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The Rape
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This is a story I wrote 11 months ago in my former blog 

I decided to drop it here because you guys are going to love it.

A girl Rose in her early twenties was gang raped by her most trusted friend in the world Charlie and his friends, investigation was launched into the case but Charlie and his friends came out clean
because they have a connection in the police.

Will Charlie and his friends be held to justice at the end?

What was their motive for raping Rose?

Coming Soon.....
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode One (1)

A Suprise

Rose was eating breakfast with her family in the morning when Charlie called, she picked it and said she will call back later.

Her father saw the smile on her face and asked who she just talked to.

Her father was the CEO of Beverage International Nig Ltd, he came to stay with his family because he was a little bit free. His name was Bassey.

Bassey: What's that smile on your face for?
Rose: Oh Dad, it's my boyfriend Charlie.
Bassey: The Charlie I know?
Rose: Yes dad.

Bassey: You know you still have to do your Masters degree at the U.K next year, so no distraction is needed.

Rose's mother Chika interfered in the conversation as Rose twin brothers Akpan and Agbo who were eighteen paid more attention to the
plates of fried rice and roasted chicken in front of them.

Chika: (To Mr.Bassey) Darling have you forgetten when we both started dating?
Bassey: (smiles) That was then, things have changed.

Chika: That's right, but a boyfriend shouldn't be a distraction for Rose. I know my daughter, she's hardworking and always comes out top
in anything she does.

Bassey: I have spoken, it is left for her to listen.
Rose: Don't worry Dad, I wouldn't do anything that will dissapoint the family.
Bassey: That's good to hear.

They all finished eating, thirty minutes later Rose had forgot to call
Charlie back.

A friend of her Rebecca visited, Rebecca was a fair thick (not fat) girl. Many guys are attracted to her, she moves with the big men in the city but always made sure she got no STDs/STIs.

She had gone out twice with Rose's father but no one knew, Rebecca
didn't meet Mr. Bassey home that day because he left to the golf site
with his wife Chika. Even though Rebecca was a high class runs girl she had a good heart and always stood up to defend her friends, at her chosen moments she
donates to the needy.

Rose: Rebecca darling, how are you?

Rebecca: I'm fine sis.
Rose: So what brought you here by 9am.
Rebecca: You don't like the time I came or what? Are you expecting your boyfriend?

Rose: No, it's just that this is the first time you came over at this
time of the day.
Rebecca: No problem sis.
Rose: Ehen, since you mentioned boyfriend I just remembered that I
have to call Charlie.
Rebecca: Charlie? You don't need to trust that guy.
Rose: Why? He's so good to me, he adores me so much.
Rebecca: I know almost everyone in this town, that Charlie works in a
rival company that is against your father.

Rose: What does that mean? He works there and that doesn't imply that he is against my father.
Rebecca: What if he is pretending to love you just go get information
about your father's company or have other ulterior motives?

Rose: Rebecca I don't really understand where you are heading to about Charlie, has he done anything bad to you?
Rebecca: No Rose but I don't trust him, just be careful around him.
And if possible don't walk with him alone at night.

Rose: Okay o, I have heard you.

They both talked for a while and Rebecca went out.
It was time for Rose to call Charlie so she dialed his number.

Charlie: Hello Rosy.
Rose: Charlie love, I'm sorry for not calling earlier.

Charlie: It's not a problem, are you free tonight? I have a suprise for you tonight.
Rose: Aww! So romantic! I will be available, my Dad wouldn't be a problem because I have my mother on my side.
Charlie: Okay then, we will meet at the OKs cinema, I will buy tickets for the two of us.

Rose: Wow, so what's the movie?
Charlie: The Rape.
Rose: The Rape? No problem, I will make it in time.

Charlie: You don't need to hurry, the time is 9pm.
Rose: Okay, expect my call tonight.

Rose was so happy, a suprise? She thought maybe it could be an
engagement ring, and then what Rebecca told her flashed through her
mind but she waved it off as nonsense.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Two (2)

The Evil Charlie

Rose waited until it was evening, she was anxious than ever.
What could be this suprise that Charlie has for me? She asked herself over and over again, her parents and two siblings couldn't help but notice her.

Akpan: Sister you look so exicited as in someone expecting something very..... I don't know the word to describe it.

Agbo: I couldn't help but notice too, so sis what'sup?

Rose: You two are still little, you both won't understand.
Akpan: You call eighteen little?
Rose: I'm older than you two, so don't compare your experiences with mine.

