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Into The Depth Of Hell

The son of Chukwu (the ruler of the heavens) was kidnapped by Ekwensu's minions (the new ruler of the underworld).

Chukwu couldn't go into hell to save his son due to a reason only few knew, so he called on five humans who he gave supernatural powers to go into the depth of hell and save his son.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode One (1)

The Kidnap

*** The heavens ***

Chukwu the ruler of the heaven just witnessed the arrival of his son.
The whole of the heavens were happy as they ate, sang and danced all day.

Chukwu: Very well, my son will help me rule the heavens when he grows up.

A month later Chukwu attended a meeting where the four guardians he appointed to guard the four quadrants of the heavens were.
They were Ekihi, Ekazu, Ekike, Ekepke representing the North, South, East and West quandrants of the heavens.

*** At The Meeting ***

Ekihi: Thank you my Lord for finding time to attend this meeting.
Chukwu: Anything that concerns the heavens concerns me.
Ekazu: Thank you my Lord. There have been some sighting of Ekwensu's minions in the part of the heavens I'm guarding.
Chukwu: I felt them too but I have been too occupied by my son and requests from the human world.
Ekazu: Ekwensu's minions started appearing immediately after the coming of your son.
Chukwu: I see. So the news got to the underworld.
Ekepke: My Lord I think we should help Ali (the former ruler of the underworld) to get back to her throne.
Chukwu: Nothing concerns the heavens and the underworld.
Ekekpe: Yes my Lord.
Chukwu: Make sure you all deal with the situation before it gets out of hand.
All: Yes my lord.
Chukwu: I shall be taking my leave then.

Chukwu dissappeared and appeared to the heavens palace.

*** The heavens palace *** 

Chukwu appeared to the palace and saw the place in panic.

Chukwu: What happened here?
Eyelu: My lord your son.
Chukwu: What?!
Eyelu: Ekwensu minions kidnapped him.
Chukwu: How did his minions enter the palace in the first place? Oh I see, Ekwensu must have been blocking my senses from the underworld. I share rip the underworld in to pieces.

Chukwu sent a massive lightning that shaked the underworld.

Eyelu: My lord if you keep this up you will destroy the entire underworld and your son is there.

Chukwu: I see. Then I shall send some humans to retrieve him.
Eyelu: What about the angels my lord?
Chukwu: Ever since Ekwensu became the new ruler of the underworld, he have been preaching to the citizens that the heavens is their enemy.
Eyelu: I see. You don't want to create a situation that will lead to war between the heavens and the underworld.
Chukwu: Yes. I shall pick five humans to carry out this tasks.
Eyelu: So do you have them in mind?
Chukwu: I just know who to choose and I shall give them powers.

Chukwu went to the top of the heavens palace and looked down to the human world.

Chukwu: Humans whom I have  choosen hear my voice and accept your new task.
Wori' ni ikike du ba eligue!

A boy named Chibueze was sleeping on a tree and he woke up feeling different.

Chibueze: I feel different, my body is so hot but I'm not dying.

He touched a plant and it burnt to pieces.

Chibueze: (Scared) What the?

Two siblings a girl and a boy were walking into the city, they were Uchenna and Uche. They suddenly had a strange feeling.

Uche: What's happening to me? I feel like that's water all over my body.
Uchenna: I feel... I don't really know how I feel. Air is flowing inside me.

A girl called Nneka was walking on the road and she felt an additional weight on her body.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode One (1) Continuation

Nneka: What's happening to me? It seems the Earth has merged with me.

It was raining in a part of the human world and a young man named Ejikeme was struck by lightning. People ran away as the lightning struck him.

Ejikeme: What? I was just struck by lightning and nothing happened to me. I feel electricity over my body but it somehow feels good.

*** At The Heavens ***

Chukwu: I have given the humans the power they need to carry out the task. I shall now ascend them to the heavenly realm.
Eyelu: But my lord it is a taboo for humans to enter the heavens.
Chukwu: It is a taboo because I said so. Now I shall make a special exception for them.
Eyelu: If you say so my lord.
Chukwu: Yes, I shall bring them in. Humans! Bia ni eligue!

Chukwu summoned the five humans to the heavens palace.

The five of them Chibueze, Uchenna, Ejikeme, Uche and Nneka suddenjy appeared to the heavens palace.

Chibueze: Where am I? It feels good.

Chibueze turned and saw the others.

