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Stories / Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
Episode Six (6) Continuation

Mary dragged Zik to the girls restroom as he resisted but a part of him wanted to go.

Zik: (In his mind) This could actually be my opportunity to see boobs, or it could be something more than that. Stupid Zik! You shouldn't think of something like that.

Zik: What exactly are you going to show me?
Mary: Get into the toilet!

They both entered the toilet and Mary smiled as she looked at him.

Mary: I'm a crest thief.
Zik: You must be joking.
Mary: No, I'm not. I have stolen three people crests already.

Mary showed him her two arms and he saw four crests.

Zik: That?s unbelievable! How did you do that?
Mary: I slept with one and drank the blood of the others.
Zik: Huh?

Mary immediately brought out a knife she hid in the bathroom, but he was calm.

Mary: So how do you want it? Do you want me to use the knife or do you prefer my body?

Zik was suprised and lost in pervy thoughts and Mary couldn't wait to steal his crest.

Mary grabbed his hard and made he press her boobs as he got excited.

Mary: I knew you would prefer my body, that's the best way to get the power of a mythical beast like the dragon.

Zik: I must warn you, you are going to die if you steal it.
Mary: I don't care, as far as I have the power I don't care about anything else. Now, I'm going to take the power in a gentle way.

Mary pulled off her skirt and shirt as she was just with her underwears, and Zik was busy squeezing her boobs as he was out of this world.

Mary: Yes, it's now time for me to get naked and get the ultimate power!
Zik: Yes!

Just as Mary was about to pull of her underwear, the toilet door opened and they both looked at the door. It was Sonia!!

Zik came back to his senses as Mary was angry that they were interrupted.

Mary: How dare you interrupt my ritual?
Sonia: Sorry, I'm here for my friend. Zik, let's go.
Zik: Yes.
Mary: You are going nowhere.

Sonia immediated knocked out Mary with one punch and she left with Zik who was suprised at the power of her punch.

When Zik and Sonia got back to his class, he was suprised to see Captain's hairs back. And not only that, Captain was seating on his row with his gang as Fred had joined again and so he cleared his eyes to check if it was real.

Zik: Is this for real?
Sonia: Yea, I returned back his hairs. Let's go and meet them.

Captain smiled as he placed his hands on Zik's shoulder.

Captain: We are best buddies now! No more bullying.
Zik: Really?
Fred: Yea, trust us. We wouldn't cause you any trouble again.
Zik: Thanks goodness! I'm so happy!

Zik and Captain's gang started chatting as they laughed and Sonia adjusted her spectacles as she smiled.

Sonia: (In her mind) This have been settled and the real deal will soon begin, get ready Zik.

Miss Diana entered the class and looked at Sonia as she had her eyes on Sonia all day through her animal spirit.

Diana: (In her mind) What are you planning Sonia?

Later that evening, Captain and his gang had dinner at Zik house and his little sister couldn't stop touching Captain's hairs.

And just then king Kobo appeared in front of the house naked and looked up to the sky.

King Kobo: Young Zik, get ready for it shall soon begin. I wish I could be there to help, but I'm just a naked king.

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Stories / Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
Episode Six (6)

Captain's Hairs X The Crest Thief X Get Ready!

School was just as usual for Zik the next day as Captain tried all pranks on him but stops whenever he sees Sonia.

Captain: I'm going to ruin your life Zik, just like you ruined mine.

Sonia was getting pissed off at Captain's behaviour, so she told him to meet her alone during recess.

Captain was so excited about it that he practised how to speak to her for some minutes before going.

Captain: I just beat you to the game Zik, she has fallen for me.

Zik saw the both of them together at recess and he jumped up in excitement.

Zik: (In his mind) Yes! I'm going to have a good recess today, with no distraction.

Zik ran off immediately as he hope Sonia would be able to hold the bald head monster for long.

Meanwhile Captain was all smiles as he finally met Sonia.

Sonia: Thanks for coming.
Captain: Sure, it's my pleasure.

Sonia: I have a question I have always wanted to ask you since the first day I came to the academy.

Captain's heart rate immediately increased as he was enveloped in his own fantasy.

Captain: (In his mind) Yea, she's going to ask me if I love her.

Sonia: Are you ready for the question?
Captain: Yes, sure.
Sonia: Why do you hate Zik?

Huh? Captain was suprised as he didn't want Zik's issue to be brought up in what seems to be a romantic time for him and Sonia.

Captain: (Clears throat) I hate him because he's the reason why I'm bald.
Sonia: Huh?
Captain: I used to be be a cute boy with nice spiky hairs, but Zik ruined my life. During a camping trip at the forest he picked a forbidden fruit that makes people bald, I entered his tent to see if that was anything I could eat. But because of hunger, I ate the fruit without knowing and I will forever be bald.

Sonia: That's a stupid reason to hate him.
Captain: You don't understand, I used to have all the girls to myself.