Akpan: Just four years difference.
Rose: Four years is worth it, isn't it?
Agbo: Ehen, atleast tell us what you are up to.
Rose: Don't worry, when I come back you two will know.

Chika and Mr. Bassey who had left earlier came back again.

Chika: My darling daughter whatsup with you this evening?

Rose: I have a date with Charlie today, he said he has a suprise for me.
Chika: Suprise? Hmm, that sounds nice.
Mr. Bassey: Rose I have told you to be careful with that Charlie, your
top priority now should be your education and nothing else.
Chika: She's no longer a child, she knows what's good for her.
Mr. Bassey: She is my daughter and I know what is good for her, a good father always wants the best for his children.

Chika: You are right, but she is now a grown up.
Mr. Bassey: If you permit her to go on this date whatever happens will be on you.
Chika: I accept but nothing bad is going to happen to my daughter.
Mr. Bassey: Okay (he leaves).

Rose went and hugged her mum.
Rose: Mum thank you very much.
Chika: You are welcome, now go and prepare for the date. Bring me the
goodnews of the suprise.
Rose: Thanks mum.

Rose went in and took her bath, then she proceeded to do her make up.

Meanwhile back at the living room Chika was with her two twins.

Akpan: Mum, why is Dad so worried about Rose meeting the so called Charlie?
Chika: Don't mind your father, he can be too serious some times.
Agbo: I don't think sister Rose should go.
Chika: You too are just kids so you wouldn't understand.
Akpan: You call an eighteen year old a kid?
Chika: You two should go to your rooms jhoor, let my beautiful daughter receive a great suprise today.
Akpan: Agbo let's go and play PS.
Agbo: Okay jare.

The twins left and Rose came into the parlour where only her Mum was, she wore a white dress that could barely reach her knees.

Chika: Oh my darling daughter, you look gorgeous. Charlie will be in an extra good mood today.
Rose: Thank you mum, I have to go now. Tell Dad that I will be coming back late.
Chika: Okay.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

It was already 8pm when Rose left, the OKs Cinema was just 20minutes by car. This time she didn't use her own car but boarded a taxi, while in the taxi she called Charlie that she was on her way.

In the taxi she played her favourite musics as she danced in the taxi,
the taxi driver looked at her several times and wondered what could b
in the mind of the young lady.

She reached OKs Cinema and called Charlie that she was around, he told her to come over to the restaurant near the cinema.

Charlie was full of smiles when he saw her, the atmosphere was great for Rose but deep in Charlie's mind was his evil intent.

Charlie: Baby you look charming.
Rose: Thank you my prince.
Charlie: I wish we could just marry very soon.
Rose: Yes, I wished so too but my Dad is so crazy about me getting a Masters Degree.

Charlie: He's your father, he probably wants the best for you.
Rose: I'm already a grown up so I know what's good for me.
Charlie: Hmm, so what does your father say about me?
Rose: Well you know that people of my father's age don't understand this present generation, he just always said that I should be careful
around you but my mother have always been my backbone.
Charlie: Hmm, so my future father-in-law doesn't like me. Do you think that's good?
Rose: No darling, but you don't have to worry. By the time we are both ready my mother will convince him, I trust my Mum she will change his
mind in no time.

Charlie: Hmm, I pray so. Maybe because the CEO of my company is his
enemy he may think I'm a spy, I hope he changes his mind.
Rose: Don't worry darling he will.
Charlie: (looks at his watch) It's almost time for the movie, let's hurry.
Rose: Okay.

They both hurried to watch the movie.
Rose felt that she was with the best man in the world while Charlie
was deep in his heart calculating his evil intent.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Three (3)

The Rape

Charlie and Rose walked into the cinema to watch the movie that will soon be aired.

Rose: Darling what did you say was the name of the movie?
Charlie: (smiles) The Rape.
Rose: What a name! Why did you choose such a movie?
Charlie: Don't worry, it's interesting. I read about the movie online few days ago at the office, don't worry you will like it.

Rose: I hope so.

Rose thought in her mind, Charlie wasn't like he used to be. Charlie
had a change of tune when they entered the cinema, she heared an
ominous sound in her head. Fear gripped her.

What is wrong? Rose asked herself, what kind of feeling am I having?

Is something bad going to happen to me? This new grip of fear, I have
never been afraid whenever Charlie was with me. Why am I afraid now?
She asked herself.

She heared the ominous sound in her head again and fear grippped her the more.
She recalled when one of his younger brother said it wouldn't be a
good idea for her to go, was he right? She asked herself.

