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Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
The season 3 of my most popular story "Clinton And The 7 Witches" will be coming soon.

Read season one here.
Read season two here.

The witches have finally gotten their full powers back. What are they going to do first? Where will they strike first?

Will Clinton and his allies be able to stop them?

Watch out for the season 3.

Coming Soon...
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode One (1)

Apha's New Powers

Queen Chika raced on her horse with her personal guards to the centre of the kingdom as Femi with the help of Chime directed all the swordsmen to go there.

Queen Chika: We need to act fast, I know exactly what they will do next.

** At Abdulrasaq's Home **

Clinton: So they are finally ready to attack huh?
Timo: Well, it's good we improved our powers.
Emeka: That wouldn't be enough! They will even give the dragon tribe a very hard time or overpower them. You can't even begin to compare yourself to them.
Temi: So what are we going to do?
Emeka: Train more! Grow your powers! Get stronger! But you are not wizards or white witches.
Aisha: Is there anyway we can get stronger?
Ebuka: Please tell us.
Emeka: Well, there is only one way. And that way is through Apha.
Apha: (Laughs) You must be joking right? I almost got to the land of the dead.
Abdulrasaq: Emeka is right, Apha.
Apha: I don't understand. I have no such powers, if I did I would have said so.
Abdulrasaq: I will leave Emeka to explain it to you.
Apha: Okay?
Emeka: The witches picked the wrong weapon to stab you. They stabbed you will a dagger left by the greatest white witch of all, witch Ezra.
Apha: I did bleed.
Emeka: Yes, you did bleed because power was almost out of the dagger. And infact the witches thought there was no power in the dagger, that's why they used it to stab you. You have the power to increase an object power living or non living. You have to tap the power from within.
Ebuka: Wow, Apha you are the man.
Emeka: But, that's not the only power you have. You have gained the power to control the weather and the four elements of nature, that makes you the most strongest among your friends.
Apha: Huh? I don't feel anything.
Emeka: I'm not yet done speaking. Though you have the power of the great white witch Ezra, you an just an average human, trying to control the weather or the four elements of nature will put too much strain on your body. So don't try using them until you are ready.
Apha: Until I'm ready? I don't even have any clue about the powers.
Abdulrasaq: I think we should send you to the realm of white magic.
Apha: What? I'm just getting here, I want to spend more time with my friends.
Abdulrasaq: Only your spirit will go. Your body will remain.
Apha: Like dieing?
Emeka: Zu'ura!

When Emeka said Zu'ura Apha fell down and was unconscious.

Clinton: What did you do to him?
Emeka: I sent him to the realm of white magic, he shall meet the white white Ezra.
Temi: Well, we can wait.
Clinton: Sure.

Apha woke up in a very different and beautiful world, a beauty he hasn't seen before.

Apha: Where am I?

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode One (1) Continuation

** At The Dwarves Camp **

The Dwarves were also aware that the witches were now ready for war.

Voski: I have made a decision! Only 7 of us shall go and help the humans! I, Doski, Boski, Kero and three female who will volunteer!

Three female immediately came forward after he said that.

Voski: Good! Let's us pick our weapons and head to Abdulrasaq's home.
Kero: Yes boss. I can't wait.
Voski: Yes, I know what the witches will do next exactly. Let's move out!

** At The Four White Witches Realm **

Lucy: This is a very bad situation.
Emily: We are the only white witches left on the surface of the Earth.
Lucy: No. There is one more.
Rosy: Who?
Lucy: The new Queen of Alimadu kingdom.
Emily: Huh?
Rachael: I remember now, you took her as you student when she lost her way on a forest in Oduduwa kingdom.
Lucy: Yes.
Emily: Then we have only but one choice.
Lucy: Yes. We will have to face the witches ourselves. And if we don't survive the battle, the last of our powers shall be given to her.
Rachael: Well, I'm happy. Atleast there will be a white witch left in this world.
Lucy: We all know what the witches will do next.
Emily: Yes.
Lucy: We shall meet the great wizard very soon.

** At The Island Of Elu **
The witches were still at the shore of the island as they loved the wind of freedom.

Witch Bola: This castle is not fit for us.
Witch Kitana: Yes. Should I create a new one?
Witch Bola: Yes.
Witch Kitana: Ulor ba di ni ye oka mapia!