Sonia: From what I can tell, you went to steal in Zik's tent and it back fired at you.
Captain: Huh?
Sonia: You look good the way you are but I can restore your hairs.

Captain was so much happy when he heard that he could have his hairs back and tears began dripping down from his eyes.

Captain: Really? Please do it!
Sonia: Okay, close your eyes.

Captain closed his eyes and opened it again but Sonia was nowhere to be found, and he touched his head and he could feel the hairs.

Captain: What?

Captain rushed over to a drum of water where rain water was deposited, and he could see that his orange spiky hairs had returned.

Captain: She did it! Thank you Sonia! Now the Orange Captain is back. 

Captain immediately ran off and jumped up in joy as he wanted everyone to see that his hairs were back, especially Fred and Jumbo.

Captain: Yes!

Zik was having a nice time relaxing in the shade outside when a girl tapped him. He looked suprised to see the girl, she's Mary and was in an upper level in the academy.

Zik: (In his mind) I must be dreaming!

Mary didn't only tap Zik again but he shaked him this time, and he fell.

Mary: Are you ignoring me?
Zik: No, I thought I was dreaming.
Mary: Okay, I have something to show you.
Zik: Where?
Mary: (Smiles) At the girls restroom.
Zik: Huh?

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Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
Episode One Hundred And Four (104) Continuation

As Green and Godson's fight was going on, Angel and the others have reached the Eagle kingdom and an emergency treatment of the injured magic knights began.

And as for the citizens of the Flower kingdom and the guests from other kingdoms, Angel and Cards teleported them to another dimension just as the kingdom was destroyed.

After getting back to the Eagle, Angel went back to the dimension and sent everyone back to their kingdoms but the Flower were sent to the Eagle.

Queen Elizabeth was so worried about Conan, but the secret squad kept her in a safe place underground.

And just in case you are wondering where king Patrick is, he is with Terry at his house inside the forest.

Elizabeth: One of you should go and fetch my darling husband, he must be drinking with his legendary old friend.

SS1: I shall do that my Queen.

Clara was super worried as she didn't see Green anywhere.

Clara: Where's Green?
Angel: He's still at the Flower kingdom, but he will be back.
Clara: What? You know he's facing a monster, please take me there. I need to help him.

Angel: Clara, he said he's not going to make you cry so he will be back.
Clara: Green, please come back.

Cecilia was by Gold's since as he was still unconscious and Victoria with a team of healers were healing everyone.

Angel looked at them and it was a suprise that such skilled magic knights were all wiped out at the same time, but she wondered by Crush and Lust were unconcious but they had no injuries.

Angel: This is a disaster!

The security in the entire Eagle kingdom was tripled as they were ready for a counter attack.

Angel being suspicious that Crush and Lust were pretending went ahead to squeeze their boobs, and they both woke up and jumped on her as they fell on the ground.

Crush: Mum!
Lust: Big sis!
Angel: I'm glad you girls are okay, but please don't pretend next time.
Crush: Sure, I hope everyone in our squad is okay.
Angel: Yea, except Sniper. She's in a terrible situation.

Angel and the others went ahead to see Sniper who seems to be in the border between the world of the living and the dead.

Crush: This is bad.
Cards: Yea, they have tried to heal her but she didn't respond.
Lust: I will use my power on her, I hope it will help. I will command her to open her eyes.

Lust touched Sniper and told her to open her eyes but instead she got a smile.

Lust: A smile is good! She's going to be just fine.
Crush: I wish I could help too.
Angel: Don't worry darling, she will be fine. She just smiled.

Morgan was pouring alcohol into the unconscious Forest's mouth and Victoria told him to stop.

Victoria: He's still unconscious!
Morgan: Don't worry, I know Forest well enough. He can come back from the dead because of alcohol.
Victoria: Just wait till he's okay.
Morgan: Okay.

Morgan: (In his mind) I wonder how long Green would be able to hold that monster off, I could have made them all escape at the same time If I were there.

And just then the door to the large hall opened and everyone was tensed as they looked back, it was Green!!

Clara: Green!!

Clara immediately rushed at Green as they both hugged each other.

Clara: I'm so happy that you are okay.
Green: Yea, I wouldn't do anything to make you cry.
Clara: Thank you.

Angel and the others were suprised that there were no scratch on Green's body.

Angel: (In her mind) Could he have defeated Godson?

And just then Green looked over to them and smiled.

Green: Hey guys, I'm back!!

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Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
Episode One Hundred And Four (104)

Green Challenges Godson: Death Calls?? X A Disaster?? X Clara's Love

Angel was suprised as Green said that he would take on Godson, who just destroyed an entire kingdom without stress.

Angel: You have seen what he can do? I just can't leave you here by yourself.
Green: Yea, I have seen what he's capable of.
Angel: Why do you still intend to stay?