Rebecca flashed into her mind, she also recalled what Rebecca told her earlier that day.
It was about Charlie, Rebecca had warned her about Charlie.
She wondered why three people could warn her about the same thing in a day. It was somehow ominous to her. "Daddy please forgive me if
anything bad happens", she said to herself.

She was still on her thoughts when Charlie patted her, she kind of
almost screamed.

Charlie: Rose what's the matter?

Did he just call her Rose? On a date he has a suprise for her? This
isn't like him, Rose told herself.

Rose: Oh sorry, I was deep in my thoughts.
Charlie: What were you thinking about?
Rose: (waits for a moment) I was thinking about what the suprise could be.
Charlie: Oh, it's a suprise. After the movie we will talk about that.
Rose: Alright.

The movie started, it started when a boy called his girlfriend that
they were going on a date and he had a suprise for her, it was just an hour movie.

Rose had another thought, this was what Charlie said to her too.

Exactly the same way. She had a little panick within and said she will
wait till the movie was over, maybe she will know Charlie true

The movie was just going the same way Rose day went, could this be why Charlie said they should watch the movie?

It reached the part where the boy asked the girl to follow her outside for the suprise, just then Charlie also asked Rose to follow him outside for the suprise.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Three (3) Continuation

Rose felt happy but at the same time wanted to finish the movie, so
she could possibly know what Charlie was up to.

Rose: Great, I can't wait my darling.
Charlie: Follow me.

Rose followed Charlie as they both walked out of the cinema.

Rose: I wish to see the suprise but don't you think we should have
finished the movie?
Charlie: Yes, but I know you won't like the end.
Rose: You knew that? Why did you choose the movie at first?
Charlie: Follow me and you will get to know.
Rose: Okay.

Charlie led her to a quiet lane.

Charlie: This place is quiet and well suited for the suprise, no one
will see us.
Rose: Yes, good.

Four men came out of nowhere.

Charlie: Don't be afraid Rose, they are my friends.
Rose: (afraid) Your friends?
Charlie: Yes.

The four men kept walking with them without uttering any word.

Charlie: You wanted to know how the movie ended right?
Rose: Sure.
Charlie: When the boy led the girl to a quiet lane four men came out, the girl was afraid just as you are now. The boy told her that the men were his friends.
Rose: Is that all?
Charlie: No. The boy and the four men gang raped her.
Rose: What?
Charlie: Yes, the same way we will gang rape you!
Rose: (frightened) Charlie.... But why?

The four men grabbed her and closed her mouth.

Charlie: I was just a spy like your father suspected, I couldn't get you to talk so I will just rape you. Then the news will be that the
only daughter of the CEO of Beverage International Nig. Ltd is a wayward party freak.
Boys let's do it!

The four men carried her to an empty building nearby, they left her
mouth open. She begged Charlie but it all fell on deaf ears.

She screamed and cried as they tore her dress and took turns in raping her.

She passed out after she couldn't bear it anymore. The four men and Charlie laughed at her after they were done, they ran when they heard some movements in their direction.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Four (4)

Rose Is Unconscious!!

Mr. Bassey, Chika and the two twins waited till 1am and they became worried about Rose's whereabout.

Mr. Bassey: (to Chika) Woman! You allowed her to go on the date.
Chika: She will be back soon, let's just exercise a little more patience.
Mr. Bassey: It's 1am already and she is not back! You are to be held
responsible for anything that happens to her.
Chika: Hah! Nothing will happen to her, she is old enough to take care
of herself.

Mr. Bassey: She better be alright.
Akpan: We warned her not go but she didn't pay attention to us.
Agbo: She kept saying that she has more experience than us, I hope she's okay.
Chika: She will be.
Mr. Bassey: Akpan, Agbo go inside and sleep.

The twins went to their room, Mr. Bassey and Chika waited for a while and went back to their room.

Around 7am in the morning Mr. Bassey receive a phone call from an unknown number, he picked up the call.

Mr. Bassey: Hello, who's on the line?.
Unknown Caller: It's me sir, Frank. I was Rose course mate when we
were in school.
Mr. Bassey: Oh, I remember you Frank.
Frank: There's an emergency sir.
Mr. Bassey: What about it?
Frank: It's about Rose, she was found unconscious this morning.
Mr. Bassey: What? Is she okay? Where is she?
Frank: She is at the town General Hospital. Your presence is needed at the hospital, she is still unconscious.

Mr. Bassey: Okay, thank you very much. I will be there in a moment.
Frank: Okay sir. We are expecting you.

