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Re: The City School
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Episode Twelve (12)

The Break Up Plan

Tom slept all through the night and woke up the next morning feeling very strong.

Tom: I guess I have regained my strength.

Tom walked to the parlour and saw uncle Thomas.

Thomas: Rise and shine young man.
Tom: Good morning.
Thomas: Morning man. I guess you don't know there's no school this week?
Tom: What? When was the announcement made?
Thomas: You were fucking some pussy when the announcement was made.
Tom: Oops.
Thomas: And the senior girls will be going on a field trip.
Tom: That's not funny. That means I'm going to stay without fucking for a while.
Thomas: Faith will be coming over before she goes, I hope you remember our plan.
Tom: Yes, I do. Atleast I'm going to fuck a pink pussy early this morning.

Just in case you don't remember the plan. Thomas told Tom to fuck Faith when he's in the house, so that he can catch them and breakup with her. That will give him the opportunity to go after Faith's friend, Amanda.

Thomas: Here she comes.

Faith came in and hugged uncle Thomas.

Faith: Baby.
Thomas: Bae.
Tom: You two should enjoy yourselves, I will be in my room.

Tom left them to his room waiting for uncle Thomas to kick off the plan.

Faith: Baby I want a hot fuck before I leave.
Thomas: Nah. I'm not in the mood.
Faith: You have never said that before.
Thomas: My work load just increased, I did some office work last night. I'm really tired, I wanted to sleep before you came in.
Faith: Alright. Rest if you want to.

Faith watched uncle Thomas he went into his room.

Faith: (Laughs) He can go and sleep. I'm going to fuck a better dick.

Faith went over to Tom's room.

Tom: Hi Faith. Are you going now?
Faith: (Push Tom to the bed and hug him) No I want to fuck.
Tom: (Looking at her boobs) We might get caught by my uncle.
Faith: Who cares? After all he have gone to sleep.

Faith pulled off her shirt and the short jean she wore. Tom also pulled off his clothes.
They both fell on the bed as they licked each others tongue.

Faith sat on top Tom and inserted his dick inside her vagina.

Faith: Ahh. I can feel it.
Tom: Your pussy is already fucking wet.

Faith went up and down as Tom's dick penetrated her vagina.

Faith: Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes, I love it. Ahh. Keep it coming.

Tom's dick kept thrusting inside her vagina. Her boobs were dangling as they fucked in the woman on top position, Tom played with as boobs as they fucked.

Faith: Yes. Hold that boob. Hold the fucking boobs. Oh my god, oh my god.

Faith screamed as she reached orgasm and her vagina fluid gushed out from her pussy.

Faith: Ahh! That feels so good good.

Suddenly Tom's door was opened.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Twelve (12) Continuation

As Tom's door opened they both looked at the door and it was uncle Tom.

Tom pretended to be shocked while Faith behaved as if nothing was happening.

Thomas: You are cheating on me Faith?
Faith: You did cheat on me not just once or twice.
Thomas: It's over between the two of us.

Thomas got out of the room pretending to be angry.
Tom was suprised on why Faith wasn't a little bit worried. Didn't she tell him that uncle Thomas had a gun? Why was she so fearless?

Faith: Who cares? Let's keep the fire burning.

Tom's dick was still inside her pussy and they kept fucking

Tom held her ass as they fucked the hell out of each other.

Tom fucked her pussy with very much force as she moaned very loud.

Faith: Ahh! Ahh!

Faith stood up and bent down on the bed as she grabbed Tom's dick and started sucking it.

Tom: Ah! Ah! That's it baby. Keep it coming. Keep it coming.

She swallowed his dick whole and spitted on it, and she licked the spit back as she sucked his dick.

She licked his balls and he moaned like never.

Tom: Ahh! Ah!

Tom stood up and started fucking her mouth.

Tom: I'm going to cum inside you.

Tom suddenly released his semen inside her mouth and she swallowed it.

Faith: So yummy.

Tom made her to bend in the doggy position and he spanked her ass three times.

Faith: Ah! Ah! Ah!

He inserted two of his fingers in and out of Faith's anus and she started crying.

Faith: Ahh! Tom! Tom! You are good! Ahh! Ahh! Ahhh!

She screamed as fluids dripped down from her vagina.

Tom penetrated her pussy from behind.

Tom: This is so good. Early morning fuck is great.

Tom started hammering her pussy with his dick.