Angel noticed that Green's injuries were healing and he had stopped panting.

Green: If we all run, he will still come after us. So someone have to talk some sense into him, I don't plan on winning, he's just too strong. I have nature by my side and I can't afford to make Clara cry.

Angel: Okay, come back in one piece.
Green: Sure.

Cards: I got everyone down to the other side.
Angel: Good, we have to leave now.

As Angel and the others wanted to leave, Fury charged to kill Maker but Green held his fist.

Green: I can take care of things here Angel, I will be back soon.
Angel: Okay.

Angel and the others left as Green still held Fury's fist.

Fury: You have some nerve Green, you know I can crush you right now.
Green: I don't care.
Fury: Hmm, I wonder how you will fare against Godson. You will be dead in one second.
Green: You just have to stay and watch.

Fury disappeared into the shadows again as he felt Godson presence and Green stood firm boldly.

When Godson appeared before him he was blown away by his presence, but some trees sprout out from the ground and held him.

Godson: So you are the only one left? I just have to be done with you and go after them.
Green: I wouldn't go down so easily. Earthquake!

The ground suddenly opened and made to close in and squash Godson who had fallen in, but Godson held both sides so tight as he was making his way out.

Godson: Nice trick.

Green: He's strong! Quick sand!

Godson jumped up from the cracks but he landed on the quicksand as he struggled to avoid being swallowed up.

Green: No matter how strong one might be, there are little powers than can bring them down but some people are just monsters.

Godson came out from the quicksand with just his raw power and he made to punch Green, but many trees sprung up from the ground and shielded him but they were immediately destroyed as Green jumped up.

Aaah!! Green screamed as he received a punch from Godson which created a large crater as he fell, but he stood up immediately as his wounds began healing and Godson was suprised.

Fury: (In his mind) Green is doing a good job even though Godson haven't gotten serious.

Godson: At least, you are quite interesting.
Green: Yea, I think so.

As Godson charged at Green some very tall green trees held his legs and hands as he struggled to move.

Godson: What are these?
Green: Don't bother to struggle! The more you fight it, the tighter it gets. Heaven and Earth formation!

Green's aura suddenly increased as he surpassed sage mode and he was getting energy from nature.

Fury: (In his mind) Nice technique, but he's still far away from mastering it.

Green: Feel the wrath of nature!

Godson screamed as he was being crush by some forces above and below and the pain was great as he bled a little.

Godson: I remember this technique. It was... Aahh!!

Green raised his two fingers up and a piercing pillar made to penetrate Godson body but it was too strong.

Godson: This one is not boring. I have to acknowledge him and get serious a little bit.

And just then Godson broke free from the green trees, and destroyed the piercing pillar.

Godson: You did well kid, but I was just using 10percent of my power. Prepare to die!!
Green: I will not die here, I won't make Clara and the others cry. I will give you everything I have got!!
Godson: I hope you can match your words with action.

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Sex Stories / Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
Episode Ninety (90) Continuation

Principal Vanessa smiled as Clinton spread her ass wide open as he made to insert his huge dick into her anus.

Clinton: Here it comes.
Vanessa: Yea, bring it on. I can take it.

Aaahh!! Principal Vanessa moaned and screamed as Clinton huge dick penetrated her tight and tiny anus.

Vanessa: Ahh!! Oh my God this is so sweet. It feels so good.
Clinton: You are so fucking tight here. Don't your husband like to explore?
Vanessa: He fucking don't care, you are best Clinton. I love you.

Clinton spanked her ass as she moaned out and smiled.

Clinton: It's time to start shaking that ass.
Vanessa: Yes.

Principal Vanessa started moving up and down slowly as Clinton's huge dick was just too sweet and big for her tight anus, and she don't know a way to contain the absolute sensation and pleasure.

Vanessa: (In her mind) Oh my God! His dick is just too sweet in my asshole. If I move too fast I'm going to scream. It's just too sweet.

As she was moving slowly and still deep in her thoughts, Clinton spanked her ass.

Clinton: What's up Vanessa? Can't handle my dick?
Vanessa: You are just too sweet!
Clinton: I guess I have no choice then.

Clinton immediately grabbed her and started fucking her anus very hard and fast as she moaned and screamed out immediately.

Vanessa: Aaah!! Oh my God! Oh my God! This is so sweet! Aahh! Ah! Don't stop! Don't stop! This is so sweet! I love this! This is so fucking sweet! Don't stop! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! My fluids are fucking going to drip down.

Everyone in the cinema turned back again and all they could see was the image of a woman who was shaking so hard as she moaned and screamed, and a teen fucking her so hard and fast. The light wasn't enough for their faces to be shown.

Woman1: Wow! I wish I could get fucked that way.
Woman2: Yea, me too.
Woman3: We can wait till he's done, and we can invite him for a foursome.
Woman1: Yes.

