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Re: The Dead And Forgotten
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Episode Four (4) Continuation

Egbune's and Okafor statement were released to the press and it dominated the news headlines.
It read " Eye Witnesses Said Zombies Were Responsible For The Gruesome Murder Of The 7 People Found This Morning".

As the newsmen went into details on what Okafor said about the voice the three grave robbers freaked out.

Robber 1: Mahn! They are really going to come for us.
Robber 2: It's a good thing we got guns.
Robber 1: Yes, but the police officers killed had guns with them.
Robber 3: Yes.
Robber 1: From what I heared the only way to kill a zombie is by cutting their heads off.
Robber 2: Only one of them saw us right? We can pulled it off.
Robber 3: If we shoot the leg off we can immobilise it.
Robber 1: Exactly! Now let's get ready for war.
Robber 2: Yes, we against the zombies! 

They went over to make more preparations as they dressed like soldiers ready for war.
As the police discussed the veracity of Egbune and Okafor's statement, surveilance cameras were being placed in the cemetery. 
Night came and an ominous wind blew in the cemetery.

Egbune and his siter had by sent to the general hospital with their uncle by their side.

Okafor on the other hands got a short gun, spade, axe and digger in his room.

The three robbers had locked everywhere asnd they kept all different kind of weapons.

It was 8pm and the person in charge of watching the camera footage in the cemetery slept off.

Grave slabs open and the dead became undead as they crawled out to the surface.

Maduka: Those who have seen us shall not survive. Today we shall hurt the entire city.

The zombies all crawled out and spread to the city.

A man was smoking outside his car on a lonely highway near the cemetery, he noticed someone coming.

Man: Hey bro, I'm lonely here. Do you care for a smoke?

No reply.

Man: Helloo!

When the zombie got closer to him and the street light shined on it's face he remembered the news. 
Man: Holy shit!

As he made to take the gun inside his car the zombie pounced on him.

Man: Ahh! Leave me alone! Ahh!!

The zombie torn his body apart and he lost many blood as he lied dead.

** At The Three Robbers Home **

The three robbers were battle ready.

They heared a knock on their door. The knock became louder.

Robber 1: Check it out buddy.
Robber 2: Why me?
Robber 3: Let me peep through the keyhole.

R3 peeped through the keyhole and saw that it was just their girlfriend. The others were relieved, but just as they opened the door she screamed.


A zombie had gotten her.

Robber 1: Not my baby.

She slumped down dead.

Robber 1: Fire!

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Re: The Dead And Forgotten
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Episode Five (5)

Panic In The City

As their girlfriend got taken down by a zombie the three robbers fired gunshots are it. Nothing happened.

Robber 1: Aim for the leg, immobilise it.

They fired the zombie heavy gunshots on the leg and it fell but was crawling. The second robber took an axe and chop off it's head.

R2: Damn you! Damn you motherfucker! You just killed my Christie. Fuck you.

He marthed it as he laid curses on it.

R1: Wait, that's not the zombie that saw us.
R3: Does that mean?
R2: We are still in danger.

They looked at the door and saw the zombie whose grave they went to rob. Behind him were many more zombies.

R1: Holy shit! Let's run.

They ran to the back of the house, as they opened the door they saw zombies outside. They were scared to death and closed the door by force.

R1: We are doomed!
R2: Let's try the roof.
R1: Yes.

They hanged their guns and took axes as they climbed to the roof.
On the roof they looked out and saw that their home was entirely surrounded by zombies and some were roaming in the city.

R1: Holy cow. They are all over the house and the city.
R2: Do you think we are safe here?
R3: For the time being at least, we have to think of something.

** At A Family House In The City **

A family of four were having their meal.

Father: The news was saying some bullshit about zombies.
Mother: Yea, did they think we are dumb or something? Everyone knows that zombies only exist in movies.
Son: Yes, those people were selling a lie thinking we will believe.
Girl: Why would be their aim of lieing? I mean the two boys, the incident happened to them at different time of the night. Only they really know what they saw.
Father: Don't buy that bull crap baby, it happened in the night. It must be some people in disguise.

