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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

Zobo made it back to the forest that surrounds the kingdom of Wand and he met the mysterious man who he was with last night.

Zobo: The mission has been completed.
Mysterious Man: Good, you can have your money now.

Zobo smiled as the mysterious man gave him a small bag of money.

Zobo: Call me the next time when you have this kind of job.
Mysterious Man: Of course.

Captain and his gang were returning from the academy later in the day, Zik and Sonia had already left ahead of them and that pissed Captain off.

Fred: Captain I need to talk to you about something.
Captain: What?
Fred: We are not acting like we used to. We are supposed to be bullies and not people who hate someone.

Captain: You are talking about Zik huh? I hate that kid from the outset, I will do everything to make his life miserable. I just purchased a poison, I will use it on him at the right time.

Jumbo: Captain?
Captain: Don't worry, he won't die. It's a poison that cancels one's crest.
Fred: I'm not going to be a part of this. I'm leaving the gang.
Captain: If you leave, I will just recruit another person.

Fred immediately ran away as Jumbo called out his name.

Meanwhile in the palace of the kingdom of Wand, Miss Diana was in the presence of the naked king Kobo as she was about to submit her report.

Diana: My lord, will you please cover yourself?
Kobo: Huh? The beautiful of a woman is seen when she's naked.
Diana: But you are a man.
Kobo: Oh, I forgot. I'm sorry my darling Diana.

King Kobo moved to Diana as he was naked and she felt unease.

Diana: My lord, I need to use the restroom.
Kobo: Don't worry, you can submit your report.

King Kobo wore his robe and miss Diana breathe a relief as she submitted the report.

Kobo: I see, it's just like we suspected. The Melody kingdom huh?
Diana: Yes, and a mercernary from Drink kingdom.
Kobo: Okay, just keep an eye on the boy and Sonia.

Diana: My lord if you know the girl's mission, why did you let her into the kingdom?
Kobo: It's simple, I'm using her just the way Melody is using her.
Diana: You are so clever my lord.

Immediately Diana left the room, King Kobo threw his robe away.

Kobo: It's too hot here. A gentle and pure soul like me should always be naked.

At Zik's home Captain, Fred and Jumbo were invited to dinner and Maria was so happy that he won in his first fight.

Maria: Yea! My big bro is the real deal!
Captain: Yes, I was voting for him all along!!
Zik: (In his mind) Another lie.

Captain wanted to put the poison in Zik's water when he wasn't looking but he felt an intimidating force around him and he fell down.

Maria: The bully have fallen!
Jumbo: What's wrong captain?

Captain: (Standing up) It was nothing. Hahahaha!

Sonia angrily looked at Captain as he stood up.

Sonia: (In her mind) I need to take this idiot out of the way.

Captain was still suprised at the intimidating presence he felt, and he took a look at Zik again.

Captain: (In his mind) What was that? This must be why the tiger ran away.

And so they continued the dinner as tomorrow is another day!!

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Six (6)

Captain's Hairs X The Crest Thief X Get Ready!

School was just as usual for Zik the next day as Captain tried all pranks on him but stops whenever he sees Sonia.

Captain: I'm going to ruin your life Zik, just like you ruined mine.

Sonia was getting pissed off at Captain's behaviour, so she told him to meet her alone during recess.

Captain was so excited about it that he practised how to speak to her for some minutes before going.

Captain: I just beat you to the game Zik, she has fallen for me.

Zik saw the both of them together at recess and he jumped up in excitement.

Zik: (In his mind) Yes! I'm going to have a good recess today, with no distraction.

Zik ran off immediately as he hope Sonia would be able to hold the bald head monster for long.

Meanwhile Captain was all smiles as he finally met Sonia.

Sonia: Thanks for coming.
Captain: Sure, it's my pleasure.

Sonia: I have a question I have always wanted to ask you since the first day I came to the academy.

Captain's heart rate immediately increased as he was enveloped in his own fantasy.

Captain: (In his mind) Yea, she's going to ask me if I love her.

Sonia: Are you ready for the question?
Captain: Yes, sure.
Sonia: Why do you hate Zik?

Huh? Captain was suprised as he didn't want Zik's issue to be brought up in what seems to be a romantic time for him and Sonia.

Captain: (Clears throat) I hate him because he's the reason why I'm bald.
Sonia: Huh?
Captain: I used to be be a cute boy with nice spiky hairs, but Zik ruined my life. During a camping trip at the forest he picked a forbidden fruit that makes people bald, I entered his tent to see if that was anything I could eat. But because of hunger, I ate the fruit without knowing and I will forever be bald.

Sonia: That's a stupid reason to hate him.
Captain: You don't understand, I used to have all the girls to myself.

Sonia: From what I can tell, you went to steal in Zik's tent and it back fired at you.
Captain: Huh?
Sonia: You look good the way you are but I can restore your hairs.

Captain was so much happy when he heard that he could have his hairs back and tears began dripping down from his eyes.

Captain: Really? Please do it!
Sonia: Okay, close your eyes.

Captain closed his eyes and opened it again but Sonia was nowhere to be found, and he touched his head and he could feel the hairs.

Captain: What?

Captain rushed over to a drum of water where rain water was deposited, and he could see that his orange spiky hairs had returned.

Captain: She did it! Thank you Sonia! Now the Orange Captain is back. 

Captain immediately ran off and jumped up in joy as he wanted everyone to see that his hairs were back, especially Fred and Jumbo.

Captain: Yes!

Zik was having a nice time relaxing in the shade outside when a girl tapped him. He looked suprised to see the girl, she's Mary and was in an upper level in the academy.

Zik: (In his mind) I must be dreaming!