Mr. Bassey dropped the phone and rushed to the bathroom, he brushed up
and had his bath immediately.

He went back to the room and started dressing up, his wife woke up and saw him dressing up. He wasn't supposed to be going anywhere that

Chika: Darling, where are you going to?

He remained silent.

Chika: Darling, tell me.
Mr. Bassey: Look at yourself woman, look at what you have caused.
Chika: (standing up from the bed slowly) What's it Darling?
Mr. Bassey: Rose was found unconscious early this morning.
Chika: Chi mo o! (My God!) Where's she now?

Mr. Bassey: You better meet me at the town General Hospital, this is
all your fault.
Chika: Please wait for me.
Mr. Bassey: I can't, come with Agbo and Akpan when you are ready.

Mr. Bassey left the house and headed straight to the General Hospital.

Mr. Bassey got to the hospital and called Frank, he told him the ward he was and Mr. Bassey went over to meet him.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Four (4) Continuation

Frank: Mr Bassey welcome.
Mr. Bassey: Thank you, where is she?
Frank: (points to the nearest door) She's in there, the doctors are
working on her.
Mr. Bassey: I hope she is okay.
Frank: Yes, the doctors said she is still unconscious.
Mr. Bassey: So where was she found?
Frank: She was found unconscious in an empty building, her body was all soaked with blood. She was raped!

Mr. Bassey: Raped? This is bad. I warned her but she didn't listen.
Frank: Did you know anything about her outing that night?
Mr. Bassey: She said she was going on a date with one Charlie.
Frank: The police need to be involved in this case, that Charlie needs
to be interrogated.
Mr. Bassey: Yes, but let me see how my daughter is faring first. Her safety is more important to me now than anything else, her mother will soon be here.

Mr. Bassey kept talking with Frank until Chika and her twins arrived
at the hospital. The doctors hadn't come out of the room yet.

Mr. Bassey introduced Frank to Chika and the twins, he also briefed
them of the situation.

Twenty minutes after Chika and the twins came over, the doctors came out of the room.
They rush over to the doctors.

Mr. Bassey: Doctor how is she?
Doctor 1: She's in a stable but critical condition right now, you
wouldn't be able to see her now.

Mr. Bassey: Ah, doctor. Please try all your best so she will be okay,
it's all her mother's fault. She allowed her to go on the date after
all my warning.

Doctor 1: You don't have to go with the blaming game now, I suggest
you report this case to the police. They will handle it well and bring
the culprits to justice.
Mr. Bassey: I will do that this afternoon.
Doctor 1: Okay, follow me to my office. You have to fill some details.

Mr. Bassey followed the Doctor to his office, he filled in some
details and paid for everything so that his daughter will be

He came out of the office and thanked Frank for the tip off, they both talked for a while before Mr. Bassey and his family zoomed off in their car.

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Re: The Rape
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More power to your elbow bro!
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Re: The Rape
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More power to your elbow bro!
More power to your elbow bro!

Thanks baba
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Re: The Rape
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Episode Five (5)

The News

Mr. Bassey drove to his house visibly angry after all that just
happened, he never dreamt a day such could happen to his family. His plans for the day have been shattered because of the unfortunate event,
what have happened have happened, he said to himself.

Chika on the other hand was afraid of both the event and what her
husband may say. It's all my fault, she said to herself. I shouldn't
have let her go the date despite all her father's warning, she also
said to herself. All she wanted now was for her daughter to be
alright, and then she could beg for her forgiveness.
She shed tears while they were in the car, apart from that she has to face Mr. Bassey
at home. She wish he will be calm this time.
The twins, Akpan and Agbo were both calm. They were sad, they both wished Rose had paid attention to their concern. What a pity! 

The two didn't say anything while they were in the car, just like their parents too didn't utter any word as they drove. Their father was
driving to reach home quick, while their mother was deep in her

The twins just wished their elder sister would get well soon.
They all got to the house and Mr. Bassey went straight to the bedroom without uttering any word, the twins and their mother stay in the living room.

Akpan: Mummy don't worry sister Rose will be fine.
Chika: Amen. That is also my prayer.
Agbo: So the doctor said she was still unconscious, what does that mean?
Chika: She just passed out I guess, I pray it is not coma. God forbid,
my daughter will never be in a coma. Never!
Akpan: Don't worry, she will be alright.
Chika: Yes.
Agbo: I'm a little hungry now.
Chika: Oh, let me get to the kitchen. Please pray for Rose.
Akpan: We will.

