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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Six (6)

Chibueze's Pulls It Off

The five humans ran as the fire monster chased after them.

FM1: Hahahaha! You people can't run away from me. I am one of the strongest in the first gate of hell.

They kept running.

** In The Heavens Palace **

Chukwu and Eyelu felt that the humans were in trouble.

Eyelu: It seems the humans are having a little difficulty.
Chukwu: Yes, their survival chance is 30/100.
Eyelu: Humans will always be humans, driven by their emotions.
Chukwu: Their emotion give them strength too, they just have to figure a way out of this and increase their chance of survival.
Eyelu: Yes.

** Back To The Underworld **

They five humans ran as the fire monster came after them.

Ejikeme: What were you thinking going to face that monster?
Chibueze: I'm sorry, I thought I could take it down since I use fire too.
Uchenna: My force strike could barely slow down his fire ball.
Chibueze: I brought this on you people.
Nneka: Don't say that fireboy, we are all in this together.

FM1: Die humans!

The fire monster roared and sent a fire ball heading for the five humans.

Uchenna: We are done for.
Chibueze: Not if I can help it.
Ejikeme: What do you mean?
Uche: Water shell!

Uche made her strongest water shell in her level of power, before the shell could be completed Chibueze stepped out of it.

Ejikeme: Are you crazy?

Uchenna did a force strike and it propelled the water shell up very fast.

Ejikeme: We are leaving him behind?
Uchenna: Don't worry, I know exactly what he's doing.

The fireball struck Chibueze and engulf him.

Nneka: There's nothing going to be left of him after that blast.
Uchenna: He will be just fine.

The fireball burned and created a crater on the ground, smoke surrounded the place and the others watched as the smoke died down.

FM1: Foolish human. He thought he could stand my fire ball, what a pity. I should have roasted him instead of burning him to ashes.

Chibueze: Don't be in a rush to pronounce me dead, I'm not ready to die yet.
FM1: Who's speaking?

The smoke died down and everyone saw Chibueze on his knee.

Ejikeme: Wow! He's alive.
Uchenna: I told you he would be.

FM1: This must be an illusion.
Chibueze: You are seeing the real deal here buddy.
FM1: How did you do that? How did you survive that fireball?
Chibueze: Let's say it's something I learnt from someone (He remembers when Uchenna said the source of their powers was within, and it amplifies the one outside).
FM1: You can't really be a human, you must be a monster.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Six (6) Continuation

Chibueze: A monster is calling me a monster huh? Well that's not bad.

Ejikeme: Let's see what he's going to do next.
Uchenna: He's completely out of power.
Uche: Out of power? That isn't good.
Nneka: He needs to take a break for it.

FM1: Why are you standing there just looking at me?
Chibueze: How do you want me to roast you? I just gained X10 of that fireball power. So choose quick.

The fire monster started trembling in fear.

Damn you human! It said as it brought it's wings out and flew away.

Ejikeme: So that thing can fly?
Uche: Let's go down. My water shell will so wade off.

They got down.

Chibueze: So the coward ran away huh?

Chibueze passed out as he had no power left on him.

They others rushed over to him.

Ejikeme: He's completely out of power.
Uche: So he was just bluffing and the fire monster fell for it.
Uchenna: Atleast he used his head this time.
Nneka: He wouldn't be going off like that again.
Uche: Maybe, who knows he may try it again.

Ejikeme: Let's go back to the city.

Ejikeme carried Chibueze as they headed back to the city.

They got back to the city and went to the bar.

The barman took Chibueze into a room and called a medic to look after him.

The others went back to the room they kept Baldman and Baldman2.

Baldman2: What? You people made it back alive?
Baldman: You can't be humans.
Uchenna: Oh yea, we are humans and we survived.
Ejikeme: Now, what are we going to do with this two?

The barman walked in.

Barman: Let's send them to the maximum cell in the city.
Ejikeme: What's the maximum cell?
Barman: It's very deep and it would take one three days of climbing to get to the top, plus they wouldn't be able to use their powers because it will be sucked away gradually.
Baldman2: No! Don't take us to that hell!
Ejikeme: I think we should do that.
Baldman: No!

They carried the two Baldman to the maximum cell, its entrance was just a hole large enough to allow one person in at a time.

They threw them inside and closed the entrance as the two of the Baldman screamed.

