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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Eight (8)

Temi Stands Tall  

Clinton and the others were amazed at Temi's powers while Boss and his team stayed in the shadows watching them.

Boss: The girl is good no doubt.
Moon: Well at this rate she might surpass you.
Nkiruka: Watch your mouth Moon, that's no way she can surpass my Boss.
Dokubo: I think you two should calm down, we might get spotted.
Moon: Yes, my darling.

Clinton and his comrades finally got out of hiding and caught up with Temi.

Ebuka: Don't you think killing just one is enough? Look at that lion it's humongous, the six of us wouldn't be able to finish eating it in a day.
Temi: No, we shall keep going until we get tired.
Ebuka: But...
Clinton: She's right! We shall keep going until we tired.
Boyo: Yes! Bring it on!!
Aisha: I'm in.
Timo: Me too.
Ebuka: Well I guess me too.

Temi: Now let's go and take down more!
All: Yea!!

They all went deeper inside the forest to take down the B Class monsters.

Nkiruka: There they go. That girl Temi seems to have what it takes to be a leader.
Dokubo: Yes, you are right.
Boss: Well, let's keep moving before they get out of our sight.
Moon: Yea, the sun would soon go down.

Dokubo and his team followed the six swordsmen silently in order to analyse their powers and skills.

** In The Realm Of White Magic **

Apha had made up his mind but he had a question which he seeks the answer before making the final decision, so he approached the great white witch Ezra.

Ezra: So have you made up your mind?
Apha: Not really. I have a question.
Ezra: Alright, go ahead and ask.
Apha: You said I would have to sacrifice something right?
Ezra: Yes.
Apha: I want to know if it's when I will learn the powers or when I will use it.
Ezra: You are really a good one Apha. It is when you will try controlling the weather that you would have to lose something.
Apha: That means I can learn the power no problem?
Ezra: Exactly. Controlling the weather and the four elements of nature at the same time is risky.
Apha: Well, I guess I will try just using one element at a time. Until a situation arise where using the combo is the only choice.
Ezra: That's good.
Apha: So can you start teaching me now?
Ezra: Yes, remember we don't have much time. So you have to learn it as fast as you can.
Apha: Ofcourse, I will do that.
Erza: Alright! Let's begin.

As time passes by the light prison holding the four dark witches became weaker as witch Bola was using her ochichiri (darkness) magic.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Eight (8) Continuation

All the kingdoms of the world started preparing for war against the witches, they were afraid as they don't know which kingdom the witches would attack first.
Many of them tipped Alimadu kingdom because the giant evil bat had once attack them (that was in season 2). Even though they were getting prepared they still had no clue if they could withstand the witches.

Queen Chika had wiped her tears and was more prepared to deal with the witches force.

Meanwhile Clinton and his comrades had headed deep into the B Class monsters forest to fight.
As they went Temi had taken down two more mighty lions.

Aisha: Temi is so hot.
Ebuka: Yes, but I wish Clinton would add fire to the lions.
Timo: This is not time for food buddy. A lady is surpassing us.
Boyo: Just watch me, I can't be surpassed.
Timo: You may have been the strongest swordsman in the team, but this time you are not.
Boyo: We will just have to see about that.
Temi: Ssh! Something heavy is coming.
Clinton: Let me climb up and see.

Clinton climbed up real fast and saw a giant bull heading for them and he jumped down immediately.

Clinton: It's a giant bull.
Temi: I will take care of it.
Boyo: No, let us handle this.
Aisha: Yes, you have done a lot already.
Ebuka: Clinton don't forget to roast the bull.
Clinton: I wouldn't forget! After all I'm damn hungry.
Timo: This is the time to prove myself.
Temi: Okay guys, it's all yours.

Temi jumped up to a tree as she watched the others from below.

The giant bull was charging at them real fast.

Timo&Ebuka: Air sweep!

A strong wind hit the giant bull but it stood on the ground and moved against the current.

Boyo: Earth wall.

As the giant bull had moved against the air sweep Boyo made an earth wall which the Bull destroyed.

Clinton: Hmm. Timo, Ebuka and Aisha. Release your powers at the same time with me, and Boyo try holding the bull down in the legs.

They all did as Clinton said, Boyo gripped the bull's legs while Aisha lightening stun the bull. Timo and Ebuka air helped Clinton's fire to grow stronger. And the giant bull was roasted.

Temi climbed down.

