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Detective Frank
In the year 2072 the CEO of New Science World suddenly died. Investigation were done and no cause of death was found so a secret agency sent their best man Detective Frank to uncover the mystery behind the CEO death.

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Re: Detective Frank
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Episode One (1)

The CEO's death

On a fine wednesday morning in the year 2072, just as people were waking up from their slumber the T.V mounted in all towns in the planet were switched on earlier than usual.

News Broadcaster: Hello world, there's a terrible that just got to our desk. The CEO of the New Science World just died early this morning. Investigation are ongoing to ascertain the cause of his demise. 

There was panic in the whole planet.

Person 1: He's dead? So early?
Person 2: Oh no there can't be anyone like him.
Person 3: I hope someone else capable will continue with his latest project.

Meanwhile detective Frank was listening to the news.

D. Frank: Speculations have to wait till the police investigation is over. He was such a promising young man.

The CEO of the New Science World was a thirtyfive years old man. The company specialises in producing cures for various outbreaks, terminal diseases and infections.
They had successfully provided a cure for HIV/AIDS and cancer.
His body was fall lying in the doorway by one of his staff at the company's HQ.

Detective Frank was on a month leave so he didn't go to the HQ of the government secret agency he works for.

D. Frank: I'm free for a month. I guess I will just have to enjoy myself. Nothing feels better than a holiday after seven months of work.

*** At The Forensic Department Of The Police ***

The coroner and the rest of the forensic department  were busy working their ass off, as they want to find out the cause of the CEO's death.

Coroner: This is strange. There's nothing here, it's as if there was never life in his body. All his organs are new.

Investigator 1: He's the CEO of New Science World after all. It could be that he used some sorts of medication to make himself new again.
Coroner: Maybe, but we should have atleast found the cause of his death.

Investigator 2: We have to make a call to HQ to tell them about our findings.
Coroner: Actually we made no findings. What did the police say they found again where his body laid?
Investigator 1: Nothing. Even the CCTV camera only captured him trying to come out of an office and then slumping on the doorway.

Coroner: Make the call to HQ, tell them we found nothing. That's more to this than the eye can see and the ear can hear.
Investigator 1: Okay, I will.
Coroner: I just hope the press will exercise patience this time, a whole world best coroner could find nothing leading to the death of the CEO.
Investigator 1: It beats me too. Well the press will be on our neck soon.

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Re: Detective Frank
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Episode One (1) Continuation

The investigator made the call to HQ.

*** At HQ ***

Police 1: Sir we just received a call from the head coroner.
Officer Titus: What's it?
Police 1: They found nothing sir.
Officer Titus: What? Even the police investigation team found nothing at the scene where he slumped. Everything is clean.
Police 1: What could this mean?
Officer Titus: There's more to this than the eye can see or the ear can hear. Well we will see how this event will play out.

Three hours later the news that the police found nothing leaked to the media.

They were broadcasting it in all the news channel.

Detective Frank was in the pool of the hotel he lodged relaxing when he heard the news.

D. Frank: So the docs and coroners could find nothing. That's crazy. Well I'm on leave, another person will be given the jnb probably.

Detective Frank was still relaxing in the pool when his phone rang.

D. Frank: It seems my baby is caling.

He stretched his hands and took his phone and 54HQ was written on it.

D. Frank: What the? Don't they know that I'm on leave?

He answered the call.

D. Frank: Hello, F is on the line.
54HQ: Agent, you are to return to the HQ immediately.
D. Frank: I'm on a month leave buddy.
54HQ: We know, it's urgent.
D. Frank: Alright I will be there.
54HQ: A helicopter is on it's way to pick you up at the hotel you lodge.
D. Frank: Alright.

The call ended.

D. Frank: (Getting out of the pool) Well, I got to see what's up. It might even be a payment upgrade. Well I'm already on the highest payroll.

Twenty minutes later the helicopter landed on the hotel's roof as detective Frank was waiting for it.

D. Frank: I'm always the first.

He climbed aboard and they got to the government secret agency in a wild conserved forest.