Ejikeme: I think that settles it for the two of them.
Barman: Yes.

They went back to the room where Chibueze was, he was now awake.

Ejikeme: You are awake buddy.
Chibueze: Yes.
Uchenna: Your bluff did work.
Uche: You should rest fine now.
Nneka: And don't pull this off next time.
Chibueze: I will try.

Ejikeme: Our next target is the first gate of hell!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Seven (7)

The First Gate Of Hell

Ejikeme and the others waited till the next day as Chibueze got better.

Ejikeme: I think it's time we get to the first gate of hell.
Chibueze: How are we going to get there? We don't even know where it is.
Ejikeme: We can simply ask the barman.
Chibueze: Oh, yea.

They went in to the bar and excused the barman.

Barman: So you people want to go to the first gate of hell.
Ejikeme: Yes.
Barman: Are you people really ready for this? Remember it was by luck you people came back alive after facing the fire monster.
Chibueze: Sure. Once we get to the first gate we will know what to do.
Barman: Very well.

The barman brought a little book and gave it to them.

Barman: That book contains the basic details about the nine gates of hell.

Ejikeme: Wow! Thanks, I think we should be on our way now.

They made to leave and the barman told them to wait.

Barman: I have something for you people.

He brought out a silver orb.

Barman: I think you people would need this.
Ejikeme: What's the function?
Barman: It can bring you people back to the city in a second. It can only be used four times.
Chibueze: Thanks, but I don't we would be coming back to the city unless we have completed our task.
Nneka: (Takes the orb) We will take it. Who knows what might be out there. We will surely need help. So how does it work?
Barman: The five of you would have to hold hands together, the one holding the orb would have to transfer a little bit of his/her energy into the orb.
Uchenna: Well, that's simple enough.
Ejikeme: Thank you.
Barman: It's my pleasure. The people of this town still owns you people.
Uche: You owe us nothing. See you later.

The five humans started their journey as they read the book given to them by the barman.

Chibueze: Alright we got the book but how are we exactly going to fight those Ekwensu minions? You guys saw how strong the fire monster was.

Uchenna: Hm, I'm still thinking about it.
Ejikeme: We just have to take them down one after the other.
Uchenna: And beside the fire monsters there are other monsters out there. Which means the fire monsters are the boss of first gate. They will come last, you know what I mean?
Ejikeme: Yes, since they are the boss. Their underlings will fight us first.
Uchenna: I know we will surely come up with a plan.

They walked and walked till they got to a part of the underworld that looked very different from where they were just coming from.

Uchenna: I think we are getting to the hell part of the underworld.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Seven (7) Continuation

They walked more deeper into the hell part of the underworld. The clouds were dark and sometimes changes to red.
They had only seen animals like birds, snakes and lizards.
They walked past swampy areas as they continued their search for the first gate of hell.

Chibueze: Mahn! This getting too boring. We have just be walking for hours and we haven't tasted our lunch. It might get spoilt and this damn water.
Ejikeme: Quit complaining.
Uche: He's right about this water. I don't like it at all.
Nneka: Did the book say how long it would take us to get there?
Ejikeme: Well it did say we will pass this places.

Uchenna was busy trying to familarise himself with the area.

They finally got to dry land and climbed on top of a hill.

Chibueze: And now we have the view.
Uchenna: (Points to a very tall and large gate) Look over there, that must be the first gate of hell.
Ejikeme: Yes.
Chibueze: Alright! We can start moving in! Let's go!
Uchenna: Wait, we should atlease come up with a plan.

Chibueze: A plan huh?
Ejikeme: He's right.
Chibueze: I will go and check things out, you guys can brief me about the plan later.
Ejikeme: Wait!
Chibueze: (Starts climbing down) See you later.

Nneka: The fireboy have a hot head.
Uchenna: Well, we can still make the plan. We can brief him later.
Ejikeme: Okay.
Uchenna: We can't take them down individually, so we should attack two to one. There should be swapping of partners in case the other pair are fighting an element user which none of them have but the other do.
Nneka: I can see that fireboy is not part of the plan.
Uchenna: He can join any pair he wants to.

Chibueze climbed down and came across a large egg, a little bigger than a soccer ball.
Chibueze: An egg? Hehehe, I'm damn hungry. No, I just have to leave it alone and see what hatches out of it. I have to carry it with me.

