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Re: The Rape
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Episode Ten (10)


Rose parents felt so sad when the Doctor announced that she was dead, they have lost a golden child.

Mr. Bassey and Chika sat down crying on the floor like babies, it was
very unfortunate.
Mr. Bassey had better plans for Rose, if only she had listened earlier
when he warned her about Charlie.

If only she didn't go to the cinema that night she would have still
been with her family.
There was no if now, what have happened have happened.

The two grown adults cried so much that other doctors and nurses came over,
they tried consoling them but what a pain it was for them.

Frank also came along to console them, he too was crying. Rose was one of his closest friend while in school.

When the doctor told him about Rose's death earlier he felt as if he was a shattered glass.
He was shaking but at that time he managed to send a message to Mr. Bassey. When Mr. Bassey and Chika arrived at the hospital he maintained his cool till they entered the Doctor's office.

Frank balanced at the wall and watched as Rose parents cried and he said "this world is just a temporary place and no one knows when he or she will go."
He shaked his head again.

The doctors allowed the two parents to calm down.
After an hour the Doctor in charge said they should follow him to see Rose body before it will be sent to the mortuary.

Rose's parents followed him, both of them looking so lost, Frank also went with them.
They entered the room she was, the Doctor uncovered her face.

Even in death Rose was still beautiful and her face was as angelic as always.

Frank shaked and broke down into tears.

Chika and Mr. Bassey cried quietly.

Chika: Rose! Those who killed you shall know no peace. They shall feel the same pain you
felt even in their death.
Aah! My daughter you have been taken away
from me and your family so soon. I wonder how your brothers will feel
when they hear this. My daughter I will not sleep until those who did
this to you are brought to justice.
Why? Why?? I say why???

Mr. Bassey tapped her and she hugged him crying so deep.

Mr. Bassey didn't have anything to say, he just shaked his head and
made for the door.

Doctor: Mr. Bassey I understand that you are not in the mood for any talk, so relax a little, go home and come back tomorrow.
Mr. Bassey: Thank you doctor.

Mr. Bassey and Chika felt so down, they didn't have the strength to walk steadily yet alone driving.

Frank sat with them on the hallway, they were all deep in their
thoughts. All reminiscing the good times they had spent with Rose, the world is
just vanity they said in their minds.

No matter how powerful, rich, poor, good or bad you are everyone will
face death. At a particular time someone will stop existing and be one
with mother nature.

Some nurses passed the hallway with Rose's corpse, they were heading to the mortuary.

So this is how my daughter ends? So this is real life, said Mr. Bassey.

After sometime they both made to go but Frank offered to drive them home since they won't be able to drive.
Frank drove them to their residence, he guided them as they walked into their livingroom. He handed over the car key to Mr. Bassey, he greeted them and boarded a taxi back to the hospital.

Mr. Bassey and Chika sat in the livingroom both looking up at the
ceiling, they didn't know what to do or say.

The twins Akpan and Agbo came to the livingroom and were suprised seeing their parents in that state.

Akpan: (To Agbo) I think something is wrong.
Agbo: I hope it's not sister o.
Akpan: No, it can't be sister. It must be something else.
Agbo: Well, we won't know unless we ask.
Akpan: Okay.

The twins walked closer to their parents.

Akpan: Mummy what is the matter (Chika remained silent)? Daddy did anything bad happen?

Mr. Bassey: Yes.
Agbo: What's it?
Mr. Bassey: It's your sister. She's dead.

The twins opened their mouths in shock, they started crying uncontrollably.

They rolled on the floor.
Mr. Bassey as the head of the family stood up to console the twins, he took them to their room and told them everything is going to be alright.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Eleven (11)

Final Respect

The news of Rose death sent a chill to all her coursemates, friends and well wishers.

She was just in her early twenties when she kicked the bucket, she was supposed to be enjoying her youthful part of life but all was gone now. The only thing that remained of Rose was her pictures and people memory of her.

Many of her coursemates and well wishers trooped to Mr. Bassey's home
to console him and his family.

Many of who Mr. Bassey didn't know they even existed, they only just showed up when Rose was dead and was nowhere to be found when she was
still at the hospital alive.

Mr. Bassey: Look at them visiting when Rose is dead, where were they when she was still alive at the hospital?
Chika: That is life my dear. Humans can't really be understood so easily.
Mr. Bassey: Hmm, many people are remembered only in their death.
I wonder why it is so.
Chika: Maybe people pays more attention to death than life itself.
Mr. Bassey: I beg they should save their tears for themselves. Rose
don't need their cries, it will be irritating to her wherever she is.
Chika: It seems in life things don't normally go the way one plans, to
think that we have lost an angel such as Rose leaves a deep hole in my heart.

Mr. Bassey: Yes even me, but we have to face the present and future.
Chika: Hmm, it is well.
Akpan: Mum and Dad you two should stop regretting as if it was you two who are responsible for her death, let's wait as justice is brought
upon those who are responsible for her death.

Agbo: Yes, we have accepted the present and will work toward the future.
Mr. Bassey: Thank you my sons, it is well.