Man1: Mahn! I haven't made a woman this crazy before. That dude must be more than a pro.
Man2: Yea. You are fucking right.

Catherine: I guess he's giving the principal the real deal.
Rachael: Yes.

Principal Vanessa immediately had multiple orgasms as Clinton fucked her so hard, and all she could do was scream, moan and cry as her pussy fluids dripped down.

Clinton: How do you see this?
Vanessa: This is heaven and your are God! Aaahh!!

And so Principal Vanessa and Clinton's sexcapade at the cinema continues as he fucks her tight anus so hard with his huge dick, and she keeps having multiple orgasms.

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Sex Stories / Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
Episode Ninety (90)

Clinton Fucks Principal Vanessa Pussy And Anus So Hard X Multiple Orgasms

Principal Vanessa continued moaning out loud as she would be cumming at any moment, and Clinton grabbed her huge ass as he was fucking her pussy so hard and fast in the woman on top position as they sat on the chair.

Vanessa: Oh my God! Keep fucking me Clinton! Don't stop! I'm fucking going to cum! This is just too sweet! I can't hold it anymore! You are the best! Aaah!!

Clinton smiled as he continued giving the principal the best fuck of her life as she moaned out and called his name.
She could feel the sweet sensation of his huge dick devouring her pussy inside and the pleasure was just too much for her to handle.

Vanessa: Aaah!! I'm fucking going to cum! Don't stop! Don't stop! Keep fucking my pussy! I'm fucking going to cum!
Clinton: Oh Vanessa! You are so fucking sweet! I'm not fucking going to stop.

Tears began dripping down from Principal Vanessa's eyes as her pussy fluids were about to drip down.

Vanessa: I'm fucking going to cum! I can't hold it any more! Ahh!!
Clinton: Let it out!

Aaaah!! Principal Vanessa moaned out as she reached orgasm and her pussy fluids dripped down as she started crying while Clinton was still fucking her pussy.

Vanessa: Oh my God! This is so fucking good! I love this!
Clinton: You are so fucking good!

Almost everyone in the cinema turned back to see who was fucking who, but the light was just so dim in where they were and Catherine and Rachael just laughed.

Clinton stopped fucking her pussy and spanked her naked ass.

Clinton: You want so more huh?
Vanessa: Yea, I need you to fuck me more! I love you so much.
Clinton: Good, bring that fucking ass of yours!
Vanessa: Yes.

Principal Vanessa turned behind him and bent down as he grabbed her huge ass and kissed it.

Clinton: This is going to be so fucking great.

Clinton rubbed his huge dick on her ass as she vibrated, and he smiled as he teased her by bringing his dick near her anus and she gasped everytime as she wanted it inside her anus.

Clinton: (In his mind) Well, this is more like it. She's so super dick hungry. Let me just play with her for a while.

Vanessa: (In her mind) Please insert your huge dick inside my asshole.

Principal Vanessa vibrated and moaned as Clinton grabbed her boobs and started squeezing it as he pinched her nipples.

Vanessa: God! This is so fucking good!
Clinton: Yea, so what do you want right now?

Principal Vanessa smiled as she could feel his huge dick on her ass. 
Vanessa: I want your huge dick inside my asshole.
Clinton: Good, as you wish.

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Sex Stories / Re: 30+ Sex And Guns
Episode SixtyTwo (62) Continuation

Grace continued riding Clinton's dick so fast and hard as they both continued moaning as it was just fucking sweet, the sensation they feel was more like just a little bit different but it was all more fun.

As Grace was busy riding his huge dick, her ass vibrated as her boobs dangled and one could see the lust in their eyes.

Grace: (In her mind) Oh my God! This is so sweet? Fucking my brother is just so great! I love this! I don't want this to stop! I love him!

Clinton: (In his mind) This so fucking good! Aaah! Fucking Grace is so real and sweet! I love this, it feels like we are getter closer than ever.

Clinton immediately grabbed her ass and fucked her pussy very hard and fast as she moaned out, and he loved the sight of seeing her huge boobs dangling.

Grace was also so into it and she moaned out so loud and she savoured the sweet pleasure of his dick thrusting deep down into her pussy, and the sweet pleasure she got was so sweet that he would cum at any moment.

Clinton made her stop riding his dick and she stood as he pushed her on the bed and climbed on top her.

Clinton: I'm going to fuck you so hard sister.
Grace: Yes, give it all you got! It's fucking going to be fun! It's so sweet fucking you, send me to heaven again.
Grace: Sure.

Clinton inserted his huge dick inside her tight pussy as she moaned out and she kissed him.

Grace: You are so fucking sweet! I'm going to enjoy you just fine.
Clinton: Yea.

Clinton immediately started fucking her tight pussy as she moaned out loud in absolute pleasure, she could feel every thrust inside as his huge dick rampaged inside her tight pussy. At the same time Clinton got his hands on her huge boobs as he squeezing them while fucking her pussy so hard.