The others walked up to him.

Uchenna: The plan is....
Chibueze: Fight! Is that not it?
Ejikeme: Which egg are you carrying?
Chibueze: I saw it on the ground and decided to take it.
Uchenna: You better drop it, it might belong to a monster.
Chibueze: Who cares?
Nneka: Here we are! At the first gate of hell.

Before them was the first gate of hell slightly opened.

Ejikeme: Alright buddies, are you ready to kick some butts?
All: Yes!

Watch Out For The Next Episode As They Enter The First Gate Of Hell
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Eight

The Air Queen

They finally reached the first gate of hell which was a little bit open.

Ejikeme: Let's go in.

The passed through the little opening and entered in, a cold breeze blew pass them.
The sky was blue in there.

Chibueze: Are you guys sure that this is really the place?
Uchenna: Yea, this is the place though it appears to look normal.  Air barrier!

Uchenna felt an air arrow approaching them and he casted the air barrier spell which stopped the arrow.

Uchenna: That was close.
Ejikeme: So we have been spotted?
Uchenna: Yea, and they got some super power too.
Uche: We better go into hiding.

The four of them made to hide but Chibueze didn't follow them.

Ejikeme: Come on! Let's hide.
Chibueze: I'm not going to hide. I came here on a mission and I'm not hiding from it.
Ejikeme: Don't be a fool, we have to strategise.
Chibueze: I'm not a fool, this mission means everything to me. I will do what ever it takes to complete it.

Suddenly a wind struck Clinton and he flew up and fell down with a crash, he felt so much pain but he held on to the egg.

Ejikeme: Damn it! You won't listen.
Chibueze: Take it or leave it, the only way we can survive here is by fighting.
Uchenna: He's right, the only way we can survive here is by fighting.

They held footsteps and two werewolf beasts came out, they were Ekwensu minions and the guardians of the first gate of hell.

Guard 1: Humans? Impossible!
Guard 2: It doesn't matter now. Their fate have been sealed. They shall die.

Chibueze: Roar!!

Chibueze roared and fire from inside him engulfed the two guardians.

Guard 1: Ahh! We are going to die!
Guard 2: Ahh!!

The two of them burnt to ashes. The egg Chibueze was holding glowed red.

The others were suprised and they came out of hiding.

Chibueze: Did I just do that?
Ejikeme: Yes, it was amazing.
Chibueze: Well I guess I discovered more of my powers by accident.
Uchenna: Hmm.
Chibueze: Now, are you guys with me? Let's go and beat some butts!
Ejikeme: Yes, I guess we are going to agree with you this time.

As they all meant to move forward there came a very strong breeze.

Ejikeme: Huh? That power is amazing.
Uchenna: That must be an air user, I will fight him but he's very strong.
Voice: I'm not a man, I'm a lady.

A young beautiful woman appeared before them.

Chibueze opened his mouth in shock because she looks just like the woman who raised him up.

Ejikeme: Who are you?
Voice: I am Nkem the air Queen.
Uchenna: Air Queen?

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Eight (8) Continuation

Nkem: Yes. You heard me right. You should know I'm not your friend or foe. I came here on my own mission.

Chibueze was still suprised and looked at her very well.

The woman who raised him up was also named Nkem.

Could she be the one? Is this an Ekwensu minion trying to trick me?

Nkem: (To Clinton) You shouldn't look at a girl like that.

Nkem suddenly transformed to a teenager.

Chibueze: I'm sorry. I mistook you for someone I used to know. Or are you the Nkem I know?
Nkem: Keep dreaming fireboy, this is the first time you are seing a girl as cute as me (winks).
Ejikeme: How did you know he uses fire?
Nkem: I watched him burn those guards.
Uchenna: Okay? How did you get in here without those guards knowing?
Nkem: I smiply turned to air.

Chibueze: Can I ask you a question?
Nkem: No! I shall take my leave now.

Wait! Chibueze shouted as she turned to air and went away.

Chibueze: Their names and looks are just the same. I must complete this mission to find out who she is.

Ejikeme: Are you alright?
Chibueze: Yes, I am alright and well!

** In The Depth Of Hell **

Ekwensu: Who are those underlings that have come to my domain? They shall be rip into shreds.

The son of Chukwu was placed in the middle of the depth of hell with a woman tied above him.