Faith: Eh, eh, eh. Ah. Great! This is good. Aww, uhm, eh, ah. I love this baby.
Tom: It feels so damn good.
Faith kept moaning as Tom grabbed her breasts and he was still fucking her vagina from behind.

Faith: Oh my god, this is killing me. Ah, ah! Ah.

Tom kept fucking her pink vagina as she screamed and moaned so loudly untill he was about to cum again.

Tom: It's coming baby.
Faith: Fill my pussy with your cum.
Tom: Ahh! Ah!

Tom moaned as he poured his semen inside her vagina.

Tom: Ah. Ah. That's good.

He shaked off the rest of the semen on her ass.

His semen dripped down from her pussy as she took it from her vagina and licked.

They both lied on the bed touching each other. Then Faith received a call from Amanda that the bus was about to move.

Faith kissed Tom and wore her clothes.

Faith: I have to go now baby see you later.
Tom: Okay, see ya.

Faith left.

Tom: (Smiling) Now I got Faith all to myself.

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Re: The City School
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lol, I go try
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Re: The City School
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Episode Thirteen (13)  

Vanessa's Visit

After Faith left uncle Thomas came over and met Tom.

Thomas: We pulled it off! I'm so happy. Now I can get down with her friend!
Tom: Yes, but remember Amanda is mine.
Thomas: I told you there is love in sharing.
Tom: Well if you say so, the problem is that she wouldn't agree.
Thomas: What?
Tom: You see, Amanda and Faith are close friends.
Thomas: Not if I bury money on her pussy.
Tom: Hmm, it's just their bond is unbreakable.
Thomas: So what is your advice?
Tom: Forget about Amanda, she might embarass you if you meet her in public.
Thomas: Damn it! I shouldn't have ditched Faith. It's hard getting such young girls.
Tom: You can try your luck.
Thomas: Oh shit. No pussy for me for sometime.

Uncle Thomas walked out of the room feeling down.

Tom: (Laughs) What an old man. At last I have Faith and Amanda all to myself. Hahaha.

Tom fell on the bed with a sigh of relief.

Tom: No more hide and seek with Faith. This weekend is going to be I and Vanessa!
The door bell rang at noon and Tom went to answer since Uncle Thomas went to the bar to drink to his loss.

He went over and saw that it was a courier, the courier sent the phone promised to him by teacher Gold.

I hope you all remember  teacher Gold?
She was the teacher Tom fucked with Florence and Rita after the wrestling training session.

She also sent along her phone number and facebook details.

Tom went to a nearby shop and registered his sim. After that he dialed the teacher's number and they had some erotic talks.

She told Tom to register on WhatsApp, he did. They had some some sex chats as they both masturbated. She also sent him her nude pictures. They chatted till it was evening time.

Uncle Thomas came from the bar drunk.

Saturday morning came and Tom was expecting Vanessa that night. He cleaned his room very well.

Thomas: Young man you are doing a very serious cleanup today.
Tom: I'm expecting a visitor.
Thomas: How old is she?
Tom: I think fifteen or sixteen.
Thomas: Holy shit! You are always lucky.
Tom: Yes.
Thomas: Enjoy yourself, I will be out chasing ladies tonight.
Tom: Goodluck old man.
Thomas: I'm still very much young dummy.
Tom: Well, if you say so.

It was 7pm when Vanessa arrived and uncle Thomas had went out to woo ladies with his re-furnished car.

Tom offered her food but she said she would take just a glass of water.

Tom kissed her and she responded. They both licked their tongues in enthusiasm. Tom made to pull the shirt she was wearing.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Thirteen (13) Continuation

Tom pulled off her shirt as her huge boobs stood in front of him.

He sucked them and she moaned.

Vanessa: Ahh! Tom. Ah, eh. Uhm.

Tom kept sucking her boobs and then tickled her tips with his tongue as she moaned.

Vanessa: Tom! Ah, this feels good. Ahh! Ah!

Tom pulled his boxer off and his erect dick was facing Vanessa.

Vanessa: Oh my god. That's so huge.
Tom: Come and suck it baby.

Vanessa went over to suck his cock. Her small mouth barely contained the cock as she sucked it.

Tom: Ah, that's the spirit baby. That's it.

Tom forced her to swallow his dick whole and she coughed.

Vanessa: Ahh!

He brought his dick out and pushed Vanessa to the bed as he removed her skirt and the white pant she was wearing.