Temi: Team work is very great.
Ebuka: Let's dig in!
All: Yea!

They all started eating the giant roasted bull.

Nkiruka: That was perfectly done.
Boss: I'm hungry, let's go and dig in.
Dokubo: No, they mustn't know we followed them.
Moon: Alright, let's go.

Dokubo and his team left as Clinton and his comrades happily ate the giant roasted bull.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Nine (9)


Clinton and the others ate to their fill of the giant roasted bull. They couldn't even eat up to 2/10 of the bull and they got stuffed.
Aisha and Temi ate lightly but the boys continued digging till they could eat no more.
The boys relaxed at the back of a tree.

Temi: You guys overdid it!
Aisha: Especially Ebuka.
Ebuka: That was our reward for taking down a B Class monster.
Temi: It's almost night and you guys can barely move, who will happen if we get attacked by ten of the monsters.
Clinton: We trust you two to take care of it.
Boyo: Yes.

Suddenly the boys all fell asleep.

Aisha: They fell asleep? We should be the ones sleeping while they watch over us.
Temi: I guess we can't help it, they really overdid it. So we have to stay alert incase of any monster.
Aisha: We also have to pull the fire out.
Temi: No, it's cold here. The fire will keep them warm.
Aisha: The monsters will be attracted by the fire.
Temi: Let them come, I shall protect my love.
Aisha: You really do love Clinton huh?
Temi: Yes, I do. I will do anything to keep him safe.
Aisha: So have you two kissed or ....
Temi: (Blushing) No. We haven't really got time to ourselves alone.
Aisha: You are blushing. Well, I just hope the six of us will survive this war.
Temi: If we stay together there's no doubt that we all will survive.

Dokubo and the team went back to check on Clinton and the others since it was night and they hadn't returned, they were in the shadows watching.

Moon: This is unacceptable!
Nkiruka: Yes! How can the boys be sleeping and expect the ladies to watch over them. I'm going to wake those idiots up!
Moon: Yes, let's go!
Dokubo: Wait, we agreed we won't do anything that will make us get spotted. I know you girls will do the same for us.
Moon: Ofcourse, I will do everything to protect you my darling.
Nkiruka: And I will do anything to protect Boss.
Boss: That's good to hear.
Moon: I think we will leave them alone.
Boss: Let's stay here for a while, just in case many monsters attack them at once.
Dokubo: Yes.

Back at the realm of white magic Apha had almost mastered the art of controlling the weather and the four elements of nature. He was at 90% and was training very hard to be at 100%.

Ezra: Nice one, you have almost mastered the power in such a short time.
Apha: Thank you, I have to do it to protect my friends, the kingdom of Alimadu and humanity.
Ezra: Those are great words kids, just a little longer and you will be at 100%.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

The witches were still trapped in the light prison and witch Bola have been neutralising the prison with her ochichiri (darkness) spell.

Witch Bola: It wouldn't be long now, the prison will vanish.

After four seconds the prison vanished.

Witch Ngozi: You did it!
Witch Bola: Yes, now let's go and resurrect our very own army.
Witch Haruna: Yes and we can now destroy mankind.
Witch Bola: Hahahaha!

The four witches dissapeared to the top of their castle, there was a very big pot boiling with a green liquid.

Witch Ngozi: All preparations have been made.
Witch Bola: Alright, I shall now begin. Wane wo di ya ali m'muo onu teli ni! Wane wo di ya ali m'muo onu teli ni!

As she casted the spell the pot started boiling more faster.

Witch Bola: At last!

Witches started coming out of the pot. A hundred of them came out and witch Bola closed the pot.

Witch Bola: This is the number we need now, let just show mankind a little of our destructive force.

Witch Ngozi: Yes.

The witches were all with their flying brooms.

Witch Bola: Now my sisters! Go and attack the villages closer to this island.

The witches chanted and made to fly away. As they were about to leave the island they cried out as they were all being consumed by a very strong light.

Witch Bola: Damn those white witches! They also created a light barrier, no wonder the light prison was easily destroyed.
Witch Ngozi: It's a good thing we didn't try to leave this island, we would have been out of commission for a while.
Witch Bola: This can be hardly called a setback. We can summon our sisters anytime. This barrier will hold for no more than two days.
Witch Ngozi: Well, that's just a little time.

Apha finally mastered the art of controlling the weather and the four elements of nature.