Chibueze: Who are you people?
Ejikeme: We just got here just like you.
Uchenna: Are we dead?
Nneka: I can't die yet. My mother is sick.
Uche: And I have to deliver some goods to a customer.

Suddenly a bright light shined from above, they couldn't see anything in the light that was so bright so they closed their eyes.

Chukwu: Welcome humans.
Ejikeme: Who is speaking?
Chukwu: It is I Chukwu, the ruler of the heavens.
Ejikeme: Is my ear bleeding?
Chukwu: You all are here for a special task.
Chibueze: A special task, I have been lonely and doing nothing all this while. At last I have something to do.
Chukwu: You must have felt strange feelings in your body.
Ejikeme: Yes my lord.
Chukwu: You Ejikeme have been given the power of lightning. Uche water, Uchenna air, Chibueze fire and Nneka earth.
Chibueze: Lord of the heavens why did you give us all these powers?
Chukwu: My son have been kidnapped by Ekwensu's minions. So I need you humans to save him.
Uche: Save your son? We are just humans.
Chukwu: No. You all have ascended into superhumans. Near to the power of some angels. So will you accept my task?
Chibueze: I have nothing worth doing so yes.
Ejikeme: Me too.
Nneka: I can't go, my mother is ill.
Uche: I and my brother have goods to deliver.
Chukwu: Do not worry (opening a mirror) for it has been done.

Nneka looked at the mirror and saw her mother fit as she was doing so house works and Uche's goods have been delivered.

Uchenna: Wow. I and my sister will be going.
Nneka: Me too.
Chukwu: Alright then. Learning how to use your powers will come to you naturally, and some of you may ascend. I have placed the details inside your minds. So are you all ready to go into the depth of hell?
All: Yes.
Chukwu: Mamira ni je ali di ya li.

The five humans suddenly appeared in hell and met a scene they weren't expecting.

Ejikeme: Is this really the underworld?

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Hmm, Chukwu means God. Shey you know? Not advisable to use tha name in adult sect
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Hmm, Chukwu means God. Shey you know? Not advisable to use tha name in adult sect

Yes. It's not in the adult section.
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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ohh, where ur ads at?
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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ohh, where ur ads at?
I only got ads in the adult section for now. The ads I was using generally made my forum to be blank on operamini yesterday.
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Two (2)

Is This Really The Underworld?

Chukwu had sent the five humans to the underworld to rescue his son.
When they reached the underworld they saw what they were not expecting.

Ejikeme: Is this really the underworld?
Uchenna: Maybe Chukwu made a mistake..
Uche: No, he didn't. This is really the underworld.
Nneka: It's so beautiful.

Standing before them was a place more beautiful than the human world and the street was very much busy. The underworld also had a sky.

Ejikeme: Why is this place sometimes called hell?
Nneka: I thiink we will know very soon.

The five of them walked in a lonely part as they headed for a city in the underworld in search of information.

They reached a bar and sat down just in case they would hear anything about the son of Chukwu kidnap.

Barman: This is the first time someone from the human world have ever been here.
Ejikeme: Huh? How did you know we are from the human world when we look alike here?
Barman: It's your smell. The five of you smell like humans.

Chibueze: Maybe you can tell us more about this place.
Barman: I must say that the underworld is no place for humans.
Ejikeme: Why?
Barman: A thousand years ago Ekwensu became the ruler of the underworld after forcefully seizing power in suprise from Ali.
Ejikeme: So Ekwensu was never the ruler of the underworld in the first place?
Barman: Yes. He was never the ruler. And now half of the underworld have been turned to hell by Ekwensu and his minions. Little by little their terror will reach the whole underworld.
Nneka: I see that's why it is called hell.
Barman: Yes, once in a while this city is being attacked by Ekwensu's minions.
Ejikeme: I see, maybe we can capture one of them to get the information we seek.
Barman: Hahaha! That's one thing you should know. We citizens of hell can transform into wild beasts and have some special powers too. But Ekwensu's and his minions are the strongest of all. Taking them on will be suicidal.
Ejikeme: Don't worry sir, we will find a way to beat them.
Barman: Well, I sugesst you people should leave while you still have the chance.

Gbom! Gbom! Gbom! The city bell rang.

Barman: Run! One of Ekwensu's minions is in the city.

Ejikeme: Just perfect, we just have to beat him up.

The whole town became deserted and a wild manwolf beast was causing some destruction. The five of them walked up to the place it was.