He kissed from her chest to her abdomen, as he got to the pussy area Vanessa vibrated and covered her vagina with her hands.

Tom: What's the matter?
Vanessa: Please be careful, this is my first time.
Tom: Oh, I see. Don't worry.

She removed her hand and Tom thrusted in his hard cock deep inside her vagina and she screamed as blood dripped down from her pussy.

Vanessa: Ahh!

Tom brought his dick out and took a piece of cloth to clean the blood on her pussy and on his dick.

He went back and inserted his penis inside her vagina. He thrusted in real hard as she moaned.

Vannessa: Ahh! I love this. Please give me more Tom.
Tom: Yes baby.

Tom fucked her pussy real hard as she moaned very loudly.

Vanessa: Ahh! So this is what I have been missing. This is sweet.

Tom fucked her vagina more harder.

Vanessa: Ahh! Ah! Something is rushing down. It's sweet. Don't stop Tom.

Tom fucked her as her big boobs shaked, she gave a loud moaned as she reached orgasm and vagina fluid dripped down from her pussy.

Tom: Ah! Ah!

Tom moaned as he was about to release his semen.

He brought his dick out and told her to shaked it. Vanessa shaked the dick so hard as Tom moaned loud and his semen splashed on her face. He told her to lick it all which she did.

Tom: Ahh! That was sweet.

Tom turned her to the doggy position as he forced his dick inside her anus and she screamed.

Vanessa: Ahh! Ah! Tom!
Tom: Are you ready for more?
Vanessa: Yes.

Tom fucked her tight anus as she screamed. He held her hands and continued fucking her ass.

Vanessa: Ahh! Daddy! Daddy!

She released again as her pussy fluid dripped town.

Her tight asshole gave Tom a great amount of pleasure as he fucked it. He continued pounding her asshole as she screamed and moaned.

Tom: Ah, ah.

Tom moaned as he released his semen into her anus, he shaked the rest on her ass.

Tom: Ah, that was good.
Vanessa: Yes, I love it.
Tom: Let's go another round.
Vanessa: Next time, it's 10pm already and my parents should be expecting me back home. I need to use the shower.
Tom: Alright then, the next round will be in the shower.
Vanessa: I'm good with that.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Fourteen (14)

Hot Fuck With Vanessa In The Bathroom

Tom and Vanessa went to the bathroom after their hot sex. They hugged each other as the shower ran on them.

Vanessa: I enjoyed myself.
Tom: Me too.
Vanessa: We can do it as many times as we want even in our class toilet, no body will see us ther.
Tom: Sure we can.

They both kissed and licked ther tongues as water poured on them.

Tom kissed her neck and she moaned.

Vanessa: Come on, fuck my pussy already.
Tom: If you say so.

She bent  and place her hands on the wall, and Tom penetrated her vagina from behind.

Vanessa: Ah! Ah! Ah! Eh, eh, eh. Ahh!!

Vanessa moaned as Tom pounded her pussy.

Vanessa: Ahhh! Hit me harder don't stop, come keep it coming. Ahhhh! Ah! This feels good.

Vanessa kept moaning as Tom penis thrusted in her vagina.

Tom smiled as he was fucking her tight pussy.

Tom: (In His Mind) My friends in the country side are really going to get jealous after I tell me about my adventures. I'm just new in the city and I have fucked six pussies and assholes. Who knows what will happen when I get popular.

He kept fucking her vagina as she moaned.

Venessa: Ouch! Uhm! Ahhh!

She moaned out loudly as her vagina fluid dripped down.

Vanessa: This is good, I love it.
Tom: Yes baby.

Tom brought his dick and told her to suck it.

Vanessa: Your cock it big.
Tom: Yes, that's how it is being down.

He told her to bend to to the wall, and he inserted his fingers inside her vagina and fingered her seriously and she vibrated.

Vanessa: Ahh! Ah! Ah! Oh god! Oh god! This is too much! Ahhh!!! She screamed as she reached orgasm again.

Tom spanked her ass and placed his dick into her vagina.

Vanessa: Ahh! That's good.

Tom began pounding her pussy with much greater force.

Tom: You are too sweet baby. Ah! Ah!
Vanessa: You too. I love you.
Tom: I love your fucking pussy. Ahh! Ah! It's about to burst out.
Vanessa: Please cum in my pussy, I can take care of myself.

Tom: Ahh! Ah! Ah!!!

