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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Thirteen (13) Continuation

Nneka had struck the transforming sand beast with her sand hurricane but nothing happened.

Chibueze: Did you see that? This fight is going to get dangerous.
Nkem: No, it is going to get interesting.
Red: Yes, and Nneka will win.

Nneka: I need to think of something, I think my defense is okay for now. If sand hurricane didn't work, what will?

The sand beast finished transforming into a humanoid form made of sand.

SB: Right now I can't be defeated, your sand hurricane isn't as strong as that of my kid sister's. So you have no chance of winning.
Nneka: Really? I got my own defense.
SB: Let's see if it can stop me.

The sand beast struck Nneka very fast and destroyed her sand defense.

Nneka: You are so fast, I didn't even see you move.
SB: Your defeat has been assured.

Chibueze: I didn't see him move.
Nkem: I saw him, it's just that he's too fast for your eyes.

SB: Now die!

The sand beast pounced on Nneka several times in a second, she felt the pains and blood came out of her mouth.

Ahhh! She screamed.

Chibueze: She's bleeding, let's help her.
Nkem: No.

Nneka fell on her knees screaming as blood came out of her mouth, bruises were all over her body and her clothes torn almost revealing her boobs.

SB: Now you see? It's hopeless trying to fight me. I am way out of your league, maybe you can surpass me in a million year.

Nneka: Really? I will keep fighting. If you strike me down I will keep standing up.

Nneka made to stand up.

SB: So hopeless!! Sand rush attack!!

Sand from all corners strucked Nneka as she made to stand up, she screamed and fell to the ground motionless.

Chibueze: Release me from your air, let me help her. She's going to die if she don't receive help.
Nkem: Idiot! Just watch the fight.

Nneka: I need to return back to my mother, I must survive. Yes, my comrades need me too.
SB: So you can still talk?
Nneka: I will take you down sand beast!
SB: You sure can talk alot, get ready for your death.

Suddenly sand under Nneka carried her up to air and made her stand erect, her body started absorbing sand and her wounds started healing.

SB: Impossible! That's my mother's power! How can a human possess that power?

Chibueze: What's happening?
Nkem: She has ascended and have more power to win this battle, though it depends on her she use it.
Chibueze: She can do it.
Red: Yes.

SB: This isn't right, my eyes must be playing tricks with me.

Nneka finished absorbing the sand and all her injuries got healed.

Nneka: Get ready sand beast! I'm taking you down!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Fourteen (14)

Nneka Triumps

The fight between Nneka and the sand beast became very dangerous as Nneka forced the sand beast to transform to his strongest and fastest form, this made him gain the upper hand and beat up Nneka severely, toring her clothes and leaving her hepless.
When all hope seem to be lost Nneka remembered the most important things in her life, her mother and her new found comrades.
Nneka ascended to a very stronger fighter as she absorbed sand and use it to heal all her injuries, this left the sand beast shocked as only his mother could use that power.
Chibueze, Red and Nkem stood on top of a tree as they watched the fierce battle continue and at the same time wishing their friend (Nneka) victory.

SB: Impossible! That's my mother's power.

Nneka finished healing and sand started circling her whole body, her eyes were sand coloured.

Nneka: I will be taking you down.
SB: You may have gained my mother's power but you really have no idea on how to use.
Nneka: Try me and see!

The sand beast and Nneka looked at each other in the eyes getting ready to strike.

SB: (In his mind) Those eyes! Just like my mother's. Has she really become as strong as my mother? No! That's impossible? I can still take her down, she's just an amateur. Sand tigers!

Tigers formed from sand and attacked Nneka, her sand barrier destroyed the tigers.

Nneka: Your defeat have been assured, beg for your life now and I may show you mercy by making your death quick.
SB: That's no way you can beat me! Sand rush and tiger attack.

Sand from all directions and sand tigers attacked Nneka but the sand circling round her body destroyed them.

SB: Damn it!
Nneka: The battle have now turned in my favour, you are the prey and I am the predator.

Chibueze: She's so cool.
Nkem: I guess we have nothing to worry about.
Red: Yes, it's game over.

The sand beast trembled in fear as he was outmatched.

SB: (In his mind) There's still one thing I can do, I can escape If I transform into my tiger form. Yes, that's it.
Nneka: If you are planning on escaping think again.

The sand beast looked and saw himself surrounded by sand.

