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Stories / Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
Episode TwentySeven (27) Continuation

Ahh!! Lucy screamed and started panting as her crest almost burnt and she was down on her knees in the forest of Wand, and Captain with the others turned back.

Christina: What's wrong sis?

They all noticed the smoke coming from her crest.

Eden: What's wrong?
Christina: Sis.
Lucy: I'm all right.

Captain: Your crest have a link with Zik and Sonia's right?
Lucy: Yes.
Captain: Maybe, it has to do with one of them.
Sonia: Do you mean they could be in trouble?
Captain: More likely.

Eden: We don't need to worry about them right now, it could be something else. And we have our mission to do.
Lucy: Yes. I guess that you are right. I mean it's Zik that we are talking about. He got Draco by his side.
Christina: Don't worry sis, they will be all right.

Mary didn't say a word as her patnership card with Zik was torned.

Mary: (In her mind) Zik, Maria, I hope you guys are okay.

Captain: (In his mind) The link is unmistakable, something must be wrong with the other two or one of them is asking for help.

Eden: Come on guys, we still have a lot to cover.

Anna returned back to Ram and Sam who were expecting her to come back with Sonia.

Sam: Where are they.
Anna: She managed to escape but her bodyguard is unconscious right now.
Sam: I see.

Ram: So you couldn't catch them even with Melody fairy spirit. I would have done better, or maybe you got so cocky and was suprised by her bodyguard.

Sam: That's enough Ram. We completed the mission. That's all that matters.
Ram: That's nothing bad in adding bonuses to packages.
Anna: Shut up!
Ram: Know your place Anna.

Sam: Quiet you two, I wonder where Zik and his sister are.
Ram: You two are so incompetent.
Anna: It must be the Kings.
Sam: Let's go. Our mission is completed.

Maria opened her eyes and found herself in an unfamiliar place, she looked around and realised that she was in a large royal room and she wore a royal gown.

Maria: Where the hell am I? And who changed my clothes? Is there any one here?

And just then Ice appeared as she had grown larger but it was no problem since the room could contain her.

Maria: Ice!
Ice: (Smiles) Maria!!
Maria: Do you have any idea about where we are?
Ice: Yes, we are in Eastward. Be careful Maria.

Ice immediately disappeared and the door to the room Maria was opened, and a man dressed in a royal garment of servants entered.

Henry: You are awake lady Maria, the name is Henry, and I am your faithful servant.

Maria: Hey! Are you the one who changed my clothes?
Henry: No, I would never do such a thing. It was the chief maid Esther who did so, and it was because your other dress doesn't befit a Queen like you.

Maria: Shut up! My mum bought that cloth for me.
Henry: I'm sorry my lady. Please punish me so that I may learn.
Maria: No, it's okay.

Maria looked around the place and indeed confirmed that it was a royal house.

Maria: (In her mind) I don't get what he's saying but I think I just have to play along for now.

Henry: Dinner is ready, the king awaits you.
Maria: Okay. Lead the way.
Henry: My pleasure!!

Maria fell down as she hadn't wore a high heel before and she felt embarrassed, but Henry helped her.

Henry: There you go, my lady.
Maria: Thanks.

Meanwhile Zik was tied up to a tree inside a cafe, and a middle aged man (Morgan) was  sitting near a fire and was roasting some meat.

Zik: Untie me right now old man!

Morgan turned over to him and returned back to eating his roasted meat.

Zik: Stop looking at me that way old man! I'm starving!!
Morgan: (Smiles) You should have said so.

And so a new turn of event have occured!! Where is Maria? Who is Morgan? Who are the Lords? And what is Sonia next step after those she cares about are missing?

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Stories / Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
Episode TwentySeven (27)

Separated Again X Different Places

Zik and Maria were so excited to see Sonia and Ferdinand, and so was Sonia as tears dripped down from her eyes.

Sonia: Zik!!
Zik: Sonia!
Sonia: I'm coming over!

The two groups ran excited to meet each other but just then a giant cobra snake appeared, and it caused commotion as the place became crowded.

Maria made to fly but she found herself being tied up by a little snake.