Ezra: Very impressive, weldone Apha.
Apha: Thank you, so can I go home now.
Ezra: Yes, just tell me when you want to.
Apha: I guess I will go sight seeing for a while.

Meanwhile Queen Chika knew about the light barrier so she sent a message to the kings of the world kingdoms for them to convene at Alimadu kingdom to discuss the best way to deal with the witches army.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Ten (10)

Tears And Sorrows

Clinton and the other boys woke up in the morning almost at the same time, they saw the girls watching over them.

Clinton: They have been watching over us while we slept.
Timo: That's so nice of them.

The girls turned back and saw that they were awake.

Temi: You guys finally woke up.
Clinton: Yea, we really appreciate you two looking out for us.
Aisha: It's no big deal, it's just that Ebuka have been snoring so loud, it could have drawn the monsters attention.
Ebuka: I ate too much.
Temi: I think it's time we head back.
Clinton: Yes, I'm going to carry you all the way back.
Temi: (Blushing) Really? Eh....

Clinton went over to carry her.

Clinton: You can sleep while we get back.
Temi: Thank you.
Boyo: I think I will carry Aisha.
Aisha: Huh? Don't let Apha hear that!
Boyo: He will appreciate it if I help you, besides you will be too weak to walk back.

Boyo went over and carried Aisha.

Ebuka: What about the bull? We haven't even eaten anything.
Timo: Let's go Ebuka, we will catch another one later.
Ebuka: But.....
Timo: (Drags Ebuka along) Let's go buddy.

The six swordsmen made their way back to the training centre where Dokubo and his team were waiting.

Boss: Welcome back! I'm pleased to say you all passed.
Ebuka: Yea, I wished you were there to see me in action.
Boss: (Remembers how Ebuka was seriously eating the roasted bull) Sure.
Moon: It's so romantic, the way you carry your girls down here from the forest.
Nkiruka: Yes. Put them down let them follow us to have a warm bath together.
Clinton: Sure.

Clinton and Boyo carried down Temi and Aisha as they went over to have a bath with Moon and Nkiruka.

Dokubo: So do you guys also want a hot bath?
Clinton: We do.
Dokubo: Alright follow me.

Dokubo led the way as the others followed him.

Meanwhile Apha was still looking around at the realm of the white witches.

<< At The Girls Pool >>

Moon, Nkiruka, Temi and Aisha were having their bath in a hot pool.

Moon: Doesn't it feel so nice? Soaking your body in a hot water after a hardworking period.
Temi: It sure do.
Moon: So to you girls, who do you like as lovers among your comrades?
Temi: (Blushing) Clinton.
Aisha: (Blushing) Apha, but he's not here right now.
Nkiruka: We have met Apha before.
Moon: Yea, he was the one we rescued.
Nkiruka: You need to be strong for your men, especially you Temi. Clinton would....
Moon: A lot of things are on his shoulders you know.
Temi: Yea, I will always be there for him.
Nkiruka: That's a good girl.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Ten (10) Continuation

Nkiruka almost told Temi about the death of Abdulrasaq so Moon interrupted her so she wouldn't speak further.

<< At The Boys Pool >>

The boys were already in a conversation.

Timo: Really? You are that strong?
Boss: Yea, but Dokubo is stronger.
Ebuka: That's cool.
Dokubo: Your training is complete, so we will be sending you people back. You all need to attend the meeting of the world kingdoms.
Clinton: I see.
Dokubo: It's still the same day you people left. 3 days here is a day over there.
Ebuka: Wow! That's cool.
Dokubo: Clinton, you have to be strong and make lord Abdulrasaq proud.
Clinton: I will.

Moon had also explained to the girls that they would be leaving.

The six swordsmen were gathered together as they were set to depart, at the same time Apha was ready to return back.

Dokubo: The six of you have done very well, you now have to return so that you can make your own preparations against the witches.

They talked to them for a little longer.

Boss: So are you all ready to go back?
Temi: Yes.
Moon: Goodluck all of you.
Boss: Ma'mira ni je ali onu duba!
Boss casted the spell and they dissappeared.

Dokubo: I hope he is strong to stand the news.

Ezra: Are you ready to go now?
Apha: Yes.
Ezra: Ma'mira ki je ali e duba!
Apha dissappeared.

Both Apha and the six swordsmens appeared at the same time in the night at Abdulrasaq's house. Kanu and Nnena were waiting for them outside.