Tom moaned as he release his semen inside her vagina.

Tom: Ahh! That was good. Ah!

Tom brought his dick out and shaked the rest of the semen on her ass.

Vanessa took her fingers into her pussy and took some of the cum and licked.

Vanessa: Your dick is so sweet Tom.
Tom: And so is your pussy Vanessa.

They had their bath as Tom scrubbed Vanessa and Vanessa scrubbed him back. They looked into both eyes and smiled.

Vanessa: We will fuck in school during break session.
Tom: Yes. I'm game.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Fourteen (14) Continuation

Tom and Vanessa hugged each other for a while before they both let go and cleaned themselves.

Vanessa wore her panties and skirt as Tom accompanied her to board a taxi, the time was now 11pm.
They waved goodbye.

Tom: When, that's want I call a hot sex. I fucking disvirgined her! Hahaha. What a sweet girl, but Amanda is the best of them all.

Tom made to go inside the house and he saw a car approaching him.

It was uncle Thomas. He was returning from wooing ladies.

Uncle Thomas parked his car and two youngs girls also followed him, Tom recognised them. They are his classmates from school.

Tom: You made it uncle! You are the man!
Thomas: (Smiling) Yes buddy!

Uncle Thomas grabbed the girls by their ass as he took them inside as Tom watched.

Tom: What an old man. He got lucky this time, or maybe those girls are sex workers. But they are not up to 18 yet, he's going to be in alot of trouble if the police finds out. Well he should have his fun because I already had mine.

Tom went back to his room and picked his phone up. He saw 20 missed calls and 13 Whatsapp messages from the teacher.

He replied her that he wasn't feeling fine so he had to take a little rest.

Teacher: Well, I hope you are fine now.
Tom: Yes. I am.
Teacher: My stupid boyfriend have travelled tonight.
Tom: That's great. So when will he be coming back?
Teacher: In a week time.
Tom: Oh, that's good. Enough free time for me to fuck your holes.
Teacher: Yes. I can't wait. So when will you be coming tomorrow?
Tom: 3pm. We can watch some movies and play some games before we start.
Teacher: Oh, that will be cool.

The teacher suggested they do a video call. She got naked during the video call and showed Tom her vagina and anus as Tom showed her his big cock.

I can't wait to have that inside my pussy, she said.

They had a video sex chat as the both watch each other masturbate.
Their chat ended around 4am as they both slept to get ready for the day.

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Re: The City School
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Omo bro, I no do again! Lemme wait for horro story
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Re: The City School
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Omo bro, I no do again! Lemme wait for horro story

The horror story will come late. I was writing the cops and the sex cartels when I slept off. I just woke up now.
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Re: The City School
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Episode Fifteen (15)

Hot Fuck With Teacher Gold's Daughter

Sunday came and Tom left for teacher Gold's house.
He reached around 3pm and knocked at the door, the 14 years old daughter (Jane) of Gold opened the door for him.

Jane: Welcome, what's your name?
Tom: Tom.
Jane: I'm Jane. My mum is out now but she said you would be coming.
Tom: Oh, I see.

Gold had told Tom that she would be back by 5pm.

Tom sat on the sofa watching the television when Jane came and changed the channel to a romantic one.

Jane was wearing a bumshot and a polo.

She smiled as she watched people kiss on T.V.

Tom was checking her out, Gold had told Tom that Jane was 14.

Tom: (In his mind) This girl is younger than Vannessa. There's a big chance she's a virgin. Should I make an attempt? If things goes as planned that will be one more added to my virgin pussy collection.

As he was having these thoughts in his mouth Jane shifted close to him and placed her hands on his trouser.

Tom penis immediately got erect.

Jane: I want us to try something before my mother comes back.
Tom: (Happy but not showing it) And what's that?
Jane: I want you to fuck me and I will suck your dick.
Tom: What?
Jane: I used to watch my mum's boyfriend fuck her and she sucks his dick. And I usually have some sweet sensation in my vagina when I watch them. Maybe if you fuck me I will understand the sensation.
Tom: Alright! We better do it fast before your mum comes back.
Jane: Okay.

Tom checked his time and it was 03:30pm.

Tom: We got an hour and thirty minutes.

She unzipped Tom trouser as he sat on the sofa and brought out his erect dick.

Jane: Ahh! This is so big.

She gave him a handjob as she stroke his dick up and down.