They heared a knock on the door.

Girl: I will get the door.

The girl opened the door and screamed because she saw the undead. She slammed the door against it and ran over to her family.

Girl: The undead!
Father: The what? Don't scare us next time, I will get the door.
Girl: No, don't go.

The father went over to open the door and he saw a zombie with a grin on it's face.

Father: Holy crap!

He made to run away but the zombie fell him down and climbed on top of him.

Father: Let me go you wretched creature.

The wife and the kids made to help him but other zombies came over.

Son: We are doomed!
Wife: You two should run away. I will try my best to hold them .
Girl: Mama I can't leave you.
Wife: Do it it for me and your father.
The son dragged the daughter away, as they ran to the back of the house they heared their parents scream.

An oldman was sitting outside his house.

Oldman: This must be as a result of Maduka unfulfilled last wish. I have to find that piece of paper before more people die.

** At The Police Station **

The policeman in charge of watching the cameras in the cemetery was still sleeping on duty, a superior officer came in and woke him up.

Officer: So you are sleeping on duty.
Police: No, I just dozed off a second ago.
Officer: Really, so have you noticed any movement around the cemetery?
Police: Nothing, it's as quiet as a grave yard.
Officer: It's already a grave yard.
Police: Oh, yes.

** At Okafor's House **

Okafor had told his parents everything that had happened and they were ready just in case the zombies will show up. They had guns, machetes, axes and digger.

Father: Don't worry son. No zombie is going to get you. I and youi mum will stay by your side.

They were still speaking when they heard a thud on their door.

Father: They can't get in through the door.

They heared noises on their roof top.

Father: Holy shit! I forgot to remove the ladder.
Mother: We have to run.

They ran away through the back door with their weapons.

Meanwhile the old man was still looking for the piece of paper Maduka wrote his last wish.
Egbune's uncle was with his gun as he watched over him and his sister at the hospital.

Who will prevail?

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Re: The Dead And Forgotten
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Episode Six (6)


Egbune uncle watched over him and his sister at the hospital, he was with a gun because of what Okafor said.

The policemen told him there will be security at the hospital, yet he said he wouldn't take any chance.

The two siblings ran away through their back door as their parents were being pounced on by the zombies.

They ran and knocked at their neighbour's house but there was no response as they had been taken down by the zombies.
They looked at the street and saw that zombies were roaming everywhere so they had no choice than to run into the woods through a road at their backyard.

Okafor and his parents had also ran into the woods.

Father: I think we should be safe here son.
Okafor: I don't think so but we did outrun them.
Father: They can't possibly chase us down here.
Okafor: I guess we will have to find out for ourselves.
Mother: I think we should keep moving and changing locations in the wood.
Father: Well that makes sense, let's go.

The trio ran more deeper into to the woods.

Meanwhile the three grave robbers were still on top of their roof as they watched the zombies below effortless trials to climb up.

Robber1: Well, it seems we are safe here.
Robber2: Yes. I can stay on the roof all night.

They also saw as the zombies went into people's homes to wreck havoc.

Robber 1: Well, I pity those poor souls.
Robber 2: They will go to heaven.
Robber 1: Yea, if there's a place like heaven.
Robber 2: Yea, we live and die. It's an endless circle of nature.
Robber 3: You two are talking as if we are going to die tonight.
Robber 2: One can't help but say things like this especially in this situation.
Robber 3: Well, don't let your death talk make you loose balance.
Robber 2: I'm stuck here and that's it.

They suddenly heared noises below them and they looked down into the house. They saw the zombies climbing up with a ladder they forgot to remove.

Robber 1: Oh shit! We are doomed man!
Robber 2: Well we got one option
Robber 1: And that's?
Robber 2: Jumping, if we can jump very far we can run and make it inside the woods.
Robber 3: Great idea. Now let's go, one, two, three, go!

The oldman was still searching for the piece of paper Maduka left. He went to the house Maduka live, it was very cold in there. But with just his torch the oldman summoned courage and went in.