Chika went over to the kitchen, her husband was suprisingly calm. When things almost as bad as this happened, her husband was usually angry.
She didn't know what could be responsible for this? Could it be that
he was thinking it was all his fault? Chika thought as she preapared the food in the kitchen.

The food was ready and she served it to her twins in the living room,
they both said "thank you mum" as they had their food.

Agbo: You are so fast.
Chika: Your sister could have been faster.
Akpan: Mum, stop thinking about that. Sister Rose is going to be okay.
Chika: Yes, let me go to the bedroom and tell your dad that the food is ready.

Chika went into the bedroom and saw her husband lying down on the bed with his face on the ceilings, he was probably thinking Chika thought.

After waiting for a few moments Chika tapped him, he looked at her and smiled. Why was he smiling? Chika asked herself.

Chika: Darling, your food is ready.
Mr. Bassey: Okay, I will be there in a moment.

As Chika made to go Mr. Bassey told her to wait.

Mr. Bassey: My beautiful wife please don't be angry about what I said
earlier, about this being your fault. I have to be blamed, if only I
could have stopped her and not putting the blame on you.
Chika: It's nothing darling, people make mistakes.

Chika left the room and served Mr. Bassey's food at the dining room,
her two twins were already done eating theirs. They were fast eaters, the twins have tuned to their favourite DSTV channel.

Mr. Bassey had gone to the dining room, he was playing blues on his
phone as he was eating.
He wasn't done eating when he received a call from one of his
employees, the employee told Mr. Bassey to watch Channels TV at that

Mr. Bassey left the food he was eating as he went to the livingroom,
he told to twins to change the channel to Channels Tv.
When they did, the news read " The Daughter Of The CEO Beverage
International Nig. Ltd Daughter Have Been Raped After Getting Drunk In A Party". They said things that she was a wayward spoilt brat who always spent the night at the clubs wasting her father's money, hanging out with different boys and intimidating other girls with her money.

Mr. Bassey: They have finally goten me.
Chika: Aah, my daughter is not a wayway one.
Mr. Bassey: It must be Charlie, I was right all this time about him.
Chika: (shaking her head) So he was just using my daughter all this time.
Mr. Bassey: It seems Rose refused telling him anything about my
company, so he resorted to this. He will pay!

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Six (6)

Mr. Bassey At The Station

After Mr. Bassey finished watching the news he didn't bother going back to his food, he made for the door.
He was going to report the rape case to the police. Chika saw that he hadn't finish his food yet so she asked where he was heading to.

Chika: Darling, where are you going?
Mr. Bassey: The police station.
Chika: Good, but still you should finish your food before going there.
You need strength to talk.
Mr. Bassey: I know, but don't worry. I just had the right amount my
body needs now.
Chika: Well, if you say so.
Mr. Bassey: I will be right back.
Chika: Okay darling.

The twins were still at the living room, they heared everything their
parents discussed.

Akpan: So this is the work of daddy's rival.
Chika: Yes, but they will be disgraced. My daughter will be alive
and well, she will return back home to me soon.
Agbo: I believe so, but I wonder what people will say when they see
you or Dad. They may say you people didn't train us well.
Akpan: Our friends might be laughing at us too.

Chika: You two shouldn't care about what people may say, you both know your sister better than anyone. She's a very good girl, the one every
mother dreams of.
Agbo: Yes mama.

The twins tuned back to their favourite channel.

Few minutes later they heard a knock on their door, Akpan went over to check who it was. It was Rebecca.

Akpan: Aunty Rebecca!
Rebecca: How are you Akpan abi Agbo?
Akpan: It's Akpan.
Rebecca: Good, so where's your mother?
Akpan: She's inside, let me go in and tell her you are around.
Rebecca: Okay.

Akpan went in and told Chika that Rebecca was around, so she followed
Akpan to the living room.

Chika: Rebecca, Rebecca. How are you?
Rebecca: I'm just good ma'am.
Chika: I can see that already in your body.
Rebecca: Hmm, you are funny ma.
Chika: Hmm, I believe you have heard about what happened to your friend.
Rebecca: Yes, I did. So I rushed down to the hospital but the Doctors said I couldn't see her yet.
Chika: I pray she gets well soon.
Rebecca: Yes, but I wish she listened to my advice. This wouldn't have happened if she did so.
Chika: You warned her too?

Rebecca: Yes, I warned her when she told me she had a date with that Charlie. I told her not to trust him.

