kanu: Yea. Don't just get scared when you see the great dragon.
Clinton: So how can I see it? I mean I can't summon it to this world. It will be too dangerous, and trying to get to his world is going to take me almost a day.
Kanu: Yes. But that's a place where you can get into his world in a matter of seconds.
Clinton: Seriously?
Kanu: Yes, at the northern shrine in the kingdom. There's a scale of the dragon left there by your father, try meditating in the shrine and you will be there in no time.
Clinton: I see, then I'm going to do it.
Kanu: Remember it's a matter of the mind and not power, you have to be fearless.

** Back To The Present Day **

Clinton had reached the northern shrine and no priest was there because it had been abandoned, he cleaned a place on the floor, sat down and crossed his legs like the monks of ancient Asia.

Clinton: Here I come, I am fearless!!

** At The Island Of Elu **

The witches were still struggling to neutralise the light barrier magic of the late four white witches.

Witch Ngozi: This is hopeless, we can be doing this all day and nothing will happen.
Witch Haruna: Since Lucy and her gang of idiots are dead the barrier should be fading away anytime.
Witch Bola: You are wrong. There are spells which remain forever even if the casters are dead for a very long time except a superior caster neutralise it.
Witch Kitana: That means we can neutralise this light barrier since we are superior.
Witch Ngozi: We have tried everything possible but it's not working.
Witch Bola: That's what seems odd, it's as if our powers are ordinary and not strong which is wrong.
Witch Ngozi: That means there's something off about this light barrier.
Witch Kitana: Really?
Witch Bola: Yes, it seems that we are missing something.
Witch Ngozi: Have we really become that rusty?
Witch Bola: What ever that is, we are soon going to find out.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Eighteen (18) Continuation

Clinton had closed his eyes and meditated in the northern shrine, and just like Kanu said in no time his soul immediately ascended to Ekwensu's realm.
The place was totally dark and then he saw two large red eyes in the darkness and Ekwensu spoke.

Ekwensu: Have you come to submit yourself to me?
Clinton: No, I came here so that you will submit yourself to me.
Ekwensu: Hahaha! What nonsense! That must be a joke. You don't know anything!
Clinton: You tried to take control over me once, but I wouldn't let that happen again. I don't want to harm my friends or the kingdom, I want to save humanity.
Ekwensu: You are so confident for a human, maybe you should see my whole body.

Immediately fire was was lighted everywhere and Clinton saw Ekwensu whole body, his size was very humoguous. The great red dragon was as large as the kingdom of Alimadu. Clinton trembled in fear as he wasn't expecting that.

Clinton: (Trembling) This is so unreal!
Ekwensu: Now human do you think I can submit myself to you?

As Clinton was in Ekwensu realm his comrades had already gone to meet their parents who congratulated them. They spent some time with them as they ate and drank.

Apha's parents were the most happy of them all.

Apha's Mum: I'm so happy to see you son.
Apha's Dad: Son, welcome back home.
Apha: I'm sorry if I made you two worry. I'm so sorry!!

They all embraced each other and then they celebrated him returning home and being a member of the elite squad.

Rain who was travelling from a very far away land felt that someone had entered Ekwensu's realm.

Rain: Who could be stupid enough to go to Ekwensu's realm? And how did the person even get there? Damn it! If only this part of the world didn't limit magic powers I would have been over there. Well whoever took that risk must have known what they are doing.

Clinton trembled for two hours without saying anything as he had seen the whole of the great red dragon Ekwensu body.

Ekwensu: What's wrong human? Can't you speak? I guess you can keep me company, I haven't had any visitor for 200 centuries.

Temi and the others were done and met together.

Apha: So where's Clinton?
Temi: He mentioned something about going to the northern shrine.
Boyo: That shrine has been long abandoned.
Temi: Yea, I remember. But what could he be doing at an abandoned shrine?
Apha: I guess we have to find out ourselves. So let's go over there!