** In The Heavens **

Chukwu: They made it.
Eyelu: Yes, it seems they got fire burning in them after all.
Chukwu: Yes. I sensed the air Queen was with them a few minutes ago.
Eyelu: Yes, as always she wouldn't tell the boy the truth.
Chukwu: Well, I should have told him.

** Back In The UnderWorld **

Two centaur monsters with unknown powers approached the five humans.

CM: Get ready for your death!
Chibueze: Guys I think this is going to be our first battle.
Ejikeme: Yes.
Uchenna: And we are ready!

Watch Out For The Next Episode As They Have Their First Fight In The First Gate Of Hell
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Nine (9)

The Centaurs Might

The five humans got ready for battle as the centaurs declared that they were going to die. The centaurs hadn't demonstrated their powers and the humans had no clue.

CM1: The line ends here for you people.
Uchenna: Let's go according to plan, we can swap once we find out which elements they use.
Ejikeme: Yes.

Chibueze didn't join any of the pairs as he wasn't aware of the plan.

CM1: Sand Storm!!
Uchenna: Nneka!

Before Nneka could do a counter attack the sand storm had already hit them and they all felt to the ground in pains except for Chibueze who barely dodged it.
It was Uchenna and Nneka who paired while Ejikeme and Uche paired.

Nneka: He's probably an earth user.
CM1: Finding out which power I use won't help you, I and one of the strongest warriors in the second gate of hell.
Uchenna: Second gate? But this is the first gate!
CM1: We have come to wipe out everyone in the first gate because they are too weak.
Uchenna: Killing your own kind huh?
CM1: That's how things works here.
CM2: You talk too much brother, let's make good work of them all.
CM1: Yes, the sand storm combo.
Uchenna: They both uses sand that's earth.

Chibueze: Roar!!

Chibueze roared and he sent fire to burn the centaurs but they deflected it with their sand barrier.

CM1: Your powers are pretty strong for a human. Wait a second! You are holding a dragon egg!!
CM2: How did you manage to steal it at the eighth or ninth gate of hell.
Chibueze: I didn't steal it, I saw the egg outside the gate.
CM2: Well no use, it means it has been rejected by the mother. But even so you are in a lot of trouble for carrying that egg. Sand storm!!
Uche: Water storm!!

Uche's water storm collided with the centaur's sand storm. The sand was made heavy by the addition of water and it fell down.

Nneka: Earth spikes attack!!

Spikes in form of earth came out from the underground to pierce the two centaurs but they jumped many times as they dodged the attacks.
Ejikeme: Lightening machine gun X10.

Lightening in form of bullets and with ten times normal power struck the centaurs but it had no effect on them.

Uchenna: Force strike!!

Uchenna force strike also hit them but nothing happened.

CM1: Too weak! It's very useless to try because we are just getting started.

Suddenly without warning Chibueze blasted fire on the first centaur and it started burning but quickly used the sand to form a very hard earth skin.

CM1: Ahh!! Ah!! Damn you human.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

The centaur screamed out even after hardening his skin.

Ejikeme: It seems his powers have gotten stronger.
Uchenna: Yes, it has.

CM2: Damn you humans! Sand storm!!

Sand lifted up in the air and were going at a great speed, Clinton roared and sent his fire but it didn't work.
Uche blasted the sand with water and they fell, but there was still more where that came from.

CM2: Sand storm sweeping attack!!
Nneka: Elevation!!

As a very dangerous wind and sand made for the five humans Nneka caused the earth below them to elevate and it got them to much higher grounds.

CM2: So you know what sweeping attack means! Hahaha.

Ngozi: Alright guys let me handle them. They are sand users after all.
Uchenna: I will suggest Uche to go with you for support. Her water can slow down the sands.
Nneka: Well, she can watch my back.

Nneka and Uche jumped down as they got ready to face the centaurs.

Ngozi: Are you ready Uche?
Uche: Yea, I am.
CM1: Getting ready won't help you! Sand attack!

Sands in form of strikes struck Nneka and Uche who felt to the ground groaning in pains.

CM2: Let's get serious brother.

CM1 & CM2: Sand hurricane!!

Nneka: What the?
Ejikeme: This is too big!! It is going to finish us.

Sand in form of hurricane was being formed by the two centaurs.