As she finished casting the spell, the castle crumbled and a new one sprung up from the earth.

It was a very large castle with dragon statues at four sides.

Witch Bola: Perfect. This is just what suits us.
Witch Haruna: Yes.
Witch Bola: Now we shall begin the preparations for the ressurection of our sisters!
Witch Ngozi: Yes! I can't wait to see them come back.
Witch Bola: Yes. But we will not resurrect the fallen three. They are so weak!
Witch Haruna: Alright then, I shall begin the preparations! 
Witch Bola: Emeka and Abdulrasaq we shall come for you very soon.

** In The Kingdom Of Alimadu **

The swordsmen kept rushing to the centre of the kingdom as the people wondered what was happening.
When they all gathered Queen Chika told them to raise their swords up and they did.

Queen Chika: Ikike du ba eligue gi la ga ogoor gu'n ka u'nu buu nde ochichiri (Let power come down from the heavens and give your swords the power to destroy the people of darkness).

Their swords glowed after she casted the spell.

Queen Chika: Swordsmen of Alimadu kingdom! You shall protect the kingdom from the wicked ones!

All: Yea!

Queen Chika: Now, return to your positions and wait for your orders.

All: Long live the Queen!

The swordsmen all rushed back to their duty posts.

Femi: My Lady, is there anything I should know?
Queen Chika: Yes.
Femi: And what's that?
Queen Chika: The witches shall ressurect an army of their fallen ones to attack all the kingdom of the world.
Femi: What?
Queen Chika: Don't you worry. I shall lead humanity to victory.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Two (2)

The White Magic Realm

Apha woke up to a very beautiful world.
He wondered where he was and then remembered when Emeka was telling him about the white magic realm.

Apha: Is this the white magic realm?
Ezra: Yes, it is.
Apha: Who goes there?
Ezra: It is I Ezra, the one whose powers flows in your body.
Apha: Huh? It's cool to hear your voice.
Ezra: Follow the fairies that will come for you, they shall lead you to me.
Apha: Okay.

Some fairies appeared and Apha followed their direction as they called out to him smiling and laughing.

Apha: These are wonderful creatures.

** At The Witches Castle **

There was thunder and lightening above the castle of the dark witches.
Witch Bola sat on the throne as their leader.

Witch Kitana came out from the undeground part of the castle and told witch Bola that preparation for the ressurection was ready.

Witch Bola: Very well then, I shall begin the ressurection ritual.
Witch Ngozi: Very soon we will have an army of our own.
Witch Bola: Exactly, and we shall conquer lands upon lands. Mankind will have nowhere to live.

** At The Palace In Alimadu Kingdom **

Queen Chika and the other had returned from the centre of the kingdom.

Queen Chika: Femi.
Femi: Yes my Queen.
Queen Chika: I need you to write letters to the chiefs and elders of the villages living close to the Island of Elu to pack as fast as they can, the witches army will destroy anything in their path. Tell them that the kingdom of Alimadu would be happy to welcome them.
Femi: Yes my Queen.
Queen Chika: Chime shall write letters to the kingdoms. And then we shall announce to the people of Alimadu kingdom what is going on.
Chime: My Queen.
Queen Chika: Yes?
Chime: The news might send panic to the people of the kingdom.
Queen Chika: I know, but it's better they know what we are up against.
Chime: It shall be done my Queen.

** At Abdulrasaq's Home **

Clinton and his friends were having a sparring session, Abdulrasaq, Emeka and Kanu were in a deep conversation.

Emeka: We know who their first targets will be. I and Abdulrasaq.
Kanu: You people are strong.
Abdulrasaq: But not strong enough to even beat one of them. I have aged.
Emeka: The amount of power they wield now is greater than the one they had during the first great war.
Kanu: Hmm, this is bad. The four white witches can help.
Emeka: Hmm. They don't actually have much agressive magic. They are a peace loving people and found no need for such magic.
Abdulrasaq: Everything lies on you now Kanu, you must guide the kids.
Kanu: I will sir.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

Apha followed the fairies and they led him to a very beautiful garden filled with beautiful flowers.

Apha: Wow! This is the real definition of beautiful.

The fairies left as they lead Apha to a young lady in the garden.

She turned back and smiled at him.
Apha was so suprised on her beauty and beaming smile.