Clinton: We are back.
Apha: We all came back at the same time.
Clinton: Yes, let's go and tell my father about our new powers!

Kanu: You can't.
Clinton: Why?
Kanu: The four white witches, the great wizard Emeka and your father have been killed by the witches.

Immediately Clinton heared this he dropped his sword.

Clinton: You must be joking right?
Nnenna: (Sobbing) He's saying the truth son.

Clinton fell on his knee and started crying.

Clinton: (Crying) This can't be true.

The other swordsmen were shocked at what they heared.

Temi: (Sobbing) This can't be happening.

The other swordsmen broke down into tears and the mood turned gloomy.

Suddenly they heard Abdulrasaq's voice in the air.

Abdulrasaq: Why are you all crying? I know it must be hard on you people, but wipe your tears and let our sacrifices not be in vain.
Clinton: Father!
Abdulrasaq: My son, I'm sorry from leaving you this way. Please be strong and continue from where I stopped. The next time I will be speaking with you is when you have destroyed the witches with your friends help.

Abdulrasaq voice faded away.

Clinton: Father!

The other swordsmen walked up to Clinton.

Clinton: I will do as my father said. I will wipe off my tears and destroy the witches.
Temi: We all will be there to help you.
Clinton: Thank you guys, together we shall triumph!
All: Yes!!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Eleven (11)

The Accident

Clinton swore that he would take down the evil witches.

The next day the dwarves arrived after having followed a shortcut.

Clinton: Boyo! Voski and his brothers are here.
Voski: Long time no see.
Boyo: Yes.
Voski: (to Clinton) I'm sorry bro for what happened, we have to take down those witches down.
Clinton: Yes, we will not fail.
Kanu: You all will be going to the kingdom of Alimadu to see the Queen, so that you all will be involved in the meeting where the kings of the world kingdoms will meet.

Voski: Yes, we also have to plan our strategy.
Clinton: The kingdoms are far from one another, how can they all arrive in time when we don't really have time?
Kanu: There are hidden shortcuts made to transport kings in time of war. That's what they are going to use. They are only using it because the situation is an emergency one.
Clinton: Okay, so when do we leave?
Voski: We should leave now, if we go later the Queen may be busy with preparations.
Kanu: Yes.

The swordsmen and the dwarves climbed on their horses as they headed to the kingdom of Alimadu which was close.

** At The Island Of Elu **

The dark witches were unable to send their soldiers to destroy the villages because of the light barrier, they were also unable to cross for the time being.

Witch Ngozi: You said this will wear off in a day or two right?
Witch Bola: Yes.
Witch Ngozi: Is that not close to 7 days to 14 days in the other part?
Witch Bola: What? Damn those white witches. They packed all their powers to this light barrier. The humans will think we are weak.
Witch Haruna: We better start neutralising it.
Witch Bola: It will take some time, this barrier is strong.
Witch Kitana: We better start now.
Witch Bola: Yes.

The witches started trying to neutralise the light barrier.

Clinton and the others were still enroute to the kingdom of Alimadu. They talked about their experiences as their horses walked slowly.

Apha: You don't mean it, you guys ate a giant bull? I should have been there with you people.
Ebuka: You couldn't have beaten me. I eat faster than you do. Don't forget that buddy.
Apha: You may have beaten me in the food competition last year but I came second.
Temi: No, you came third. Clinton took the second spot.
Clinton: Hahaha, remembering those days huh?
Voski: You kids have gotten stronger no doubt, together we can beat the witches.
Aisha: Yes, Apha got superpowers than anyone of us.
Temi: Are you trying to start something Aisha?

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Eleven (11) Continuation

Aisha: Do you what me to say it out? My guy is more powerful than yours.
Temi: Keep dreaming.....

As Temi was still talking Clinton sword glowed red and he fell from his horse and started screaming, his eyes also turned red.

Temi: What's happening to him?
Voski: This isn't good!

The others jumped down and tried to get to him but flames covered him. The flames were so hot that they others had to step 50metres backward.

Temi: What's happening?
Voski: The red dragon!! Ekwensu! The dragon is trying to take over his body.

The fire kept spreading and the entire grassy plain started burning.
The others had to move back.

Apha: (in his mind) Should I change the weather? It shouldn't be now, I don't know what I will lose.

Fortunately for them the Queen and Femi with some swordsmen were heading that way.

