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Re: The City School
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9ice 1 pls wen re we xpecting d nxt episolde

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Re: The City School
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9ice 1 pls wen re we xpecting d nxt episolde

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Re: The City School
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Episode Eight (8)

Hot Sports Activities At School

It was 5am and the stripper club was about to close.
Tom, Amanda and Faith began wearing their clothes.

Amanda: My G string pant is missing.
Tom: (holding her ass) You don't have to worry about it, I tore it when we were f.ucking.
Amanda: Oh, I remember.

Tom and Amanda both licked their tongue for a few seconds and stopped.

Faith: We are really exhausted and today is school.
Tom: I'm really going to eat alot and have some energy drink.
Amanda: Me too, I just hope we don't fall asleep in class today.

Tom placed his hands around Amanda's and Faith's shoulder as they both walked out of the club.
They saw a 14 year old girl lying on the floor with semen near her p.ussy.

Amanda: She must have really f.ucked herself out.
Tom: Hahaha, her p.ussy is tight.
Faith: Come on, you are holding two ladies.
Tom: Yes, I know.

They stepped out of the club.

Amanda: The day is getting brighter.
Tom: Yes, we got to hurry home and prepare for school.
Faith: With the way things are now, I'm not sure I would be going to school today.
Amanda: Same here, I can barely walk after all the pounding Tom gave me.
Tom: So I take it that you girls will be skipping school today.
Faith: Yes.
Tom: Well, I thought we are going to have fun at school today.
Amanda: Don't worry. I'm sure a senior girl will grab you.
Faith: Yes, sure.
Tom: Okay. I hope so.
Faith: Tom today is going to be sporting activities.
Tom: Sporting activities? I didn't know. I don't even have a sport wear.
Faith: Don't worry, you will be given one today.
Tom: Well. That's good to know.

It was now 05:45 am when they reached the main road.

Amanda: We have to go now.
Faith: And don't mention to your Uncle about me coming to the strip club.
Tom: Sure, I wouldn't say a thing.

They parted ways and Tom walked down to uncle Thomas's house.

Uncle Thomas was already outside washing his car.

Thomas: Where have you been all night mahn?
Tom: I went to a secret strippers club with Amanda.
Thomas: You mean that fat ass girl that came here last night?
Tom: Yes.
Thomas: Oh man! You are one lucky guy. I wish I can f.uck her ass.
Tom: What about Faith?
Thomas: I have been f.ucking her for a long time. I need a fresh p.ussy and ass, you can have Faith if you want.
Tom: Huh?
Thomas: It's simple make her f.uck you when I'm in the house, I will catch you two and break up with her. I will be free to go after her fat ass friend.
Tom: Well that's a plan, but you know Amanda is mine.
Thomas: There is love in sharing buddy.
Tom: I better get ready for school.
Thomas: Everything is set for you. Just take your bath.
Tom: You are the best. I hope there's some energy drink left in the fridge.
Thomas: Yes.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Eight (8) Continuation

Tom took a taxi to school that day as uncle Thomas went to work.

He dropped down at the school and they were in assembly which was boring to him.

After that he went to the class and sat on his chair and Vanessa came over to meet him.

Vanessa: Hi Tom.
Tom: Hi Vanessa.
Vanessa: I'm cool. So how was your night?
Tom: It was filled with enjoyment. I love last night.
Vanessa: Well mine was just fine.

They both chatted till a teacher came to the classroom as they began the business of the day.

And then break time came and a teacher distribute sports shorts and T-shirt to all of them.

The shirts and shorts for the girls were quite tight that it revealed their boobs and ass. Tom looked at Vanessa and saw her boobs, they were quite huge for her age.

Vanessa: (Smiles) What  are you looking at?
Tom: I'm just admiring you.
Vanessa: You will see it all when I come over on weekend.
Tom: I can't wait to suck them.
Vanessa: Stop talking dirty, let's go outside and choose the sports we like.
Tom: Okay.

Tom and Vanessa stepped out and went to the training field.

Holy shit. Tom said as he saw the class 6 girls. Their breasts were all revealed as the shirts were tight and their bum were wow in heaven.

Tom: I love wrestling.
Venessa: I love tennis. That means we have to go on our different ways.
Tom: Yes.