Chika: Ewo o, my husband also talked about this Charlie.
Rebecca: He must have known Charlie, Charlie is a strong man in your
husband's rival company.
Chika: Oh, I see. So he tried using my daughter to know my husband's
company secrets.
Rebecca: Exactly Ma. I pray she recovers soon.
Chika: She will.
Rebecca: I hope you people have reported the case to the police.
Chika: My husband is on his way to the police station.
Rebecca: Good, Charlie and his friends must be brought to justice.
Chika: Yes. Thank you very much for your concern.
Rebecca: It's nothing ma'am. What are friends for?
Chika: You are the only friend of hers that has come.
Rebecca: I believe the rest are on their way, they will be here anytime.
Chika: Maybe, they could only be fair weather friends.
Rebecca: I met a friend of hers at the hospital, his name is Frank.
Chika: Oh yes, he was the one who called my husband on phone to inform him.
Rebecca: That's nice of him.
Chika: Yes.
Rebecca: I will be in contact with you people to know the latest
updates, I will also be visiting Rose at the hospital.
Chika: Thank you very much.
Rebecca: It's nothing ma'am.

The two of the kept on discussing.

(At The Police Station)

Mr. Bassey had already reached the police station, he was with an
officer inside the office.

On his way to the police station many people who knew his car tried
stopping him to ask questions, but he waved them off.

He had explained everything to officer Titus.

Officer Titus: I have heard you sir, I and my boys will go very deep
into this issue. The punishment for rape is life imprisonment.

Mr. Bassey: Very good, they will pay for what they did to my daughter.
They want to ruin my family.
Officer Titus: We will arrest the suspect and we will get his gang members too.
Mr. Bassey: (smiles) I really appreciate sir.
Officer Titus: It's my work.

The officer and Mr. Bassey talked for a while then the later decided to head home.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Seven (7)

The Five Men Gang

( At Charlie's Place )

Charlie and the other four men who gang raped Rose were chilling at his house, they had completed their evil plan.

The real man behind the rape was Mr. Bassey's rival company CEO (Mr. Ibrahim). Mr. Bassey's company got more customers and clients than his.

Mr. Ibrahim had planned several times to get hold of the secrets of
Mr. Bassey's company, he tried many times but failed. He then sent Charlie as a spy to get information about Mr. Bassey's company, by Charlie pretending to love Rose. The plan almost worked as
Rose got into Charlie so much, but she was careful anytime Charlie
starts a topic about her father's company.

Since the plan failed Mr. Ibrahim ran out of options, he thought to
damage Mr. Bassey's image. He wanted to make him look irresponsible so
that clients will run away from Mr. Bassey's company.

He told Charlie to rape Rose and then he will go to a TV station through one of his man, and also use a bad headline.
Charlie agreed on the deal and went along with four of his former gang member when he was still in the street, before he got his recent job.

Charlie called Rose that they were going for a date and that he had a
suprise for her.
Rose out of love and her innocence went to the date but unfortunately she fell into the plan of Charlie and his evil boss Mr. Ibrahim.

After gang raping Rose and she became unconscious, Charlie called Mr. Ibrahim that the evil deed was done.
Mr. Ibrahim laughed and smiled as he got the news, he proceeded to a TV station through one of his man who was a journalist to report the news with a bad headline.

Mr. Ibrahim didn't care if Charlie and his men were caught because he had connections in the police focre, this made Charlie and his men feel untouchable.

Mr. Ibrahim plan had come to pass and he was just waiting for events to unfold, and also waiting for the downfall of Mr. Bassey's company.

For Charlie fulfiling the plan means a lot more to him, he was going
to be promoted in the office with some goodies attached.

Charlie had settled his former gang members nicknamed Baddo, Umaga, Rambo and Kala.

The five of them were at Charlie's house after the evil deed the night
before, it was a work free day for Charlie.

He called Mr. Ibrahim as he and his accomplices drank all sorts of
drinks in the house.
Mr. Ibrahim picked the call.

Charlie: Hello sir.
Mr. Ibrahim: Charlie, Charlie.
Charlie: Yes boss. I called to know how things are going over there.
Mr. Ibrahim: Fine, fine.
Charlie: That's good sir.
Mr. Ibrahim: Just as we agreed your promotion letter is already waiting for you. And some goodies ofcourse.

Charlie: That's okay sir.
Mr. Ibrahim: As for your four accomplices I will pay them more. As for
police protection don't worry, even if you five are arrested you will
be out soon enough.

Charlie: Thank you sir.
Mr. Ibrahim: Okay, I will get back to you later.