Apha and the others made for the northern shrine as Clinton was still trembling in Ekwensu's realm.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Nineteen (19)

Become Friends With The Red Dragon?

Clinton had entered the realm of the great red dragon Ekwensu, and he trembled at what he saw. The great red dragon was as big as the entire kingdom of Alimadu.
His earlier courage was shaken to the core as he trembled, only a little hope was keeping him from falling down. The red dragon had just told him that it had been 200 centuries since anyone had even been to his realm.

Meanwhile Apha and the others had gone ahead to look for Clinton at the northern shrine of the kingdom.

<< The Great Red Dragon's Realm >>

As Clinton trembled before the great red dragon he looked closer and saw that he was in chains, he thought whether to ask him why the chains or he should get back to the human world.

Clinton: Hello, why are you in chains?
Ekwensu: Hmm, so you asked. Hahaha! You human, you think you can ask anything?
Clinton: I'm sorry.
Ekwensu: Very well, do you want to hear my story?
Clinton: Yes, I want to.
Ekwensu: Well, I will tell you. It's not every millenium I get a visitor.

Back at Alimadu kingdom Apha and the others had reached the northern shrine and saw Clinton sweating as he meditated.

Temi: What the? He's doing some kind of meditation, but this is intense.
Apha: His soul is not in this world.
Ebuka: I wish I can send my soul to the realm of food.
Temi: If he's not in this world, where else could he be?
Boyo: There are two possible place, either the red dragon tribe or Ekwensu's realm.
Temi: Ekwensu's realm? That's risky.
Timo: Very risky if I must say.
Aisha: Look at him sweating, it's like he is doing something intense.
Ebuka: Something intense?
Aisha: Yea, but not what your dirty mind is thinking.
Apha: Hmm, I'm quite certain it will be Ekwensu's realm. He wouldn't be sweating this bad if it was the dragon tribe realm.
Boyo: You are right.
Temi: I just hope he's okay.
Ebuka: Don't worry, I'm sure he's going to do just fine. But he dare not eat the roasted dragon meat himself.

<< At The Great Red Dragon Realm >>

Ekwensu: Now, I shall begin my story human. First you should know that my real name is Chinnunu.
Clinton: God of all things in the air? But....
Chinnunu: You all know me as Ekwensu right?
Clinton: Yes.
Chinnunu: Hahahaha! Well human, I'm not really a God. But there's a reason for my name being that.
Clinton: I will like to know.
Chinnunu: Now listen human, to my story.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Nineteen (19) Continuation

The story of Chinnunu known as Ekwensu to almost everyone alive begins.....

A thousand centuries ago when the use of magic was still in it's early stage, creatures of the sky ruled the world. The strongest of them was Chinnunu, he was given the title as the God of everything in the sky.

Magic began developing and the age of witches and wizards began. Many of those who used magic losed their humanity because they fell in love with dark magic, they preferred to be called just witches and wizards and no more as humans.
Many civilization came and they were known as another kind and not mankind. The most powerful dark witch of all named Nkem decided to gain control over the entire world, she killed many of the creatures of the sky but Chinnunu defeated her.
Nkem however didn't die because of a magic power she possessed, in a desperate attempt to take over the world she started spreading rumours to the populace and the creatures of the sky.

She framed Chinnunu up to be the one responsible for the death of the other sky creatures and many nations, this she was able to achieve through her magic powers.

In no time Chinnunu was given the name of the devil himself, Ekwensu!!
Unable to convince the other creatures of the sky that he wasn't the one responsible, they all attacked him.
Nkem used the opportunity of Chinnunu being distracted to seal him in a sword, the sword known today as the dragon flame blade.

Due to the fear and anguish he felt being trapped in the sword, he had tried to possess Clinton in order to see the real world once again. And because of the witch spell, his power would seen evil to all.

