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Re: The City School
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Episode Eighteen (18)

The End Of Tom's Adventures

As the day for Tom's departure approached, he told his friends about all his sexual adventures and they were like wow.

Milli: You are such a lucky guy, I have been fucking only my girlfriend for these months.
Tom: You should try new pussies. That's the reason I don't have a girlfriend, I own no girl anything and I'm free to fuck as I like. I might be a bad guy but I can't make someone my girlfriend because of only sex, you might be hurting her feelings.
Milli: But mahn, I really want to have the type of adventure you have.
Fred: Me too.
Tom: (Laughs) Well you can enroll at the city school. I'm just thinking of the fresh pussies and asses I will fuck when I get to the other country.
Fred: Well, the girls are always attracted to you.
Tom: Yea, I became so popular in the school that I get visited by a girl, two or three each day. And uncle Thomas was like wow.
Milli: You mentioned you fucked teachers right?
Tom: I pound the hell out of them.
Fred: You are such a lucky guy.

A day to his departure, 5pm a knock came at Tom's door. It was Marie, his sister.

Marie: You have some visitors Tom, from the city.
Tom: Okay, I will be right there.

Tom wondered who they could be, he had already communicated to all his fuckmates, and they had bade him farewell.

He stepped out and saw Faith and Amanda in the living room.

Tom: Faith, Amanda.
Faith: Hi Tom.

They walked closer to him.

Amanda: Let's go to your room.
Tom: Okay.

They entered the room and sat on his bed.

Amanda: You are leaving tommorrow's morning right?
Tom: Yes.
Amanda: Well, we came to give you a farewell fuck.
Faith: And right now.
Tom: Did my parents see you people?
Amanda: No.
Tom: We can watch movies till 10pm when they must have fallen asleep. Your moans coud attract their attention.
Faith: No problem. Let's watch the movie.

They watched the movies as Tom brought some light food and drinks.
They watched till 10pm, and it was now time for showdown.

Faith: It's time baby.

Amanda and Faith pulled off their clothes and climbed on Tom's body.

Faith brought her pussy to his face and he started fingering her vagina.

Faith: Ahh! I miss your fingers fingering my vagina. Ah! Ah!
Tom: I missed seeing your vagina too.
Faith: Ah! Please keep doing it ah! Ah!

Tom kept fingering her vagina as she moaned out, ah ah, keep doing that.

Meanwhile on the other end Amanda was sucking Tom's dick as he moaned while seriously fingering Faith's vagina.

Amanda: Your dick have goten bigger, I can't wait to have it inside my pussy.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Eighteen (18) Continuation

Amanda inserted Tom huge dick into her vagina and moaned.

Amanda: Oh god! This is damn fucking crazy.

Amanda went up and down as Tom's dick thrusted in her vagina.

Amanda: Ahh! Oh god! Tom I love this feeling. Oh my god!!! Ahh!

Amanda moaned as Tom's dick pounded her pussy.

As Tom was fingering Faith she keep moaning.

Faith: Oh, keep it coming, ahh! Ah!

She reached orgasm as her pussy fluid splashed on Tom's face.

Faith: Ahh! AH! I love that! Ahh!

Faith stood up and started spanking Amanda on the ass as Tom fucked her.

Tom held Amanda ass as he pounded her pussy very fast.

Amanda: Ahh! Oh my god! Oh my god. Ahhh! Ahh!! Fuck me! Fuck me, oh yea, on yea. Fuck me baby. Ahh! Ah!

Tom: Keep on moaning.

Ahh!!! Amanda moaned very loud as she reached orgasm and her vagina fluid poured of Tom's dick.

Amanda: Ahh! Ah! I love that Tom. I love your dick Tom.

Tom continued pounding her pussy until he poured his semen inside her vagina.

Ahh! Tom moaned as he reached orgasm.

Amanda sucked the semen on his dick as Faith took the one on her pussy and licked.

Tom: Ahh!

Faith stayed in the doggy position and Tom spanked her ass.

Faith: Oh yea baby, fuck my ass. Fuck my ass.

Tom penetrated her ass and pounded her.

Faith: Ahh! Ah, ah, ah. Ah!! Ah, ah. Oh baby, fuck my ass.

As Tom was fucking Faith's ass, Amanda was spanking it.

Faith: Ahh!!

Faith screamed as she reached orgasm.

Tom lied her down on the bed and fucked her pussy so hard that she started crying.

Faith: Ahh! Ah!!

Amanda climbed on Faith's face and Faith finger her vagina as she moaned.

Amanda and Faith were both moaning out the same time, they opened their mouth wide open as they screamed.

Amanda: Ahh! Oh my god! Oh god! I fucking love this.
Faith: Oh jeez! I love this. Ahh! Ah!!

Tom was smiling as he pounded her pussy.

Ahh! Ah! Ah!! Tom screamed as he released his semen into Faith's vagina.

As he brought his dick out Amanda grabbed it and sucked all the cum out, as Faith also took the one in her vagina and licked.

They both bent in the doggy position and Tom fucked their holes turn by turn till the three of them got exhausted.

Amanda: I'm really going to miss you Tom.
Faith: Yea, you are going to be gone for three years.
Tom: I will be back, don't worried.

They hugged themselves. Amanda and Faith left by 6am to the city as they cried since they wouldn't be seeing Tom for a long time.

Tom would miss them but all that mattered to him was that he will fuck new pussies and asses over there.

Expect my return, Tom said as the two of them left crying....

The Adventure Of Tom Ends

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Re: The City School
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Re: The City School
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Thanks mahn, go and read the season 2.
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