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Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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In the magic world of Spell, there lives a boy in the kingdom of Wand called Zik.
In Spell humans sign contracts with animals/beasts in order to use their magic abilities, and protect their kingdoms. Whenever a contract is signed, a tattoo called crest appears on the human's body.
This story is about Zik who has always been bullied and he couldn't find any animal/beast to sign contract with, this changed when he met a dying dragon.........

Coming Soon.......
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode One (1)

Bald Head Captain X The New Girl X The Voice Calls

In the year 800 in the world of Spell, Zik was on top of a tree in the school's playing ground.

Zik: Hmm, it has been a while now. I'm surely going to get expelled if I don't have a contract.

The tree suddenly shaked and Zik fell and hit his head on the ground.

Zik: Ouch! What just happened?

Zik looked up and saw three boys, Fred, Captain and Jumbo. The three of them are members of a gang that normally bullies Zik and the bald head Captain was their leader.

Zik: What's up guys?

Captain: Zik, you should be out of here. You are going to get expelled very soon, the kingdom of Wand don't need people like you in the Wing.

Zik: No, I will get a contract very soon.
Captain: (Matches his head) Hahaha! You have tried a hundred times but you always fail. You are useless.

Zik removes his leg and stood up.

Zik: No, I'm going to get a contract very soon.
Captain: (Kicks Zik) How dare you touch me? You want some beatings?

Before Zik could talk the three of them started kicking him as he screamed, and just then the bell rang and they stopped.

Captain: You are lucky!!
Jumbo: Yea, you would have eaten more dirt.

Captain and the others left and went to the large hall where many of the kingdom junior Casters were being taught about animals and contracts. Casters are people that have contracts with animals or beasts.

Zik: Those guys sure knows how to kick.

As Zik entered the hall all eyes were on him because of his hundred failed attempts at signing contracts.

As he sat down, the people near him moved and left to another seat.

Girl1: I don't what to catch his disease.
Boy1: Yea, if you seat close to him you will lose your contract.
Boy2: He's so unfortunate!

Captain: Hmm, people are allergic to losers.
Jumbo: Yes, that suits him.

Zik brought out a book that the title was "How To Make Friends".

Zik: I have tried everything in this book but nothing is working. Huh, maybe I will ask for a refund. Well, that won't work.

Suddenly a girl entered the same row with him and shifted close, he haven't seen her before and he looked at her body but he didn't see any crest.

Zik: (In his mind) Maybe her crest is on her chest or boobs, no I shouldn't think about something like that. Maybe it's at her back.

The girl suddenly touched him and his body vibrated and he tried his best to make a good smile.

Girl: Hi, my name is Sonia. I already know your name, so don't bother.
Zik: (In his mind) Sure, everyone knows my name after all.
Sonia: I'm a new transfer student from the kingdom of Melody, I was introduced yesterday when you were not in the class.
Zik: Wow, it's nice to meet you.

Zik suddenly noticed that all the boys eyes were on him because Sonia was very beautiful.

Captain: (In his mind) Stupid Zik, I'm going to make you run all over the kingdom.

Zik: (In his mind) I'm in big trouble. (To Sonia) You shouldn't be staying here with me, people say I have a disease. You contract may get cancelled.

Sonia: Actually, I came here for you.
Zik: What?
Sonia: I came here to study the disease.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode One (1) Continuation

Zik was suprised on what Sonia said but their teacher Albert entered the class.

While the class was going on Captain was thinking about 100 hundred ways of punishing Zik when the day was over, Zik knew that he won't be going home safe that day so he was also planing of hundred ways to escape Captain.

Captain: I'm going to roast you Zik, or bury you.
Zik: Ooops, I have to escape through the toilet.

When class was over Zik was called by the council of Casters and his teacher Albert was there. He was given the next day as his last day or else he would get expelled.

Before he left the hall, Albert touched him.

Albert: I have an advice for you kid, you better quit! Save yourself the embarassment.
Zik: Huh?