Maria: Nothing is going to stop me from seeing Sonia!

Maria looked beside her and was that Zik was missing and there was a hole near there.

Maria: When did this happen. Animal spi.....

And just when Maria was about to call on Ice, the little snake bite her crest and she passed out.

Sonia and Ferdinand on the other hand were surrounded by a group of Casters.

Sonia: Who are you people?

Ram: We are with the Lords, and the name is Ram.
Sonia: The Lords? And why did you surround us?
Ram: Orders. We were ordered to make sure that you never met Zik.
Sonia: Why?

Ram: It's very simple, things won't go our way if you two meet.

One of the Caster immediated knocked Ram.

Sam: You talk too much Ram, she doesn't need to know anything.

Sonia: Damn all of you, I'm going go meet Zik no matter what.

Ram: I'm sure you know about us, we are no mere Casters. Anna take care of the princess and her body guard.

Anna: Yes.

Ferdinand immediately stood before Sonia.

Ferdinand: I can take care of them my lady.
Sonia: They are the Lords, you stand no chance.
Ferdinand: I know, that's why I mustn't let them get you.

Ram: Hahaha! So touching, it makes me feel like a bad guy.

Anna: Shut up Ram, you talk too much.
Ram: I'm your superior b*tch.
Sam: She answers to me.
Ram: Okay, okay.

While they were still engrossed in their bickering, Ferdinand and Sonia had made their escape.

Ram: They are gone. What a drag, maybe I should have watched them more closely. Yes, that would....
Sam: Anna, go after them.
Anna: Yes.

Sonia and Ferdinand were flying over a forest on her red flames phoenix.

Sonia: I hope Zik and Maria would be okay.
Ferdinand: They didn't mention anything about them. It's safe to assume that they are fine.

And just then they heard Anna's sweet voice and they turned back and saw her flying on her fairy wings.

She was singing a wonderful tone and Sonia with Ferdinand were gradually falling for her beast spirit ability.

Sonia: She's getting too close.
Ferdinand: Yes. You must escape alone my lady.
Sonia: No, I can't leave you behind.
Ferdinand: You must! You can find Zik later when you are safe from these monsters.

And just then Ferdinand jumped off from the red flames phoenix and pounced on the unsuspecting Anna, who was singing with her eyes closed.

Sonia: Ferdinand!!!

Sonia's voice drowned as the red flames Phoenix flew very far away, and Ferdinand was struggling with Anna on the air.

Anna: Leave me alone you lowlife!
Ferdinand: Call me what ever you want, I wouldn't let you touch my lady.
Anna: Okay then, idiot!

Aaahh! Ferdinand screamed as he was kicked to the ground by an angry Anna.

Anna: Damn that low life.

Anna looked at the horizon and saw that Sonia was long gone.

Anna: It doesn't matter, our mission have been completed. She's not meeting Zik.

Sonia was on top of her Phoenix as she cried.

Sonia: I finally got the chance but they took him away from me. Zik, Maria and Ferdinand, I couldn't do anything to stop them. All I could do was to run away. I'm so terrible.

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Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
Episode One Hundred And TwentyFive (125) Continuation

Red was done eating the fire ball given to him by Ace, and he had gone back to his normal power level and red flames enveloped his entire body.

Red: It's time for some action!!

Tracy: Pervert!!

Red turned back knowing that he was the one Tracy was referring to.

Tracy: Get over here! My big sis is asking for you!
Red: Okay.

Red went over to where they were and saw that Racy was beaten up badly and her cloth were torned from a blast, so Tracy covered Racy's boobs with her hand and Red smiled.

Tracy: Don't look at my sister's boobs or I'm going to kill you, pervert.
Red: (Smiles) Sure. (In his mind) Who am I kidding?

Racy: There are two more enemies, you are going to need my help.
Red: Relax, I can take care of them. Besides, you can't do anything in the shape you are in.

Racy: Yea, transfer a little of your magic energy to me.
Tracy: Sis! You don't mean?
Racy: Yes.
Tracy: No way! He's a pervert!