Chinnunu: So that is my story human, these chains represent the spells she used to seal me.
Clinton: I'm so sorry, but if I may ask what happened to the witch Nkem?
Chinnunu: Hmm, it's not really clear. I can barely see the outside world from here.
Clinton: I'm going to free you from these chains, you shall fly in the sky once again as the king.
Chinnunu: Hahaha! How are you possibly going to do that?
Clinton: I will get more powerful, so that your flames can melt the chains.
Chinnunu: Huh?
Clinton: Yea, I will do it. I know you are not evil. Will you be my friend?

Flames covered Clinton's body in the human world and the others were suprised.

Temi: What's happening to him?
Ebuka: Maybe he is roasting the dragon!
Apha: No! His power is increasing.

Chinnunu looked at Clinton after a while.

Chinnunu: Alright human, I will be your friend. I'm counting on your promise to free me.
Clinton: I will, I promise!

Clinton then got back to the human world and opened his eyes which glowed in flames!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Twenty (20)

The Jealous Brothers

Clinton had made a vow to Chinnunu the great red dragon to free him from his chains, Chinnunu acknowledged him and said he was counting on Clinton's promise to get freed.
After much talks Clinton's soul returned back to the human realm with his body in flames and his eyes also glowing in flames, the six others were suprised as they didn't know what was going on.

Temi: Clinton?
Apha: What happened to you?

Clinton stood up and looked at them with his body and eyes still glowing in flames.

Boyo: Could he be possesed?
Aisha: I think so.
Ebuka: It seems the dragon roasted him instead of him roasting the dragon.
Timo: This is bad.

The flames in his eyes and body then went off.

Clinton: Why are you people looking at me like that?
Ebuka: We thought the dragon roasted you instead of you roasting the dragon.
Clinton: That's funny man.
Temi: So you are alright? I hope the dragon didn't harm you.
Clinton: Nah! (Smiles) No, our conversation ended well.
Apha: (In his mind) He's smiling after meeting the great evil dragon, I guess he don't want to tell us something.

Clinton: So guys, how was the meeting with your parents?
Boyo: It was fine.
Ebuka: Yea, you can't believe the feast I was given. It was so much fun buddy.
Boyo: Yeap, my parents are going to hold a party with the entire neighbourhood in attendance.
Clinton: That's good, I guess we should visit a place of great importance to celebrate our new positions.
Temi: That will be great, so where are we going to go?
Ebuka: I just know the place! The mama Chinyere restaurant!
Clinton: I was expecting that.

As they were talking the king that said he would bribe them with money came over to meet them. The meeting of the world leaders had ended.

King1: Hello elite squad.
Apha: Hi.
King1: I'm a man of few words. I just came here to make a deal with you people.
Apha: What sort of deal?
King1: The one that will change your lives forever, plenty money, food and women.
Ebuka: Any type of food?
King1: Yes.
Apha: So what's the catch?
King1: Work for my kingdom, and you will forever live in paradise.
Temi: Get lost!!

The seven swordsmen walked away from the king.

King1: Damn it! That girl told me to get lost. I'm going to deal with her and all of them! Just you wait!

Clinton: I guess we are going to mama Chinyere's restaurant after all. Everything is on me.
Ebuka: You are so great Clinton, I can't start to explain your greatness.
Clinton: Don't stress yourself buddy. Off we go!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Twenty (20) Continuation

Most of the world leaders had already started going back to their kingdoms, Queen Chika's brothers left without even waiting to speak to her.

Ike: She thinks so high of herself right now.
Abiola: It is my right to be the King, I shouldn't have given her the opportunity.
Ike: I thought we both have given up wanting to be in that damn kingdom.
Abiola: Can't you see what she is enjoying? She can do whatever she wants in the kingdom, and she has thousands of swordsmen at her command.
Ike: I guess someone is feeling jealous, but you are right brother. The problem is that she properly ascended to the throne, there was nothing irregular.
Abiola: I will take that throne away from her.
Ike: And how do you intend to do that?
Abiola: Don't worry, I will kick off my plan after the war ends. For now I will go into hiding.