Grace: Ahh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Don't stop! Keep fucking my pussy! This is so sweet! Oh my God! Fuck! Don't stop! Don't stop!
Clinton: I'm not fucking going to stop! You are so fucking sweet.

Grace wrapped her legs behind his back and she hugged him as he kept on fucking her with full force as her pussy got wetter and she would cum at any moment.

Grace: Aaah!! You are so fucking sweet! Fuck! Fuck! Don't stop! Don't stop! I'm fucking going to cum! Keep fucking my pussy!
Clinton: Oh yea, I'm not fucking gning to stop until you let out your fucking pussy fluid.
Grace: Aaaahh!!

And so the sexcapade continues as brother and sister fuck so hard.

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Sex Stories / Re: 30+ Sex And Guns
Episode SixtyTwo (62)

Clinton Fucks The Hell Out Of His Sister's Pussy

Clinton started moaning as Grace grabbed his huge dick and was sucking it like it was all that mattered.

She was so into it as she had wanted to fuck Clinton for sometime now but he had always been busy and out of town.
She sucked his dick so hard and fast that he closed his eyes and started moaning at the sweet pleasure his hot sister was giving him.

Clinton: Ahh! Oh my God!! This is so fucking sweet! Ahh!! You are so fucking good Grace! You are the best! Aaah! You are so fucking good!

Grace: (In her mind) Good, it's finally getting to him. I have to find out how it feels to have a brother's dick in one's pussy. This is certainly going to be great.

Clinton couldn't help himself but moan out at the super pleasure Grace was giving him, and he was carressing her hairs a little bit.

Clinton: Ahh!! You are so fucking hot! You are the best! Yea, suck my fucking dick! This is so fucking sweet.

Grace immediately stopped and looked straight into his eyes with her mouth drippping down of a little saliva which she licked up that instant, and Clinton held her cheek.

Grace: So brother, do you really want to know how it feels to fuck your sister for real?
Clinton: Yes!
Grace: Good.

Grace immediately kissed Clinton and he responded as they both licked each other's tongue and swallow their saliva, as Clinton was carressing her back.

And after that they both stopped and Grace grabbed his huge dick again and smiled.

Grace: It's time to know brother, this is so much going to be fun.
Clinton: Yes.

Aaaahh!! Grace moaned out as she forced Clinton's huge dick into her tight pussy as she moaned.

Grace: Aaah!! Oh my God! This is so fucking good! It feels so good with your dick inside my pussy.
Clinton: Yea, and you are pretty tight for someone who is a whore.
Grace: Well, you can say I have the best pussy ever. It's time to ride your huge dick.
Clinton: Yea, bring it on!

Grace immediately started moving up and dick as Clinton's huge dick thrusted dick into her pussy as they both moaned.

Grace: Ahh!! This feels so fucking good! Ah! I love your fucking dick inside my pussy! This is so fucking sweet! Brother! You are so fubking sweet!

Clinton: Ahh!! Fuck! Fuck! Keep riding my dick so hard! Don't stop! Don't stop! This is so fucking good! You are so fucking sweet!
Grace: I'm going to keep riding your dick so hard.

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Sex Stories / Re: 18+ The New Male Teacher Season Two
Episode Eight (8) Continuation

Esther and Victory climbed on Mr. King's bed as he told them to come over.

King: Nice one girls, I believe you must have watched porn videos.
Victory: Yea, we just watched one before leaving. We want to satisfy you.
King: Good, show me what you got upcoming whores.

Esther and Victory immediately sticked out their tongues as they made to kiss Mr. King, he responded as they licked each other tongue and exchanged saliva.

King: (In his mind) These girls are pretty cool, with just a little experience they would be popular around this place. Nice one, I got two virgin pussies waiting to be disvirgined by my huge dick.

Esther continued kissing him as they licked each other tongues, while Victory was tickling his nipples as she licked all over his body and her hands were going south.

Mr. King immediately dipped his hands inside their pants as he made for their vagina and the two girls vibrated.

Esther: Ahh! I just feel so good!
Victory: Yes, this feels so sweet.
King: All right girls, we still have a long way to go.

Aaaahh!! The girls moaned out and screamed as Mr. King dipped his fingers into their tight virgin pussies.

Esther: Aaah!! What's this? This feels so good.
Victory: Yes! This is the best thing ever.
King: It's time to send you girls to heaven.

Mr. King immediately started fingering their tight virgin pussies as they moaned out and screamed in absolute pleasure.

They couldn't hold the sweetness for their first time, so they fell down on the bed with their legs spread wide open, he pulled off their pants as he revealed their wet pussies.

King: Wow! This is the sight I want to see, two virgin pussies are right in front of me.

Esther: Yes, that's so sweet. Please don't stop, finger fuck our pussies.
King: As you wish.