Zik felt so down as he left but he immediately remembered that Captain would be waiting for him, so he hid himself in the toilet but he made a mistake and entered the one reserved for girls.

Zik: I'm safe. That bald head monster wouldn't find me here.

Suddenly a girl entered there a pulled of her underwear and she saw him and screamed.

Zik: I'm not a pervert!

Zik immediately ran away before anyone else could come.

This time he entered the male restroom, he opened one of the toilets but he saw Captain seating on it and he screamed and ran away.

Zik: He's going to kill me today!

Captain: Damn it! I'm going to double his punishment.

Zik hid himself till school was over and he jumped through the back fence, unfornately for him Captain grabbed him immediately.

Captain: Zik! I never knew you liked girls. You were caught today peeping at a girl, you saw what she had didn't you?
Zik: It was a mistake, really.

Captain: Really, it was also a mistake that you opened the particular toilet I was in?
Zik: No. Yea. I mean yes. It was a mistake.
Captain: We are going to give you some beating before the main punishment.

Just as Captain and his gang were about to start beating Zik, Sonia was passing by and they saw her and stopped immediately as she walked over there.

Sonia: Are you guys bullying him?
Captain: No. He fell from the fence, and we are helping him up. Isn't that right Zik?

Zik: Yea, sure. We are good friends. (In his mind) How can I be friends with the bald head monster?

Sonia: Okay Zik, let's go home.
Zik: Huh?
Sonia: I just packed into your home this morning.
Zik: What?!

Zik was as shocked as Captain and the others, but she grabbed his hand as they left them.

Captain: Guys! We are going to move into Zik's neighbourhood.
Jumbo: Yes, we can't let him have her.
Captain: Zik, you are going to pay for this.

Zik tried to knnw why Sonia was in his home but she declined saying anything.

Sonia: You were caught peeping at an undressed girl.
Zik: No, that was a mistake. I was trying to escape from some bullies.
Sonia: Hmm.

Sonia stopped and held his hands.

Sonia: I hope you are not that type of guy.
Zik: (Blush) Sure.

Zik heard someone call his name and he looked around, but he immediately fell down and screamed as he saw the vision of a dragon.
Sonia: What's the matter Zik?
Zik: Nothing, I'm just tired.

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Two (2)

Meeting With Draco

What??!! Zik screamed when he reached home and was told that the king was the one who approved Sonia stay at his home.

Zik: How did you do it Sonia?
Sonia: My kingdom wrote a letter to yours, that's all.
Zik: I see.

Zik retired to his room and jumped on the bed as he thought about what Albert had told him.
Zik: Even if I get expelled I will be a caster.

Zik got a knock on the door and it was his mother.

Mother: Zik! Your friends are waiting for you outside.
Zik: I don't have any friends.

His mother entered the room and dragged him out.

Mother: Be a good boy Zik, no one have visited you for years. I'm so happy you made friends.

His mother immediately pushed him forward before he could speak.

Zik: (In his mind) I wonder who could be looking for me. Maybe some casters are here to report me because I was seen in the girls bathroom, I need a good excuse.

Zik opened his house front door and behold the bald head Captain and his gang were there.

Zik: What the!! (In his mind) These are my enemies!

Captain smiled and tapped him on the shoulder.

Captain: Don't be worried my friend, we are bestie now.
Zik: Huh? What's up with your new behaviour?
Captain: Don't get me wrong Zik, now you have to pretend we are good friends. I'm only doing this to get Sonia, now where is she?

Zik: She's should be at the training room.
Captain: Good boy. Now come with me.

As they reached were Sonia was they were shocked beyond words as she was carrying a heavy weight.

Zik: (In his mind) She's a monster!!
Captain: (In his mind) I'm in love!

Sonia turned back and noticed them.

Sonia: Hey Zik, your friends came to visit you.
Zik: Huh?
Captain: Yes, we came to visit him. I didn't know an angel like you go to the training room, I can carry twice that weight.

Jumbo: Captain?
Zik: (In his mind) What a liar!

Sonia: That's good! Come and join me then.
Captain: Huh? Sure.