The call came to an end, Charlie told his four accomplices what Mr.
Ibrahim told him. They hailed him as they played music loudly.

( Back At Mr. Bassey's Place )

Mr. Bassey had arrived home after meeting with the police officer
Titus, before he arrived Rebecca had already left.

Chika: Hello darling.
Mr. Bassey: Yes my love.
Chika: How was it?
Mr. Bassey: It went fine, the police have promised me that they will get to the bottom of the case.
Chika: That's good.
Mr. Bassey: This is surely Mr. Ibrahim's handwork, he wants to tarnish my image and my company. It won't work, I'm out for him. I will go to a TV station and to some newspapers, I am out for them.

Chika: Yes, they won't win.
Mr. Bassey: Okay dear, let me rest for a little while.
Chika: Oh, by the way Rebecca came here. She is the only friend of
Rose who came here.
Mr. Bassey: That's nice of her. The rest must be fair weather friends.

Mr. Bassey went inside to rest for a while as he expected officer Titus' call.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Eight (8)

The Five Men Gang Arrested

Three days have passed since the rape incident, the police had be doing their investigation in the case.

Rose was yet to regain consciousness and this made her family very
worried, they visited the hospital in those three days and the doctors kept reassuring them that she will be okay.

The news broadcast influenced by Mr. Ibrahim against Mr. Bassey via his daughter's rape would have brought down his reputation, but Mr.
Bassey did his publications via various media station just like he promised.

This had made Mr. Ibrahim to get confuse, the plan to bring
down Mr. Bassey via her daughter's rape seems not to be working.

Mr. Bassey had placed his hope on the police to help him get justice,
he had thought about hiring mercenaries to take care of Mr. Ibrahim
but he waved it off because it was not his way of doing things.

Mr. Bassey had got to know more about Frank, he learnt Frank was in the hospital just to do a research/survey of how things worked there.

When Rose was brought in he recognised her and immediately called Mr. Bassey.

Mr. Bassey was very grateful for what he did.

Mr. Bassey would have returned to work the next day after they went to the hospital to see Rose, but members of his staff advised him to relax at home for a little while.

The twins Agbo and Akpan will resume school the next week, they both had really missed their sister.

(At Mr. Bassey's Home)

Mr. Bassey was alone with Chika in the living room.

Chika: Darling.
Mr. Bassey: Yes.
Chika: I hope the police are really working on this case, we haven't
heard anything from them since you came back.
Mr. Bassey: Let's just put our trust on the police, you know this case is very serious. The police have to be careful so that they won't make mistake.

Chika: You are right.
Mr. Bassey: As for Mr. Ibrahim he will get caught in his own trap,
after the gang have been discovered everything will be pointed at him.
Everyone will see how evil he is, and he will end up destroying

Chika: Nice words my dear, he will surely get caught in his own trap.

Mr. Bassey: How are my two sons coping with their big sis absence?
Chika: They are already feeling her absence very much, it's not like
before. They are very attached to Rose.
Mr. Bassey: Hmm, they shouldn't worry. Their big sister will be up anytime soon.
Chika: Yes. Their school resumes next week, I will start their
preparations tomorrow.
Mr. Bassey: Okay, that's good.

Mr. Bassey received a call from an unknown number and he answered it.

Mr. Bassey: Hello, who's on the line?
Unknown Number: It's I Officer Titus. Come to the police station
straight away, the suspects have be caught.

Mr. Bassey: What?! I will be there in a moment, thank you very much.

Mr. Bassey dropped his phone with a little sign of relieve.

Chika: Darling what's it?
Mr. Bassey: The police have caught the suspects.
Chika: What?! This is very good. Let's hurry down to the station.

Mr. Bassey and Chika drove off to the police station, when they got
there the security was much than before because of the captured suspects.

Mr. Bassey and Chika walked to Officer Titus office, he wasn't around so they had to wait for a few minutes before he came back.

Officer Titus: I'm sorry for keeping you waiting.
Mr. Bassey: It's really nothing sir. I came with my wife (points at Chika).
Officer Titus: (to Chika) Welcome madam.
Chika: Thank you officer.
Officer Titus: Alright. Mr. Bassey we have caught the suspects, after my boys did a little work on them they finally confessed. They are five, their leader is one Charlie.