Rebecca was the first to come to the house after the news of Rose
death reached the town. She was the only friend of Rose who had visited when she was still at the hospital except Frank who was already at the
hospital doing his research.

Rose parents really admired her, after Rose death she had cut off the private relationship she had with Mr. Bassey. That was a sign of respect to Rose, she said. She had been friends with Rose for so long, Rose death made her feel as if a part of her was missing.

The family choosed to have a private burial for Rose, Mr. Bassey and
Chika wanted to mourn their daughter in private.

They didn't want visits from all sorts of people, Mr. Bassey had many
business friends who would have made an open burial a brilliant one but the family choosed to mourn her privately.

Mr. Bassey knew many people would expect an open burial, but he had to do it for some reasons. And it was indeed the right choice for him to make.

They asked Rebecca if the idea was good and she agreed to it, there
were no burial posters to be placed anywhere in the town. It would take everyone as a suprise when they finds out that Rose had been buried quietly with only few people being invited.

Mr. Ibrahim was shocked when he got the word that it was going to be a
private burial, he had been planning to cause a scence at an open burial.

Text messages were sent to few people Mr. Bassey choosed that would be invited to the private burial.

The burial was held a month after Rose's death, Rebecca and Frank were the only two friends of Rose that were invited for the burial.

The family, friends and the well wishers invited paid their final respect to Rose who they will never see forever again in their life.

Akpan, Agbo, Chika and Rebecca were so emotional as they paid their final respect to Rose.

They all did that remembering the moments they had spent with her when
she was still alive, her smile and sweet voice.

Akpan: Sister, please watch us from the other side.
Agbo: We will always be good boys, we promise to work hard to achieve
greater things in this life.
Rebecca: My dear friend, I never thought it would be this way. Life
got a lot of suprise for everyone but I never thought about this,
losing you so soon has left a hole deep in my heart. My dear friend
Rose, I guess this is goodbye.
Chika: My daughter, I have cried all this time because of the vacuum
created in my heart after your death. I believe you don't want me to keep crying because you love me, thank you for all the moments we
spent together. I promise that I will live fighting for justice.

Everyone left after the brief private funeral to face the future.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Twelve (12)

A New Game On The Way

It was now 7 months since Rose's funeral, things were pretty going back to the way it was at Mr. Bassey's home.

It seem to everyone that the family had forgotten about getting
justice for Rose.

The truth was that the family hadn't lost hope on getting justice, it
was just that they had received threats from an unknown group that
their lives will be in danger if they try opening a case for Rose's rape.

Mr. Bassey suspected that the anonymous group must be with Mr.
Ibrahim, he didn't want to lose any more of his family so he decided
to lay low till a golden opportunity comes.

Officer Titus who was investigating the rape case even after the
commisioner of police ordered him to release Charlie and his accomplices was warned again by the commisioner not to dig into the case anymore.

Officer Titus had no choice but to drop the case, he said if he lose the job there would be no means of taking care of his family.
When he told Mr. Bassey and Chika about it, they understood his
position and and thanked him for his help so far.

Mr. Ibrahim also wanted to make sure that neither the officer nor Mr.Bassey was doing their own investigations in secret, so he sent some
men to follow them secretly to anywhere they went outside the house.

As months passed there were no signs of them carrying out their own investigations so Mr. Ibrahim ordered his men to stop following them.

(At Mr. Ibrahim's Office)

7 months after Rose's funeral

Mr. Ibrahim gathered Charlie and some of his men also involved in
other dirty deals.

Mr. Ibrahim: Good morning gentlemen. It has been 3 months since we all gathered together like this, all of you have been carrying out different tasks for the good of this company.
Now I have a new plan that will make this company grow more than Mr. Bassey's.

Charlie: Hmm, I hope this plan works.
Mr. Ibrahim: Of course, it will, are you worried about anything?
Charlie: Not really, it's just that the death of Rose and the headline
used for her case report didn't really bother Mr. Bassey. Look at his company now, it has grown so large as if nothing ever happened to him.

Mr. Ibrahim: Oh I see, well you don't have to worry. This plan
wouldn't be involving him.
Charlie: Okay, but I suggest we kill Mr. Bassey.
Mr. Ibrahim: Oh, no no no. I want to see the expression on his face
when he sees that my company is greater than his.
Charlie: Okay. So what exactly is the plan?
Mr. Ibrahim: Hehehe. It's cocaine and marijuana business.
Charlie: Boss boss you too much jare. How do you intend to import the cocaine?
Mr. I brahim: I will.... (There was a knock on the door). Who's there?
Secretary: I am the one sir, the NAFDAC officials who are to inspect our company have arrived.
Mr. Ibrahim: Okay, tell them to come in.
Secretary: Yes sir.

Mr. Ibrahim: You all can go for now, we shall meet tonight at X-Rank
hotel 9pm.

Charlie and the rest of Mr. Ibrahim men left the office as the NAFDAC officials came in shortly after.