Outside the hospital where Egbune and his sister were being taken care of, three zombies walked up to the gate. The guards ordered then to stop but they kept coming.

The zombies kept on approaching the guards.
The two guards shined their torch on them and saw that they were zombies.

Guard 1: So the boy on TV was telling the whole damn truth.
Guard 2: Let's send them to hell.
Guard 1: Alright partner.

They brought out their guns and fired on the zombies but nothing happened to them.

Guard 1: Nothing happened.

Before they knew what was next other zombies joined their comrades and pounced on them, they screamed out as their bodies were torn apart.

Egbune's uncle had cocked his rifle when he heard the gunshots and then the screams. The security the police promised had not arrived.

The gunshots and screams attracted the workers in the hospital and they came out, they screamed at the sight of what they saw.
Many ran back inside while few were unlucky.
One of the nurses made a distress call to the police.
In no time the zombies with their collective efforts broke down the front door.

Egbune's Uncle: If I stay longer in here they will come for me and the kids.

He hanged his rifle and carried Egbune and his sister as he headed for the back door, he made it outside and headed to the woods as he heard the others scream in the hospital.

One! Two! Three! Go!

The grave robbers jumped as far as they could and dashed straight into the woods.

Now four groups have made their way into the woods, what will be the result of their meeting?

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Re: The Dead And Forgotten
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Episode Seven (7)


The zombies continued wrecking havoc on the city as four groups of people have ran into the woods.

The police security team that was meant for the hospital arrived, they saw the torn apart bodies of the two guards at front gate of the hospital.

Police 1: What the hell happened here?
Police 2: This is just like what was done last night.
Police 1: Let's get into the hospital.

The team of policemen entered the hospital and saw the bodies of the staff and patients torn apart.

Police 1: This is gruesome.

By the time the police team arrived only a zombie was in the hospital as the others had left in search of preys.

Police 3: I'm hearing some noises coming from the Doctor's office.
Police 1: Let's check it out.

The policemen entered the office and saw a zombie feasting on the doctor's body.

Police 2: What the hell is this?
Police 4: A zombie.
Police 1: What?

The zombies headed for them.
Police 2: The goddamn thing is heading for us.

Police 1: Fire!

The policemen started firing gunshots at the zombie but it kept coming.

Police 1: Oh my God!
Police 2: Our guns had no effect.
Police 1: Let's get out of here.

The team of policemen got out of the hospital and entered their cars as they zoomed off.

Police 1: So the boy was saying the truth. Make a call to the station and tell them exactly what we saw.
Police 2: I'm on it.
Police 1: Damn it! Those goddamn things, they should go back to their graves.

The team of policemen drove off as they called the station to inform them of the situation.

Meanwhile the oldman was still at Maduka's house searching for the piece of paper Maduka wrote his last wish, if he finds the paper and do as it says then the zombies rampage will stop.

Okafor and his parents were still running and they stopped at a spot in the woods to rest.

Okafor: I think we should be safe here, at least for the time being.
Father: Yes, those zombies cannot possibly run as fast as we can.
Mother: Damn it! Let it be morning already! I'm too old for this.
Father: Can't you do a little exercise?
Okafor: Wait, lower your voices down.
Father: (Whispering) What's it son?
Okafor: I'm hearing voices.
Mother: I thought those zombies don't talk.
Okafor: I did heared a voice remember?
Mother: Yea.

The voices kept coming closer, it appears to be people crying. It was the two children who ran away while their parents were being taken down.

Okafor: Those are cries.
Father: That means they are humans.
Okafor: Let me check it out.

Okafor shined his torch at the two kids and they screamed don't kill us.

Boy: Please don't harm us.

Okafor: They are just kids. Hey, I'm not going to harm you people.
Boy: Okay.

O Father: What are you people running from?
Boy: The undead?
Okafor: What? The same thing like us.
O. Father: Hey kids you two are in safe hands.
Boy: Thanks.

** At The Police Station **

The police had received the calls from the police team sent to the hospital.