Mr. Bassey: Aah! I knew it must be him.
Officer Titus: That's not all, they said they were sent to do the
dirty job by Mr. Ibrahim.
Mr. Bassey: Officer they must be dealt with according to the law.
Officer Titus: Yes, they will be dealt with by the law.
Chika: So what are the names of Charlie gang members?
Officer Titus: They call themselves Baddo, Rambo, Umaga and Kala.
Chika: Aah, such stupid names.
Officer Titus: Let me take you two to where they are whether you can recognize them, then later we will talk about the next step.
Mr. Bassey: Okay officer.

They both followed Officer Titus to see the gang members.

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Re: The Rape
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Episode Nine (9)

The Death Of Rose!!

Mr. Bassey and his wife Chika went over to the police station after
officer Titus called them to come over.

They had arrived at the police station and had a brief discussion with
Officer Titus, and he said they should follow him to see the suspects before they can discuss futher and to know if Mr. Bassey and Chika would recognise any of the other ones.

They both followed Officer Titus and got to the jail where Charlie and his fellow gang members were.

When Mr. Bassey got there he was so furious after seeing Charlie, he
had to maintain his cool because he was a well known man.

Chika on the other hand felt like going inside the jail and beat them
up but she looked at Mr. Bassey and the look on his face told her to
calm down.

Charlie and his gang members were just looking at the three of them and smiling at the same time.

Officer Titus: Do you recognise any of them apart from Charlie?
Mr. Bassey: No, I don't. Chika what of you?
Chika: I don't either.
Chika: ( To Charlie and his gang members) You people are still smiling
abi, don't worry very soon you will be crying.

Kala: You no reach o.
Chika: (To Kala) Eh? You will waste in this jail.
Kala: Na your daughter go waste for hospital.
Chika: (Furious) God punish you!
Mr. Bassey: You people are not even being remorseful.

Officer Titus: Crime have really eaten deep into them, the punishment for their crime is life imprisonment.
Umaga: Na who go go life imprisonment? Your papa!

Officer Titus: You are talking to an officer of the law.
Umaga: Officer kill you, chairmo go free us soon.
Officer Titus: What? Who is this chairmo?

Charlie: Umaga ignore them.
Mr. Bassey: It must be Mr. Ibrahim.
Officer Titus: Don't worry I will make sure you people get to the court.
Chika: Officer they sound so confident.
Officer Titus: I know, but I will try my best as an officer of the law.
Chika: Thank you very much sir.
Officer Titus: Okay, we can go back to my office now.

They all went back to Officer Titus office.

Officer Titus: Forget about what you heard there about them saying their chairmo will get them out.
Chika: Officer they were so confident when they said that, that means
their boss must be someone in a very high position.
Officer Titus: I know there are bad eggs in the police force, but as
an officer of the law I wouldn't stop fighting for justice.
Mr. Bassey: Thank you very much officer.
Officer Titus: I'm just doing my job. Let's proceed.....

Officer Titus phone rang, it was the commissioner of police (CP).
Officer Titus: Good day sir.
CP: Good day. I want you to release the five men you arrested for rape immediately.
Officer Titus: (Suprised) But sir.....
CP: It's an order!
Officer Titus: (Sad) Okay sir.

The call ended and Officer Titus was very angry.

Officer Titus: (Hits his hand on his desk) Damn it! Damn it!
Mr. Bassey: Officer, what's the matter?
Officer Titus: Can you imagine? The commisioner of police just called me to release those rapists! Those mad dogs!

Mr. Bassey: What? You mean the commissioner himself?
Officer Titus: I'm afraid yes.
Chika: Aah...
Officer Titus: I will release them now, but I wouldn't stop my investigation.

Mr. Bassey received a text from Frank saying he should come to the
hospital immediately.
Mr. Bassey: Thank you officer, I have to rush down to the hospital
immediately. I just got a text message.
Officer Titus: Alright, I hope you daughter is okay.
Mr. Bassey: She will be.

Mr. Bassey and Chika left the police station and were not with the outcome but they
hoped everything was fine with Rose.

They reached the hospital and met Frank, Frank tried his best to put on a smiling face but both parents knew it was fake.

Mr. Bassey: Take us to the doctor.
Frank: Okay sir.

Frank led to the doctor office, he stepped away to a far distance and started crying.

Mr. Bassey and Chika exchanged greetings with the Doctor in charge.

Mr. Bassey: Doctor, so how is my daughter doing?
Doctor: Mr. Bassey..... I'm sorry, she didn't make it. She died just
an hour ago.

Mr. Bassey: (shouts) What! Why me?!
Chika: I'm dead, chi o. How will her brothers take the news?

Doctor: We did our best sir.

Mr. Bassey and Chika sat on the floor and cried out loud.

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