Captain looked around and searched for a little weight he could carry, and then he saw the one with the size of an orange.

Captain: I will start with the little one, I will throw it up in the sky.
Sonia: Wow! You are so cool.
Zik: (In his mind) He's going to die.

Captain tried picking the iron ball but he realised that he couldn't even lift it an inch.

Captain: (In his mind) How heavy is this thing? How can I escape this?

Sonia: What's wrong?
Captain: Nothing, uh..... Ahh!! I need to use the toilet! Zik!!
Zik: (In his mind) What a loser!

Captain pretended to have a stomach problem and ran outside the house, and his boys followed him.

Captain: Guys, we have to try again later.
Fred: You could have used your beast power.
Captain: My beast is not suited for that. (In his mind) Damn you Zik! I'm not yet done with you.

Sonia: (To Zik) Do you want to join me?
Zik: No, I just ate and you know.....
Sonia: Yea.
Zik: Okay, see you later.

As Zik returned to his room he saw the vision of the dragon again and he fell down.

Zik: Who's there?
Voice: I am Draco, you need a contract, don't you? Come to the forest before it's late.

Zik was happy, afraid and confused at the same time.

Zik: A contract? I won't be expelled!!

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

Zik rushed out of the house with full speed as he headed for the forest of Wand.

In Spell, kingdoms are surrounded and seperated by forests and the kingdom closest to Wand was Melody.

Captain and his boys saw him run at a great speed and they were suprised.

Captain: Is that really Zik?
Jumbo: Yes.

In case you are wondering why Fred barely talk, he's the type that believes in action more than words.

Captain: Let's go after him. Animal spirit!!

Captain's crest on his arm glowed and a giant mole came out of the ground.

Captain: Jump on guys, we are going to follow him underground.

They all jumped unto the giant mole and it start digging and carried them as they followed Zik.

Zik continued running as his will was the only thing moving him.

Zik: I'm finally going to get a contract!!

After an hour Zik reached the gate and jumped high as the guards wanted to stop him.

Guard: Where the hell is Zik going? No one goes to the forest at night.

Zik: I'm going to get a contract!!

Zik rushed into the forest without knowing where he was heading to and then he suddenly came to a stop.

Zik: Where am I?

Meanwhile Captain's mole stopped digging near the forest and it came out to the surface.

Captain: What's the problem?
Mole: I have bad feeling, something strange is inside that forest.

Suddenly a strong wind blew that sent Zik crashing to a tree and Captain and his boys were afraid.

Captain: Let's get out of here.
Mole: Yes.

Captain and his boys hopped on the mole as it dug it way back to the kingdom.

Zik managed to stand up after the crash and he was terrified.

He felt a presence around him then he saw two large eyes in the darkness and he froze.

Zik: What is this?
Voice: I am Draco, a dragon. And I called you here.
Zik: Dragon don't exists!
Draco: You can see for your self.

Suddenly light shone around him and a dragon with appeared and he was suprised.

Zik: Impossible!

Draco: I have been looking for you for the past fourteen years.
Zik: Huh? Why?
Draco: You are the only one who can sign a contract with me, and I'm the only one you can sign with.

Zik: Why?
Draco: I don't have time to explain, you must sign a contract with me now. I will soon fade away.
Zik: You are going to die?
Draco: Yes, now be fast!

Zik immediately used his blood and wrote his name on the dragon's body.

Draco: It has be done!!

Suddenly a dragon tattoo appeared in Zik's left arm and it glowed.

Zik: Wow! It's awesome!
Draco: Be careful, with my power comes great danger.

Zik: Please, stay with me! How can I use your powers if you are dead?
Draco: You will find out.

Draco immediately faded away as Zik watched helplessly.

Zik: Don't go! I have many things to ask you about!

Damn it!! Zik screamed as he felt bad for Draco and then he suddenly realised that he was all alone in the forest.
Zik: How did I get here?

Meanwhile inside the walls of the Wand kingdom, Sonia was on top of Zik's house roof and she smiled as the dragon faded away.