(At Mr. Bassey's Office)

Mr. Bassey was inside his office with Frank.
Mr. Bassey: Hello Frank, it has been a while.
Frank: Yes sir.
Mr. Bassey: I hope you are doing well.
Frank: Very well sir, what about you and family?
Mr. Bassey: We are fine, let me offer you something.
Frank: I'm okay sir.
Mr. Bassey: Well, if you say so.
Frank: It has been a long time sir so I decided to drop by at your office.
Mr. Bassey: That's nice of you.
Frank: Thanks. I am now a NAFDAC official, I and my partner will be
visiting your company next week.
Mr. Bassey: Congrats Frank.
Frank: Thank you sir.
Mr. Bassey: But Frank, I thought you studied the same course as my daughter.
Frank: Yes, I did but at the same time I was doing part time training
about health and drugs. My skills were recognised so and I am here today.
Mr. Bassey: Good one, please don't join the corrupt officials.
Frank: I wouldn't sir.

They both talked for a while and Frank left the office.

That night Mr. Ibrahim and his men will meet at X-Rank hotel to
discuss their next plan of action to overtake Mr. Bassey's company.

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Re: The Rape
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Re: The Rape
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Re: The Rape
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Episode Thirteen (13)

A Hope For Justice

9pm At X-Rank Hotel

Mr. Ibrahim and his men gathered at X-Rank hotel as agreed by them.
They had a little feast and some n.ude ladies danced for them as they watched to their satisfaction. They told the ladies to go when they were just about to talk business.

The ladies left and the men took their places in the round table.

Mr. Ibrahim: Gentlemen, thank you all for making it here tonight.
Tonight our end result will give our company a high leap in the
business domain of this country.
Charlie: May I remind you sir, we are not gentlemen. Gentlemen don't do dirty deeds like we do.
Mr. Ibrahim: Whatever, the law of nature says "if you are strong you
live, if you are weak you die". The strong shall devour the weak.
Charlie: Yes, we are strong so we shall live.
Mr. Ibrahim: Hmm, are you all ready to hear the real plan?
All: Yes.
Mr. Ibrahim: It is a partnership business, our company wouldn't be the one to produce the cocaine and marijuana.
Adam: So who will?
Mr. Ibrahim: Good question, three Indonesians will do the job.
They will produce it and then we package it as our company beverage
product and then send to the buyers.

Charlie: Bravo! We have few problems.
Mr. Ibrahim: And they are?
Charlie: The police, NAFDAC, and NDLEA.
Mr. Ibrahim: I have a stronghold in the police of this state, but when
it comes to distributing to other states I think I have a plan.
Chairlie: Boss, you are always many steps ahead.
Mr. Ibrahim: Yes, many steps ahead in achieving our goal.
I will arrange for two police officers each in the trucks that will be
carrying the cocaine and marijuana.
As for NAFDAC I had a promising talk with a few high rank officials.
The Indonesians said they can take care of the NDLEA.

Adam: Bravo boss!
Mr. Ibrahim: Thank you, I will call you all back again when every
preparations have been made.
For now you should all enjoy yourselves with the ladies, we have a lot of busy days ahead.

The meeting came to an end as the men all retired to their hotel rooms with the ladies.

Somewhere In America

Lisa, a friend of Rose who had been living in the U.S. for the past
four years was having a walk with her aunty Taiye.
Lisa is now a detective, she had solved many puzzles and all her
investigations so far were successful.
She's a fair girl with a normal height for someone at twentyfive.
She wore a jean pant with a top as they went for the walk.
Taiye: Lisa.
Lisa: Yea, Aunty.
Taiye: It seems to me that you don't miss Nigeria.
Lisa: I really do miss Nigeria, my friends especially the darling
Rose. It's just that I have my work here and I kind of only like doing
things related to my work.
Taiye: Hmm, I see. I think you have to visit your friends over there
someday, they must have missed you too.
Lisa: Sure.
Taiye: By the way Femi just returned from Nigeria, he must have some news about your friends.
Lisa: I hope he does.

Aunty Taiye received a phone call.

Taiye: Lisa, it's Femi. He's at your house, he said he has an
important news about one of your friends back in Nigeria.
Lisa: Really? I have to go.
Taiye: I will go with you.

Lisa and Aunty Taiye returned to Lisa's house. They met Femi sitting outside playing with Lisa's dog.

Lisa: Hey Femi.
Femi: Lisa.
Lisa: Why are you putting on a sad face? Aunty Taiye said you have an important news about one of my friends back in Nigeria.
Femi: (Tries to put on a smile) Yea. It's about Rose.
Lisa: (Smiles) Wow, Rose darling? So what about her?
Femi: I'm sorry to say this, she's dead.
Lisa: (In shock) What? Rose? How?
Femi: I will tell you the details but let's get inside and have tea.
Lisa: (Cries) This can't be real.
Taiye: Lisa, let's get in first.

Femi, Taiye and Lisa went to the living room and had some tea, Lisa
barely drank hers.
Femi told her everything as it happened.