Chibueze: Hey you! Stop the senseless destruction.
Ekwensu Minion: Humans? What are humans doing here?
Nneka: We are here to stop you and your master Ekwensu.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

The Ekwensu minion reverted back to his humanoid state as a bald head man with muscles.

E.M: Stop me and my master? That must be the most foolish joke of the year.
Uchenna: Really? Just watch us beat the hell out of you.
E.M: If Chukwu couldn't stop us from kidnapping his son, then what do you people hope to acheive as mere humans?
Uche: Well, since you know about the kidnap we wouldn't put you in a much bad condition. We need information.
E.M: Well, we shall see.

E.M stands for Ekwensu Minion.

E.M: Force strike!

The E.M sent air pressure to a building and it almost fell down.

Uche: So you use air huh? Watch me. Air spikes!

Air pressure took the shape of spikes and struck the E.M but it didn't injure him.

E.M: So you use air too? That tickles. I can bring you down with my force strike. Force strike!
Uchenna: Air barrier!

The E.M force strike overpowered Uchenna's air barrier but he sustained just a little injury.

Uchenna: (Bleeding from the little injury) This guy is strong.
E.M: And now for the finishing strike. Force strike!
Uche: Water shield!

The E.M force strike was stopped by Uche's water shield, the water shield was also destroyed.

Uchenna: Thank you sis.
Uche: Just stay strong.
E.M: Aha. Now I undestand, you people were sent by Chukwu to infiltrate hell.
Ejikeme: This isn't hell, it is you and your master who made it hell for the people here.
I shall show you no mercy! Lightning machine gun!

Lightning in form of bullets struck the E.M and he fell on the ground in pains.

The people of the city were secretly watching from their hiding place.

E.M: (Standing up) Lightening huh, that took me by suprise. So Chukwu gave you Zeus power. Zeus must be really angry right now. Well I'm still going to beat you all.
Nneka: You really should watch where you stand.

The E.M looked down and his legs have been caught by harden earth.

E.M: When did you do that?
Nneka: When you were busy talking.
Chibueze: Should I send the final blow?
Ejikeme: No. We don't know how strong your power is. You might burn him down, so I will just use my lightning machine gun X5 and break him down unconscious. Lightening machine gun X5.

Lightening bullets with 5X the normal power struck the E.M as he fell and Nneka loosed the grip on his foot.

Chibueze: I guess we have taken a step forward!
Ejikeme: Yes.

Suddenly the city people came out of their hiding place and started clapping for the five of them.

Barman: That was so great.
U.C 1: Yes, it was cool.

U.C means underworld citizen.

U.C 2: Bravo!

Chibueze: Thank you all, but can you people show us a place to tie the fallen one up?
Barman: Sure. Follow me.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Three (3)


After the five humans defeated the Ekwensu minion that came to wreck havoc the people the city came out and cheer them up.

They were shown a place to tied up the E.M in order to interrogate him.

** In The Heavens **

Chukwu and Eyelu (his right man in the palace) felt that the humans had already had their first victory.

Eyelu: My lord. It seems those humans are doing quite well.
Chukwu: Yes. But the enemy they defeated is very weak compared to rest of Ekwensu minions.
Eyelu: Yes, at this rate they will grow their powers faster.
Chukwu: Yes. And their powers may ascend to that of the gods.
Eyelu: Exactly, I just hope Zeus wouldn't get angry because you gave a human the power to use lightening.
Chukwu: I will take care of Zeus, he should understand the situation.

** Back To The Underworld **

The Ekwensu minion that was defeated had been tied up, and the humans were talking about their feat. Uchenna was treated of the little injury he had during the fight.

Ejikeme: We did defeat an Ekwensu minion.
Chibueze: Yes, but I didn't get the chance to try out my powers.
Nneka: Don't worry. Maybe the next one will be a fire user.
Chibueze: I hope so. I will give the guy everything I got.
Uchenna: We barely managed to bring him down. My air spikes had no effect on him.
Uche: That's because he uses air too.
Uchenna: Or maybe his power was superior.
Uche: You will get stronger real soon.
Nneka: Yes. And there could be more air users out there. You can show them your power is superior.
Uchenna: (Smiles) Thank you.

The barman walked in.