SB: I can't die this way, I'm the king of the second gate of hell.
Nneka: It's time to end this! Sand attack, sand auto destruct!

Sand surrounded the sand beast and squeezed him as he screamed, and then both him and the sand shattered into oblivion.

Nneka: Game over!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Fourteen (14) Continuation

Nneka destroyed the sand beast sending it into oblivion.

Nkem released Red and Chibueze from her air resistance, but as they made close to Nneka she told them to stop.

Chibueze: Why are we stopping?
Nkem: She's almost naked and you two are boys. So stay here, let me cover her up.
Chibueze: I guess I understand.

Nkem went over to Nneka.

Nkem: You did well girl.
Nneka: Thanks.
Nkem: You are almost naked and your tips and showing.
Nneka: Oh, I had another set of clothes in my bag. It must be buried in the sand.
Nkem: Don't worry, I can make you another.

Nkem touched Nneka and the same clothes she wore earlier before the fight were restored.

Nneka: Wow! How did you do it?
Nkem: Let's say it's just one of my skills. (To Chibueze and Red) You guys can come now.

Chibueze and Red ran over to Nneka.

Chibueze: Wow! Nneka, you are so cool. You really beat the crap out of that sand beast.
Nneka: Thanks, I'm couldn't let everyone down.

Nneka was about to fall but Chibueze held her.

Nneka: I'm so tired.
Nkem: Chibueze, carry her to the shade of that tree. She needs to rest.
Chibueze: Okay.

Chibueze carried Nneka to the tree and used his bag as a pillow, within a few minutes Nneka fell asleep.

Chibueze: (to Nkem) I will go and search for her bag.
Nkem: Okay, I will watch over her.

Red followed Chibueze and they both searched for Nneka's bag. They searched in the sand for some minutes before Red found it.

Red: I found it.
Chibueze: Good boy, now let's go back.

When Chibueze and Red returned they saw Ejikeme and the others there.

Chibueze: You guys are here.
Ejikeme: Yes, and Nkem told us everything that happened.
Chibueze: Where's Nkem?
Ejikeme: She left just a moment ago.
Chibueze: She didn't even say goodbye. So how's Nneka doing?
Uchenna: Fine, we are sorry for earlier.
Chibueze: It's no big deal.
Uchenna: Nneka is now very strong.
Uche: She's the strongest now.
Ejikeme: We missed the great fight.
Chibueze: Yea, you guys missed a lot. You should have seen her fight that sand beast.

They all talked as they waited for Nneka to wake up.

Nkem: I guess I will leave them to clear five gates by themselves.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Fifteen (15)

The Third Gate

Chibueze and the others waited for Nneka to wake up as Nkem left them to an unknown location.

They chatted and Red joined the conversation as the others were suprised. Chibueze looked at Red and saw that he had grown up to his knee.

Chibueze: Wow! Red you have grown so quickly.
Red: Yes, we dragons grow very fast after hatching. You won't know when I will grow so big like the other dragons.
Chibueze: This means your power is going to increase right?
Red: Yes......

Just then Nneka woke up and Red was the first person she saw.

Nneka: What? Is that really Red?
Red: Yeap, it's me. You look just fine.
Nneka: Yea, I did rest.
Uche: The sleeping beauty have woke up.
Nneka: Hey, everyone is here.
Uchenna: Yea, we are sorry for before.
Nneka: It's nothing.
Chibueze: Hey, it's good to see you are awake.
Nneka: Thanks fire boy. So where's Nkem?
Chibueze: She left without saying goodbye.
Nneka: Hmm, I know we will see her later.
Chibueze: I hope so.

They all talked about Nneka's awesome powers as they ate and chatted.

Chibueze: I guess it's time we start heading to the third gate of hell.
Nneka: Yes. Two gates have been cleared, it's just remaining seven.
Uche: I hope our powers will ascend too.
Uchenna: Nkem said so.
Ejikeme: So why don't we get started already.

They all started their journey into the third gate of hell, and they chatted as they walked.

Ejikeme: Nkem said the third gate of hell will be where are real challenge start.
Nneka: What? That sand beast almost took forever to beat.
Chibueze: I can't wait to get there.
Uchenna: So Nneka give us a tip on how you became so powerful.
Nneka: I just did what fireboy said, unleash the beast inside you by rising up to the occassion.
Uchenna: Hmm, that means we have to overcome our current limits.
Nneka: Yea, and I also remember the people I cherished.
Uche: (Winks) And who are those people?
Nneka: (Smiles) My mum and you guys.
Uchenna: Thanks Nneka, we are all comrades just like you said.
Uche: Yea, though I was expecting to hear your mum and fireboy.
Nneka: What?
Uche: Don't pretend, I know you have gotten fond of him that's why you call him fireboy instead of his name.
Nneka: Well......
Chibueze: Here we are! The third gate of hell!!