Mr. King immediately continued finger fucking their virgin pussies as they moaned, and he was enjoying himself and smiling as he looked at their faces.

King: Aaah!! This is so fucking good! Fingering your pussies is great.

The girls continued moaning out as he fingered them very hard and fast.

Esther: Ahhh!! This is so good! I love this feeling.
Victoria: Please don't stop! Keep finger fucking my pussy! Ahh! This so sweet!

King: (In his mind) This is so exciting, I'm going to satisfy them just fine. The real fun is yet to begin.

And so the threesome between Mr. King and the two girls is about to get intense as he fingered their virgin pussies.

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Sex Stories / Re: 18+ The New Male Teacher Season Two
Episode Eight (8)

The Two Naughty Students X Mr. King Finger Fucks Them

After Mr. King returned home from school after three hot sex sessions, he fell asleep and woke up at 1935hours.

King: What a drag! I really overdid but I just got all my strenght back, and I'm kind of ready for more. I better make something to eat.

Mr. King prepared his meal and went to take a cool shower before eating and digesting it with two bottles of beers, and he lied down on the bed and rested.

He brought his phone to read his favourite stories at Encafe Forums, and when he was done it was 2302hours.

King: Today have been a wonderful one so far. But I'm not feeling sleepy, I wonder what I should do next. I just hope a naked woman would just drop on my body, and we can fuck till whenever.

A few minutes later, Mr. King heard a knock at his door and he peep through his keyhole to see who that was. They were two female students from class 4!

King: Wow! What are those two doing here at this time.

Mr. King opened his door as he let Victory and Esther in as they greeted him.
He looked at their outfits and saw that it was really revealing and he smiled.

King: (In his mind) They are quite good for little kids.

King: So girls, what are you doing here at this time?
Victory: I'm sorry that we didn't tell you earlier.
King: No, it's okay.
Esther: We want you to fuck us, we can handle. After all we are 15, we don't have to turn 18.

Mr. King smiled as he patted their head and licked their cheeks.

King: So, before we begin, I will like to know how you girls got here?

Victory: We left the house. Our parents travelled and left us with our no good big sister, she's at a sex club now and would probably spend her night there or in her boyfriend's house.

King: I see, your big sister is a fucking whore.
Esther: Yes, she is. Please fuck us, this is our first time but we can handle it.
King: Okay, now show me what you got.
Esther: Yes.

Esther and Victory pulled off their clothes and remained just with their pants as they wore no bra, and Mr. King licked his tongue as he saw their boobs which were too big for their age.

King: (In his mind) Wow! These girls are really worth fucking, and now I have something to do since I'm not feel sleepy.

Esther: Do you like it? Or should we pull of the pant already?
King: I love what I'm seeing, as for the pants I can pull them off myself. Now, come over here let the fun begin.

Victory & Esther: Yes.

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General Discussion / Re: Chat With The Admin
I won't be updating any episode today.
Stories / Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
Episode Five (5) Continuation

Zobo made it back to the forest that surrounds the kingdom of Wand and he met the mysterious man who he was with last night.

Zobo: The mission has been completed.
Mysterious Man: Good, you can have your money now.

Zobo smiled as the mysterious man gave him a small bag of money.

Zobo: Call me the next time when you have this kind of job.
Mysterious Man: Of course.

Captain and his gang were returning from the academy later in the day, Zik and Sonia had already left ahead of them and that pissed Captain off.

Fred: Captain I need to talk to you about something.
Captain: What?
Fred: We are not acting like we used to. We are supposed to be bullies and not people who hate someone.

Captain: You are talking about Zik huh? I hate that kid from the outset, I will do everything to make his life miserable. I just purchased a poison, I will use it on him at the right time.

Jumbo: Captain?
Captain: Don't worry, he won't die. It's a poison that cancels one's crest.
Fred: I'm not going to be a part of this. I'm leaving the gang.
Captain: If you leave, I will just recruit another person.

Fred immediately ran away as Jumbo called out his name.

Meanwhile in the palace of the kingdom of Wand, Miss Diana was in the presence of the naked king Kobo as she was about to submit her report.

Diana: My lord, will you please cover yourself?
Kobo: Huh? The beautiful of a woman is seen when she's naked.
Diana: But you are a man.
Kobo: Oh, I forgot. I'm sorry my darling Diana.

King Kobo moved to Diana as he was naked and she felt unease.

Diana: My lord, I need to use the restroom.
Kobo: Don't worry, you can submit your report.

King Kobo wore his robe and miss Diana breathe a relief as she submitted the report.

Kobo: I see, it's just like we suspected. The Melody kingdom huh?
Diana: Yes, and a mercernary from Drink kingdom.
Kobo: Okay, just keep an eye on the boy and Sonia.

Diana: My lord if you know the girl's mission, why did you let her into the kingdom?
Kobo: It's simple, I'm using her just the way Melody is using her.
Diana: You are so clever my lord.