Red: You don't really have to fight, you know.
Racy: I have to! This is my kingdom and I can't let you guys save us without doing anything!
Tracy: Huh.
Red: (Smiles) All right, you just convinced me. So.....

Before Red knew what's next, his lips was locked against Racy's and they both kissed as he transfered some of his magic energy to her.

Tracy was shocked with her mouth wide open at the way Racy was kissing Red.

Tracy: This can't be real!!

Red was out of this world, and Racy stopped as she licked the saliva dripping down from her lips.

Red: (In his mind) This must be one of my daylight dreams.

Tracy: You didn't have to kiss him that way you know. You have never kissed me that way before.
Racy: I did what I had to do.
Tracy: (To Red) Don't think that you are now friends with my sister, you are still our enemy. Pervert!
Red: We are friends now!

And just then Racy shattered ice spikes directed at them with her lightening, and the three of them stood up.

Standing before them were New and Newman who were overflowing with their aura.

Racy: Tracy, go somewhere safe.
Tracy: Bu....
Racy: Just go!
Tracy: Okay.

Tracy left and it was now Red and Racy against New and Newman.

Racy: I will take the ice user.
Red: I will deal with the fire newbie.

New: Choose your words wisely.

New's body was engulfed in flames and he went after Red.

Red: It's time for fun.

New and Red clashed their fists and the water below them evaporated.

New: Flames temper.

New sent very hot red flames at Red, but Red just stretched his body.

Red: You call that hot flames?
New: Flames dragon!!

A red flames dragon immediately descended on Red but he grabbed it and started eating it to New's suprise.

New: (In his mind) He's eating flames??

Red was done with eating the dragon flames and his power level increased as his flames got hotter, and New move back a little.

Red: I'm fired up now!!

Racy and Newman clash had already started as she was dodging his ice spikes.

Racy: You are not going to stop me Newman, even my kid sister can deal with you.

Meanwhile, Tracy came out of hiding and moved closer to the battle ground, and she was with Pigi.

Tracy: There's no way I will leave my sister alone.
Pigi: I guess we have one thing in common. I like those guys.

Ace grandpa meet up with him in the tower.

Grandpa: I guess it's not exactly like I said in the story.
Ace: Yea, but all that matters is that the heroes are here.
Grandpa: Yea, you are right son.

And so the clash have finally began!!!

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Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
Episode One Hundred And TwentyFive (125)

An All Out Lightening Attack!! X Green Kicks!!

The Four Pillars all crashed to the ground as they didn't see Green earth pillars coming, and they stood up as they dusted their bodies.

Sharplit: What was that? We didn't see that attack.
Litman: It was just a fluke.

And just then they looked up in the sky and saw Green descending on them with giant snakes made out from the earth, and they were shaken after feeling his infinite amount of magic energy.

Sharplit: This guy is no joke!

Green: Earth serpents!! Serpent dance!!

The giant snakes went after the four Pillars who immediately powered up.

Sharplit: Lightening avalanche!! Ball of roaring thunder!!

Lit & Litman: Lit balls!!

Thunder: Roaring thunder!!

The earth serpents immediately attacked them, as they countered with their moves.

Sharplit's body was filled with lightening more than the others, and he had created a huge ball of lightening with a lot of magic energy.

Just as he thought that the earth serpent would come for him directely, the earth serpent circled around him and pounced on him.

Aaah!! Sharplit screamed as the ground around him caved in and he was wounded in the chest and unable to move.

Sharplit: Who is this guy?

Lit, Litman and Thunder all crashed into a building as they screamed and Green made the serpents to vanish.

The trio could barely stand up, but they tried their best as they shaked.

Litman: There's no way I'm going to get beaten by a Free Zoner!

The three of them were immediately shocked to their bones as Green was closing in on them with an intimidating force, but they immediately powered up with lightening running all over their bodies and went after him.

Lit: There's no way that we are losing to a Free Zoner!!

Thunder: Roaring thunder!!

Thunder made a roaring ball of lightening and tried to blast Green, but he reflected it back at Thunder and Thunder screamed as he was blasted back by his own attack.