Lisa: The police system in Nigeria must have decayed. Where are the
women rights activists in the country? I suspect that the family must be under some kind of threat that's why they haven't made any move.
Taiye: I know you are feeling bad after hearing this, just relax
yourself my dear.
Lisa: (Smiles) There's a hope for justice.
Femi: What hope?
Lisa: I am the hope for justice. I shall make justice prevail and
everyone behind this will pay the price. I shall head to Nigeria next
Femi: Are you crazy? You are putting yourself in danger.
Lisa: I will be fine (walks to her room).

Aunty Taiye and Femi looked at each other.

Taiye: I will talk to her.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Fourteen (14)

It's Almost Time For Showdown

4 days Later At NAFDAC's HeadQuarters

Frank was coming back from his boss office at NAFDAC's head office
when two other high rank NAFDAC officials stopped him so they could have a little talk.

They took him to the bar at the headquarters, the two officials were Mr. Paul and Mr. Coker and they were the one's who visited Mr. Ibrahim
at his office. They stayed in the part of the bar where they were the only ones there.

Frank was suprised at their gesture because those two officials never talked to him except it was during general works, greetings and

Mr. Paul: What will you like us to offer you?
Frank: Nothing sir.
Mr. Paul: Really?
Mr. Coker: Well since you said so let's get down to business, we are
the only ones around in this part of the bar. So Frank, how will you
like working with us?
Frank: It will be a great opportunity sir.
Mr. Paul: It's quite different from the normal operations here, but you will be paid well.
Frank: (Suspecting somethin bad) What do you mean by different from the normal
operations here?

Mr. Paul: It's an external job.
Frank: Who is the client?
Mr. Coker: It's Mr. Ibrahim.....
Mr. Paul: Wait Coker, we shouldn't just rush it untill he accepts the offer.
Frank: Hmm, so what exactly are we going to be doing?
Mr. Paul: (looks around and then talked with a low tone) We are going
to be clearing banned goods like cocaine and we will get paid heavily.
Frank: What? I can't believe this.
Mr. Coker: Believe what?
Frank: You two are high ranked officials and you shouldn't be mixing
yourselves up with dirty businesses.
Mr. Paul: (Laughs) Hahaha, you are still a novice. You will make big amount of money, you can buy many cars and houses. Just think about it.
Frank: Your request is tempting but I will not give in. May I take my leave?

Mr. Coker: Before you leave, I must warn you. Don't ever tell anyone
what we discussed, remember we are high rank officials and we can set you up. And also think about the offer.

Frank left furiously, he had vowed never to be part of any illegal
activities as a NAFDAC official.

At Mr. Bassey's House

Mr. Bassey and his family were at the sitting room watching Channels TV.

Akpan: Daddy, I and Agbo will be in the university next year, wouldn't be good if we both study the same course?
Mr. Bassey: If you both have interest in the same course then you can.
Akpan: Hmm, I thought you would say we shouldn't study the same course.
Mr. Bassey: No, not at all, everyone has to study what they have
interest in. If the both of you have interest in the same course then
it's fine.
Akpan: Okay, thanks.
Mr. Bassey: Akpan, why has Agbo been so quiet today?
Akpan: It's about the threat, he said we can't continue to live in
fear of an unknown gang.
Agbo: Yes Daddy. We need to speak up before we die in silence.
Mr. Bassey: I understand you my son but I don't want anything bad to happen to anyone of you.
Agbo: I understand Dad, but I just can't bear it.
Chika: I and your father feel the same way just like you do, but we
just have to be careful. Your father don't want to put you two in
danger. One way or the other justice will prevail.
Agbo: I hope so mum.
Mr. Bassey: Now you two have to focus more on your education. The right time will come and we shall act.
Agbo: Thanks Dad.

At An Airport In Nigeria

Lisa have arrived in Nigeria, she had taken two weeks leave and with her expertise she believed she would be done by then.
She took a taxi and booked a hotel, from there she would find the location of Rose parents.

Lisa: Now I'm in Nigeria, very soon justice will be served. Just wait......

Meanwhile Mr. Ibrahim have finalised every preparations and was set to make a move in three days time.
Meanwhile, Frank was thinking about what Mr. Paul and Coker told him
and he remembered that they mentioned Mr. Ibrahim.
He suspected that it was the Mr. Ibrahim that was responsible for Rose demise, so he made up his mind to tell Mr. Bassey about it the next day as he and his partner would be heading there to inspect Mr. Bassey's company.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Fifteen (15)

An Angel From The Heavens

It was 9am the next day, that's two days remaining for Mr. Ibrahim to carry out his plan.
Frank and his partner from NAFDAC had finished inspecting Mr. Bassey's company and everything was okay.
After they were done, the two officials had a talk with Mr. Bassey.
Frank stayed back as his partner travelled back to headquarters to give their report. Frank had taken a week leave.
He went back to Mr. Bassey's office and told him everything that Mr.
Paul and Coker said.

Mr. Bassey: So it's Mr. Ibrahim new plan huh?
Frank: I'm not certain if it is the same Mr. Ibrahim we know.
Mr. Bassey: It must be him, he sent an email to me last night that in
three days time that's the day after tomorrow that he has a new plan that will make his company overshadow mine.
Frank: In three days time you say, we can involve the police and they will be caught red handed.