They all looked and a mighty gate was standing before them, unlike the others it wasn't open.

Ejikeme: Here we are.
Nneka: Yea, but it's not open like the others.
Chibueze: I guess we have to push it.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Fifteen (15) Continuation

The five humans reached the third gate of hell and unlike the other gates it was locked.

Chibueze suggested they push it, and they all went to push the gate except Nneka who was checking out what was written at the gate.

The others pushed but the gate didn't even barely open.

Chibueze: Hmm? What is this thing made of?
Ejikeme: It's so heavy and strong.
Uchenna: Is this the challenge Nkem was talking about?
Uche: I don't think so.

They all turned back and saw Nneka reading something written at the gate.

Chibueze: Nneka, is what you are reading going to be helpful to us here?
Nneka: I think so. It's an ancient writing, I think I recognise them from our world.
Ejikeme: That means you can read it right?
Nneka: Yea, it says "only those who ascends to this gate can open it".
Uchenna: Only those who ascends.
Chibueze: We are here but we can't open it.
Nneka: That means the message wasn't directed to us.
Uchenna: Yes, it was directed to those of the second gate who ascends to the third.
Nneka: And I think the qualification is by strenght.
Uchenna: You are right, only those who are strong enough to open this gate are deem worthy of the third gate of hell.
Uche: Nneka did beat the king of the second gate, that means she should be strong enough to open this gate.
Uchenna: Yea, Nneka you should give it a try.
Nneka: Okay.

Nneka went over to push the gate and it opened.

Chibueze: Wow! You are amazing!
Nneka: It seems I have gotten stronger. You guys should go in now.

The others ran in and Nneka left the gate as it shut behind them.

Ejikeme: The gate is shut, that means no going back.

A cold wind blew and dusts and leaves flew.

Ejikeme: Everyone should be at alert.

They heard footsteps approaching them.

Uchenna: We got company.

Three Ekwensu minions approached them. They were in their humanoid forms.

EM1: Humans? You people wouldn't be leaving here alive.

Nneka: Earth Spikes!!

Earth spikes came from below and stabbed the three of them as they fell down dead.

Uche: That was a quick one.

Suddenly they heard someone clapping.

A young girl and four men came out from the shadows.

Girl: Bravo! I take it that you were the one who killed my brother, the king of the seven gate.
Nneka: Yes.
Girl: That's so bad because you are going to die here.

Suddenly the four other men surrounded Chibueze and the others as the girl faced Nneka.

Girl: Shall we begin?
Nneka: Yes!!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Sixteen (16)

To Each His Own Battle

Everyone of the five humans were faced by their own enemies which were Ekwensu minions.

Chibueze: This is going to be fun.
Uchenna: Well you can say that.

The sister of the sand beast Nneka killed was facing her.

Eja: You can call me just Eja.
Nneka: It doesn't matter what your name is I will take you down.
Eja: Really? Let's see if you can back that up.

Sand came out from Eja's back and struck Nneka in a flash and sent her crashing at the gate groaning in pains.

Chibueze wanted to go over and help her but an Ekwensu minion stayed in his path.

EM1: You are not going anywhere except you beat me.
Chibueze: I will just roast you right away.
Red: Be careful. He's a fire user too. That means you can only roast him with a superior flame.
Chibueze: Well, that makes it more exciting.

The others were also faced with their enemies.

Ejikeme: This one looks tough to me lightening machine gun X20!

Lightening bullets strucked the Ekwensu minion (EM) facing Ejikeme but nothing happened.

Ejikeme: (In his mind) I'm in a deep shit.
EM: You must be kidding me if that's all you got! I'm going to crush you with just one strike.

Uche and Uchenna have been attacking their enemies but their powers were neutralised.

Uche: We haven't done anything to them yet.
Uchenna: And worst of it is that we don't know what their powers are.
Uche: Let's keep fighting back to back brother.
Uchenna: Yes sis.

Nneka had crashed at the gate after a deadly strike from Eja. She was in so much pain as she struggled to get up.