Tom went over to the wrestling section and he was suprise to see no boys. All were class six girls.

He opened his mouth so wide. His erection was very much visible as his d.ick threathned to tear his shorts.

A girl called Rita came over.

Rita: You got some erection, why don't you blow it all in my pussy before the game starts.
Tom: I would love to.
Rita: (looking at her watch) We got 7 minutes before the game starts. Let's hurry.

Rita took Tom to a tree near the training ground. She bent toward the tree and held her hands there. Tom lower her tight shorts to her knee, as he brought out his hard d.ick and inserted it into her pussy.

Rita: Ahh! That's it, let's rock and roll.

Tom started fucking her pussy with speed because he knew they didn't have much time.

Rita: Ah! Ahh! Come on, keep doing it.
Tom: Oh yes baby.

Tom carried one of her legs up and he penetrated her vagina deeper.

Rita: Ahhh! Ahh! Aw, eh, eh.

Tom continued the intense fuck as the time was up and the teacher in charge of the wrestling came. She called Rita and Tom names but there was no answer.

Rita vagina fluid gushed out and Tom ejaculated inside her vagina.
His semen dripped down from Rita's p.ussy as she took the remaining one and licked it.

As they both rushed to the training ground before their names would be strucked out, Rita told Tom that they will continue after the training and Tom said he was ready.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Nine (9)

Hot Wrestling

Tom and Rita rushed down to the wrestling sports centre just as the teacher was about to strike their names out.

Teacher: Oh you two are here. I almost struck your names out.
Rita: Sorry ma'am.

Tom dick wasn't so much erect as he just blew his semen inside Rita's v.agina. There was a little semen stain in Tom's and Rita's shorts.

Teacher: The wrestling will now begin.

Tom and a girl named Florence were the first.

As they were wrestling Florence allowed her breasts to pop out of her tight shirt.

Jeez! Tom said as he saw her huge and fresh boobs, he so wanted to pinch her tips and he lose concentration as Florence managed to push him down.

Tom: Oh man. I lost.

Florence bent down towards him with her boobs almost reaching his mouth.

Florence: I won buddy, you want my oranges so bad. Maybe when I'm free.
Tom: Yea.

She grabbed Tom up as she was declared the winner. His d.ick was now much erect again.

Tom walked over to Rita.

Rita: So you lost to Florence.
Tom: That's her name? She got me by exposing her boobs.
Rita: You should have pinch her tips and make her moan, she would have fell down with that.
Tom: Really? But a teacher is here.
Rita: She's bisexual. And she loves dirty fights. Just watch the next fight.

The next fight was with Rita and Fiona.

It start with Rita and Fiona licking their tongues.

Tom: Oh wow!

Rita went between Fiona and placed her hands into her shirt as she pinched her tips.

Fiona: Ahh, aww. Aww.
Rita: You don't want to fall down?

Rita pulled Fiona's shorts as everyone watched, she placed her fingers into Fiona's p.ussy. She started fingering her.

Fiona: Ahh ah, keep doing that.

Rita put her fingers more deep into Fiona's p.ussy.

Fiona: Ahh!

Fiona fell to the floor as vagina fluid gushed down from her p.ussy.

Fiona: Ahh, I love that Rita.
Rita: Me too.

Rita was declared the winner as she headed back to where Tom was smiling.

Tom: Now that was a hot fight.
Rita: Just watch and see the rest.

The rest of the wrestling match were filled with boobs sucking, p.ussy licking and fingering.

And the sporting activities ended for the day.

Rita grabbed Tom's hands and took him to a place in the restroom with table and bed.

Rita: It's time for us to finish what we started.
Tom: Yes baby.

Rita knelt down and pulled Tom's shorts, grabbed his dick which was already erect and strong.

Rita: What a nice dick you got there.

Rita started stroking the dick front and back as Tom moaned and caressed her hair.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

She kept stroking his d.ick and then swallowed it whole. When she brought it out Tom forced her to swallow it again as he held her head while he f.ucked her mouth.

Tom: I'm going to f.uck all your holes.

Uhm, uhm Faith was trying to cope up with Tom's large dick in her mouth. When he brought it out she licked only the p.enis head and went over to suck his balls.