Queen Chika: That's some evil flame.
Femi: Let's get out of here.
Queen Chika: No, I shall stop the flames and take the spell caster to custody.
Femi: But how?

Queen Chika climbed down.

Queen Chika: Mini duba eligue kweshi oku' a ba'.

Water appeared from the sky and quenched the flames.

Femi: Wow! The Queen is cool.

Queen Chika: Follow me let's take the wizard or witch to custody.

The swordsmen were suprised as they didn't know what stopped the flames, they rushed to Clinton's side and the Queen and her men were approaching them.

When they reached were Clinton was he was motionless with his eyes red.

Temi: What can we do for him?
Voski: Let's take him to Kanu.

The Queen arrived and told them they will be taking Clinton to custody.

Temi: No, you won't.
Femi: You dare challenge the Queen?
Queen Chika: He's using an evil power of the red dragon Ekwensu, he must be executed before he becomes a threat.
Apha: There's no way that will happen, he's not a threat. What happened was an accident.
Temi: Yea, it was an accident. He suddenly fell down, as the ruler of the kingdom you should atleast give him a chance to explain.
Ebuka: I will blow you all away.
Queen Chika: Shut up! I'm taking him away and that's final!
Voski: The kids are right, it was an accident. We didn't even know what happened to him.
Queen Chika: Why would a dwarf side evil. Men get ready to take them away.
Apha: You can't do that!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Twelve (12)


The atmosphere was tense as Queen Chika wanted to take Clinton away but his friends refused.

Femi: You have to obey the Queen.
Apha: There's no way she's going to take him away.
Queen Chika: (Smiles) You all may be strong but you are not strong enough to counter my sleeping spell. Zuraa!!

She cast a sleeping spell and Apha and the others started feeling dizzy.

Apha: My eyes are heavy. It's the same spell Emeka used.
Voski: Yea, the sleeping spell. It's just like Lucy's own.
Temi: Damn you!
Boyo: I will get you for this!

They all fell down and slept. Kanu felt what happened but decided not to interfere for reasons best known to him.

Queen Chika: How are you going to get me when you are sleeping? Men take their swords and tie them up.

Their swords were seized as they were all tied up and carried to the kingdom.

Queen Chika noticed that Clinton was wielding the dragon flame sword.

Queen Chika: (to Femi) He should be isolated from the others, he's also wielding a sword forged by dark witches.
Femi: Yes my Queen.

** At The Island Of Elu **

The witches tried their best to neutralise the light barrier but it wouldn't break any moment.

Witch Bola: That Lucy is still a problem even after death.
Witch Ngozi:  If I don't know better they used their lives to create this barrier.
Witch Haruna: We can't stop. We have to keep trying.
Witch Kitana: You have been saying that for a long time.
Witch Bola: She's right though, let's keep trying to neutralise it.

Meanwhile Dokubo and his team have appeared in the human realm and they saw what happened to Clinton and the others.

Boss: Should we intervene?
Dokubo: No, not now atleast. Let's just mask our presence for now and see what happens next. I will keep an eye on the dragon flame blade.
Boss: Yes, it's important.

As the others were carried into the kingdom Apha's parents recognised him.

Apha Father: That's our son!
Apha Mother: Yes, and he is with the others.
Apha Father: They must have found him somehow, let's go!

Apha parent rushed to to convoy and they were blocked by the guards.

Guard: Stay off!
Apha Father: Our son is there.
Guard: He's going to be taken into custody together with his friends. You can come and see him later.
Apha Mother: Custody? What did he do?

The guard didn't answer her as they moved ahead.

Apha Father: Don't worry, we will get to see him soon.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Twelve (12) Continuation

Clinton and the others had been seperated and put into different dungeons.

** At Clinton's Dungeon **

Clinton shirt was pulled off and he was chained mid air. Queen Chika and some swordsmen were there and they poured him water as he woke up.

Clinton: Where am I?
Queen Chika: You are in a dungeon in the kingdom.
Clinton: A dungeon? But why?
Queen Chika: You are an evil wizard who use flames from hell and also possess a sword forged by dark witches.
Clinton: I'm not an evil wizard, and that sword was passed down to me by my father. And by the way, where are my friends?

Queen Chika slapped him.

Queen Chika: I am the one asking the questions, all you have to do is answer them. By the way don't even try to use magic, I have placed an anti magic spell on your chains.

Clinton laughed.