Nneka: (In her mind) She's damn fast! I must have let my guard down, if only I was at alert I would have dodged that attack.
Eja: Now you see the difference between the two of us? I'm way more stronger than you. My brother could have dodged that attack, I wonder how you were able to beat him.

Eja walked up to Nneka and grabbed her neck as she struck a powerful blow at her belly and blood came out from her mouth.

Nneka: Ahh!!
Eja: (Laughing) Now I shall show you pain!
Nneka: You call that pain? I endured more than that at the hands of your brother.
Eja: Really? Then I will humilate you!! I will strip you of your clothes and beat you naked, torturing is one of my speciality. And I only torture people when they are naked.
Nneka: What? You must be a psycho. A real jerk more than I thought.

Nneka who was weak was still held at the neck by Eja.

Eja: A Psycho? A jerk? Watch me me tear your clothes and torture you!!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Sixteen (16) Continuation

Chibueze and the Ekwensu minion that uses fire had started fighting. He roared fire at the EM but it didn't harm him.

EM: How did you get a dragon human? How?
Red: He found me!
EM: Huh? You must be the rejected egg, that means I can destroy you without any fear.
Chibueze: Red fly away, let me handle this idiot.
Red: No. I'm going to stay by your side. Let's roar together.
Chibueze: Okay buddy.

Chibueze and Red roared together and the combination of their fire was very strong, the Ekwensu minion made to block it with his hands but he was pushed back and the fire blasted him as he fell down screaming.

Chibueze and Red began panting as the fire they released took a lot of energy from them.

Chibueze: Wow! Our combination is awesome.
Red: Yes, but he's not down yet.

The Ekwensu minion they both blasted away stood up and walked towards them.

EM: I never expected that combination. I will never lower my guard anymore.
Chibueze: I think he's mad now.
Red: Yes.
EM: I know that blast took a lot from you two. So get ready for my turn.
Chibueze: Red stay alert buddy.
Red: You too.

Meanwhile Eja still held Nneka by the neck.

Eja: You got a very nice body, I wonder how it will look like when I begin torturing you. Now I shall remove your clothes, choose the one I will remove first. The top one or the one under.
Nneka: Get your hands off me.
Eja: Since you don't want to chose then I will remove the one below. Let me see what you got down there, hahahaha.

As Eja was about to remove it Nneka gave her a hot nod and she let go of her.

Eja: Ahh!! That was harsh, I was just getting ready to begin my sweet torture on you.
Nneka: (In her mind) I need to buy time to heal up. You are not just a Psycho! You are a damn pervert.
Eja: (Laughs) A pervert? Is removing your clothes an act of perversion? Maybe yes. But I do remove my clothes anytime and anywhere.

Nneka: (In her mind) I can't believe I'm fighting with a jerk, her brother had a more sense of decency. Just a little longer and I will be healed up.

Eja: So do you want me to strip naked in front of you?
Nneka: What?
Eja: Don't be shy! We are both ladies. And if you get naked too I might forgive you.
Nneka: What? (In her mind) There's not trace of evil in her. Why then is she fighting me?
Eja: Come on.

Eja got close to Nneka and stripped bare naked.

Nneka: What? You better cover up.
Eja: If you don't like seeing me naked, why don't you just remove your eyes.
Nneka: I can't remove my eyes from my enemy in the middle of a battle.
Eja: Or....
Nneka: It's not what you think.

Meanwhile Nkem in her air form was watching them from above.

Nkem: It seems Nneka got her hands full, and the others too. I just have to watch them from up here.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Seventeen (17)


The fight between the five humans and the Ekwensu minions rages on, Nneka was fighting Eja (the sister to the sand beast she destroyed). Uche and Uchenna were fighting their enemies back to back, Chibueze was with Red while Ejikeme was also fighting his own battle.

Ejikeme had struck the Ekwensu minion he was fighting with lightening machine gun but it had no effect on him.

The Ekwensu minion he was fighting approached in order to finish him off.

Ejikeme: (In his mind) What do I do now? I can generate lightening and turn it into bullet, but that wouldn't work against an opponent like this guy. I have the power of lightening, to unleash the beast inside me I have to make my power run over my body. Yes! That's it! I have to imagine my body overflowing with lightening.

As he was deliberating the Ekwensu minion he was fighting was still approaching him.

EM: It's hopeless, your death have been assured.
Ejikeme: I can do this.

The Ekwensu minion tried to strike a blow and lightening suddenly started running all over Ejikeme's body.