Tom: Ahh! Ah! There's it baby.
Jane: I'm happy you like it. That's what my mum do to her boyfriend before she suck it.

Jane managed to swallow Tom's dick as it was almost too big for her mouth but she managed to suck it as Tom moaned as her sweet mouth sucked his cock.

Tom: Ahhh! This's good!

Tom was almost about releasing so he told her to stop. He didn't want to release twice with Jane because he wants to save some cum for her mother.

Ahh! Jane said as she removed her mouth from his large dick.

Tom made her sit on the sofa and spread her legs wide. Her yummy wet pink pussy was waiting for him to eat it.
He kissed her vagina and started licking and sucking it.

Jane: Ahh! Ahh! This is sweet. My mum boyfriend never did this to her. Ahh ahhh. Ah!

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Re: The City School
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Episode Fifteen (15) Continuation

Jane moaned and tears came out of her eyes as Tom licked and sucked her pussy. She screamed as she reached orgasm and her vagina fluid dripped down.

Tom licked the fluid and kept sucking her pussy and licking it with his tongue.

Jane: Eh! Eh! Eh! Ahh! Mummy! I love this! I love this. Ahh! Ah!

Tom stopped licking it and took his two fingers inside her pussy and started fingering her.

Jane: Uhm! Uhm! Uhm! Ah! You are too sweet! Don't stop. Keep doing it. Please, ah. Ahh.

Tom stopped and inserted his dick inside her vagina. He penetrated inside her vagina very deep and she screamed as blood drip out of her vagina.

Tom: Wow, what a lovely tight very pussy.

Tom took her polo and cleaned the bood.

He sat on the sofa and carried her on the woman on top position as he pounded her pussy real hard as she screamed and moaned.

Jane: Ahh! Ah! Ah! This is sweet. Ah! Ah! Ah. This is sweet, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Ah. Keep it coming baby.

Tom moaned as he fucked her fresh pussy.

Tom: Ah, this is sweet. Your tight pussy is so good. Ahh!

The both of the moaned as they fucked the hell out of each other.

Tom was about to cum and he spanked her ass and told her to climb down.
Jane grabbed his dicked and shaked it till semen poured on her face and Tom moaned.

Tom: Ah! Ah! Ah!! Ah!!!!

She took the cum on her face and licked and also the one of his dick and licked it.

Tom: Ahh, you are such a good girl.

They both hugged themselves as they lied naked on the sofa.

Jane: I love it.
Tom: Meet too.

They were playing with their body when they heard a car stop.
Jane picked up her things and ran to her room while Tom hurriedly dressed up and checked if there was any stain.

Teacher Gold walked in and hugged Tom.

Gold: I'm sorry baby for the delay.
Tom: It's no problem, I had fun talking with your daughter.
Gold: I bought a movie we are going to watch before we start the real deal.
Tom: Okay, I have been here for long. I need to use the shower.
Gold: Okay.

Gold showed Tom the way to the shower. As Tom cleaned himself up he thought about the hot sex he just had with Jane.

Tom: What a hot daughter she got there.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Sixteen (16)

Teacher Gold Passed Out

Tom returned back from the shower and wore his boxer and joined teacher Gold.

Teacher Gold played a porn movie she bought and she and Tom watched it smiling.

Tom place his hand inside the teacher's skirt.

Teacher: Ahh.

It was now 7pm and the action was about to begin.

Tom switched off the TV  and started to kiss her.

Teacher: Let's go to the room before my daughter sees us.

Tom ignored her and kept kissing.

Teacher: Aww, ouch.

They both licked their tongues as they kissed.

Tom removed her shirt and her ripe and huge boobs and her tips were just erect. Tom licked her tips as she moaned.

Teacher: Eh, eh, ah, eh, yea. It's so good baby. Ah, ah.

Tom sucked her boobs and she still keep moaning.

Teacher: Oh yes. Ah, ah, ah, ah.

Tom kissed her down to her vagina area and she vibrated.

Teacher: Ahh! Ah! Ah! Oh yea.

He inserted his fingers into her vagina and started fingering her hard.

Teacher: Ah, ah, ah, ah. Ah, oh god. God! Oh god. Keep doing that I love it oh god. Oh god. Ahh!

As Tom fingered her vagina he used his other hand and pinched her tips and she screamed.

Teacher: Ahh! Ah! Ah!! I love it. Ahh! Oh god. Ahhh!