They went underground, and they reached the surveillance room where the Chief was waiting.

Chief: Welcome Frank, I'm sorry we know you are on leave. But this matter is urgent.
Frank: And so what's this matter?

Chief: You heard the news right?
D. Frank: Yes.
Chief: So what's your take on it?
D. Frank: Something seems off, if nothing was found by the best coroner it means the death is more than the eye can see. The only place to get the truth is inside the organisation.
Chief: Good. And that's where you come in.
D. Frank: So my job is to infiltrate the organisation and search for clues.
Chief: Exactly.
D. Frank: Then I shall begin preparation. I will be taking a six months leave after this.
Chief: No problem. Just get the job done.
D. Frank: (Walking out) I will.

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Re: Detective Frank
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Episode Two (2)


Detective Frank left the secret agency headquarters and went back to the hotel he lodged.

D. Frank: Hmm. Well this case is one of a kind. I have to infiltrate the organization.

He made a cup of tea and brought out his laptop, he read the news related to the CEO's death. He visited up to twenty news blogs.

D. Frank: So nothing was found, that will narrow me down to just two hypothesis. One, whatever killed him must be only known inside the organization. And nobody outside knows anything about it.
And now to the second, it is possible that the CEO didn't die. It might just be his clone, the organs were new. But the Coroner said it may be because of some medications he has been taking, but I seriously doubt that. If such a medication exists then it wouldn't be hidden just like the others.
But what if that is really a clone? Why would the CEO want the public to believe that he's dead. It doesn't really make sense.
The answer is inside the organisation. But how do I infiltrate the organisation?

He took a cup of tea.

D. Frank: Well, I just know what to do.

Detective Frank picked up his phone and dialed his underground partner's number.

D. Frank: Hello Mark.
Mark: Hi, Frank. It has been a while.
D. Frank: Yea. You read the news right?
Mark: Yes, and HQ gave you the job.
D. Frank: Yes, I want to infiltrate the organisation.
Mark: I see, you need help on my special area.
D. Frank: Yes, I'm going to send you the picture of the face mask I'm going to use. I will be starting as a cleaner on the top floor, you know what to do right?
Mark: Yes, I will give you a call when I'm done.
D. Frank: Okay Marky.

Two hours later Detective Frank received a call from his partner Mark.

Mark: All done buddy.
D. Frank: Thanks man.
Mark: I will always be there when ever you need me.
D. Frank: I know you will, thank you buddy.

Five minutes later Detective Frank received a message from New World Science that he should start work the next day as the new head cleaner.

Though technology had improved and there were AI cleaners, organisations still employs humans as head cleaners.

D. Frank: Mark did it.

Detective Frank brought out the face mask he would be wearing when he gets to the organisation. It was a face mask with a bald head.

D. Frank: I have to get ready for tomorrow.

*** The Next Day ***

Detective Frank reached the New World Science branch of the city he stays.

D. Frank: This may not be the headquarters but I'm sure to find some clues here.

Detective Frank was screened as he entered the building and his face mask wasn't detected.

He used the elevator and got to the top floor.

He did all the normal protocol and got ready for duty.
While he was going to his office a young lady excused him.

Chelsea: Hello sir, my name is Chelsea the vice head cleaner.
D. Frank: (in his mind) A vice head cleaner? What a position!

He looked at her again.

D. Frank: Yea, it's nice to meet you. My name is Wilfred.
Chelsea: I hope we will love working together.
D. Frank: Yes. Your name is Chelsea, so you must be supporting the blues right?
Chelsea: I'm not a fan of football, I'm good at scrabble.
D. Frank: Okay, maybe we can play it together sometime.
Chelsea: (Points to her office) My office is just there.
D. Frank: Okay. I will see you later.

Detective Frank got to his office and sat down.

D. Frank: There's something about this girl. Well it's nothing bad.  Infiltration have been successful, it's now time for me to dig in!

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Re: Detective Frank
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Episode Three (3)

Operation RTW

Detective Frank now known as Wilfred in the office sat down and went deep inside his thoughts.