Lit: (In his mind) There's no way this guy is a Free Zoner!
Litman: (In his mind) It's just impossible!!

Lit and Litman made to kick Green with their lightening leg but he blocked it, and just as they were about to punch him, he kicked them to the roof of a buiding and they came out in the open.

The roof was slippery since it was raining and they fell to ground, and were almost pierced by spikes on the ground.

Litman: That guy is unbelievable!!

The citizens of the Lightening capital were shocked as they watched in the magic screens, how one person (a Free Zoner) could take on the Four Pillars so easily.

Ace: That guy! He's badass!

Racy, Bon and Clay smiled as they looked up at the screens.

Bon: Give them hell!

Tracy: Sis! You are alive.
Racy: Of course, I am. I promised to take care of you, so I can't die yet.
Tracy: (Smiles) That's my big sister, you are the best.

Raiden was visibly angry as he saw the way Green was wrecking the Four Pillars, so he immediately destroyed the magic screens.

Raiden: Damn it!! I will deal with him.

Yellow: Don't forget that I'm here, ignore me and you will regret it. FYI, you can't beat my brother Green, he's a hundred times stronger than I am. He haven't even used a glimpse of his powers.

Raiden: Don't mock the Pillars.
Yellow: Bring it on!

Raiden immediately powered up and blue lightening started running through his body and his hairs were a bit spiky. And just then he went after Yellow, and as their fists clashed in the rain there was flash of lightening in the sky and a loud roaring as they were now getting serious to battle.

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Sex Stories / Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
Episode One Hundred And Eleven (111) Continuation

Aaahh!! God! Oh my fucking God! This is so fucking great! Oh! I love this! So fucking great! Teacher Anita moaned out as Clinton forced his huge dick into her tight anus and it was so fucking sweet as she could feel him inside her.

Anita: Oh my God!! I can feel you inside me. Ah!! This is going to be so great.
Clinton: Brace yourself!!

And just then Clinton immediately started fucking her tight and sweet anus with his huge cock as they both moaned out, because it was just so fucking sweet!!

Anita: Oh my God! Oh my God! Fuck! Fuck! God! This is fucking sweet! Don't spot! Don't stop! This is too sweet! Ahh! God! You are the fucking best Clinton! You are so fucking sweet.

Clinton: Aaahh!! You are so fucking good! Ah!! Oh my God! You are so fucking sweet, you hottie! Aah!!
Anita: Yea! Fuck! Fuck! Don't stop! Keep fucking my ass hole! Ahh!! Oh my God!! Oh my God! This is too sweet!

Teacher Anita could feel his sweet huge dick rampaging inside her tight sweet anus, and the pleasure she was receiving was unbelievable and the only thing she wanted at their moment was for Clinton to keep fucking her tight asshole.

The sweetness was just too great for her to handle, as every thrust deep inside her anus sent an unlimited wave of sexual pleasure. And it was so fucking good as she felt his huge dick going to and fro movement deep inside her anus, and that was all the pleasure she could ask of in this world. And at that moment, Clinton was her God!

Anita: Aaah!! Oh my God! Don't stop! Don't stop! I love this! Keep fucking my asshole! I'm fucking going to cum! I can fucking feel it! This is so fucking great!! God!!

Clinton continued fucking her sweet and tight anus more harder as she moaned out with her mouth wide open, and tears started dripping down from her eyes as it was just so fucking sweet!

Anita: Oh my God! I'm fucking going to cum! This is too sweet!

Aaahh!! Teacher Anita moaned out as Clinton gave her huge ass a hot spank and she smiled.

Anita: Oh yea! Give it to me! Give it to me! This is just too sweet! Please don't stop! Don't stop! You are my life! Aaahh!!

Clinton couldn't stop fucking her tight anus as it was so fucking sweet, and he was hitting her harder like never before as he smiled and kept spanking her sweet huge ass at intervals.

He loved the way her huge ass bounced and vibrated as he kept on firing down inside her anus, and the pleasure was just so sweet as he grabbed her huge ass and was fucking her tight anus non stop.