** At The Palace **

Queen Chika was in the palace with Femi, Chime, Christopher and some guards.

Queen Chika: So my brothers left without saying a word to me, I even tried to talk to them but they walked away.
Femi: You don't have to think much about it my Queen.
Queen Chika: The three of us were okay when I left Oduduwa kingdom.
Chime: I know, it seems they have both regretted their actions. You are the best thing to ever happen to our kingdom.
Queen Chime: Hmm, what about the list of the swordsmen divided into 7 divisions.
Christopher: The list is still being compiled, recruitment ends today.
Queen Chika: I'm suprise that many people have decided to join the army knowing fully well that we are facing the witches.
Christopher: It's because you have given us hope, hope that we can win the battle.
Chime: Christopher is right my Queen.
Queen Chika: I will not fail my people, we are going to win this war.

** At King1's Quarters **

The king that wished to buy the seven swordsmen with money returned to his quarters angry.

Guard1: What is it my lord?
King1: Those elite squad members insulted me. I want them dead!
Guard2: It's too late sire, we will be leaving at any moment.
King1: What?
Guard1: Don't worry sir, I know who can do the job at the right price. He's from our kingdom but lives here, he kills through poison.
King1: Take all the money we came with and get the deal done.
Guard1: Yes sir.

The guard took all the money left and rushed off to meet the unknown assassin.

King1: Hahaha! Alimadu kingdom will weep!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode TwentyOne (21)

Rita X Clinton Is Now A Teacher

Clinton and the rest of the swordsmen had gone to mama Chiyere restaurant where they were eating and drinking unaware of the plot against their lives.

Ebuka: This restaurant is the best, all the food tastes great.
Clinton: Yea, it's a good thing we came here after all.
Aisha: Well, we should have gone to a place with more flowers and a romantic scene.
Temi: You are right, Ebuka was just too quick to choose. But who cares now? The meals here are great.

People started gathering and looking at them.

Person1: Hey, those are the elite squad.
Person2: Yea. They may be just kids but the Queen says they are great.
Person3: I'm going to get an autograph once they finish eating.
Person4: Sure, me too. They are the chosen ones that will protect our kingdom.

Timo: Those people back there are talking about us.
Ebuka: Yea, we just started you know. I don't even have a signature.

A girl named Rita who was a year younger than Temi walked up to them.

Rita: Hello, my name is Rita and I'm a swordsman. I.....
Boyo: A swordsman huh? I haven't seen or heard of you before.
Rita: I'm sure Clinton would remember me, we first met at a spring.
Temi: A spring?

Clinton remembered when he first saw Rita, it was two years ago when he was badly beaten by Temi in a swordfight. He cried and went over to the spring to wash his face, and then he saw Rita.

Clinton: Yea, I remember. You are Femi's niece.
Boyo: Femi niece? That means one thing, she has been receiving special training in private.
Rita: You are right.
Boyo: It will be an honour to take you on one day.

After Boyo said that someone in the crowd spoke.

Person: Why don't you two spar now? A elite squad member versus Femi's niece, that's going to be wonderful.

Boyo: I will pass this one, I'm having a good time here.

The crowd started murmuring.

Clinton: I guess I will take her on.
Boyo: Suit yourself buddy.
Rita: It will be my pleasure.

The crowd started hailing the two of them as they prepared to spar.

Temi: If she has been receiving training from Femi then she shouldn't be underestimated.
Apha: Yea, you are right.
Boyo: She will lose.
Timo: That's for sure.
Ebuka: It's going to be fun, eating and watching them go all out.

The guard the other king sent to prepare the death of the seven swords had dug a hole and buried all the money there.

Guard: Damn the king, I can't squash the only hope mankind have.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode TwentyOne (21) Continuation

The sparring match between Clinton and Rita was about to begin and everyone couldn't wait to see how it would end.

Rita unsheath her sword while Clinton didn't.