D. Frank: Now I have successfully infiltrated the organisation. I have to move around the offices, I will surely hear something.

He started walking in the office of the top men in the branch. He met Chelsea in almost all the offices he went. He still couldn't figure out anything and he returned back to his officer.

D. Frank: Well, if I can't get things done this way I will have to do it the other way then.

He brought out his laptop and hacked the organisation cameras and he started viewing different offices. An officer was bleeping his secretary inside his office and then a thought came to his mind. The officer had switched off the camera but Detective Frank activated it when he hacked all the cameras.

D. Frank: I might have hit the jackpot. First I will download and save this video into my drive and delete it from the organisation system.
I have to check this officer's rank.

Detective Frank checked the organisation database he hacked and looked for the man's face.

D. Frank: Aha! He's the chief security officer of this branch, so he must know something.

Detective Frank saved the video in his drive.

He waited for an hour before he sent the video to the officer's PC with a warning that if he don't coperate the video would be released immediately.

Detective Frank saw how suprise he was through the camera.
Their conversation started.

Frank told he that he belonged to an anonymous hackers group that belief in the freedom of information, that they want to know exactly where the CEO is because they don't belief he's dead.

The officer begged him to reconsider and that he will pay him any amount of money he wants, but Frank threatned to release the videos in three minutes.
The officer decided to tell him everything he knew.  The officer said that only those at HQ could tell him exactly what happened to the CEO.
When Detective Frank asked him the last thing he heard before the CEO's supposed death, he said it was Operation RTW (ORTW).

Frank: Well, you shall be my pawn for the main time.
Officer: Please don't release that video.
D. Frank: Don't worry. Just cooperate and everything will be fine.

They ended the conversation in Frank's own secured network.

Frank watched as the chief officer looked so worry.

Frank: You made a wrong choice by bleeping your secretary when I control the cameras.

He logged on to his laptop and tried to access HQ database but he met a strong firewall.

Frank: Well this have to wait for later. At least I got something to work on, Mark will deal with it later.

Someone knocked at the door and he immediately shut down his laptop.

Frank: Did they discover me? That's impossible.

Chelsea: Hello.
Frank: Oh, it's you Chelsea.

Chelsea came in with her tablet and challenged Frank in scrabble. She won three times straight.

Chelsea: You are such a terrible player Wilfred.
Frank: Yea. You are just as good as one of my online buddy.
Chelsea: Where's this buddy of yours? I need to challenge him.
Frank: Well, I haven't seen him myself. He's anonymous on the web.
Chelsea: Well, tell him that a friend wants to challenge him.
Frank: Ofcourse I will.
Chelsea: I think I will need your home address.
Frank: It's private.
Chelsea: Alright then, we can do it here.
Frank: Do what?

Chelsea removed her shirt and revealed her huge boobs.

Frank: Oh my... What are you doing?

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Re: Detective Frank
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Episode Four (4)

Office Seduction

After Detective Frank had told Chelsea that his home address was private, she revealed why she needed his address by pulling off her cloth and place her big boobs in display for him.

Frank: What are you doing? This is the office.
Chelsea: Who cares? I'm your vice after all. We need to know each other more better.

She removed his tie and climbed on him on the chair, she made to kiss him when the Chief officer opened the door and she turned back.

He opened his mouth wide open as she saw Chelsea's boobs.

Officer: Holy! Sorry for interrupting you two.

As the officer was going back he had the thought of bleeping Chelsea but he just had a flashback about the warning given to him by an anonymous hacker.

Officer: Who knows? That hacker might catch me again. What a drag!

The real intention of the officer going to Detective Frank office was to check his laptop, he had suspected him since he was new there and only a little about him was know.
But after going to his office and seeing what happened, his suspicion vanished.

Officer: He can't be bleeping a hottie and be threatning me at the same time. A hacker really hacked our cameras.

** Back To The Office **

Chelsea forcefully buried her boobs on Detective Frank's face.

Frank: You are going to get me in trouble.
Chelsea: Don't worry. He  bleeps his secretary everyday in the office.
Frank: How did you know?
Chelsea: I'm going to make you stop asking questions.