Ezra: Welcome Apha.
Apha: You are....
Ezra: I am Ezra.
Apha: Wow, I thought you will be old.
Ezra: Well we white witches don't get old.
Apha: I see.
Ezra: Now to the reason you were sent here.
Apha: Yes, I want to learn how to control those powers.
Ezra: You have to start with learning how to amplify people's powers. The other ones are dangerous for an average human.
Apha: How then can I learn them?
Ezra: You must be ready to become a wizard.
Apha: Really?
Ezra: We will talk about that later. For now let's start on how to amplify people's powers. We don't have much time. The witches can strike any moment.
Apha: I'm ready.
Ezra: Alright then, let's begin.

** At Abdulrasaq's Home **

Clinton and the others were exhausted from their sparring session.

This time it was Clinton, Temi, Timo Vs Boyo, Aisha and Ebuka.

The two air users ended in a draw, so did Temi and Aisha. Clinton fire touched Boyo's cloth and when he wanted to dust it off Clinton knocked him down.

Clinton: Well we won.
Boyo: You were lucky. You flames touched me that's why.
Clinton: Who knows what Apha could be doing right now?
Boyo: Training I guess.
Timo: Well, it's so suprising to me, he just came and surpassed us.
Temi: Yea. I bet he's going to be the front liner of this war.
Aisha: Well, my Apha is back and he's the strongest.
Temi: Well, we just have to see about that.
Clinton: His powers may be powerful but it depends on how he use them.
Boyo: I am the strongest, nobody should be stronger than I am.
Clinton: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Boyo: Yes, if we keep going at this rate we will never stand a chance against the witches. I'm meeting Emeka, he will teach me how to become a wizard.
Clinton: I will be coming as well, Apha said we should fight together. So we need to get stronger.

The others followed suit and they went to Emeka, he told Clinton that he was already a wizard.

Clinton: I'm a wizard?
Emeka: I made you one at birth. The truth is I can't help anyone of you now.
Boyo: Why?
Emeka: I'm too old for that stuff. But... You can learn in the dragon tribe realm, they will also teach Clinton how to use his powers.
Abdulrasaq: Outsiders will need permission to go there, I will work on that.
Boyo: Thanks sir.

Unknown to the swordsmen it was Emeka who used his magic to make them think that way, so they could improve.

Meanwhile the seven dwarves headed by Voski were still headed to Abdulrasaq's home.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Three (3)

Realm Of The Dragon Tribe

Apha was meditating in the realm of white magic, a green aura covered his body and he felt strength from within.

Ezra: Weldone, you have mastered how to summon your magic power from within. All you have to do is transfer your endless supply of magic to the ones you want to improve their strength.
Apha: Is that all?
Ezra: Yes.
Apha: What about learning to control the weather and the four elements of nature.
Ezra: It is very risky, only one human have done that. Till this day we don't know where he is, he isn't in the land of the living or land of the dead. He completed dissappeared without trace like he went to oblivion.
Apha: That's scary, but I have to learn everything I can. We are facing the strongest of the witches.
Ezra: Are you ready to sacrifice something?
Apha: Sacrifice?
Ezra: The price the other human paid for having such powers was his sight, but thanks to his other improved senses he could carry out his daily activities just like other humans.
Apha: Huh?
Ezra: You see? If you have made up your mind, I shall be waiting in the garden you first met me. Till then.

She dissappeared.

Apha: Sacrifice huh? I got to think about this very fast.

** Back At The Kingdom Of Alimadu **

Queen Chika was on her throne when Femi came in.

Femi: My Queen I have sent the villages the message through our fastest birds.
Queen Chika: Good, we just have to hope it gets to them on time.
Femi: Yes, my Queen.

As Femi left Queen Chika casted a spell that made the birds to immediately reach the villages, she also did that to the ones that Chime sent to all the kingdoms of the world.

Queen Chika: We can't afford to waste any more time. The witches can attack anytime. We need to get into a battle formation very soon.

** At Abdulrasaq's home **

Abdulrasaq had finished communicating with the Dragon tribe and they had granted his request.

Abdulrasaq: Alright kids, the request have been granted. So hold your hands, go in there and learn how to become wizards and witches.

All: Yes sir!!

Ma'mira ni je ali ka de drakon!

He casted the spell and the swordsmen dissappered to the realm of the Dragon tribe, Clinton's origin.