Clinton: Aaah!! Oh my God! You are so fucking sweet Anita! You are so fucking sweet!!
Anita: Yea!! Keep fucking my asshole!! Ahh! Please don't stop! I'm fucking going to cum! I love this! Aaaah!! Fuck!
Clinton: I'm not going to stop! You fucking bitch!

As Clinton continued fucking her tight and sweet anus with his huge and yummy dick, they both kept on moaning as they were both into each other and nothing would stop them at that moment!!

Anita: (In her mind) Oh my God! This is so great! I love this! I can feel his huge dick blessing my asshole! He's digging me so hard! Aaah! I fucking love this! I love him!!

Clinton: (In his mind) Oh my God! This is so fucking sweet! Teacher Anita is just so fucking hot! And this is the best position to fuck her hot ass! I fucking love it!

Aaahh! Aaahh!! Aaaahhh!! Teacher Anita moaned out as Clinton spanked her hot huge ass, as he kept on fucking her tight and sweet anus so good.

Anita: Aaahh!! Oh my God!! This is so fucking great! Fuck! Fuck! Don't stop! Don't stop! I'm fucking going to cum!! Aaaah!!

And so the sexcapade in teacher Anita's office continues, as Clinton was now fucking her hot ass in a fucking hot position and they are both fucking enjoying themselves!!

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Sex Stories / Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
Episode One Hundred And Eleven (111)

Teacher Anita Anus Is Fucked In A Fucking Hot Position X Loud Moans

Clinton was still staring at the sleeping naked principal's huge boobs and wet hairy pussy, as he was about to decide what to do to her.

He then immediately grabbed her boobs and squeezed it a little as he smiled.

Clinton: So soft. I will deal with the principal later, it won't be fun fucking someone who's asleep.
Anita: I had a feeling you would say so.
Rita: Yes.

Immediately Clinton stood up the two ladies rushed at him as teacher Anita grabbed his huge dick, while Rita hugged him from behind.

Anita: Please, it's time. You promised me one more round, please fuck me so hard again.
Rita: No, you haven't disvirgined my asshole yet.

Clinton just smiled and kissed Rita as they both licked their tongues and swallowed their saliva.

Clinton: (To Rita) Don't worry darling, I will get back to you after I'm done with our whore of a teacher.
Rita: Okay, anything you say.

Aaahh!! Rita moaned out as Clinton dipped his fingers inside her wet and yummy pussy.

Rita: This's so fucking good.
Clinton: Yea, just wait for your turn.

Teacher Anita's pussy was so fucking wet as her pussy juice were dripping down to the floor, and she even got more turn on as Clinton said he was going to fuck her again.

Anita: (In her mind) Oh my God! This is so fucking good.

Teacher Anita immediately grabbed his huge dick and started shaking it, as they both smiled.

Anita: Oh my God! I'm fucking going to have your cock inside me.
Clinton: Yes, slut.
Anita: (Laughs) Oh yea! I'm your fucking slut!

Teacher Anita knelt down and immediately swallowed his huge, fat and yummy cock and started sucking it as he was carressing hairs.

Clinton: You are so fucking good!!

Bwahh!! Teacher Anita moaned out as she pulled out his huge dick from her mouth, as the size almost choked her.

Anita: Oh my God! You are fucking going to enjoy this just like I will.

Ahh!! Teacher Anita moaned out as Clinton slapped her and grabbed his hair.

Clinton: You fucking slut of a teacher, let's get to it bitch!
Anita: Yes.

Rita was so jealous as she watched the two of them, and she was fingering her pussy very hard and fast.

Rita: (In her mind) Please be done with her my darling, I'm more better than her in anyway. I can't wait to have your huge sweet and yummy pussy in my sweet holes.

Teacher Anita brought out her office chair and climbed on it and she knelt on it as she faced her huge ass and dripping wet and yummy pussy on Clinton's face.

Anita: Fuck me from behind, fuck me so hard.
Clinton: As you wish.

Clinton walked over to her with his huge dick standing erect and battle ready.
And just the he started carresing Anita's pussy as she moaned.