Immediately Diana left the room, King Kobo threw his robe away.

Kobo: It's too hot here. A gentle and pure soul like me should always be naked.

At Zik's home Captain, Fred and Jumbo were invited to dinner and Maria was so happy that he won in his first fight.

Maria: Yea! My big bro is the real deal!
Captain: Yes, I was voting for him all along!!
Zik: (In his mind) Another lie.

Captain wanted to put the poison in Zik's water when he wasn't looking but he felt an intimidating force around him and he fell down.

Maria: The bully have fallen!
Jumbo: What's wrong captain?

Captain: (Standing up) It was nothing. Hahahaha!

Sonia angrily looked at Captain as he stood up.

Sonia: (In her mind) I need to take this idiot out of the way.

Captain was still suprised at the intimidating presence he felt, and he took a look at Zik again.

Captain: (In his mind) What was that? This must be why the tiger ran away.

And so they continued the dinner as tomorrow is another day!!

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Stories / Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
Episode Five (5)

Dragon Crest Activated X Sonia's Mission?? X The Naked King Kobo!

Zik and Zobo entered the front of the academy and they were both in the stance to fight, Captain saw them and called everyone in the hall.

Everyone in the hall came out except Sonia as they they were ready to laugh at Zik as they expected him to lose.

Girl1: He's going to lose.
Boy1: Yea, he's going to eat dirt!
Girl2: Everyone will know that his crest is fake.
Captain: Yes, he's going to lose.

Zik and Zobo faced at each other as they were about to fight.

Zobo: They are laughing at you.
Zik: Yes, but that wouldn't be for long. I'm goin to win and they will see how strong I am and my crest is real!
Zobo: Yes, you just have to beat me.
Zik: Let's do this!

Zobo & Zik: Animal spirit!!

Zobo tiger appeared and attacked Zik but nothing happened when Zik called his animal spirit.

Zik: What's happening?

Zik immediately started started running as the tiger started chasing him all over the place and the other casters started laughing.

Zobo: What's happening? Can't you fight back?
Zik: I have no idea!

Zik started running all over till he was cornered at the fence by the tiger and there was nowhere to run to.

Zik: Am I really going to get eaten? This is the end of my story, the mighty Zik was eaten by a tiger.

Zobo: You better do something, activate that power you got. My tiger love human meat.

Sonia was on top of the academy building as she was watching the fight go on.

Sonia: What will it take for you to activate that power? Normally people activate their power when they are afriad or angry but Zik is not afraid of death and he is not angry, what will make him activate his power? His family!

Zobo: It seems you are not afraid to die, I wonder how your little sister will feel when you are dead.

Zik: Maria? She's going to kill me if I die! Now crest activate! Animal spirit!

Just as the tiger was about to pounce on him his crest glowed and his eyes changed to red, and the tiger immediately moved back as it felt intimidated and it disappeared.

Zik: I did it!
Zobo: Yes, my work here is done.
Zik: What do you mean?

Zobo immediately jumped the fence and ran away, and Sonia left the top of the roof.

Zik: Wow! I can feel the power inside me.

The other casters saw that Zik won but still they didn't want to acknowledge him.

Captain: The tiger was afraid of his disease!
Girl1: Yea, you are right the tiger was afraid of his disease.

Zik looked at them and they all left but he didn't care anymore as he had felt satisfaction in awakening his crest.

Zik: I don't care anymore. I have my mum and Maria with me, or maybe my dad.
Sonia: You also got me Zik.

Zik looked forward and smiled as he saw Sonia coming.

Zik: Yea, so where were you?
Sonia: Uhm, I was watching the fight too. You finally awakened your crest.
Zik: Yea, it was pretty amazing.

As Zik and Sonia left, Master Melford and miss Diana were by the corner as they also watched the fight.

Melford: He did it, now you have to send the report to his majesty.
Diana: Yes Master.
Melford: And also keep an eye on that Sonia girl. There's something about her that I don't seem to get.

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Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
Episode One Hundred And Three (103) Continuation

And just then the two remaining masked warriors of the Panda kingdom removed their masks, and it was the twin water brothers, Roland and Bernard.

Roland: If we run, he will find us. We just have to wait for our death.
Bernard: There's no stopping him.

Blue: The seven colours will fight him.
Silver: Yes.
Clown: I'm going to fight too. 

And just then the secret squad of the Eagle appeared.

SS1: My Queen you should come with us.
Elizabeth: No, I can't leave my son here.

The Queen was immediately knocked out by the secret squad and they left, there duty was to protect the Queen and the kingdom with any means necessary.

The other rulers immediately left also when their secret squad arrived as it was now up to the magic knights.

Skipper: This is bad! The force coming is too much!

And just then Godson descended on the arena and the entire Flower kingdom was destroyed.