Abdulrasaq: Well, they are out of the way now. We can contimue our discussion.
Emeka: Yes, I hope they get stronger in there.
Abdulrasaq: I'm sure they will.
Emeka: Well, it's time I tell the white witches that we are ready for the meeting.
Abdulrasaq: I just hope they will forgive us when they come back.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Three (3) Continuation

The six swordsmen appeared in the Dragon tribe realm, the place was so beautiful that they looked in wonder.

Clinton's sword glowed red for a while and stopped.

Clinton: My sword just glowed red.

Dokubo and Moon came behind them.

Dokubo: That's because the sword is at home.
Timo: Hey, you are the guy we met earlier.
Moon: Show some respect kiddo, you don't address your teacher as guy.
Timo: Oh, I'm really sorry. I didn't know he was the teacher.
Moon: That's okay. Now follow us.

They followed Dokubo and Moon and they reached a training ground, Boss was asleep on Nkiruka laps.

Moon: Nki, wake him up.
Nkiruka: He's relaxing.
Moon: It's time to train these greenhorns.

Temi: (In her mind) Greenhorns? We shall surpass them after this training.

Nkiruka woke up Boss.

Boss: (Yawns) No one told me they will be here real fast.
Nkiruka: Asari told us that. Perhaps you missed it because you were feeling dizzy.
Boss: Yes, sure.
Dokubo: You are the first teacher Boss.

Boss: Huh? My training is a special one. Now to you guys. All of you should attack me.

Timo: So that's how you want to roll.
Clinton: Let's give him what he's asking for.
Boyo: Yea!

Timo and Ebuka sent their strongest air pressure, Boyo, Temi and Aisha extended their swords  while Clinton sent his strongest flames.

All the attacks touched Boss but nothing happened to him.

Clinton: Like seriously?
Boyo: My sword didn't cut through?
Timo: That was my best.
Temi: This guy is in a league of his own.

Boyo: (Dusting himself) It seems the combination of your powers can't even bring down the least powerful of my lightening barrier.

Clinton: Lightening barrier? Where's is the lightening?
Boyo: You can't see it because it's a weak one, but yet you people couldn't break it. Clinton the sword you wield is a very powerful and dangerous weapon, but yet you haven't tapped into it's powers.
Nkiruka: So what should be their punishment?
Boss: They shall go the forest of the O monsters, if they can kill one of the monsters then I will teach them what they need to know.

Nkiruka: Follow me. I will show you the way to the O forests.
Temi: What types of monsters are there exactly?
Nkiruka: Let's say monsters the six of you can beat if you work together.
Temi: Well that's okay. I thought it would be something else.
Nkiruka: Hmm, don't give in to fear when you get there.
Temi: Why?
Nkiruka: You will know once you get there.

After walking them some distance Nkiruka pointed to the direction and wished them goodluck.

Dokubo: So you just had to punish the kids.
Boss: They haven't seen anything yet.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Four (4)

Your Innermost Fear

Nkiruka came back after showing Clinton and the others the way to O forest.

Boss: You are back my love.
Nkiruka: Yea, but I think the punishment is too harsh for them.
Moon: Me too.
Boss: Oh, I'm sorry if I over did it.
Dokubo: If they really want to learn magic, this is one of the test to show it.

Clinton and the others reached the entrace of the O forest and saw three entrance.

Clinton: They didn't tell us there was going to be three entrance.
Boyo: I guess we should split up into three groups.
Temi: But the one who brought us here said we can defeat the monsters if we fight together, and the other lady said I shouldn't give in to fear.
Clinton: What a drag! So what are we going to do?
Boyo: Let's split up then.
Clinton: Alright. Into three groups.

Clinton and Temi paired together, Boyo and Aisha paired together and so did Timo and Ebuka paired.

They walked into the three entrance in pairs.

Boss: By now they should have gotten in.
Dokubo: Yes, I hope they overcome their greatest fear.

Clinton and the rest entered into the O forest without knowing what was in.

** Back At Abdulrasaq's Home **

The four white witches have arrived Abdulrasaq home.

Emeka: I guess it's time we begin.
Lucy: Yes. Our purpose here is to buy the kids some time to get stronger. Even if we all faced the four witches now we wouldn't be able to beat them.
Abdulrasaq: Yes, but anyway we have to face them.
Emeka: I will go first.
Emily: Hmm. We are going to sacrifice our lives, I just hope the kids will be ready.