Sonia: Zik, huh?

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Nice One Bro

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Three (3)

Zik Is Not Expelled!! X An Enemy In The Shadow?

Zik mother hugged him so much in the morning as she saw his crest.

Zik: Keep it down mum. I want this to be a suprise.
Mother: Why don't you tell Sonia?
Zik: No, not now. You see, everyone don't believe that dragons exist.
Mother: I believe you son, now go to the academy and bring back the goodnews.
Zik: Sure.

Zik excitedly ran out of the house but he came to a halt as he saw the shiny bald head of Captain.

Zik: (In his mind) What the hell is he doing here?

Just as Zik wanted to escape, Captain grabbed his shoulder.

Captain: Come on Zik, where are you going to?
Zik: No where.
Captain: I see, so where's Sonia?
Zik: She's inside the house.

Captain and the others noticed the dragon crest on his left arm.

Captain: So you drew a fake crest on your left arm.
Zik: No, it's real.
Captain: Don't make me laugh, dragons don't exist.
Zik: No. They do, I saw one last night!

Zik removed his hand and made to run but they all placed legs for him, and he fell on the ground.

Captain: Hahaha! Why don't you fly with the power of the dragon? You need some early morning beating to refresh your head.

Captain and his gang laughed as they were about to kick him but they immediately halted when Sonia came out of the compound.

Sonia: Are you guys bullying him again?

Captain: No, he was just doing some early morning exercise.

Sonia lifted Zik up from the ground and saw his dragon crest, she smiled as she pretended not to have seen it.

Zik: Thank you Sonia.
Sonia: No problem.

Captain and his gang followed Zik and Sonia to the academy, and he stylishly kicked away Zik so that he can walk alongside Sonia.

Captain: (In his mind) Yes, I'm walking with the most beautiful girl in the academy. Hahaha!

And just as he was smiling and the early morning sun shined on his head, he mistakenly fell into the hole his mole dug last night and Zik laughed.

Fred & Jumbo: Captain!

Zik: Hahahaha! That suits the bald head monster.

Zik and the others reached the school and only Sonia sat in the same row with him.

And just then Albert entered the hall as he was expecting Zik to get expelled.

Albert: Zik!
Zik: Sir!

Albert: Show us your crest or get out of the class and never come back to this academy.
Zik: I will show you guys my crest!

Albert was suprised at his statement and he laughed at him alongside the other casters.

Captain: What a fool! No one will believe him, and I will have Sonia all to myself.

Albert: All right, show it to us.

Zik went and stood on the podium in the hall as he removed the scarf he tied at the spot, and then he showed everyone his dragon crest.

Zik: This is my crest! A dragon crest!

And just like he expected, the casters laughed at him.

Albert: You are such a joker! Everyone knows that dragons don't exist and I'm sure you drew it yourself.

Zik: No, it's real! I signed a contract with a dragon named Draco last night.

Albert: Okay, summon the dragon.
Zik: He's dead.

The whole casters erupted in laughter alongside Albert.

Albert: We all know that you can't have a crest when the animal is gone. It's fake! Now leave this academy.

Zik was shocked though he suspected this might happen, and just then someone cleared his throat at the door way.

It was Melford! A member of the council of Casters who is seldomly seen.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Three (3) Continuation

Everyone was susprised to see Melford and they wonder what could have brought him there.

Albert: Master Melford! What brings you here?
Melford: I was just passing by. If you can prove that the kid's crest is fake, then you can expel him.

The entire hall was silent as nobody had anything to say.

Albert: No master, I can't prove it but......
Melford: The kid stays.

Sonia: (In her mind) Weldone Mr. Melford.

A female caster teacher, Diana entered the hall alongside with Mr. Melford.

Melford: Albert, you are relieved from your duty. Miss Diana will take over.

Albert: Yes, Master Melford.

Albert left the hall with Melford as Diana was now in charge.

Captain & Zik: (In thier mind) Look at her boobs!