Queen Chika: And what is funny?
Clinton: I have met four white witches and they are not as cruel as you, or was it being a Queen that changed you?

She slapped Clinton again.

Queen Chika: I said that I'm the only one who asks the questions! Explain the evil fire you caused earlier today.

Clinton: Evil fire? I have no.....

Queen Chika slapped him heavily and blood came out of his mouth.

Queen Chika: I am the only one who asks the questions!

Clinton: I don't know about any fire!!
Queen Chika: You liar!! You need to be tortured, and I'm taking your sword with me.
Clinton: Bring that sword here!
Queen Chika: Guard torture him till he tells ynu everything about the fire.
Guard: Yes my Queen.

The guard started whipping Clinton with a whip as he screamed out.

** The Others Dungeon ** 

The others had also woke up and they checked themselves.

Boyo: Everyone is here except Clinton.
Timo: And our swords are gone too.
Temi: Damn that Queen! I'm going to break down this dungeon.
Voski: There's an anti magic spell at the door.
Temi: We cares? I'm going for my Clinton.
Boyo: I'm going too.

Everyone stood up as they were ready to follow Temi.

Temi summoned her lightening and destroyed the dungeon as the others took cover in Timo's and Ebuka's air barrier.

The destruction caused the palace which was near it to shake.

Queen Chika: What was that?

Clinton smiled as he heard the noise.

Temi was furious with lightening running all over her body.

Timo: She's so hot!!
Temi: Let's go!
All: Yea!!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Thirteen (13)

Temi Vs Queen Chika

Temi had gotten angry after learning that Clinton have been separated from them, she released a very powerful lightening that destroyed the dungeon she was and shaked the palace near it.
Everyone near the palace wondered what it could be.

Queen Chika: What was that?
Femi: I think it came from the dungeon where the others were kept.
Queen Chika: Damn it! I'm going to teach them a lesson they would never forget!

Temi and the others came out of the dungeon as they searched for Clinton.

Boyo: I think he would be kept in the palace.
Apha: Exactly.

As they approached the palace many swordsmen came after them but Timo and Ebuka blew them away with their wind.

Temi: Here we are, I'm the one going to fight that so called Queen.
Voski: She's a witch too.
Temi: I really don't care because I'm going to take her down.
Timo: We are with you.

They opened the reinforced palace gate by pushing it themselves as they hadn't just gained powerful magical powers but also physical powers.

Meanwhile Dokubo and his team were now watching them.

Moon: Wow! See what a girl can do for love! Love!
Nkiruka: This is so amazing! Love conquers all.
Dokubo: So they are really going to fight huh?
Boss: Temi is so furious, she could roast the Queen with her lightening.
Dokubo: Don't forget that the Queen is also a white witch. So it's going to be some sort of a serious battle.
Moon: Love conquers all, I'm for Temi. She's going to win.
Nkiruka: Me too.

As they opened the gate many swordsmen came after them and they were blown away by Timo and Ebuka using their air power.

Queen Chika, Chime, Femi, Christopher and some other swordsmen came out. Queen Chika was holding Clinton's sword which made Temi more furious and lightening ran over her whole body.

Temi: Damn you! Where is Clinton? And how dare you take his sword?
Femi: Silence young lady! You are going against the kingdom.
Chime: And we will not hesitate to cut you down.
Temi: Bring it on.
Christopher: Remember I trained with you people.
Timo: Can't you see the difference? We have undergone training to gain magical powers.
Queen Chika: I will take care of these rebels.

Queen Chika stepped forward after giving Femi the dragon flame blade.

Queen Chika: Impressive, you use lightening huh? That wouldn't stop me. As you may have noticed I'm a white witch. Someone like you can't hope of defeating me.
Temi: I'm ready for you, bring it on!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Thirteen (13) Continuation

Temi and Queen Chika were ready for a showdown.

Chika sent white arrows to strike Temi but they were destroyed by Temi's lightening barrier.

Chika: So you used your barrier to take down my white arrows. Oku!!

Chika sent a very strong fire at Temi which made her scream and shift a little.

Temi: Ahh!!!
Chika: Now you feel my power.
Temi: I will gladly take more.
Chika: Agwu mnuo duba eligue wa to ya li! (Let the heavenly snake spirits strike you down)

After Queen Chika cast that spell a white circle appeared in the sky.