Tom: Ahh! Yea. That's it baby.

Tom grabbed her shorts and pulled it off, he used his tongue to fuck her p.ussy.

Rita: Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Yea keep it coming.

She pushed Tom's face more inbetween her legs as Tom licked and sucked her p.ussy.

Rita: Ahh! Ah. Eh eh eh. Oh yea, oh yea. That's it, that's it. Aah!

Rita moaned louldly as she reached orgasm and fluids gushed out of her p.ussy.

Rita: I love you.
Tom: I love your p.ussy.

Tom pulled off her shirts, and her huge boobs were dangling just in front of him.

Tom: Holy jeez!

He grabbed the boobs an used his tongue to tickle the tips.

Rita: Ah! That's good. Ah, ah ah ah ah ah.

Tom played with the boobs and pinched her tips as she screamed and those taking there bath in the rest room heard.

He grabbed her butt and placed his d.ick inside her asshole. It was just as tight as Amanda's.

Rita: Oh yes, I can feel your rod inside me. Keep it coming.

Aah! Rita moaned as Tom started hammering her asshole.  Tom was very delighted to be f.ucking someone whose asshole was just as tight as Amanda's.

Tom: Oh, yes. I love your ass. It's so good.

He kept hammering her with excitement.

Rita: Ah, ah! I'm glad you love it. I love your d.ick too. It's killing me. Ahh, damn it! I love this. Ahh, uhm, ah ah ah ah ah.

Rita kept on moaning louldy as Tom was smiling and f.ucking her ass.

Rita: Oh my god. Oh my god. This is guuuud. This is guuud. Ahh, ah. Ah ah ah. Keep it coming, kept it coming.

Tom grabbed her boobs as he kept on f.ucking her asshole.
Tom: I f.ucking love your ass.

Tom knew he would soon blow his loads so he brought his d.ick out of her anus.

Tom told her to lick the d.ick clean and she did. He pushed her to the bed where they both licked their tongue while Tom's fingers were in her v.agina.

Tom inserted his d.ick into her wet p.ussy.

Rita: Oh yea, hit me harder down there.

Tom began thrusting in and out with full speed.

Rita: Oh yea. That's it. That's it.

Rita reached orgasm again.

Rita: Ah! You are guuud. Ahh ah ah!

Tom kept fucking her p.ussy and was about to blow his loads inside her.

Tom: Ah, ah. It's coming.
Rita: Cum in my p.ussy.

Ah ah ah! Tom moaned as he released his semen inside her p.ussy. He shaked the remaining ones off as Rita rushed to lick them.

Suddenly they heard a footsteep approaching and it was the female teacher responsible for the wrestling!

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Re: The City School
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press like if your had an erection while reading this! Jeez!
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Re: The City School
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Episode Ten (10)


As Tom and Rita laid on the bed after Tom's release they heard a footstep heading toward them. And it was the female teacher in charge of the wrestling.

Tom: What the?
Teacher: So this explains the stain I saw on your shorts. You know the rules, no sex in school.
Tom: Really? But you allowed the girls to finger themselves during the wrestling.
Rita: Yes, and you always enjoy watching us fight dirty.
Teacher: Well, I haven't finished speaking. I don't follow that rule. Everyone should pound or lick a pussy anywhere they are.
Tom: Get over here let me pound your fucking pussy.
Teacher: Ofcourse that's why I came here. I also fuck women too. 
The teacher went down to the bed and started kissing Tom, they both licked each others tongue as teacher Gold held his dick and stroke it up and down.

She bent down and grabbed his dick.

Teacher: What an amazing dick you got here. It will do well inside my pussy.

She licked Tom's penis with her tongue and Tom moaned.

Teacher: You love it.
Tom: Yes, I fucking love it.

Rita was masturbating as she fingered her pussy and watched the two of them.

The teacher sucked Tom dick like it was some kind of sweet.

Teacher: Oh good.

She poured her saliva on the dick and she went back to lick the dick.

Tom carried her skirt up and revealed the yellow pant she was wearing. He made her face her back side to his face.
Tom tore the yellow pant and inserted two of his fingers inside her kittycat.

Teacher: Ahh, what a bad boy you are.

Tom thrusted his fingers more deep into her vagina and she moaned loudly.