They discussed a lot about the witches, wizard Emeka and Abdulrasaq were to be the first to attack the witches.

*** Back To The Dragon Tribe Realm **

All six swordsmen entered the forest.

Temi looked at her side and saw that Clinton was missing.

Temi: Clinton! Clinton! Where are you? Where could he go? He couldn't have left me like that.

She heard Clinton crying out, she rushed immediately to the source. She was shocked at what she saw.

Witch Bola had stabbed Clinton with his own sword in the chest.

She opened her mouth in schock and rushed over to witch Bola crying.

Temi: Leave him alone you witch!!
Witch Bola: Hahahahaha!

Witch Bola dissappeared.

Temi met Clinton in the pool of his own blood barely hanging out to life.  She cried out.

Temi: (Crying) Please stay with me Clinton, please don't go. Somebody help! Aisha! Boyo! Timo! Ebuka! Please somebody help.

As she cried she wondered how witch Bola could get there, and then she remembered what Nkiruka told her about not giving in to her fears.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Four (4) Continuation

She remembered her greatest fear was Clinton being killed by the witches.

Temi: Yes, this is just an illusion. My Clinton is not dead.

Suddenly everything was clear, what she thought was Clinton had just been a piece of wood.

Clinton approached her from behind and she turned back.

Clinton: Why did you just run away like that? And why are you crying?

She hugged him.

Temi: I'm so happy to know you are okay. I wouldn't leave you anymore.

Clinton wondered what could have happened.

Clinton: Uhm.
Temi: Let's finish this.

** Boyo And Aisha **

Boyo and Aisha walked along and saw the kingdom of Alimadu being burnt and razed down by the witches.

Boyo: We got back home? And the kingdom....
Aisha: The kingdom is finished.

In despair they both rushed in into the kingdom, they saw the Queen being pinned to the ground by the witches.

Boyo: Leave the Queen alone!

The two of the rushed but they already too late as Queen Chika was stabbed many times already.

Boyo: We are too late!

Boyo saw Aisha looking up in the sky.

Boyo: What are you looking at?
Aisha: This can't be real. Remember we were sent into a forest. The monsters they were talking about must be our fears.
Boyo: Huh? You are right. It must be our fears.

Just then everything returned to normal.

Boyo: I think we just defeated the monsters.
Aisha: Yes.
Boyo: All thanks to you.

They both walked down the forest.

** Timo And Ebuka **

Timo and Ebuka were both seperated.

Timo saw the others being killed by monsters.

Timo: Ahh! The O forest monsters got them.

Timo trembled in fear as the thought of being killed by the monsters shaked his very own soul.

Ahh!! Timo screamed as he ran in fear.

Ebuka was taken back to the kingdom, people were talking about food scarcity.

Ebuka: That's no way food can't get scarced. I mean I just entered.....

As Ebuka wholeheartedly said food could never get scarce the forest changed to normal.

Ebuka: What? What happened? And where's Timo? I have to keep going forward maybe I will meet him.

Timo kept screaming and Ebuka's voice got to him.

Timo: Ebuka? I just heared his voice. Wait! The six of us didn't follow the same path. There's no way what I saw could be true. Yes, I don't believe it!

The forest changed back to normal.

Timo: Huh? What happened? I better keep moving forward.

The six of them came out of the forest at the same time, and Dokubo and his team were waiting for them.

Boyo: Congratulations newbies, you just passed the first test.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Five (5)

The Death Of Emeka And Abdulrasaq

The six swordsmen successfully came out of the O monsters forest and Boss said he was now going to teach them something about wizards and witches.

Boss: Clinton.
Clinton: Sir.
Boss: So you were not affected by the forest, does that mean you have no fear in your heart?
Clinton: Maybe, I didn't really understand the whole concept.
Boss: Even I almost failed when I had this test, only Dokubo in our team had no such experience.
Clinton: Wow, that's cool.
Boss: Now follow me let's  begin our training.

** Back In The Island Of Elu **

Emeka and Abdulrasaq had teleported themselves to the island of Elu in order to confront the witches.

Witch Bola: So they came to us.
Witch Ngozi: We should take care of them real fast.
Witch Bola: Yes, let's go sisters!