Barman: You guys certainly did a great job here.
Ejikeme: Thank you.
Barman: The people of the city are very happy with what you people have done.
Chibueze: It was nothing. I didn't even have to life a finger.
Barman: Why don't we celebrate it with a toast.
Ejikeme: Sure!
Chibueze: Yea, I need something to cool the fire in my belly.

The barman brought drinks and everyone drank to their fill.

Ejikeme: I think it's time we start the interrogation.
Uchenna: Yes.
Chibueze: Yes, maybe I can use my fire to make him talk!

They went inside the room the Ekwensu minion was tied.

** Inside The Interrogation Room **

The interrogation room was large and only materials used for torture were there. They were kept there just recently so that the five humans will use it on the Ekwensu minion.
He was code named the baldman by the five humans.
He was tied with chains that prevents he from using his powers.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Three (3) Continuation

They poured water on the Ekwensu minion they named baldman and he woke up.

Ejikeme: Rise and shine sleeping beauty.
Baldman: You stupid humans you don't what you are doing. Now get me out of here!
Chibueze: Baldman we are the one who give the orders here.
Baldman: Baldman? How did you know my name?
Nneka: Is that really your name?
Baldman: Ofcourse, it is my name. I am the almighty baldman.
Ejikeme: What a coincidence. We just guessed the name. Now you have to answer every question we ask you.
Baldman: Make me!

Clinton spit on Baldman's chest and it burnt that spot as he screamed.

Baldman: Ahh! Damn you human.
Ejikeme: Now talk, because there is more where that came from.
Baldman: Torture me all you like. I'm not going to speak.
Uchenna: Air slap.

Air in the shape of a hand slapped Baldman.

Baldman: Ahh! You are lucky that I'm tied up here.
Chibueze: If you won't talk, then I have no choice. I will just have to burn the information out of you.

Chibueze touched him and burnt his hands.
Since Baldman was the weakest of Ekwensu minions he couldn't withstand the pain.

Baldman: I will speak up. I will speak up.
Ejikeme: Now that's more like it. Where is the son of Chukwu being kept?
Baldman: Inside the depth of hell. In  Ekwensu's main base.
Ejikeme: Then you will take us there.
Baldman: I can't, even if I want to. Only the 10 strongest ones are allowed to enter the main base. I'm the weakest of all his minions.
Ejikeme: What? Then you will give us a map or something to locate the place.
Baldman: I don't even know where it is. I have only been to the  first gate of hell.
Ejikeme: Hell has gates?
Bald: Yes, nine gates! Each gate have stronger people than the others. You see, there is no way you can win. You can never pass the first gate.
Chibueze: We will just have to see about that.
Baldman: Hahahaha!
Uchenna: Why are you laughing?
Baldman: My partner Baldman2 will soon be here and I will be free! Hahahahahaha!
Ejikeme: Your partner huh?
Badlman: Yes, his air power is stronger than mine. Your lightening machine gun X5 wouldn't even give him a scratch.
Uchenna: So he uses air too? I guess it's time I show them what I'm made of.
Uche: Yes bro.
Chibueze: I just can't wait.
Ejikeme: This is Uchenna's fight.
Chibueze: What?
Ejikeme: Calm down, he needs it.
Chibueze: Okay.
Uchenna: Thank you. Now let's go and welcome our new guest.
All: Yea!

Watch Out For The Next Episode As Uchenna Awaits The Arrival Of Baldman2
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Three (4)

Uchenna Vs Baldman2

After Baldman told them that help was coming for him, the five humans stepped out as they expected the Ekwensu minion.
This was Uchenna's fight because the second Baldman was an air user too.

They met the barman and told him to tell the people of the city to go into hiding because another Ekwensu minion was coming. Before that they told him to take them to the tallest building in the city.

Ejikeme: After Uchenna beats he up we will start clearing the nine gates of hell.
Chibueze: Yes, but just in case Uchenna is getting beaten up I will step in.
Uchenna: There will be no need.
Uche: Yes my brother can beat him.
Nneka: Yes, sure.

They reached the top floor and came outside the building at the top.

Ejikeme: We can see him from here.

** Somewhere In The Heavens **

Some God(s) gathered together.

Zeus: So Chukwu gave a human my power, he didn't even consult me.
Ogun: Hahaha. If I were the one I would heap the palace with iron.
Sango: I only use lightening too, we need to pay a visit to Chukwu.
Poseidon: I'm just hoping the human he gave the water power don't ascend to be able to control the sea.
Lucifer: Well my brothers, don't you think Chukwu have abuse his position?
Zeus: I think so, according to the laws governing the heavens he must consult us first before doing something like this.
Lucifer: I will ask other God(s) if they feel the same way as we do. I will be meeting Amadioha tomorrow.