Diana: Two students are going to get punished today. Zik and Captain, visit the disciplinary committee after now. I believe you know what you did.

Zik & Captain: Yes.

Diana: All right, it's time we had something new.

After school was over for the day, Captain and his gang alongside Sonia and Zik were walking back home together.

Zik: (In his mind) Why is the bald head monster following me?

Captain: Sonia.
Sonia: Yeap?
Captain: I now live close to Zik's house with my boys.
Sonia: That's great, we will be seeing each other.
Captain: Yes.

Zik: (In his mind) What the hell? The monster is living close to me?

And just then someone jumped in front of them.

Zik: Who are you?
Guy: I am Freedom! And my animal spirit is the Eagle!
Zik: Okay, thanks.

Freedom: Not so fast. I heard you have a dragon crest, so I'm here to fight you.

Zik: But....
Sonia: Get out of the way Freedom, you are in our way.

Freedom: I see Zik, so you have a girlfriend.

Captain faced immediately coloured red and steam came out of his bald head after that statement, and he didn't wait for Zik or Sonia to reply.

Captain: I will take care of this clown!
Sonia: Sure. He's all yours.

Freedom: So you have two boyfriends, Sonia.

Captain: Animal spirit!!

Captain summoned his mole but Freedom jumped up to a tree as he laughed.

Freedom: In case you don't know, the mole will do well only on the ground. Now let's see what's going to happen. Animal spirit!

Freedom summoned a giant Eagle and it grabbed Captain's giant mole and flew up.

Captain: Mole!!
Freedom: You are so pathetic.
Captain: Damn you!

Sonia: What a drag!

Sonia made fire from her hand and aimed it at the Eagle, and everyone was suprised because it means that she was one with her beast.

Zik: Wow!
Freedom: You are a tough girl.

Sonia: Release the mole or I will burn the Eagle.
Freedom: Yea.

Freedom immediately released the mole and ran away with his Eagle.

Captain: Thank you so much Sonia.
Sonia: Sure, it was nothing.

They all walked home together as Zik couldn't wait to tell his mother that he wasn't expelled.

Zik: (In his) I'm so happy that I wasn't expelled, mum will be so excited. This is just the beginning of my story.

Meanwhile as they walked home there were two strange men in the forest that surrounded the Wand kingdom.

Man1: So the name is Zik, huh?
Man2: Yes, just do I say and you will be rewarded.
Man1: Sure, but I can't assure you that he will survive.
Man2: If he don't, then he is useless.
Man1: Okay, Wand kingdom here I come.

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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This one weh you put dp, hope all is well? ;D
Nice story bro! Keep up the good work
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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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This one weh you put dp, hope all is well? ;D
Nice story bro! Keep up the good work
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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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This one weh you put dp, hope all is well? ;D
Nice story bro! Keep up the good work

All is well o. Thanks bro.
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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Four (4)

Zobo X Everyone Hates Zik!

Outside the gate of the Wand kingdom, a mysterious man saw the hole that Captain's mole dug and he smiled.

Mysterious Man: Someone already dug a hole for me, not bad.

Meanwhile in Zik's house his mother was so happy as she prepared a feast, she hugged him so tight.
Mother: I'm so glad you made it Zik!
Zik: Yes mum, you are the best mother ever!

Captain and his boys were invited to the feast because they had told Zik's mother that they were his friends, but Sonia was the real reason he came.

Captain: I always knew Zik would make it.
Mother: You are such a good friend!
Captain: Yea.

Zik: (In his mind) What a liar! He only came here for Sonia.

Sonia: Zik, I'm so glad you made it.
Zik: Yea, thanks. Since I don't have the.....
Sonia: I know what you want to say, don't worry about it.

Captain pushed Zik when his mother wasn't looking so that he can sit near Sonia but Zik remained stubborned.

Captain: (In his mind) I'm going to deal with you Zik!

Zik: Mum, are we susposed to have this feast without Maria (his little sister)?
Mother: Don't worry dear, she will fine with it.