Mr. Bassey: No, we shouldn't involve the police. Let him have his way.
Frank: But sir why?
Mr. Bassey: Remember I and my family still lives under a threat on our lives.
Frank: Hmm, I remember. It's very bad, I wish I could do something but
the two officials have higher ranks than me.
Mr. Bassey: I understand, but in the end the good always win the evil.
Frank: Yes.
Mr. Bassey: Since you are on a week leave why don't you stay with us tonight rather than in a hotel, the twins will be happy to have you around.
Frank: Hmm, I will accept the offer.
Mr. Bassey: Good, you can go there now. The twins are at home.
Frank: Okay sir.

Frank left and took a taxi down to Mr. Bassey's home. He met the twins at home and they were very happy to see him.

Akpan: Uncle Frank welcome.
Frank: How are you two doing?
Akpan: We are doing fine sir.
Agbo: Uncle Frank you paid us a visit.
Frank: Yes, I will be staying here for the night.
Agbo: Wow, we can play PS together. I hope you are good at it.
Frank: Sure.
Akpan: Agbo let's go and get a room ready for him then we can play PS together later.
Agbo: Yes.

Akpan and Agbo left to prepare a room for Frank to stay.
Frank: They are really nice, oh Rose I wish you were still with us.

( At The Hotel Lisa Stayed )

Lisa was in a phone conversation with someone.

Lisa: Thank you very much, I really appreciate.
Caller: It's nothing Lisa, next time.
Lisa: Okay.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Fifteen (15) Continuation

Lisa dropped her phone and smiled, she had gotten the address of Mr. Bassey's home.

It was 3pm now and it was just a 3hours journey to get to the town where Mr. Bassey and his family lived.

Lisa: I must go over there tonight even if I get there in the dark.
It's worth it, let me start getting ready.

Lisa got ready for the journey and moved.

( The 18th hour at Mr. Bassey's home)

Mr. Bassey and his family with Frank had finished dinner and were both having a conversation.

Agbo: Daddy I wish Frank could stay a little longer.
Mr. Bassey: Frank is a very busy man so he don't have all the time.
Maybe next time when he is very free he will visit for three days.
Frank: Yes, sure.
Agbo: Promise?
Frank: Yes, it's a promise.
Chika: Remember to fulfill your promise o.
Frank: I will ma'am.

They heard a knock on the door.

Chika: I will get the door.
Mr. Bassey: I wonder who it is.

Chika went over and opened the door.

Chika: Hello, who are you?
Lisa: I'm Detective Lisa, and an old friend of Rose.
Chika: Detective and and old friend of Rose, you are welcome. Come inside.

Chika led Lisa into the living room, everyone saw her and wondered
what a beautiful angel she was. And also who she was and what she was doing there.

Chika: Hello everyone, this is Detective Lisa. She said she's an old
friend of Rose.
Lisa: Hi.

They all greeted her.

Mr. Bassey: Detective Lisa you say, where are you from?
Lisa: I'm from Oyo but based in the U.S.
Mr. Bassey: Wow, that's nice. So to what do we owe the visit to?
Lisa: Actually, I'm here to make sure that justice is served
concerning my friend's death.

Everyone looked at each other.

Mr. Bassey: But....
Lisa: I know sir, your family must be under a threat but I will make
sure everything works out.
Mr. Bassey: How, how did you know?
Lisa: I have been through many cases before, so yours is easy to figure out.
Chika: You are very welcomed, let me go and get a room ready for you.
Lisa: No, don't mind. I have booked a hotel room already, I just
wanted to make sure that this was the right place.
Frank: We appreciate.
Lisa: It's okay, I will be on my way to the hotel now. I will be here 7am
tomorrow's morning.
Agbo: Thank you aunty.
Lisa: Okay.

Lisa left and everyone in the room were so excited.

Chisa: She is truly an angel from the heavens.....

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Sixteen (16)

The Three Man Team

After Lisa left Mr. Bassey's house that night they were all in a mood for jubilation.

Chika: At last, we are going to get justice.
Agbo: Justice mummy! Justice!
Mr. Bassey: Tomorrow we shall see what plan she got.
Frank: Yes, I wouldn't be leaving tomorrow anymore. I will help with everything I got.
Akpan: Yes, we are going to get Justice at last.

(The Next Day At Mr. Ibrahim's Office)

Mr. Ibrahim was in a phone conversation with someone.
Mr. Ibrahim: Really?
Caller: Yes.
Mr. Ibrahim: Are you sure you told him the benefits?
Caller: Yes.
Mr. Ibrahim: Okay, you have to take someone else.
Caller: Okay, so tomorrow is the day.
Mr. Ibrahim: Yes, tomorrow is the day.

The person Mr. Ibrahim was talking to was Mr. Coker, he told Mr.
Ibrahim about Frank refusal of the offer.
Mr. Ibrahim told him to pick someone else.
The reason they choosed Frank was that they thought he would be more efficient because of his skills.

Mr. Ibrahim: Very soon, I shall be at the top.

( At Mr. Bassey's Home)

Lisa had arrived in the morning as she promised and every member of Mr. Bassey's family with Frank were all present at the living room.