The four witches appeared in front of Abdulrasaq and Emeka.

Witch Bola: So you people came to me instead.
Emeka: We are not here for talks.
Witch Bola: I see, you came here to die. I shall make it quick for you people.

Abdulrasaq: I may not be with my sword but I wouldn't be taken down so easily. Agwu Eja!

Sand in form of snake came out of the earth and made to attack witch Bola.

Witch Bola: Agwu ochichiri!

A dark snake representing darkness attacked Abdulrasaq's sand snake and destroyed it.

Witch Bola: What a useless attempt, I think I will let my sisters  have the fun. You are too weak for me to waste my precious time. Sisters finish them.

White Ngozi: I will make this quick, oye mnuo!

She summoned the spirit of the first user of the dragon flame sword and took control over it.

Abdulrasaq: No way!
Witch Ngozi: Now you see? You can't win! Just give up!

Abdulrasaq: Mini Agwu!

Water in form of snake attack the first user of the sword but he destroyed the water snake. The name of the first user of the sword is Abdulkareem.

Witch Ngozi: Now I understand, you can only use snake attacks since you are not with your sword. So pitiful.

Abdulrasaq: For someone who said she would finish me quickly you sure do talk a lot.
Witch Ngozi: I love to play with my preys before devouring them.
Witch Haruna: You are wasting too much time, I will take it from here. Ama wa!!

Suddenly lightening made to strike Abdulrasaq but he quickly made a counter attack.

Abdulrasaq: Ama Agwu!

Lightening in form of snake countered witch Haruna lightening.

Witch Haruna: Very impressive, so you can use lightening.
Emeka: I will enter the fight now.
Witch Ngozi: You have to face me.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

Witch Ngozi sent Abdulkareem to fight Emeka.
The battle was now between Abdukareem and Emeka.

Abdulkareem casted an air storm spell while
Emeka countered it with an Earth wall.

The three witches faced Abdulrasaq as Abdulkareem kept Emeka busy.

Abdulrasaq: (In his mind) I guess this is the end, I couldn't finish this war. Please forgive me son and purge this world of this wicked souls!

Witch Ngozi: It's time to die!

The three witches struck him with their lightening combo, he used his ultimate shell but it wasn't strong enough as the lightening struck him to the very depth of his soul.

Abdulrasaq: Ahh!!!

Abdulrasaq screamed as he was charred to death.
Emeka: No!!

As Emeka losed focus and looked at Abdulrasaq he was immediately stabbed in the chest by Abdulkareem.

Emeka: Ahh! We failed!

Emeka fell down dead.

Back in the dragon tribe realm Clinton stopped walking and tears dropped from his eyes.

Temi: Why did you stop walking?
Clinton: I don't know, I just felt like a void have been created in my heart.
Dokubo: (Knowing what happened) Don't worry it's as a result of the forest.
Clinton: I hope so.

Clinton continued walking. Dokubo, Boss, Moon and Nkiruka felt what happened and said farewell to Abdulrasaq and Emeka in their hearts.

The white witches also felt it too.

Lucy: They are gone.
Emily: I guess we are next.
Lucy: Yes.

Clinton mother cried after Kanu told her what happened. Kanu felt it so much but he refused to shed tears.

Even the dwarves felt it and they said farewell to them in their hearts.

Witch Bola: Oku!

Witch Bola used fire to burn the bodies of both Abdulrasaq and Emeka.

Witch Bola: Anyone who stands in our way shall die.
Witch Ngozi: Lucy and the others will be next.
Witch Bola: Let them come. We shall make this island their graveyard.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Six (6)

The Four White Witches Fall

After burning the bodies of Abdulrasaq and Emeka to ashes the four dark witches declared that the island will be the grave of the white witches if they dare to come there.

As it was agreed after the fall of the great Abdulrasaq and the wizard Emeka, the four white witches were the next to attack the dark witches.

As witch Bola and her sisters made to go back into their castle the four white witches appeared on the island, and they turned back.

Witch Bola: Oh I see that some people want to die.
Lucy: Your kind of wickedness needs to be erased from this world.
Witch Bola: And who will erase it?
Emily: We will erase it.
Witch Bola: We all know that the four of you came here ready to die. I and my sisters will grant that wish for you people.
Witch Ngozi: Yes, so now prepare to die!