Officer: They saw zombies in the hospital.
Policeman: This is serious sir.
Officer: Someone should play those cameras on reverse. The officer in charge of the surveillance was caught sleeping.
Policeman: I will do that sir.

Robber 1: Let's keep running buddies.
Robber 2: Yes, we never can them how fast those zombies are.

As the robbers were running, so was Egbune uncle and the other groups.

They both collided and screamed. Ahh!!!

They shined themselves torch and discovered they were humans.

Robber 1: I was almost
scared to death.
Okafor: Me too.
Egbune Uncle: So I guess, we are running from the zombies.
Robber 1: It's nice meeting my fellow escapees.
O. Father: We can come up with a strategy to beat those things.
Robber 2: Yes.

Meanwhile the oldman was still searching for the piece of paper.

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Re: The Dead And Forgotten
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Episode Eight (8)

The Zombies Rule

The four groups that ran into the woods met.

Robber 1: I think we should make out a strategy for taking down the zombies.
Okafor: Yes, that's right.
Egbune Uncle: Gunshots don't work on them, so how can we possibly take them down?
O. Father: That's a big problem.
Robber 1: We can cut off their heads.
Robber 2: Well, that's easy to say. Those zombies don't walk alone, they walk in groups.
O. Mother: Well, I guess we better stay here till dawn.
Egbune Uncle: There's no gurantee that they wouldn't follow us here. Beside they will be coming after those who saw them, and all of us here have seen them.
Okafor: Yea, they will be coming after us.
O. Mother: Who could be giving the undead directions or telling them where to find us?
Okafor: It must be the voice. The voice must be responsible.
O. Mother: Do you by any means recognise the voice?
O. Father: How do you expect him to recognise a voice he hasn't heard before. And it was the voice of the undead.
O. Mother: Damn it!
Robber 1: Alright, we have to cool our heads dnwn and think of a strategy, and we all should be at alert.
Egbune Uncle: Yea, atleast blowing off their legs will slow them down.
Robber 1: Yes, it will.

Meanwhile the other police team sent to the hospital were rushing back to the police station.

Police 1: Oh mahn. That was unreal.
Police 2: Those kids were saying the truth all this while and we didn't believe them.
Police 3: Damn it! So a single zombie took down the two guards and everyone one in the hospital.
Police 4: It's a good thing we got out of there real fast.
Police 1: Yea, we would have been zombie meal by now. Holy crap!

The policemen saw a lot of zombies coming in their direction and they screamed out, they tried to stop but theiy were on a high speed so they collided with the zombies and their car crashed at a wall. The zombies went after them.

Police 1: (Groaning in pains) They are coming after us.
Police 2: Oh damn it! We are doomed!

The zombies opened their car and pulled them out, they made to run but the injuries from the crash didn't let them.

Police 1: Oh god! We are doomed! We are doomed! Ahh!!

The policemen screamed out as their bodies were being torn apart and feasted on by zombies.

** Back At The Police Station **

The policeman sent to check the cameras reversed it and saw the dead crawling out from their grave.

Policeman: What the hell?

He immediately called on the officer that called him and he also saw the video.

Officer: Holy shit. This is unreal. The boys were saying the truth, this is bad. This is bad. We have to inform all units immediately.
Policeman: Yes sir!!

Suddenly they heard gunshots outside the police station and they ran out. It was the zombies being shot at by policemen.

Officer: The guns are not working. How are we gning to take them down? Yes! We have to immobilise them!!
Men immobilse them.

The whole city was being terrorised by zombies as there were cries in many homes.

The four groups that met in the wood hadn't thought of any strategy yet.

The oldman searching Maduka's house finally found the piece of paper.

Oldman: Yes, I found it.
The city is at the edge of destruction. Will the oldman be able to save the situation before it finally gets destroyed?

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Re: The Dead And Forgotten
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Episode Nine (9)


The old man finally found the piece of paper which Maduka wrote his last wish before dieing.

Oldman: Oh yes! I found it! I just have to take all the items and go to his grave side. I hope I'm not too late.