Mary didn't only tap Zik again but he shaked him this time, and he fell.

Mary: Are you ignoring me?
Zik: No, I thought I was dreaming.
Mary: Okay, I have something to show you.
Zik: Where?
Mary: (Smiles) At the girls restroom.
Zik: Huh?

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Six (6) Continuation

Mary dragged Zik to the girls restroom as he resisted but a part of him wanted to go.

Zik: (In his mind) This could actually be my opportunity to see boobs, or it could be something more than that. Stupid Zik! You shouldn't think of something like that.

Zik: What exactly are you going to show me?
Mary: Get into the toilet!

They both entered the toilet and Mary smiled as she looked at him.

Mary: I'm a crest thief.
Zik: You must be joking.
Mary: No, I'm not. I have stolen three people crests already.

Mary showed him her two arms and he saw four crests.

Zik: That?s unbelievable! How did you do that?
Mary: I slept with one and drank the blood of the others.
Zik: Huh?

Mary immediately brought out a knife she hid in the bathroom, but he was calm.

Mary: So how do you want it? Do you want me to use the knife or do you prefer my body?

Zik was suprised and lost in pervy thoughts and Mary couldn't wait to steal his crest.

Mary grabbed his hard and made he press her boobs as he got excited.

Mary: I knew you would prefer my body, that's the best way to get the power of a mythical beast like the dragon.

Zik: I must warn you, you are going to die if you steal it.
Mary: I don't care, as far as I have the power I don't care about anything else. Now, I'm going to take the power in a gentle way.

Mary pulled off her skirt and shirt as she was just with her underwears, and Zik was busy squeezing her boobs as he was out of this world.

Mary: Yes, it's now time for me to get naked and get the ultimate power!
Zik: Yes!

Just as Mary was about to pull of her underwear, the toilet door opened and they both looked at the door. It was Sonia!!

Zik came back to his senses as Mary was angry that they were interrupted.

Mary: How dare you interrupt my ritual?
Sonia: Sorry, I'm here for my friend. Zik, let's go.
Zik: Yes.
Mary: You are going nowhere.

Sonia immediated knocked out Mary with one punch and she left with Zik who was suprised at the power of her punch.

When Zik and Sonia got back to his class, he was suprised to see Captain's hairs back. And not only that, Captain was seating on his row with his gang as Fred had joined again and so he cleared his eyes to check if it was real.

Zik: Is this for real?
Sonia: Yea, I returned back his hairs. Let's go and meet them.

Captain smiled as he placed his hands on Zik's shoulder.

Captain: We are best buddies now! No more bullying.
Zik: Really?
Fred: Yea, trust us. We wouldn't cause you any trouble again.
Zik: Thanks goodness! I'm so happy!

Zik and Captain's gang started chatting as they laughed and Sonia adjusted her spectacles as she smiled.

Sonia: (In her mind) This have been settled and the real deal will soon begin, get ready Zik.

Miss Diana entered the class and looked at Sonia as she had her eyes on Sonia all day through her animal spirit.

Diana: (In her mind) What are you planning Sonia?

Later that evening, Captain and his gang had dinner at Zik house and his little sister couldn't stop touching Captain's hairs.

And just then king Kobo appeared in front of the house naked and looked up to the sky.

King Kobo: Young Zik, get ready for it shall soon begin. I wish I could be there to help, but I'm just a naked king.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Seven (7)

The Seven Elders X Challenge At The Academy X The Prophecy

** Somewhere In The Kingdom Of Melody **

There were seven people with black cloaks in an underground location, and they were all seated on a round table.

Man1: The boy have awakened the crest.
Man2: Good, we have waited for too long. We must have the power for ourselves.
Man3: No, we just have to wait for the boy to develop the power.
Man1: I know what I must do. It will be ours soon.

Zik was now feeling more comfortable for the past 3 months as Captain was no longer bothering him, and he got Sonia by his side in case the crest thief came again.

Miss Diana entered the class as she got ready to move them to the next level.

Diana: It's time for everyone to learn how to be one with their animals or beasts. Only half of the class will move up to the next level. It's time for the result of this term exams.

The result were being distributed and out of 50 casters Zik took the 5th spot, Sonia 1st, Captain 20th, Jumbo 21st and Fred 22nd.

Captain: At least, I will be making it to the next level.

Zik: 5th huh? At least its good enough in case I failed the practical.

There were three elite students in Zik's class, Christina, Lucy and Eden.

They had always been the top 3 but Sonia have taken the first spot that term.

Diana: All right, it's now time for the practical. This decides whether you move forward or not. Three upper level casters will be supervising you people.

Everyone went to the new hall and the one of the three supervisor was Mary the crest thief, and she walked up to Zik.

Mary: I haven't given up, I will get what I want.

When the practical was about to begin, Zik saw a piece of paper on Captain's hairs and he picked it and immediately ran outside after reading it.

Zik: Damn you!

When Zik reached outside someone tapped him.

Zik: Who are you?
Boy: I'm Woods from the kingdom of Melody and my animal spirit is the Gorilla.
Zik: You wrote that?
Woods: Yes, I was just bluffing. Animal spirit!

A gorilla immediately appeared and punched Zik as he fell down.

Woods: My mission is to kill you!
Zik: Yes, let's see how you will do that. I have trained for three months now.
The gorilla stood up erect and started moving and kicking Zik as he dodged them all.

Woods: It's time to get serious!! Go gorilla! Show him what you got!

The gorilla move very fast and kicked Zik to a wall, and he made to stand up and he was kicked again and again.

Woods: That's more like it!

Aaaahh!! The gorilla screamed as Zik punched it as his crest glowed.

