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Things You Never Knew About The " 7 Colours" Part 1
Good afternoon fans,

I'm so happy that I have written 100 episodes in The Seven Colours . I hope you guys have been enjoying the story, I'm sure you do.

Today, in order to celebrate the 100 episodes I'm going to list down things you never knew about the story. I'm not going to include the recent tournament arc....

1. The 7 Colours Was Supposed To Be A Story About Outlaws:

Actually the first tittle of the story was "The Outlaws" because I wanted to write about outlaws and their fight against an evil Queen. But I changed my mind after the first episode and renamed the story to the "7 Colours".

2. The 7 Colours Was Susposed To End At Episode 27:

My initial plan was to end the story at episode 27 after the fight against Priest was over. But an idea just pop out in my head and I decided to continue the story, and I'm happy I continued.
I have created awesome characters because I went ahead and the story got better.

3. Queen Elizabeth Was Susposed To Be Killed By Angel:

During the war against the Vadems, the plan was for Angel to finish off Queen Elizabeth and end the war. But I then decided to create Priest as the main villain, and Queen Elizabeth actions were justified.

4. Skipper Was Never Supposed To Be In The Story:

The Elephant kingdom was supposed to be a kingdom of losers, at least that's why I created it. But during the Emperor saga, I wanted them to participate in the war, so I created Skipper as their hero. I'm so happy I created her, and she's among my top characters.

5. Angel Was Supposed To Be One Of The Colours:

Well, that was the plan but I dumped it after I created the Flower kingdom.

6. Angel Killed The Conjurer:

Lol, I bet a lot of you had no idea right?
I used the terms white haired girl and death fists to give you guys a tip.

7. Black Mist Wasn't To Be Killed

The orginal plan was to make Black Mist a recurring villain, but when I revealed Angel's real power there was nothing stopping her.

8. Angel Made Skipper Reach Sage Mode:
This is the only detail in the tournament arc that I will include. After Fury's attack, Skipper talked to Angel about getting stronger and she (Angel) suggested sage mode. Angel created her clone to create the perfect dimension for Skipper as she alter time there, and also she made Skipper not to age in her hundred years in the dimension.

I'm so glad I have writting 100 episodes for this awesome story.

I have realised that I have only focused majorly on Silver and Red among the seven colours, but I will focus on the others as the story continues.

This is all for now, thanks guys.

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