Mr. Bassey told Lisa all the story so she would be well informed of every fact.

Lisa: Since you said the Mr. Ibrahim seem to have control over the
police in this state, I think you have to involve the DSS and explain everything to them.

Mr. Bassey: The DSS, that had never came accross my mind. The question is how can we catch those who sent the threat red handed.
Lisa: It's easy. Since they said that you shouldn't go to the police station, it means they have someone there that will get them informed and also another person following you.
Mr. Bassey: Yes, that's right.
Lisa: Now we have to catch the one following you.
Mr. Bassey: So what's the plan?
Lisa: You will have to go to the police station and tell them you want
to re open the case for the rape. Their inside man will probably alert
the other to start following you, while I myself will also be
following you and at the same time get to the one.

Mr. Bassey: Yes, that's a nice plan.
Lisa: First of all, you have to call the police from another state to
protect your household. With the police around they won't dare attack
your household.
Mr. Bassey: Hmm, I will do that.
Lisa: Contact the DSS and ask for the police protection soon. And then whenever you are ready you should inform me and together with the DSS we will apprehend the one following you. Through him we shall get the
Mr. Bassey: Yes, so should I tell the police from the other state everything?
Lisa: It's better to go to the police headquarters. That would be better.
Frank: What about the cocaine and marijuana business I told you about that Mr. Ibrahim will soon start?
Lisa: You will have to go to the police headquarters too. I also think it will be good for you to work as our inside spy.

Frank: What do you mean by that?
Lisa: Contact the Mr. Paul and Coker, tell them you have changed your mind. You have to do some acting even if it means doing things you haven't done before.
Frank: Hmm, I will take the shot since that's going to help.
Lisa: Good, remember Mr. Bassey the police should start protecting
your family already before we shall make the move to catch the one following you.
Mr. Bassey: Yes, I know.
Lisa: Alright, so what's the first thing to do.
Mr. Bassey: I and Frank will be heading to the headquarters now, we
don't have any time to waste.
Lisa: That's the spirit.
Frank: And while we are coming back I will go to our headquarters and
inform Mr. Paul and Coker that I'm willing to be part of their deal.
Lisa: Okay.

Mr. Bassey and Frank left immediately for Abuja which was a 4 hours journey from where they were.

Back at home Lisa was with Chika and the twins.

Agbo: Aunty Lisa how did you get to know my sister?
Lisa: We schooled together.
Agbo: Really? So which class the the both of you first lost contacts?
Lisa: That was after JSS3, I relocated to another state.
Agbo: Okay, I hope everything turns out well.
Lisa: Don't worry, everything will be fine.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Seventeen (17)

The Plan Is On

Mr. Bassey and Frank were done reporting the case at the police
headquarters, immediately many mobile policemen were deployed to protect Mr. Bassey household.

When they were through at the police headquarters Mr. Bassey was on his way back to the town while Frank went back to the NAFDAC headquarters.

He met with Mr. Paul and Coker on the stairway and excused them for a talk, he told them he wanted to be a part of team after hearing all the benefits he would enjoy.

Mr. Paul: So you are now back to your senses.
Frank: Yes, I will work hard as we change our life for the better.
Mr. Coker: You came early, I was on my way to look for someone else but it is very good to have someone as skilled as you on the team.
Frank: Thank you.
Mr. Paul: Now, we shall be going to Mr. Ibrahim's company and then the real operation will start tomorrow. You can use the money you get to do anything, you made a very wise decision.
Frank: Thank you very much sir for giving me this rare opportunity, I
will forever be grateful to the two of you.
Mr. Coker: It's nothing, we just like helping out young men like you.
It's not a big deal.
Mr. Paul: Let's leave for Mr. Ibrahim company now.
Frank: Yes sir.

The three of them all left for Mr. Ibrahim's company.

Meanwhile Mr. Bassey had returned home, he greeted the policemen on duty and went inside. Lisa, Chika and the twins were waiting for him.

Lisa: Welcome back sir.
Mr. Bassey: Thank you my dear.
Lisa: So step one has been done, we will now have to lure out the one
following you tomorrow so you can rest for the day.
Mr. Bassey: Thank you, have you heard anything from Frank?
Lisa: Yea, he just emailed me that he was on his way with Mr. Paul and
Coker to Mr. Ibrahim's company.
Mr. Bassey: Good, he's doing fine.
Lisa: Yes sir.
Mr. Bassey: Why don't I visit the police station this evening so that
by tomorrow we will lure out the one following me.
Lisa: Yes, that's good but you need to rest.
Mr. Bassey: I won't rest till we are done with this case.
Lisa: Okay, you can go but I will follow you secretly tomorrow.
Mr. Bassey: Yes.
Agbo: Daddy is full of energy today.
Mr. Bassey: Hmm, that's it my boy.

Mr. Bassey left for the police station.

Mr. Paul and Coker with Frank have arrived at Mr. Ibrahim's company.

The duo had told Mr. Ibrahim that Frank had finally decided to join them.