Zik: How do you like that?
Woods: That was impressive!! But we are just getting started! Animal spirit engage!!

Woods and the gorilla fused together to form a humanoid gorilla. Woods' muscle had gotten stronger and he had gotten more better, his body was fill with black furs as his face looked like a gorrilla and Zik started laughing.

Woods: You wouldn't be laughing for long!!

Aaaahh!! Zik screamed as Woods power had increased to ten times higher than before, his speed was more better and his kicks were more powerful.

Zik crashed on the ground groaning in pains as he never saw that coming.

Zik: (In his mind) This guy really means business, I can't break his engagement so easily.

Woods: This is the power of my engagement, the ultimate gorilla! You can't beat me.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Seven (7) Continuation

As the fighting was going on, miss Diana and the casters noticed an engagement being done and they all looked through the window.

Woods was giving Zik no space as he kicked him.

Captain: Wow! This guy is tough, that's engagement.

Diana: Now, you can see how powerful an engagement makes you. Let's watch and see what happens next.

Woods continued kicking Zik as he screamed and he managed to get one of his legs, but Woods kicked him away with the other.

Zik: (In his mind) It's time to show this loser what I got.

Woods made to punch Zik again but Zik made to slap him and a great rush of wind pushed Woods back and he crashed into the fence and passed out.

Zik: Huh? Did I just do that? I didn't expect it to be that powerful.

Miss Diana and Sonia both smiled as Zik just did that.

Diana: (In her mind) Nice one. The kid haven't realised what he has become.

Sonia: (In her mind) That's it, keep growing Zik. I can't wait for the day to pluck you ripe.

The school caster guards immediately took Woods away as Zik walked to the hall.

Zik: (In his mind) I have lately been getting stronger, even with my training with Sonia I shouldn't be this strong.

Zik walked into the hall and everyone clapped for him and he just smiled.

After Zik had reconciled with Captain, other students had started getting closer to him as miss Diana explained to them that he had no disease.

Sonia: Nice work Zik!
Captain: You took out that guy with no stress, you are the best man!
Zik: Thanks guys!

Lucy one of the elite student got her eyes on Zik.

Lucy: (In her mind) So this the boy the prophecy talks about, his blood shall bring chaos to the peaceful world of Spell.
I just have to get closer to him to prevent that from happening, after all that's the part I have to play.

Eden and Christina however showed no worry or concern toward Zik, or rather they were too suprise at his development.

Diana: Zik and Sonia wouldn't be taking the practical, they already know engagement.

Zik: Huh? I don't know.
Sonia: I will explain to you when we get home.
Zik: Okay.

The practical was done and Captain and his gang made it together with Zik and Sonia to next level, and Mary happens to be in the same unit with them.

Mary: Finally, I have all the time to get his power. If I can get him away from Sonia, he can't resist my body.

Animal spirit engagement was the practical they did, and it is when a human and his animal spirit fuse into one.
Zik and Sonia had already known it but Zik was yet to realise it.

When Sonia reached home she explained it to him.

Meanwhile Lucy met the naked king Kobo at the palace as he was still naked.

Lucy: Cover yourself father.
Kobo: (Wears his robe) Yes my darling Lucy.

Lucy: I want to play my part according to the prophecy.
Kobo: Huh? Maybe if you don't play your part, it may not come true.
Lucy: I just want to do what I can to prevent it.
Kobo: I see, so you want to enter the stage my precious Lucy.
Lucy: Yes father, after all I'm just like him.

Kobo: Do as you may, but keep what you are a secret.
Lucy: Yes.

Many people were in the Wand Forest at night with Zobo.

Man1: Is your information right?
Zobo: Yes, I saw it myself. He's the one that will bring chaos to Spell. The evil one.

Lucy was outside that night as she was reading a book.

Lucy: ....and his blood shall be sprinkled on the altar of the seven elders.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Eight (8)

Guardian Of The Wand Forest X Trouble Begins

Zobo and the five men he was with in the Forest started moving to the Wand kingdom, and the looks on their faces weren't friendly.

Zobo: The kid is our only target.
Man1: We got that. So are we going to neutralise him?
Zobo: We just have to get there first.

Suddemly they heard a noise in the forest.

Zobo: Did you guys hear that?
Man2: Yea, I heard people are not supposed to go into the forest of Wand at night.
Man3: That means we are goners.
Zobo: That must be made up to scare people.

Suddenly a large python appeared in their front and they were all scared to death.

Zobo: What the hell is this?

Aaaahh!! They all screamed in terror and agony as the giant python went after them.

Zik and his buddies went to school the next day unaware of what had happened the night before.

When Zik got to his new unit with the others Mary smiled as she licked her lips.

Mary: Very soon, your power will be mine.

Immediately Zik sat down, Lucy came over to his side and sat down and he was suprised that one of the elite students was sitting with him.

Zik: (In his mind) Wow! They must have made a mistake in the seating arrangement. The elites always stay together.

Lucy: I know what you are thinking, but you don't have to worry. I'm the one who asked to sit by your side.
Zik: Yes, sure.

Lucy held his hand and his heart rate increased as all eyes were now on them.

Captain: Wow! Zik is so lucky, an elite girl is holding his hand.

Eden: (In his mind) Now I'm worried, I can't let that boy distract Lucy.

Lucy: Will you please be my partner?

Everyone ears elongated after Lucy said that and Sonia who was just entering the hall was suprised.

Zik: Partners huh? I'm too young for this, maybe in the next three years.
Lucy: I mean my partner in the school forest camping.

Everybody mind was calm now as they had thought she was asking Zik out.