Meanwhile Maria was coming back from where she take lessons in the kingdom, and she saw someone coming of the hole Captain's mole dug.

Maria: Hey! You must be a criminal! I'm going to call the Wing!

The man turned around with his scary eyes and she began shivering.

Man: What did you just say?
Maria: Not.,.nothing!

The man made to grab her but she kicked him in his family jewel (his balls) and ran away, and he started groaning in pain.

Man: Get back here you brat!
Maria: (tongue out) Take that moron!

Maria entered the house and the first thing she noticed was Captain's shiny bald head, and she knew that he bullies Zik.

Maria: That bald head bully!!

Maria immediately took a frying pan and hit him on his shiny bald head, and he held the pain because Sonia was there and his shiny bald head turned red.

And Maria gave him another strike, he screamed out loud and jumped out from his chair.

Captain: Ahh!!! My head is on fire!

Everyone turned back and saw that it was Maria, and Captain couldn't scold her because Sonia was around.

Zik: (In his mind) Nice work Maria! That suits him.
Mother: (To Maria) Darling, you shouldn't hit you brother's friend.

Maria: No, he's a bully and not Zik's friend!

Zik: (In his mind) Yes, Maria is the only one who understands me.

Captain: I'm sorry little girl.
Maria: Hmm, you bald head bully!

Zik: Maria! I got a contract!
Maria: Really? Show it to me!

Maria jumped on Zik and fell him on his ground and checked his arm.

Sonia: He sure have a lively sister.

Maria: You got a dragon crest! It's so amazing! I'm going to brag to everyone!
Zik: Thanks.

Suddenly they noticed some movements out the house.

Zik: I will check it out.
Captain: No, I will do it!

As Captain came out the light from the full moon shined on his head and the mysterious man was before him.

Captain: Who are you?
Man: Get me Zik or get lost.
Captain: You are the one getting lost.

And just then, the mysterious man punched Captain and he crashed into the house as everyone turned back.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Four (4) Continuation

The mysterious man made to walk into the house but Zik ran and kicked him outside.

Zik: You can't just crash someone into my house!

Sonia: Be careful Zik.
Maria: He's a criminal!
Captain: He caught me off guard.

Zik walked outside to meet the man, and Captain's gang with Soni came outside but Maria and his mother stayed inside.

Maria: Don't worry mum, I'm going to protect you.
Mother: Yes!

The mysterious man stood up and started laughing.

Man: So you are Zik, huh?
Zik: Yes. And who are you!
Man: I am Zobo, my animal spirit is Tiger!

Captain: Tiger? He must belong to a Wing.

Zobo: I am front the kingdom of Drink! I heard someone signed a contract with a dragon. I came to see if it's true, because dragons don't exist.
Zik: It is true, dragons exist!

Zobo: Prove it to me then! I challenge you to a one on one battle.
Zik: I accept!

Sonia: Zik, he's dangerous.
Zik: I know.
Zobo: Okay, I will meet you by noon tomorrow. Animal spirit!

A tiger appeared and Zobo climbed it and they both zoomed off.

Zobo: Till then!
Zik: I will be waiting.

Everyone went back inside as they continued their feast and Sonia had her eyes on Zik's crest almost all the time.

At school the same day Captain had made a plan to deal with Zik.

Every Caster had a locker where their training uniform was kept and Zik's got his lately after getting a contract.

Zik was going to the restroom and he saw something odd, the signs have been changed.

Zik: They changed it huh? I was lucky not to have entered the new girls restroom.

Zik opened the restroom that was written male on it, he was shocked as he saw the girls there naked as they screamed at him and he closed the door.

Zik: That was close! But that's the male restroom according to the new signs.

Zik turned back and was shocked to see Miss Diana.

Diana: So the reports are true! You peep at girls during recess.
Zik: No! The signs!
Diana: Give me a hundred push ups or die!

After doing a hundred pushups, Zik entered the class and a pocket of water poured on him as he opened the door and everyone started laughing.

He looked over and saw that Sonia was not around, but Captain was giving him an evil smug. He sighed and went to his empty row, but just then a girl named April came over to meet him.