Teacher: Ahh! Ah! That's good young man. I love it.

He pullled her skirt down and made her sit on his dick.

She grabbed his dick and placed it inside her vagina.

Teacher: Ahh! Ah! It's good inside my honey pot.

She pushed up and down in the woman on top position as Tom's dick kept digging her vagina.

Teacher: Ahh, ahh, ahh! The students are going to hear me. Ah ah ah, keep it coming. Ahh, ah, ah, ah ah ah. Keep it coming.

Tom was so happy as he was fucking the teacher.

Tom: (In his mind) I'm fucking a teacher. This feeling and sensation is great. I'm going to brag to every one about this.

Teacher: Keep the fuck coming bad boy.
Tom: Oh yes baby.

Tom stood up and spanked her ass. He made her bend down in doggy as he penetrated her pussy from behind and thrusted in harder. 

Tom: Oh god. I love this feeling. I'm about to explode.
Teacher: Me too. Ah, ah, eh, eh, ah. Ahhhhhh.

The teacher moaned as her vagina fluid dripped down to the bed.

Teacher: I came, I love that feelin.

Tom: Ah, ah!

Tom mnaned as he released his semen inside the Principal's pussy.

Tom: Ahh! That was good.

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Re: The City School
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Episode 10 Continuation

Teacher: Your semen is warm.
She used a finger and took some of the semen and licked.

Teacher: (to Rita) Come on girl. I have to lick your honey pot.
Rita: I can't wait teacher.

The teacher carried Rita to the table, she bent down and first inserted her fingers into Rita's vagina.

Rita: Ahh! Teacher!
She fingered Rita's pussy and then started licking it as Rita moaned.

Rita: Ah, ah. That's good teacher keep it coming.

The teacher kept sucking her pussy until Rita's vagina fluid flowed out and splash on the teacher's face.

The teacher licked it all.

The teacher climbed to the table where Rita inserted her fingers inside her anus.

Teacher: Ahh! Ah! Ah! Ah, ah.
She moaned as Rita kept digging inside her asshole.

Florence met them and watched them fuck.

Florence: So the teacher is having fun with the students.

Teacher: You better get your ass down here for pounding.

Before Florence could say anything, Tom dragged her to the bed.

Florence: Hey, I didn't say I want to fuck.
Tom: I know you want it.

Tom pulled off her school skirt and the white pant she wore.

Florence: Well, I don't mind. Just start digging me. ( Removing her shirt) Don't forget the boobs you wanted to suck so dearly.
Tom: Of course, I won't.

Tom pinched her nipples and she moaned.

Florence: Ahh!

He sucked her boobs to his fill because he inserted his dick to her vagina.

Florence: Oh yes.
Tom began fucking her pussy as she moaned out loudly.

Florence: Oh god, oh my god. Ahhh! Oh my god. This is sweet. This is sweet. Ahh! Tom!
Tom: Ahh, ahh. Your pussy got a different sensation. Ah.

Tom kept hammering down Florence pussy as she moaned.

Meanwhile Rita placed her hand inside the teacher's anus and she screamed in pleasure as vagina fluids gushed down.

Tom was still fucking Florence so hard as her moans were so loud.

The teacher laid on the bed as Rita licked her pussy.

Tom told Florence to lick Rita's ass as he fuck her from behind. Before that Florence had reached orgasm as her fluid made the bed moist.

Rita licked the teacher's pussy as Florence was licking her ass while  Tom was fucking Florence pussy from behind.

The four of them were moaning as they were enjoying themselves, the ladies reached orgasm at intervals and Tom ejaculated the little semen left in his tank inside Florence's pussy.

Tom: Ahh, that was great.
Florence: Yes, it was fun.

Florence took the little cum deposited on her vagina and licked it.

The four of them lied naked on the bed, it was a hot sex between a teacher and three students.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Eleven (11)

A Night Of Rest

Tom and the three ladies lied on the bed after their hot sex.