Ejikeme: Yes, I did it!
EM: Where did that power come from?
Ejikeme: I have always had it in me.
EM: Well it doesn't matter, I will show you my real power. Death punch!! That's my own special move.
Ejikeme: Alright then, let's see who's going to win.

Lightening was running through Ejikeme's body as he and the Ekwensu minion prepared for their ultimate showdown.

The other four humans saw Ejikeme as he ascended and they were happy.

Meanwhile Nneka was faced with Eja who had stripped naked in front of her.

Eja: Strip naked and I will leave you alone.
Nneka: You don't seem to be a bad person, why are you fighting me? It's pointless.
Eja: Do you want to spoil my mood? Well even if I tell you, you won't be able to help.
Nneka: I will try if it's within my power.
Eja: Shut up! I was trying to have fun and now you are ruining my mood.
Nneka: Eja, talk to me. You have no trace of dark energy in you.
Eja: Really? Since you want to get me mad, I'm going to show you madness. Prepare to die!
Nneka: (In her mind) Is she hiding her emotions? She told me to prepare to die, but it doesn't seem like she is the one saying it.
Eja: Are you just going to stare at me or defend yourself. Please defend yourself or you will die.
Nneka: (In her mind) I need to save her at any cost. Alright! I shall defend myself.

Nneka stood up and started absorbing sand into her body as her wounds healed up.

Eja: (In her mind) Yes, atleast I will die in peace. I can't live any longer.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Seventeen Continuation (17)

Nneka absorbed all the sand she needed and stopped.

Nneka: I hope you are ready!
Eja: Yes, I am.
Nneka: Sand hurricane!

As the hurricane was about to strike Eja she closed her eyes as tears flowed down and she smiled.

Eja: (in her mind) I'm sorry mama. In the end, I couldn't help you.

Just as the hurricane was about to strike Eja Nneka saw her crying and immediately activated sand auto destruct.

Nneka: (In her mind) She was crying and left herself defenceless.

Eja waited to be struck down but she wasn't, so she opened her eyes as tears flowed down.

Eja: Why did you stop?
Nneka: You were crying.

Eja knelt down and faced the ground as she started sobbing.

Nneka went over to her and raised her head up and then she suddenly hugged Nneka and started crying.

Eja: Please help my mother.
Nneka: Calm down, you can tell me about it later.
Eja: Okay.

Meanwhile Nkem was still watching them from above in her air form.

Nkem: Wait! Could she be? Damn it! I made a promise to myself to wait till five gates have been cleared. I hope they can take care of her.

Chibueze and Red had used most of their energy in blasting an Ekwensu minion who uses fire.

EM: Now I shall roast you two.

Chibueze: I'm out of power.
Red: Relax, I'm a fire dragon after all. Let him roast us.
Chibueze: What do you mean by let him roast us?
Red: Trust me.
EM: Fire inferno!

Ahh!! Chibueze screamed and fire was all over him and Red's body but they were not burning.

Chibueze: I'm not burning.
Red: Yes. I'm going to merge with you now.
Chibueze: When did you learn how to do that?
Red: It came naturally.

The Ekwensu minion was suprised.

EM: If they merge together I'm a goner. But he's just a human, yea he's just a human.

Chibueze and Red suddenly merged and transformed in a human with dragon legs ending in claws. The eyes were glowing with fire and and also it had wings. Half of the face was red while the other was normal.

EM: This is insane.

ChiRed: Now we can beat this jerk!

The two siblings Uche and Uchenna were still fighting back to back.

Uche: Everyone has ascended.
Uchenna: We can do it too! Let's remain calm and imagine our elements running through us.
Uche: Okay.

The two sibling closed their eyes and concentrated, suddenly their elements covered their bodies.

Uchenna: We did it!
Uche: Now let's beat the crap out of them!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Eighteen (18)

Conquer The Third Gate Of Hell

The battle between Nneka and Eja reached an unexpected end, the other four humans all ascended into a new height of power.

Chibueze and Red had fused into one being called ChiRed, the Ekwensu minion they were fighting felt their combine strength and was afraid.

EM: You got some great powers now, but I'm afraid that wouldn't stop me.
ChiRed: I guess we will have to find out ourselves!!
EM: (In his mind) Damn it! They are not buying my bluff.

The Ekwensu minion looked forward and he didn't see them.

EM: Where are they?

He looked all sides but he didn't see them.