Chelsea pulled her skirt and panties as she got completed naked and raised her leg up.

Frank: Oh my god!

Detective Frank pulled his clothes up and bleeped Chelsea in his office table. After bleeping themselves for thirty minutes they both had reached orgasm and stopped.

Chelsea lied naked on the table as Detective Frank dressed up.

Frank: You better wear your clothes.
Chelsea: (Laughs) Who cares? This is the top floor and I can walk around naked if I want to.
Frank: What the?

Chelsea dressed up as he and Detective Frank played the scrabble game again.
This time she won 7 times straight.

Chelsea: You suck at playing scrabble but not at bleeping.
Frank: I think I will tell my online buddy about your scrabble prowess. Who knows he might come out of the shadows to challenge you.
Chelsea: Okay Mr. Wilfred I will be going now.
Frank: Okay.

Chelse left the office.

Frank: Oh man! I just did what I was blackmailing somebody about just some minutes ago.

Work closed for the day and the only clue Detective Frank had was Operation RTW.

He reached home and tried his best to hack New Science World HQ but he kept meeting a brick wall.

Frank: I guess I have no choice.

Detective Frank called Mark his underground partner to help him dig in to the New Science World HQ and look for something about operation RTW.

After a while Mark called him back and told him the firewall was strong but he was able to dig up something about ORTW. He said it says " Meet at 7ßCxPc July 31".

Frank: I think that means the 7th block at Custume Service, Peters City.
Mark: Great! How did you come up with that?
Frank: It only makes sense since here is Peters City and the CEO used to visit here often. He wears weird custumes, and that's a place here that matches the discription. It's a local custome store.
Mark: So what do you say?
Frank: I'm going to check it out, today is 31 July.
Mark: Alright buddy. Be careful out there.
Frank: I will.

Detective Frank took a Fawkes mask and two guns as he stepped out and entered his car.

Frank: I'm going to burst something tonight.

Detective Frank drove off with the hope of finding more clues.

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Re: Detective Frank
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Episode Five (5)

The Mask Shooter

Detective Frank drove off and stopped at a place a little bit far from the 7th block of custome service.
There was a bar opposite the 7th block and so he went there waiting for when he will notice some movement.

He ordered for beer and sat almost outside the bar, his eyes wasn't fixated at 7th block because he knew they may have a spy in the bar.

As he was drinking someone tapped him, he looked up and it was Chelsea.

He was suprised because he wore a face mask in the office, how could Chelsea have recognised him?

Frank: Hey, do you know me?
Chelsea: No. I came to here alone. I need someone to hang out with and I saw that you came in with no partner.
Frank: (Relieved) I prefer being solo. I came here just to enjoy myself.
Chelsea: Come on, don't be a drag. My name is Chelsea.
Frank: I'm James.
Chelsea: Like James Bond?
Frank: Not really. (In his mind) Is she always like this?

She sat close to him and drank her beer.

Chelsea: So do you live around here?
Frank: No.
Chelsea: I love wild men, why don't you take me to your home let's fuck.

Just then Detective Frank heard the screeching of cars as they arrived the 7th block.

Frank: I will see you later, I want to take a walk outside.
Chelsea: I'm coming with you Mr. James.
Frank: (In his mind) Maybe I can actually use her and act as if we are a couple. Yes, come on.

The both of them walked as Chelsea won't let Frank rest as she kept talking about sex and the type of men she wants.

As they both were walking almost close to the custome service a guard showed up.

Guard: Hey, you two are not supposed to be here.
Frank: I love custome so I want to buy one for my girlfriend here.
Guard: Sorry, the shop is restricted tonight.
Frank: Okay, if you say so.
Chelsea: I need to go back to the bar. I need to pee.
Frank: Okay.

Chelsea left and Frank walked for a short distance and wore the Fawkes mask.
Frank checked and saw that the guard was still around, he decided to walk close to the guard and pretend he was in pain.

Frank went ahead with his plan. He walked close to the guard man and screamed as if he was in pain.

Frank: Ah!
Guard: What's the matter?