Mr. Ibrahim: So young man you have decided to join us.
Frank: Yes sir.
Mr. Ibrahim: Good, it is the dream of everyone to live a luxorious life.
We shall all meet tonight at the X-Rank hotel.
Mr. Paul: Yes.

Mr. Coker and Frank went outside while Mr. Paul was with Mr. Ibrahim inside.

Mr. Ibrahim: What do you think made the young man to change his mind?
Mr. Paul: Since he came at the last minute I think he must have
thought about it for a while.
Mr. Ibrahim: I see, so it is the quest for everyone to live a better life.
Mr. Paul: Yes.
Mr. Ibrahim: No problem, we shall meet at the X-Rank hotel at 9pm
again tonight.

(At Mr. Bassey's Home 6pm)

Mr. Bassey had just returned from the police station.
Lisa: It took you a while sir.
Mr. Bassey: Yes, there was a new officer there and he was kind of making things hard when I stated my mission there.
Lisa: You mean he was behaving cool until you told him why you were there?
Mr. Bassey: Yes.
Lisa: That sounds suspicious, I think we will catch the person that would be sent to watch you tomorrow.
Mr. Bassey: Yes.
Lisa: Just tomorrow and we shall take a huge step in our fight for justice.

( 9pm At X-Rank Hotel )

Mr. Ibrahim and his men together with the NAFDAC officials were all present in the meeting room.

Mr. Ibrahim: Welcome gentlemen, tomorrow our lives is going to change for good.
Charlie: Yes boss.
Mr. Ibrahim: Before we start I will take care of another issue first.
Mr. Bassey is trying to re-open the rape case of his daughter. I shall
send Boyo to start following him.
Boyo: It's my pleasure sir.
Mr. Ibrahim: Now let's get down to business.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Eighteen (18)

Operation Takeover

During the meeting at X-Rank hotel Mr. Ibrahim told Boyo to start
following Mr. Bassey, and after that he decided that they continue with their main purpose of the meeting.

Mr. Ibrahim: So gentlemen I'm glad to inform you all that everything has been done for our upliftment. Tomorrow our special operation begins, I have selected the most trusted policemen in the state. And
the three NAFDAC officials here will take care of anything relating to NAFDAC.

Frank: Shouldn't our operation have a code name?
Mr. Ibrahim: Hmm, a code name you say. Someone should suggest.
Charles: Operation Takeover.
Mr. Ibrahim: Well we are taking over the business sphere, so I like the name.

They discussed for a while and closed for the night with every one of
them retiring to their hotel rooms with some hot babes.

( 9am The Next Day )

Boyo was lying in wait for Mr. Bassey to drive out, he noticed that
some policemen were inside Mr. Bassey's compound but he didn't bother to call Mr. Ibrahim since he had control over the police in the state.

Meanwhile Lisa was with Mr. Bassey in his sitting room.

Mr. Bassey: So today is the day.
Lisa: Yes, we are going take a huge step today.
Frank said Mr. Ibrahim Operation Takeover kicks off today at 4pm. If we are lucky and the suspect that we will catch cooperate then we can achieve two things today. We can arrest Mr. Ibrahim and his associates.
Mr. Bassey: Really? Can that be acheive today before they start their operation?
Lisa: Yes.
Mr. Bassey: There's no time to waste, let's begin already.
Lisa: Okay, remember you will have to stop twice on your way to the police station.
Mr. Bassey: Yes.
Lisa: I and the DSS agents will camouflag ourselves among the
civilians, some of the DSS agents will act as okada riders.
Mr. Bassey: Got that.
Lisa: Okay, go now. I will come after you in two minutes time and I
will also alert the others who are already in their positions.
Mr. Bassey: Okay, off I go.

Mr. Bassey left and Lisa alerted the DSS agents that it was time.
When Mr. Bassey rode out with his car, Boyo decided to follow him so he called an okada man.
That was the worst mistake Boyo made, the okada man he called was a DSS agent.
Boyo: Hello, Okada man follow that car for me.
Okada Man: Okay.

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Episode Eighteen (18) Continuation

The DSS agent didn't waste any time he immediately signalled the policemen guarding Mr. Bassey home.
The policemen pretended that they were arresting both the Okada man and Boyo.
The policemen immediately rushed in and the DSS agent knocked out Boyo
from behind.
They immediately dragged him inside Mr. Bassey's house for interrogation.
Lisa who was about to go out was suprised when he saw the DSS agent and the policemen draging an unknown man.

Lisa: Who is this?
DSS Agent: A suspect.
Lisa: So quick? How did you conclude?
DSS Agent: He asked me to follow Mr. Bassey.
Lisa: Good, we have to interrogate him immediately.

They immediately carried Boyo to an empty room in Mr. Bassey's house
for interrogation.
Lisa also called Mr. Bassey to inform him of the latest update.

(At The Interrogation Room)

The policemen poured water on Boyo and he regained consciousness.

Boyo: Where am I?
DSS Agent: We will tell you after you have answered our questions.
Boyo: Are you a policeman or a kidnapper?
DSS Agent: I am a policeman.
Boyo: (Laughs) Then I don't need to worry, my boss owns the police in this state.
DSS Agent: Bad news for you, we are from headquarters.
Boyo: (Shocked) What!
Lisa: You heard him right, so you just have to cooperate with us and you maybe lucky.