ChiRed: Above you!

The Ekwensu minion looked up and saw ChiRed flying in the air.

EM: He just learnt flying in his transformed form just now, this is going to be bad!

ChiRed: Now, get ready to be fried! Fire dragon roar!!

ChiRed roared a mighty ball of fire at the Ekwensu minion below.

Ahh!! The Ekwensu minion screamed as it got crushed by the big fire ball.

ChiRed: I guess that did it!!

Meanwhile  as ChiRed was fighting, the others were also fighting.

Ejikeme had ascended into a greater level of power as lightening ran over his body, as he ascended the Ekwensu minion he was fighting revealed his true power known as the Death Punch!

Ejikeme: Come on man, show me your death punch.
EM: You asked you it buddy!! Whoever the punch touches dies instantly.
Ejikeme: (In his mind) It seems this guy takes me for a fool, if he had that kind of power he wouldn't be in the third gate of hell. He will be the ruler of hell itself.
EM: (In his mind) This human shows no sign of fright, has he really become that powerful? He has to keep believing I have that kind of power, all I have is a very destructive punch. I hope it would be enough.

Ejikeme: What are you waiting for? Strike me with your death punch.
EM: Alright then! I will show you! Death punch!

The Ekwensu minion struck a very destructive blow at Ejikeme but it could barely affect the lightening barrier covering his body.

EM: (In his mind) This human have truely ascended.
Ejikeme: It seems that you are all talk.
EM: Can we call this a draw?
Ejikeme: A draw? I haven't tried my new powers yet, so there's no way it's going to be a draw.
EM: There's no point fighting! I quit!
Ejikeme: Not so fast! Lightening tigers!
EM: Damn you human!

Lightening in form of tigers pounced on the Ekwensu minion and torn him into many burnt pieces.

Ejikeme: That does it! This new power is awesome.

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Episode Eighteen (18) Continuation

Chibueze and Red fused into one being and defeated the Ekwensu minion they were fighting, also Ejikeme finished the Ekwensu minion he was fighting with his new ascended power.

While their battle were going on Uche and Uchenna who were both fighting back to back also ascended to a new level of power.

Their bodies were covered with their elements which was water for Uche and air for Uchenna.

Uchenna: We did it sis!
Uche: Yes, now we can see their true powers and finish them all. This feeling is so amazing.

The two Ekwensu minions they were fighting stopped approaching them.

EM1: That level! It's for those at the fifth gate of hell.
EM2: That's right. They are just humans, how can they ascend to this level of power?

Uche: Are they saying our powers equal those at the fifth gate of hell?
Uchenna: You heard that sis. That means we got this!!

EM1: Don't be so sure human, you just got the power now. You barely even know how to use it.
EM2: Yes! And with my water attack and his air attack we can stop you two.

Uche: Hmm, that's just want we want to hear.
Uchenna: Let's switch partners!
Uche: Yes!

Uche faced the water user while Uchenna faced the air user. The two Ekwensu minions started backing out.

Uche & Uchenna: Let's show them!!

Uche: Strangling pool of water!
Uchenna: Air strike!!

Uchenna immediately cut the Ekwensu minion he was fighting into vertical halves!

Uche on the other hand covered her enemy with water that compressed him till he broke into pieces!

Uche: We did it!!!
Uchenna: Yea, let's go and meet the others.

Chibueze and Red had both returned to their separate bodies and nobody saw them except Nkem who was on the air.

Nkem: They did it! Finishing the fourth gate will be a piece of cake!

They all went back and met each other at the same spot except Nneka who was with Eja near a tree. And they went over to meet her.

Chibueze: We all did it.
Ejikeme: Yes!

Nneka turned at them when they almost reached where she was.

Nneka: The boys should get back.
Ejikeme: Why?
Nneka: There's a naked girl (Eja) here.
Chibueze: What's wrong....

Chibueze didn't finish speaking when Nneka blew the three of them away with her sand hurricane.

Uche: It seems you are a little bit hard on them.
Nneka: That suits them! Fireboy was about to ask me what was wrong with seeing a naked girl!

Chibueze: We are coming back!!
Nneka: Come back and you are dead!!

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Episode Nineteen (19)

Eja's Story X Conquer The Fourth Gate

The five humans had successfully cleared the third gate of hell, thanks to their new level of power.
The boys were being blew away by Nneka after they almost saw a naked girl (Eja), Nneka had warned them not to get closer till the girl had dressed up.