The guard walked close to him and he knocked him out with a blow.
He dragged his body to a corner so that he wouldn't be spotted.

He bent down as he checked if the area was cleared. As he was about to enter there he was spotted by two guards and he hid his gun immediately.

He started dancing with the fawkes mask on and the guards laughed.

Guard 1: Hey. We need no dancer here.
Guard 2: Get out of here.

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Re: Detective Frank
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

Just then Chelsea returned.
Chelsea: Did you people see my boyfriend?
Frank: (In his mind) Who is she talking about huh?

Guard: Ma'am you are not needed here
As the guard was about to push her she used her high heel and hit on his and he was knocked out. Frank immediately knocked out the other one as he went for Chelsea.
Chelsea: James is that you?
Frank: Sshh, get out of here. I will meet you later.
Chelsea: Okay, remember you own me some fuck.
Frank: No problem.

Frank sneaked to the back of the building where the discussion was going on.

Man 1: The full details of operation RTW are now in HQ.
Man 2: Very soon the world will be in our hands.
Man 1: The CEO.....

The man couldn't finish his statement when an alarm sounded and a guard came in.

Guard: Sir, someone have infiltrated the building.
Man 1: Find and kill that person.

Suddenly guards filled up the whole building.

Frank: I'm finished!

As the guards were almost rounding him up there came a gunshot and the guards started screaming and falling.

The guards attention shifted to the unknown shooter.

Frank: Backup? I never called for backup.

Frank used the opportunity to run away but he was spotted by some guards who fired at him, they missed him as he fired and took them down.

He sneaked and saw that it was a mask shooter that was taking the guards down, the mask shooter saw him and gave him a sign to sneak away.

Immediately detective Frank ran away the mask shooter entered a bike and drove away as the guards chased after on their cars.

Detective Frank went back to the bar, became they might suspect him if he starts driving home.

He gulped down his beer and ten minutes later he saw Chelsea coming out from inside the bar.

Frank: Here she comes.
Chelsea: Here you are darling. Remember what you promise me.
Frank: That will be later. Give me your address. Chelsea: Okay, if you say so.

Chelsea wrote down her address. They both talked till it was time to go home. Detective Frank walked her off, and drove home thinking about who the mask shooter was.

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Re: Detective Frank
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Episode Six (6)

Save Chelsea

Detective Frank reached the hotel and immediately he got to his room he took a bottle of water and drank it all.

He sat on his sofa and thought about what just happened..

Frank: Who was the mask shooter? HQ didn't tell me anything about backup, and that means the person is not from HQ. Maybe there's another government secret agency.

Detective Frank sent a message to the secret agency HQ, and they said they would look into the matter.

He then remembered the promise he made to Chelsea.

Frank: Is she always like that? What a drag, the good thing is that she don't know where I live. Wait! What if they capture her and ask her the person she was walking with? That's going to be bad, and the guards saw her face. I need to get to her house now.

Detective Frank took a bicycle and speed off to the location on the address.

He parked his bicycle a little bit far from the location.

He saw many armed men surround the building.

Frank: Damn it, I'm too late.

He watched as the armed men stormed into the building and came out without Chelsea.

Man 1: She's not here.
Man 2: It seems she haven't come back home.
Man 3: Let's go, we will come back for her later.

The armed men left.

Frank was still watching and few minutes later Chelsea returned home. She was suprised that her home was raided.
Detective Frank walked up to her.

Frank: Chelsea.
Chelsea: (Smiles) James.
Frank: I'm so happy to see that you are okay.
Chelsea: (Holding Detective Frank's hand) Did you come back for the fuck?
Frank: No. Those guys we met at the custome block are after you. They did this to your house.
Chelsea: I'm sad, do they want to kill me?
Frank: I don't know, just remain calm. You have to leave the town.
Chelsea: Why don't you make me calm?
Frank: How?
Chelsea: (Drags him inside the house to her room) Make love to me. Remember you made a promise.
Frank: Okay, just this time.

As Chelsea removed her clothes Detective Frank had quickly hid his guns.