Rita: Why don't you unsheath your sword?
Clinton: It's too dangerous.
Rita: Alright then, I will show you no mercy.
Clinton: Okay.

Rita moved quickly and made to cut Clinton through his chest but he dodged it just as it was about reaching him.

Rita: You were lucky.
Clinton: This is a sparring match not a death match.
Rita: I don't care!

Rita rushed and started her assault but Clinton kept dodging all her attacks so easily.

Person1: He's dodging her attacks like it's nothing.
Person2: No wonder he's in the elite squad.
Person3: He's so cool.

Clinton continued dodging Rita's attack as she tried fruitlessly to get him.

Timo: I guess we have nothing to get worried about.
Apha: Not really, I think she's hiding some secret move.
Boyo: And Clinton knows that, he's keeping an eye on her as he dodges her attacks.
Temi: Just when will she reveal it?

Clinton kept on dodging her attacks as he kept an eye on her, and the crowd kept hailing him.

Rita: He's dodging all my attacks effortlessly, I thought he's only good at magic. His reflexes are so good, I have no choice.

Rita stopped and raised her sword up in the sky as the sun shined so bright.

Clinton: (In his mind) Wrong choice, I'm a fire user so this technique wouldn't work on me.

Apha: The match have been decided. Clinton wins.
Boyo: Yea, that's a wrong move from her.
Temi: She probably don't know Clinton uses fire.

Rita: This match is mine! The scorching sun technique!

Rita waved her sword up in circle until it caught fire and the people were suprised and them she struck Clinton with it.

Rita: I have won!

Smoke filled everywhere as she struck Clinton and the crowd were afraid she roasted him.

Person1: She roasted him.

They all waited for the smoke to die down, as it died down they saw Clinton standing unharmed and the crowd were also suprised.

Rita: He's still standing!
Clinton: You are pretty good. Now it's my turn.
Rita: No. I give up. Take me as your student.
Clinton: I don't think I can...
Rita: Please I beg you, I need to grow stronger.
Boyo: Take her in buddy.

The crowd also told him to take her in.

Clinton: Alright, I guess I'm a teacher now.
Rita: Thank you so much.

Rita hugged Clinton as the crowd cheered on and Temi felt a little bit jealous.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode TwentyTwo (22)

Rita's First Day At Training X Temi Suspicion

Clinton left with Rita after much persuasion by her after their sparring match the next day.

They both left to the spring where they first met. Temi and the others went to their tutor centre after Clinton and Rita left.

Timo: Temi don't tell me you are being a little bit jealous.
Temi: Why will I be jealous?
Timo: I know you are jealous...
Aisha: Stop that Timo.
Apha: Let's go and find something to do.

Rita: This is where we first met.
Clinton: Yea, it has been such a long time. You really helped me seriously.
Rita: And you left me for someone older than me.
Clinton: Hmm? Let's get to the reason why we are here.

Rita: Yea, so will you start training me now?
Clinton: Yes. So which element do you like best?
Rita: Fire.
Clinton: Alright, let's start!

* Back At The Island Of Elu *

The witches all tried their best but yet they couldn't neutralise the light barrier.

Witch Bola: This is pointless, let's just wait for two days.
Witch Ngozi: But why?
Witch Bola: We are just wasting our time. There is something else about this barrier. We just got our powers back, we need a little time to cool off. Don't worry, even if we have to wait for a year we will get to our goal.
Witch Ngozi: Yea, we can practise our spells.
Witch  Bola: (In her mind) Damn that Lucy! She's so damn!

* Back At Clinton And Rita *

Rita was panting as she was still practising a technique Clinton was teaching her.

Rita: Where in this world did you get this technique?
Clinton: Actually I didn't get it from this world.
Rita: I see, I'm going to master it today no matter what!
Clinton: You are awesome Rita, you mastered the whole aura stuff in just an hour. And you are trying this technique.
Rita: Thank you, I have to do better.