** Back To The UnderWorld **

The five humans Chukwu sent to the underworld to rescue his son were still waiting for Baldman2 to arrive.

Chibueze: (Points to Baldman2) I think there he is.
Ejikeme: He's not yet reached the city. Let me take him down with my lightning machine gun X5.
Chibueze: I thought the other guy said it wouldn't work on him.
Ejikeme: Since it's a suprise attack he will stagger.
Uchenna: Yes.
Ejikeme: Lightening machine gun X5!

Lightening in form of bullets and five times stronger than normal struck Baldman2 by suprise.

Baldman2: (Seeing the bullet fast approaching) What? Ahhh!

Baldman2 crashed on the ground.

Ejikeme: He's down! Let's rush there.

They joump through the roof tops as they went after Baldman2.

** At The Crash Site **

Baldman2 stood up.

Baldman2: Just lightening bullets? The bullets were even weak. I probably fell because I was taken by suprise. Huh? I smell humans! In the underworld?

Ejikeme: Yes we are in the underworld.
Baldman2: Who the hell are you people?
Chibueze: We are the ones who took down your partner, Baldman.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Three (4) Continuation

Baldman2: Hahahaha! You little humans can't beat any Ekwensu minion.
Uchena: Air arrows!

Air in form of arrows struck Baldman 2 down and he was in pains.

Baldman2: (Standing up) Ahh! So you use air too? If you can do this much then you really defeated Baldman. He's suck a weakling. Watch out for my attack. Force strike!

Air moving with great speed was about to hit the five humans but Nneka Earth shell saved them.

Baldman2: An egg?
Nneka: It's an earth shell dummie.
Baldman 2: It doesn't matter I will win.
Uchenna: Thanks Nneka but I will take it from here.

The others jumped to tree tops as Uchenna was about to face Baldman2 head to head.

Baldman2: Boy, you want to die alone huh?
Uchenna: You might be stronger than me no doubt, but I'm smarter.
Baldman2: Force strike!

He sent another strike and Uchenna managed to dodge it.

Baldman2: Not bad. Force strike!
Uchenna: Air barrier.

Baldman2 force strike was too strong for Uchenna's air barrier which bursted and he landed on the ground with injuries.

Uche: I think we should step in now.
Ejikeme: No. I have a question.
Uche: Ask.
Ejikeme: Have your brother always be the smart one?
Uche: (Smiles) Yes. Why did you ask?
Ejikeme: He just told that guy that he is smarter that means he figured out something.
Nneka: Yes.
Chibueze: When will it be my turn to fight?
Ejikeme: Calm down buddy.

Baldman2: (To Uchenna who was lying on the ground) It's now time to finish you off. Ultimate force strike!

Nothing happened and Baldman2 and the others were suprised.

Baldman2: What?
Uchnenna: (Laughing) I told you I was smarter right?
Baldman2: What have you done to me?
Uchenna: (Standing up) I defeated your air.
Baldman2: Explain yourself.
Uchenna: I figured out that our air power comes from within and not outside. It is the air power we have within that amplifies the one outside. So while we were fighting I sent some of my air to bring down the source of your air power within. And now, you won't be able to use your power for a long time.

Uche: I told you.
Ejikeme: Hmm, interesting.
Chibueze: I would have figured that out earlier.

Baldman2: This is impossible!
Uchenna: And one more thing, I just gained your force strike power.
Baldman2: (Shocked) You are not human!
Uchenna: Force strike!

Air with great speed struck Baldman2 and destroyed the tree around him. Baldman2 lied on the ground hanging between life and death.

The others jumped down.

Chibueze: What took you so long?
Uchenna: Sorry.
Uche: You did it bro.
Nneka: You are the man!
Ejikeme: Let's take him back to the city.
Chibueze: I will do that.

Watch Out For The Next Episode
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Five (5)


Chibueze carried Baldman2 as they returned back to the city.

Uche: We won again.
Nneka: And not only that, Uchenna have a new power now.
Ejikeme: He's a smart one.
Uchenna: Thank you guys.
Chibueze: Well you people haven't seen me fight.
Uche: Hmm, it doesn't matter. I know my brother is the strongest.
Chibueze: Well we will just have to see about that.