** Back At The Dragon Tribe Realm **

It was now the second day at the realm of the Dragon tribe as time runs faster there.

Boss and Nkiruka had both started teaching the six swordsmen how to use magic and their elements of nature.

Clinton took control of his fire nature and could release fire at will and do all sorts of fire spell.

Timo and Ebuka took control of their air nature and could command the air and cast it's spell.

Aisha and Temi both had lightening nature amd they could use it as they want and cast it's spells, the same thing goes for Boyo who mastered the art of using the sand and earth.

While Boss and Nkiruka taught them her to use their powers, Dokubo and Moon taught them many spells.

The six swordsmen were happy as they mastered their powers in such a short time.

Dokubo: Weldone kiddos! You have done very well. You may have learnt how to use your powers and spells but you have to grow it.

Ebuka: I'm so happy. So how can we grow it?
Dokubo: By experience, that's the only way you can make it strong enough to counter the witches.
Boss: I guess it's time you people fight real monsters.
Timo: Alright, we are ready.

Boss: Alright, let's head straight to the forest of the S-Class monsters.
Dokubo: Boss!
Nkiruka: Don't you think it's too early?
Moon: They just mastered their powers.
Boss: Hahaha. Well I was just joking. Yea just joking. I guess you all will be taking the B-Class monsters.
Dokubo: That's much better.
Boss: So are you people ready to go?
Clinton: Yes, sure we are.
Boss: Alright then follow me.

They all followed Boss as he led them to the forest of the B-Class monsters.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Six (6) Continuation

As the six swordsmen headed to fight the B-Class monsters with their new powers a showdown was about to begin at the island of Elu.

Witch Bola: Tremble in fear Lucy.
Witch Ngozi: Yes, we all know you two don't stand a chance. You don't even have any aggressive spell.
Witch Lucy: You may be right but somehow you people shall be slowed down.
Witch Bola: Now! Let's destroy these pests.

The four dark witches attacked Lucy and her sisters with ochichiri (darkness) combo, but they were able to stop it with their uhuo' (light) combo.

Witch Bolo: oza huojor di ya mini gbu onu! (Let's all the evil beings in the waters kill you all!)

The dead evil mermaids and water beasts rose up from the water and attacked the white witches, but they all casted a spell in unison.

White witches: Uhou' bu onu! (Let the light kill them all)

The beasts and mermaids from the waters were both attacked by a light from the sky and they all disappeared.

Witch Bola: We have just been playing with you, I hope you know that.

Lucy: Whatever!
Witch Bola: How sad it will be for the last of the white witches to die.

Emily: Uhuo du ba eligue miri onu! (Let the light from the heavens consume you all).

Witch Bola: Your light is too weak! Ochichri!

Witch Bola darkness overshadowed her light.

Witch Ngozi: This is getting old. Let's finish them.

Lucy: Sisters! Get ready!

Dark Witches: Ochichiri!!

The witches sent a strong darkness spell combo.

Witch Witches: Ukoli ka uhuo'! (Prison of light).

The darkness combo struck down the white witches and they fell down groaning in pains, and just immediately a cage of light surrounded the dark witches.

Witch Bola: What is this?
Lucy: You people will be trapped in the prison of light for a while.
Witch Ngozi: Damn you!

Lucy: Now sisters, we can't live for much longer. Let's give Chika our powers.

The white witches made a white light and transferred their powers to Queen Chika.

They all dissapeared after that.

Tears ran down from Queen Chika's eyes back in the kingdom of Alimadu.

Queen Chika: No, she can't be dead.

The mysterious man who first appeared in the last episode of season 2 felt their death.

Mysterious Man: So they all have fallen, the great wizard, the great Abdulrasaq and the great four witches. I guess it's time I start moving.

As he stood up strong wind blew.

The dwarves and Kanu also felt their death, Clinton didn't feel it because Dokubo created a barrier spell so he won't be distracted.

The dark witches were still trapped in the prison of light.

Witch Bola: Damn those witches!

Queen Chika had ran to her room and started crying, Lucy's last words before her death came to her mind.

Queen: I promise! As the last white witch I will take down the forces of darkness.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Seven (7)

Fight The B - Class Monsters

The six swordsmen were going to try their new powers for the first time so Boss took them to a forest where they will fight monsters which are B class.

Boss: Here we are! You shall meet your first challenge in this forest. Now go in and prevail!
All: Yes sir.