Uche: Is it time we use the orb?
Ejikeme: I think so.
Nneka: Not now, I use the whole of earth and they use just the sand. I am superior to them! So I will stay and fight!!
Chibueze: That's the way to go.
Nneka: Remember! Chukwu said our powers will ascend! There is only one way to ascend! Give yourself tasks to clear.

As she was speaking her whole body was being covered with sand.

CM1&CM2: Sand hurricane!
Nneka: Now, let's see who's more powerful. Sand hurricane!!

Their sand hurricanes collided with a loud bang as it was neutralise by each attack.

CM2: She can do that too?
Nneka: Earth spikes!!

Earth spikes came in full speed from the underground, the centaurs wanted to dodge it but they were coming too fast.

The spikes pierced through them at many places and they cried out loud as they fell to the ground dead.

Ejikeme: Wow! That was great!!
Uchenna: Yes, she discovered some of her powers by rising up to the occasion.
Uche: You did well Nneka!
Chibueze: That was supercool.

And then Nneka fell on the ground and the others rushed immediately.

Chibueze: Don't worry, she will be fine. She's just exhausted.

Expect The Next Episode
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Ten (10)


After Nneka slumped they carried her to a cave where she rested as they watched over.

Ejikeme: Well, she did it! Her powers are growing and the only thing I can think of is lightening machine gun. So pathetic.
Uchenna: Don't be too hard on yourself, our powers will grow too.
Uche: Yes, but I think hers would surpass ours.
Uchenna: Yes, imagine creating a sand hurricane. That hurricane could wipe out an entire city no joke.
Ejikeme: She's the strongest for now atleast.
Uchenna: Well, let's not lose focus, we will be heading to the second gate of hell after this.
Ejikeme: Yes, they did saved us a lot of trouble by eliminating those at the first gate. But if we could have this so much trouble with the centaurs, what could really be our chance of winning.
Uchenna: I guess we all have to train for a while.

As they were talking Chibueze was fast asleep as he hugged the dragon egg he found.

After waiting for a few more hours Nneka came to.

Uche: She woke up!

The others went over to her side but Chibueze was still sleeping and at  the same time communicating with the dragon egg in his mind.
The dragon egg told him it would hatch a few minutes after he wakes up and it would like Chibueze to be it's friend to which he happily agreed to.

Nneka: I'm up guys.
Ejikeme: Yea, welcome!
Uche: You sure did gave it your all out there.
Uchenna: Yea, you are the best.
Nneka: Thanks. Well it's all thanks to a tip fireboy gave me.
Ejikeme: Him huh?
Nneka: Well he said the only way we can defeat a beast is by unleashing the beast within us, and the way to do that is by overcoming your fears and focusing at the task at hand.
Ejikeme: He really said that?
Nneka: Yes, that was when I went looking for him at the swampy area when we were headed for the first gate of hell.
Ejikeme: Well, he's not that bad after all.
Uchenna: Hmm.

Suddenly Chibueze woke up.

Chibueze: Oh mahn! My egg is going to hatch soon.
Nneka: Like you laid the egg.

They all laughed.

Ejikeme: How did you know it is going to hatch?
Chibueze: It told me.
Ejikeme: Hahaha, you must be dreaming.
Uchenna: Yea, that must be in your dream.
Chibueze: Just wait and see.
Ejikeme: We better eat our food before it gets spoilt.
Uchenna: Yes.

The others ate their food as Chibueze watched the egg, anticipating it hatching any moment soon.

After five minutes the egg started breaking.

Chibueze: It's hatching.

They others turned to the egg.

Ejikeme: It's really hatching.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Ten (10) Continuation

The others went over to watch the dragon egg hatch.

The dragon egg finally hatched and a little dragon came out.

The dragon went over to Chibueze and he carried it.

Chibueze: Wow! You really hatched.
Ejikeme: It really hatched.
Nneka: What a cute dragon.

Chibueze looked at the little red dragon and they both smiled at each other.

Chibueze was communicating with him, asking what the name was but the dragon said it had no idea.

Nneka: So what's going to be it's name?
Chibueze: We are still talking about it.
Nneka: What about Red?
Chibueze: Well the colour is red but does that make it a good name?

The dragon communicated to Chibueze telling him he liked the name Red.

Chibueze: Well, he said he likes the name Red. I think I will call him Red.

Nneka: That's cool.

Chibueze: I will take him outside, so he can learn how to fly and find something to eat.