April: Give me back my underwear!
Zik: What? You got the wrong guy miss.
April: No. You have it at your back pocket.

Zik dipped his hand there and was suprised to see it and immediately all the girl rushed at him and kicked him out of the hall.

Captain: Hahaha!! Mission completed.

Zik rushed outside to the back of the academy, he shed tears but he cleaned but he immediately.

Zik: Wow! Everyone hates me here, I wonder how I survived all this while. Maybe I should just quit the academy, and get a personal mentor.

Zik pulled off his shirt to dry it when Zobo tapped his shoulder.

Zobo: It's time.
Zik: (Startled) Yes.

Zobo: You will happy we did this.
Zik: What do you mean?
Zobo: You want friends right? You want people to like you?
Zik: Yes.

Zobo: Good. All you have to do is defeat me!
Zik: Is that really true?
Zobo: Yes, if you show them your true power then you won't be bullied by that bald head chimpanzee and everyon will love you.
Zik: Let's do this!

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Five (5)

Dragon Crest Activated X Sonia's Mission?? X The Naked King Kobo!

Zik and Zobo entered the front of the academy and they were both in the stance to fight, Captain saw them and called everyone in the hall.

Everyone in the hall came out except Sonia as they they were ready to laugh at Zik as they expected him to lose.

Girl1: He's going to lose.
Boy1: Yea, he's going to eat dirt!
Girl2: Everyone will know that his crest is fake.
Captain: Yes, he's going to lose.

Zik and Zobo faced at each other as they were about to fight.

Zobo: They are laughing at you.
Zik: Yes, but that wouldn't be for long. I'm goin to win and they will see how strong I am and my crest is real!
Zobo: Yes, you just have to beat me.
Zik: Let's do this!

Zobo & Zik: Animal spirit!!

Zobo tiger appeared and attacked Zik but nothing happened when Zik called his animal spirit.

Zik: What's happening?

Zik immediately started started running as the tiger started chasing him all over the place and the other casters started laughing.

Zobo: What's happening? Can't you fight back?
Zik: I have no idea!

Zik started running all over till he was cornered at the fence by the tiger and there was nowhere to run to.

Zik: Am I really going to get eaten? This is the end of my story, the mighty Zik was eaten by a tiger.

Zobo: You better do something, activate that power you got. My tiger love human meat.

Sonia was on top of the academy building as she was watching the fight go on.

Sonia: What will it take for you to activate that power? Normally people activate their power when they are afriad or angry but Zik is not afraid of death and he is not angry, what will make him activate his power? His family!

Zobo: It seems you are not afraid to die, I wonder how your little sister will feel when you are dead.

Zik: Maria? She's going to kill me if I die! Now crest activate! Animal spirit!

Just as the tiger was about to pounce on him his crest glowed and his eyes changed to red, and the tiger immediately moved back as it felt intimidated and it disappeared.

Zik: I did it!
Zobo: Yes, my work here is done.
Zik: What do you mean?

Zobo immediately jumped the fence and ran away, and Sonia left the top of the roof.

Zik: Wow! I can feel the power inside me.

The other casters saw that Zik won but still they didn't want to acknowledge him.

Captain: The tiger was afraid of his disease!
Girl1: Yea, you are right the tiger was afraid of his disease.

Zik looked at them and they all left but he didn't care anymore as he had felt satisfaction in awakening his crest.

Zik: I don't care anymore. I have my mum and Maria with me, or maybe my dad.
Sonia: You also got me Zik.

Zik looked forward and smiled as he saw Sonia coming.

Zik: Yea, so where were you?
Sonia: Uhm, I was watching the fight too. You finally awakened your crest.
Zik: Yea, it was pretty amazing.

As Zik and Sonia left, Master Melford and miss Diana were by the corner as they also watched the fight.

Melford: He did it, now you have to send the report to his majesty.
Diana: Yes Master.
Melford: And also keep an eye on that Sonia girl. There's something about her that I don't seem to get.

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