The six of them stepped into the forest as they seek the monsters.

** At The Island Of Elu **

The witches were still stucked in the light prison the white witches cast before their deaths.

Witch Bola: Damn them! This was their plan all along.
Witch Ngozi: Yes, they came here ready to die. Their objective was just to slow us down.
Witch Bola: It doesn't matter, even if they slow us down we will get what we want.
Witch Haruna: Where are the white witches bodies?
Witch Bola: Well, it seems you have gone senile. Their bodies always dissappears whenever they die.
Witch Haruna: Oh yea, I remember now.
Witch Kitana: How long did you think this spell will hold?
Witch Bola: For a little longer I guess.
Witch Kitana: Well, you have been saying that since.

Though Abdulrasaq was dead the Dwarves still headed to his home as they made to see Kanu so that they can work with Clinton and his friends.

Meanwhile the letters had already reached to the villages near the island of Elu and they had started packing out, many of them headed to the kingdom of Alimadu. Others went to nearby kingdoms via shortcuts.

The kingdoms of the world also got the message and they were getting battle ready in case their kingdoms gets invaded.

The two brothers of Queen Chika were still in the kingdom of Oduduwa.

Abiola: So Chika is now a big girl huh?
Ike: Yea, you can see the way all the kingdoms reacted to her letters.
Abiola: I'm not going back to the kingdom.
Ike: Yes, if there's any place the witches would attack first it would be the kingdom.
Abiola: Well, we shall see how she will handle it.
Ike: She might as well end up like father.
Abiola: It's her business, there's always a price for everything.

The people of Alimadu kingdom had also been told by the Queen about the witches, and that the kingdom would be attacked anytime soon.
The people started preparing for the worse, they praised her saying that her father wouldn't tell them if he was still alive.

Queen Chika had been inside her quarters for hours as she silently mourned the death of witch Lucy. Lucy was the one who thought her the art of magic when she was lost at a forest in the kingdom of Oduduwa.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Three
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Episode Seven (7) Continuation

Clinton and the others had gotten into the forest together.

Timo: Well, we are inside. Where are the beasts?
Clinton: Don't worry they will come to us.
Ebuka: Yea, I hope those monsters will be yummy.
Temi: You guys shouldn't let your guards down, they brought us into this forest to test our skills. It can be safe to assume that the monsters here have powers equal to ours or a little be lower than ours.
Boyo: Yes, Temi is right.
Clinton: Copy that!
Ebuka: Who cares? Any monster which tastes yummy shall die by my hand.
Timo: Keep thinking about food.
Aisha: They didn't tell us when we are going to get out of here. Like what's our target.
Temi: Hmm, I guess we will have to withdraw when we are satisfied.
Clinton: Yes.

Suddenly they heared a loud roar which echoed in the whole forest.

Clinton: A dragon roar?
Temi: Let's take cover! Something is coming.

They are took cover in nearby trees as a heavy footstep got closer. In a few second a mighty lion as tall as Alimadu kingdom wall appeared.

Ebuka: This doesn't look yummy.
Timo: Wait! The forest trees just got taller? Is this some kind of illusion?
Temi: No. The illusion spell cast was to make people at a far distance think the force is an ordinary one.

The lion looked in their direction but they didn't scream.

Temi: We got to hold ourselves.

As the lion made to roar in their direction they all split up into different directions.

The roar of the lion cleared a very vast area.

Timo: Holy crap! That roar could tear us apart.
Clinton: Taking this down is going to be a real pain in the ass.
Boyo: Exactly.
Ebuka: That roar surpasses my air magic.
Timo: Mine too.
Aisha: I'm not sure if my lightening would even cause a scratch.
Temi: Keep deliberating, I'm going to take it down.

Temi faced the lion face to face.

Clinton: Temi get back here!
Temi: Don't worry, I will be just fine.

The mighty lion looked at Temi and made to roar.

Temi: Raging lightening and roaring thunder!!

A very mighty lightening strucked the mighty lion and it fell down immediately to it's death, the lightening was followed by a roaring thunder.

Clinton: You are amazing!
Temi: I told you I would be alright.
Clinton: Yea.
Aisha: How did you do that?
Temi: I will teach you when we get back.

The other three boys looked in shock as they were suprised on how powerful Temi had become.

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