Anita: Aaaah! Oh my God!! Ahh! So fucking good!
Clinton: This makes a nice view to fucking your anus.
Anita: Yea, fuck my asshole. Fuck it so hard it's all yours.
Clinton: (Licks his lips) Get ready then.

Clinton spread her ass cheeks and smiled again at the sight of her tight anus.

Clinton: It's penetration time!

Clinton immediately made to penetrate her anus, it was so fucking tight that he had to stop and brought out a sex lubricating oil from a drawer in the teacher's office.

Anita: Your dick is so fuck huge!!!
Clinton: No matter, it's fucking going to enter.
Anita: Yea, I want it to.

And just then, Clinton spread her ass cheeks and poured the sex lubricating oil inside her anus and all over ass as they both smiled.

Clinton: (In his mind) What a fine ass she got here.
Anita: (In her mind) Oh my God! He's fucking going to fuck my asshole.

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Sex Stories / Re: 30+ Sex And Guns
Episode EightyThree (83) Continuation

Grace and Maria knelt down on the bed and faced each other as they were about to begin their fun.

Maria: This is going to be so great. Your brother is going to be so fucking jealous.
Grace: Oh yea. He's going to wish he was here.
Maria: Let's begin, the first person to fall loses.
Grace: Sure.

The girls pussy were already wet and dripping to the bed as they were about to begin their Pussy Rubbing competition, and the person who falls first loses.

Aaah!! Aaah!! Oh my God! This feels so fucking good! Ah!! God! Grace and Maria started moaning as they both started rubbing each other pussy.

Grace: Oh yea! This feels so fucking good! Ah!! Rub my fucking pussy! Ahh! This feels so fucking good!! You fucking slut!
Maria: God! You are so fucking good at this. Ah! Don't stop whore! Ah!! Keep rubbing my fucking pussy! Ahh!!

The two ladies kept rubbing each other pussy as they both moaned out and looked at each other with the lustful looks in their eyes.

They could feel the sweetness as they rubbed each other pussy and they kept on moaning, but falling would mean that one of them have lost.

Grace was rubbing Maria's pussy very gently and sweetly and so was Maria as they looked at each others in their teary eyes.

Grace: I'm going to win this!! Ahh!! This feel so fucking good!
Maria: Aaahh!! I'm fucking gooing to win this.

The duo kept maintaning their stand as they almost fell at interval, and it almost looked as if none of them would fall until Maria played a fast on Grace.

Aaahh!! Grace moaned out as Maria dipped her fingers into her wet sweet pussy, and she immediately fell down on the bed.

Grace: Ahh!! Oh my God!! That's cheating!
Maria: Who cares? I won.
Grace: Yea, and I'm fucking going to eat your ass.
Maria: Yea, I can't fucking wait (laughs).
Grace: All right, bring your fucking fat ass over here.
Maria: My pleasure.

Maria knelt down on the bed and raised her huge ass up and smiled as she spanked it, and she also used her fingers to reveal her sweet and tight anus.

Maria: Oh yea! Look at it, it's all yours.
Grace: It looks so fucking yummy!!

Grace immediately grabbed Maria's huge ass and started licking it as Maria moaned and smiled.

Maria: Oh my God! My ass is so fucking sweet and you are just good!

Grace stopped licking her ass as she wanted to settle down and eat her nicely, and also to give her the best pleasure.

Grace: Get ready Maria! You are going to scream like never before, this is Pleasure Land and I have everything I need.
Maria: (Licks her lips) I'm looking forward to it.

Ah! Maria moaned out as Grace spanked her huge fat ass.
Aah! Aahh! Aaah!! She moaned out again as Grace spanked her three more times as her huge, yummy and fresh ass vibrated.

Grace loved the sight of Maria's huge ass bouncing, so she enjoyed every bit of the amazing moment. And then she started carressing Maria's huge fat ass.

Maria: Oh God! You are so so fucking good. Aaahh!!
Grace: We are just getting started.

Grace spread Maria's ass cheeks and revealed her tight anus and she smiled.