Eden: That was so close.
Christina: So you are jealous.
Eden, Yes, I mean no.

Zik: The partners are selected through draws and not by personal choice.
Lucy: I'm an elite student, I can make it happen.
Zik: No, I want things to be done the right way.
Lucy: You prefer Sonia then.
Zik: What? I'm not into stuff like......

Sonia suddenly hugged Zik and his heart rate increased again.

Sonia: I know you will want me after what we did last night.

The whole class ears grew long again as they were all suprised.

Captain: (In his mind) Unbelievable! I didn't see this coming!

Mary: (In her mind) I don't have to worry, she's not a crest thief.

Eden: I can't let that boy get close to Lucy.

Zik: (In his mind) Why is everyone looking at me? We just did rigorous training as usual, wait! Are they thinking that we... What a drag!

Lucy: I see, I will come to your home tonight. I will give you whatever she gives you double!

What!! The home class screamed as they were hearing things, and Eden wanted to stand up from his chair.

Eden: That brat!

Sonia and Lucy sat besides Zik who was in their middle as they both looked at each other, both knowing deep down that they were for different missions.

The issue became the talk of day as Eden couldn't concentrate anymore, and many casters visited Captain's row to ask about Zik and Sonia.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Eight (8) Continuation

Just before the class could be turned into a market place, miss Diana walked.

Diana: I have the draws here with me, so get ready!

Everyone hoped in anticipation that they would be together with someone they could work with, and miss Diana posted the draws on the wall!

What the hell! Zik screamed within himself as he saw the draw.

He was partner with Mary, the crest thief. He turned back and saw her smiling as he started thinking of a way to ditch her during the camping.

Zik: (In his mind) This is not going to end well.
Mary: (In her mind) I got you now Zik, you can't escape me!

Sonia was tied with Lucy and Eden was tied with Captain.

Captain: Wow! I'm tied with an elite.

And just like Lucy said, she went to Zik's house that night and saw him and Sonia training.

Lucy: So this is what they do. I will have to join them.

Sonia and Zik noticed her in the training room and they greeted her.

Lucy: Sonia, what you are wearing is too revealing for a training outfit.
Sonia: I like it when I'm free.
Lucy: I see, so you distract him during training.

Zik knew where this was heading so he gave a signal to Captain who was living in the next house, to save the day.

Lucy changed to the clothes she would inside which was more revealing than Sonia.

Lucy: I win!
Sonia: Okay, I'm going tn get naked then.

Captain and his gang walked in as the two girls were about to get naked and Zik was making many calculations in his head to avoid the worst possible scenario.

When they noticed Captain's gang they stopped.

Lucy: I can't do it in front of them.
Sonia: Me too. Let the training continue!
Captain: What??

Meanwhile at that night in the forest, Zobo hide in between trees as he was afraid of the large python that had dealt with his comrades.

Zobo: Damn it! Why did that python leave me? Was it saving me for last? I rather die than to live in fear, no I have a sister waiting for me at home. I can't die here! I must live for my sister just like Zik.

The next day at the academy Zik's unit made up of 26 casters were ready for their camping trip.

Mary and Zik would be together through out their 3 days stay and he was worried about her trying to steal his crest again.

Mary: Don't worry Zik, the stealing process will be enjoyable. I won't use my knife.
Zik: I'm stronger than you, so what makes you think you can take my crest.
Mary: Can you fight a comrade who just want to have fun? I studied you very well, you can't bring yourself to hurt your unit members.
Zik: (In his mind) She got me this time.

** At The Underground Location In The Kingdom Of Melody **

Man1: We just received words that Zik unit will be having a camping trip at the forest of Wand.
Man2: That's good, we need to keep an eye on him.
Man3: I think this is the best time to strike, if he grows stronger than he is then we are going to have a problem.
Man1: I have some men on the way already.
Man4: Good, after all according to the prophecy he's the evil one.

And so Zik and his unit went ahead to the forest of Wand unaware of what was waiting for them, and what was coming.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Nine (9)

The Camping Objectives X Zik And Mary Are Attacked!!

Zik and his unit finally reached the Wand forest and they were divided into thirteen groups, and were told to camp in different parts of the forest.

Zik and Mary camped near a flowing stream and Mary was so excited as she pulled off her clothes and jumped into the stream while Zik set up their tent.

Zik: (In his mind) How exactly am I supposed to stop her from attempting to steal my crest, I can't just leave her alone out here. Who knows what's in the forest? I just have to see how things works out.

Eden and Captain camped in a rocky place and they set up their tent together as Eden was complaining.

Eden: I shouldn't be camping in a rocky place like this, I'm an elite! I should be staying near a stream or any flowing water.

Captain: (In his mind) Wow! I never knew this guy complains a lot, who knows whether he complains about how he was given birth to. I need to be bold and face him.

Eden: (To Captain) Hey commoner! Why couldn't you find a better place for us to us?

Captain: You should have found it yourself instead of leaving it to me. You couldn't even carry the materials we needed.
Eden: Do you realise that you are talking to an elite?
Captain: I don't care. There are no elite or commoner in this camping trip.
Eden: I see.

Eden stopped for a while and recalled that he followed Lucy till she entered Zik's house last night.

Eden: So tell me, do you have any idea about what happened when Lucy went to Zik house last night?
Captain: Yea, they had fun!
Eden: What? What do you mean?

Lucy and Sonia were in a similar location to Zik's and they both set up their tent.

Lucy: I can't believe that Zik is going to sleep with Mary for two nights.
Sonia: Why are you worried?
Lucy: I was just thinking aloud.
Sonia: Someone is jealous.
Lucy: (Blushing) No, nothing like that.