The oldman rushed to perform the ritual at Maduka's grave side.

It was 0049hours and the city was filled with cries from many homes as they got invaded by zombies.
And also there were gunshots as armed men fought the zombies but many of them fell.

** At The Police Station **

The police were still engaging the zombies in a fierce gun battle. After shooting the zombies and they kept coming the policemen decided to immobilise them first by blowing off their legs, and then a team of policemen were on standby as they poured petrol on the fallen zombies and lighted them up.

Officer: Have you called all units and informed them of our situation?
Police: Yes sir, but unfortunately all units are being attacked by the zombies. They are trying their best.
Officer: Damn it! They got us all cornered. We should call the next city for help.
Policeman: I have tried that sir but it seems all the cables and wires have been damaged, I was barely able to communicate with the other units.
Officer: Mahn!! I hope we survive this.

** In The Woods **

The four groups who met in the woods couldn't think of a strategy to beat the zombies.

Robber 1: It seems the zombies are unbeatable.
Egbune's Uncle: Yes, the whole city is going down tonight.
O. Mother: Do you mean we are just going to stay here and do nothing? That's bullshit!
Okafor: That's nothing we can do mum.
Robber 2: Damn it! We are all going to die!!

Suddenly they heard noises in the woods, Egbune's uncle shined his torch at the direction of the noise and saw that it was the zombies.
Egbune's Uncle: Zombies!
Robber 1: Damn!! They followed us down here!
Egbune's Uncle: Run!!

They all ran as the zombies chased after them.

O. Mother: Okafor you better do something, that's no way I will be eaten by zombies.
Okafor: The only thing we can do now is run mum.

The oldman had already reached Maduka's grave and lighted candles around it as he began the ritual.

Oldman: I hope I'm not too late.

All police units have fallen to the zombies except the police station.
The zombies were closing in on them at the station. They were surrounded as they gave it all their best but the zombies kept coming.
Officer: We tried our best men, there's nothing we can do except wishing for a miracle to happen.

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Re: The Dead And Forgotten
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

The oldman continued performing the ritual.

The four groups that met in the woods kept running as fast as they could.

Robber 1: Damn!! They have surrounded us. We have to use the highway.

As they ran into the high way they were immediately surrounded by a group of zombies who they fired gunshots are but nothing worked.

Robber 1: I guess this is the end.
O. Mother: I can't die like this.
Boy: Me too.
Egbune's Uncle: It's so bad. I failed to protect Egbune and his sister.
O. Father: Don't worry, we are going to make heaven.
O. Mother: Or hell you mean.
Okafor: We can only hope for a miracle.

The zombie rushed at them and at the same time the zombies were almost closing in at the policemen at the station.

Officer: This is the end men. I hope you people had no regrets in life!
Policeman: I have few, but it doesn't really matter now.

Just as the zombies made for the four groups and the policemen at the station the oldman finished the ritual.

Oldman: Finally! It has been done.

The zombies started falling down across the city, a few people were lucky as they were just moments from being eaten.

Robber 1: They are falling.
Robber 2: Isn't that great?
Egbune Uncle: We better find a safer place.
Okafor: Alright, let's go.

** At The Police Station **

Policeman: Sir! The zombies are falling down.
Officer: Wow! A miracle finally happened and just in time. Men! Burn the zombies!
All: Yes sir!!

Oldman: Atleast I have saved some people (he walks home).

Maduka: Ahh!! What's happening to me? Who performed the ritual? Ahhh!!

Maduka screamed as his body turned to dust.

It was 0234hours.

The policemen and the other group stayed in a safer place till dawn.

It was 0630hours and the sun shined on the city full of corpses.

Robber 1: I think we made it.
Okafor: So we are the only survivors?
Egbune Uncle's: Who knows? We have to search.

** At The Police Station **

Officer: This is finally over and we are the only survivors, anyway we have to search.

Every groups that survived the night thought they were the only survivors, but that didn't stop them from searching.

The whole city was filled with corpses and broken buildings, though the evil have been defeated but the scar it caused lived on.

The End

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