Boyo was afraid because Mr. Ibrahim had warned them not to mess with the police from other states and headquarters because he wouldn't be able to help them, so Boyo only option was to cooperate with them.

Boyo: Please I don't want to go to jail, I will cooperate.
Lisa: Who sent you to follow Mr. Bassey and why?
Boyo: (In fear) It was Mr. Ibrahim, he didn't want Mr. Bassey to
re-open his daughter's rape case.
Lisa: Why didn't he want Mr. Bassey to reopen the case?
Boyo: It's because he (Mr. Ibrahim) planned the rape.
Lisa: Hmm. And is it also true that he is planning to distribute cocaine and marijuana today at 4pm?
Boyo: Yes.
DSS Agent: I think that's all the confession we need for now,
everything you said have been recorded. So you will take us to where Mr. Ibrahim is, we are going to burst him.
Boyo: Please pity me sir.
DSS Agent: Shut Up! Move!

They dragged Boyo into the van and many policemen, DSS agents and Lisa left to burst Mr. Ibrahim.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Nineteen (19)


Many DSS agents, policemen and Lisa drove off to the location Mr. Bassey was via Boyo's direction.

Lisa had flashed Frank to make sure he was the one with his phone and when Frank called her back she told him to expect a message, she then texted Frank to take an excuse so he will not be in the premises when
the arrest will take place.

Mr. Ibrahim and the rest were in an open field in his company, when he
saw the DSS agents and policemen drive in he thought they were from the state so he told the others to relax.

Mr. Ibrahim: Hello gentlemen, how can I help you.
Officer 1: We are policemen from headquarters, we are here to take you
in for questioning.
Mr. Ibrahim: (Shocked) Headquarters?

The policemen and DSS agents didn't reply Mr. Ibrahim, they immediately bundled him and his gang into a van. Other officers went to take evidence as Boyo showed them where the banned products were being

Mr. Bassey, his family, Frank and Lisa were very happy after the
arrest was made.

Lisa: Finally justice shall be served.
Mr. Bassey: Yes, it's all thanks to you.
Chika: You are an angel.
Agbo: Yes, an angel from the heavens.
Akpan: Sent by the good spirits.
Frank: To serve justice.
Lisa: Hmm, thank you all.

The evidence implicating Mr. Ibrahim and his gang were so overwhelming
that there was no escape route for them.

Mr. Ibrahim: Chai, so this is how I will end?
Charlie: It's all your fault, we should have killed the whole family a
long time ago.
Mr. Ibrahim: Shut up!
Charlie: I won't shut up, we are all equal in this prison.
Mr. Ibrahim: Okay, is that so? No problem.
Mr. Coker: Damn it, I never thought that Frank would be a spy for the police.
Mr. Paul: Yes, just in a second everything we have worked for in life
have vanished.

Mr. Coker: Oh, this is bullshit. I'm sure he's going to get promoted
for this. What a snake!
Boyo: Oga Ibrahim na like this you take spoil my life so. I no wan die
like this o or go life imprisonment.

Their cases were judged within a month. Lisa had gone back to the U.S but she returned to witness the final judgement.

Mr. Ibrahim, Charlie with his four men gang were all sentenced to death by hanging.

Mr. Paul and Coker were both sentenced to 27 years imprisonment.

Boyo was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

The rest also were given their sentence based on their involment but
Boyo's sentence was the lowest.

Boyo: I'm lucky that's it's only 7 years, I'm 26. I can start life again at 33.

After the judgement Lisa had to go back to the U.S the next day. Mr. Bassey's family and Frank were at the airport to see her off.
Chika was shedding tears of joy.

Lisa: Mama why are you crying?
Chika: It's tears of joy. I don't know how to thank you or repay your kindness.
Lisa: You don't have to repay me, Rose was my darling friend. So I had to make sure justice was served.
Chika: Thank you very much.
Mr. Bassey: Hmm, thank you very much Lisa. I don't know how many thank you I have to give to you.
Lisa: You really don't have to worry about anything.
Agbo: Aunty please visit us when you have the chance.
Akpan: Yea, you should visit us.
Lisa: Sure. I will.
Frank: You better keep that promise because I hope to see you again.
Lisa: You will.

They all hugged Lisa and she then went over to board her flight with a smile on her face.

Lisa: At last, justice has been served. Rose I know you would be happy wherever you are now. You were such a darling.

The judgement given to Mr. Ibrahim and his men was carried out with
immediate effect.

Rose's family visited her grave.

Chika: My daughter rest well now, all your enemies are being punished by their evil deeds.
Mr. Bassey: My daughter, you got justice at last. All thanks to your
dear friend Lisa.
We all love you!
Akpan: Sis, I really don't have much to say, but I promise to live a good live.
Agbo: Yes Sis, just like Akpan said. I also promise to live a good and happy life. Next year we are both going to the university. We love you sister. Rest In Peace!

The family drove back home with smiles on their faces.
Frank was promoted a week after the judgement.

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