They lied down on her bed and kissed, Frank sucked her boobs as she moaned. They both had a hot sex which lasted for an hour.

Chelsea: That was good James.
Frank: Yea, that was good.

They both had a shower together where they had another round of sex.

Detective Frank carried her on his bicycle to the place where she boarded a bus to the next city. 

Detective Frank went back to the hotel.

Frank: It's good she's now out of the picture.
But, I must confess, I love that hot sex.

The sun shined bright in the sky as Detective Frank went to work with the face mask and name Wilfred.

Chelsea wasn't at work as expected, and an AI had taken her place for the time being.

While pretending to be an anonymous hacker Detective Frank told the chief security officer of the branch to find out about the details of Operation RTW in their HQ or he will release the video.

Work was so boring so he decided to play games.

When he got back to the hotel, he picked up his laptop and contacted his underground partner Mark.

He told him about everything that had happened.

Mark: Any update on the mask shooter?
Frank: No, nothing yet.
Mark: I see. I will find a way for you to infiltrate New Science World HQ. Expect a message early in the morning.
Frank: Okay Marky, thanks alot.
Mark: It's no problem buddy.

Frank slept off awaiting the text message so that he will finally be able to infiltrate the organisation HQ, and find out their secrets.

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Re: Detective Frank
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Episode Seven (7)

Infiltration 2

Detective Frank woke up the next morning and saw a message telling him to come to the New Science World HQ the next day to start work as a chief security officer.

He called Mark and told him everything worked out, he had no need for the other chief security officer for the time atleast.

Mark sent him a picture of the face mask he used for the application, luckily he had that one.

Frank: Well it's time to go to Science city.
Mark: Goodluck man.
Frank: Thanks buddy.

Frank moved out of the hotel and travelled to Science city which was just thirty minutes with the help of the hyper speed train in Peters city.

The science city was a place where many science establishment are, majority of the population there are workers or students coming for research.

Frank: It has been a while Science city, I hope you missed me.

Detective Frank had already booked a hotel online. He went in, took his keys and entered his room.

Wow! He said as he entered, his room there was very much better than in Peters city.

He opened his laptop and ask the security officer who he wanted to use as pawn to find him details about Operation RTW before the next day. He begged Detective Frank that it would put him in trouble, but detective Frank said it was final.

Frank informed Mark that he had arrived Science city, he also messaged the government secret agency HQ if they had found anything about the mask shooter but their response was negative.

Frank: So there's nothing about the mask shooter, could there be another group also trying to solve the mystery of the CEO's death?

Frank asked himself this and many other questions.
His new name in the office was Sam.

He used the freeday opportunity to walk around Science city.

The next morning he dressed up for work with his face mask and name Sam.

He was screened and yet the face mask wasn't detected.

He was briefed of all the security protocols, and he started work.

As he was going into his office a young lady stopped him.

Lady: Hello sir, I'm your deputy.
Frank: Oh, nice to meet you.
Lady: I'm Amanda....
Frank: I'm Sam.
Lady: Okay, when I get bored we are going to play soccer on your system. Is that okay with you?
Frank: Uhm, yes.
Lady: Thanks, be expecting me.

Detective Frank went inside his office and sat on the chair.

Frank: Why is this lady behaving just like Chelsea? Maybe they are related. Well, it's time for me to get to work.

Three hours later he received a call from the head office at the last floor telling him to come in.

Detective Frank went over to the top floor.
The deputy director called him in.
He told him that there was going to be a high exclusive meeting the next day and he wants him to make all security preparations perfect.

Detective Frank related the matter to Amanda his 2nd.

As an expert he made all security preparations perfect, when he presented his plan to the deputy director he was very much commended.

Amanda came over and they played soccer games on Frank's laptop and they were both tied in number of winnings.

Amanda also made the same sexual advance as Chelsea, Frank fell for it again as they bleeped on his office table.

Frank briefed all the security operatives about the plan before work ended for that day.

Tommorow is going to be a day of revelation, Detective Frank said as he went home.