Lucy turned back and Sonia kissed her and she blushed.

Sonia: I'm here with you. Don't forget about what our objective is.
Lucy: Sure, thank you.

Zik immediately began cooking so that he will distract Mary and hoped that she will forget about the stealing stuff for a while.

Mary came out of the stream and dried herself and then tasted Zik cooking and she smiled.

Mary: Wow! This is yummy! You are such a great cook.
Zik: Yea, I'm glad that you liked it.
Mary: Yea, but if you think it will make me forget about your crest think again.

Zik: Yea, you got me! That was the plan.
Mary: Good!
Zik: Please cover yourself, I hope you haven't forgetten about our objective.
Mary: No, I haven't.

Mary wore her clothes as she left with Zik to fulfill their objectives.

Their first objective was to survive in the forest by looking for food and water themselves.
And the second objective was for each team to find a badge.

There are a total of thirteen teams and a total of twelve badges, each team must try their best to lay their hands on one of the badges. Failure to do so will mean that the two members of a team would both be demoted to a lower level in the academy, and so failure was not an option.
So all team began their search for the badges as they didn't want to get demoted.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

Zik and Mary searched till evening and Zik was able to find out, he was able to see through the trees using the power of the dragon.

Zik: I found one!!
Mary: Nice one Zik, we can now enjoy our night with no worries.
Zik: No, we have to be at alert.
Mary: You don't have to worry, my animal spirits can protect the tent while we do our thing.

Suddenly two boys stepped out from the trees.

Boy1: Hand over that badge right now!
Boy2: Yea, we need it!

Zik: You should go and look for yours.
Boy2: Nah, we are going to the top without stress. Others will be doing the dirty works for us. Now hand over the badge to us.

Mary: Come and get it if you can.
Boy1: You are going to make us unleash our animal spirits?
Mary: (Smiles) Yea.

Zik: She's bold!

Boy2: Okay, we warned you. You are going to regret pissing us off.

Mary: Fools! I know your animal spirits are wolves.

Boy1 & Boy2: Animal spirit engagement!!

The two boys fused with their animal spirts and they got wolves features.

Boy2: You just made us mad.
Zik: I wouldn't let you people touch her.
Mary: I can handle this Zik! Even a wolfman or a manwolf is afraid of a huge lion! Animal spirit!

A giant lion immediately appeared and roared as it echoed over the forest, and the two wolfmen immediately ran away.

Mary: Return! That's how to handle people who are too lazy to find their own badge.
Zik: Wow! You are amazing!

Zik and Mary returned to their tent as night came.

Mary: Our main objective have been achieved.
Zik: Yes.

Mary pushed down Zik as the fire they set on showed the two of them in the darkness.

Mary: It's time for me to take your crest, I want the power! Hahahaha!!
Zik: Okay, if that's what you really want. Take it!
Mary: Not putting up a fight? I love it!

Mary pulled off Zik's cloth as she pulled off hers, and she grabbed his hands and placed it on her boobs and he blushed.

Mary: Yes, keep squeezing it!
Zik: At the end I will be the winner, because my crest can't be stolen.
Mary: We just have to see about that.

Mary moaned as Zik continued squeezing her boobs, and suddenly Zik turned her over and he was on top of her.

Mary: What's the matter? You want to penetrate already?
Zik: Sshh!!

Mary noticed that blood was drripping down from Zik's palm and a kunai (ninja knife) had pierced through it.

Mary: What happened to you?
Zik: We got intruders and I don't think they are from our kingdom. Wear your cloth.
Mary: Yea.

Zik screamed as he pulled out the kunai and Sonia, Lucy and Captain felt that something had happened to him.

Mary had wore her shirt as she held a firewood to see what was in front of her.

Mary: We should attack first!
Zik: Yea, but we need to know where they are.

Zik eyes coloured red and he could see many human images that had surrounded them.

Mary: (In her mind) Wow! He can see through the darkness.

Zik: I can see you all! Show yourselves!

Voice1: Nice one! Those eyes of yours are pretty good!

Suddenly they were surrounded by many casters from other kingdoms, and it was just the two of them.

Mary: This is going to be tough because I can't see in the dark.
Zik: I will be your eyes. I'm sure you have an animal who can see in the dark, engage with it.
Mary: Yea, you are right!
Zik: Let's beat them!

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Ten (10)

Zik And Mary Wipe Out The Casters!! X Zobo Is Found!!

Zik and Mary stayed side by side as they were surrounded by the casters from other kingdoms.

Zik: Mary, do it now!
Mary: Yes! Animal spirit engage!!

Mary fused together with a giant cat and she grew a tail, she got half naked and her eyes were shining like that of a cat and she could see the casters, and immediately her claws came out.

Zik: Wow! You are so cool! You transformation is not as bad as others.
Mary: Yes, now let's kick some butts!

Zik and Mary went after the casters who also engaged with their animal spirits. The one advantage Zik and Mary had was they could see more better than them in the night.

Mary moved very fast as she pounced on many of them and injured them with her claws, her legs were powerful as she kicked and injured them with the sharp and deadly claws on her feet.
Her tail could also elongate and it was strong and deadly as a whip, and they screamed as she whipped them with it.

Zik on the other hand move also very fast as he kicked many of them, and he used his hands to cause a great rush of wind and many of them crashed on trees.
Many of the casters disengaged as they looked into Zik's red eyes.

The duo of Mary and Zik seems to be too much for the casters as they were incredibly fast and strong, and they all started running away.

Caster1: They are too powerful!
Caster2: No one told us that they would be this strong.
Caster3: Let's run!

As the battle was going on, the other casters from Wand kingdom noticed that a fight was going on and they could feel the engagement of many animal spirits.