Clinton: (In his mind) This girl is something else, she could even surpass Temi as the strongest female. She can even rival us the elite squad.

Rita: I'm going to try this again.

Rita raised her sword up and closed her eyes.
She built up aura around her body and extended it to her sword.

Rita: I can do this without any incantation.

The cloud got dark as fire in circle developed above her. The fire was so hot and intense.

Clinton: You are almost there Rita. You are almost there.
Rita: Yea! I can do this!

A dragon head almost formed from the fire but Rita was so weak, she made to fall down but Clinton rushed and caught her.

Clinton: You did well Rita. You did well.

Temi and the others had waited for so long but Clinton and Rita hadn't come back.

Temi: What could be taking them so long?
Timo: They must be having some great time with each other.
Boyo: They are on a training session. So it should take long.
Apha: Yea, you are right.

Clinton was carrying Rita at his back while they returned and Ebuka was the first to see them.

Ebuka: Here they come.
Temi: He's carrying her on his back?
Timo: It's just like I said, they must have been enjoying yourself.
Boyo: Look closer, the girl is pretty tired.
Temi: Tired?
Apha: Yea, due to the training.

Clinton reached where the others were.

Clinton: We are back, she needs to rest. She really overdid it. (To Temi) Why the face?
Temi: It's nothing.
Timo: She was.....
Temi: Shut up Timo!
Clinton: I will be taking her to Bisi.
Temi: I will be coming.
Clinton: No probs.

Temi went along with Clinton while the others stayed behind.

Timo: Look at her pretending not to be jealous.
Aisha: Learn how to keep your mouth shut moron!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode TwentyThree (23)

The Seven Commanders

Clinton and Temi returned from taking Rita to Lady Bisi's house and met the others.

Boyo: So Clinton, I have been wanting to ask, which training did you give her?
Timo: Hehehe, I know they did no sword training.
Clinton: Actually we did, it was a technique I learnt from the dragon himself.
Boyo: The dragon himself?
Clinton: Yes, any one who masters that technique and others can possibly rival main witches and wizards. And that girl Rita, she's really something else. She might even be our equal.
Temi: I see someone smiling...
Timo: I told you they did something else.
Clinton: And guess what? She mastered the whole aura stuff in an hour.
Apha: Just an hour?
Boyo: She's amazing! I'm going to spar with her once she's done learning that technique.
Clinton: Sure.

Temi: Hmm, I don't understand the part where you said you learnt techniques from the evil dragon who tried to possess you.
Apha: Yea, I was also about to ask you the same thing.
Clinton: It's a long story.
Boyo: Don't worry bro, I know you have your reasons.
A guard came and met them.

Guard: Hello, the Queen says she wants to see the seven of you now.
Clinton: We are coming.

** At The Dragon Tribe Realm **

Warriors of the Dragon tribe were also getting ready for the war, a new member named Sea had been added to Dokubo's team.
Sea had graduated as the best warrior after Dokubo and members of his team.

Sea was a boy with the power of controlling water of any kind, but he hadn't fully mastered it so he was undergoing training with Dokubo and his squad.

Just like Boss, Sea had great respect for Dokubo who was the strongest of them all.

Dokubo: I hope Clinton and the others are doing fine.
Boss: The last time I checked they were named as elite squad.
Moon: It seems their little fight with the Queen taught her something she forgot.
Nkiruka: Yea, one shouldn't allow titles and honour to change who they really are.
Dokubo: Yea.

Sea: Are those people really strong?
Nkiruka: Yea, especially the girl named Temi. She's the strongest for now, Apha is next and then Clinton.
Sea: Wow! I will really like to meet them.
Nkiruka: Sure, you will when the war starts.

Dokubo: Clinton will be the strongest in the end, you guys know what I mean right?
Moon: Yea, he's surely going to surpass the two above him. But he will never surpass you my love.
Dokubo: Ofcourse, I will never let that happen.

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