Nneka: That would be great.

Chibueze went outside with Red.

Nneka: Well fireboy wouldn't be alone anytime he runs off.

Uchenna: I hope this doesn't turn bad. It's a dragon after all. Who knows if it might turn against us.
Ejikeme: I have been thinking of that possibility as well.
Uche: We got to watch our backs then.
Nneka: You all worry too much. Fireboy is going to be okay with Red. You saw Red going to fireboy the moment after it hatched. That means they must have had a relationship even when Red hadn't hatched yet.
Ejikeme: Well, you are making a point but we can't be so sure.

Chibueze and Red had finally gone outside, he caught some fish which Red ate. He roasted some of the fish with his fire.

Chibueze: So Red did you want to try flying?
Red: Yes.

Chibueze threw him in the air many times and caught him whenever he falls.
They tried so many times and Red could barely fly for a minute.

Chibueze: You are improving. Let me see you roar.

Red roared and fire came out of his moth.

Chibueze: Wow! You are a fire dragon. That's going to make us more unstoppable.

They both did more flying practise and Red could fly more longer in the air.

Chibueze: I think that would be all for now.

They both headed back to they cave as they both commumicated happily.

Watch Out For The Next Episode
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Eleven (11)

Chibueze's Past?

Chibueze and Red went back to meet the others at the cave where they camped.
The others had made a decision to train for a while before heading for the second gate of hell.

Nneka: Fireboy you are back.
Chibueze: Yes, so are you all prepared to move out?
Uchenna: We are going to train for three more days before heading to the second gate.
Chibueze: Train? I and Red will be leaving then. You guys can catch up later.

Chibueze picked the bag he packed some little foodstuffs and started leaving the cave with Red on his shoulder.

Nneka: Wait fireboy you can't just go alone.
Chibueze: Says who? I told you people this mission means everything to me.

Chibueze left.

Nneka: Are we just going to let him go by himself?
Uchenna: If we go after him he wouldn't change his mind.
Ejikeme: He's so impatient.
Uche: Yea, this isn't the human world where he can go anywhere.
Nneka: What are you people saying then.
Ejikeme: Let him be, he will come back when the heat is hot.

Nneka: Chukwu picked the five of us so that we can work together.
Uche: And who's not working together? It's him!
Uchenna: Yes, exactly.
Nneka: Remember he said this mission means everything to him, we don't even know why.
Uchenna: Relax, this mission means everything to us too. He's just being......
Nneka: I will go after him, he shouldn't be alone.
Uche: Wait Nneka, we can't just leave you alone with Chibueze.
Nneka: And why is that?
Uchenna: We don't really know the type of person he is.
Nneka: I'm leaving, see you guys later. Learn to have trust in your comrades.

Nneka left.

Uchenna: Comrades huh?
Ejikeme: Let them be, they will run back when the heat is too much for them.
Uche: Let's hope so.

Chibueze was walking with Red on his shoulder.

Note: Only Chibueze can hear what Red says in their mind communication for the time being.

Red: I can feel that we are almost there.
Chibueze: You must have a good sense of the environment.
Red: Yes, I was born him after all.
Chibueze: Yes.
Red: My mother and father they threw me outside the gate.
Chibueze: We can talk about that later Red, we are friends. We will find a better time to talk about it.
Red: Yes, thank you. I would also like to know how the human world look like. Don't say it now. We will have a better time to talk about it.
Chibueze: Yes Red!
Red: Someone is behind us.

Chibueze turned back immediately and waited as the person came closer, it was Nneka.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Eleven (11) Continuation

Chibueze waited for the person behind them to come closer, he saw that it was Nneka.

Chibueze: Nneka?
Nneka: Yea, I followed you. I couldn't let you go by yourself, you might need back up.
Chibueze: Thank you.

The three of them started heading to the second gate of hell.

Ngozi: So earlier you said this mission means everything to you.
Chibueze: Yea, it really do mean everything to me.

Nneka noticed the slight change of his mood.

Nneka: It's okay if you don't want to talk about it.
Chibueze: No, it's really nothing. When I was just eight years old the woman who raised me up suddenly vanished, the locals there said she drowned and her body was nowhere to be found. No one agreed to take me in because they don't know where I or my mum came from. Though she told me she wasn't my mum, I still see her as my mother and everything. Since the day she died I had to move into the jungle, and day by day all I had to do was fight for food. This is the first real thing in my life after so many years.
Nneka: I'm sorry if I did make you remember sad memories.
Chibueze: It's nothing really.
Red: We are there.
Chibueze: We are there.