Temi: What's that?
Voski: Temi you have to get out of there. It's a very strong spell. Your lightening barrier may not hold it.
Temi: Don't underestimate my powers.
Chika: Really? Hahahaha! You fool! You shall have the honour of dieing in the palace.

Dokubo: I think we need to intervene.
Boss: No, I use lightening too and I can stop that attack. So Temi can, she has great potential. Watch her stand tall.
Moon: Like I said, Love conquers all.

Twelve white snakes came out of the circle and made to attack Temi.

Temi: Ama shi ke! (Lightening bolt!)

Temi strucked the snakes with her strong lightening bolt and they all screamed and faded away.

Queen Chika: What? You destroyed the snakes!! You can't be that powerful. You are just a little girl!

Temi: Now it's my turn. Raging....
Voski: Stop!!!
Temi: What?
Voski: You are going to bring this place down and roast the Queen if you do that.
Temi: Alright then. I will just share a little lightening with her.

Temi pointed a finger at Queen Chika and a little lightening struck her as she fainted and Femi held her. Temi walked to Femi and took Clinton's sword from him.

Everyone was terrified by her powers.

Moon: That girl is too hot!
Boss: She might surpass me.

Temi: (To Chime) Take us to Clinton and tell your men to bring our swords.
Chime: Yes, yes.

Chime led them to where Clinton was, the guard torturing him was still there. Temi cried as she saw the wounds on his body, out of anger she struck the guard with lightening.

Temi: How dare them do this to him?
Boyo: Calm down Temi.

Temi removed the chains and carried him as they stepped outside. A swordsman had already kept their swords and horses ready so that Temi wouldn't be angered.

They all inspected their swords before taking them.

Apha: I will carry Clinton on my horse, I will heal him as we go back.
Temi: Thank you.

They all climbed at their horses and made to go back when Temi turned over to Chime.

Temi: Tell your Queen that she wouldn't be lucky if she comes after my Clinton.
Chime: Yes.

They all kicked their horses and raced off.

Dokubo: I guess it's time we go back to our realm.

Dokubo and his team went back to their realm as Temi and the others raced back to Abdulrasaq's home.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Fourteen (14)

First Time Romance X The Prophecy

Temi and the others had raced down to Abdulrasaq's house, Apha had healed most of Clinton's wounds but he needed rest to allow the others to heal. He was taken to his room in Abdurasaq's home.

The others and Kanu gathered around him as he slept.

Kanu: So this means we are going to be working independently.
Temi: It means the Queen is asking for a death sentence.
Voski: You have to calm down Temi.
Apha: He would be fully healed up tonight.
Temi: That's good to hear.
Kanu: We should all go outside and plan our next line of action.
Boyo: Yea, that's right.

All of them went outside to plan their next course of action.

Meanwhile back at the kingdom Queen Chika had recovered from the lightening shock.

Queen Chika: So they attacked me, in that way they have attacked the kingdom.
Femi: You have to take it easy. They are very powerful.
Queen Chika: Christopher! I thought you trained with them.
Christopher: Yes my Queen. But I can't explain their sudden surge in power.
Queen Chika: They need to be apprehended.
Chime: My Queen, the lady who fought you gave us a warning.
Queen Chika: Hmm, they are all very powerful. Together with them I think we have a chance of winning this war.
Femi: So are you changing your mind about them?
Queen Chika: Yes, Christopher will go and deliver my apology to them tomorrow and then the next day the meeting will hold.
Christopher: I will do that my Queen.

Kanu and the others had decided a plan of attack against the witches and their armies.

Boyo: That plan is definitely going to work.
Ebuka: Yea, we are going to fry their ass.
Apha: Well the problem is that we don't know exactly how strong they are.
Temi: That's not a problem, let's just imagine them being a hundred times stronger than us.
Timo: A hundred what?
Aisha: I agree with Temi.
Ebuka: Hahahaha! I can't just hold myself. Hahaha.
Apha: Ebuka?
Ebuka: What if there are many pigs in the witches army? I'm going to eat a lot of them, hahahaha!

Ebuka stopped laughing when he saw the others looking at him.

Ebuka: Why the faces huh?
Apha: (Laughs) You haven't changed one bit bro.
Temi: Yea, he's always been like this since he was a kid.
Aisha: He will never change.
Timo: Well, that's what make him Ebuka.
Boyo: Our very own Ebuka.
Ebuka: Please stop it, I'm have already started blushing.
Timo: Hahaha! I'm going to eat the pigs with you!!
Apha: Me too.
Boyo: I will also join the party.
Ebuka: Hahaha! It's going to be a party.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Fourteen (14) Continuation

It was night and everyone had retired to their beds. Temi went over to Clinton's room to check how he was doing. His eyes were closed, his wounds had healed and his breathing was normal. After seing that everything was fine she made to go when Clinton called her.