The other magic knights were only saved by their timely reaction as Silver, Green, Red, Shark, Roland and Bernard used their elements barriers but they were shattered after the shock.

And standing before them was Godson, the golden ape. He's an ape who can stand on two legs and his hairs were golden, he could also talk and he was just as tall as Hercules.

The magic knights were shocked to their soul as a real monster was standing before them.

Godson: So you weaklings survived.

Rambo: Yes my lord, please have mercy on us!
Godson: Mercy? I haven't heard that word before.
Rambo: I mean pity us for we are thy servant.

Godson saw the three saviours and tried to blow them but Silver froze his hand and Yellow carried Racer as Red carried Conan and Blue carried Alex.

The ice shattered in Godson's hand and he yawned, the others were paralysed as they couldn't move.

Godson: Nothing can stop me!

Shark: We got to run guys!

Godson striked the ground and the arena collapsed alongside the magic knights, he was so fast that he dragged them out and just used a finger to crashed them to the ground again.

The magic knights were all injured and they all collapsed as they couldn't move an inch except Green who was moving his fingers, and Victoria was flying in the sky.

Godson yawned again as he was bored.

Godson: This world is so boring! You people are not worth killing, but I need to kill the fly above me.

Just as Godson was about to go after Victoria who was above him, Maker opened his eyes as a dark dragon tattoo appeared on his left hand.

Maker moved with an incredible speed and punched away Godson with his left hand, but the dragon disappeared immediately and he was about to fall but Victoria caught him.

Fury smiled as he had found what he was looking for, Maker was a member of an evil clan called the Dark clan.

Fury: So he is from the Dark clan! I will have to kill him soon.

Maker: I'm glad I made it in time.
Victoria: Yea, thanks.

And just then Angel and Cards returned and were shocked to see everyone down.

Maker: Big sis! We need to leave now!
Angel: Yea, I can't believe he destroyed the entire kingdom just with his presence.

Angel opened a portal leading to the Eagle kingdom as she wanted to transport all the magic knights but Green stood up panting.

Green: Take them out of here, I will face that monster myself with nature by my side.

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Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
Episode One Hundred And Three (103)

Godson! X Black Zone! X Maker's True Identity!!

Clown the Joker was still in shock as he saw Conan lying unconscious with bruises all over his body.

Clown: (In his mind) Conan! Who did this to you? I won't forgive that ape.

And just then everyone turned over to Fury when he said that Godson was God in their world.

Angel: God? What do you mean?
Fury: He's from a place called the Black Zone. The Black Zone is like another world in this world.
Angel: Huh?

Elizabeth: I will explain.

Thirty years ago there was a large region in the world of the seven colours where you can't freely use magic, but if anyone could use magic freely there then the person must be extremely powerful.
Though the region had existed since the beginning of time, it was only thirty years ago that people who could use magic freely on a large scale appeared.
They were considered dangerous and so the other region of the world decided to sign a peace treaty with them, but it was rejected.
Godson who was one of the King Beasts of the region decided to go on a rampage and five thousand magic knights from the five great kingdoms lost their lives, and that's the reason that there are less magic knights present in the five kingdoms.

The five great kingdoms were in shock and their only option was to call on the spirits of dead magic sages.
Bone's grand father from the Lion kingdom used his ability to summon ten magic sages from the land of the spirits, but they were still not match for Godson who overpowered them so easily.

And so the only choice left for them was to seal off the region from the rest of the world, and so with the last of his energy Bone's grand father summoned 90 magic sages and the region was sealed away.
And since then the five great kingdoms have been sending magic knights to conquer the Black Zone.

Elizabeth: That's just the story of the Black Zone as it relates to Godson, there are many more things.

Angel: Damn! How are we supposed to beat someone like that?

Elizabeth: Five years ago, Alex and Racer's parents lost their lives in the Black Zone and they were fighting Godson.

Silver: What? We never knew that.

Juvia: We have also been to the Black Zone but we haven't passed the first town there.
Rita: That zone is dangerous. We were chased back to this world a month ago.

Clown: I don't care!! He must pay for doing this to Conan.
Red: Yes.

Fury: How are you supposed to beat someone who defeated ten magic sages with no problem, and it took ninety to cage him. I have fought with him ten times, I lost four times and six times were draws.

Moldrick: Then you should help us. We can't beat this monster.
Fury: No, this is just the perfect way to see how strong the current Flower squad is.

Angel: Why are you interested in us?
Fury: You will get to know soon. I will just be watching from the shadows.

Fury immediately disappeared as the others were wondering what to do next.

Suddnly they felt a very intimidating force coming at them direction and they were all shocked.

Angel: This power!
Rita: Let's run!
Hercules: Yes!

Clown: I will face that monster.
Angel: Cards! Come with me, we have to relocate everyone in the kingdom to another dimension.
Cards: Yes!

Angel and Cards immediately left to help the citizens and the other magic knights were waiting for the inevitable.

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