Tom started to suck her pussy, as he spread her legs more wide.

Teacher: Ah! Keep licking that pussy! Ahh! Oh my god. Oh my god! This is great. Ahh!

Tom kept sucking her vagina untill her pussy fluid splashed on his face.

Teacher: Ah! I have cum. Ah! That was fucking crazy. Oh man, I love it.

Tom slapped her and told her to suck his fucking dick.

Teacher: Oh yea baby.

Tom sat down on the large sofa and she bent down.

She grabbed his dick and started stroking it up and down.

Tom: Ahh, oh yea. That's how to do it.

Tom pinched her tips as she was giving him a handjob.

Teacher: Ahh!

Tears of pleasure flowed out of the teacher's eyes as she moaned and gave Tom a handjob.

She switched and started sucking his dick.

Tom: Yea. Oh yea baby. That's how to do it. Ah, ah. Oh!! I love this, keep it coming..

The teacher sucked his dick very well as Tom, kept moaning. Tom held her hairs as he fucked her mouth and she screamed.

She swallowed his dick whole and Tom didn't allow her to remove her mouth for ten seconds.

Ahh! She screamed when he finally freed her.

She went back to giving him a handjob as he moaned.

Tom: Ah! Ah! Ah! It's coming.
Teacher: Oh yea, give me the milk baby shake it.

She sucked her dick again so that she will swallow all the semen.

Ah! Ah! Tom moaned as he fucked her mouth and released his semen inside.

Tom: Ahh!

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Re: The City School
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Episode Sixteen (16) Continuation

Teacher Gold swallowed the whole semen and pressed his penis cap to get more to come out.

Teacher: I love your milk baby.

She shaked his dick and it got rock hard again.

Tom: That's good baby.

The teacher bent down on the sofa and her big ass faced Tom.

Tom: You got a very nice booty.
Teacher: Yea baby. Now fuck that asshole.
Tom: My pleasure.

Tom first inserted his fingers inside her anus and fingered it.

She cried as her vagina fluid dripped down.

Teacher: Ah! Ah! Ah!! Oh Tom.

Tom penetrated her anus with his hard rock cock.

Teacher: Yea. I can feel it inside me. Oh yea. Now keep hitting me.

Tom pounded her anus as her moans echoed around the whole house and her daughter who was watching them got wet in her pussy.

Teacher: Ahh! Ah!! Oh my god! Ah! Ah!! Give me, keep fucking my ass ah!!

Tom pounded her asshole relentlessly as her whole body vibrated and she had multiple orgasms because of the intensity of the fuck and she cried and moaned in pleasure.

Teacher: Tom you are the best.
Tom: It's good to know baby.

The teacher enjoyed the anal pounding which gave her multiple orgasm and she was now getting tired.

Tom sat on the sofa and carried her, he placed his dick inside her vagina as he fucked her in the woman ontop position.

The teacher moans were getting a little dull as the anus pounding and multiple orgasms made her lose a lot of strength. Tom slapped her and she got back to life.

Teacher: Ahh! I love you Tom. Ahh! Ah! Oh god, oh god.

Tom continued hammering her vagina with his dick as she moaned and cried out of pleasure.

Teacher: Oh my god. This is great! This is great.

Tom continued pounding her pussy.

Tom: Ahh! Ah! It's coming.
Teacher: Pour the fucking milk in my pussy.

Ahh!! Tom moaned as he poured his semen inside her vagina.

Tom: That's so good.

Just as Tom released his semen the teacher had another orgasm as she screamed and passed out.
Tom lied her on the sofa as she had passed out and sprayed the rest of the cum on her belly.

Tom: Ahh! That was so great. I fucked her till she passed out, she wouldn't forget this day.

Just then Jane came out.

Jane: What happen?
Tom: Don't worry. She's just sleeping.
Jane: Wow. I love the way you fucked her.
Tom: Yea, do you want more?
Jane: (Happy) Yes.
Tom: Come and get it.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Seventen (17)

Tom's Adventures Is About To End

Tom asked Jane if she wanted more since her mother had passed out due to the extensive pounding he gave her.

Tom and Jane went lied on the sofa close to the one her mum was.

They kissed each other and licked their tongue.

Jane pulled off her shirt and Tom sucked her boobs as she vibrated.

Jane: Ah! Ah! Oh yes, I'm going to marry you. Eh, ah. Ah. Eh, eh.