Captain: That's some serious battle!
Eden: Yea, I hope that's not Lucy's camp.
Captain: Yea, I hope not.

Captain suddenly remembered that many people have been after Zik for the past months, and he got worried.

Captain: (In his mind) I hope he's okay.

Lucy and Sonia looked into the direction of the fight and they could feel the great rush of wind caused by Zik.

Lucy: That must be Zik's camp.
Sonia: Yea, you don't have to worry! After all he got the power of a dragon.
Lucy: (Smiles) Yea, you are right. (In her mind) Please be okay Zik.

Many of the mercenary casters started running away as they were overpowered by Zik and Mary.

As they all ran away, they were attacked by the giant python and that was the end of them.

Zik and Mary started panting as they were tired and exhausted.

Mary: That was great!
Zik: Yes, we both make great duo partners.
Mary: I think you are right.

Mary disengaged with her animal spirit and she made to fall but Zik caught her.

Mary: Thanks. I feel so exhausted, this is my first battle experience. Training are not always this tough.
Zik: Yea, I understand. We live in a time of peace that's why, and I hope it will always continue to be like that.
Mary: Me too.

Zik was also very much exhausted so he fell down with Mary on top his body.

Mary: I guess we are both tired.
Zik: Yea.
Mary: About what you said about us being duo partners, are you sure about it even though I tried to steal your crest?
Zik: Yea. We will make a good duo.

Mary laughed as she kissed him.

Mary: That will be great! I wouldn't try to steal your crest anymore.
Zik: Yea, thanks.
Mary: All right, let's have a good time tonight.
Zik: Huh?

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Ten (10) Continuation

Zik woke up and found himself naked in the tent but Mary was not inside.

Zik: (In his mind) What happened to my shorts? Don't tell me she's a pervert!

And just then he remembered last night and fainted as he woke up immediately.

Zik: (In his mind) That was nothing. I hope Lucy and Sonia won't find out, no one will tell them.

Zik immediately wore his shorts went outside and he saw Mary swimming in the stream.

Mary: Zik! Come and join me!
Zik: Sure. (In his mind) The stream water is said to purify the body and calm the soul, I might as well give it a try.

Zik stepped into the stream and it was so cool, so he jumped inside out of excitement.

Zik: This is just what I need! This is so cool!

Mary moved closer to Zik as he blushed and his heart rate increased.

Zik: (In his mind) What is she going to do this time?

Mary reached Zik and she hugged him, and he did before realising that she was naked.

Zik: Uhm.
Mary: Huh? Don't be shy, don't tell me you have forgotten about last night.
Zik: No.
Mary: All right then, we have completed our main objective so we just have to relax and enjoy ourselves.

And just then someone fell down at the other end of the stream and they looked over there.

Zik: That's someone, he must be exhausted.
Mary: We should leave him alone, maybe he's one of those who attacked us.
Zik: I think we should still check it out.

Zik and Mary went across the stream and turned over the person, and Zik immediately recognised him.

Zik: I know him! That's Zobo!!
Mary: Well, if he's your friend we better make sure he's okay.

Zik and Mary carried him across the stream to their tent, and they used some healing stones on him.

Zobo woke up very weak and Zik gave him water to drink before he calmed down.

Zobo: Zik! Is that you?
Zik: Yea.
Zobo: I'm glad you are okay.
Zik: Huh? You are actually the one who needs help.
Zobo: I guess so. I need food!
Zik: Sure.

Zik gave him the food he cooked while he was unconcious and he ate ten plates.

Zobo: Oh my God! That was two days worth of food for me.
Zik: Yea, you sure do eat a lot.

Aaahh!! Zobo screamed when he saw Mary sitting next to him naked.

Zobo: You are naked! Zik you are a pervert!
Zik: No, I was...
Mary: So you just noticed me, I better wear my clothes.
Zobo: Yea, and fast, I mean slowly.
Mary: Pervert!

As Mary wore her clothes Zobo use his hand and covered his face but left one eye open as he smiled.

Zobo: (In his mind) Seriously, so Zik was with this girl for a whole night? He's really a lucky guy.

Zik: So who's the pervet now?
Zobo: What! Can you read my thoughts?
Zik: No, one of your eyes is open.
Zobo: Oops!!

After relaxing, Zobo told them about what happened two nights ago and they were pretty shocked.

Mary: The giant python is the guardian of the Wand forest. She ate your friends because they had an evil or killing intention against someone in the kingdom, but she kept you alive because you had none.
Zobo: I see, so that's what it was.

Zik: So what were you people doing here that night?
Zobo: That's a story for another day.

Zobo left them after that and he didn't answer any question about the night.

And so the 3 days stay at the forest was now over as the casters returned back to the academy, using different routes but everyone met up at the kingdom's gate.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Eleven (11)

Zik Is In Trouble!!

In an underground building in the kingdom of Melody, seven people in black cloaks gathered again as they talked about Zik.

Man1: None of our mercenaries returned, that means they didn't make it out of the forest.
Man2: And that also means that Zik had grown more powerful than we thought, our insider described his power as extra ordinary.
Man3: That means we don't have much time to waste, we must send the first class casters to take care of him.
Man4: Yes, he must be sacrified at the altar.
Man1: I will take care of that and we won't fail this time.

Zik and the other casters from his unit went back to the academy after their camping trip, and miss Diana who had secretly watched them began addressing them.

Diana: The three days camping trip was successful......

Zik: (In his mind) Oh goodness! She should skip this and tell us to go home, I want to sleep!

Zik wanted to doze off but Mary touched him and he cleared his eyes.