Teacher: Tom, I never knew you could fuck so hard.
Tom: Well, I never dreamt of fucking a teacher.
Teacher: Well, you did fuck a  hot one today.
Tom: Yes. Sure.
Rita: Now I understand why Amanda and Faith were screaming the other day. You are good, you hard cock is great.
Tom: (Placing his hand on Florence's pussy) Yea. I really enjoyed your pussies. This is the first foursome I ever had. It's a dream come true.
Rita: Me too.
Teacher: Do you mind coming over my house, I really want to have a taste of you dick again.
Tom: What about your husband?
Teacher: We divorced last month but I have a boyfriend. He won't even lick my pussy or fuck my ass.
Tom: Well he certainly don't love adventures.
Teacher: Yes. So will you come?
Tom: I don't want to get caught by your boyfriend.
Teacher: Don't worry he will be travelling on saturday night. So you can come over on sunday night.
Tom: Well, that's fine by me. The problem is that I got no cell phone with me.
Teacher: Don't worry, I will get you one in school tomorrow.
Tom: That's my girl. Now show your asshole let me spank it.

The teacher brought her ass to his face and he spanked her five times.

Teacher: Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! I love it when you spank my ass.
Tom: Yea, it's so fresh. I'm going to lick it when I come over.

Teacher: Thank you, I just can't wait.
Tom: Well I'm a lucky guy who loves pussy.
Florence: I really hope we will have more chance to fuck.
Rita: Me too.
Florence: Amanda and Faith are going to get jealous when we tell them how Tom banged the hell out of our pussy.
Tom: Hahaha.
Teacher: We better start going. It's remaining just ten minutes for today's school session to be over.
Tom: Yea.

Teacher: I'm smelling semen all over me. I'm going to take a quick bath.
Florence: Me too.
Rita: Same here.
Tom: I guess I will take a bath too.

The four of them went to the same bathroom as they had their bath together.

The girls played with their boobs.

The teacher bent to the wall and Tom took a sponge and scrubbed her ass very hard.

Teacher: Ahh, you are even better.

He placed his right hand inside her ass and fisted her anus.

Teacher: Ahhh!

Tom smiled and brought his hands out of her anus and told her to lick it which she did.

Tom: You are going to get more of this when I come over.

Tom played with the others boobs as they moaned and laughed.

Florence: This is fun!
Rita: Yes baby.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Eleven (11) Continuation

The four of them played at the bathroom as they touched different parts of their body.

Florence: Have you done this with Amanda before?
Tom: No.
Florence: Well, we can brag about it.
Rita: Yes.
Teacher: Tom really loves adventures.
Tom: Ofcourse, I do.

They were done bathing and they wore their school uniforms as the teacher wore her skirt and shirt.

They put their panties inside their bags as it was dirty from their hot sex.

When they stepped out the students were just walking out of their classes.

The teacher took a different direction so she wouldn't be spotted and questioned on why she didn't return to her office after the sporting activities.

Tom went over and met Vanessa who was walking home.

Tom: Hi.
Vannessa: Tom. This is your second day at school and the second time you didn't return early after the break period. I hope you weren't sick this time.
Tom: (Smiles) I wasn't sick.
Vanessa: So what were you up to this time?
Tom: I just met up with those that I trained with. And I made to know each and everyone of them.
Vanessa: Well, that is not cool because you missed classes again.
Tom: Don't worry. I got my textbooks. I will definitely catch up.
Vanessa: I hope so.

Vanessa bade him goodbye as he boarded a taxi and went home.

Immediately Tom reached home he went straight to his room and fell on the bed. He slept off till 7pm.

He woke up very hungry. He brushed his tooth and went to the parlour where he met Uncle Thomas with Faith.

Thomas: Hello youngman.
Tom: I'm so hungryyy.
Faith: You must have fucked yoursel out today at school.
Tom: Yea. I did.
Thomas: Go to the dinning man! Your food is still hot.

Tom went over to the dining table and quickly finished the food there and still went for more in the kitchen.

After eating he went straight to his room, and laid on his bed.

Tom: Tonight, I going to rest. I might loose some weight if I keep up with this everyday. I have to look strong for the girls. Well, tomorrow is another day.

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Re: The City School
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Chai! Not again! My diiiick!!!
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Re: The City School
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Chai! Not again! My diiiick!!!
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Re: The City School
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In fact, I no read again...before my dick fall out
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Re: The City School
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In fact, I no read again...before my dick fall out

You must read o
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