As they were walking back to the city Ejikeme was in deep thoughts.

Ejikeme: (In his mind)
Uchenna seems to be the smart one among us, even I couldn't figure that out. I think it will be good if he becomes our tactician.
Well, I can be the leader, Uche can be my support while Nneka will take care of the defence. And Chibueze? He's so wild, maybe he should be the main striker. I'm sure he will love that.

They finally got to the city and tied Baldman2 in the room where Baldman was.

Baldman was suprised to see that Baldman2 have been captured.

Baldman: Impossible! How could the five of you beat up baldman2?
Uchenna: It was simple. Dude may be powerful but I'm smarter.

Chibueze left them after they had tied up Baldman2, he went to meet the Barman.
He asked him if there was any place he would see fire monsters.

Barman: Ofcourse, that's a place where fire monsters stay. They are not dragons but they are dragon like.
Chibueze: Can you show me where it is on the map?
Barman: Sure.

The barman brought out a map and showed Chibueze the location.

Chibueze: Okay, I think I will be taking the map just for sometime.
Barman: What are you going to do with it?
Chibueze: I'm going to track the monsters down, and fight them.
Barman: What? Those things are the strongest warriors in the first gate of hell.
Chibueze: If they are from the first gate of hell what are they doing close to the city?
Barman: They come to that particular spot because there's where they are originally from.
Chibueze: Okay, off I go.

Chibueze took the map and ran away.

Barman: Wait!

Clinton had already zoomed off.

Barman: This kid is playing with fire. I better go and tell his friends.

** At The Interrogation Room **

Baldman2 was being poured water and he regained consciousness, though he was in a very bad shape.

Uchenna: Now you are up, we got some questions for you.
Baldman2: Are you people really humans? No human could possess such powers the four of you have.

Ejikeme: We are five. (Looks around) Where's Chibueze?

Just then the barman ran inside panting.

Barman: He's in trouble.
Ejikeme: What?

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

Ejikeme: What kind of trouble?
Barman: He rushed to fight some fire monsters close to the city border.

Baldman2: Hahahaha! His death is assured, what a foolish human he is.
Uchenna: He's a fire user, so fire vs fire is fair.

Baldman2: That's not it. The fire monsters are the strongest warriors in the first gate of hell.

Ejikeme: What?
Barman: I was trying to tell him that but he just zoomed off.
Ejikeme: This is bad.
Uchenna: Let's go and back him up.
Baldman2: Force strike will do no damage against them.
Uchenna: Well, I guess we will just have to find out.
Ejikeme: Let's go and get him back!
Barman: I will give you people a map to follow.

They closed the interrogation room and followed the barman as he went in to get a map for them.

He got the map for them and they moved immediately.

Meanwhile at the interrogation room Baldman2 was laughing.

Baldman2: Hahahaha! Those fools think they can beat the fire monsters, their fate have been sealed.

Chibueze reached the forest where the fire monsters stays.

Chibueze: Hello o! Anybody home?
FM1: I smell a human, what is a human doing in the underworld.

A fire monster stepped out in front of him. The fire monster was three times his height.

FM1: What are you doing here human?
Chibueze: I came to fight.
FM1: You must be joking, My kind are the strongest Ekwensu minions in the first gate of hell.
Chibueze: I know that already, are you ready to fight?

The fire monster roared and a ball of fire made to strike Chibueze but he dodged it.

Chibueze: He's strong! The truth is I don't really know how to use my powers. Maybe I can copy Ejikeme's powers. Fire bullets!

Concentrated fire in the shape of bullets strucked the fire monster but he absorbed them.

FM1: Don't be suprised human. I'm a fire creature, only those whose strength surpasses mine can take me down.
Chibueze: Come on think, how can I use my powers?
FM1: Gondbye human! Fire ball!

A massive fire ball headed for Chibueze.

Chibueze: Ahh!

As the fireball was about to hit Chibueze, Uchenna conbined his force strike with Nneka's earth shell.

Uchenna force strike slowed down the fire ball while Nneka earth shell gave Chibueze a little time for Ejikeme to carry him.

Ejikeme carried Chibueze away from the fireball direction. Just as they left, the fire ball strucked the earth shell and there was a massive explosion.

Ejikeme: Run!

They all started to run.

FM1: You wouldn't escape me humans. Hahahaha.

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I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.