Before them was a very tall and mighty gate.

The nine gates of hell are the only way one can go to hell, the other ways cannot be used.

Nneka: Yea, we are really there.
Chibueze: We should head in then.

Suddenly a wind blew past them as they stepped their feet into the second gate of hell.

Nneka: I remember this feeling.
Chibueze: Me too. The air Queen.

Nkem: So you people remembered me huh?

Nkem the air Queen changed from air to her teen form.

Nneka: You are here.
Nkem: Yes, I have finished dealing with them but I left a few for you people.
Nneka: You intentionally left them?
Nkem: Yes, it would be no fun if you two pass here without any combat.
Chibueze: Thank you. Atleast we are going to gain some experience.
Nneka: Yes, well I guess she did the right thing.
Chibueze: Red and Nneka let's step in and kick some butts!
Nneka & Red: Yea!!

Chibueze, Red and Nneka headed into the second gate of hell to gain combat experience. Meanwhile the three others had started heading to the second gate as well after thinking about what Nneka said before she left, learn how to have trust in your comrades.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Twelve (12)

The Sand Beast

Chibueze, Red and Nneka stepped into the second gate hell to fight the remaining Ekwensu minions there.
Nkem had taken down a lot of them but left few alive.

Chibueze: Now we are in. Where are the monsters?
Nneka: Keep your voice down, we may not hear them coming.

Four centaurs appeared before them.

Chibueze: These guys again?
Nneka: I will take care of them.
Centaur1: Hahaha! We are not weak like the two you defeated.

Just then Nkem appeared to them.

Nkem: Really? But I saw the four of you run away after watching her take down the two others.
Centaur1: Huh??
Nkem: Cat got you tongue huh? Nneka finish these four pathetic centaurs.
Nneka: I intend to.
Centaur 2: No, we will give you people information.
Nneka: No, we don't need them.

The four centaurs screamed and made to run away.

Nneka: You can't run away from me! Sand hurricane!!

A very strong sand hurricane formed and went after the centaurs, the four of them died instantly as the hurricane hit them.

Chibueze: You rock Nneka!
Red: Yea!
Nneka: Thank you!

Red flew over to Nneka's shoulder.

Nneka: Red!
Chibueze: I think he likes you.
Nneka: Yes.

Nkem: Bravo! Bravo! Nneka your real challenge is yet about to begin.
Nneka: What do you mean?
Nkem: There's an opponent I want you to fight.
Nneka: Which opponent?
Nkem: The sand beast of the second gate.
Nneka: Sand beast huh?
Nkem: It is approaching, I shall put my trust in you, I and Chibueze will watch from the side.
Chibueze: But I want to help her.
Nkem: It's her fight fireboy.
Nneka: You call him fireboy too.
Nkem: Yes, I learnt it from you.
Nneka: Okay then, fireboy it's alright. I will handle the sand beast.
Chibueze: Goodluck!
Nneka: Thank you.

Nkem and Chibueze climbed on a tree and Red flew back to Chibueze.

The sand beast approached in the form of a tiger made of sand.

Nneka: Here it comes.
SB: So you are the one who wants to die.
Nneka: I don't intend to die, I have comrades I will return to.
SB: I see that you are a human, a human is banned from entering the underworld. So your death shall be justified.
Nneka: I already told you I don't intend dying. Why don't we skip the conversation and get to it already.
SB: Be patient, I like talking to my prey before killing them. And you should know that i'm the king of the second gate of hell.
Nneka: The king?

Chibueze: You left the king for her?
Nkem: Yes, to make her stronger.

Nneka: (Smiles) Why don't you bring it on? I don't care if you are the king.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Twelve (12) Continuation

Nneka had challenged the sand beast saying she don't care if he is the king of the second gate of hell.

SB: So you don't care huh?
Nneka: Yes.
SB: How many seconds do you want your death to take?
Nneka: I should be asking you that! Sand hurricane!

A sand hurricane tore the sand beast apart.

Nneka: That was quick.

Chibueze: It looks like she did.
Nkem: No, the fight haven't even started. Watch and see the true powers of the sand beast.