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Re: Detective Frank
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Episode Eight (8)


Detective Frank got home and informed HQ about the meeting. The secret government agency decided to send under cover operatives to the HQ the next day.

Detective Frank got a message from the chief security officer he was using as a pawn.
He downloaded the message and saw the main objective of Operation Rule The World.

The New Science World were to release a gas that will spread around the globe and cause a sickness which only the organisation have the cure.
He checked the date and it said midnight.

Frank: Midnight? But the meeting is tomorrow. I see they want to fool everybody that the main thing will be happening tomorow after dawn.

He checked the location and saw that it was at the outskirt of Science city. It was still 2200hours that means they got just two hours to stop the release of the gas.

He immediately notified HQ and his underground partner Mark. He drove off in full speed to the outskirt of the town.

The secret government agency team were also on their way.

** At The Launch Site **

The supposed dead CEO stepped out of his car with heavily armed men. Some of his top officials were waiting for him.

CEO: At last the day has come. The day we will seize control of this world.
Official 1: Yes, sir.
CEO: So it won't be ready for launching till midnight?
Official 2: Yes sir.
CEO: Well we can wait, we have successfully deceived everyone.

The secret agency men were coming via the air.
Detective Frank was communicating to HQ as he drove to the site.

When he was almost at the outskirt he stopped and parked his car at a corner.

He walked on foot and heard someone following him. He turned back and saw that it was Chelsea.

Frank: Chelsea?
Angel: You can call me Chelsea or Amanda, but my real name is Angel.
Frank: What?
Angel: Forget about that, I'm Mark your underground partner.
Frank: What? You are a lady?
Angel: Yes, Mark is just my underground name.
Frank: So you are both Chelsea and Amanda, and we....
Angel: Fucked! Don't be shy, we both enjoyed it.
Now let's face the task at hand.
They both reached close to the site and saw that it was heavily guarded.

Angel: It's going to be tough getting in, HQ have called the local police and they will be here anytime soon.
Frank: That means we have to finish this quick.
Angel: Exactly.

They sneaked passed three guards and Detective Frank's leg mistakenly fell down a crate.

Frank: Shit!

Some guards came over to where they were and it led to exchange of gunshots.

The CEO and the others heard the gunshots.

CEO: What are the gunshots for?
Official 1: They must be fending off common criminals.
CEO: It better be so.

The gunshots continued, Detective Frank and Angel took them down and many more came.

They both ran and they were cornered.

Angel: We have been cornered.

As the guards were closing down on them, gunshots from a helicopter shot the guards down.

CEO: What? There's gunshot coming from a helicopter.

Many special ops came down from the helicopter.

The CEO and the other officials made to run but the gunshots were too intensed.
The local police had also arrived.

Angel: We got help. Now, let's move on!

They both joined the local policemen and the special ops as they took down the guards.

Angel got to the CEO and knocked him out.

They left as they told the local police to finish the job.

Early the next day, the news spread across the globe able the CEO's intent.

Person 1: We thought he was a good person.
Person 2: He was deceiving us all along.
It was found out that the supposed dead body was just a clone.

The CEO was setenced to life imprisonment for attempted homicide.

Detective Frank went back to the secret government agency  HQ and told them he needed a 6 months break and he was permitted.

Frank: So Angel what will you do since this is over?
Angel: I'm going to retire.
Frank: Hmm, well as for me I don't know.
Angel: Bye for now Frank.

Angel left via a helicopter.

Frank: So she was the mask shooter. Where do I go from here? Maybe I should get married.

He got a call from HQ.

HQ: Hello we got a job for you.
Frank: I just took a 6months leave.
HQ: We know, it's urgent.
Frank: On my way.

At this rate I'm never going to retire......


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Re: Detective Frank
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Vry interesting,,, y d story cum end nw weh d tin com dey sweet. Kudos bro i gv u 80% hope say u get anoda 1

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Vry interesting,,, y d story cum end nw weh d tin com dey sweet. Kudos bro i gv u 80% hope say u get anoda 1

Thanks bro. I don't have a new story in mind now. I will keep updating the others. When I have an idea I will start another story.
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