Chibueze: So guys, what's wrong with seeing a naked girl?
Ejikeme: What? You don't know? Let's just say it's not right.
Chibueze: Really? I see girls naked alot at the spring back at home when I'm relaxing in a nearby tree.
Ejikeme: Hahaha! You are going to take me there once we finish our mission.
Uchenna: Me too.
Chibueze: Ofcourse, I will do that.

Nneka had finished dressing up Eja and called the boys to come over.

Ejikeme: Nneka just called us.
Uchenna: Let's go and see the mysterious girl she has been hiding.

The boys went and were suprised to see that it was the sister of the sand beast.

Ejikeme: What's she doing here?
Uche: I asked her the same thing.
Uchenna: I can finish her up for you if you don't mind.
Nneka: No, she's not the person you guys think she's. She broke down into tears during our battle and showed no intention of killing me.
Ejikeme: Still we can't take any chance.
Chibueze: Let's give her a chance to explain herself.
Nneka: Eja, you can speak now.

Eja: Thanks. My name is Eja, the daughter of the rightful ruler of the underworld.

All: What?
Chibueze: You mean the one Ekwensu overthroned?
Eja: Yea.

Eja continued with her story, she told them how her mother (Ali) was dethroned by Ekwensu.

Ekwensu minions had laid ambush around the palace and he pretended to be sick with only a sickness Ali could cure.
Ali tooked him in and he transformed into his true self by holding her hostage with a fire chain. All the palace guard dropped their weapons as Ali's life was in danger.

Just at that instant all the Ekwensu minions came out from hiding and attacked the unarmed palace guards, killing everyone of them.

On seeing what had happened, Ali cried out and used a powerful seal to keep herself asleep for eternity unless a very great power awakens her.

Eja: And then they found me inside the palace, I was almost killed but one of the Ekwensu minion said she would adopt me.
Nneka: I guess that's Sand Beast mother.
Eja: (Sobbing) She made me her killing machine. I have destroyed many lives, I'm evil. That's why I really want to die. I should have choosed death at the beginning.
Chibueze: No. It's a good thing you choosed life.

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Episode Nineteen (19) Continuation

Eja: Huh?
Chibueze: Yea. Only the living can change and redeem themslves. We are going to bring back your mother after we kick Ekwensu's butt.

Eja: Thank you. I just hope I have the courage to face her again.
Chibueze: Don't worry.

Ejikeme: Hmm, I don't really know what to say.
Uchenna: What do you know about the kidnapping of Chukwu's son?
Eja: Hmm. So that's the reason you peole are here. Ekwensu is probaby going to use his powers to awaken my mother and take all her powers.
Chibueze: Don't worry! We are going to save your mother and make every part of the underworld peaceful.
Red: Yes.
Eja: Thanks alot.

Nneka: So Eja, do you want to join us in this mission?
Eja: Yes. I will. It's just that I'm not that strong.
Nneka: Don't worry, we will be there for you.
Eja: (Smiles) Thanks alot Nneka.

Uchenna: Where are the other Ekwensu minions in the third gate?
Eja: Dead! You guys finished them. There are only a few of them here compared to the other gates.

Nneka: That means we are done here.
Eja: The fourth gate will be an easy task for you people with your level of powers.
Chibueze: What are we waiting for? Let's storm the fourth gate!

All: Yea!!

They all stormed the fourth gate and saw that it was easy as Eja said, they took care of the Ekwensu minions there with no stress.
Chibueze and Red didn't merge this time as they had only a little energy left, and needed rest to recharge. Because of that they only fought few enemies and were almost beaten if not for Nneka's help.

Nneka: Fireboy, what's wrong?

Chibueze and Red immediately collapsed after the fight.

Nneka: Why did they both just collapse?
Uchenna: They must have used up a lot more energy.
Eja: They need to be healed.
Nneka: I wished I had a healing power.
Eja: I do.
Nneka: Wow! That's great!
Eja: Yea. I will heal them both but they will have to rest for a while.
Nneka: Thank you.

Nneka: We can rest while till they both wake up.

Nneka and the others had some rest as Eja went over to heal Chibueze and Red.

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Episode Twenty (20)

A Dangerous Plot In The Heavens

Chibueze and Red were being healed by Eja as the others rested.