You think I'm dead huh? The sand beast asked.

Nneka was suprised and looked for where the voice was coming from.

Nneka: Where is the voice coming from?
SB: I'm right here, you are facing me.

Nneka looked at her front and saw sand transforming into the sand beast, she opened her mouth in shock.

Nneka: What? Impossible! How am I suppose to beat this thing?
SB: Now you see the true nature of my powers? Tremble in fear! There's no way you can beat me. Now tell me. How quick do you want your death to

Nneka looked at the sand beast and trembled.

Chibueze: How is she suppose to beat the beast?
Nkem: I don't know. She should find out herself.
Chibueze: I'm going down to help her.
Nkem: No. You wouldn't.
Chibueze: Try to stop me.

Chibueze made to jump but saw himself still on the tree and couldn't move.

Nkem: I am the air Queen! Try all you can't you wouldn't be able to move.
Chibueze: Damn you!!

Nneka was still trembling in front of the sand beast, she had knelt down in fear.

SB: You are wasting my time, tell me how quick you want your death to be so that I will go after the young girl who killed my men.

There was no reply from Ngozi who was trembling.

SB: I see you don't want to reply, I will choose for you then. I will make your death last a minute. I hope you are okay with that.

Chibueze: Please let me go and help her.
Nkem: No, this is a battle in which she must gain new power.

Nkem's air was also restraining Red who wanted to fly over to Nneka and help her.

Chibueze: Nneka! Stand up and fight! You are the superior! You have the whole of the earth at your disposal! Please fight him for us!

SB: That won't work.
Nneka: (In her mind) He's right, I'm the superior. I have to rise up to the occasion and unleash the beast within me.

Nneka stood up as sand circled around her body.

SB: I see someone is about to get serious.

Chibueze: That's the way to go Nneka.
Nkem: Hmm, let's see how this fight will end.

Nneka: I ready for you sand beast! I shall defeat you!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Thirteen (13)

Sand Beast Vs Nneka

Nneka rose up to the occasion and stopped trembling in fear, the sand beast was waiting to kill her any moment.

Chibueze: This is going to be great.
Red: Nneka will win.
Nkem: Sure, she might win.
Chibueze: You can hear what Red says?
Nkem: He just spoke aloud.
Chibueze: What?
Red: Yes, I can now speak to everyone.
Chibueze: That's good.

The sand beast and Nneka were both looking at each other waiting for who will attack first.

SB: Why won't you attack?
Nneka: The same question goes to you.
SB: Why don't we decide by a coin toss.
Nneka: Alright.

The sand beast made a sand coin. He tossed it up and covered it.

SB: Which do you choose?
Nneka: Tail.

The sand beast uncovered the coin and it was pointing head.

SB: I guess I will attack first.

The sand best pounced at Nneka with speed but the sand circling her stopped him.

SB: That sand stopped me? I must have been holding back too much.

Nneka: Sand auto destruct!

Nneka attacked the sand beast with the sand circling her body, she attacked the beast leg and shattered it to pieces. The sand beast made to reform the leg but he couldn't.

SB: Damn it! You really destroyed my leg.
Nneka: Yes I did, with a power I just learnt. I have come to a realisation, when I first struck you with sand hurricane you immediately turned into sand before it struck you. That made me think you could form from any sand, with my new power I will send any sand to oblivion.
SB: So you figured it out, very impressive for an amateur like you. Well, you just made me mad!

The sand beast started reshaping to a humanoid form.

Chibueze: What is it doing?
Nkem: He's reshaping to his true form, he's stronger and faster in this form. But he has a disadvantage in this form.
Chibueze: And what's that?
Nkem: He can't disintegrate into sand and form again, he has to be dodging Nneka's attack.
Chibueze: So Nneka is likely to win?
Nkem: I just told you he's faster and stronger in this form.
Chibueze: I see.

Nneka strengthened her defense as more sand circled around her.

Nneka: (In her mind) He's still transforming, should I attack? I don't know what he can do with this transformation, but I have the feeling that he's going to be at full power. I better attack now that he is transforming. Sand hurricane!

Nneka sent a sand hurricane to strike the sand beast, but on impact with the transforming sand beast the sand hurricane bounced back at Nneka.

Nneka: Sand auto destruct!

The sand hurricance dissappeared.

Nneka: Nothing happened? This is getting annoying.

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