Grace: It's so fucking tight and yummy, I bet my brother always enjoy fucking your anus.
Maria: Yes, you are so fucking right. So fucking right!
Grace: Right now, I'm going to be the one enjoying it as I fucking eat it.

Meanwhile as the two ladies were fucking, Clinton was in his living room with a bursty and hot thirteen year old girl as his old soldier stood erect.

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Sex Stories / Re: 30+ Sex And Guns
Episode EightyThree (83)

Grace's Cums!! X The Pussy Rubbing Contest!!

Aaah! Ah! Oh my God! Keep eating my pussy! Eat my fucking pussy! Ahh! Oh my God! Don't stop! I'm fucking going to cum! Ah! Grace continued moaning out loud as Maria kept eating her pussy and she could feel her vagina fluids about to drip down as it was so fucking sweet.

Grace: Oh yea! Oh yea! Eat my fucking pussy! I'm going to cum! I'm fucking going to cum! Ahh! Oh yea! Fuck! Eat me so good! Ah!! Oh my God! I'm fucking going to cum!!

Grace continued moaning out loud as an unlimited wave of sexual pleasure spread all over her body, and she felt the sweetness as Maria kept tongue fucking and licking her sweet and yummy pussy.
She closed her eyes as she could feel her tongue inside her sweet, wet, yummy and tight vagina as the pleasure she was receiving was just so great as she was about to cum.

Grace: Ah!! Aaah!! Oh my God! I'm fucking going to cum! Ah!! Oh my God! Eat my fucking pussy so good!

Grace pushed Maria's face and pushed it more into her pussy so that her tongue would penetrate more deeper, and she moaned out as Maria kept eating her pussy more better.

Grace: Aaahh! Oh my God! This is so fucking good! It's fucking rushing out! I love this! Eat my fucking pussy so good! You fucking bitch!

Maria: (In her mind) Oh my God! I love this pussy! It's so sweet! So yummy! I'm fucking not going to stop until I swallow everything.

Aaahh!! Grace moaned out as Maria immediately grabbed her boobs and started squeezing it and at the same time was still tongue fucking and eating her pussy.

Grace: Aaahh!! Oh my God! Oh my God! I'm fucking going to cum!! I'm fucking going to cum! It's fucking rushing out! Oh my God! You fucking slut!

Maria: (In her mind) Cum baby! I want to lick it all! You are so fucking sweet!! So fucking sweet!

Grace could feel her pussy fluids rushing out and she pushed Maria's face more into her pussy, as she continued moaning out with her mouth wide open as her wet and dripping pussy was soiling the bed.

Grace: Aaah!! Oh my God!! Oh my God! It's fucking rushing out! I'm fucking going to cum! Ah!! It's fucking rushing out! I can't hold it anymore! It's......

Aaah!!! Oh my fucking God! Grace moaned out as she reached orgasm and her pussy fluids dripped down and poured inside Maria's mouth.

Grace: Aaahh!! Oh my God!! This is so fucking sweet!! Aaah!! Oh my God!!

Grace moaned out as her pussy fluids kept dripping down and splashing on Maria's face. Maria smiled as she opened her mouth and the cum poured inside and she licked and swallowed it.

Grace: Oh my God! This is so fucking good!
Maria: I love your cum! It tastes just great.
Grace: Yea! Lick it all you fucking slut!
Maria: Yes baby.

Grace spread her legs wide open and Maria immediately pounced on her extremely wet and yummy pussy and started licking and swallow her cum as she moaned.

Grace: Oh my God! Lick my fucking cum!!

Maria was done licking and swallowing Grace's cum, so she lay on top her body as they both kissed.

Maria: I want to eat your ass so bad!
Grace: Same here.
Maria: I love you so much, you fucking whore!

Grace grabbed Maria's huge ass and started squeezing it as they both smiled and laughed, and then Maria immediately kissed her as they both licked their tongues.

Maria: We are just getting started bitch. This is Pleasure Land and you are going to cum like never before.

Grace held Maria so tight and licked her ears.

Grace: Yea. You are also going to cum like never before, you fucking slut!
Maria: You are just too sweet Grace, let's begin the fun.
Grace: Yea, bitch.

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