Clinton: Temi.
Temi: Yes.
Clinton: Uhm, uhm.
Temi: Come on, just say it.
Clinton: I'm feel a little bit lonely, you can share the bed with me.

Temi waited for a few seconds before sharing the bed with him, she placed her hand on his chest.

Temi: I wouldn't let something like this to happen to you again.
Clinton: I know you won't.

One thing led to the another and they pulled off their clothes as they engaged in a bout of sex.

Meanwhile the dark witches were still trying to neutralise the
light barrier being placed by Lucy and her sisters.

Witch Bola: This is taking too long, we should have been able to neutralise the barrier.
Witch Ngozi: Yes, something seems wrong. We are at full power so we are suppose to have neutralised it.
Witch Kitana: Anyway we have to continue trying until we discover what is wrong.
Witch Haruna: Yes, you are right.
Witch Bola: Alright then. Let's continue.

Meanwhile in a far away land the mysterious man who first appeared in the last episode of season 2 was sleeping on a tree when a spirit being appeared to him.

Spirit: Rain!!

The mysterious man whose name was Rain woke up.

Rain: You again.
Spirit: You have to make yourself known to the others.
Rain: Come on, there's still time.
Spirit: I have a shocking prophecy.
Rain: Forget your prophecy, Bola and her stupid sisters wouldn't win. The dark witches shall be defeated.
Spirit: Yes. But at what cost?
Rain: Cost?
Spirit: Even if the witches break free from the light barrier, the real battle wouldn't go underway.
Rain: What do you mean?
Spirit: Bola plans to ressurect.......
Rain: Impossible! I will need to stop her once the war begin.
Spirit: Everything now lies in you hands and the others too.

The spirit disappeared.

Rain: Damn you Bola! I'm going to stop you!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Fifteen (15)


The next day Clinton was healed up already as he woke up and saw Temi still sleeping by his side. He smiled as he got up and wore his clothes, it was then Temi woke up.

Temi: Good morning.
Clinton: You are awake. Morning.

Temi stood up and also wore her clothes.

Temi: So whatsup with the early rise?
Clinton: I just want to take a walk.
Temi: Then let's go together.

They both washed their mouth and faces and they took a walk around Abdulrasaq's house.

Clinton: I just hope there will be a time when the world will know peace.
Temi: If we take down the witches there may be such a time.
Clinton: Yea. As long as I live, I won't allow anything bad to happen to you and the others.
Temi: I wouldn't let anything happen to you too.
Clinton: So about what happened to me when were going to the kingdom.....
Temi: Kanu said he will discuss the issue today.
Clinton: Well, that's good.
Temi: Don't worry, I will always be there for you.

They both of them chatted and laughed as the sun rised.

Ebuka was the first among the others to step outside.

Ebuka: (Yawns) Look at what I found. Two love birds!
Clinton: Hello Ebuka.
Ebuka: Hi, so whatsup with the two of you? Having a heart to heart talk? Or thinking about what lies ahead?
Temi: A bit of both.
Ebuka: Well, we have to enjoy every moment. We can never tell how this war is going to be, but if we all work together everything will be fine.
Clinton: That's some great words from you, Ebuka.
Ebuka: Well, I better wash up and get ready to eat.
Temi: I knew you would say that soon.
Clinton: We should be going inside now.
Temi: Yea.

The three of them went inside where they met the others.

Few hours later Kanu and Voski called them to address the incident that happened to Clinton. They explained to him that he was almost posessed by the great red dragon Ekwensu whose powers the sword was wielded from.

Voski: You should try your best to control the power.
Kanu: And also try not to use it a full power.
Clinton: That will be a little hard if I'm fighting against the witches.
Temi: I will be there to support you.
Kanu: Good, he will need support.
Ebuka: When are we having lunch?
Apha: We just had breakfast few hours ago.
Boyo: It is not yet noon.
Timo: You even ate more than us.
Clinton: His appetite is something else.
Temi: He might eat some evil beasts.
Aisha: Or even the witches themselves.
Ebuka: You all are ganging up on me!!

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