Zik: Mary.
Mary: Zik. I can't have my partner dozing off during an important announcement.
Zik: Yea, I guess so.

Captain, Sonia, Lucy and Eden all got their eyes on Zik and Mary as they were both talking with each other.

Captain: (In his mind) They sure did get closer during the camping trip.

Lucy: (In her mind) I can't let another girl take my place, I need to step my game up. I need to be by his side.

Sonia: (In her mind) Talk all you want Zik, very soon the prophecy shall be fullfilled and you will bring chaos to the peaceful world of Spell.

Diana: Two students are gning to be demoted, they are the wolves duo.

Zik: Wolves duo huh?
Mary: Yea. They attacked us the other day.
Zik: Oh, yes.

Diana: Zik and Mary.

Zik & Mary: Yes ma'am.

Diana: You need to visit the disciplinary committee, the both of you were seen cuddling each other while naked on the stream. Who knows what might have happened when you entered your tent. (In her mind) Of course, I know what happened.

Zik and Mary started laughing as everyone had their eyes on them.

Captain: I said it!
Lucy: Unbelievable! I should have been the one. I'm the one who have a part to play in the prophecy.

Eden: (In his mind) I'm so happy that he wasn't tagged with Lucy.

Diana: Zik and Mary, you will go to the security committee and tell them about the casters who atttacked you both and the one found unconscious.
Zik: Yes.

Diana: And one more thing.
Zik: Huh?
Diana: During the fight against the casters the two of you did well together. So you both are officially partners!

Zik & Mary: Yes!

Diana: That would be all for now. I will see you guys later, and the other partners will decided soon.

Miss Diana left as the duo celebrated their partnership.

Zik: It was just like I said.
Mary: Yes, you are right.

Captain walked up to them as he laughed.

Captain: Nice one Zik and Mary! I want to know more about your fight against the enemy casters.
Zik: Uhm.....

Before Zik and Mary knew what was happening, all the casters in their unit had gathered around them to hear about the fight.

Zik: (Breathes out) I guess we have to talk.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Eleven (11) Continuation

Zik went home tired after he and Mary answered many questions about the fight, from his fellow casters in the same unit.

When he got home to relax on the bed, his younger sister climbed on him as she began her disturbance.

Zik: Leave me alone, I want to rest! I really need it.
Maria: Nope! You must play with me!
Zik: I don't have the time.
Maria: You must create one right now!

Zik's mother immediately went into the room and grabbed Maria.

Mother: Your brother needs to rest.
Maria: No, he needs to play with me.
Mother: You are coming with me.
Maria: No!

Zik mother grabbed Maria as they both left as Zik smiled before dozing off.

Zik: I will play with you later sis.

Zik woke up and he went outside in search of Maria but instead he found Sonia.

Zik: Hi Sonia.
Sonia: Hi Zik.
Zik: So have you seen Maria?
Sonia: Yes, she went for her lessons.
Zik: Okay.

Sonia: Zik, I want to show you something. It's outside the kingdom, will you come with me?
Zik: Yea, but how are we going to get past the guards?
Sonia: Leave it to me.

Sonia and Zik went outside the kingdom after she carried Zik and they both jumped so high above the kingdom giant wall.

Zik: Wow! How can you jump so high?
Sonia: It's my animal spirit engagement.

Sonia and Zik jumped many more times till they entered the forest of Melody, and she stopped.

Zik: Here? In the forest of Melody?
Sonia: Yea. There's something I want to tell you.
Zik: Okay.
Sonia: I'm a spy from the kingdom of Melody sent to monitor your progress, so that you can be plucked when ripe.

Zik: What? I don't understand you.
Sonia: Let me put it in a simple way, I'm your enemy.

Before Zik knew what was happening Sonia kicked him and he crashed to the ground.

Sonia: Now you understand? You are going to be sacrificed tonight and your blood shall bring choas to Spell.

Three first class casters from the kingdom of Melody surrounded him.

Sonia: These are first class casters and they will take you down with no stress.

Zik: Why are you doing this?

Back at the Wand kingdom, Mary and Lucy went to Zik's house and they met Captain there and were told he wasn't around.

Mary: We just have to wait for him.
Lucy: Yes.

Suddenly Maria rushed to the house panting and stopped when she saw them.

Captain: Why the rush Maria?
Maria: (Panting) I saw Zik and Sonia jumping over the tall kingdom wall.
Lucy: What? He's in trouble!

Mary: What do you mean?
Maria: How is my brother in trouble?
Lucy: Sonia is a spy for Melody, they are going to sacrifice Zik for an ancient ritual that will bring choas to Spell.

Captain: I can't believe this.
Maria: Sonia? Please help my brother!!
Mary: Let's go after them.

Captain: Let's use my mole! It can go faster! I don't care if I have to get punished again.
Mary: Do it already!

Captain: Animal spirit!!

A giant mole appeared and they all jumped on it.

Captain: We will get your brother back, Maria. I promise!
Maria: Yea, thank you.

Captain, Mary, and Lucy went after Zik and Sonia as his giant mole dug underground very fast.

Maria: Please be all right Zik, let's play together again.

King Kobo got a report about Sonia and Zik jumping the wall and he looked serious than ever.

King Kobo: It has began!

And so something big is about to happen that will change the world of Spell!

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Twelve (12)

The Ritual X The End Of Spell??

Zik was still suprised at what Sonia said and three first class casters from the kingdom of Melody stepped out to beat him.

Sonia: Deal with him!
Zik: Sonia! Please don't do this, we are friends!
Sonia: Friends? I was only deceiving you. It was just an act.