Tom continued sucking her boobs as she continued moaning.
He pinched her tips.

Jane: Ahh! Aww!

They lied in the 69 postion and Tom licked her pussy while she sucked his dick at the other end.

The both of them kept moaning as they pleased each other.

Jane: Aww!

Jane moaned as fluid dripped down from her pussy as she had reached orgasm.

Jane: Ahh!

Tom carried her to face the sofa and spanked her ass five times.

Jane: Ahh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Jane moaned as he spanked her.

He kissed her ass and penetrated her vagina from behind.

Jane: Oh yea, give it to me hard.

Tom fucked her very hard and she kept moaning out loudly.

Jane: Ah! Ah! Ah!! Ah! Oh yea, give it to me baby. Ahh! Ah! Eh, Tom. Ahhh.

He held her hands and increased the speed of his pounding, he fucked her as her whole body vibrated and her vagina fluid dripped down again.

Jane: Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! That was sweet, this is sweet. I love it Tom.

Tom continued pounding her pussy as she moaned and praised him.

Ahh! Ah! Ah! Tom moaned as he release his semen inside her vagina.

Tom: Oh man! This is so good.

He spanked her ass and removed his dick and rubbed it on her ass.

She tooked the semen on her vagina and licked. And then she went over to Tom who was sitting on the sofa and sucked his dick till it got very hard again.

Tom: I guess you are ready for one more round.
Jane: Yes.

She climbed on Tom who licked her boobs and tickled her tips with his tongue.

Jane: Ah, aww. Aww, aww. Ahh! I love you Tom. Ahh!

They licked their tongues as Tom romanced her back and carressed her ass.

She grabbed his dick and inserted it inside her vagina.

Jane: Now fuck me, fuck me.

She went up and down as Tom's dick thrusted in her pussy.
Tom fucked her as the both of them screamed and moaned. This was the last round and they were giving it all they had.

Jane: Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Ahh! Ah!
Tom: Ahh, ahh, ah.

They moaned out loudly as they both reached orgasm at the same time, Jane's vagina fluid splashed on his dick as his semen poured inside her vagina.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Seventeen Continuation

As they both released they stayed in the same position for some time before they let go and rest on the sides of the sofa.

Jane: That was so good.
Tom: Yea. This the best fuck I ever had.
Jane: I love you.
Tom: I think you should go to your room now before your mother wakes up.
Jane: I'm too weak to move. I can't move, I can still feel that orgasm.
Tom: I just hope she wouldn't get mad.

Tom and Jane slept off as they were both too exhausted.

Teacher Gold woke up and saw the two of them lieing naked on the sofa.

Gold: After fucking the hell out of me, he fucked my daughter all out too.

She took a bed cover to shield them from cold.

The semen on Jane's vagina had dried.

Tom and Jane woke up around 5am and wondered who covered them up.

Tom: Who covered us up?
Jane: I guess it was my mum.

They both looked at her and she had covered herself.

Tom: Well, she wasn't mad after all.
Jane: Yes, we can keep doing it anytime you visit.
Tom: Yes. I got to use the shower. We fucked till 2am, I should be be preparing to go home. Oh gosh! I'm tired.
Jane: I'm tired too.

Tom stood up and went to the shower to take his bath.

He dressed up by 05:30, teacher Gold had already prepared a food for him which he ate.

He went home and prepared for school.

That day was another adventure.

After months of many adventures Tom was finally heading back to the countryside to spend his holiday.

He was taken there by uncle Thomas, they both discussed their adventures in the city until they reached the countryside.

Uncle Thomas stopped at a mansion in the countryside.

Tom: Why did you stop here?
Thomas: This is your home.
Tom: My home?
Thomas: Yes, you father and sister made it big in their businesses. I kept it as a secret, so that you will be suprised.
Tom: Wow! Let's go in.

They walked in, Tom's parents and her sister were waiting for him already.

Marie: Welcome Tom.
Tom: Big sis!
Mark: Welcome home my boy.
Tom: Father!
Mary: You have grown alot.
Tom: Mother!

Tom rushed and hugged them all.

Tom: I miss all of you.

They drank and ate with uncle Thomas.

At the end of the day Tom's father announced that he will be going to continue his school abroad. Tom was sad at first but happy as he thought of new pussies and asses.

He told uncle Thomas to tell Amanda and Faith goodbye for him.

"I will son", uncle Thomas said as he drove back to the city.

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