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Good afternoon fans,

I'm so happy that I have written 100 episodes in The Seven Colours . I hope you guys have been enjoying the story, I'm sure you do.

Today, in order to celebrate the 100 episodes I'm going to list down things you never knew about the story. I'm not going to include the recent tournament arc....

1. The 7 Colours Was Supposed To Be A Story About Outlaws:

Actually the first tittle of the story was "The Outlaws" because I wanted to write about outlaws and their fight against an evil Queen. But I changed my mind after the first episode and renamed the story to the "7 Colours".

2. The 7 Colours Was Susposed To End At Episode 27:

My initial plan was to end the story at episode 27 after the fight against Priest was over. But an idea just pop out in my head and I decided to continue the story, and I'm happy I continued.
I have created awesome characters because I went ahead and the story got better.

3. Queen Elizabeth Was Susposed To Be Killed By Angel:

During the war against the Vadems, the plan was for Angel to finish off Queen Elizabeth and end the war. But I then decided to create Priest as the main villain, and Queen Elizabeth actions were justified.

4. Skipper Was Never Supposed To Be In The Story:

The Elephant kingdom was supposed to be a kingdom of losers, at least that's why I created it. But during the Emperor saga, I wanted them to participate in the war, so I created Skipper as their hero. I'm so happy I created her, and she's among my top characters.

5. Angel Was Supposed To Be One Of The Colours:

Well, that was the plan but I dumped it after I created the Flower kingdom.

6. Angel Killed The Conjurer:

Lol, I bet a lot of you had no idea right?
I used the terms white haired girl and death fists to give you guys a tip.

7. Black Mist Wasn't To Be Killed

The orginal plan was to make Black Mist a recurring villain, but when I revealed Angel's real power there was nothing stopping her.

8. Angel Made Skipper Reach Sage Mode:
This is the only detail in the tournament arc that I will include. After Fury's attack, Skipper talked to Angel about getting stronger and she (Angel) suggested sage mode. Angel created her clone to create the perfect dimension for Skipper as she alter time there, and also she made Skipper not to age in her hundred years in the dimension.

I'm so glad I have writting 100 episodes for this awesome story.

I have realised that I have only focused majorly on Silver and Red among the seven colours, but I will focus on the others as the story continues.

This is all for now, thanks guys.

© CEO Encafe Forums!!
Stories / Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
© Encafe Forums!!

In the magic world of Spell, there lives a boy in the kingdom of Wand called Zik.
In Spell humans sign contracts with animals/beasts in order to use their magic abilities, and protect their kingdoms. Whenever a contract is signed, a tattoo called crest appears on the human's body.
This story is about Zik who has always been bullied and he couldn't find any animal/beast to sign contract with, this changed when he met a dying dragon.........

Coming Soon.......
Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to the year 2018 dear fans of Encafe Forums. I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous year as you work to make your dreams come true.

I will like to thank you guys for staying with me last year and I hope you will do the same this year. I will keep writing good stories and update episodes in order to entertain you.

Read this wonderful and short new year story here if you haven't seen it yet.


Happy New Year!!!

© CEO Clinton
Stories / Short Story: The Stolen New Year Gift
Hello Encafe fans, I'm going to write a short new year story from tomorrow in order to celebrate our entry into 2018.
I would have written a short Christmas story but I was too busy and I fell ill (I'm still recovering).


A special New Year gift was stolen and some kids began looking for the gift as they traced the thieves.
The gift stolen is said to be able to grant any wish and that's probably why it was stolen.

Would the kids be able to get the gift before the new year comes? Or will the thieves open it and make their wish?

Coming Soon From Tomorrow

Happy New Year In Advance!!!
Good morning all! Merry Christmas to all Encafe Forums fans.
A lot of Christian faithfuls all over the world would be celebrating today as a remembrance of the birth of their lord and personal saviour, Jesus Christ.

I endeavour you all to spend some time with your family, trust me it's going to be fun.

I wish you guys a merry christmas and a prosperous new year in advance, see you guys next time.

Note: I'm sick so I wouldn't be able to write episodes today, please stay with me. I will get back as soon as I get well.

Enjoy guys!! I love you all!
Stories / The Rape
© Encafe Forums!!

This is a story I wrote 11 months ago in my former blog 

I decided to drop it here because you guys are going to love it.

A girl Rose in her early twenties was gang raped by her most trusted friend in the world Charlie and his friends, investigation was launched into the case but Charlie and his friends came out clean
because they have a connection in the police.

Will Charlie and his friends be held to justice at the end?

What was their motive for raping Rose?