Ejikeme: It seems we all have new levels of power. That's so cool.
Uche: Yea, but we are going to meet out match in the fifth gate.
Nneka: Yea, it's going to be fun.
Uchenna: You are lucky, you can heal yourself.
Nneka: I guess I am, but with Eja with us she could heal you all in no time.
Ejikeme: Yea, you are right.
Nneka: Hmm, I wonder how the heavens and the human world are doing.

When Nneka, Uche, Uchenna and Ejikeme left their guardians memories were a little bit altered by Chukwu, they were all meant to believe that their children went on a journey to better their lives. 

Meanwhile in the heavens there were some God(s) who were not happy that Chukwu gave some humans Godly powers.

Zeus: I met Chukwu and he had the guts to tell that he gave that human lightening power for a good reason. And when I asked him why I wasn't made aware, he said he was in a hurry.
Lucifer: Hurry? When he could let you know in just a second?
Poisedon: I just hope that young girl (Uche) doesn't ascend to a God level.
Lucifer: So Vulcan what do you have to say?
Vulcan: That human who uses fire, I'm not sure if he was given the power by Chukwu. All Chukwu did was just to awaken it.
Lucifer: A human born with a supernatural power? That only happens once in a million year.
Vulcan: Yes, but that doesn't mean I'm not by your side. An injustice against a God is also an injustice against me.
Lucifer: Good. I have spoken with Amadioha and he said he's with us. Very soon the heavens will be ours for the taking.

** At The Underworld **

The underworld citizens (UC) have been going around in their daily activities and there have been no attack from Ekwensu minions since the five humans started clearing the gates of hell.

The barman who had accomodated the five humans was still in business.

UC1: There have been no attacks lately in the entire underworld.
Barman: I guess those humans are really doing a great job.
UC2: You mean those that saved the city?
Barman: Yea, they stormed the gates of hell five weeks ago.
UC1: Wow, maybe they are just dead.
Barman: No, I gave them an orb that they will use to get back to the city if the situation gets ugly.
UC1: Maybe they lost it.
Barman: Try to be optimistic just this once.
UC2: I just want Ali to be okay. With her the underworld will be the best place in the entire universe.
Barman: Those humans will make sure that happens, I believe in them.

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Episode Twenty (20) Continuation

Remember Baldman and Baldman2? They were the first two Ekwensu minions the five humans faced when they got to the underworld.
They were still in their underground cell.

Baldman: I can't believe those humans got you brother.
Baldman2: They took me by suprise. I was sleeping when they got me.
Baldman: I figured that would be it. When we get out of here, we are are going to deal with them brother.
Baldman2: Yes! Let them wait, once our escape plan have been successfully carried out we will show them what it means to be an Ekwensu minion.

** Back To Th Humans In The Underworld **

The  others were still chatting when Eja went over to meet them.

Eja: It took me much longer, I still have a long way to go so that I can master my power.
Nneka: But he's going to be alright.
Eja: Yea, he did what he wasn't ready for yet.
Nneka: What did you mean?
Eja: I think he did a transformation and fusion with Red, he wasn't ready for it. Merging and transforming takes a lot of energy. Only someone whose body and soul is ready can do that without any side effect, most pay with their lives.
Nneka: What? When he wakes up I'm not going to let him do such transformation. It could kill him.
Ejikeme: Yes, he woudn't be doing it again.
Uchenna: It's his choice. Remember we couldn't stop him when he was leaving the last time.
Uche: Yes.
Nneka: I'm going to try my best.
Eja: Do you like him?
Nneka: (Blushing) Why do you have to ask such a question?
Eja: Hmm, don't be shy.
Ejikeme: I was exactly thinking about the same thing. The way she rushed after him when he left us earlier.
Uche: Come on, don't be shy.
Uchenna: What are friends for?
Nneka: You are not serious!

They all laughed.

Eja: Talking about someone merging with a dragon, Ekwensu is the only one I have ever heard that have done that before.
Nneka: What??
Eja: Yes.

** In The Fifth Gate Of Hell **

The sand beast mother Uvo'ma was the leader of the fifth gate of hell. News had spread that a group of humans had cleared the other four gates of hell.

EM1: So some humans cleared four gates? They must be strong.
EM2: I can't wait to get my hands on them. The fifth gate will be their funeral ground.
EM3: Yes, at last it's time we had fun.

Uvo'ma was on her throne thinking about the defeat of the sand beast and Eja.

Uvo'ma: So only one human defeated my son and also Eja. I can't wait to meet this human and end her life!

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