Zik: No, the time we spent together were real and not an act. Your smiles and laughter were real.
Sonia: (Remembering the moments they had spent today) Shut up! I don't want to hear you speak! Deal with him!

The three casters kicked down Zik as he was still suprised.

Zik: Sonia!

Caster1: I'm Mee with the animal spirit Cheetah!
Caster2: I'm Low with the animal spirit Alligator.
Caster3: I am Die with the animal spirit giant Lizard!

Mee: And together we are called Mee-Low-Die (Melody). And we are taking you down.

The three casters released their animal spirits to attack Zik, Zik was able to blow away the Cheetah with a great rush of wind.

And just then the giant lizard flogged him with its tail and he fell as the giant alligator wanted to eat him, but he dodged.

Me: You are quite a tough guy. I guess you won't make it easy for us.

Zik: Shut up! What did you do to Sonia?
Mee: Nothing brother. She's doing by herself. No one forced her.
Zik: Sonia!

Sonia: You piss me off Zik!

The three first class caster attacked him with their animal spirits again, and Zik power rose up as he blew them away.

Sonia: So pathetic. So they couldn't even hold him down for a while. Well, I have to do this myself.

Sonia rushed at Zik who hesistated to fight her, and she knocked him out with a lethal kick at the head.

Sonia: What a drag!!

Sonia carried his body as she jumped away.

Sonia: This is how it was susposed to be, from the very beginning.

When Lucy and the others reached the site of the fight, it was already too late and they found his short note that he carried everywhere with him.

Mary: We got here too late!
Captain: Yes, and I couldn't fulfill the promise I made to Maria.
Lucy: You shouldn't give up yet. We can still get him back.

Mary and Captain were suprised as they didn't know what Lucy was talking about.

Mary: What do you mean?
Lucy: We should infiltrate the kingdom.
Captain: What? They got guards. And we don't even know where they took him to.
Lucy: I can take care of that, you should go and get help from the kingdom. You can get there faster with your mole.

Captain: Hmm, you are right. Take care of yourselves girls, be careful.
Mary: Yea, we will leave a path that will lead you to us.
Captain: Yes.

Captain immediately got back on his animal spirit and it went through the underground path it dug, and then back to the kingdom of Wand.

Mary: Okay, do you have any idea on how we can get there?
Lucy: Yes, I want you to keep this a secret. Animal spirit!!

Lucy called on her animal spirit and Mary was suprised with what she saw.

Mary: Wow! This is amazing, so you are just like.....
Lucy: Yea, it will get us to the king of Melody. You have to use your animal spirit to track Zik's scent.

Mary: Yea. This is our first time of working together, let's make this count and rescue Zik.
Lucy: Sure.

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Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
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Episode Twelve (12) Continuation

Sonia had gotten to the underground building where the seven men in black cloaks known as the seven elders were, and he dropped Zik on top their table.

Ferdinand: Welcome Sonia.
Sonia: Yea, begin the ritual already. The three casters you sent with me were useless.
August: We so much thank you Sonia, we shall begin the ritual immediately.

The seven elders laid Zik on an altar with a dragon staue above him, and a stream of water below.

August: Sonia use the blessed knife and made the cuts.

Sonia used a knife and neatly cut the sign of Zik's crest at the spot and poured the blood on a cup.

Sonia tasted the blood and the seven elders were afraid.

Ferdinand: It's dangerous! You must dilute it with the blessed water first!
Sonia: Don't worry, I will be just fine.

Sonia made other cuts on Zik body and the blood dripped down to to the blessed stream below.

Sonia: It's time for the finishing touch.

Sonia poured the blood she got at the spot of Zik's crest at the blessed stream, and it was pure red as it started boiling.

Ferdinand: Yes, it is time. We should dispose of the boy now.
Sonia: Don't worry, he will die anyway. No body is going to save him here.

Suddenly the seven elders started taking the mixture of Zik's blood and the blessed water into barrels.

Sebastine: Yes!! Yes!! Only the chosen ones shall drink of this mixture and they shall rule over Spell!

Suddenly a red light shined from the underground facility and it burst through the ceilings, and into the sky.

Ferdinand: We need to leave now!

The red light disappeared but the sky got darker and just when the seven elders were gone, Mary and Lucy entered the underground building.

Mary: We are too late for whatever they were doing.
Lucy: Yea, but we can still save him!

The underground building started caving in and Lucy destroyed what blocked their path with her animal spirit power.

Everyone was suprised at the dark sky and it was spreading to other kingdoms.

Lucy and Mary made it back to the spot they left Captain, as he just returned with Fred and Jumbo.

Captain: We are too late.
Lucy: Yea, but we can still save Zik.

Captain screamed as he saw something in the sky, and everyone looked at the sky too and were shocked.

Mary: What is this?
Lucy: So this is what they were after. The gate has opened.
Fred: I think we should get out of here! It's about to pour lava!

Everyone entered Captain's giant mole and they left as lava rained from the sky into the forest of Melody which started burning.

Mary held Zik so tight as they still in the underground path, and she checked if he was still breathing.

Mary: (In her mind) Thank goodness he's alive.

Jumbo who was at the back saw that the lava was closing in them.

Jumbo: Captain! The lava is coming!!
Captain: Move faster mole!

The dark sky reached to the kingdom of Wand, Drink, Harbour and Desert.

Zobo: Damn it! I should have told them earlier!

Maria and her mother alongside the citizens of Wand were scared.

Maria: Mother, I'm scared.
Mother: It will be all right dear.

King Kobo stayed naked on top of his castle and he sighed.

Kobo: Hmm, we couldn't prevent if after all. It's time for Plan B, a counterattack! Zik, your blood shall be used to save Spell!

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