Coming Soon.....
Sex Stories / 18+ Christina Season Two
© Encafe Forums!!

Read Season 1 here

I hope you guys remember me saying I would write special episodes for Christina this month, but I didn't because I was too occupied.
I decided therefore that I would make it a season 2 and be updating in on Sundays starting from tomorrow.


The trio of Christina, Esther and Juvia are back again three years after the end of the first season.
The hot and adventurous girls are ready for more adventures as they seek to satisfy their sexual fantasies.

Coming Soon.....
Sex Stories / 18+ The New Male Teacher Season Two
© Encafe Forums!!

Read Season 1 here

I was done with this story but a reader that loved it messaged me to continue, so I decided to start writing a new season and it will be updated every Wednesday.


Mr. King is back again to fuck more students pussies and assholes to fulfill his sexual fantasies.
After the previous encounter with the league of female teachers, he's come back stronger after fucking them all.
Who's the next student that's going to get fucked???

Coming Soon On Wednesday...

NOTE: I will only be updating this story on wednesdays because I'm currently writing four stories
Stories / Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Five
© Encafe Forums

Read Season 1 here

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Read Season 3 here

Read Season 4 here

The seven dark sages has been defeated with the help of the snake Goddess Ubi, and just then a new threat has arised in the horizon.

Nde Mmuo (people of the spirits) and the dragon God had emerged at the land where no magic works, signifying what could be the end of the human race.

Meanwhile Dokubo and his squad had gone back to search for Ubi missing white snake, while Clinton and the others had gone back to the kingdom as they prepared to train harder.

Coming Soon....
Stories / Code Zero
© Encafe Forums!!

A secret organisation of the world government named CODE is responsible for eliminating threats that would destroy the world peace.

With the help of agent David popularly known as Smoker the world had maintained its peace.

However, everything took a different turn as an evil organisation called Zero which was headed by Boss Clinton led the world into a state of chaos.
Just when they thought Clinton was the only problem an assasin named Favour started eliminating government officials.

And so things turned out for the worse and it's now up to CODE and its bestman David to return peace to the world.

Coming Soon......
Sex Stories / 30+ Sex And Guns
© Encafe Forum!!

WARNING!! This Story Is Strictly For Adults And It May Contain Sexual Activities You Don't Like Such As Rape

The world of Sodom has developed fifteen years after the end of Sodom season 2.

The sight of people fucking in the street and people getting raped was common and a lot of people don't give a fuck about it.

Pants are tored, pussies and anus and are pounded by hard, rock and erect dicks.

Armed robbery events are always on the news as both men and women are being molested, raped and fucked by perverts and sex lovers.

The government is also facing a crisis as most of its head are perverts and sex lovers who sleeps with employees.

Animals are not spared either......

Coming Soon......
Poems / The Tide Changes

It has been a while here, I had to drop a poem today.

It's a good day today
Everything was so fine yesterday
We expect a better tomorrow
We want everything to always be the same.

Alas, this is life
Things changes after the dawn
Things changes after the twilight
We can never tell what will happen tomorrow
We can never see tomorrow

We make tomorrow
Tomorrow don't make us
You are the head today
You might be the tail tomorrow

Tide changes, o yes
Will you adapt or fall out?
The tide changes just like evolution
The strongest survives
And the weak falls

What is bad today may be good tomorrow
What is good today may be bad tomorrow
Things can never remain the same
There's always a room for change.

When the tide changes
Will you fall out
Or will you stand?
The tide will always change.

Thanks for reading.

© Encafe Forums
Stories / Into The Depth Of Hell Season Two
© Encafe Forums!!

Read season one here

A revelation have been made that Ekwensu with the league of other God(s) in the heavens have waged war against Chukwu who is the ruler.
Three humans have left and it is now up to Chibueze, Nneka, Eja, Oru', Nkem and the dragon Red to fight back.
Will they be able to make it in time before Chukwu is overthroned?

Coming Soon.....
Stories / Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
© Encafe Forums

The Season 4 of one of my popular stories; Clinton and the seven witches is coming soon.

Read Season 1 here

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The four dark witches are finally back and have unleashed an army of ten thousand of their minions to attack Alimadu kingdom with anything in their path.

This is just the first wave as the witches are planning something big, will Clinton and his comrades be able to stop them?

Coming Soon....
Sex Stories / 18+ Clinton The Pervert
© Encafe Forums

The story "Clinton The Pervert" is about a teenager who likes peeking at girls bathroom, pulling their panties without them being aware and also pleasuring them when the chance present itself.
He is not alone as he is the captain of "Watch Pussy Crew" which is made up of four boys.

Coming Soon.....